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No. 192257

does anyone else fantasize over gaining weight and then in IRL not actually wanting to?????
the struggle..

No. 192362

I've never been heavier than 138 so I have wondered what I would look like/what it would be like to be 140+ or even 200lbs but of course to actually do that would be retarded

No. 192364

never been heavier than 145 myself and sometimes I fantasize about just totally letting myself go but that's bc I hate myself honestly. Also I'm successfully losing weight right now so when I'm tempted to cheat I imagine myself gorging and gaining a ton of weight and it ruins my appetite lol.

No. 192398

I wouldn't say fantasize but I've been in the 105-110 range since I was 14(I'm 23 now) and idk if being bigger would really do me any good. Maybe bigger boobs but I'm short so I'd look like a rolley polley.

No. 192455

I fantasize about a man taking care of me and feeding me and ruining my body to make me his

But I would never let that happen and am actually a very independent person

No. 192461

No, but I've fantasized about having a fat boyfriend and getting him into working out and grocery shopping/cooking healthy food together.

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