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Are there any farmers here with one or multiple disabilities? What are your experiences living with them and how do go about your life with them?

Personally, I've been partially blind since birth and unfortunately there is no cure for it as my optic nerves are undeveloped (they're developed enough for me to see some but that's about it). There was also a time where I've been in denial of it for so long out of sheer embarrassment and ridicule (I blame school/childhood) for it but have came to terms with it through vocational rehabilitation services. Said vr services also got my foot into college which I am very thankful for (just wish they'd answer their damn calls every now and then).

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I have PNES, which are non-epileptic seizures caused by stress. There's not much I can do about them except try to chill the fuck out. My doctor gave me a script for Xanax, which helped a bit, but I had to move and don't have insurance, so no more Xanax.

They definitely aren't as bad as they were a year ago, but even now, particularly bad ones can last 25-30 mins. and although I'm conscious the whole time, I'm pretty much just locked inside my body and can't do anything except wait until it's over.

I can't drive so I have to take Uber everywhere and I worry about how I'll handle getting a job this month. Sometimes, having an orgasm and even exercise can trigger them for some weird reason. Shit sucks but I guess it's good that they aren't epileptic seizures.

No. 180170

You need weed

No. 180173

Maybe, I've never tried it. I don't know where to get it though since I just moved to a new city and don't know anybody.

No. 180174

sounds like panic attacks

No. 180175

Nah, I have those too but these are actual seizures. I didn't really know what the fuck they were for a long time though until I wound up in the ER after having one in public and they did a CT scan to rule out epilepsy.

Video related is pretty much what PNES looks like.

No. 180178


Have you applied for Medicaid?

No. 180181

I've thought about it because it would probably help a lot, but it's really difficult to get in my state and the average wait time for a case to even make it to a hearing is about 1.5 years, so I haven't even bothered.

No. 180183

I have medicaid and i can't find any fucking doctors who will accept me so it's not worth it anyway. Being poor sucks ass

No. 180204

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That's what I figured. Being poor does suck ass. Thanks to that and not even being able to afford the cheapest health insurance plan, I'm thousands of dollars in debt (that I can't even pay) because of PNES sending me to the ER 5-6 times.

No. 180206


I'm worried for you there anon… :(

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