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No. 190153

The old fitness thread on here died so I figured I'd make a new one. Postibg about diet and weight loss is fine too as long as it's fitness/exercise related.

No. 190154

Op here. I just stated working out with weights because I want to build muscles (I'm a girl though) and get fit. I'm overweight but focusing on building muscle mass rather than weight loss has really helped me to focus and stick to it way better than any thinspo or diet stuff. I'm at the end of my 5th week of it and going well.

No. 190180

What're everyone's workout routines? And how often do you change them up or increase the intensity?

No. 190189

I used to increase the number of reps once I didn't get tired during exercising.
Since I was training at home my possibilities were limited (this was before the whole crossfit craze) so I never really mixed up my routine.

I used to do pushups, situps, had a pair of 1-2 kg drum bells and a single 10kg one. For "leg day" I went cycling one day and running the other, 30 and 10 km respectively.

I was time consuming so I stopped after HS.

No. 190191


Started on this, since I'm in the same boat as >>190154. Right now Im at the end of week 2 and increased the weights from 3-5 to 5-8lbs. Takes me about 40 minutes to complete.

>Day 1: Cardio, stretch

>Day 2: Circuits A & C
>Day 3: Cardio, stretch
>Day 4: Circuits B & C
>Day 5: Circuit A, stretch
>Day 6: Circuits B & C
>Day 7: Rest

>Circuit A (x4)

>Push-Up/Plank Combo (25 reps), Chest Flye (10 reps heavier weight, 15 lighter weight), Reverse Lunge (15 reps),Squat/Chair Pose (25 reps)

>Circuit B (x4)

>Pile Squat (15 reps), Biceps Curl (10 heavier weight, 15 lighter), Inner/Outer Leg Lift (15 reps), Back Flye (25)

>Circuit C (Abs x4)

>Roll-Up (8 reps), Side Reach (8 reps), Boat Pose (hold for 8 breathes, 3 reps)

No. 190197

Is it worth buying a barbell if I absolutely hate going to the gym?

No. 190217

If you absolutely don't want to go to a gym and know what you're doing form-wise. I like going to a gym because of the full size mirrors on the walls and occasionally other people help me with exercises I'm new to doing.

No. 190277

I've seen so many #girlswholift get fat as fuck. It's like they're on a permanent bulk and don't realize they're supposed to cut. Or they were already getting fat and were using "muh lifting" to hide behind it.

Sage for autistic rant, but pls remember to cut or do a lean bulk

No. 190286

File: 1494637195845.jpg (149.93 KB, 800x1108, IMG_5999.JPG)

I get motivated to work out when watching legend of korra a lot kek

No. 190287

File: 1494637315626.jpg (394.18 KB, 1600x1904, IMG_2963.JPG)

Zarya is absolute body goals

No. 190288

File: 1494637377059.jpg (99.66 KB, 564x626, IMG_0847.JPG)

No. 190291

What kind of diet do you recommend for beginners to weight lifting then? Is ur supposed to be the same as a diet? Cause right not I'm calourie counting and eating 1500cals a day but thinking of cutting down to 1200cals since I need to lose fat as well as gain muscle

No. 190318

do these five minute quick workouts even amount to anything? just curious.

No. 190321

For a total beginner it might yea, otherwise no.

No. 190330

File: 1494664220129.jpg (58.83 KB, 384x640, IMG_6473.JPG)

No. 190339

File: 1494677364257.jpg (122.11 KB, 400x622, IMG_6520.JPG)

I need to train my triceps and putter arms a lot more, I've been doing way too many bicep and shoulder workouts. I've fine so big chest too so I'm pirkier but I've still got lunch lady arms justvwith nicer shoulders and inner arms

No. 190340

File: 1494677391419.jpg (134.4 KB, 640x1452, IMG_6519.JPG)

No. 190341

Just bulk at used calories + 1-200cal and youll be fine. Youll gain a bit of weight obviously, but eh it's fine really. Its not like youll bulk for more than 3-4 months at a time

Read the /fit/ sticky. You will end up as an emanciated with lower calorie intake. To gain muscle you need to eat over your expenditure, since lifting causes a catabolic breakdown that is later overcompensated in the anabolic phase, also known as building muslce. We gain muscle since our bodies realise we need more strength, but since we can't pull energy out of our arses, we gotta eat more to get that energy.

I wish I wasn't a DYEL atm and had my glorious back. Had surgery a while back so I look like a flat muscled skeleton trying to look big.

No. 190369

Wednesday, Friday and Sunday are weighttraining days. I always lift the heaviest I can do 8-10 reps with, full body workout, lots of different movements to target all muscles. I also make use of resistance bands. Sometimes I do a bit of circuittraining on the same day.
On Saturday I have 5 rounds of tabata, but I sometimes sneak another session in on Tuesday. On the remaining days I do kickboxing.
Other than that I cycle at least 30 minutes everyday.

No. 190446

File: 1494767438055.jpg (128.17 KB, 541x960, IMG_6625.JPG)

No. 190449


Clear, informative, easy-to-use website.

No. 190523

Thanks for this anon

No. 190526

There's like 3 active /fit/ threads in /ot/ rn just fuck off already and pick one

No. 190541

File: 1494845582840.jpg (50.36 KB, 500x500, IMG_0833.JPG)

No. 190547

Whoever in the Momokun thread that suggested she do Romanian deadlifts; THANK YOU.
Gets that booty job done when i added it to my lift cycle for legs.
Have a good workout anons!

No. 190549

Not the anon that suggested it but I was considering adding them to my routine since I heard them mentioned in her thread so I'll fed be adding them in now
Thanks anon

No. 190551

No problem, glad to help. Am whoring off advice/tips on the /ot/ fitspo thread if you need any.

No. 190558

Anyone else /sedentary/ here?
I want to start working out but I cannot go to a gym.
What should I start out with and what's a good exercise routine I could do from home?

No. 190559

Samefag, I should also add that I physically cannot run without getting very ill (this was also the case when I was healthy fyi)

No. 190770

I'd try some lite weight lifting

No. 191109

File: 1495192445641.jpg (57.11 KB, 226x625, IMG_7843.JPG)

No. 191130

If you're a total beginner I suggest blogilates, specifically her beginner's calendar. I like her a lot, and you can always move onto harder stuff.

No. 191145

File: 1495211938143.gif (131.32 KB, 540x350, e98202fd5323ec91ba00c686ff15d2…)

I've been using an elliptical bike for about 30-45 minutes five days a week.

I've gained 85 pounds and let myself become a hambeast during college, when I used to weigh 168(I'm 5'9) and now I weigh fucking 253. Any advice on should I strictly do just cardio or mix in some strength training during the week too? I want to lose this fat but tone up at the same time, but not get like "bulky" I guess I should say. And how long would it take for me to lose all of this weight? I'd rather it be faster results, but I want to keep it off. ugh

No. 191148

Diet, diet, diet. Losing weight is so much about diet.Cut it sugar, reduce snacking, drink only water and s fucktom of it. Make your own food, keep it simple and regular.
Weight training helps build muscle which burns calories and you don't have to worry about becoming bulky if you're a woman and not aiming for it. You also need to do more than just one thing. I run 20-30 minutes and then do several weight training circuits, focusing on different muscle groups.
But the most important thing is your diet, you HAVE to have self control if you want to see results.

No. 191152

I've mainly been eating Progressive soups, flavored rice cakes, veggies and fruit for smoothies, only thing I do is drink 1 can of soda a day. I'm trying to switch to tea and coffee, I need the caffeine but my problem is the soda.

If I cut it out I'd lose much more but I'm a fatfuck that can't seem to put down the Dr. Pepper.

No. 191161

File: 1495216177687.jpg (44.69 KB, 640x497, 18554552_1542678892411571_4876…)

Yeah man, you really gotta drop the soda, shit is sugary weight gaining poison

Also take it easy with the progresso soups, they're really good but have a shitton of salt. What I usually do is pour out some of the broth(but keep enough to keep the flavor when I mix it with water) to help reduce the salt intake.

My problem is fucking chips, anytime I break my diet it's always because someone in my house buys a bag of chips and I can't fucking resist. I've found an alternative, thin seasoned pretzels with hummus, but I just keep running back to fucking cheeto-ville, its horrible

No. 191163

I strongly suggest swimming.

Burns a lot of calories (more than most regular exercises), tones the entire body (every single muscle group is activated), removes pressure from the joints brought on by exercising at such a weight (very important for your current and future health!), plus you can do more of it then since the weight will not hinder you as much.

No. 191174

Cardiovascular exercise + weight lifting + control your diet

No. 191180


same exact story same exact stats
no advice but we can do this!

No. 191210

Soup has tons of salt like other anon said. I'd recommend the My Fitness app or something similar, it's not great but gives you a good idea of your daily calorie limit. It can be a bitch to add your own recipes to but it's still useful.
Soda is a big no no, it's just liquid garbage. Dark chocolate or even plain ass espresso can give you the caffeine boost with 0 calories. Like I said, it's all self control. You CAN put it down and KNOW you can eat/drink something better, it's just a matter of doing it.

Don't just say you're a fat fuck anon cause you're giving yourself excuses to continue bad habits.
It takes work but that's why losing weight is hard and gaining it is easy. Best of luck to you.

No. 191211

I also used to vomit if I ran. It will pass.
Start slow (couch to 5k perhaps?) and you'll start feeling better. Also, eat a small meal a few hours before running, like a sandwich or banana to help your blood sugar.

You might start bloating the first month as well, and it can be quite painful, but it also goes away eventually.

Good luck!

No. 191393

I've been eating sodium again and my measurements increased and my weight has slightly gone up while being on a heavy calorie deficit + exercise. I hate this shit.

No. 191394

*high amounts of sodium

Oh and peanut butter. It's calorie dense so I carefully measure it and it provides a lot of protein for the rest of the day. But damn if it doesn't makes you bloat and retain some weight..

No. 191410

You gotta be more relaxed about this. You're fretting about normal, inconsequential bodily functions and reactions.

To me the stuff you're complaining about sounds exactly as if you blew out your nose and are exilerated about the weight in snot you just lost.

Don't be so strict and strung out, it's bad for the nerves, and it will hinder your weight loss progress if you get frustrated over minutiae.

No. 191639

Help! i started working out 7 weeks ago and I've gained a nice amount of muscle but since I'm overweight it's jut that noticeable that I've changed at all (unless I'm flexing you can't tell how much muscle I've actually gained) and although I'm really happy with that I finally decided to tell my family (partly dreading this and partly so I actually stick to it) but all I got was lots of insults and questions everythibgvcaisr I haven't lost an amazing amount (they expect me to have lost 10+ kilos instead of the 2-3kgs I have lost on fat alone) and it's really upsetting since I've discovered I actually love fitness! And I really want to get some nice muscles I'm a girl so their focus is on weight loss alone.. now they won't stop bothering me when ever I try to workout… and some of them keep trying to derail me cause they've actually gained weight in the time I've been working out. Ugh what should I do? I'm not going to quit working out anytime soon but they have really bad eating habits and you can't out exercise a bad diet
Sorry for the blog post I just need some advice and google has failed me

No. 191640

Fuck 'em anon. If they can't be supportive and happy for you they don't need to be a part of your journey to health. Can you find a time when they're not around to workout? Or maybe even move your workout away from home? Regarding the diet, is it possible for you to make your own meals? Or depending on the type of diet you're trying to follow you may be able to find work arounds for what they're eating. When I was doing a strict LCHF diet and my family wanted pizza I would just take off all the toppings and eat that by itself and throw away the crust. Or if they were having hamburgers I would throw out the bun and not eat any fries.

No. 191707

Oh those are some good ideas anon! I make my own meals except for dinner but I've started leaving leftovers on my plate (as long as j put it in the fridge so it doesn't go off no one freaks) and I've had to workout late at night lately cause I workout in my room but I play music so thy know and bug me. So now I have the Rv on and earphones in so they don't know and can't bug me

No. 191815

this is one of my favourite workout videos. it's effective, and it has a beautiful 90s aesthetic.

No. 191902

>do kickbacks
>mess up my form the entire time because my dumbass is laying on my side instead of my spine being straight

I hate this

No. 192599

Where's a good place to start when trying to lose fat? I'm currently overweight and started weight lifting about 3 months ago and have quite a buy of muscle mass now but need to start working on losing fat so you can actually see them other than when I'm flexing. Should I add in cardio? I walk a lot and work out 5 days a week, x3 weights and x2 walking but I'm thinking of taking up jogging but I'm not got enough to actually run yet. I've been working on my arms not legs to build muscles

No. 192608

Yes, doing cardio will help you out.
Running burns the most calories but one of the safest ways to do cardio is swimming because it has the least amount of pressure on your joints. Some people also prefer using an ARC trainer to a treadmill because it's easier on the knees.

No. 192699

Eating a bit less helps. Use a TDEE calc to figure out how much you should be eating in a day to reach the weight you want, and make sure to eat close to that number. For running, running at a pace you can keep pretty constant for at least a mile helped me. The more you run, the distance you can hold that pace should increase, and the speed you can hold for a mile should increase. It also helps to have a friend or a group of friends to run with.

No. 192708

File: 1496092519678.png (66.62 KB, 613x631, 1307791006247.png)

Basically what >>192699 said. Losing fat is all about a calorie deficit: eating fewer calories that what you are burning. While you can (and should) do cardio to increase the calories you are burning, most of your calorie deficit is going to come from diet, simply because burning huge amounts of calories through exercise is much harder than you'd think.

Here is a calorie calculator: https://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm
Be realistic about your activity level or else you won't get accurate results.

See pic for the Couch-to-5km program, which is a good beginner's guide for running.

No. 192710

Also, when looking to lose fat, be careful not to fall for meme shit like "cleanses" or Dr Fung's magic fasting bullshit. Many people try things like this and get discouraged when (predictably), they don't lose weight.

No. 192721

I hate seeing cleaners at work because of their ingredients. Most of them have 40+ grams of sugar in them so all they're going to do is make a person shit their brains out for a day after drinking it.

No. 192729

File: 1496096061622.jpg (12.65 KB, 262x103, No it doesn't.jpg)

But anon

No. 192929

Has anyone tried Strong Curves? How did it work out for you?

No. 192931

This is OT, but you guys talk about it a good bit, so I just figured this would be a good thread to ask. I've been constipated for like a week. Should I get some of this diarrhea tea you warn against? I hate laxatives.

No. 192935

Tell me more about your bowel problems, anon. What you eatin? What you doin? Are you sleepin?
Do you squat?

No. 192941

Can I work out the day after getting an IUD? I'm not in pain but I don't want to do anything to dislodge it or inflict pain upon myself..

No. 192950

If you need to poop I'd recommend drinking black coffee (might not work if you have a tolerance already) or using a fiber supplement. Psyllium husk powder is kind of hard to mix in liquid but it works really well.

No. 192964

Running/sprints always end in a sprint to the bathroom for me. Thinly chopped mushrooms work too.

No. 192967

Thanks, anons. I'll give those things a try! This isn't that unusual for me though. I get like this all the time, it's just gotten more frequent and worse lately.

Not gonna lie, my diet is bad. I probably have IBS or something. But I still work out on the regular.

No. 194303

Thanks I was already on a calorie budget. I was just going through that phase where you stop losing weight right before u lose a huge amount at one. I've lost 4cm since I started and can do a 30 second plank from a 5 second one! Srsly happy here

No. 194319

What are some effective workouts to get rid of fat on the lower tummy? I've toned my stomach down enough to where my obliques are fairly visible, but I still have a little pouch of pudge underneath my belly button. It looks like I'm bloated and it drives me crazy.

No. 194323

You can't spot reduce, just lose more body fat %

Maybe you are bloated? Try drinking some more water through the day

No. 194347

You guys have any experience with swimming as a form of exercise? Maybe I should take a swim class, I look like a drowning dog in water.

No. 194348

File: 1496929558110.jpg (42.52 KB, 1280x720, big puss.jpg)

Swimming, the best exercise. Works every muscle group.

No. 194349

Love it, recommend it. Very easy on the joints so don't be surprised if you go to the pool and see nothing but elderly grannies.

No. 194359

Not that anon, but doesn't swimming cause your traps and shoulders to get big? I have fairly broad shoulders and the last thing I want is for them to look bulkier.

No. 194362

Not unless you swim for hours at a time, every morning, for years.

No. 194390

File: 1496947582677.jpg (478.52 KB, 1218x824, pianoman red.jpg)

>Not wanting to GET BIG

No. 194392

This, what's the point of living if you can't be at your JOOCYest

No. 194402

File: 1496959202796.png (663.52 KB, 500x963, revolver scoops a lot.png)


No. 194578

Which one would help tone my legs and butt more? Running outside or biking? I want to increase my stamina while toning the lower half of my body too…

No. 194582

I started the Insanity workout today.

I weigh 259 and I'm 5'9. I did it years back when I was fit, but it kicked my ass today. I was wondering if this would be ideal for my weight to come off quickly(I recently have been going on bike rides and walks). I just wanted to bump it up, and I'm on an Atkins diet and only drink water and green tea. Any advice?

No. 194609

Cycling can cause you to have some noob gains, so your legs aren't just pure fat. If you want proper shapely legs, you'll have to do squats,curtsy lunges, weighted hip thrusts, glute bridges, stiff legged deadlifts etc.

No. 194611

File: 1497092797515.jpg (31.82 KB, 400x300, CgLRtDeUAAATirG[1].jpg)

I second stiff-legged deadlifts, sometimes called Romanian deadlifts


It's basically the ideal exercise for the muscles most women want to focus on. However, it's really really important to keep the natural lordotic curve in the spine while you're lifting; lower back pain tends to set in when your spine starts flexing inwards under load. So before you begin any kind of exercise where you bend at the hips, you should train your Erector Spinae muscle by doing 'Supermans'


I'd recommend doing these before going to bed. Flex and hold for 20 seconds, then rest 20 seconds. Repeat until you can't hold for 20 seconds any more. You'll be sore as hell the next day. A couple of days later when the soreness goes away, do it again. When 20 seconds is too easy, increase to 30 seconds. Eventually you'll be able to flex that muscle at will. Remember to keep it flexed when you're doing any kind of deadlift, even if using very light weight. Deadlifts should be using the muscles in your butt and your hamstrings to lift, and not your lower back.

No. 194619

try biking up really steep hills.

No. 195083

File: 1497420178196.jpg (7.77 KB, 256x197, girls best friend.jpg)

I'm worried about over-training.

-Squat 3 x 10
-Jefferson deadlift 3 x 10
-Hip Adbductions 3 x 10
- Lunges 3 x 8
- Weighted hipthrust 3 x 10
- Bench press 3 x 12
- Single bent over rows 3 x 12
- Overhead press 3 x 10

-Deadlift 3 x 10
- Hack squats 3 x 10
- Weighted hyperextensions 3 x 10
- Face pulls 3 x 15
- Glute kickbacks 3 x 15
- Weighted hipthrust 3 x 10
- Reverse bicep curls 3 x 10
- Bicep curls 3 x 10
Optional: bench press

On Tuesday and Friday I do kickboxing, which is pretty intense and also includes a lot of endurance exercises. Other than that I cycle at least 45 minutes everyday. I'm still a bit sore when I lift again.

No. 195122

I think the amount of strength training you do is fine but you might want to cut back on the cardio and give your body more time to rest and restore. Maybe on a couple days just do stretching or something similar? If you don't let your body rest, it will be harder to get any progress.

No. 195125

How much do you guys pay for your gym membership?

No. 195133

That really depends from country to country

I pay 160, which is around 25$ lol

No. 195138

£15.99 or $19.20 a month. It's considered a budget gym but they have 5 squat racks and a massive free weights area. Classes are also free with the membership too.

No. 195141

I pay $10 for Planet Fitness. People make fun of them all the time online but it seems more like the ones with restricted equipment or "lunk alarm" incidents have crappier management.

No. 195322

I need some help. I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and I was told by my midwife I wouldn't be able to run for another month or so until everything is all healed up down there. I gained almost 20kg and I'm desperate to at least do something exercise wise to get the weight off quickly because dieting only helps me maintain not loose. Any suggestions anon?

No. 195323

does anyone else experience a weird tingle/tickle from their vagina when they do any jumping, like w/ jumping jacks or bouncing on a trampoline

I trying to be more active to lose weight and such but i don't remember this odd sensation when i was a kid jumping around
is it just something you get used to?

No. 195326

Listen to your midwife, you're still at risk for late postpartum hemorrhage. I guess if you really want to do some sort of exercise, you could probably watch yoga or pilates videos, and make sure to stop if you feel any sort of pain. Are you breastfeeding? It will help you lose weight.

No. 195327

Calories in, calories out. If you consume less than you use, you will lose weight, not just "maintain". Well, unless you are the first person where the laws of thermodynamics do not apply, but then I would worry more about being kidnapped for scientific research than some extra pregnancy fat.

No. 195348

I can't cut out the cycling, it's my main form of transport. I wouldn't be able to go to university or do groceries.

No. 195381

Yes sure, that sounds great. A woman who just gave birth, can't move a lot and needs maximum energy for her recovery (even more if she needs to breastfeed) should starve herself for this meme.

Go to nutritionist and get yourself meal plans. Visit doctor and see if you can do yoga or pilates, as >>195326 said.

No. 195384

I wasn't saying she should, I was saying that only exercise will make you lose weigh is bullshit. She obv should starve herself, but she is deluded if she thinks exercise is the only thing that will make her lose weight.

No. 195385


No. 195529

Yup it's literally all about calories in calories out. She just needs to eat slightly less since breastfeeding uses more cals than her normal maintenance.

No. 195531

She had a baby 3 weeks ago, and we don't even know if she's breast-feeding or not. She's also probably sleep-deprived from adjusting to the baby's sleep schedule. It won't be the end of the world if she waits a little bit before going on a diet and exercising.

No. 195559

File: 1497829856233.jpg (51.38 KB, 500x667, sanic the heghug.jpg)

The real question here is what's the baby's routine?
How many scoops do you give a baby?

No. 195645

File: 1497895407983.jpg (96.48 KB, 540x540, tumblr_md58etKV4p1qd5uzfo2_540…)

Have body like pic and I hate it.

How can I get wider hips without surgery? Would lunges and dead lifts help with it? I'm trying to gain weight but everything goes to my fucking stomach. I go to the fitness 4x a week but, I mostly stick to cardio and stair master. I'm considering picking up spin class 2x a week and starting dead lifts soon.

I just want a little curve on my body…

No. 195648

There's a tiny hip muscle but idk if that would make a change. If you want to build up muscle/"curves" do more lifting and less cardio

Lunges and deads will targer your quads/hamstrings/butt, depending on which variation you do

No. 195653

I have the same body but with wide shoulders haha RIP. Building up thigh and butt muscles definitely helps fill in the proportions.

No. 195660

Right now I'm doing a calorie deficit of 500 calories, have been doing this for 4 weeks and have lost 3 pounds
I want to incorporate exercise to burn an extra 200 calories to get a 700 deficit, but is that too unrealistic? Is a 500 the safe point?

Im 2 cm under 5 ft so my tdee is 1300,
I've been regularly eating 800 cal a day for my 500 deficit
Im not hungry but I like snacking for pleasure so sometimes I go a little over and eat 900 cal

No. 195663

>3 pounds
>2cm under 5feet

Which fucking country are you from??

No. 195666

I'm guessing Canada. Everything is wrong there.

No. 195670

I just meant I'm a little under 5 ft tall but not quite, didn't mean to sound retarded

No. 195695

If you want to lose fat and not muscle, yeah you better start exercising more. Stuff that actually activates your muscles, and doesn't catabolize them. So HIIT

No. 196266

Advice on starting yoga? Any good youtube videos you like for beginners? I have a mat already, but I'm not sure where to start (apart from taking a class, and I don't know if I can do that because muh anxiety.) Thanks guys.

No. 196268

The downdog app is awesome. Yoga with Adrienne has great videos too.

No. 196496

dear fitness anons, i had two problems with exercise since when i was young: i get really irritable and mad after i exercise and when i get tired, i can't seem to rest for a very long time, restricting my ability to work out consecutive days. i had my blood done, nothing wrong. i recently became overweight but not by much (8-10 pounds). any advice?

No. 196508

Not really, no, but I guess I could give it a try

But do you eat enough? As in a balanced diet? Do you sleep enough? Are your workouts on a beginner level?
You sure you get angry or just really motivated and energized?

No. 196510


yes, yes and mostly no, i start out beginner level but increase it after a short while. and yeah, i know the difference between feeling irritable and feeling motivated.

No. 196907

Does anyone here use 30 day fit or Freeletics apps?

Are they any good?

I've tried freeletics once but it was too hard for me, so I got demotivated. I am willing to try again tho, but I also would like opinions on the 30 day fit one, it recieved a prize or something?

No. 197458

I did the 30 day fit. You really start to sweat and they will show you an easy and hard version of a move. It does get pretty boring after doing the same video for a couple days.

No. 197490

Old post, but I thought I'd share some supplements that help me, coffee has been suggested but for a long time I couldn't handle stimulants of any kind and I'm sure that may be the case for other anons who can't "go" regularly.
Chia seeds, magnesium, folic acid, and leafy greens are all guaranteed to help out your digestive system, chia especially tbh
They help clean out your digestive tract and you can put them in anything!
A tablespoon in yogurt is really good, or you can make a pudding out of 2-3 tbs chia, milk of choice, stevia (or sweetener of choice), and vanilla or whatever flavor you prefer!
They're also high in protein although since they push through your digestive system so quickly idk how much is actually absorbed lol.
Hope this helps you/someone though!

No. 197492

About a month ago I started doing the advanced section of this workout video (at about 34:22 in) and I was not disappointed. It's not only great for cardio and toning but it's also really fun to do! Everyone here should try it at least once.

No. 197501

Omg i do this too! The advanced section is killer, but you get pretty good results in a matter of days, and after a month or so you start looking like a ballerina, no lies. Also i love the music, and Jane Fonda is like a cool, reassuring aunt lol.

No. 197504

File: 1499376391308.gif (1.31 MB, 720x688, 1nAKXkr.gif)

why not do the whole thing? i'm going to try it tonight, though. thanks anon.

No. 197511

Have you tried this one, anon? I do both of them but a lot times I'll just do the floor exercises so I can focus on toning my thighs

No. 197542

Do you really see results after only a few days?? That's crazy! Adding this to my routine, anon.

How many times a week did you do this to get a "ballerina body"? I'm thinking of doing this and the Cindy Crawford one 3x, with light yoga and some bike riding 3x as well.

No. 197568

Hmmm definitely trying, thanks anon! Will report back

No. 197569

I hope I'm not the only one who unironically wears tights and a onesie when exercising. How you all dress for a workout?

No. 197574

Sports bra and a pair of loose, baggy shorts that are super comfortable. But I work out at home, so I don't have to worry about looking nice.

No. 197578

I did that one time just to see what it felt like. Added legwarmers and a sweatband, too. It looked pretty hot, but the crotch sweat was intense. I don't know how 80s ladies did it.

No. 197609

Sports leggings + sports bra + racerback anti-sweat tanktop. Sweat pants if I feel lazy.
For kickboxing, kickboxing shorts obviously. I never workout in just a sports bra, though eventually for fighting I will have to fight in a sportsbra + shorts. I hope by then that I will have proper defined abs.

No. 197623

This workout is really great, especially the leg workout in the advanced version! Can we make this lolcow's official workout routine? We should all start doing it.

No. 197656

Running shorts, sports bra and a loose tank top. If I'm weightlifting I wear shorts that go down to my thighs.

No. 197667

omg, i just finished doing the advanced workout. it was SO hard, i think i should have done the first one first. i'm not flexible enough for this. does anyone else feel pain in their arm and elbow while they're doing the leg exercises?
but if it'll give me a dancer's body, i'll keep doing it… i just want slim thighs.

No. 197679

Is cardio a necessity for fitness? I really enjoy yoga and pilates but I loathe cardio. Do I need to push myself harder or can I get a great body without it?

I'm not looking to lose weight if that matters any.

No. 197688

Well, cardio IS good for overall health. I think people forget that it's good for your heart sometimes. Is there nothing you enjoy? Like bicycling outside?

No. 197692

I fucking love legwarmers. I have a couple and just bought a bunch more, they make my ankles and feet sweat like crazy but it's worth it.

No. 197720


honestly cardio never did anything for me. lifting is what got me my ideal body and burnt fat but some girls dont like the big butt look.
i dont think cardio is necessary but like the anon said it's good for your heart and its nice to run when youre late and not be out of breath or to be able to keep up with friends who play sports.
maybe im wrong here but cardio bunnies look bad to me.. still skinny fat after running an hour a day several times a week.

No. 197732

Any other farmers have fitbits? I got a charge 2 because I wanted something to monitor my entire daily activity to help lose weight.
I feel like it's helpful connected to mfp as on days I don't do as much it will restrict my calorie intake to remain consistent, while it adds extra calories if I was more active.

I'm not really sure how much I can trust the active minutes feature or the calculation MFP uses in the negative calculations but it at least motivates me to reach the goals almost everyday in steps and floors. I can usually hit all of them on days I work since it's a retail job, but on my days off I barely move.

No. 197758

True, steady state cardio won't build muscle and will just lead to being skinnyfat, which a lot of men claim to like.
So I prefer to just lift, but I have to do cardio to get better at the sport I do.

No. 198023

I'm a complete n00b when it comes to fitness but for 2 months I'm going to have access to a gym and I really want to make good use out of it and finally get fit. Ideally I'd like to lose weight and build a little muscle that will help me keep it off.

Where do I start with coming up with a routine? I'm willing to spend a few hours a day if that's what it takes. My brother said that the step climbers are good for giving your body an all-over workout. If I did that for an hour daily for a few weeks would my fitness level be enough to take on the treadmill and weights? I'd love to be able to run around my area when I get back home. Any other tips for complete beginners?

pls help me become a sexy fit girl like you, anons

No. 198042

Anyone here have any advice for stubborn mid-section fat? Especially lower belly. I'm already underweight so cutting more might be dangerous. I'm 43kg/94lbs at 156cm/5'2…should I just keep losing weight to get rid of this annoying fat belly? Core exercises don't seem to help, when my abs get stronger the fat still covers them.

No. 198055

You can't spot reduce.
Maintain your weight (or gain) and keep working out.

No. 198314

>You can't spot reduce.
Mass or volume? Because only one of the two matters.

No. 198315

You probably just have high body fat, you should work on reducing that.

This could be helpful


No. 198385

Are you dumb?

No. 198500

Hello, farmers. I'm a fattie fat fatty. I used to be pretty ok but always a little on the large side, then a few years ago I got sick and the drugs just blew me up like a Michelin man. I'm now 125kg and I desperately want to go back to 100 at least, which would still be overweight but at least less morbidly obese.

I've been trying to find a decent gym routine. I've never been a gym rat so I have no idea which ones work and which ones don't. I'm looking for one that does not, or at least initially doesn't, include treadmills (ellipticals, bikes or any other cardio is fine but my knees are fucked and treadmills just make it worse). Any suggestions? Thank you.

No. 198596


start lifting baby weights while you sit at the computer or standing and i'd say to take daily walks and swimming and just adding more distance each day. then when your joints are feeling better get into actual exercise.

but honestly, eating at a normal calorie diet will help you shed pounds, not the exercise..

No. 198638

if you're that fucking fat you're going to have to lose weight by just eating less first before you do much activity

it's far more effective anyway, fatties always think they burn way more via exercise than they actually do

No. 198642

Losing weight is always more about cutting calories in your diet, more than exercising. If you do cardio for example, you'd need to do like an hour of treadmill to get rid of one cookie. Its time consuming and makes it harder than it should be. If it takes a longer time, you're more likely to give up.

There are charts with suggested calorie intake for you height, take a loot at them. I would join myfitnesspal and log what you're eating each day and cut whatever's unnecessary(do you drink lots of soda?), but at your weight you should be able to lose pretty quickly once you eat the correct amount of calories per day, hell I think you can go a little over even.

No. 198812

Fellow fatty anon here and I have to say it's literally all about calories.
I'm curently 83kgs from 87kgs and I started weight lifting to get muscles but to lose weight I count all my calories and stick to a budget. If I go over my calorie budget a few times a week then I won't lose much but if I stick to my budget it go below it then I lose slot more that week. I literally lost .6kgs in less than a week from reducing my cals by 100 recently! Not to a dangerous amount though! I have a lot of fat to lose so I'm cutting cals but to gain muscle mass (my end goal) I'll have to increase my calories and bulk, though i won't do a dirty bulk (eating unhealthy high calorie foods to gain faster). To increase over all fitness lifting small weights is good since you won't have a heart attack like you could from running since weight lifting doesn't really depend on your cardiovascular fitness being high (it can increase it though with weighted squats and other higher level lifting).
Sorry for the long post but hope this helps! Remember it's all about calories for weight loss, nutrients for health and exercise for fitness

No. 198968

File: 1500491451717.jpg (31.12 KB, 580x310, Pole-fitness-580x310.jpg)

Does anyone here do pole dance/fitness? If so, how is it? Do you have any tips?

I bought some classes, and everyone that does it look super fit, I am envious. I always wanted to try it.

No. 199245

i currently take pole classes. my only tip is give up this shit is fucking impossible if you're over 120lbs

No. 199246

What if I'm thin, but tall? I'm 135 pounds.

No. 199290

Different person here. Try it. You'll need time to strengthen your arm muscles.

No. 199334


Why tho? I see a lot of overweight and even older people doing it.

No. 199336


Yeah this is not true, even bigger people can learn to do things like climbing and doing inverts as long as they've got the arm and core muscles to do so. If you're just starting out it's going to take some time. Although I didn't use classes, I had a pole I installed at home and watched youtube tutorials. I was pretty skinny fat at first and for me it took a long time (like a month or two just to be able to climb the damn thing) just because I didn't have the muscles to do anything to start out with. It took a while to build that strength.

I also recommend using that sports chalk/liquid chalk if you have a home pole, I don't know how classes would feel about that sort of thing since it will dirty up the pole.

No. 199351


Hey there, I am >>198968 and >>199334 and thank you for your reply. Although I am a bit overweight now (10kg overweight, so not super mega fatty), I think I am somewhat strong because I'm always doing some exercises. Like Jillian's 30 day shred and other bodyweight workouts, for example.

I mean, by no means I think I'll ace it lmao I'll probably be beaten at my first class, but I am whiling to try, I wanna get stronger.

No. 199473


It's really hard when you're first starting out. I almost want to recommend getting a personal pole for home and practicing at home to get stronger, but everyone's different and some people get stronger more quickly and as a result can learn more moves faster. I don't think a couple of classes alone would have helped me to build the muscle (I practiced a lot at home), but if you keep at it, it will tone you up. If you can eventually learn how to use a spinning pole, that's even more fun. It's tons harder than a stationary pole, but you use more muscles too and some of the moves look very graceful on it.

No. 200938

any of you anons still doing this? post updates pls

No. 201276

File: 1502247139243.jpg (120.94 KB, 1000x1344, tile.jpg)

I'm not overweight but can see myself turning doughier as time goes by and don't want to be a tubby-tan. I've got my exercise and diet plan, but still have some questions, if anyone can answer I'd be super grateful.

1) I have a bloated stomach that makes me look like I'm 3 months pregnant. I've always had it, it only goes down when I get bad diarrhoea and there's nothing left in there. Fibre doesn't prevent it, and my mum has it too, even though we don't live together and our diets are very different. Why is this? Can I get rid of it? There's some fat on there too, but the glut (no pun intended) of it is just bloating.

2) I have no thigh gap and my thighs 'flare out' quite a bit from the sides when I'm standing with my feet together, they're wider than my hips. I don't get chub rub or anything, in any other position they look more or less proportionate to the rest of my body. Is this just my body shape or can it be eliminated with exercise/diet?

3)Everyone always tells me to NEVER EVER go under 1200kcal when I'm dieting, but my TDEE is like… 1308kcal. I'm not super small (163cm), but I don't exercise yet aside from light walking. In order to lose weight I should eat at a deficit, right? So how can I do that if I shouldn't eat below 1200kcal? Does that mean my only option is to exercise?

Pic unrelated

No. 201297

1: have you tried testing for food sensitivities? It can make a big difference to be aware of that stuff. I've also found that just drinking lots of water really bloats me even though it's great for me in other ways.

2: Sounds normal but also like a thing that can be changed with weight loss depending on how far you want to go.

3: Have you tried eating at 1200 for an extended period of time and seeing how you feel? Do you count calories now and are you sure you're eating exactly at your TDEE already? Based on you mentioning a new exercise plan I'd just say try 1200 and and see if you loose a couple of pounds in a couple of weeks, that and exercise sounds just fine for some moderate weight loss. If you don't see any weight loss in 2-4 weeks then you can consider going lower.

lol no. Different studios have different crowds, a lot of them have only very slim and fit young women, which is fine, but it also feels awkward if you don't look just like that. I go to a more hippy dippy place with a good mix of men and women that focuses on a variety of apparatuses but does have aerial pole classes and the people have a range of body sizes. Any one really, really big does slim down after doing it for a while, but plenty of people are over 120.

No. 201757

Hello :) I've been going to the gym for 4 months now, because I am super insecure about my huge boobs (In European size they are a 75F, every female in my family has a big chest) and my rather large calves. I've been doing a lot of bench presses and some kind of exercise where you are laying on your back and press dumbbells above your head (I don't really know what's the actual name for that) + a lot of cardio. I am at a normal weight with a 21.3 BMI and also watched what I ate (no junk food and sweets).
Sadly, my boobs and my calves remain huge… Do you now more effective excercises, so my boobs and calves can finally be tamed?

No. 202058

I need some fitness advice. I've been on keto and riding my exercise bike/walking every day and have lost a lot of weight, not sure the amount because having a scale makes me crazy and obsess on numbers, but I want to lose even more.
What do you guys suggest to really amp up the progress? Like I said, I have lost quite a lot already judging by clothing fit, but I want more.

No. 202062

strength training honestly. from what i've read and in my personal experience it speeds up your metabolism a lot better and for a longer duration than cardio

No. 202068

>pant size went up
>overall looking leaner
>lifting heavier than ever before
a-am i making it lads?

No. 202069

So I should be lifting weights and things like that?
And thanks for the advice!

No. 202073

yes! jamie eason has a pretty great free beginners weightlifting series on bodybuilding.com

No. 202074

oh hell yeah! keep up the good work, seriously

No. 202077

Sweet, thanks for the advice, I will definitely be checking that out!

No. 202111

Lower your body fat percentage, that's all. Drop to a lower BMI, or go through bulking and cutting cycles so you can stay around BMI 21 but with a lower body fat percentage. Growing your pecs will only make your boobs perkier, you can't spot reduce.

No. 208101

I'm gonna sound like an ana-chan but I have questions for anyone who feels able to answer

I'm very slim/petite but have a bit of an hourglass figure, leaning more pear than hourglass. It feels like I notice every bit of weight fluctuation, especially because I'm so skinny that if I eat, it noticeably makes my stomach bigger. I've accepted this as normal/natural, it's just something I can tell. My body frame is so petite that I have child-sized wrists.

My dad and his family gain weight in their stomachs, but my mom gains in her boobs/hips/ass first, then stomach. I can't tell which weight distribution I fall into because it feels like sometimes it's stomach, or I worry it is, but most of my late-puberty weight gain was straight to the ass. It feels like when I lose weight, I lose the ass, but it also feels like I do when I gain weight like my torso grows, but that is probably just perfectionist anxiety talking and it's something else or not really different.

tl;dr is there any way for me to tell without gaining a bunch of weight? And if I work my core out, will that help keep my waist trim?

I want to work out in a way that accentuates my figure, rather than completely changes it; if anything, keeping the waist trim, and having a nice big but squeezable butt lol (so not losing a bunch of fat)

No. 208104

If you want a butt you'll have to eat more so you'll learn where you gain at the same time.

Just working on your waist won't change much if you don't lose some fat around it

No. 208111

Are there some vids or articles for a home workout that you'd recommend and helped you lose weight?

No. 208130

You seem to be very anxious. Kek
Calm down.

So, you wanna keep your pear/hourglass figure but with a bigger butt, right?
Well, this is completely possible, with a good and painful squat, for example.
There's some exercises who help you keep the blessed waist you have, like oblique abs, Trunk lateral flexion, isometric side-bridge and other.
Of course I'm giving generical tips, a instructor on the gym will help you better.

And about gaining a bunch of weight, it's better if all this weight is muscles and not of the fat.
It's come from exercises dedicated to the butt and good alimentation. There isn't mistery, it's completely possible have a waist trim and a sexy butt, even more you have a genetics that helps.

HIIT definitely is the better exercise for lose weight.
This isn't a specific exercise but a way of doing the exercises, which is intervaling the intensity, because of that it's called High-Intensity Interval Training.

Here you can read more about that:

There're a lot of apps for Android or iOS that help a lot with time and exercise.

And there's some "guide" to help you with the exercises and time, one of that is Insanity Workout, here there're the videos for free;

You can do that in your home.
And remember, changing the diet is essential.
Good luck, anon.

No. 208140

I love you! Thank you, anon! I will start today with these exercises.

No. 208172

HIIT isn't optimal for women, women respond better to Low Intensity Steady State. While for men HIIT is perfect. Only reason to do HIIT imo is for the HGH (human growth hormone response) after lifting. Since women grow muscle under influence of HGH instead of testosterone.

No. 208173

File: 1507707994691.jpg (102.83 KB, 611x389, my plan.jpg)

Monday: Super heavy or explosive lifting, 60 minutes of running
Tuesday: Kickboxing
Wednesday: Explosive or heavy, 60 minutes of running
Thursday: Kickboxing
Friday: Kickboxing
Saturday: Heavy or Active rest
Sunday: rest

My maxes:
Box squats 3x55kg
Deadlifts 3x65kg
Hipthrusts 2x100kg
OHP 2x30kg
Lat pulldown 3x35kg
Pendlay rows 5x40kg

Yeah I'm pretty weak

No. 210261

I've been doing a bunch of Pop Pilates Work Outs lately (I know Pilates is pretty much a meme at this point, but I like it).
Problem is, I seem to be doing something wrong when it comes to butt exercises, because my butt is just as flabby and long as when I started out, while my upper legs look super muscular.
Can someone help a fitness noob like me out?

No. 210286

Start lifting and eat more.

No. 210288

I refuse to lift. There's nothing worse than the gym in my city and I'm too poor to afford a membership anyway

No. 210290

Is there not other gyms in your city?? The other anon suggested lifting because you need to be moving heavy weights to gain muscle for a nice ass, bodyweight exercises aren't enough.
Maybe you can try more regular bodyweight exercises- squat, glute bridge, hip thrus, kickbacks etc.

No. 210295

You'll have to start lifting…something then lol
Some of the alternatives I used were jugs filled with sand, bags filled with books etc.
Bodyweight exercises will only get you so far

No. 210329

There is one other, but it's 70€ a month and I can't afford that atm, so I'm pretty much fucked.
I do 200 squats every two days, but I still feel like I'm doing something wrong because I only have sore front legs and nothing else…

I'll try bags filled with books I guess!
Not like I have another option, I may buy weight bands for my arms and legs once I get paid

No. 211579

I've been doing it for the last couple of weeks and it really works you! I also found another similar JFW video and started doing it yesterday. It's split into two parts though so here's the link to part two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKgbM33xG_Y

No. 211662

Have you tried these workouts >>197492 >>211579 yet?
While sure they're dated and can be intense at times but they do yield results

No. 211665

Has anyone tried doing the insanity videos? I found them all online but idk

I already have a routine and am somewhere in the middle fitness wise, but I though I might use them to switch things up.

No. 211680

Mind linking where you found them? Or did you just do a general Google search and start digging? I've been meaning to work out some more again, it's been at least a month lol

No. 211711

They're the third or so result if you just google free insanity or similar stuff


Guess I'll give them a shot here and there

No. 211741

ok i need some help from fellow farmes. i'm pretty average, my bmi is 21. i admit to being fucking lazy when it comes to exercising, like i'm not the most fit person lol. but i would really love to slim down a bit (lose some fat basically) and gain a bit of muscle. i eat pretty healthy, i only drink water and tea. i avoid dairy and too much carbs, and i eat a lot of fruits and veggies.

one of my main issues is my god damn armpit fat. it's gross. i have no idea why i have it. i dont like to wear tops or dresses because of it. i even went to the doctor about it and got informed that it was nothing to worry about, but it still bothers me. is there any way to get rid of it? does anyone have any experience with getting rid of armpit fat? i've considered getting coolsculpting to just get rid of it once and for all. i would really appreciate it if i could get some input.

No. 211768

you can’t target specific areas to lose weight. your best bet is to get fit and if it still won’t go away, opt for surgery if it really bothers you.

No. 211911

You know what I’m seeing in the fitness community lately? Girls who feigned an interest for a while, and then decided that it was all a disorder and they get fat.

No. 212039

Tummy blasting?

My job means my legs are muscular and toned but my tummy is so podgy and big and I feel pregnant. I try not eating as much junk alone and it does nothing so, what are some good exercises to get my tummy fit?

No. 212042

samefag but also resources for healthy foods that aren't sugar or carb high?

No. 212078

File: 1511140048874.jpg (52.04 KB, 600x400, skinny-to-curvy.jpg)

>be upper heavy with fat arms, fat face, small but saggy tits, fat around my ribs and the upper chest/armpit area, chubby stomach and flat ass with stick thin thighs, no hips, but tons of fat on my inner thighs
>look like a tranny in photos
>be /fit/ years ago but had the genius idea of eating tons of fatty foods, getting fat, then losing fat on my arms, face, waist, and back
>be poorfag, don't have gym membership so I use things such as chairs and boxes to squat with

how to I balance out my body anons? I want to gain a bunch of muscle in a short amount of time, I feel disgusted I want to at least gain outer thigh muscle to make my hips look bigger and balance out the fat they're thin with chubby inner thighs, I also want a round front thigh and larger glutes, I just need help sticking to a routine, but it's hard because my heart starts pumping way too quickly and I start feeling exhausted and sweaty within 15 side lunges, how did you anons get back into routine and what are ways of keeping my diet up?

No. 212371

Dear anons who do kickboxing:

What has it done for you? Your body? Your health?

No. 212375

You might be bloated. Besides, you can't spot reduce.

>I want to gain a bunch of muscle in a short amount of time
Nope, it takes time, especially for women. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it. Keep eating lots of protein and lifting heavy

>how did you anons get back into routine and what are ways of keeping my diet up?

Planning meals ahead helps me to stay on track and tracking what I eat.
As for getting back into exercise - start out slow to get used to being active again, eventually after a while (in a week in my case) you'll be back at it.

No. 212379

It's a double edged sword. I don't do it recreationally. So that means my cardio is on fucking point, my flexibility is great, I have more control over my body. I have also gotten some ab definition.
On the other hand I get kicked and punched the shit out of me by people who have been competing for years. I'm always covered in bruises, I've been punched and kicked in the liver (which is excruciatingly painful) etc. I feel a lot more confident and stronger, but it's a price to pay if you eventually want to compete in fights yourself.
The downsides aren't there basically if you only want to do it for recreation and you don't have any ambition to do fights.

No. 212381

Sorry not going to happen, you're not going to get far with bodyweight exercises. You're in a way too high rep range to get proper progress. You should know damn well that you need to do more weight every week to actually gain any muscle. I'm a poor fag too, but you have to reconsider what your priorities are.

No. 212382

(different anon)
>you need to do more weight every week
I'm struggling with this atm and am not sure where the issue lies. I use weights that are heavy, but not heavy enough to make me mess up my form. So what could it be?
Bad form? (while I doubt that could be possible)
Not eating enough?
Not enough protein?
Do I need more time to get adjusted?

Maybe I got the whole thing wrong?
Ex. week 1 I'm doing 30kg for legs and can do 8 reps
and in week 2 i up it to 35kg and can do maybe 5 reps
- but there's no way I could up the weight to 40 in week 3 and be able to lift that more than 1-3 times, mind explaining the whole thing a bit?

No. 212384

So you do have access to a gym (equipment)? Okay you have to choose at this point, do you want to lose fat or gain muscle? If you want to focus on ''cutting'' ie. fatloss you won't gain much strength and all you can do is preserve muscle, because indeed ding ding ding you've not had enough calories for energy for strength gains during lifting.
If you're okay with gaining a bit of weight, I'd recommend a lean bulk. Calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure, then go eat about 50-100 kcal above that. Then make sure you eat AT LEAST 1.2 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight. Don't avoid carbs altogether, you need it for energy in the gym.

Other than that it's normal that when you go up in weight that you can do fewer reps. Generally, I use as a rule of thumb if I can do more than 6 reps easily I up the weight, but never by so much that I can't possibly do 3 or 4 reps.
Also sometimes it can be blamed on bad form. Proper squat form is difficult to get as an example, if you want to go really heavy you have to make sure your form is on point.
Could you maybe post your routine? Could also be a result of bad programming which is fucking up your strength progression.

No. 212392

File: 1511344657889.jpg (36.62 KB, 789x460, standing-hip-abductor-machine.…)

Yes (I'm not >>212078 just to make clear), the amount of machines and space is limited but we got some of the basic stuff.

I'm not really new to fitness but I still make noobish mistakes.

>I use as a rule of thumb if I can do more than 6 reps easily I up the weight, but never by so much that I can't possibly do 3 or 4 reps

Ah, thanks, I'll try to think about that next time.

This would be what I usually do during leg day;
(I use dumbbells because the bars are most of the time taken and we only have 1 squat rack)

Wide stance squats 4 x 8 (12 kg)
Stiff leg deadlift 4 x 8 (14 kg)
Walking lunges 4 x 8 (14 kg)
Glute bridge 4 x 8 (7 kg)

Kickbacks (standing abductor machine) 4 x 8 (30kg)
Abductor machine (pic related, except ours only goes down to mid calf) 4 x 8 (30kg)

[spolier]I'm ready to be called an idiot and noob lol[/spoiler]

No. 212395

That's all way too light. No wonder you're not progressing much. Just for a frame of reference, you should easily be able to glute bridge/ hip thrust your own bodyweight. So that means if you weigh 50 kg as an example, you could very easily start out with a weight close to that. Are those amounts per dumbbell, or added? Please try to use barbell at least for squats, deadlifts and hipthrusts, because otherwise it will be very difficult to do enough weight to actually progress. The exercises themselves are fine, the rep ranges are too, but personally I'd go from 8 reps to 6 and try to go heavier so you get both muscle and strength gains.

No. 212397

That makes sense.
added (7kg + 7kg), unfortunately my upper body is still really weak so I can't hold much heavier weight in my hands lol

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
Guess I know now what I'll be working on next month (:

No. 212450


>around 30 pounds

>can't hold much weight in my hands

Anon just use a barball and add weights on it. Doing a deadlift and squat is mostly all leg while it rests on your shoulder pads

you're gonna have to start making your way up to at least 3 times the weight and eat good food if you want to develop muscle.
And don't cry when you gain weight or else you won't get the muscle you want.

This is just in general. I've felt shit about my weight in the winter but it's all necesssry to get the results you want because you'll probably be smaller than you expected once you do a proper cut.

quick question for the others in this thread, I've been meaning to incorporate resistance bands in my training/rest days. Do you find an effect when you do glute exercises with a band?
Ive been wanting to do weightless exercises at home on my days off or in the mornings and was wondering if it is a good tool, thanks!

No. 212466

>Nope, it takes time, especially for women. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it. Keep eating lots of protein and lifting heavy
I mean I don't expect to get XL thighs within a week, I just want to build the most progress possible within 3 or 4 ish months

>Planning meals ahead helps me to stay on track and tracking what I eat.

As for getting back into exercise - start out slow to get used to being active again, eventually after a while (in a week in my case) you'll be back at it.

alright, I'll try this, thanks anon!

>high rep range
and I don't exactly use body weight, I use random heavy objects to squat with and ankle weights

No. 212506


>random heavy objects

Are they 100+ pounds ? I don't think you'll get much muscle in 3-4 months unless you don't mind gaining fat with it and you have really good transition into heavier weights.

No. 212513

idk how much they are, I have a container with a bunch of random shit in it I use and lay on my hips and do glute bridges with as well as using it on my thighs when doing side leg lefts, I also use it to lift when I do a side lunge, it's pretty heavy but not sure how much it weighs

No. 212519

File: 1511395259735.jpg (40.48 KB, 503x494, 1510245070149.jpg)

do bulk/cut cycles fuck up your boobs?

No. 212732

Alright, so I'm looking to build a home based workout focused on building muscle on the lower half of my body and I was wondering how feasible it would be. Would dumbbells and a weight bar be enough? Would any other equipment be necessary? Or would I be better off going to a gym instead?

No. 212733

>weight bar
Sorry, I meant barbell. I'm a bit of a noob and have no idea what equipment i should look for.

No. 212768

If you have lots of money to spend, you should talk to a private trainer who can recommend what kind of equipment to buy for working out at home. Do you have any friends who are fitness experts and can help you?

Otherwise I think you're better off going to a gym and you can use as much equipment there to build up the lower half of your body. You can also take conditioning classes at the gym. A personal trainer at the gym can work with you too. I go to my gym almost everyday and I'm feeling better and getting stronger and thinner. I used to work out at home but I'd feel too lazy or tired but since I signed up for gym ($80 a month) I've pushed myself to go there everyday after work because I don't want all that money to go to waste.

No. 212949

File: 1511797711633.png (7.54 KB, 350x420, 1511780177137.png)

>gym piano is out of tune

No. 213027

I feel like my tits are more saggy than before cutting/bulking, I don't know if they're related or not, but I decided to switch to recomp just in case.

No. 213043

Why do you think literally every fit girl has fake tits

No. 215839

File: 1513009520646.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7[1].jpg)

>gym piano is dead

No. 218070

I'm writing a short guide on lifting and fitness in general (specifically geared towards girls), would anyone be interested or am I wasting my time?

No. 218071

I'd definitely be interested. In my case, I would just like something that I can do at home.

No. 218085

Eh, I'm planning to include some bodyweight stuff (and general advice like nutrition and sleep applies too of course), but I'm mostly writing about lifting weights. You don't necessarily have to go to a gym, but working out at home with a few light dumbbells is close to useless. What drives progress (at least with beginners) is progressive overload, which just so happens to be perfectly achievable with free weights, and kinda doable with calisthenics (if done right).

Just be aware that, if your reason for not going to the gym is that you're scared of people/getting judged/getting hit on/whatever, nobody really cares about you. If you legitimately have no gym anywhere near you, or are dirt poor and can't spend $20 a month on a gym subscription, only then should you look at the bodyweight stuff.

No. 218088

There is only one gym in my town but I'm the only girl there even though I attended during different times from late afternoon to evening. I wasn't harassed but I'm socially inept with social anxiety and they workout for 10 minutes and then stand and sit around all the weightlifting and other equipment, they talk and joke and I feel like I'm breaking their party if I ask. The only spot that's available for me are those bikes, I don't know how they're called.

I can always search online for bodyweight exercises so you don't have to cover that if it wasn't in your plan.

No. 218098

>I'm socially inept with social anxiety
Aren't we all
>they workout for 10 minutes and then stand and sit around all the weightlifting and other equipment, they talk and joke and I feel like I'm breaking their party if I ask.
You definitely should ask them if they're done with the equipment, and if not, to share the equipment, it's a very standard thing to do (especially if they're just lounging around). Seriously, literally nobody besides the biggest of assholes will tell you you can't work in.

Based on what you wrote, I really think you should give it a try again, but ultimately it's your choice of course.

No. 218120

> You definitely should ask them if they're done with the equipment, and if not, to share the equipment, it's a very standard thing to do (especially if they're just lounging around). Seriously, literally nobody besides the biggest of assholes will tell you you can't work in.

I know. They all seem nice and civilized but my town is small and everyone seems to know each other. The person that owns the gym also works at the reception and he often joins their conversations and they seem a happy bunch. The gym is small so if I ask them to move they only have the bikes and yoga mats which nobody in that gym ever used but me (they were covered in dust lel). The equipment is cramped, so even if they moved a little bit, they would be right next to me while I workout and I don't feel comfortable with that. I didn't mean to go into details, I just wanted to illustrate my issue. Now that I think of it, it's probably why other women didn't go there too, I just wish I didn't go overhead with enthusiasm and bought a yearly membership.

No. 218148

>The equipment is cramped, so even if they moved a little bit, they would be right next to me while I workout and I don't feel comfortable with that.
Maybe you could use the gym to work on your anxiety too, although that really depends on how severe it is.
When I started lifting I knew absolutely nobody there and was super awkward, after a few months I started opening up and occasionally talking a little with people, now I consider them as friends (still don't know most of their names lel).

No. 218165

Uh-uh, one step at the time. We probably don't have much in common and I don't feel like making aquaintances there.

> When I started lifting I knew absolutely nobody there and was super awkward, after a few months I started opening up and occasionally talking a little with people, now I consider them as friends (still don't know most of their names lel).

That's great to hear! I know that people there would be most likely even glad to help but I just want to exercise on my own, so I'll stick to bodyweight stuff.

Though thanks for your advice and listening, I appreciate it. Maybe I should work on my social anxiety first.

No. 218168

>I just want to exercise on my own, so I'll stick to bodyweight stuff
If you're committed to this and have some space available, you should really consider buying your own gear for $~1k.
All the benefits of lifting, none of the social interaction, and "hey I spent quite some money on it, I shouldn't let it go to waste" is a great motivator.

No. 218169

That's not a bad idea.
I don't mind investing for the right equipment. I just wish I knew what to get. The first thing that comes to my mind is the threadmill and that bicycle, I also used to frequent a spinning group which unfortunately closed but I enjoyed it so much.

Anyways, I'll gladly read your guide and try to find appropriate equipment to follow. I'd like to get in shape, although I'm not fat just sitting on my ass most of my day feels wrong.

No. 218171

Here's a rough estimate of how cost would break down. I can elaborate a bit more and give you more precise recommendations for some of it if you wish.

used exercise bike: $100 (really all you need as far as cardio goes, you don't need half a dozen machines. Can be swapped out for an elliptical or a treadmill if you prefer.)
bar: $200
plates: $200 (+$50-100 1-2 years later)
rack and bench: $600

No. 218323

it is impossible for girls to get 'bulky' by accident. You'd have to diet and train hard just to get some definition, growing large muscles would probably require roids and eating to gain weight

No. 218324

Yeah, most women really fail to understand that.
Google "female powerlifter", look at the images, and account for the fact that half of them are on steroids.

No. 218328

File: 1513863959962.jpeg (77.85 KB, 700x420, EEE2A160-139A-4EB5-8328-089706…)

I’ve been doing polefitness since August but now classes are over. I wasn’t able to pass on to the next level because I couldn’t do the two moves/tricks required for that. Everyone else passed, so now I need to go another lvl 1 class and while I definitely plan on continuing I don’t think I can do it in a class with 6+ other people there. Don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of fun but I’m so self-conscious that going-all out in a group feels impossible despite the fact I know no one else is focusing on me but it hit me extra hard when we started doing choreography because I couldn’t keep up and felt worthless afterwards. For this reason I’m considering getting private classes but it costs €65 for a single one. I know it’s expensive for just 1 hour but I genuinely don’t think I’ll be able to get to the next level without doing it with only my instructor and 100% focus on me and what I need in terms of warming up etc (I’m a stiff fucking refrigerator out dance-like warm-up sessions are also hell with 6 other girls in the room and me feeling like an idiot).

Polefitness was probably the worst possible thing I could start doing considering I’m both ridiculously introverted and insecure AND can have trouble with non-epileptic seizures (with all the spinning etc). But I love it and refuse to stop.

Sperg rant but I needed to let it out somewhere and this is the fitness thread, so I figured it was safe to do it here…

No. 218332

I used to do Polefitness/dance as well and I was the same like you in the beginning. Still a bit stiff but I found out that I like Aerial silk/tissue and aerial hoop a lot more. Not sure where you are anon, but it’s worth taking a look into these two. Great workout and you don’t have to do much of a fancy choreography in order to look good. And it’s fun too.

No. 218333

Oh man I tried a polefitness class a while back and I had the same insecurities because of my shyness. What made it worse was that the class I was in seemed to be nothing more than a clique of women who already knew each other and were fucking catty as hell. I would purposefully choose a pole in the back corner and yet I'd still hear a snicker or two from one of them when I couldn't do a move. Made me not want to it ever again.

No. 218335

Thank you for the recommendation! I’m not sure I can find anything close enough to where I live currently and fear of heights/falling is part of the reason I have trouble advancing in polefitness but I really appreciate the tips. I will look into this.

Oh gosh I’m so sorry anon. My groups have both been super cozy and everyone has been really nice and positive (which is actually a rule/part of the studio motto lmao). Some girls seemed to already know each other but it was just regular chit-chatting and sharing a pole. I think part of the reason I feel so silly for not daring to do certain things is that I KNOW no one will judge me and one girl has even been asking how I’m feeling and complimenting the things I’ve done right, yet I’m still super scared of failing.

Part of the reason I wanted to start was that I wanted to develop better self-esteem, carry myself better and become more comfortable/secure in my own body, so it’s just part of the challenge to get there I guess. I’m still really happy I tried and will probably fix a few private sessions and see how far I’ll get. I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

No. 218354

I feel like my belly fat is never going to go away no matter what I do. I've been watching what I eat, counting calories, and exercise for an hour. I prefer lifting over cardio but I alternate between the two.

The only parts of me that aren't fit are my thighs and belly and since you can't spot reduce, I'm not sure what to do. My thighs are getting more toned, but my stomach stays the same. The fat is in the lower abdomen so…muffintop. It's been a problem for me for a couple of years now and I can't look at myself without getting depressed.

I'm 5'9" and 153lbs. Would anyone mind giving me some advice?

No. 218356

Samefagging, I get about 5-6 hours of sleep a night, sleep pretty late and drink about 4-5 tall glasses of water a day. I workout for an hour three days a week. I have a desk job.

No. 218361

Lift more and sleep less.

How many calories a day are you eating, and what do your macros look like? For how long have you been exercising and counting your calories?
Are you sure you're tracking literally everything? A glass of juice, a few sweets, etc. count too.

Concerning lifting
>heavy weights for low reps
>press, bench, squat, deadlift are all you need
>look up the starting starting strength program, and follow it
I often see thrown around that you should lift light for high reps to lose fat, which is absolute nonsense. I also see most women at my gym lift ridiculously light, easily a quarter of the weight they could handle. Don't be that girl.

No. 218362

Also, try to sleep more, and definitely drink more.

No. 218365

>sleep less
>sleep more

No. 218366

wew I'm retarded
I meant eat less

No. 218367

To give you a better explanation as to why you're the way you are:
fat distribution is governed by genetics, and you can't do anything about it.
A thin person that gets fat might get a gut and stay skinny everywhere else, another one might get huge thighs but nothing in the upper body. Those are both extremes (usually it's distributed somewhat more evenly), but they definitely happen.
The reverse is true too: when losing weight, you might quickly lose your gut but stay chubby everywhere else, etc.

Bar actually cutting it off, the only way to lose your thigh and belly fat is to keep losing weight.

No. 218372

My calorie limit is 1525, that's with cutting. No idea about my macros. I've been exercising three years but only counting calories for four months. I don't eat sweets outside of fruit(I count those) or juice because they're my guilty pleasures and I'm trying to stay away from them.

I definitely don't lift light, that much I know. I try and challenge myself because I have a lot of strength in my arms.

No. 218373

That's really the unfortunate truth when all is said and done. I'm pretty sure I have my dad's genetics when it comes to fat distribution. He carries most of his weight in his belly but has chicken legs.

No. 218650

Hey anons, I'm really struggling to lose weight and I think I'd really benefit from building some muscle. I'm a complete n00b when it comes to anything fitness related (I used to do classes at the gym but I can't afford them anymore and tbh they were doing nothing for me).

I've been told that squats, lunges, planks and sitting against the wall are all good for building muscle. I also have a barbell and dumbbells with weight plates. I walk fast for about an hour every to and from work. Taking into consideration that I'm a complete beginner, is there anything else you guys could suggest I could incorporate?

What do you guys eat before and after a workout (or is that even important?) Are there any little muscle building/weight loss tricks you slip into your daily routines (things like avoiding elevators, standing on public transport, eating more protein)? How do you guys de-stress?

No. 218750

wait for someone to tell you to buy gym pass and lift weights. Apparently every girl and her grandma lift now.
(I'm joking, pls don't bite my head off.)

No. 218995

File: 1514311448359.jpg (50.68 KB, 587x356, starting-strength-program-summ…)

>I'm really struggling to lose weight and I think I'd really benefit from building some muscle.
The two aren't really related. People often tell you things like "if you gain muscle you'll burn more calories"; that's true, but if you look at the numbers, it's actually a fairly small difference (if you assume a realistic, non-steroid induced lean mass gain, especially in women).
That being said, both losing fat and building muscle are good things.
>I've been told that squats, lunges, planks and sitting against the wall are all good for building muscle.
Squats are good, the other things you listed are ok accessory exercises by they won't help much (at least as first).
You should do a beginner strength routine (for example starting strength), and cardio on your off days (but only if you're very fat, if you're just a little chubby you should only lose fat through diet). If you don't have the required gear and can't afford a gym subscription, you can make do with things like zercher squats and floor presses, but keep in mind that progressive overload is key. Don't just pick an easy comfortable weight and stick with it forever.
Concerning starting strength, this picture is a very basic outline, but you should really read the book (http://whitmatthews.com/ss.pdf) to learn proper form, and things like when to increase weight, progression, accessories, and whatnot.
>I also have a barbell and dumbbells with weight plates.
What kind of bar is it (weight, length, diameter, rotating sleeves, etc)? How heavy do the plates go? Do you have a rack and a bench?
>I walk fast for about an hour every to and from work.
That's good, keep doing it.
>Taking into consideration that I'm a complete beginner, is there anything else you guys could suggest I could incorporate?
Concerning exercise, see above.
Eat less. Losing fat is mostly dependent on diet. You can do cardio too to help out if you're really fat, but you shouldn't rely on it too much.
For example, by jogging for an hour you burn the calories you'd take in by eating a muffin. What's easier, eating one less muffin a day, or jogging for an hour every day?
Use http://www.sailrabbit.com/bmr/ to determine your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), set the calculator at the bottom to "lose 0.5 kg a week", then actually eat that much. Use an app called myfitnesspal to track what you eat (and make sure you're writing literally everything except water in there).
>What do you guys eat before and after a workout (or is that even important?)
It doesn't matter too much unless you're serious about your training, but you generally want to eat protein and complex carbs after, and some simple carbs before.
>Are there any little muscle building/weight loss tricks you slip into your daily routines
Sleeping is very important, make sure you sleep at least 8 hours a night.
>(things like avoiding elevators, standing on public transport,
Those don't really matter, unless you spend a big part of your day going up and down flights of stairs.
>eating more protein)?
Yes, that one is absolutely crucial to gaining muscle. You should aim for ~2 grams per kg of bodyweight a day (~1 gram per lb), distributed evenly throughout your meals. If you can't afford (or stomach) that much meat, buy whey protein supplements.
>How do you guys de-stress?
It's highly personal, try a bunch of things and find something that works for you. I like playing minesweeper and meditating (not at the same time).

>Apparently every girl and her grandma lift now.
No, but they should. The grandma too.

No. 218996

whoops, >>218995 was meant for >>218650

No. 219014

i've only lifted ever cause it's easier.

No. 219165

File: 1514398926452.jpg (137.81 KB, 1240x1087, yoga_studio_screenshots_1.jpg)

Any anons know where I could get the Yoga Studio apk? I tried mobilis and similar sites but most of the links are dead and the app costs like 20€ in the app store.

Also any other app recommendations?
Right now I use MFP, UA Records, Plant Nanny and S Health

No. 219187

>using apps for fitness and health
>some people playing 20 euros for an app to do yoga when there's tons of cheap vids on youtube

just use a planner to keep up with your fitness

No. 219271

i just tried mobilism and even though it's an old version it downloaded fine, idk where you got your broken links

No. 219335

In the topic of yoga, is it any good for mere humans? Because I feel like it makes you look good only if you're some yoga instagram guru. I like it because it's a lazy workout and I'm an extremely lazy person and all that muscle stretching really relaxes me but I worry I won't gain much from it looks-wise.
Or am I wrong.

No. 219381

Yoga won't make you look good, but more importantly, it won't make anyone else look good either.
"Looking good", while subjective, is generally considered to mean relatively low body fat, and medium/high muscle mass. Yoga won't make you slim down, and it won't make you get big and strong muscles (or even just slightly bigger/stronger).

I can guarantee you that the so-called "yoga instagram gurus" (at least those that look good) lift weights (some likely do calisthenics, there's a big crossover between people who are into those two things) and have perfect control over their diet.

Yoga classes are essentially a big scam, marketed mostly at impressionable 20-40 years old females, that will either believe in the wishy washy chakra cleansing [insert buzzword here] bullshit, or not have any strong objections to it and still take the class because it's trendy and not too tiring.
Doing yoga on your own isn't actually bad for you (and you're not giving your money to a scam artist), but the supposed benefits are extremely exaggerated. If you're very inflexible it'll be useful to you, but that's about it.

You mentioned you like it because it's a lazy workout and you're a lazy person: if you're lazy, you should just not waste your time doing yoga, since it's not doing you any good. (It's relaxing, too, but I'm talking strictly about physical improvement here.)
If you want to improve yourself, diet+cardio+lift, but be aware it's not going to be easy or fun or quick.

No. 219465

Are you serious? Or do you mean the version before 1.0.3?

My download stops at 66% every time, both via wifi and data, the second link only brings me back to the same page
Ffs I'll keep trying

100% agreed, tho some poses can be a challenge (if you don't have the flexibility, endurance, strength lol)

No. 219699

It's good for posture so will make you look better at the very least even if you don't lose weight.

No. 219753


Yoga is more for posture and relaxation. It was also used as a form of rehabilitation. It's not going to give you abs and a nice ass if you're just doing the basics and even the more advanced techniques (stuff they won't teach you in a modern yoga class) won't do that.

No. 220550

File: 1515021590577.png (842.14 KB, 3108x4224, pic.png)

So, uh, yeah, this should be it.

I ended up finding a decent already existing guide for bodyweight stuff, which saved me some time. (And it left a big empty space in the image)

No. 220552

Well crap, already found the first mistake.
When starting out, you might not be able to press the empty bar for one rep, not 10. Pretty big difference there.

No. 236942


No. 236943

I can say that I lost about 10 kg for 2 month. I started with low carb diet. I prepared food by myself and took it to my work in special containers which I bought at https://allinpackaging.co.uk/food-packaging/ After that I consulted with trainer in my native city – and he recommended me also to try to use special supplements for weigh loss(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 260778

so i'm gaining weight ): i need to lose it.

currently at 151 pounds & 5'6. at the low end of normality bmi wise.

anyway, i'm going to start doing easy exercises (maybe like, 10 knee push ups a day ((aka lady pushups)), 30 minutes of walking around the propery, 30 squats) and reduce the amount of food i eat…does that sound good? my goal is 145 by the end of this summer (so august, that's when the fall semester starts for me).

No. 260783

i should also note i can't go to a gym due to social issues.
>inb4 man up

No. 260785

You are actually at the high end of normality BMI wise (you have a BMI of just over 24).

If you literally only want to lose 6lbs over the summer you can easily do that just by dieting.

If you eat at a 500kcal deficit a day you will lose 1lb a week and reach your goal weight in 6 weeks.
If you eat at a 250Kcal deficit a day you will lose 0.5lb a week and will reach your goal weight in 12 weeks.
The amount of exercise your posting probably doesn't even burn 250kcals a day so you will need to change your diet.

No. 260792

I'm kinda new to fitness, I'd love your help/recommendations. 18, 5'5 and 115 pounds. Wanna lose 4 lbs and keep it off.

I've started doing crunches and jogging because I'm extremely unfit. Like, I lose my breath from walking a cross the street. Hopefully it will give me more energy.

I love how toned arms look, does anybody do press-ups? Arm excersizes, I also want to get stronger but struggle to do a single pressup any tips?

No. 260799

>Like, I lose my breath from walking a cross the street. Hopefully it will give me more energy.

If you're this low on energy, you should review your diet anon. Exercise won't give you energy, eating proper balanced meals will.

No. 260804

If you get out of breath that easily you may be anaemic, worth getting it checked out.

No. 260828


Thanks anon, that's good advice, I will try and keep tabs on my diet and be more balanced.

I've heard keto is good but I'm worried it will lead to a heart attack. But I may be wrong.

I checked it out, yeah I think a may have anaemia, what you said anon, thx for helping an anon out.

No. 260831

so, 250 calories?
also by '500kcal deficit', do you mean eating 500 less calories than i do normally?
thanks btw

No. 260843

yeah I mean 250 or 500 calories less than your TDEE (Total daily energy expenditure which you can calculate using an online TDEE calculator such as:- https://www.iifym.com/tdee-calculator/ be careful not to overestimate the amount you exercise though, many people overestimate the amount of exercise they do, which means they will overestimate how many calories they burn in a day so they then end up not losing weight like they expected to.)

So your TDEE is essentially the basic amount of calories your body uses a day (called BMR - basal metabolic rate) plus the amount of calories you burn a day exercising, to lose 1lb of fat you must burn 3500 calories, to do this you have to use more calories than you consume, this means eating at a calorie deficit.

No. 277605

I've struggled with disordered eating for nearly 10 years now. At first it was starving myself and then binge eating so badly, that I've gotten overweight. I tried losing weight over and over again, but I just fail every single time. A week ago I came across this video. I really admire people like this, I'd absolutely love being so strong. It's just my old ana brain telling me that having such large muscles is unattractive on women (I especially hate big butts).
But I really need to change something and since I can't seem to get skinny, I decided that I should try and focus on getting fit instead.
So, my question is, has anybody any experience with this type of working out? Dietwise the guy in the video says he does intermittend fasting (no breakfast) and mainly stays away from carbs (no carbs is pretty unrealistic for me though, since I'm from Germany and we basically exist on bread and co).
Just to give you an idea how my body currently is like: I'm 1,78m and 85kg, but since I was always naturally rather muscular (which I absolutely hated when I was younger) I can still jog for nearly 2 hours. However my "abs" and especially my arms are super weak.

No. 278328

Sorry I don't have an answer to your question, but I'd be careful with intermittent fasting as a female. I wanted to try it myself to better manage my insulin levels to combat acne, but I read that many women who try it actually break out. Apparently it's pretty disruptive to our hormonal cycle.


No. 295395

Any runners here? I've been at it for a year; I run 25 miles/week right now, and I'm pretty happy with my fitness as far as cardio and lower body is concerned - I have clear visible muscle tone in my legs.

My upper arms are still flabby and weak though, and I want to build some muscle there before I lose weight again. Problem is, I get bored and can't stick consistently to a routine when I try weights. Any ideas for other activities that involve building upper body, especially arm muscle?

No. 295401

If you can get a couple friends involved a sport might be a good choice, something with a racket (though that might make you unbalanced), basketball, etc. Something like volleyball might be really good.

No. 295413

Can I get some muscle gain if I can only moderately exercise with my own weight?
It's sad I can't lift anymore because of a medical condition.

No. 295419

You probably could, try looking up calisthenics

No. 295426

ty anon, going to try that

No. 296152

Advice for working out with glasses on?
I've worn contacts for years but recent stopped doing so because I just wasn't having a good time. Optometrist would always see noticeable protein buildup even when I was cleaning them regularly, dry winters were always rough, and putting them in and taking them out was just a pain. But now that I'm wearing glasses, they slide right off my face whenever I'm sweaty. I wear plastic frames, so I can't just bend the arms in super tight like I did when I was a kid in metal frames. The biggest pain is cardio. I HAVE to take them off to run or use the elliptical, which means I can't do the typical netflix-and-jog. I was weightlifting for a while and I'd like to get back into it, but I'm concerned I'm going to have the same problem there. If they start slipping while I'm mid squat, I can't just take my hands off the bar to push them back up. But at the same time, I don't want to take them off because my vision is really bad without them and I wouldn't be able to see my form in the mirror in front of me.
This is the least cute thing ever, but has anybody tried those straps? It's dorky, but it could also prevent some injury here. Maybe I can kind of tuck it into my hair before I pull it back to hide it and make it even more secure?

No. 297810

File: 1537402608435.jpg (45.99 KB, 1500x844, y9EnGLz.jpg)

Coming back to answer my own question since nobody replied.
I found these little silicone bits called 'temple tips' that help them hook around the backs of your ears better. Kind of like those sports earbuds. Worked out in them for the first time today and they're a godsend. Haven't had to push my glasses up once all day, even while exercising. And you can't even see them since they're tucked in behind my ear and don't hang down.

No. 305084

I dont know where else to post this, but i need help. i managed to lose 7 kgs over the summer, ideally i would like to lose around 8-9 more, but i have no motivation to diet and exercise. currently im doing dance and occasional swimming, but im eating like a pig mainly because of the stress from school. do any of you have any tips on how to stay on track?

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