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No. 194522

I just started taking cold showers. Anyone else does this ? There are supposed to be a lot of health benefits but I am worried that I am falling for a meme

No. 194531

i do this too, but mostly because i live in a hot climate these days and i don't like to feel sweaty. my understanding is that it might be better for your hair but i'm not aware of any super secret health benefits

No. 194532

Well I was told that hot showers maes your skin dry and damages your hair, but cold water improves the blood circulation and it shuts your pores, making your hair a lot cleaner and shinier.

No. 194533


I heard it was supposed to help depression, reduce stress and increase discipline but it seems like the evidence for that is pretty thin

No. 194535

I turn the shower as cold as it gets at the end, and stand under it as long as I can. It helps me wake up, probably something to do with endorphins or whatever. I think the "health benefits" of it are vastly overhyped. If you enjoy it, do it. Otherwise, don't.

Just fyi I've been doing this since I was a kid and I'm stressed, depressed, and completely lacking in discipline. Yeah, evidence for any of that is thin.

No. 194537

It's not really possible to have cold showers where I live or you'd instantly get a cold. But I do sleep naked and I've found that it improves my sleep so much.

No. 194540

When I slept without clothes, I had frequent dreams about being naked in public.

Near the end of my shower I start turning the water colder and colder. It helps make it less uncomfortable for me to step out of the warm water.

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