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This site has its share of Twitch girl specific threads but I would like to have something a little less centered around those people and their drama for anyone who may be interested in the actual hobby/job itself. Let's discuss Twitch streaming!

How do you feel about it? Do you stream? Do you want to stream? What streams do you like to watch, if any?

No. 190408

I'm sort of wondering how many girls watch and follow other girl streamers? It seems like girls might be too catty or competitive on this platform to want to acknowledge each other or actively seek each other out, but this knowledge is only based on what I've seen in the drama threads in /snow/.

No. 190413

It's called checking the catalog. We have like 2 threads about this in ot and g already. Holy shit

No. 190519

I'd like to stream, and having access to games isn't an issue(my level of skill is though) but however my main issue with wanting to skype is that I'm not very exciting when sitting in front of a computer and playing a vidya. I mainly focus on the game and if I had viewers it would be hard to entertain. I feel like I'd have to be drunk on cam to be alil fun, but twitch doesn't allow that.

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