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No. 184005

She is not really a lolcow so i'm posting here in /ot instead than /snow.

Daria Huddy is a jobless insane australian Pixyteri look-a-like with a printer fetish who makes videos dancing in her underwear and showing us her "art".

I kek'd so hard i cried and you guys also deserve to watch this.

No. 184006

If she doesn't deserve her own thread, you should delete it now before the 30s runs out and put it in the cringe video thread

No. 184007

She is 44 btw

No. 184008


She is not cringe, just crazy and funny.

No. 184010

Then this should be in /snow/, but whatever

No. 184013


I don't think she is milky enough to be in /snow… i mean, she is the same kind of crazy as the bus driver stalker; but she doesn't obsses over real people so she is a harmless crazy. Also all of her sperging is in video form.

Here she is showing her house to Luigi, who i think is her imaginary friend.

No. 184014

looking like pt…

No. 184015

Moar Luigi

No. 184016

Well at least she gets fun

No. 184017

lowkey would like to party

No. 184019

sex machine

No. 184020

she is not that bad looking for being in her 40s.. also long mirrored version of the previous night-cored version i guess.

No. 184021

she wants luigi to fuck her on top of a public copier… also she met luigi 29 years ago

No. 184022

psychotic breakdown and more luigi talk

No. 184023

NSFW, says how much she loves luigi and copiers and kind of gets off lmao

No. 184025

NSFW, half-naked video of her dancing and grinding on the copier

No. 184026

night core nsfw of her dancing almost naked on the copier

im going to sleep, tomorrow i'll post more

No. 184029

last one, 1 hour video long about her talking about autism… i'm not gonna watch it, do as you want

No. 184047

Where do you even find this stuff

No. 184056


petite tube

No. 184065


Come on, now, we're not blind.

No. 184068


what do you mean? she is a woman

No. 184090

just a typical Friday night

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