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File: 1438054578613.png (288.71 KB, 1425x656, kopf.png)

No. 19220

What's the deal with this guy?

I've seen a bunch of /cgl/ threads about him lately. Is he actually a rapist

His ED article https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Ryan_Kopf

No. 19239

Not sure, but if there wasn't something up, I doubt there would be this much hoopla.
>Hoping to satisfy his pedo tendencies, Ryan opened "Chrono Game Central" in the basement of a building in his hometown of Muscatine, Iowa. "Hey little girl! Come check out my basement!" he'd say.
>In late 2014, it became known that one of Ryan's Animecon.org and AniMinneapolis staffers, Robert Goodew (more like "Good? EWWW!") was convicted in 2010 of being a predatory sex offender for sexual contact with a 12 year old boy.
I mean what the fuck

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