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File: 1491443519902.png (371.16 KB, 1484x2152, 1490227155536.png)

No. 185848

whats your type farmers?

No. 185849


No. 185850

The 16personalities site claims it is the rarest type, but I swear everyone is an INFJ

No. 185851

Same with INTJ, I guess they just want people to feel special

No. 185852

That or people just claim to be to feel special. I always result in INTJ myself so I dunno.

No. 185853

Welp, it's right I guess.

No. 185854

INTJ. Now learn to check the catalog, newfag.

No. 185856

I'm an INFP (cant remember if A or T now, took the test ages ago) and i do think it describes my personality very well, but idk if this test is really reliable because people change so much during relatively short periods, like just a couple year; maybe one can change types? Dunno. I do think it's fun to know which one you are though, just like your star sign and blood type (the Japanese thing, ya know what I'm talking about)

No. 185866

ENFJ - original the character.

No. 185867


No. 185870

ENFP-A. It describes my weaknesses to a T, yet I don't have a big circle of friends. I can talk and be friendly to almost any person, just prefer to have a small circle of close relationships. Ah, and I am not as trusting of people despite my demeanor.

No. 185873

ENTP. My boyfriend is ENTP too.

No. 185875

I'm an ISFJ based on the short test with a list of characteristics for each of the 4

No. 185877


And yes, I will take my own virginity
One way or another

No. 185878

INFP and turbulent af.

I think all the individual categories are right, but the "big picture" is an extremely idealized version of myself and pretty far removed imo.

No. 185880

INFP-T, the literal baby hahaha

No. 185882

full blown ENTP

No. 185885

ISTP. It's been a few years since I took this test but it was pretty fitting. Hard 2 make friends easy 2 make acquaintances. Idk how much I buy into personality types for the most part though

No. 185890


What does the A mean? Couldn't find it on the site. And yeah … as much as I wish this site would be more frank about the truthful sides of these personality types … it is hard to guess what negative attributes people would have based on personality alone.

The most interesting thing I find with this is checking in every couple of years. I was in a completely different mindset in the worst type of way about 2 years ago last i took this test … and yet I still got the same result. But it is comforting to know that even though these pills have changed me drastically for the better, I will always still just be … me and not the meds.

No. 185891

I feel the same way

No. 185892

A means assertive.

I'm a ISFP-T

No. 185893

um … how does one be the feeliest of babbies personality group be classified as assertive? Like … assertive in their constant need for closure?

No. 185894

idk it's just what google says
"Assertive (-A) individuals are self-assured, even-tempered and resistant to stress. … In contrast, individuals with Turbulent (-T) identity are self-conscious and sensitive to stress. They experience a wide range of emotions and tend to be success-driven, perfectionistic and eager to improve."

No. 185897

>So you're dying alone. My sides lol.

I took the test once some time ago. I was an ENTP-A but barely scored into the extroverted function or whatever is called. A "friend" used to call me a sociopath behind my back, so now it makes (kinda) sense.

My ex was an ENTP as well! We argued all the time. But god, sex was so fucking good. So FUCKING good.

No. 185898

INFP-A. I don't really believe these but then again I really am as turbo autistic as I sound.
They claim every single one of those is the rarest (or just rare), I've taken this with friends and all 4 of us got some variation of 'wow congrats you're a special snowflake'.

No. 185900

Whoops meant INTP, just noticed the typo

No. 185901

ENFP. I feel it's pretty correct. Also, I'm a taurus sun / moon and capricorn rising - I wonder if there's any correlation between the signs and MTBI types…

No. 185903

Was an ESFP now a ENTP.
Ive always been extroverted and talkative but I guess I'm a deeper thinker/debater now. Apparently it's pretty rare for women to be ENTP but it describes the current me perfectly

No. 185906

I don't believe I'm a sociopath because I actually feel emotions haha (that made me come across as sociopathic didn't it?)

No. 185914

ISTP-A. Don't even like motorcycles.

No. 185921

ENFJ that used to be ENTJ

No. 185922

MBTI is fake. It's a total pseudo-science.

That's what I keep reminding myself when I remember that I'm an INFP, the worst type. I wish I wasn't so timid and shy.

No. 185923

I go back and forth between INTJ and INTP, and both are so accurate it hurts.

No. 185924

There's nothing good about it.

No. 185927

INTJ took the test after a few monthd again and ot's still INTJ
Some stuff isn't right but still pretty acurate

No. 185933


No. 185938


No. 185940

I'm on my phone and didnt zoom in so when my squinting eyes rolled over "genki anime girl who is actually dead inside", i thought 'haha sounds like me!' And then i saw "enfp" and went 'oh shit that is me.'

I really do give unironic speeches about friendship, my friends call me cheesy

No. 185950

INFP T unfortunately

No. 185951

I've apparently switched from being ISTP-T to INTP-T.

Nice to see I've gotten more autistic since becoming employed.

No. 186021

Female INTJ. My autism level is over 9000 tho

No. 186027

INTP-A here

No. 186030

are you me anon

No. 186032

INFP and I tell myself the exact same thing lol

No. 186035

I'm an INFP-T, and a huge sperg to boot, and it's very frustrating. Atleast 80% of the people I meet can't stand me at all. If I talk it's inevitable I'm going to say something retarded, so for the sake of the people I'm with I try to play the "quiet but pleasant" angle which works okay until I sperg the fuck out shake someone's hand for no reason. I think everyone feels that way sometimes, but for me it's all the time and it's almost too much to bear.

No. 186036

I test as an INTJ - don't really feel like the description fits me though.

No. 186037

Its interesting how a lot of people on here have similar personality types but I guarantee that we are still very much the minority when surveying the general population.

I flip between INTJ and INTP. I guess it makes me feel slightly better about my inappropriate social behavior but I really don't consider myself much of an independent person or an "intellectual."

No. 186038

Supposedly I'm an ENTP. TBH im not quite sure about it nor how reliable is the MBTI system. I'm pretty talkative when it's about something I like or just to get to know different point of views. I really enjoy the latter. I'm all in when it comes to learn and expand my knowledge. The main thing about it is that i don't consider myself to be an extrovert. I'm naturally bubbly and have an easy laugh, but I don't like people that much… I prefer having a small social circle and tend to not share a lot of personal stuff, even with the two persons I feel the most comfortable with. Weird thing is, many acquaintances think I'm super extroverted, though I have kinda this evasive personality of mine and then they take it as I'm riding a high horse. You know, I'm a bit of an awkward person and this is making my life a mess. Idk what to do about it, I've tried to be someone else, being more serious but then the bubbliness come up and confuse the shit out of others. I can work on my awkwardness, but for what? At the end people stress me and end up feeling like I want to nuke them all up. I don't feel I'm better than anyone, I just get tired of social interaction easily. Viva the autism, I guess.

No. 186039

File: 1491633036491.png (213.62 KB, 600x390, yume_knifes.png)

I don't remember my type (either INTJ or P) but I suffer from the same problem. I don't like or know how to chat unless it's related to the few things I'm fond of. Otherwise, I just try to stay quiet until I sperg out, get the "weird one" label and end up sad for not relating with most people I come across. I somewhat to stay afloat with humor and being a decent human being, but without friends to get social credits from and hide behind to play my side-kick role I'm robit-tier retarded.

All of my friends are open-minded and balanced individuals and get along with my spergy being, but as far as I remember we became friend because of promiscuity (uni, boarding school-like environment). I never befriended people the "normal" way (get-together, party, hobbies, sport).

It IS too much to bear now, even "doping" myself with sport won't cut it. Why not trying to get some professional help from a therapist if you can afford it? That's my plan tbh. I convinced me for years it was unneeded but I don't think someone who struggle at figuring out if and when saying "hello" is the expected behavior is more efficient at fixing his life than a specialist on personality disorder

No. 186057

Er, you meant proximity, right? Or did y'all have orgies on the regular or something?

No. 186084

INFP-T, 100%.

I'm super introverted and do not want or have any friends other than my bf, if I didn't have him though i still wouldn't seek friends. I spend too much of my time looking inwardly, I'm a sucker for home comforts too. And I'm so spergy. I have misophonia and get irratinally angry from it pretty easily, also I'm painfully awkward in conversation, it's too much to deal with ugh.

Also I cried for four days when amy winehouse died

No. 186086

ENFJ-T. The site says it's rare but I feel like every personality there is listed as "rare"

No. 186092

Proximity yeah, I didn't know promiscuity was so sexually oriented in english

No. 186101

INFP but I've retaken it before and gotten different results (ISFJ and ENFP)

No. 186102

Also I like the Homestar Runner reference in OP's pic.

No. 186105

INTJ reporting in.

No. 186609

ENFP and the title in the thread image describes me better than the "type" itself.

No. 186963

ISTJ. it's scarily accurate, even if it is bullshit psuedo-science lol. i'm extremely good at being ignored, and i'm also a giant doormat.

No. 186976

hello, you are me

No. 186988

File: 1492295632192.gif (952.56 KB, 400x225, tumblr_mu9dwycNUf1ql5yr7o1_400…)

srsly ffs this is such speculative bullshit, as if you could ever measure this kind of thing

No. 186998

yaay we are all special snowflakes

No. 187004

OP pic is too real.

No. 187059

>only ESTP in here

MBTI might be a load of bullshit but it sure is fun to talk about!

No. 187068

File: 1492371844010.gif (5.14 MB, 454x343, 6ldia4bajppy.gif)


No. 187184

ENTJ, I don't even know how I have friends IRL.

No. 187211


Took the test twice after a single year. This shit is only slightly more accurate than the zodiac signs.

No. 187259

I use to be INFJ when I was in highschool but now I'm INTJ, I should probably retake since I've changed a lot. I don't really believe this shit anymore and think that trying to group people into personality types is impossible since we are constantly changing.

No. 187317

File: 1492535859299.jpg (14.65 KB, 268x351, 786543.jpg)

if retaken this test a couple of times for around 5 or 6 years, I always end up INFP. what is the -T and -A suppossed to mean?

i kind of agree. they phrase it similar to zodiac signs in a bootlicking style so you like to agree with it.

No. 187332

Also is this a new thing where it's "prospecting" instead of "perceiving" for the ending -P?

No. 187374

File: 1492563394715.webm (315.96 KB, 320x240, ur_gay.webm)

I want one where they basically just tell you you're a shit person

No. 187671

but still feels mistyped

No. 187773


I like the funny cartoon people in the picture.

No. 187802

File: 1492901109911.png (89.62 KB, 1105x685, why.png)

I'm a sperm about mbti and like typing everyone in my mind and think about how their actions fit their personality type but at the same time I question the accuracy of this typing instrument.

No. 187932

File: 1493004753458.jpg (89.02 KB, 640x640, IMG_0507.JPG)

INTP-T here. Scrolling through this post, I'm amazed at how many farmers are INTPs.

No. 187936

Out of curiosity, any of you diagnosed with personality disorders or ASD?

No. 187951

INFP-T - 84% turbulent. Thanks anxiety.

No. 187952

I'm an INTP-T (strange how common it is here?) and i'm diagnosed with borderline. I don't know if there's any correlation.

No. 187973


I revel in my unapologetic autism

No. 187976


Fits me like a glove, others agree as well

No. 187979

I can't believe there are so many E- people here reeeeeee normies

I'm an INTJ but used to be INFP back in my teens. Good thing I grew the fuck up

No. 188024


This shows some of the negative sides

No. 188029

>E means youre a normie
fuck off retard

No. 188031

lmaooo "-E's are NORMIES REEEEE"

No. 188091

So, I am definetly an IN - Type, but on some days I am INFP-T and on the other days I am a INTP-T.. My bf on the other hand is an ESTJ-A….It is funny that we are literally the opposite. It is nice to have an extroverted boyfriend because through him I am getting more and more confident! I hope, that I can become an INTP-A or INFP-A in the future!
(sorry for my bad english)

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