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No. 182490

I'm way too terrified to pursue e-fame but i'm fascinated by the idea and have been thinking about it a lot lately.

Social media keeps changing and expanding and i almost feel like everything is so much there's a bunch of white noise & its hard to be relevant because the next new thing is around the corner.

How does one become an "it girl"? Do you think they buy their way into it? Lies? Publicity?

Instagram is flooded with C-rate girls passing for B to A-rate angles

Ideally from the people you like to follow online what kind of content do you like to see

No. 182521

Posting bc interested af.

I think it's more than 'they just got lucky lololol i'm so mad,' tbh. They know how to network and know who to start with to get their views and followers up. But, das all I got.

No. 182538


Also from what I hear, it's years and years of being "unfamous" and trying to build a small network until word gets out about them and then people tell other people and those people tell more people and it goes on.
Since there's a lot of white noise on social media, it'll take quite some time to be seen, but keep at whatever you're doing (let it be art or posting shooped selfies of yourself) and word will get around.
Good thing is that there's a lot of shit content out there, so if what you're posting is quality, it'll really stand out.
I've also noticed your medium type plays a big role, like someone who draws well or is a cosplayer is more likely to get somewhat efamous than someone who likes coding or knitting, unless you're making REALLY cool, novel shit.
Just my petty two cents. Hope it helps OP

No. 182550

>actually intelligent/educated
>doesn't just post shit like h8rs make me famou$$$$ in response to criticism
>don't cave to sjw or alt right types and have an educated response during controversial episodes
>has some sort of talent outside of posting selfies with ~poignant~ captions that they continue to hone throughout e-celeb career
>invests back into platform
>have a personality beyond "I'm SHOOK honey that is f l e e k af tbh ?????"

No. 182552

What I'm personally always looking for are people my age or older (26+) who are putting out well presented interesting content, clear photography is essential. I like outfit/lifestyle shots and I'm happy to see the same outfits or layouts re-used. I prefer that to constantly new items because it feels more genuine.
Like everyone else, I'm sick of selfies. I don't care if they're beautiful or their personal rants, I care about their content.

No. 182599

>don't cave to sjw or alt right types
eeh doesn't catering to sjws actually score you brownie points and get you a bit more exposure or whatnot? I could be wrong since I don't lurk on toomblr much so I really don't know how it works, but I thought pandering actually worked?

No. 182602

I guess it's anon's personal opinion since thread name is "what YOU want…"

Either way, catering to either SJW or alt right is a good move but then your followers will all be retarded fucks whereas if you're not as retarded they will also be not as retarded. I guess it depends on what you want really.

Not appealing to either and keeping yourself away from polemic topics sound like the best idea tbh, maybe throwing in some gay and black supporting stuff since these are not as controvestial.

No. 182635

I'm super interested in this. I guess it's probably because I don't have a lot of friends and I'd legit treat my followers like friends.

When I was around 12 I used to make short comedic films and song parodies with my best friend at the time. Then a year later YouTube came along and those kinds of videos were really popular and I kind of kicked myself for not catching onto the trend but in hindsight I was really young and I'm glad I didn't. Still, I know it would have been the exact kind of humour that did well on YouTube in its early days.

I constantly see videos now that cover things I like and I keep thinking "Wow why didn't I make that first?" Like I've always been really interested in UFO and cryptid sightings, creepypasta, unsolved mysteries and creepy mythology from various cultures and I've always considered doing a podcast on them. Now all of a sudden EVERYONE on YouTube is making videos on these topics and I'm really upset that I didn't start a channel and do my thing earlier.

I guess the biggest thing holding me back is my lack of confidence and low self-esteem. I keep waiting until I've lost weight and somehow gotten pretty to put my face on camera but that day never comes.

No. 182684

To be useful and not broadcast their opinions online because it usually ends up in their little lemming followers doing some crazy shit to a supposed 'hater' or 'evil' company.

I follow people if they have something to offer. If they draw funny comics I want them to keep it as apolitical as possible and upload often. If they're a beauty blogger I want them to post their foundation shade, makeup routine and write honest reviews without 'totally loving' everything they get from a sponsor. I want them to have their own style and not just parrot every other Kylie wannabe. This is why I largely stay away from YouTube gurus nowadays.

If they're doing anything else I want practical advice and how-tos with pictures. I don't care about your baby/puppy/kitty/hubby/mummy/daddY/boyfie. I don't care what you had for breakfast or what you think about Republicans or where you went on holiday unless it's in some way relevant to your channel.

As a disclaimer, I do read diary/lifestyle blogs and I don't have anything against them, but the ones I read usually aren't actively trying to entice an audience into thinking their life is a perfect fairytale, pushing products/workout regimes or actively promoting themselves. They're just normal folk in their own little internet space, so I don't have the same expectations of them as I do of commercial bloggers/YouTubers/proper 'e-celebs'.

No. 182704

Just make some content already, it doesn't matter if it's derivative and 'what everyone else is doing'. Very little is original and social media is filled with copies, even if you did something original it would be copied.
So just pick a topic you enjoy and start putting out stuff, if you're good at it then people will come eventually and you can always shift your focus if you think of something more interesting or original to do instead. If you're talking about something that's too similar to another person's content then just reference that opaquely, everyone loves an honest cross-reference.
You can always delete and start again but if you keep waiting then you're losing valuable improvement time. If you spend all your time just thinking about how you should have, then maybe you like the idea of it more than actually doing it.

No. 182819

>but then your followers will all be retarded fucks whereas if you're not as retarded they will also be not as retarded
I notice that the mellow artists I follow (not e-celebs but are pretty good at what they do despite having lower follower count) tend to get along pretty well and rarely get hate. E-famous artists attract the crazies with their own crazy. Wonder why.

No. 182881

this is gonna sound vain as hell but i legitimately think i have a LOT of potential to be e-famous at least in the instagram sense. i actually have connections via friends who are actual models (like legit runway nyfw models, not IG thot models), friends who are in very trendy bands with annoying ass stans that follow me JUST because i know the bands irl, and acquaintances with decent followings and connections to other ig personalities who are kinda famous on like a an alt art/ music/ fashion community level. i know if i worked on my insecurities, lost maybe 5 pounds and improved enough on my art to feel more confident about posting it i could generate some actual quality content and market myself towards both genuinely cool people as well as that stupid Art Ho/ tumblr toopoor tryhard goth aesthetic following. like I know EXACTLY what to post to reel them in and i have people i could buddy up a little more with (as fuckin manipulative as that sounds i mean that in a non-sociopathic way, i've been meaning to genuinely hang out with people and better my friendships and work on my social anxiety). i'm very weird looking from certain angles but i know my good angles that transform me into an aesthetically attractive person at least from the internet's pov. i know that i could do this without being a fucking snowflake about it and my actual, genuine interests and hobbies would luckily photograph well and definitely could cultivate a following, which could end up benefitting me financially if i play my cards right and wanted to start selling my art.

the only thing stopping me from achieving this is myself, my reclusive tendencies as well as my own dumb ass social media anxiety where i post and then delete selfies or photos of my art that on second glance i realize aren't 'good enough', i rly envy people who already have it together and i feel like this year i'm going to try and push myself more both as an actual person and also in regards to my online presence. sorry this post is probably very rambly and bloggy but GOOD LUCK to you other anons! i hope we all achieve this stupid ass e-fame and can use it to our advantage

No. 182903

lol true v good points, thanks!!! good luck to you too if you desire the same type of thing

i'm in a very rare creative mood right now so i'll use that to my advantage for now and get a jumpstart on this thing (and maybe also go to the gym soon when my cold goes away)

No. 182904

sage for samefag and forgetting to add this but i'm also gonna start doing therapy and taking care of myself mentally again so that will definitely help to stop my anxiety from ruining my internet presence

No. 182932

Go for it anon and do update us!

No. 183492

wow thanks for all the interesting responses ya'll

would you be okay with saying one of the bands?

No. 183510

I have too much of a shady past filled with attention seeking and mental illness that would be uncovered if I attempted to even try to become someone noteworthy, Doesn't even matter that I've gotten help and my life is stable af, I just know that it'd come out somehow and honestly I'd fear even being posted on /snow/ or /pt/ for my stupid past shit.

But I really always wanted to start a youtube so I'm fucked, Best to stay unnoticed and unharmed.

No. 183640

If you really still wanted to go that route you would probably need to beat people to the punch and discuss your past. lolcow has the biggest hate boner for people who never change or atone for their actions, which is honestly most of the people posted here. Showing you've grown might stave some of that off. Of course, if you got popular enough you'd have critics no matter what, but they can't say they've "uncovered" some secret past if you just put it all out there.

No. 183670

I think of becoming e-famous similarly to becoming a stripper. I perfectly well understand the psychology of pandering and selling myself in such a blunt and forthright way, and I believe I have untapped reserves of manipulation within me if it's for a clear and reasonable goal, but I probably don't have the stamina to be really successful at it.

My boyfriend and I actually set out a plan for him to gain more followers, because he wants to be a model and all the agencies he looked at prefer if you're instafamous or otherwise publically creative. The plan involved things like posting more of his music but with better lighting and filmography, regular interesting shots of him by me, 'collaboration' (His sister is also weirdly naturally good at instagram), dedicated tags to use all the time etc.

On a tangent, from an arty/alt point of view, I think a big boost to your e-fame is if you're in a relationship with someone who's at least as aesthetic as you. We both follow e-famous couples on instagram and go 'that could be us' because we studied what works and what doesn't in the way they post. And since I am dedicated to an art form that's shit hot trendy right now (hand poked tattoos) and I know my angles, I don't think selling ourselves for followers would be that difficult.

It may result in actual money and creative satisfaction, but more likely it will be a massive drain and I will smash my router and run away into the woods.

No. 183713

This is seriously great advice and I was thinking of just going this route and being upfront about the person I once was, Who knows maybe it'll help others identity with the problems I had so they can seek help I dunno. But you're right, Just being upfront is the best foot forward funny enough lolcow and the people we actively dislike has helped me grow and take personal responsibility for myself.

Either way thank you for the solid advice anon I really appreciate it.

No. 183719

Literally the only reason I would want to be an e-celeb is that I love editing videos and I love working from home. Being paid to do both is my dream job but most of those types of jobs pay pennies usually so the only way really to do it is either to become an e-celeb myself or to find an up-and-comer and become their editor.

I thought about applying to be an editor at established yter groups but those are highly competitive and that's just not what I want. I just want a comfy editing job from home where I can wear pjs all day. Jenna Marbles has it made man, she's completely given up on her hot girl persona and lives in her pjs all day every day and leaves the house like once a day to go to target.

No. 183732


Do you even have to talk about it? Farmers for one don't really care for the past of e-celebs alone and unless anyone messes up presently, they won't even consider talking about it -> no milk
Being upfront sounds good but could also be unnecessary and compromising and tbh, awkward. But that depends on how you feel about it ofc and could be a good step.
I have a bad past, too and am recovering from mental illness, too. Personally, I feel like my past is safely buried and that I liberated myself enough so that noone can truly control me or truly harm me with it.
I don't know your situation and I agree caution is advised putting oneself out there.
But I'm sure the past is not guaranteed to bite one in the ass. If you put out good content and have the consistency you know you have, then backlashes, rumors, etc can only do so much even in that case. Think about what lolcows do and how it still unproportionatly gets back to them.
I think it also depends on the exposure. Unless you have really high numbers people are not all too interested in tearing you down. Meanwhile you can put out your content, create a substantial image, something to show for that stands against any doubt and work your way up.
Idk, these are just some ideas.

No. 183742

This, there's a real distinction of 'clearing the air' and addressing something once before leaving it alone, to just bringing it up constantly in an attempt to beat everyone to the punch about it.
I once started chatting to a girl who had been in some big online drama years ago, when I realized it was her I was a bit surprised but didn't really care, everyone does dumb stuff when they're young and people change. However she would just randomly bring it up out of the blue and rant about it, and would even post about it on forums to defend herself or share "her side" or whatever. I stopped talking to her because it was all she talked about. If she had stopped rising to everyone that mentioned it and instead focused on putting the so called "real her" out there in an unrelated way, people probably would have forgotten about the drama anyway. Trolls gonna troll, you've got to be ready to ignore it after you've taken what you can from it.

No. 183746

Unlesss you've been a stripper, I don't think you can make that assessment. At the very least it's like being a camgirl

Being a stripper gets you instant money. You don't have to work up a following. You just show up and start earning. However, it's a dangerous job. Every night you can be followed home and killed or raped. Being internet famous can be done from the privacy of your own home. Unless you're really stupid with tagging locations, you will never be in danger as frequently

No. 183775

You're right. And reading that back it was super unclear and based entirely on my own ideas of how I would go about being a stripper, but I was talking nonsense because I had read a few stripper diaries one time. Sex workers have my full support and respect.
sage for off-topic/not adding anything to dialogue

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