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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

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No. 185099

So lolcow is obviously meant to shit on attention whores, but is there anyone who you actually like? sometimes this place gets so fucking nitpicky and it feels like nobody on the internet is allowed to be a real person.

Personally, I like holly and akidearest. which internet people are you fans of?

No. 185101

>is there anyone who you actually like?

No. 185103

Most of the internet ladies I like aren't very well-known, though I do like Dodger/Brooke, Marzia, and Hila.

No. 185117

funfact: Dodger listened to me masturbate repeatedly when i was being stalked by some creep i used to play WoW with

No. 185123

I like Marzia, Venus and don't mind Toxictears. I also still like JonTron and I don't think Suzy is as bad as people here make her out to be.

No. 185127


I kinda like them all, minus toxic tears.

Hmmm, I also kinda don't hate Dakota and feel kinda bad for KiKi

No. 185132

No. 185134

i like venus a bit and i feel kind of bad for cryaotic. there are people on here i wish would get their shit together, like himeka but…
hm. this place is making me cynical, especially about youtubers i used to like

No. 185135

I love Venus and even though I find Yumi King cringey, I really like her crafts tutorials.

No. 185136

lolcow actually got me really into Pixielocks. I adore her and her videos. It's a weird feel.

I also like some of Suzy's videos, but most of the time she just doesn't fucking try - like with her clothes, hair, video preparation/setting/lighting. If she actually dived into the goth style and made it apparent in her videos with decorations and wore her outfits from her daily outfit vids, she could have an audience that isn't just GG leakage.

I liked Scott Jund before I came here (for his honesty and bluntness) and it's interesting to see assholes call him an asshole. He's questionable lately.

This feels like a blogpost, sorry.

Marzia seems cute and sweet, I don't recall her doing anything outrageous, unless you wanna nitpick at how her and Pewdiepie's relationship started.

No. 185137

I watch the odd video from Toxic Tears but it's not her videos that are bad (they're boring, but not lolcow worthy), it's her shitty attitude that shows on fb and twitter that bothers me. I don't want to support someone so aggressive.

No. 185140

I really enjoy Taylor R's videos. She just seems really down to earth and genuine for the most part. I'd never heard of her before seeing her thread here, but I'm glad I found her channel honestly.

No. 185143


There's a youtuber I like tons, her name is Klaire de Lys? She does makeup tuts (both beauty and FX style) tons of DIY crafts (she is totally addicted to her glue gun and it's really funny) and nail art. She's pretty good at all of this, I'm jealous of her for that very reason, and on top of it all she just seems to be a nice person. I don't think she's a cow in any way, though.

No. 185146

I actually first found lolcow because I used to like Dakota and was searching for her pictures. I always used to think her shoops and video editing were great, which they were years ago.

No. 185148

i actually really like Yumi King's tutorials and i do think she's cute when she's not acting retarded with her bf, and i follow Venus, but i don't feel too attached to her.

No. 185149

Not me, but my bf likes Moomoo and i do think she's attractive from the neck down, althought she's getting way too fat for anyone but bbw fetishists.

No. 185150

oo I love her too! I think that youtube might have something in their algorithm that keeps her videos from appearing in my subscriptions, but the "anti-sexy" videos are really impressive to me (though admittedly I know -2 things about makeup)

No. 185151


Haha, I suck at makeup. So when I watch her vids I'm like how does she do this so easily? I can't even into eyeliner!

No. 185156

I don't dislike any of the cows tbh, I just like reading about weird shit and drama. My own life is kinda boring and drama-free, so reading about cows is like a tv show that never ends and can't be predicted.

I actually like Venus, Taylor R, and Yumi King though. They seem cute and nice. Pixyteri is my favorite cow, although I wouldn't say I really like her as a person.

No. 185158

I actually like Asha, I just think she needs serious help. There are other cows who are kinda whacked out but I could imagine being friends with as long as they didn't drag me into drama too…

No. 185160

I like Venus, EYK, and Suzy's alright. I also like Sh0e and Blaire White. But it's always good to keep an open mind and not blindly follow anyone, which is why lolcow is great.

No. 185177


there's one anon in the hartley thread who is a serious weirdo about the girls shitting, also. they'll caption pictures with really nasty stuff, it's like why?

gwen is the fuckup, not the kids; they didn't ask to be born. the girls are gross to look at, yeah, but the focus of the thread is weird or something.

sage for ot and opinions

No. 185181

I don't really hate anyone on here except Margo and most men posted here. I'm here to be entertained really. I even have a lot of empathy for some of the more troubled cows, but ya know I'm just here to have fun.

No. 185183

I like some of the cows for their milk, if that makes sense. Especially Ash. Something about her crazyness really really reminds me of the fantasy worlds I used to live in when I was a kid and she makes me feel like I would have been her if I hadn't snapped out of my delusions when I hit puberty. So she kinda gives me a nostalgic feeling I really like (and somehow hate at the same time) and I'm genuinely rooting for her to get her shit together lol.
Is it weird to see your 8yo self in a cow haha

No. 185188

Samefag, sorry. Just really needed to clarify something.
>Inb4 "Oh so when you were a kid you liked yaoi/(insert the weird sexual shit ash does here)/shaved half your head/etc.?
No, I meant the whole fact she lives in a fantasy world and just generally does her own thing without a singular fuck. The rest of her lolzy shit is just like a really nice bonus, like the cherry on top.

No. 185190

File: 1490855201771.jpg (661.56 KB, 1920x1108, 43270-jessica-nigri-cosplayers…)

I always liked Ally and I'm happy she got better.

I like Jessica Nigri because I just don't get the hate she gets. I know her cosplays can be slutty but I always think she pulls it off. Her Edward is my fav.

Then there's Luna Slater who just fascinates me.

And PT ofcourse, I think it's great how much progress she's made but I used to follow her because she reminded me (to a lesser extent) of me in my weeb days when I was so oblivious and a happy anime gurl.

No. 185196

This basically.
Some of them are shitty people or did bad things, but a lot of them are just people. I feel sorry for most of them.

No. 185209

this is unpopular, but I think Kiki is hilarious and I genuinely enjoy how nutty the insane bitch is. She's like a throwback to those days when reality stars were actually trashy, instead of being just boring. (like the kardashians)

I also unironically support Billie, think she's cute, and wish the best for her.

No. 185211

I adore Kiki too. The big reveal made me like her even more. She's completely insane, and it frustrates me that she pretends she is so freaking boring. Please, embrace yourself and your crazy I love that girl.

No. 185232

I like Kiki too. She seems like a good sister to Dakota, in a weird, fucked up way.

No. 185243

I genuinely like Dakota. I'd even call myself a fan even though I was never into the old doll thing. And I also like Kiki, but tbh I mostly feel bad for her. I feel like we share some things in common, which is odd, and idk, I wish she'd just be happy despite all the shit.

I really like Luna Slater (but she never added me on Instagram sigh) and Amberlynn.

The problem with AL is that i like her so much i get fucking mad that she's eating herself to death and hasn't improved at all since the started youtube and that makes me angry. Maybe she'd describe me as a hater but I get pissy because I really wish I could see her doing better. She's gotten boring and physically HUGEEEE

I also have a bit of a crush on Megan (cam girl thread), even though she seems super dumb. I think she's sexy and I even like her Björk-ish face

I really don't hate any cows except for onion

Reposted this to fix a typo and add a few things

No. 185246

This is no unpopular opinion but I feel awful for PT and I miss how carefree she used to be, even if she faked confidence. I even find some of her old weeb pictures cute, like the yellow cheerleader ones. A lot is due to her own mental issues, but we did ruin her by pushing her too far. Like with Chris-chan.

I like Venus and ItsBlackFriday. They say make some piss poor choices sometimes but I don't get the hate. Fuck Margo though.

I actually used to like and follow Yumi King's sewing channel way before she started speaking in her videos, when she used background music. Now she turned it into some shitty Aliexpress catalogue (plus hammering her gross ddlg relationship). Her taste was pretty shit but the way she explained things was very clear and straight to the point for a total sewing newbie, and with different fabrics and measures you could easily adapt it to better looking dresses, costumes and alterations.

No. 185399

I like toxic tears. While I do get why people are critical of some of the things she has said I think its wierd that a lot of peoples biggest gripe is because shes bigger than she used to be.

No. 185403

Kiki,Kota, Yumi King and the Hartley Hooligans (except Gwen)

No. 185417

I liked Haku/Mikhail even back when it was trendy to hate him. He did cringy shit in the past but always was a cool, quiet guy. Never attention whored.

No. 185424

megan from camgirl thread, i love venus. leda, shiloh and nicole dollanganger :/

the only ones i really hate are onion lad and margo

No. 185506

I like Jessi Slaughter the more I read about her. I don't mind that she's an SJW now, I think it's cute.

I don't mind Aly. I just think she's very naive.

No. 185519

Same. I mainly just have a weird fascination with the Hartley Hooligans and the MIB people and can't look away.

Most other cows seem quite innocuous.

No. 185617

I feel so bad for Jessi. She clearly didn't have the best parenting to begin with (what kind of parents let their 11 year old make a video of themselves cussing and threatening to kill people?), the entire internet came after her and terrorized her, her dad got arrested for punching her and then he died, and she got statutory raped by some 19 year old creep when she was 12 and he posted her CP nudes online. Can you imagine how fucked up you'd be if all of that happened in your childhood? I really hope she's able to move past all that and have a stable life.

Same for Venus, I'm really happy that she escaped her batshit crazy abusive mom and is having fun in Japan with Manaki and Taylor.

I hope Onision's kids are able to escape their horrible abusive dad someday.

No. 185641

someone probably said this already but i've become fond of taylor R and venus (especially venus) solely for the irrationality of the sperg-chans haunting those threads. rooting for them to do well just to watch these (who am i kidding, it's probably one person ala keek doing this) salty jealous bitches go insane. best revenge is a life lived well, venus!

No. 185644

I liked Toopoor for a hot minute and followed her after finding her here and found her entertaining. Even had images of her in my rotating phone backgrounds. But now I can't stand her anymore (that God awful voice and attitude)

Sorta feel for Luna (Slater). She's pretty horrible but I can't seem to dislike her and she seems to have severe psychological issues. Probs because of my low self-esteem and the fact she makes me feel better about being hopelessly depressed and a bad adult

No. 185645

I like Jenna Marbles and Chelcie Lynn (fat blonde redneck impersonator "Tammy"). Simply for the fact that they give zero fucks

No. 185646

File: 1491280756929.jpg (11.93 KB, 200x200, DF0267F27A1303928080271912960_…)

No. 185649


I personally like Kappa. Her pictures of flowers and stuff are wonderful to look at. PT is also my favorite, plus she's my guilty crush haha
I also don't mind Kiki,Kotex, and surprisingly Sheena.

No. 185650

I'm actually friends with someone in the snow thread and I do
Iike her quite much she isn't a really close friend but still a friend
some stuff she does is just cringeworthy and I'm kinda glad that someone calls her out but then people on here get like 50 % of the facts wrong or exaggerated them. I would love to correct them to show that she is not that bad but I don't feel like exposing myself, or getting called a whiteknight.
so I'm just lurking and correct some heavy bullshit on occasion

No. 185651

I like Asha. That's about it.

No. 185680

I like Marzia, she's very unproblematic as she doesn't get involved in any e-drama or have any milk (that we know of at least), which is quite rare for internet personality like her, she knows how to mind her own business.

I also like Taylor R and enjoy her videos, I'm glad she dropped the ultra-kawaii style and speaking in fake baby voice fairly quickly.

No. 185716

I know luna through mutual mutual friends and kind of root for her from afar. if she got rid of lurch and saw a shrink I genuinely believe she could be a brilliant person.
Also not that anyone keeps up with her but trisha paytas omg. "I am a chicken nugget" is grade a performance art.

No. 185753

Venus is my fav.
I like EYK, Taylor R and the foreign idol thread made me remember I liked kerukkuma. But only because she had a good voice
I also like Dakota because she can at least pronounce japanese better than most jvloggers

No. 185755

Most of the people I like don't have threads or aren't really flakes or cows. I really like Princessmei, Jordi (itslilelymakeup), Joji, Peanutbuttergamer. I also like h3h3 and jontron even though they've had some controversy recently. Kota isn't that bad imo even though she's pretty fake and blocked me; I still think she's really cute. I don't really understand what Taylor R did wrong, I actually kinda like her. I used to like Leda and Yumi too.

No. 185824

Amina, Venus, Kota, Billie, Micky (sometimes), and of course, the queen PT…I like Luna a little, mostly because I was in a very similar situation to her's before. I like toopoor but that's going away fast with her pettiness and her flaking on the dj set pissed me off. I feel sorta bad for Himeka but there's no point in that.

No. 185827

I like Taylor. She's cringey at times but I enjoy her videos. I wish my life was similar to hers.

No. 186614

i'm not a big fan of internet personalities. i feel like anyone actively working toward having an online fanbase must have something wrong with them. some just hide it better.

No. 186615

I like Taylor, Aki, and Venus.
Taylor's thread barely has anything worthwhile to frequent. Everyone just nitpicks on her face or how "fat" she looks. I think she seems like a nice girl and has great fashion sense.
Aki is a little cringy but she seems to be a nice person. I would be friends with her.
Similar thing with Venus - she seems very warm-hearted. And of course, I sympathize with the drama with her mom and understand how tough everything must be for her. I don't really watch her videos though because they're kind of cringy to be honest lol

No. 186641

I like the Jvloggers I used to watch like Kim Dao, Sharla, and Rachel and Jun (I stop watching them because I find vlogging boring). I honestly don't understand why they have a thread along with some of the other threads in snowflake (Venus, Gaijin Gyaru, Nicole Dollanger to name a few). They don't have shitty personalities, major drama, or extremely cringey behavior to make them interesting to read about and dislike.

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