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No. 180955

What do you think of japan denying their war crimes that their country committed during ww2? And also downplaying those atrocities? How about keeping them out of their history books?

No. 180956

I bet they keep Unit 731 out of their history books. Weebs are disgusting.

No. 180957

how about what they did to korea?
recently read a book about it and god its disgusting

No. 180958

I don't see how war crimes of any variety are shocking or "wrong", given the situation. War isn't pretty ,and it's stupid to be a referee for what is and isn't acceptable in war.

No. 180959

Why was this moved?

No. 180960

I'd say there's a big difference between doing what's necessary to win a war, and conducting massively inhumane experiments on civilian populations, wouldn't you?

War crimes are essentially things that aren't necessary evils.

No. 180961

It's in the past… like 70 years in the past. Move on

No. 180962


Your probably a troll, but there's gonna be people out there who would legitimately use that argument.

The fact to that is while Nazi's have been and are being hunted down for their atrocities (rightfully so), that's not really happening for former Imperial Japanese. With over 80,000 nazis having been tried for war crimes compared to about 5,600 Imperial Japs, that means for every Imperial Jap who faced justice, fourteen nazi's also faced the same.

Largely, most eastern war criminals have gotten away with it.

This matters because even though it's over 70 years ago, true justice has not been delivered. Statistically, you'll find tons of these Japanese war criminals who are still alive to this day. They can still be brought to justice, but there's no action being done.

It also matters because all those in the highest parts of power in Japan today downplay and deny these historical facts. It's a major slap in the face to the dead and living victims of those actions.


Same as what I said above in relation to trolling and excuses.

Most incidents committed by Imperial Japs were not rogue groups of soldiers acting on their own, but direct orders from Hirohito and others high up in the military.

These war crimes were not like the Dachau Massacre, while still fucked up, understandable why they occurred.

There's no rational reason for Imperial Soldiers to have viciously raped 50,000 Chinese women. Or to throw infants into the air and catch them with their bayonets. (aka the Nanking Massacre)

The Japanese military did not commit war crimes by accident, or commit war crimes that aren't really war crimes (I'm talking about things like hollow-point bullets quite literally being illegal in war.)

WW2 Japan instead committed acts of pure moral insanity.


They actually do keep that subject and other related topics totally out of what is taught to students.


Korea is sadly one of many nations in which the Imperial Government inflicted tragedies upon during WW2. Disgust is my same viewpoint also.

No. 180963

Most people living today weren't even alive back then…same for Germany.
I don't understand why the people today still have to feel like murderers because of something the generation before them did. Also why the victims still have to feel like victims.
Why punish the children for their (grand)parents' crimes.

No. 180964

there is one thing to not punish the children for the crime of their ancestors

there is another thing to downplay the horrors and deny them

No. 180965

It's extremely fucked up. The US has committed its own share of war crimes that never, ever get talked about either, too, though, so…

No. 180966


Agreed. The worst thing that comes to my mind when it comes to American War Crimes is the use of Agent Orange.

Vietnamese children born years and generations away from the conflict have come into the world deformed because of that chemical in awful ways.

American Vets who were exposed to the material often come down with harmful diseases caused by the experience. Vets are pretty much being fuckin' killed by Vietnam decades after leaving the jungle.

For many years, the American government did not recognize the the harmful effects of Agent Orange, even when evidence clearly showed Humans weren't meant to interact with the shit. It's a horrible moment in history.

No. 180967

Honestly my sympathy for the Korean comfort women whet out of the window when I found out that Korean soldiers did exactly the same to Vietnamese women during the Vietnam war.

All Koreans are so butthurt about 'muh comfort women' but the soldiers who raped and abused Vietnamese women are hailed as heroes and have even had statues erected in their honor in SK.

No. 180968

You have no sympathy for the women who were horribly raped because the men in their country did the same thing? You can't possibly feel bad for all victims of horrible rape?

You are fucking vile tbh

No. 180969

So because one country denies their war crimes, that makes it okay for other countries to it too?

No. 180970

File: 1486631035189.gif (53.81 KB, 450x302, vivisect.gif)

Why is this thread in /sty/ This is a far more interesting topic than fucking most shit on /ot/?

>"War isn't pretty mang"

Isn't an argument neither is
>"Gawsh darn that shit happend 70 years ago git over it"

I think this is an interesting topic to discuss Japan seems to have a sqewed idea of WWII justifying their denials of the Geneva convention, torture of allied soldiers and innocents, invasion of China and the flea bombing of china, Japan fucked korea/china basically all of asia China was very much treated like a stomping ground to Japan during WWII like France a neutral nation Japan tested biological weapons on Chinese population fostering them to use against the allies. Heck they even bombed Darwin for some reason, it got scary in the pacific because of Japan. A lot of historians argue the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were an act of desperation for U.S only to end the war sooner as the remaining axis power but if they hadn't done that i'm almost certain Australasia would be turned to shreds by the demented Japs they showed no sign of stopping.

Imperial Japan was always screwy they denied signing the Geneva convention with this a shit load of war crimes were committed, many allied prisoners died in prison from the squvved conditions, torture was a must rather than being looked down upon, women raped, children butchered in Korea and China, pure evil they treated their men as disposable and shitty if they showed mercy, as though they had no point to live if they didn't kill the enemy. Out of desperation they stooped to even lower levels of suicidal, kamikaze tactics.

Japan was and always has been fucked the emperor was perhaps the most responsible for such atrocities, I recall learning how japans prime minister was contacted by FDR before Pearl harbor, with no response at all from Japan they attacked. They never negotiated, unconditional surrender was never a thing in their nations mind. Hideki Tojos execution was a scapegoat for the emperor Japan learned nothing from the suffering they caused on themselves, the allies and the pacific.

Nowadays i'm unsure how they teach this to modern children in Japan, it is difficult to sugar coat such atrocities, the Nazis had some horrible shit with concentration camps and such but at least they had Erwin Rommel and matured, veteran military leaders who had standards among other commendable qualities such as guerrilla tactics.

Moshi moshi desu ne~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
sugoi chemical and biological testing on China was kawaii~~

No. 180971

I guess I worded it wrong, I'm not talking about the abused women in particular. English not first language etcetc.

I have no sympathy for the Koreans who are currently butthurt over not having recived an apology from the Japanese because they won't acknowledge history, since Koreans are doing exactly the same same.

No. 180972

>Why is this thread in /sty/ This is a far more interesting topic than fucking most shit on /ot/?

because the new mods on this site are extra sensitive when it comes to race related topics especially if it involves blacks or asians. bunch of sjw weebs.

No. 180973


If you're not a troll, then you should be ashamed of yourself. One evil does not cancel out when another horrible act is committed.


It's an important discussion to have. It's pretty fucked having this thread yanked over here be cause I'm pretty sure this section of the site is visited far less than /ot/ (correct me if I'm wrong.)

It's robbing individuals of a good education. If the people don't learn, then history will perish.

No. 180974

The thread was moved because it seemed like bait. As long as there's legitimate discussion, it can go back to /ot/.

No. 180979


Well, and it's also talking shit about this site's fav source country of Weebness.

No. 180983

They get away because US bombed them. That was the biggest mistake. Now the can play the victim and downplay the fact they were as bad as the nazis~ On the other hand, look at Germany.

No. 180986

It's been a while since I researched this topic, but when I did I found the issues to be vastly overblown and some of the claims just downright false.

Japan has apologized for the war and their actions repeatedly, both officially by the government as an entity and by individual politicians- so much so there was an entire wikipedia article about it. Other politicians, Abe in particular, have made inflammatory remarks, true, but is simply not accurate to say Japan has never apologized.

Japan also payed Korea money as compensation for comfort women. Unfortunately it seems the individual women never received this money because the Korean government funneled it into other projects. I don't think they did the same for China or any other country though.

As for the issues of history books, there were two main points of contention. The first and most prominent was the subtle and not-so-subtle praising of how imperialism was good for Japan and the countries it took over. The second issues was that textbooks either didn't provide enough details or didn't talk about the atrocities enough. Japan doesn't have some vast conspiracy to keep it's citizens from learning about things likes Unit 731, and that's not even what critics were accusing them of.

What Japan did was horrible and there are things to criticism them about, but there's also a lot of misinformation and just plain bullshit. It is very likely that Korea and to a lesser extent China will never be satisfied with anything Japan will or will not do.

No. 180998


Apologies are not diplomatic lipservice. Apologies have to be sincere. He "apologizes" because it's all the pressure he gets over it so he doesn't look that bad.

Lol and you just brought up a bunch of shit that proved my point( like the money not going really to the women, ect.)

Outta here ya weeb.

No. 180999

No, I just think it's dumb that everyone wants to bring up Japan being fucked up whenever possible to trigger weebs, but so many of those same people are hush-hush about America's war crimes or just completely ignorant to them.

No. 181002


nice try to detrail bruh…

we were just talking about murican war crimes…

No. 181010

Not derailing, I just see this sort of "Wow weebs are terrible ppl for liking japan even though they've committed war crimes?? smh :/" rhetoric much too often, and something tells me these people aren't nearly as judgmental toward kids who think America is the "coolest" country (or hardcore American patriots), Anglophiles (or proud Britbongs), and anyone who admires any other country that has its own share of fucked up history that they've never apologized for or even acknowledged until forced to. And the only discussion about American war crimes I've seen in this thread is by the one anon who mentioned Agent Orange in direct response to my post.

No. 181011

Apologies by heads of state are more often than not just diplomatic lip service. this isn't new to Japan. It's not really Japan's fault if the Korean government didn't give the money to the women. What's Japan supposed to do? Knock on doors and hand the money over personally?

No. 181012

It seems more like you are offended that someone dares to criticise Japan because you are a weeb, than people criticising japan just to offend weebs.

No. 181014

Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess. I'm certainly not defending Japan's actions because they're disgusting, it's just that this "what about unit 731" meme seems to come not out of the intent to show sympathy for the victims or even raise awareness, but an intent to yell at weeaboos.

No. 181015


Yeah you're butthurt because criticism is being held of Japan. Get over it.

I like how Japan has the shrine up which is in part dedicated to certain Imperial War Criminals. It's really touching.

No. 181016


Ah yes, all of the multiple apologies Japan have given over the years have just been fake. Of course.

The money not going to women isn't Japan's fault. Japan did it's part, the Korean government mismanaging it is on them.

No. 181019

I also call bullshit it's hillarious seeing this thread in /ot/ amongst the "Moving to Japan" and multitude of weab fashion threads kek.

No. 181020

File: 1486702675549.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.77 KB, 848x557, F9C4713.jpg)

Misinformation, the fact that this thread was considered "bait" is an extension of the manipulation Japan has on it's own history.

>Instead of being tried for war crimes, the researchers involved in Unit 731 were secretly given immunity by the U.S. in exchange for the data they gathered through human experimentation.[11]

>Japanese history textbooks usually contain references to Unit 731, but do not go into detail about allegations, in accordance with this principle.[62][63] Saburo Ienaga's New History of Japan included a detailed description, based on officers' testimony. The Ministry for Education attempted to remove this passage from his textbook before it was taught in public schools, on the basis that the testimony was insufficient. The Supreme Court of Japan ruled in 1997 that the testimony was indeed sufficient and that requiring it to be removed was an illegal violation of freedom of speech.[64]

It's as if you didn't even attempt to read the article. So yeah I agree with >>180998 you're a stupid weab.

This meme exists for a reason though look at >>180986 anon denying the events of unit 731, it's disgusting. It may seem like a empty excuse to pick on weabs to you but it's a serious realm of discussion for others and more importantly the Japanese government.

No. 181025

You just sound butthurt that someone is calling you out on pretending to care about actual, painful historical events.

No. 181028


Shut up, you insensitive yenta.

Now, I'm going to discuss someone I believe is referred to as being "The Mengele of the East". If it's actually not true, it still rightfully so applies to him.

His name is Shiro Ishii. At Kyoto Imperial University he studied heavily the effects that chemical and biological weapons had on Soldiers during World War 1.

He was extremely obsessed with his goal of wanting to add to the info of what humanity knew about the human body and exposure to chemicals. No doubt he was with his education planning to fulfill his goal.

The Japanese Army assisted him with this goal, with 1932 finding himself heading up the Biological Warfare division of Japan.

He would often on the fly think up of experiments. Some such as studying blood loss via amputating the limbs of victims. Frostbite was created via exposure in a freezer set to below zero temps.

Individuals dehydrated to fatality. Creation of various pathogens in the lab to give to Prisoners, for testing the effects. (They weren't even told straight, but made to believe they were receiving vaccinations.

These persons were dissected alive without anything to put them to sleep or null the pain, in order to further observe the effects of the diseases on the body. I could go on and on.

Ishii refereed to those he was killing as "Logs". Why? Because after they had perished, their corpses were turned to ashes with fire.

With Japan surrendering in the conflict, Shiro had all 150 of his subjects under his care at the time executed. Plague infested fleas and rats by the thousands and millions were released and thus killed tens and thousands of Chinese in the surrounding area.

I believe estimates are around 400,000 for the number of people killed by Shiro's experiments. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong though.

No. 181029

>the fact that this thread was considered "bait" is an extension of the manipulation Japan has on it's own history
Fuck off, you can't just claim your assumptions as fact.

Source: I reported this thread because it looked like another racebait thread (edegelord image, pre-weighted OP with no sources linked) and also because we used to have the "one political thread at a time" rule. However, I do personally believe that Japan committed many war crimes and atrocities and that it keeps it out of the schoolbooks. Your assumption sucks.
Addendum: I come here to talk about weeb gossip and vaginas, I don't see why /pol/ is needed here

No. 181033

Nah, I'm going to continue replying just because you sound like a salty cunt, and you came at me first. I seriously hope you also make it a point to read about the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, Abu Ghraib, Agent Orange, etc.
Those who have an actual interest in the subject and the fate of those subjected to the Rape of Nanking, Unit 731, etc and want to discuss it are not wrong, though. Just people like you who get aggressive when someone strikes a nerve on your motivations.

No. 181034

>I come here to talk about weeb gossip and vaginas, I don't see why /pol/ is needed here
It's not "needed" it's just an interesting topic to discuss why so salty? I linked Wikipedia links that link to academic links but whatevs you can treat it as if it's assumption. I mean the photo that I linked is literally a real, elucidated image from the time how anti "assumption based" can that shit get. There's literally dozens of photographs that prove these "assumptions".

No. 181035

You misunderstood, your incorrect assumption was "the fact that this thread was considered "bait" is an extension of the manipulation Japan has on it's own history".
It's incorrect because the reason the thread was reported as racebait is that the OP is terrible and looks like racebait, not because people don't believe in the atrocities or whatever reasons you claim to be FACT and this is why I'm salty. I was talking about lack of sources in reference to the OP, which has no links on it anywhere, not any other posts.

I'll agree you that it's perfectly fair for people to discuss whatever they want even if I don't like it, but my point was that the thread was terribly set up to look like racebait.

No. 181051


So the Japanese supreme court ruling that the attempts by a conservative cabinet member to take testimony of Unit 731 out is illegal is somehow proof that Japan covers up Unit 731? Lol what?

You're stretching so hard and you're full of shit, you delusional koreaboo.

No. 181053


koreaboo = not kissing Japanese ass?


I do not have any issues with Japanese people in a whole. Or Chinese. Or Korean. Or White. Black. Whatever. My issues lie with the Imperial Japanese who did these actions. You are all turning this quickly into some sort of race thing. Or nationality based.

No. 181060


fool i'm >>180970 anon though it is good that the court eventually did allow that messed up shit it to be recognized I honestly didn't even know Japs would abide by a freedom of speech mantra everything in their media is censored to fuck even worse than Australia. Seems that the weabs on this site don't want to post on this thread so were running out of people to discuss it with kek.

No. 181063

Wait, what's wrong with Australia?

Only censorship we really had was videogames, and that's not been an issue for years now.

No. 181066

Anon, the government has been sensor ing our media for a number of years now. It was at it's worse with Abott.

No. 181068

Can you give actual examples? Because I've seriously not noticed much of that at all, bar the normal ratings system anywhere in the world has.

No. 181079


Aussies government attempted to ban almost every GTA game ever from 3+ even GTAV, manhunt and manhunt 2, postal and postal 2, L4d2 had a ton of controversy when it was released, tons of games in the 90s with graphic violence with a vain "won't someone think of the pixels" mentality. I really only know of games off the top of my head but there's an absolute shit load of content from different forms of media they pathetically try to censor with the age old fear that it will "corrupt the public." Some of their stupid shit censorship even treacles into New Zealand scarily enough.


No. 181109

Australia banned small tits in porn because they hate lolis

No. 181112

That's not so much censorship as us lacking in an R rating, which we have now.

Only other big thing is that pro euthanasia book is banned here, and there was an attempt to create an internet blacklist for illegal content, but it was dropped because of the huge controversy around it.

Our censorship is really nothing like that of a lot of Asian countries, just graphic sexual violence generally.

No. 181144

No. 181245

Who exactly is this post supposed to be for?

That bill was shot down you fucking retard. At least do a bit of googling before you parrot random shit you heard over the internet.

No. 181555

Anyone and everyone who bothered replying to this thread.

No. 181766

File: 1487746600156.png (302.32 KB, 493x373, sl231-504 Map of Japan.png)


My grandfather was a Chinese soldier during WW2. He was a graduate of the Whampoa military academy – a name which won't mean anything to most people here, but some history buffs might recognize it. He served under Chiang-Kai Shek and knew him personally. He had a scar in his leg from a Japanese bullet, and shrapnel in his back from a Japanese mine.

And you know what? Somehow, this descendant of his is a weeaboo. I may despise the Imperial Japan of the past, but I don't hold that against their descendants or their modern-day culture.

No. 181777

I don't know what to believe. Weeaboos always link to this Wikipedia page but then you've got Koreans, Taiwanese or Western Sinophiles who argue that some Japanese politicians retract apologies or display actions that contradict what others have apologized for and Shinzo Abe is shit. So what's the truth? Every source sounds biased.

No. 181779

Maybe you should bother reading the replies first.

How does your grandfather feel about you being a weeaboo?

No. 181781

They were able to do that due submitting to the winner of WWII: The U.S.

No. 181782

>the worst thing that comes to my mind is Agent Orange
>not thinking the atomic bombs were war crimes


No. 181783

>How does your grandfather feel about you being a weeaboo?

Well, he's deceased and never really knew that I was weeb before he left. He was pretty mellow in his old age though, didn't seem to have much of an issue with any of his old enemies in either Japan or Mainland China.

His youngest daughter (my Aunt) on the other hand, she had a grudge.

No. 181792

Abe is famous for expressing his condolences but never apologizes.

I have no hard feelings for the modern society who knows nothing cause it's been censored, but for the jerks who knew and still worship yasukuni shrine…

I'd say fuck them but also thanks I guess cause thinking how my grandma had to rub shits and mud on her face to avoid being raped helped me to not become a weeb.

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