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No. 195082

>be me
>helped with femanon out with her career navigating some shit
>femanon hangs out with me irl once
>femanon calls it a date
>femanon shows me her waist, she pulled her shirt off her pants and showed me how loose fitting her pants were
>femanon kiss me after our 'date'
>fast foward
>femanon says good night with xx, always
>femanon said she wants to marry me
>femanon tells me about other guys she is seeing but always insist they aren't me
>femanon called me bae, but i never reicprocated
>femanon once said she loved me on snap "i love you"

wtf is going on, does she like me, what do i do? she is also very busy with work, and is living in europe without data and can only use public wifi. She is an emerging artist. She is also autistic-like with adhd and is beta and is awkward and shy.

what do i do? Are we just friends? Do females who have male friends sign off with good night xx, send them nudes on snapchat?

pic related, a message she sent to me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 195084

File: 1497420633318.jpg (44.81 KB, 265x265, 1497065716361.jpg)

get rid of her. seriously. girls like that are emotional vampires. why would a girl tell you about other guys if not to do some weird manipulation nonsense. this girl is crazy, who tells someone they barely know they love them.

No. 195086

She told me that after we went through something intense together. I think she knows it makes me jealous, I even mention it and she then keeps pushing these discussions but keeps mentioning how they aren't me.

What I can't makes sense of, is whether she had feelings and if I read her right. We both have a touch of autism, or at least I do.

Maybe she is an emotional vampire. she seems to care sometimes but then jokingly call herself an 'uncaring' dad. I don't know. I can't stop thinking about her, trying to figure out how to interpret her.

We had one hangout and then like 1 month later before her show, she said she loved me and was gonna marry me at her show, maybe the context was a joke but prior message was me just congratulating her on her show.

No. 195087

stop trying to figure her out and ask her directly. dont waste your time on these people who want to be mysterious and play life like theyre in a movie

No. 195088

she avoids it, she says to let it develop. I don't have many friends, and the female friends I do have are very much based on shared interest and our discussions are always platonic. I haven't ever seen a female friend nude. I don't know if there is a romantic/sexual spark which is what is tricky for me to decipher. I've asked her, she tells me to chill, to let it develop, and stuff like the >picrelated.jpg

No. 195091

yeah she wants you around as that close guy friend that worships her and gives lots of advice and attention. it's obvious she doesn't want to take it any further and is only using you for the attention you give her. drop her anon

No. 195092

But that's the weird thing. When she was like "i love you", or when she kissed me IRL, I didn't reciprocate because I thought we were platonic.

No. 195095

I think she wants to have a relationship with you but knows the distance is too great.

No. 195114

she's using you. just seems emotionally draining tbh

No. 195148

She likes you.

No. 195156

Don't think much about it. Consider if you're getting what you want from the relationship, and adjust it if so. No point in thinking am I X or am I Y. Treat each issue individually.

No. 195164

She's actually a reptillian. She's testing you, and if you pass (stay by her side) she'll let you into her tribe and you'll bear her lizard babies

No. 195234

she seems annoying even just based on the screencap you provided. you send her a job lead and she says she "can't" cold call jobs? no bitch, you WON'T cold call jobs. bc you're lazy and entitled

No. 195243

Directly ask her what she wants from you, if she doesn't know then move on and start treating you platonic. She sounds kinda crazy though tbh.

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