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No. 179017

Post things that are meant to be funny, but aren't.

No. 179021

File: 1485023780687.jpg (180.9 KB, 1518x1600, Beo6S0f.jpg)

No. 179023

File: 1485024341363.jpg (17.23 KB, 236x258, 27d58645ca41566f2bc1a91f39b172…)

No. 179034

what the fuck is the joke here i'm confused.

No. 179040

This is one step away from the autistic people on DeviantArt drawing terrible Sonic vore porn, holy shit

No. 179041

No. 179044

The joke is that he's referencing a popular slogan. It's very funny

No. 179054

No. 179056

No. 179061

is that mike matei? that's cheating

No. 179206

File: 1485112567859.jpg (25.89 KB, 490x526, 8808dae7bc56bc682753413138e07a…)

No. 179214

This one wasn't funny but I thought it was interesting at least

No. 179223

fuck you OP, you just made me miss TomPreston :((

No. 179233

File: 1485126297462.jpg (192.43 KB, 800x624, one_step_ahead_by_tompreston.j…)

Sorry, I miss him too :(

No. 179235

File: 1485126693062.jpg (18.74 KB, 236x314, b04ad4a645ef1831baebbc03ac38e0…)

No. 179264

i find most of the videos ive seen from him unbearable and irritating, i just dont understand the appeal
same with the idubz guy

No. 179272

>same with the idubz guy
his kickstarter crap videos, at least some of them are really really shitty and ridiculously unfunny/unrelatable.
so yeah. absolutely. both him and filthyfrank can "miss" really hard

No. 179288

man I really want to make my own comic series but one of my biggest fears is that it'll end up in threads like these

No. 179292

Just do it. Release it anon. The worst that will happen is someone might go 'that's shitty' the best outcome is you being able to enjoy yourself as a comic artist. It's worth a shot, especially not attached to your real name and identity.

No. 180598

File: 1486208395578.jpg (405 KB, 1714x2108, stephie.jpg)

Everything Assigned Male puts out is unfunny

No. 180599

What the fuck is the punchline here?

No. 180606

I love the shit out of FF but I can easily see why people would be annoyed by it. I never recommend his channel to anyone for that reason lol.

>a gift for the patriarchy

No. 180608

I giggled.

No. 180613

I still have trouble believing that this comic wasn't created by alt-rights in an attempt to make trannies look bad

No. 180631

Seeing as a lot of these get shooped I looked it up. It's the real, unshooped thing… I wish it wasn't.

No. 180752

oh wow that website is shit, I was trying to check it out for a laugh but get constant errors.

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