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File: 1496118567649.jpg (64.42 KB, 634x376, elliot's bmw.jpg)

No. 192794

/o/tist here. I gotta ask - do women actually give a shit about and notice the kind of car a guy drives? What do women look out for in a guy's car?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 192796

no. unless ur driving a street sweeper that's purple with gold trim, your ugly ass ride doesnt matter to anybody.

No. 192799

what really matters is what's on the inside, op :')

No. 192800

I mostly look out for the type of guy owning the car. All guys have to do to win women is to be responsible, own a safe car, and not be a pretentious douche.

The type of car, like in OP, is the type that attracts men who want to appear wealthy and stylish when they're actually neither. The 328i Elliot drove is a renown piece of shit that often sells on the market for the same price as a subcompact. But because it's a ~*~BMW Coupe~*~ all the ladies are supposed to be impressed!
It's transparent that they think their cheap ass car can somehow drive them into a woman's pussy. Just like Elliot thought.

I also avoid men who've owned a clunker for more than a few years because it shows that they either have no motivation or money to prioritize a new car. Not to mention they're dangerous. I'd rather the guy not have a car at all rather than deal with his ego when I refuse to get into a piece of shit.

Hope this helps opie.

No. 192801

No and guys being autists about cars is a big turn off for me

No. 192802

I'm kind of drawn to men who like to work on cars and take care of their vehicles but I don't give a shit about dudes being autists about having flashy cars or whatever.

No. 192803

As long as it runs and the inside isn't a disgusting wasteland of trash, I'm good.

No. 192812

I don't really care as long as it's not gross/dirty although I judge the hell out of BMW and Prius drivers like the assholes that they are kek

No. 192813

anyone who drives American made cars is unreliable in a literal sense (lol). I do cringe at men who drive sports cars because they're tacky and basic, like if I see a dude in a mustang/camaro/charger its the stereotypical midlife crisis suburban dad driving or his son with the same future ahead. Driving a pickup while not hauling anything is the most embarrassing and stupid of all though

No. 192816

>Driving a pickup while not hauling anything is the most embarrassing and stupid of all though

idk my dad has a pickup (which he does genuinely have need for, he has a trailer and does renovations and such) but it's his only vehicle. I used to judge people who drove pickups for no reason before I realized my dad probably looks like he has his for no reason when he's just driving it to the store or work or whatever. people who are really prissy about their pickups and get made when there's like, dirt in the bed or whatever, can go fuck themselves though.

No. 192817

File: 1496127092760.jpg (52.21 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

>anyone who drives American made cars is unreliable in a literal sense
>driving a pickup while not hauling anything is the most embarrassing and stupid of all though

What a nonsense opinion.

No. 192818

Get off my imageboard, smelly male.

No. 192820

Female, I just have common sense.
For example, if you see an empty pickup, how are you to assume they're not on their way to go get something, or have not already dropped said something off?

No. 192833

File: 1496153761437.png (491.99 KB, 500x500, Miami Vice twingo.png)

>Implying you need any car other than the obvious choice

No. 193731

My s.o has a shitty looking car and I feel embarassed to be in it sometimes. I have a shitty looking car too though…

No. 193749

What is it?

No. 193752

idc, honestly. I don't drive myself, I live in town and use transportation. You have a car you can drive? Great. It's whatever fancy model? Yeah, it's a car, good job.
I mean it's nice if he can pick me up but it's not what I'm seeking in a man. I'm not a fucking highschooler.

No. 193979

I live in a big city and use public transport everywhere, but if I'm dating you and you have a car I'm probably just using you to get myself to parks that I can't reach on my own.
personally I like shitty old cars. lots of fond memories of being carted around by friends in beat up subarus older than me.

No. 193982

Seconded on the shitty old cars point. I have an early-2000s Jeep with a tape deck and broken AC and I don't have the heart to trade it in, I'm just so fond of it.

No. 193997

Yes, but it's not super important. What's more important is if the car is clean. I am still impressed if a guy has a nice car, but I don't look down on someone for a cheap car.

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