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File: 1493732922237.png (1.48 MB, 1111x1333, 1493730014832.png)

No. 189089

Jesus christ.

No. 189090

No. 189091

I want one lol

No. 189093

Is Christine a lolcow?

No. 189095


This is pretty awesome, really. I love the Certificate of Authenticity, and also that Chris signs the i's in his signature with a heart for the dot. That seems perfect to me. Kind of shocked someone paid him $1,500 though.

No. 189101

Well, shit son. Someone actually did it. Now I'm wondering if anyones gonna bite the bullet and by "The Shirt."

No. 189102

Buy*, whoops.

No. 189133

File: 1493762152793.jpg (209.04 KB, 1280x1556, d2c.jpg)

op's a rich retard

No. 189137

Chris chan is now Christine, iirc

No. 189138

Lol are you the buyer looking for asspats, op? Everyone already knows and no one cares.

No. 189139

Don't encourage the newfags.

No. 189143

File: 1493771969323.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1493126327590.png)

this is now a ask sonic totem thread

No. 189145

File: 1493774539994.png (128.83 KB, 292x257, 89b.png)

>They told OP to mail it back with the arms painted blue

No. 189147

Man, I can't believe I missed that thread.

CWC is basically ten lolcows all together. There's twists and turns, and story arcs–there's an entire saga.
Uh oh, anon…

No. 189150

Will I ever find a Boyfriend-free girl?

No. 189151

Oh, wise Sonic totem, will I ever find a job?

No. 189152

will i ever get a qt boyfriend

No. 189157

Will I ace my marketing quiz tomorrow

No. 189160

Will I ever be happy?

No. 189161

Sonic totem, will I pass my psych class?

No. 189164

Oh great Sonic Totem, will I ever attain a kinklevel below 9000

No. 189165

will i ever become a qt trap

No. 189175


Seriously I have no idea what made you think that.


He should do it, I wanna see him explode I'm nuclear rage.

No. 189184


Christine, aka Christian Weston Chandler, aka CWC, aka Chris-chan, is a lolcow spanning decades. You can find a predictably unfunny write-up on ED, but it covers a lot of the highlights. Chris is the ur-lolcow in a lot of ways.

No. 189198

should I get a boipucci

No. 189201


When do my meds and therapy starts working so I can have a bit of a normal life?

No. 189210

The cwcki is the best source of information about Chris but anyone that reads it is going to lose a few hours of their life.

No. 189211


Yeah, thanks, I couldn't think of what that was called. It's definitely much more up to date than ED.

There ya go, questioning Anon >>189093. You will lose hours of your life reading up on Chris if you are a novice.

No. 189218

The absolute madman. I hope the caps are on kiwifarms

No. 189225

Is he still selling medallions?

No. 189228

I think so, but he's also selling that blue and red striped shirt, which is in tatters, on Ebay.

No. 189230

Will I pass my class this semester?

No. 189310


Almighty Totem, Will I ever stop being a virgin with rage and get a cute boy my age?

No. 189314


o almighty totem, will i ever get a husbando?

No. 189380

Will this job be good for me?

No. 189421

o great and beauteous totem, will the man whose glorious rooster i wish to pet ever move past his awkward nature and allow me?

No. 189436

Will I ever be champion of the world?

No. 189439

cool, guess this means I'll be the GOAT.

No. 189441

why isn't this in sty

No. 189479

sty is pretty much a second ot. whats the difference

No. 189501

Is he fed up with me?

No. 189574

Will I ever be famous or successful

No. 191714

Will I get with D

No. 191715

cmon man

No. 191716

ah fuck you

No. 191732

does he like me?

No. 191733

No. 191744

Should I break up with him?

No. 191745

Come on Sonic totem tell me what to do!

No. 191746

W-well then…

No. 191822


will i die alone?

No. 191832

Will I spend the rest of the year after summer alone? will it work out?

No. 191833


will I get taco Bell today? Will my shitposts on Chans make me famous?

No. 191891

Will I roll some sick quads?

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