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No. 193272

Anyone else into this genre? i usually prefer deep house over the generic festival tunes.

>What i'm listening to at the moment



>Old favorites (still great)




Post yours favorite songs and artists

No. 193282

Not a fan of the new stuff tbh. It went to shit when the term "EDM" became a replacement for "Dance music".

Posting a few faves





No. 193402

no offense OP but deep house is one of the the most generic, monotonous genres i ever heard. i can't dance to it and it's not interesting enough to listen to when stationary. what's its purpose?

No. 193726

I agree.
Do you take MDMA by any chance OP, the only people I know that adore house are people that take a shit load of drugs at raves because it's supposed to be part and parcel of the 'culture'.

Then I guess the rest of the times they listen to it it's nostalgia for those artificial highs?

No. 193735


i don't think that's it, i tried to dance to house, deep house and minimal house on both MDMA and extacy and it was doubly infuriating because the high from those substances make me spaz out and seek high BPM tunes. maybe you need to take a shitload of them though, i just took enough to get me high.

No. 194015

File: 1496732829899.gif (1.97 MB, 620x349, orlygurn.gif)

hmm maybe it's just a brit thing, people here swallow a load of molly wrapped in rizla while waiting in the queue, wait till it explodes, then sweat, gurn, and girate to house music for 6 hours

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