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No. 190153

The old fitness thread on here died so I figured I'd make a new one. Postibg about diet and weight loss is fine too as long as it's fitness/exercise related.

No. 190154

Op here. I just stated working out with weights because I want to build muscles (I'm a girl though) and get fit. I'm overweight but focusing on building muscle mass rather than weight loss has really helped me to focus and stick to it way better than any thinspo or diet stuff. I'm at the end of my 5th week of it and going well.

No. 190180

What're everyone's workout routines? And how often do you change them up or increase the intensity?

No. 190189

I used to increase the number of reps once I didn't get tired during exercising.
Since I was training at home my possibilities were limited (this was before the whole crossfit craze) so I never really mixed up my routine.

I used to do pushups, situps, had a pair of 1-2 kg drum bells and a single 10kg one. For "leg day" I went cycling one day and running the other, 30 and 10 km respectively.

I was time consuming so I stopped after HS.

No. 190191


Started on this, since I'm in the same boat as >>190154. Right now Im at the end of week 2 and increased the weights from 3-5 to 5-8lbs. Takes me about 40 minutes to complete.

>Day 1: Cardio, stretch

>Day 2: Circuits A & C
>Day 3: Cardio, stretch
>Day 4: Circuits B & C
>Day 5: Circuit A, stretch
>Day 6: Circuits B & C
>Day 7: Rest

>Circuit A (x4)

>Push-Up/Plank Combo (25 reps), Chest Flye (10 reps heavier weight, 15 lighter weight), Reverse Lunge (15 reps),Squat/Chair Pose (25 reps)

>Circuit B (x4)

>Pile Squat (15 reps), Biceps Curl (10 heavier weight, 15 lighter), Inner/Outer Leg Lift (15 reps), Back Flye (25)

>Circuit C (Abs x4)

>Roll-Up (8 reps), Side Reach (8 reps), Boat Pose (hold for 8 breathes, 3 reps)

No. 190197

Is it worth buying a barbell if I absolutely hate going to the gym?

No. 190217

If you absolutely don't want to go to a gym and know what you're doing form-wise. I like going to a gym because of the full size mirrors on the walls and occasionally other people help me with exercises I'm new to doing.

No. 190277

I've seen so many #girlswholift get fat as fuck. It's like they're on a permanent bulk and don't realize they're supposed to cut. Or they were already getting fat and were using "muh lifting" to hide behind it.

Sage for autistic rant, but pls remember to cut or do a lean bulk

No. 190286

File: 1494637195845.jpg (149.93 KB, 800x1108, IMG_5999.JPG)

I get motivated to work out when watching legend of korra a lot kek

No. 190287

File: 1494637315626.jpg (394.18 KB, 1600x1904, IMG_2963.JPG)

Zarya is absolute body goals

No. 190288

File: 1494637377059.jpg (99.66 KB, 564x626, IMG_0847.JPG)

No. 190291

What kind of diet do you recommend for beginners to weight lifting then? Is ur supposed to be the same as a diet? Cause right not I'm calourie counting and eating 1500cals a day but thinking of cutting down to 1200cals since I need to lose fat as well as gain muscle

No. 190318

do these five minute quick workouts even amount to anything? just curious.

No. 190321

For a total beginner it might yea, otherwise no.

No. 190330

File: 1494664220129.jpg (58.83 KB, 384x640, IMG_6473.JPG)

No. 190339

File: 1494677364257.jpg (122.11 KB, 400x622, IMG_6520.JPG)

I need to train my triceps and putter arms a lot more, I've been doing way too many bicep and shoulder workouts. I've fine so big chest too so I'm pirkier but I've still got lunch lady arms justvwith nicer shoulders and inner arms

No. 190340

File: 1494677391419.jpg (134.4 KB, 640x1452, IMG_6519.JPG)

No. 190341

Just bulk at used calories + 1-200cal and youll be fine. Youll gain a bit of weight obviously, but eh it's fine really. Its not like youll bulk for more than 3-4 months at a time

Read the /fit/ sticky. You will end up as an emanciated with lower calorie intake. To gain muscle you need to eat over your expenditure, since lifting causes a catabolic breakdown that is later overcompensated in the anabolic phase, also known as building muslce. We gain muscle since our bodies realise we need more strength, but since we can't pull energy out of our arses, we gotta eat more to get that energy.

I wish I wasn't a DYEL atm and had my glorious back. Had surgery a while back so I look like a flat muscled skeleton trying to look big.

No. 190369

Wednesday, Friday and Sunday are weighttraining days. I always lift the heaviest I can do 8-10 reps with, full body workout, lots of different movements to target all muscles. I also make use of resistance bands. Sometimes I do a bit of circuittraining on the same day.
On Saturday I have 5 rounds of tabata, but I sometimes sneak another session in on Tuesday. On the remaining days I do kickboxing.
Other than that I cycle at least 30 minutes everyday.

No. 190446

File: 1494767438055.jpg (128.17 KB, 541x960, IMG_6625.JPG)

No. 190449


Clear, informative, easy-to-use website.

No. 190523

Thanks for this anon

No. 190526

There's like 3 active /fit/ threads in /ot/ rn just fuck off already and pick one

No. 190541

File: 1494845582840.jpg (50.36 KB, 500x500, IMG_0833.JPG)

No. 190547

Whoever in the Momokun thread that suggested she do Romanian deadlifts; THANK YOU.
Gets that booty job done when i added it to my lift cycle for legs.
Have a good workout anons!

No. 190549

Not the anon that suggested it but I was considering adding them to my routine since I heard them mentioned in her thread so I'll fed be adding them in now
Thanks anon

No. 190551

No problem, glad to help. Am whoring off advice/tips on the /ot/ fitspo thread if you need any.

No. 190558

Anyone else /sedentary/ here?
I want to start working out but I cannot go to a gym.
What should I start out with and what's a good exercise routine I could do from home?

No. 190559

Samefag, I should also add that I physically cannot run without getting very ill (this was also the case when I was healthy fyi)

No. 190770

I'd try some lite weight lifting

No. 191109

File: 1495192445641.jpg (57.11 KB, 226x625, IMG_7843.JPG)

No. 191130

If you're a total beginner I suggest blogilates, specifically her beginner's calendar. I like her a lot, and you can always move onto harder stuff.

No. 191145

File: 1495211938143.gif (131.32 KB, 540x350, e98202fd5323ec91ba00c686ff15d2…)

I've been using an elliptical bike for about 30-45 minutes five days a week.

I've gained 85 pounds and let myself become a hambeast during college, when I used to weigh 168(I'm 5'9) and now I weigh fucking 253. Any advice on should I strictly do just cardio or mix in some strength training during the week too? I want to lose this fat but tone up at the same time, but not get like "bulky" I guess I should say. And how long would it take for me to lose all of this weight? I'd rather it be faster results, but I want to keep it off. ugh

No. 191148

Diet, diet, diet. Losing weight is so much about diet.Cut it sugar, reduce snacking, drink only water and s fucktom of it. Make your own food, keep it simple and regular.
Weight training helps build muscle which burns calories and you don't have to worry about becoming bulky if you're a woman and not aiming for it. You also need to do more than just one thing. I run 20-30 minutes and then do several weight training circuits, focusing on different muscle groups.
But the most important thing is your diet, you HAVE to have self control if you want to see results.

No. 191152

I've mainly been eating Progressive soups, flavored rice cakes, veggies and fruit for smoothies, only thing I do is drink 1 can of soda a day. I'm trying to switch to tea and coffee, I need the caffeine but my problem is the soda.

If I cut it out I'd lose much more but I'm a fatfuck that can't seem to put down the Dr. Pepper.

No. 191161

File: 1495216177687.jpg (44.69 KB, 640x497, 18554552_1542678892411571_4876…)

Yeah man, you really gotta drop the soda, shit is sugary weight gaining poison

Also take it easy with the progresso soups, they're really good but have a shitton of salt. What I usually do is pour out some of the broth(but keep enough to keep the flavor when I mix it with water) to help reduce the salt intake.

My problem is fucking chips, anytime I break my diet it's always because someone in my house buys a bag of chips and I can't fucking resist. I've found an alternative, thin seasoned pretzels with hummus, but I just keep running back to fucking cheeto-ville, its horrible

No. 191163

I strongly suggest swimming.

Burns a lot of calories (more than most regular exercises), tones the entire body (every single muscle group is activated), removes pressure from the joints brought on by exercising at such a weight (very important for your current and future health!), plus you can do more of it then since the weight will not hinder you as much.

No. 191174

Cardiovascular exercise + weight lifting + control your diet

No. 191180


same exact story same exact stats
no advice but we can do this!

No. 191210

Soup has tons of salt like other anon said. I'd recommend the My Fitness app or something similar, it's not great but gives you a good idea of your daily calorie limit. It can be a bitch to add your own recipes to but it's still useful.
Soda is a big no no, it's just liquid garbage. Dark chocolate or even plain ass espresso can give you the caffeine boost with 0 calories. Like I said, it's all self control. You CAN put it down and KNOW you can eat/drink something better, it's just a matter of doing it.

Don't just say you're a fat fuck anon cause you're giving yourself excuses to continue bad habits.
It takes work but that's why losing weight is hard and gaining it is easy. Best of luck to you.

No. 191211

I also used to vomit if I ran. It will pass.
Start slow (couch to 5k perhaps?) and you'll start feeling better. Also, eat a small meal a few hours before running, like a sandwich or banana to help your blood sugar.

You might start bloating the first month as well, and it can be quite painful, but it also goes away eventually.

Good luck!

No. 191393

I've been eating sodium again and my measurements increased and my weight has slightly gone up while being on a heavy calorie deficit + exercise. I hate this shit.

No. 191394

*high amounts of sodium

Oh and peanut butter. It's calorie dense so I carefully measure it and it provides a lot of protein for the rest of the day. But damn if it doesn't makes you bloat and retain some weight..

No. 191410

You gotta be more relaxed about this. You're fretting about normal, inconsequential bodily functions and reactions.

To me the stuff you're complaining about sounds exactly as if you blew out your nose and are exilerated about the weight in snot you just lost.

Don't be so strict and strung out, it's bad for the nerves, and it will hinder your weight loss progress if you get frustrated over minutiae.

No. 191639

Help! i started working out 7 weeks ago and I've gained a nice amount of muscle but since I'm overweight it's jut that noticeable that I've changed at all (unless I'm flexing you can't tell how much muscle I've actually gained) and although I'm really happy with that I finally decided to tell my family (partly dreading this and partly so I actually stick to it) but all I got was lots of insults and questions everythibgvcaisr I haven't lost an amazing amount (they expect me to have lost 10+ kilos instead of the 2-3kgs I have lost on fat alone) and it's really upsetting since I've discovered I actually love fitness! And I really want to get some nice muscles I'm a girl so their focus is on weight loss alone.. now they won't stop bothering me when ever I try to workout… and some of them keep trying to derail me cause they've actually gained weight in the time I've been working out. Ugh what should I do? I'm not going to quit working out anytime soon but they have really bad eating habits and you can't out exercise a bad diet
Sorry for the blog post I just need some advice and google has failed me

No. 191640

Fuck 'em anon. If they can't be supportive and happy for you they don't need to be a part of your journey to health. Can you find a time when they're not around to workout? Or maybe even move your workout away from home? Regarding the diet, is it possible for you to make your own meals? Or depending on the type of diet you're trying to follow you may be able to find work arounds for what they're eating. When I was doing a strict LCHF diet and my family wanted pizza I would just take off all the toppings and eat that by itself and throw away the crust. Or if they were having hamburgers I would throw out the bun and not eat any fries.

No. 191707

Oh those are some good ideas anon! I make my own meals except for dinner but I've started leaving leftovers on my plate (as long as j put it in the fridge so it doesn't go off no one freaks) and I've had to workout late at night lately cause I workout in my room but I play music so thy know and bug me. So now I have the Rv on and earphones in so they don't know and can't bug me

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