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No. 185560

anybody else read "the gift of fear"
its one of the books i recommend everyone read!
heres a link to a pdf of it

No. 185573

Yes I bought the book and read it. I agree it is very good

No. 185577

I've heard about it because /r/relationships like to circlejerk over it. Is reading it going to make me paranoid though? I already have good boundaries with men

No. 185580

I was assaulted a few days ago and the woman who did it goes to the same gym as me (different schedules) she also knows where I live as she's my flatmate, she's getting evicted but not only in 3 months.
She's a fat fuck but I'm very small so i'm scared of getting assaulted on my way to the gym or at my home again.

No. 185581

Forgot to include; do you guys have any self defense tips? I am going through all of this with the police but the police here are very soft.

No. 185582

I'm going to start kickboxing soon and might do a Krav Maga bootcamp when I'm in Israel. Never read the book though. Would just be useful for me to be able to defend myself with all these ''refugees'' coming in.

No. 185610

I'd definitely recommend Krav Maga, it's much, much more practical than martial arts.

No. 185733

buy a can of mace, bass pro shops sells em on keychains for like 25-30$? she might be bigger than you but hit her in the face with that and then stand back and laugh as she blindly charges around looking for you tbh

No. 185752

I second the can of mace idea, although you need to be careful that you're not outside because sometimes the wind can blow it back in your eyes.
When you say she's your flatmate does that mean you're literally living in the same apartment as her or are you just in the same building? It would be crazy if you actually live with her because that makes things way more difficult.
You could also get one of those cheap automatic security cameras people set up near their doors to catch movement. If she ever tried anything in the apartment it would be on camera.

No. 186116

Won't do shit if you get attacked by a man. The strength difference is just too big, not to mention that usually assaulters are people not being scared of violence, while victims are often paralyzed in shock.
Here you have 3 TRAINED girls losing to 1 guy
The only thing that levels chances is technology. Carry spray, knife or gun if you can afford it and laws aren't retarded in your country. It won't help you if you suddenly get brick to the skul from behind because even tank in the pocket won't help you in such case, but in cases where you have to help others or you know about danger (for example hear someone breaking into your home) it can really help you.
If police in that vid used spray or taser, they'd probably win, but when it comes to physical strength alone don't even risk it. It's waste of time.

This is reality. And that could be even fucking kitchen knife anyone can get. There is a reason why people have been developing weapons since the dawn of time, why no one seriously uses fists or maces, and why nuclear weapons, or any other ultimate weapon is aggression deterrent.

No. 186172

>won't do shit
Will actually do shit. There are tons of cases in which self-defense training can be applied successfully. Even learning to de-escalate situations with pussy ass betas verbally / shouting is benefical. Not in all situations self-defense helps but in a lot. What kinda message is yours? "I only prepare for the absolute worst case, so unless I'm armed to my teeth I'm not willing to take my chances defending myself physically"
You're not prepared for a gang-rape or a fit serial killer or a gun to your head but many half-assed, spontaneous attempts at assault can easily be shut down with a skilled defense and more.
It's like fucking chess. Defending oneself has certain advantages, even small woman vs. tall guy. You can use the force of a stronger opponent against him if you know what you're doing and that's not a cliche, that's proven.
I do Krav Maga aswell, so far I have only trained in the women's beginner course but the next step is a mixed course.
In these courses are tough guys that do Krav Maga, many with a ton of experience. Fighting them off is the best training

No. 186190

Good luck.

No. 187132

File: 1492413105835.jpg (18.92 KB, 330x281, FEATHERWEIGHT Fallon_Fox.jpg)

>In these courses are tough guys that do Krav Maga, many with a ton of experience. Fighting them off is the best training

Different Anon here. I ABSOLUTELY agree and applaud the inclusion of De-escalation tactics. We need to encourage more women to GET LOUD, draw attention, or at least acknowledge to the person that you're aware they are there. That is fantastic.

However, your assertion that resorting to your physical prowess AT ALL as a first line of self defense is completely backwards and DANGEROUS. Yes, Krava Maga is one of the most helpful/relevant schools of self-defense, but you will be taken down by a man 9/10 times, if you try to "use his force" against him. These men you train with would put your ass into the pavement, no problem. A random man, I guarantee, is physically stronger than you. Have you ever asked a boyfriend, husband, brother to honestly 100% put you to the floor? You'll find, short, tall, lifts, doesn't lift, don't have many problems at all. Unless you're weight-lifting, strength-training, you are not a threat.

These videos of women using "Krave Maga" to defend themselves, are usually all published by Krava Maga schools (hmm), and should be taken as the absolute exception to the rule. Congrats for mentally preparing yourself to handle the stress of an attack (possibly), but these men you're "fighting off" are not putting 100% into it. They would floor you, like 9.99/10 men in the real world would as well.

Look up the story of Male-to-Female Trans, Featherweight, MMA Fighter Fallon Fox, who competes against women.
>During Fox's fight against Tamikka Brents, Brents suffered a concussion, an orbital bone fracture, and seven staples to the head in the 1st round. After her loss, Brents took to social media to convey her thoughts on the experience of fighting Fox: “I've fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night. I can’t answer whether it’s because she was born a man or not because I’m not a doctor. I can only say, I’ve never felt so overpowered ever in my life and I am an abnormally strong female in my own right,” she stated. “Her grip was different, I could usually move around in the clinch against other females but couldn’t move at all in Fox’s clinch…

A woman's body should ALWAYS be her second tool. You are far better off trying to deter the assailant with de-escalation and then spray/taser than "gee, I'll just use his strength against him, oh he didn't budge at all?".

Yes, more women should learn how to fight.
No, women shouldn't be physically engaging someone as their first line of defense. Please do not believe that your play fights in class are accurate to the real world.

No. 187303

>Won't do shit if you get attacked by a man

Umm you might want to attend a class. Mine was specifically geared towards protecting yourself against a man as a woman. It's EXTREMELY practical and concentrates on scenarios (what if he has you by the hair? what if he has a knife to your throat? what if he in already on top of you and has your legs spread? what if you are being strangled? I now know how to get myself out of any of those situations easily). It's not about PHYSICAL strength, it's about finding someone's weakness and using that against them (gouging out their eyes, kicking them in the balls/ribs) and making the most of your environment (bet you didn't know that you've a much stronger kick while lying on the ground than standing up?). We were even taught how to get evidence against your attacker (pull out some of his hair, leave physical marks on his body in an obvious place, such as the face/neck/hands or get some of his skin under your fingernails by scratching his skin). You don't really know what you're talking about until you've attended a class so if your a woman I'd highly recommend it (although you kind of sound like a robot so idk).

If self defence classes consisted of "Men are stronger, sorry you're fucked!" everyone would just lie back and think of England while being raped instead of fighting back, the fact that you're suggesting that is sick.

Outside of America guns, knives and sprays are very, very illegal and it's not worth risking a jail sentence or a fine when you could just prep your body instead. Men target women they think look weak (they stalk them, watch their moves, wait until they're alone) so fighting back and screaming your head off is generally enough to scare them because they're not expecting it (all explained in the classes, there's a lot of psychology behind it too). Krav Maga is something women outside of gun-crazy America can use to fend off attackers and it works so telling women abroad that they're essentially fucked is not just misinformation but potentially really dangerous. My bf attended a class with a pregnant woman who successfully fought back against two men who tried to rob her bag, knocking them to the ground.

Dear women reading this thread, ignore this fucker and please attend a self-defence class you will not regret it. It's the best thing you can do for yourself as a woman.

No. 187306

Not that anon but

>you will be taken down by a man 9/10 times

Yes, that's something we prepare for in Krav Maga. In fact, it's encouraged because you have better access to his face, eyes, balls, ribs (all the sensitive parts) and you've a better kick when you're using the ground to support yourself.

>Look up the story of Male-to-Female Trans, Featherweight, MMA Fighter Fallon Fox, who competes against women

Ridiculous comparison, there are rules in MMA fighting. Have you ever seen an MMA fighter kick another in the balls? Gouge another's eye out? Go ANYWHERE near the head?

Please stop spreading dangerous misinformation and look up what a Krav Maga class actually involves. You're just embarrassing yourself.

No. 187327

File: 1492542056730.png (120.54 KB, 300x359, 1490420330371.png)


That you think you're going to escape these situations easily because your play fights with your instructor going well is over-confidence. Did I know I have stronger kicks lying on the ground? Yes, because everything you mentioned is taught in rape prevention class in 7th grade. While this information may be ground-breaking to you, it's basic information.

The point of the MMA Fighter story was that the mere GRIP STRENGTH of a man compared to a woman was enough to hurt her, but you think someone who intends to commit violence on you, especially Rape, is going to be deterred by your short arms trying to reach for his eyes (omg this method).

Literally no one suggested you lie down and take it, and we're not Robots, and I even said that women should learn to fight, but you are absolutely delusional to tell women to engage a man physically as a first move.

You're really worried about the "fine" of using a spray in self-defense when someone tries to rape you?

I'm completely done arguing with you. I hope you learn a lot, and I hope you never get in a real altercation.

No. 187329

Okay hun, you carry a kitchen knife that you're probably not able to use (and will be disarmed in seconds, leaving you vulnerable since you didn't do any self defence) but don't encourage others to do the same.

>You're really worried about the "fine" of using a spray in self-defense when someone tries to rape you?

It's fucking illegal, you knob. Just being caught CARRYING a spray would get me up to five years in jail. If you have the ability to press down on the cap of some pepper spray, you've the ability to sick something in an attackers eye. Unless you're legit disabled and have no use of your arms.

No. 187330

>ITT robots who want to discourage women from learning self defence and convincing them that carrying a weapon which is easily disarmed will somehow magically protect them.

Please don't listen, ladies. Protect yourselves.

No. 187344

Great, more /k/ocksuckers who pretend to be self-defence 'experts' and jack off to the thought of overpowering a small woman because they've nothing else going on in life. What tired old garbage.

>You don't know how to use a knife, you could hurt yourself!

>You don't know how to use pepper spray, you could hurt yourself!
>Those people are all stronger than you, you could hurt yourself!
>The only thing you can do if cornered is curl up in a ball and cry, otherwise you might hurt yourself!
>Weapons are ILLEGAL here, you could go to prison!
>I'm an expert, you should trust me!
Ad nauseam.
I really hope whoever actually believes this gets cornered by a pair of angry refugees one day, see how your bottomless well of self-defence knowledge holds up then.

FYI the court/police actually do take your gender and size into account. Crazy, I know. Unless there's clear evidence of you assaulting someone first (motivation, a criminal record), I doubt they're gonna believe the assailant over you in any case. If you get attacked by anyone you should use anything and everything you can get your hands on, it's fucking stupid to go 'well I haven't been taught how to use a knife/pepper spray, that means I'll hurt myself!'. None of the pikeys I've seen down the street know how to use a knife either, but they use em anyway because it's not fucking rocket science is it?

No. 187346

>OP starts a thread about self defence
>is overtaken by raging /rk9/ers who hate the idea of their potential targets knowing how to defend themselves

wow why am I not surprised?

No. 187357

File: 1492558339892.jpg (38.42 KB, 538x448, main-qimg-b776bd4e2a07cca8e4db…)

Let's post some videos that are actually helpful because it seems to trigger the fuck out of men and I'm loving it.

Weak points on the body:
https://youtu.be/3DqJgrdzPHE (knees)
https://youtu.be/8a1fw2PVwu4 (eyes)
https://youtu.be/FPrycDEavVk (nose)
https://youtu.be/HMAb-my-yrk (neck)

If he's choking you from the front:

If he grabs you by the wrist:

If he has you on the ground and is on top of you:

If he's choking you from behind:

If he has a gun:

If he has a knife:

If he's trying to kidnap you:

If he grabs you from behind:

Some real world situations:

Practise these with a friend of bf regularly to the point where you can do them in your sleep. Your muscles will remember the movements. Ask your buddy to surprise you regularly, if you don't know how to react you need to practise more. You need to be FAST because you only have a few seconds to fight them off and run so the more you practise, the better.

You're not going to come out of a situation like this scratch-free but I want to make sure you survive. Anyone who has done any kind of martial arts will tell you that these WORK.


No. 187379


Best part is that I bet the men insisting that a woman would be easily overpowered by a man are obese or skeletons.

Ladies, just remember to always aim for his nuts, ribs, eyes, and ankles if it comes down too it. Once he's stunned enough just run away, don't engage him any further if possible.

If he's grabbing on you and you want to try headbutting him, am for his nose. You don't have to fight clean, bite and scratch him if you're able.

No. 187382

>a woman would be easily overpowered by a man
It is reality though.

Which is why I told my younger sisters when growing up to just go for eyes/throat/nuts, scream and run. A woman hitting a man in the ribs won't do anything.

Any legit self defence class will tell you the same. Pretending that both sexes are the same is just asking for someone to get hurt.

No. 187388

Can you even read well enough to use the internet?

No. 187389

File: 1492569315145.jpg (136.21 KB, 1030x1020, 1492264426690.jpg)

Is anyone else afraid of just freezing up like a deer? I'm afraid I'll get attacked and won't be able to do anything.

No. 187391

What a strange sentence.
Has something upset you?

No. 187393

I'm not the one getting butthurt by women wanting to defend themselves.

No. 187394

It seems you've mistaken me for someone you've made up in your head.

No. 187397

Ok kid

No. 187400

Yeah this is a huge fear of mine, I tend to freeze in scary situations. Also I fear not realising what's going on until it's too late.

I'd recommend going over self defence techniques over and over until it comes naturally to you, that way you don't need to think you can just let muscle memory do its work. Essentially anyone who comes too close for comfort (after you express discomfort and show what your barrier is) has negative intent (why else would they want to make you uncomfortable?) An easy test is to bring your hands up to your face (like you're avoiding a kiss from someone gross lol) and take a step back, he should pull back and be apologetic if he's in any way a decent human being who understands basic social queues. So immediately be wary once that invasion of your space happens and start mentally prepping yourself for what's about to happen, don't let yourself ever be alone with a person like that, lock yourself in the ladies bathroom if you need to (you never know the strength of female comradery until you've sought help from a bunch of drunk girls in the ladies bathroom of a club…seriously bless those girls), start arranging how to get home (call a taxi to be waiting for you), have someone on the phone…

Once his mood changes (generally assholes will go from sweet and charming to insane in a few seconds) fucking run ASAP because you only have those few seconds before it gets physical. Pick up something heavy to hit him with if you can descretly (a bottle, a vase, your handbag, a phone…whatever is near). Trust your INSTINCTS, the human brain is trained to know what anger looks like (look at his eyebrows, his fists, if he's bending his knees to stabilise himself before a punch/grab).

I'm not saying that rapists/attackers are intelligent but instinctively they go for people who they consider weak (there are videos online of people describing their perfect targets, I'll post if I can find them again) so essentially girls who are small, seem shy, wear heels they can't run in, stray from their friends often, are careless with their drinks, look like they are too shy to scream…I'm not saying that you should be constantly on edge while out (that would ruin your night and give you anxiety!) But if he's expecting you to be quiet and not fight back, you have to do the opposite. In those few seconds I mentioned before he attacks when his personality changes, you have the opurtunity to scare the shit out of him (scream, slap him in the face, stomp on his foot, throw something at him…even pretend you heard him say something vulgar to use as an excuse lol) and then RUN. You'll never get in trouble for doing any of those things and running.

Then if you're in a desperate situation and it does escalate, you'll be prepared to protect your body no matter what happens. Your chin will automatically bend down to protect your trachea if you feel a choke happening, you'll automatically raise your knees to protect your vital organs, you'll automatically bring your hands to your face to be ready for a fight.

You'll be fine once you've prepped yourself, anon. Most people I know who have dealt with these situations say thay everything feels like it's in slow motion and your instincts kick in (run if you're able to and be ready to protect yourself if needed). They say that they get an out of body experience and they're surprised at what they managed to achieve in those few seconds.

You're stronger than you think :)

No. 187522

>It's fucking illegal, you knob

Who carries a kitchen knife as a self-defense knife? Like…what the fuck is wrong with you? I know you can't buy sharp objects in England without an ID but good god you are dense.

Also, nice posting 20x in a thread just to claim I'm a /k/loving Robot who has a dominating-woman fetish, it deeply amuses me that you project this image on anyone who disagrees with you. Who's the triggered one exactly? What else can you project?
That I don't know self Defense? That I haven't fought a Man? That I don't know how to use a knife?

>I'm not saying that rapists/attackers are intelligent

So if the rapists isn't smart, I guess that means the victims are even dumber!

>You have a second before he attacks

>Slap him!
>Stop his foot!
>And then turn around and Run!

Yes, Assault the guy to "surprise" him first (wow what a deterrent!), that's never been known to further aggravate a situation.

If your instructors read what you were righting they'd squirm in embarrassment.
>Most people I know who have dealt with these situations say thay everything feels like it's in slow motion and your instincts kick in
>Most people I know who have dealt with these situations
>Most people I know

So you've haven't been in a real situation, and you're just talking out of your ass completely. Hey, I've got a nice style of self-defense class, it's only $400 a level and you can disarm a dude pointing a gun at you! Don't give him your iPhone, give him your fists, ladies!!

You're stronger than you think ; )

No. 187539

I've been kicked in the nuts with steel toed boots, smashed in the head with a bottle and hit/scratched in the face/eyes by normal sized 200 pound men. I hardly noticed, but I do have a scar on my head from the bottle. Don't overestimate the effectiveness of cheap shots. If you live in a dangerous place like South Africa or Detroit you should carry a gun and add pistol shooting to your martial arts skillset. Pretty much the only way to equalize a fight. Yes, judo and such teaches you to use the enemy's weight against him, but that's exactly what your opponent tries against you with the advantage of being twice the size and 3 times as strong. De-escalation and running away are less likely to result in injury.

Perhaps unrelated, but I've met more women who've been attacked by a woman than women who've been attacked by a man. probably has to do with the legions of 100% certified insane people wandering around my town.

this is a weird site. you people are weird.

No. 187541

opinion disregarded

No. 187618

k you're just taking the piss now, couldn't even be bothered to respond but at least now I realise you're a troll

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