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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

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No. 176593

>live close to DC
>news says anarchist are gonna interrupt the inauguration.
>in fallout radius
>Maybe nothing bad will happen with Clinton's at inaugeration
>Realize the road structure is fucked
>Get conspiracy theories in between 2 FEMA camps and two ISIS camps as reported by Lou Dobbs.
So far I have a pup tent, a respirator, some ramen and bottled water, a Swiss army knife and a compass. A book to keep my sanity and a pair of clothes. I want to put my Great-grandma's quilt into the pack but I think I'd be better with seasoning and maybe a pair of long johns? A pot for boiling water and making ramen and some beef jerkey. Feel free to tell me I'm insane because I'd rather me being insane then seriously trying to get out of my city with my life entact while trying to buy safety kits at 4 in the morning.

No. 176611

Dude if you are that paranoid, just take a holiday to Europe or somewhere during the inaguration and claim refugee status if shit goes down.

Also this belongs in /sty/

No. 176673

Moved to >>>/sty/2015.

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