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No. 191240

What do you guys do to waste time? Of course there's the obvious; imageboards, social media, video games etc. any there any specific sites you farmers like to go on? What about simple hobbies? I've been so bored lately, all I ever do is scroll through imageboards and watch Netflix all day, everyday

I couldn't find anything similar in the catalog but I might just be being a bit blind so sorry in advance if this thread exists already

No. 191249

I know that feel man. I'd play more vidya but I don't have the money. My only real life hobby is drawing and I cba to get motivated and work on a super detailed piece for hours on end so it comes in little spurts on random days.

I just listen to music while staring at the google page, find shitty youtube vids or a movie to watch, or go outside to smoke cannabis oil and listen to more music. Sometimes I go on buzzfeed, tumblr, and thoughtcatalog if I'm in the depths of boredom hell. Imageboards are a cesspool now and this is the only one I dare to go on because it's not ridden with meme-y 15 year old boys.

Does anyone feel like they've already done everything on the internet and there's nothing left to do…?

No. 191250

Woah anon, are you me? lmao I'm op and I do all that, especially with drawing, I love to draw but only just little doodles or half finished pieces. I don't even have enough focus to watch a movie half the, I always need to do something with my hands so I draw/knit/needle felt etc but Im kind of anal about taking up space on my desk so I normally end up just browsing the internet on my phone. I keep meaning to get tested for ADHD but as an adult it seems a bit silly.

I do feel like I've done everything on the internet, I mean what is there on here really aside from basic social media, imageboards and flash games? Yet all I've done since I got up at 10 this morning is just that, and its now 1:30am

No. 191251

I spin around in my chair with my earbuds in, listening to music.

No. 191253

>I don't even have enough focus to watch a movie half the time
Holy shit, same. I get so bored, exit out of the tab and I'm back to the void of nothingness. Then I realize my muscles are hurting from sitting down all day long and that's when I go lay down in my bed to "stretch" as I browse on my phone and the day is gone before you know it. It's like, how did I manage to waste my day doing absolutely nothing and survive lol

No. 191255

We're all so similar. OP do you ever go on reddit? The niche/smaller subreddits can have great communities and I can spend hours searching for random things and find the most weird/funny/fucked up communities and people. It's also just a decent portal for the internet once you unsubscribe from all the main things. To be honest a lot of the time I spend on there I'm trying to beat some self confidence in to teenage incels because they break my heart. At least it's something to do.

If you're a NEET you could start using those sites like mturk. I quit my jobs again and I have fuck all to do so that's what I've been doing lately. It's a good way to get money for more weed and vidya. I think I saw a thread for it the other day. It requires a level of patience and attention though.

I recommend getting a fish or starting a small garden if you have space, but it costs money. A fish and tank would be about $250 to start but if you buy enough filters and water tests, you don't really have to spend any more money after that until it dies after a few years and you get a new one. I always have buyer's remorse but my fish is one of my least regrettable purchases.

No. 191257

I can't even get through most TV shows, just jump through to the interesting parts in the name of 'saving time'.

No. 191258

I go on reddit sometimes but I honestly don't much about it… do you know any good subreddits with scary 'true' stories and stuff like that? I know they exist but I dont know the names

Mturks seems interesting, but the money goes into amazon payments, can you transfer that to the bank? Im going to look into it I think, thanks anon :) like you said I need money for more weed and video games haha

Its kind amazing how similar everyone here

No. 191261

Yeah those are some of my favorites. Nosleep is the most popular, there's also letsnotmeet, shortscarystories, and twosentencehorror which is probably the lowest quality of the bunch. I'm sure there are even more if you look around. Many will have related subreddits listed in their sidebar. Some of it is shit, some of it is wonderful. Try sorting from top > all time.

Search all of your hobbies/interests on reddit and you will find plenty of places to subscribe to. It's a big website, all you have to do is learn to navigate. You can also go on r/random for a random subreddit when you're really bored and/or stoned.

You can move money from amazon payments to your bank account. In fact you need your banking information to sign up in the first place. Reddit is also a good place to learn about that, if you search mturk you should find the important subreddits. Don't fall under the guise that you'll be making $12 an hour or anything like that. You have to dedicate some time and learning in to it in order to make more money just like a real job. You'll be making very little for a while until you have a good enough reputation for higher and higher paying hits.

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