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No. 1957

Hey /b/.

What do you make of the whole "cosplayers are sluts" meme on 4chan? Does it actually carry any weight to it or is it just forced bullshit from r9kfags?

No. 1961

I don't know about being sluts, but they sure wear the uniform.

No. 1962

Wouldn't it be the characters who are sluts?

No. 2001

Not necessarily. Most Pokemon aren't sluts (that I know of) and yet, some girls cosplay as "sexy Pikachu" or whatever.

No. 2005

Ditto is totally a slut

No. 2006

Wearing a costume that reveals a degree of your physical form has zero correlation with sexual promiscuity.

I'm prudent as fuck but I'm still a massive attention whore.

No. 2595

This. I don't know why people became so fixated on that kind of shit. Especially if its canon to the character. I like plenty of female characters who have skimpy costumes, but that's not the sole reason.

No. 2597

People like Jnigger and YaYa who make a living off their cosplays are kind of responsible. They sort of need to sexualize everything they do so they can sell prints, which is also why everyone hates them. Honestly, though, if men didn't give them attention or buy their shit, people like them would go away.

No. 2656

That's a nice tummy.

No. 84238

Probably just an assumption that someone provocatively dressed will put out easier.

Wishful thinking for the most part I'd wager.

No. 84245

>is it forced bullshit from r9kfags?

Anytime you have to ask, the answer is always "yes".

Have you read the robot containment thread? I wouldn't take their advice on how to water a house plant.

No. 84302

Real robots keep cacti.

No. 84307

>reviving a thread that died a year ago

As much as I want to say no, being a cosplayer who keeps my chest and crotch well covered in all of my cosplays, there's also cosplayers who openly admit being sluts as well like Mostflogged so I guess the answer is that there's both. You can't fit an entire population into one statement.

No. 84314

Some cosplayers are sluts. Some cosplayers aren't. Anyone can cherrypick any group of hobbyists to find the slutty ones. It's like posting a bunch of pictures of fir trees and claiming that all trees are firs.

No. 84337

I remember mostflogged.

Isn't she that girl with a Japanese dad and White mom who always goes on about how racist white people are?

Why is it any mixed person with a white mom ends up hating their mother's race?

No. 279992

Big answer: No, obviously.

Detailed answer: Obviously SOME cosplayers are. And it's annoying. It's dumb as shit to see some AMAZING detailed cosplays be overlooked because some bitch not even into an anime/game decides to do a 'Tee hee here's my swimsuit version of this character' and shows up in a thong and SuSu-level string bikini.
If you wanna be a 'model' and just do lewd photoshoots and sell them or whatever it's fine, but stop fucking being an embarrassment and trying to slut up characters to drag into your sleazy orbiter market.

No. 279996

The real answer is why should I or people from /r9k/ give a fuck if they are sluts or not. It's not like this affects my life, or their lives either, because I don't know cosplayers and don't interact with them, also I don't give a shit if people are sluts, if someone tried to hit on my SO I'd trust him to not go on with it. Much less people from /r9k/ because the only females they talk with are probably their mothers and cashiers.

No. 279999

i realize this thread is old but
>Does it actually carry any weight to it or is it just forced bullshit from r9kfags?

fucking both, obviously. if you browse our lolcows you'll see plenty live up to the stereotype, and worse, but plenty of them are just creative weebs who aren't shy about wearing sexy costumes.

imagine being this stunted by black and white thinking

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