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File: 1710632779449.png (285.96 KB, 1920x1244, 1920px-Map_of_USA_South.svg.pn…)

No. 1927957

Howdy! This thread is for all the anons who live the US South since there seems to be a lot of us. Talk about the good, the bad, and the heat (god why is it so fucking hot) that comes with living here.

No. 1927961

I actually moved here from the PNW and it’s quite a change. The winter has been awesome. A little bare but I can see why people like it. The summer was brutal it might drive me away for good

No. 1927976

Up in Virginia we have relatively mild summers, but it’s the humidity that gets ya here

No. 1927980

File: 1710634483276.jpg (10.66 KB, 225x225, 1000000089.jpg)

What do y'all like on y'all's biscuits? My fav is honey or orange marmalade

No. 1928005

Butter and raspberry jam. There’s one takeout spot by me that does cinnamon sugar biscuits and they’re insanely good.

I’ve been in central Texas for three years from the northeast. The best way I’ve found to work around it is to treat it inversely - the summer is really your winter. Try and get out and about the most you can in the “cold” months and concede that you can’t do shit in the summer.

No. 1928022

File: 1710635840410.jpeg (5.13 KB, 300x168, download (22).jpeg)

I hate a lot about our culture but Northerners are so fucking rude that i can't move up there even though they have better weather and politics (not that their version of white rich liberalism helps anyone but still). Went there on a trip and was shook by the attitude everyone gives you right off the rip no matter how friendly you are. Everyone has something up their ass there, it gave me anxiety to interact with anyone because they default to treating you like the plague. I still want to move though, this place is too hot and I want abortions and weed damnit. Picrel is how we're all gonna feel in a month kek

No. 1928028

That is so true. It’s like the summer is winter. It’s so backwards lol

No. 1928037

I will be perched on the roof of the nearest establishment with my sniper rifle ready to bring each and every one of you to your maker

No. 1928038

This feels like profiling

No. 1928039

HARD agree. I moved away from Texas to the northwest and people here are autisticly mean. Just no care for anyone around them. I miss Southern politeness so much. I know some people up here think it's disingenuous but it makes such a difference in making the community feel welcoming as corny as it sounds. The MAGAtards up here are significantly more bothersome and cringe than the MAGAtards from Texas it's strange. I think maybe it has to do with the conservatives up here having a more libertarian edge but I'm not sure how to describe it.

No. 1928040

No. 1928054

Share biscuit recipes.

No. 1928057

These very specific threads are so unnecessary, it feels like someone is tracking someone else by making the threads more and more specific, what's next? Texas only nonnas?

No. 1928060

I really don't understand the need for regional threads. Amerifags is enough it's not like lolcow has such a large userbase for this.

No. 1928070

i think non Burgerfags should start posting here pretending to be from that region complete with stereotypically typed accents and photos of grits and shit. it would actually be funny, unlike 1,000,000 different flavors of USA threads.

No. 1928074

File: 1710637465958.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.58 KB, 736x552, I'm not even surprised.jpg)

>The MAGAtards up here are significantly more bothersome and cringe than the MAGAtards from Texas it's strange.
I can't see how that's possible. I'm sorry but I don't believe you. And Texas (and Florida) is like the libertarian and sovcit capital of the world

No. 1928081

>so many farmers live in Texas
Elsie real confirmed?

No. 1928093

why tf is there another thread when you guys have the amerifags thread to talk about this shit considering the south is a big influence in the US? are you guys autistic or something lmfao

No. 1928096

File: 1710638391802.jpg (270.36 KB, 700x445, shotgun.jpg)

Non-burger here but I have a question.
Why do Americans in the south not build their houses with significant foundations or foundations at all when they live in an area susceptible to hurricanes and tornados? Is it just a general construction practice or is there a reason for it?

No. 1928100

It's so they can rebuild them again instead of letting expensive houses get destroyed continuously.

No. 1928102

File: 1710638617908.jpg (678.13 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20240316-202618_Pho…)

I wish I could meet and befriend other Texanonnies, how many of us secretly live side by side unknown, when we could band together to overthrow the Texas state government, tell me nonnies

No. 1928106

definitely the white gravy with sausage

No. 1928109

t. butthurt anons from irrelevant places

No. 1928114

Same, unrelated but HEB Buddy graham crackers go so hard.

No. 1928122

I love HEB it's truly the most blessed grocery store

No. 1928125

i’m a southernfag but can’t you cholesterol bitches keep it in one thread and stop sharing our secrets

No. 1928137

I have HEB where I live and I agree holy shit the ice cream is GOOD

No. 1928141

Who has been to Mexico? Be real.

No. 1928153

I visited once on vacation, but didn't leave the resort area. I'd love to see more of the country but only if I spoke Spanish/had a local with me. I know a lot of people go there for cheap dentistry which is insane imo

No. 1928169

Why? There are a lot of competent dentists and doctors in mexican cities. USA ones just over charge anyway.

No. 1928197

File: 1710643164276.jpeg (91.34 KB, 720x960, 511AABFB-C443-44BB-AB27-1B139A…)

Go there all the time with family to get groceries and to get cheap meds when I can’t bother with US hospitals. I live in a poorfag area and go to other poorfag places in Mexico so it’s only a pain on your cars suspension because some residential areas don’t have actual paved asphalt just dirt roads. Driving around is also a bit crazy if you aren’t used to it because people are able to drive without lanes and go pretty fast on narrow roads.

No. 1928214

I love this picture

No. 1928249

File: 1710648039696.png (765.61 KB, 940x788, IMG_1436.png)

Anyone else from North Carolina? As an immigrant I think it’s neat but tbh I miss the snow.

No. 1928265

As a Texan I just wish they'd fully legalize weed here already. Legalize it!

No. 1928315

I hate it here theres nothing to do its so fucking hot and humid like 80% of the year. The only thing I like is the nature and mountains are really nice and quiet

No. 1928325

File: 1710652036287.png (78.78 KB, 500x458, 1000000090.png)

I grew up in South Louisiana and live up north now. Glad I left that hell hole but damn do I miss the food. I had to order my king cake abitas but I'm glad blue bell is still around me

No. 1928333

Goddamn I want to try this

No. 1928339

I ate an entire gallon of this shit last year by myself. No regrets

No. 1928359

File: 1710656208059.jpeg (384.26 KB, 828x456, IMG_7761.jpeg)

I don’t like redneck culture here, I saw something similar to picrel at a local nicknack shop and it freaked me out

No. 1928375

me too nonnie especially when you can get all that fake delta 8 stuff anywhere, what's the point? not like real weed is hard to get anyways so why isn't it just legal kek

No. 1928380

Our government hates women's rights and pot

No. 1928404

Any Oklahomanons? I'm immigrating there, always trying to learn as much about it as I can

No. 1928618

File: 1710681399727.jpg (27.2 KB, 432x324, a8d32a5cb13f8a80840bbdefd7d080…)

southern belle nonnas get the best regional blue bell flavors, yankees btfo

No. 1929102

Get out of here bread basket tornado bitch you're not really southern and everyone knows it

No. 1929117

Reminds me of that video where the guy from Illinois describes states and he says Oklahoma is Texas's hat

No. 1929128

This autism in construction also happens QUITE often on Long Island and along the Jersey Shore. The answer is money.

God, the HEB Texas Campfire ice cream is fucking fire. Most of the HEB brand stuff is fire.

Central Market kicks the shit out of Whole Foods, too.

The Abbott admin is so deep in with campaign donations from big pharma and other moralist bullshit that it won’t happen on his watch. Also, it’s legal in OK so it won’t be legal here for a lifetime out of spite.

D9/D9 is ^fine^.

No. 1929139

I'm waiting for another tree to fall on Abbott or for him to bite the dust I'm sorry. Either that or someone finally boots the rest of his gang out

Isn't the Lt governor or comptroller or whatever he is still on trial for defrauding a bunch of people and all the while was re elected at least once? I have no hope for the hicks in this state who'll automatically vote for any retard if an R is next to his name

No. 1929182

Nothing to be sorry for when all this man does is jerk off about the border. Part of me hopes that he gets picked up for national politics just so he can lose his state-level authority and we don’t hear from him for a while.

I want to say you’re talking about AG Paxton. Before turning this thread into a political circle jerk, watching his trial last summer made me lose faith in either side of the isle when it comes to state level politics. I kind of hope we get Cruz out in November.

No. 1929194

fingers crossed that we boot Cruz out in November too, nona. Regardless of where nonas stand politically, I wish people would understand that he left our state to fend for ourselves and went on vacation to Cancun when we had that devastating freeze a few years ago. Millions of people were left without housing, thousands died. That's not what a "leader" does in government. I think the problem is that most of our politicians sit around collecting money on behalf of their big pharmaceutical big NRA sponsors and don't actually care about a single one of their constituents, including the conservatives. They're making big money off nothing and people's misery and they routinely embarrass us on a national scale. I don't want to politically jerk it too much more but it's like nobody cares in the majority of southern states about women, and that's my biggest gripe living down here and why I want to get out. I don't hate southern politeness, I love the food, I've lived here all my life, it is "cheap" I suppose, but living in a place where the moids in government hate me hurts (oh and the weather is hell). I have a very conflicted relationship between pride and distaste in my identity as a southerner / southwesterner kek

No. 1929202

I'm honestly always disappointed when someone comes to America and ends up in one of the shittier areas. But you have to read the grapes of wrath (and the four winds) if you have the time

No. 1929766

Texan farmers:

Fuck, Marry, Kill:

HEB, Kroger, Fiesta Mart.

No. 1929776

File: 1710768234903.jpeg (43.3 KB, 226x223, IMG_7223.jpeg)

This feels like the Texas thread so far, where my Floridanonnies at? Weather has been absolute hot garbage and I’m so happy it’s gonna be nice and cool on tomorrow and not in the 80s this week. The people who have tried to make small talk with me on the 85+ degree weather days about how they’re so happy the weather is “finally nice and warm” Jesus Christ I tried to be polite but I know daggers were flying from my eyes. 85 degrees is not nice.

No. 1930086

Fuck Fiesta Marry HEB Kill Kroger
The only good Krogers are those gigantic superstore sized ones

No. 1930223

Immigrating from where?
I'm a Texanon so I can't help you too much, but the Oklahomans I've met have been very similar to small-town Texans, but with inferiority complexes instead of narcissism.
I also recently saw this cooking video by a bonger about the incredibly authentic and popular Oklahoma onion burger. Never heard of it, myself. Seems kind of like a small recent cooking trend fueled by Kenji alt Lopez.

No. 1930459

i hate living in arkansas so fucking much

No. 1930489

Sausage and jelly. Especially grape jelly

No. 1930513

Lifelong Floridian and I hate how everyone who is not from here mentions the weather. I hate the weather here - balls hot, terrible thunderstorms, hurricanes. We used to have nice winters but now it’s just stupid hot most of the time. There are things I enjoy about Florida (the food is amazing, tons of things to do, year-round swimming), but it’s getting harder to live here every year. My part of the state is full of transplants from all over the country who moved here because of shitty politics. They think they own everything and are the rudest and laziest people, all rich from doing nothing at all.

No. 1930525

Same nonna as above. I also forgot to mention how immigrants are everywhere here - I’m not fundamentally against them but a lot of the men are drunks. There’s high levels of domestic violence in the population. They can’t drive because they come from countries without much driver training or laws and cause accidents. My insurance is ridiculously high even though my car is old and I have a clean record, just because of where I live.

Trump lives not far from me and his cult is all over the place. You see a ton of cars with QAnon decals and stickers and the cultists hold demonstrations on street corners. They fly those retarded flags off of PVC poles, stuff like “TRUMP/JFK, JR” and “Let’s Go, Brandon!” They stand in front of his plane and fap in front of it. He invited them to Mar a Lago for breakfast once and they still cream themselves over it. I hope the mansion is sold out from under him so he will finally fucking leave.

No. 1930596

>Trump lives not far from me
Have you ever seen him in person nona is he just as much of a saggy pumpkin in real life as he appears onscreen? Is he lying about his height by four inches? Is he actually 315 lbs?

No. 1930598

Don’t live in Florida, but did work in insurance. The general risk of the state is pretty fucking high with all the weather events, so that sure as hell isn’t helping your premium.

No. 1930608

lol, no. He rarely leaves his mansion when he’s here. He only goes out to play golf. I don’t even think he goes to any local restaurants. He lives on whatever his private chef prepares for him. In order to see him, you need to be a member of his club, which costs around $250k. He will sometimes crash weddings, too, if they are held at the club. It’s always crawling with Republicans now, though, since they all try to kiss his ass.

Ghislaine Maxwell used to procure girls for Jeffrey Epstein at the local high schools. All the girls, as far as I know, were white and attractive but came from poorer families. Some of them worked at Mar a Lago, too. There are a lot of billionaires around here, so probably a lot of sex trafficking. There are grown women here who go to certain restaurants and bars strictly to try to bag a rich man. A family member is one, married a polo player for husband #3. They live in a different world than me, essentially. Casey Anthony also lives in the area - she likes dating cops and got into a bar fight a few years back. I haven’t heard about her in a while, so she may have moved on.

Sorry to derail the thread. This is all very Florida trash. There are so many nice people here, but too many crazies. I miss the Florida I grew up in, but I think it’s gone forever now. I’d get a fortune for my place, but where else would I go?

No. 1930627

are you rich, nonnie? Last time I was visiting my grandma in law we saw Trump’s jet at the airport and they live in an affluent area of Florida.

No. 1930667

Holy crap nona you live in the epicenter of richie Florida degeneracy, it's kind of horrifically fascinating how much history there is around the area. Trump, epstein, and godforsaken Casey Anthony?

No. 1930956

I am definitely not even close to rich. I just happen to live close to rich people. The island people like Trump and Epstein live a very sequestered life with their own restaurants, spas, shops, and golf courses. Even Epstein lived in a “new money” area of the island, away from the historic areas with the generationally wealthy. They fly on their private planes directly into the airport or sail into the marina on their yachts, then are driven directly to their mansions without associating with us peons. Florida has traditionally been a playground for the rich, especially New York rich.

No. 1931114

File: 1710854744692.jpg (573.37 KB, 1200x1600, 1000005576.jpg)

My brother made green jambalaya for St Patrick's day. The sheer amount of green food coloring he had to use to go over the normal orange tomatoe sauce color was questionable but it tasted normal somehow

No. 1931117

I feel violated

No. 1931141

Since there are a lot of Texas nonas here, what's it like living over there? I've only visited for vacation, and it felt a bit overwhelming with how big and vast the roads seemed. I'm from a northern state, just curious about daily life and the struggles.

No. 1931160

Louisiana nonna here but I lived in Houston for four years during uni, the public transport was great but I never used it because once when I was trying to bus back to my apartment with a load of groceries the bus ate my dimes as pennies and refused to let me on. I walked/biked around everyday but never felt unsafe but I wasn't stupid about it, only walked during the day or with freinds at night, always carried my gun since my father insisted I get one. Never had to use it. Probably would have been illegal anyway since I didn't have a concealed carry permit and it was a Louisiana gun not a Texas one.

No. 1931168

Lived in a big northern city for about ten years and moved to Austin in 2021. Your experience is going to vary based on living now and what your expectations are. I visited something like 5 times before deciding to make the move, both during high volume times (SXSW, ACL) and more calm shit (Thanksgiving).

There's no museums or anything that I liked about where I left (DFW is good for that, from visits I've had there), but I am closer to my "chosen family" of friends which is important to me. Austin is pretty fucking white, and I think lacks a lot of the stuff I was used to like solid public transport. Can't speak to Dallas, Houston or San Antonio but you definitely need a car in Austin.

I like being close to Hill Country for hiking and camping, but still have some city amenities like a large number of concert venues and shows that'll come through down. It's nice being the same distance from Houston and DFW.

I had a panic attack the first time I came here for an extended period of time (~2 weeks) for a "try out" to see how I liked it when I couldn't find my rental car in an HEB+ parking lot. It took about a year to acclimate.

The gun stuff is a little jarring at first but you get used to it. My COL is a fraction of what it was from where I came from, even though Austin is "expensive". I got to keep my job with the NE-based company I work for, and kept my NE salary with no adjustments. The tax differential makes my pay feel insanely better.

The four main cities are all very different
Figure out your priorities and pick the city that aligns with them the most
Consider renting an AirBNB or staying with friends for a week or two and see how you like it

Good luck. Sage for length.

No. 1931170

a tranny made this thread

No. 1931180

Huh? Are you a yankee or something?

No. 1931187

some nonnas believe it is unwise to have threads that could possibly reveal anything about your location, even vaguely, because it could lead to being doxxed

No. 1931195

I live in San Antonio and it's been growing so fast these past few years. If you don't have a car, thr public transit experience is pretty miserable because everything is so spread out. The weather is unbearably hot for a third of the year. People are mostly friendly, but the homeless population is starting to get out of hand. Great food, it's very easy to gain weight here because of the food and the culture of sharing it. There are more things to do than a smaller city, but not as much as Austin or Dallas. Shopping at HEB is great.

No. 1931263

Can people who aren't admins get the ip address of various posts? Because otherwise I know a lost of people here have this schizo thinking that the posts here on lolcow have patterns and anthromorphize various unrelated posts as being by the same person

No. 1931264

Meant to link this one sorry

No. 1931312

sorry for this long ass post
My personal ranking of the places I've lived here-
Houston > San Antonio >>>> Dallas >>>>> the suburbs of any of the cities, it's all pretty homogeneous and boring
All have the problem of the huge busy roads. You have to get on the freeway to get anywhere (in Houston it's a common joke that everything is 30 minutes away) and multiple friends I've had come visit were genuinely too scared to drive on our freeways kek. If I wasn't lucky enough to live in walking distance of work and a grocery store I'd go insane but that's definitely not the norm here, 99% of people need a car.
Delicious food can be found anywhere from big cities to bumfuck nowhere, but food and harvest festivals is about all the small towns have going for them. imo rural texas is boring. Gorgeous nature though! If you get a chance to visit again check out Big Bend National Park, it's beautiful.
I have an embarrassing amount of Texas pride tbh. It's not perfect, especially politically… and the weather can be a bitch. but I love living here. Also I only realized recently but isn't it kind of insane that the public school curriculum here has 2 full years of Texas history classes, are there any other states that do that?
I love San Antonio so much, I constantly wish I could move back but job opportunities where I live right now are too strong. Tons of beautiful historic architecture (alamo is overrated though kek) and parks everywhere. The food is top notch too. I was a NEET in San Antonio for a while and made it my mission to go out and visit a different trail every day, was a blast and unironically saved my mental/physical health
kek I made this thread! personally idc (oh noo jannies know I live in a state with 30 million other people, doxxx incoming) but you could always just not post if you're worried

No. 1931340

I've got to go to Houston or back to San Antonio. I haven't been traveling much since I was younger- interstate or otherwise, only up to where I have relatives. I have grown to really love nature and one of the few childhood memories I retained was visiting Oklahoma's falls, and San Antonio was also nice that I remembered. Could benefit from visiting the state park once I've got enough $$$ and drive to do it. Thanks for the recs anon

Any anons who are considering visiting Dallas, it's expensive but it might be worth checking out the handful of art museums. The core museum collection at the DMA is free to view with tons of different types of art, there's always an add on special exhibit/s if you want to see them, and it's a nice way to waste a few hours. I could've sworn the other museums cost money but if you can afford it's worth it. there's an Asian art museum, there's a sculpture museum, and there's also some museums up in Fort Worth if you want to make the trip. Dallas also has good food and a diverse selection of it. Other than that it's kinda meh, people can be stuffy and holier than thou than other Texans around North Texas

No. 1931361

Fort Worth Modern is a fucking gem. The water that surrounds the museum is so beautiful.

No. 1931408

Really? I’ve lived in Texas most of my life and the only city where people seem consistently shitty is Dallas/DFW. Everywhere else I’ve been, including big cities, tiny places, and college towns, the people have been genuinely friendly.
People forget my city exists so we have none of those chains. Far (farthest!) West Texas is like its own little world.
Going to Mexico for dentistry or any surgery really is nuts. I live on the border and have family on both sides and have heard constant horror stories. Infection control doesn’t seem up to modern standards in a lot of facilities and if you can’t afford dental work it’s a safer bet to go to a dental school or one associated with a federally certified health center.

I wouldn’t go there for medical care unless I had no other options but I absolutely take advantage of low cost medications. My insurance won’t cover Retin A/tretinoin so my dad brings me some when he comes back from work trips.

No. 1931439

Oh I also forgot to mention the arboretum if yall like flowers and there's multiple zoos

No. 1931905

i imagine you live in or around west palm considering the epstein comment?

No. 1932192

i remember reading about some women who contracted meningitis after getting plastic surgery there last year. i don't blame people for wanting to pursue more affordable medical procedures but i think they often get so distracted by how much cheaper it is that they don't take the risk factor into account.

No. 1932210

Multiple people got meningitis from cadaver bone material used in a bunch of different surgical procedures that were PERFORMED IN THE USA. And the infected bone material was made by a US company. They’re still making bone material for surgeries under a new company name and have faced no consequences.

No. 1932248

The worst conservatives I knew were when I lived in Austin because they were usually from other states and also had that libertarian edge. Haven’t spent significant time in DFW.

No. 1932402

I just tried making Southern sweet iced tea today and it was so damn good, woah. Thanks for blessing the world with this drink, you guys.

No. 1932424

Austin Republicans are Joe Rogan/Elon bros are scum of the earth.

No. 1932618

File: 1710962422737.png (182.37 KB, 635x1024, IMG_5673.png)

Sweet tea is generally too sweet for my taste and if I’m going to have that much sugar I’d rather have it in the form of candy lol. Turns out the brand Milo’s makes a sweet tea sweetened with sucralose and I’m now obsessed with it. I usually just brew my own at home and put a packet of Splenda in but this shit is so good.

No. 1933562

To be fair, I did use less sugar than the recipe called for because I'm trying to watch my weight kek. And that Milo's tea sounds really good. Convenient to have a huge carton like that. Unfortunately, I can't buy it where I live. Maybe I should ask my American friend to bring one over next time they visit me

No. 1933580

Why are the roads so shit in New Orleans? Is it the hurricanes?

No. 1933595

Cause it’s built on a swamp.

No. 1933601

It's unironically the government. New Orleans is super corrupt and has been since it was founded pretty much, absolutely nothing gets done there and the infrastructure is falling apart as a result

No. 1933630

I know I’m getting old cause I’ve started drinking half and half tea with lemons… it’s so good though, and slightly more healthy

No. 1933665

File: 1711037029139.jpeg (155.62 KB, 512x440, 9ECC4628-94E2-4955-A49B-F6C980…)

Any other Louisianonnies? I’ve tried so hard to make friends here I can connect with but it seems pretty hard here. I’m into gyaru and tried looking for a local gyarusa but it seems like only Californians have luck making friends with weeb adjacent hobbies.

No. 1933726

I'd say look into DnD circles at the closest game/hobby shops to your area. LARPs like Mordavia(NewOrleans) or Nether(Mississippi) have actual options to dress up and role play and fight but if that's not your thing I get it. Other places would be book stores big and small and asking the staff if they have any events, like there's a small bookstore I know of that holds book fairs for all ages.

No. 1933765

Fellow NC nona here!

No. 1933787

I used to live in the rust belt area of the Midwest, the TX heat is honestly tolerable compared to my used cars rusting up and crumbling at the frame within 3 years. I'll take melting plastic and my rearview camera being unusable due to the hot weather over the latter.
One thing that does suck is the allergies, Lord, it seems to never end.

No. 1935137

I wish the weather would make up its mind to be cold or hot

No. 1935165

What American candy should I try when I get there?

I'm immigrating from Ireland, it's ok if Oklahoma is shite tbh I'm used to living in rural arse-end places

Star spangled sperg, I'm not in Oklahoma yet

No. 1935229

Don't. Bring as much candy with you as you can.

No. 1935268

File: 1711136008564.jpg (152.82 KB, 736x1104, 30159a83606f0afd8f380ee9755b87…)

What kind of flavors do you like? Me personally, I usually get a Kinder Bueno chocolate bar or watermelon Sour patches. But if you're coming somewhere to the south (although, idk if Oklahoma is the south..), you should go to a local southern or soul food restaurant and try some of our desserts instead. Banana pudding, sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, red velvet cake, pecan pie, etc…

Speaking of banana pudding, it's my favorite dessert and I've thought about making it with those biscoff cookies.

No. 1935284

Get yourself a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard from Dairy Queen for maximum America with minimum effort.

No. 1935322

Almond joys are my favorite gas station candy, but american candy really isn’t all that good tbh kek

No. 1935330

Pecan Pralines. They come in hard or soft just depending on what random local gas station you get it from. I like to get huge slabs of beef jerky tho, that's not candy I know.

No. 1935336

Another NC nona here!

No. 1935463

I found a blue zippered tote bag of food in front of my door one morning this week. I have no idea what’s it’s from or who put it there. It contained jalapeños, tomatoes, citrus fruit, and apples, everything was in its own bag in the tote too, like groceries straight from the store. Was I misdelivered some sort of meals on wheels produce drop off??? I feel bad someone doesn’t have their food if so. Asking here because I’m in the south and I haven’t lived here long so maybe someone has seen this and knows what it is. I live in a small city and have plenty of close neighboring houses but I dont talk to them much and its past the point I’d be getting “welcome to the neighborhood” stuff (plus some of it was moldy so it wasn’t a present, just bad groceries)

No. 1935572

File: 1711148432775.jpg (69.18 KB, 495x553, download.jpeg-1.jpg)

Our candy really is quite bad. Most good chocolate is foreign. Our very processed trashy sweets and food can be uniquely nice, but I think it's a bit of an acquired taste and one that you should not make an effort to acquire.

Actually good things:
Albanese brand gummy bears
Dr. Pepper or Root Beer float with Blue Bell Homemade vanilla ice cream. Blue Bell isn't top tier (for the price it's good), but it crystalizes in a nice way when added to soda.
organic knockoffs of trashy sweets. Health food versions of shitty treats can actually be much better than the originals, though a lot of brands are complete misses. I LOVE organic vegan hostess cupcake ripoffs, and I quite like organic chocolate covered malt balls as well. There's some brand they sell at whole foods that is even better than Maltesers.
Also seconding other anon's recommendation of dairy queen blizzards. We do have a pretty good ice cream scene generally, so be sure to also check out some local shops.
Promised Land brand whole chocolate milk. There might be better local brands, but Promised Land is hands-down the best widely available brand.
Various s'mores candies (Fanny May S'mores snacks mix from Costco is good)
Canned coffee (I like high brew double espresso and capuccino)
Trendy desserts. Most cities will have frozen yogurt, gourmet donuts, boba, and probably lots of other stupid bullshit. Some of these places are really good.

No. 1935579

Lake Champlain five star chocolate bar

No. 1935669

The really silly sugary ones kek like nerds, fun dip, sour patch kids, the sour watermelons, cotton candy, sweet tarts rope (I like the texture I don't know), really whatever seems fun.
These are my once in a blue moon guilty pleasures.

No. 1937335

File: 1711290845466.jpg (1.47 MB, 4000x1848, 1000005787.jpg)

>two perfectly good windows on this side the wall
>cuts a hole inbetween for the AC
If that's not the most southern US thing I've ever seen

No. 1937383

San Antonio anon here and I can agree, I love our parks and trails! The missions other than the Alamo are very nice, my favorite is Mission Concepción. Lots of local ghost stories and legends too.

No. 1937542

Are you paying attention to those window panes

No. 1939015

Texas is such a despair pit. They want $70 for a state parks pass when the state parks are tiny and ugly and mostly paved. That's as much as a national parks pass, which gets you into places like fucking Yellowstone. What a great deal. They will seriously brag about a park having "12 miles of trails!" That's just a liesurely afternoon walk if you're not morbidly obese. Even after you spend the $70 you have to make a reservation months in advance if you want to actually visit a park and experience the majesty of a filthy dammed creek and 6-10 trees covered in hatchet scars. If you're lucky you might hear a bird, but you'll mostly just hear shitty music played from shitty bluetooth speakers. You're guaranteed to see wildlife on the drive in, but only because Texans deliberately swerve to run over turtles and armadillos with their useless trucks. Of course you could always go to a park in town for free instead, and look at half starved ducks desperately searching for something to eat in a pond full of blue dye and beer cans. Spend an hour circling it 500 times like a caged animal! Exhilarating! There is a deep mud trench along the perimeter of the grass patch near my building just from me walking around in it every day for the last year. It's too small for a relaxing walk. How the fuck do people live their whole lives shut up in little boxes like this? It's already making me want to die.

No. 1939330

>if you're not morbidly obese
have you taken a look around? that is about half of the population. i get your frustration if you're used to visiting better parks but you have to realize that between the obesity epidemic and the escalating heat that makes summers here almost intolerable less and less texans are participating in outdoorsy habits and aren't going to have as high as standards as you when it comes to parks. if you're from houston or other refinery areas twelve miles of trails is considered expansive.

No. 1939586

was about to renew my pass but i mainly do enchanted rock and perdinales. which are the shitty parks to avoid?

No. 1942374

the windows are probably caulked/painted shut. people (or maybe just shitty landlords, I don't know) do that because it keeps in the AC air better in the summer which supposedly helps with utility bills and it also might help keep out some pests, but I think it's pretty fucked up to miss out on the nice weather and fresh air in spring and fall just because it's too hot for 4 months.

No. 1942394

Anyone ever been to Moody Gardens?

No. 1942439

>12 miles
>my sweaty bacon-greased sausage fingees quivering because this seems like a decent hike i am sweating lard

I mean…just walk it twice or something anon damn.

No. 1942522

don't trust anything related to Moody

No. 1942627

who the fuck walks 12 miles each afternoon…thats like 3-3.5 hours each day?! i assume you dont work and can spare that time easily

No. 1943284

File: 1711779548425.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1128x1176, IMG_5815.jpeg)

I love the desert Southwest! Mexican food, lovely cacti that will be flowering soon, and spectacular mountains make life worth living. We’re hardly the south but am included on your map so here I am! I would love to visit the actual Deep South sometime! I lived in Louisiana as a toddler and went to Arkansas in 2013 but that’s the only southern experience I have.

No. 1948207

File: 1712105398723.jpg (1.6 MB, 1080x2340, 1000005966.jpg)

Why the fuck every fucking time I try and cook jambalaya it burns and never properly cooks! This one didn't get to boil before it burnt the bottom! I cooked this bitch on the setting 3 out of 10!
And don't tell me to use a rice cooker, they work on magnets and heat so they snap up too quick to cook rice in tomato sauce becasue the temperature it hard wired to water.
I was able to move it to another pan, it'll stay on simmer this time.

No. 1948211

So pretty!!

No. 1948214

I’ve always wanted to visit the southwest, looks so pretty out there.

No. 1948352

tbh the state is so huge, I've found it a mixed bag. west texas can be beautiful

No. 1948490

Any nonnies here from the Smokies? I grew up there but live in the desert now and I miss it sometimes

No. 1948611

maybe you're not using enough water or the tomato sauce is causing it to burn?

No. 1949764

are any wv nonnies in here? i swear i'm alone

No. 1950229

Maybe use a thicker pan? Thin pans heat up very fast and tend to burn the food even on low settings.

No. 1955412

Sp I heard oysters help filter salt water, i get that oyster poachers would snatched any preservation laid oysters. So my solution is to breed a filtration oyster that is poisonous to humans and watch the unintended consequences unfold.

No. 1956086

File: 1712597382663.jpg (166.76 KB, 1080x963, 1000006272.jpg)

>be in area where eclipse is gonna be like 90-80%
>pic related

No. 1956093

This happened where I live the last time there was an eclipse. It's clear today though

No. 1956112

File: 1712598772640.jpg (70.19 KB, 1500x1000, Sonic-BlackoutSlush-Float-For-…)

I got the Sonic solar eclipse float thing and it tastes like grape wtf. I think they ran out of cotton candy + dragon fruit or whatever the fuck; there isn't even any sprinkles and no sunglasses since they ran out. My college was passing out glasses but mine bent so hopefully it won't be too wonky the area I'm in is 89% so I'm excited.

No. 1956154

wow it's completely cloudy, I can't see shit. how disappointing

No. 1956160

The clouds cleared away at the last minute yay I’ve seen a few partial eclipses but WOW a total eclipse is an entirely different experience. It looks just like it does on film, the brightest glare before it’s snuffed out by total darkness was insane! I hope some anons got to enjoy it!

No. 1956168

I'm depressed and hungover and decided to just sit at my desk and not look. What's the point

No. 1956264

Eclipse chads stay winning. That was my first time ever experiencing a total solar eclipse. I'm so grateful to finally witness one. I work at an elementary school and it was so wholesome to hear what the students had to say. I had 3 students walk over to me when it started getting darker and they hugged me tight amazed at what was happening.

No. 1956324

I saw it! It was really cool and I stared up at it as long as i could. All the street lamps came on too which was cool. I was talking to someone who said he saw the 2017 one out in the wilderness, and he said the wolves started howling and you could see the stars. No idea what I’ll be up to in 2045, but I hope I can do what that guy did and just go camping somewhere.

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