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No. 176383

Didn't see a thread like this so let's start
I have a little cousin and with holidays and stuff we all ate together
Randomly he just says "Hey, auntie (my mom, while she was cooking), your profiteroles looks like the poo! Elsa eats poo!"
We just went the fuck? But didn't really thought about it.
Later in the noon, I find him watching these videos.
Maybe i'm later to the party but my feed on youtube is "clean" from this shit so I didn't know a single thing.

Why are they doing this? To me it's look like some fetish masked as "kids humor"!!

So I've done some research and found the world of toy reviewers and I could say that some of them are enjoyable (Cookieswirl may have an annoying voice but I find her videos cute ) but the others are the same over and over
Spider man and elsa pooping, birthing, eating shit, syringes, decapitation in the thumbnails.
Just why
YouTube clearly states that if you're under 13, the site is not for you so why they're allowing this madness?

No. 176393

>pregnant spiderman and pregnant elza eat poop!

I don't get it. It's so fucking bizarre and sexual. Do these parents never check what their kids are watching?

No. 176400

I like Cookieswirlc. At first I thought her voice is annoying but I got used to it, and her videos are always cheerful and positive, so I don't mind her voice anymore.

If I see a toy video like that, then I know I'm on the wrong side of YouTube.

No. 176403

I particularly enjoy when she opens fan mail.
I feel that she really cares about her fanbase meanwhile all these elsa preggers are just cunts that shit and fart

No. 176404

totally not sexual uh

No. 176405

I don't think there's any sexual conspiracy behind all of this, just that these people know that there are shitty moms out there who don't understand how to entertain children so just let them play on the youtube kids app on their phone.
The reason why 99% of it is focused around poop is because the 4 year olds that watch this are amused by that. And so, these kids tap on these "Elsa Spiderman Poop prank" videos because "haha! poop!", watch the advertisements and make the creators big $$ for the same idea that gets repeated over and over.

No. 176406

Does Chadtronic count as a toy channel? He's the only one I like that's just a normal channel.

Didn't someone basically explain that the weird Elsa Spiderman channel was just basically a bizarre attention-grabbing bot-run channel to make money? I feel like there's a more "logical" explanation that we just aren't getting, but the shit is still creepy as hell.

No. 176408

Yeah but anon, some of them are even about syringes and decapitation.
Not exactly kids' topics

No. 176409

File: 1484105431302.jpg (93.62 KB, 720x969, IMG_20170110_232749.jpg)

WTF OP. Ew. This is a completely unknown world to me. The fact people are making money with these videos is crazy.
Parents, watch what your kids do online. Yeah, everyone is busy and shit but good lord…

No. 176412

Not a toy channel, but the weird Indian kids channels creep me the fuck out too. I know there was one that turned out to be a hoax, but there are actually plenty others that seem almost like AI generated or something.

Why are there so many different weird ass versions of that stupid finger song on these channels? Seriously, this video has almost 600 million views. Not to mention all the weird related videos.

No. 176413

I've wondered about these channels too. There's also that Johnny Johnny song.

No. 176414

There are a lot of these x transforms into y videos too.

No. 176415

I think because this IS the only normal channel. Theres those kids who open toys yeah and just filming them shopping but then theres the elsa/spiderman videos.

It is really though shit parents relying on the magic tablet. Whenever I see a kid just glued to one I feel sorry for it ngl. I had video games and shit as a kid but like, my parents limited it at least. These kids just have the tablet shoved in there face as soon as they wake up so Mummy dearest can have her latte and Mummy chatter.

No. 176416

No. 176419

What kind of hellish rabbit hole have I fallen down?

No. 176420

Yeah, I agree to an extent. The only time my kid gets one is out in public when I know he'll otherwise be disturbing everyone else's peace and I feel like people judge me for that, even though he never gets it at home or any other time. It's like, would you rather he be screaming because he can't talk?

No. 176437

Yeah I just dropped acid so this thread is kind of amazing right now anons ahaha

No. 176475

Holy shit thanks for the nightmares and I just woke up

No. 176481

You guys aren't even aware how deep the rabbit hole goes.

No. 176487


Train your kid better. If he's old enough to use a tablet he's old enough to understand that you behave in public.

No. 176489

love to get parenting advice from 20 year old NEETs

No. 176490

He doesn't know how to use it. I've downloaded episodes of cartoons he likes and I turn them on, then lock the screen.

No. 178472

I watch Dollastic but it seems she hasn't been uploading regularly nowadays.

I used to enjoy Chad Alan back when he would make doll beds and outfits, but now he's just collecting new toys and opening blind bags, it's getting tiresome.

MyFroggyStuff is so addictive. I don't even do all her projects.

No. 178590

Bless this thread for existing because I found this video months ago and the "bad baby" roleplay thing they do on the channel just feels creepy to watch

especially this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0Gl6h73oFg

there's another channel called Toy Freaks that does the same kind of videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aabmdgFlXDk

No. 178683

i do not understand how this is a thing.. its so creepy to watch basically 10 year olds acting as babies?? why do kids find this entertaining

No. 178686

this roleplay, creepy.. and the naked barbies and kens sharing tubs. haha ok. sew wholesum.

No. 178687

File: 1484797817865.jpg (318.58 KB, 519x395, bottle.jpg)

No. 178688

samefag but if you look up "elsa poo" on youtube, there's a lot of results, wtf.

No. 180374

I honestly think these elsa poop videos and ones like it are posted by (rolepole or exhibtionist etc) fetishists… if not that than its someone reaaaally desperate for e-fame/youtube money.
this is slightly OT, but prehaps you guys know this, if you type in 'webcam video from' and any date (or even just the phrase alone) all the search results are stolen webcam fotage, mostly from young girls. Its fucking creepy and youtube hasn't done anything about it. Some have millions of views and hundreds of sick comments

No. 180382

The footage isn't stolen. All of them are named "webcam video from ___" because that's how a lot of webcam software names it and uploads it automatically.

I'm not really sure why you think the videos themselves are creepy when most of them are just kids playing in their rooms or playing on the computer. There are only a handful where kids are doing inappropriate shit like twerking. The pedo comments are the only gross things about it.

No. 180386

>making children act younger than they are
>Freak Daddy
>bad babies
>hundreds of thousands of views

This is porn.
This is made for and by closeted pedophiles who don't want to go all the way.

No. 180392

I meant that a certain amount (not all) of the of the videos are stolen, I should have been clearer on that, sorry!
And of course its not the videos in themselves that are creepy, but the comments, amount of views etc

No. 180405

The webcam videos are like the little girls doing gymnastics, most of them are russian. It's creepy, sometimes I wonder if these kids posted it themselves or if someone else did.

No. 180545

Isn't the Spiderman/Elsa thing a collab between a bunch of YTers? Pretty sure that H3H3 covers it in a few vids, it's believed that Moe and Ethan Bradberry and a few others who share a house pump these disgusting vids out because they get views and revenue like crazy. Can't remember the director but IIRC he's another questionable YTer.

The toy channel/baby syringe and Johnny song are all creepy af

No. 180554

What makes this stuff weird to me is that is produced on such a small scale in people's homes. I mean there's no regulation on any of this filming, no type of board yet people can live off making these kinds of YouTube videos… It just rubs me the wrong way- it does come off as a type of pornography and I feel like in a way there exploiting these kid's time who participate.

No. 180584

File: 1486179000273.jpg (128.26 KB, 960x720, IMG_2822.JPG)


No. 180585

You guys should see the one where the bradberrys forgot to record over the original track, i'd link it if i could remember it

No. 180675


Tried to find the videos but they seem to have been removed, it's featured in the H3H3 vid though (unedited directing starts around 6:00)

Knick knack paddywhack whistling killed me.

No. 209015

File: 1508004536537.png (545.02 KB, 605x453, disgust.png)


Please, don't ban me for this necro, but I need answers. Does anyone been able to find out anything about this? Detective anon-sama?

Have these videos/channels been demonetized with the adpocalipse? Whose agenda is this? I doubt it that it is for the views only. I imagine that there's a group of people imploying youtubers like IT'S ETHAN to make content like this and then spam it on multiple channels using bots. It seems to me that all the channels are using similar colors, themes and props, like it's a brand.

How is it possible it isn't banned and IT'S BEEN A YEAR? How is it that you get this aids within the first 3 results if you search for ANY letter on youtube? Can we do anything about it?(Not your personal army)

No. 209020

I just want to add this

Watch more of their videos if you want to know more

No. 209030

Ah yes, Fredrik made a video for his Down the Rabbit hole series about the finger family videos. Fucking weird.

No. 209064

>finger family song
My kid watches those. So fucking annoying. He's only allowed to use the YouTube Kids app though, and they're actually really good at keeping the inappropriate/weird videos disguised as kid's videos from coming up. I haven't seen any yet.

No. 209065

I know this isn't related to creepy Elsa or whatever, but there's definitely been cases of pedophiles making Youtube "challenges" aimed at children to make fetish videos in disguise.


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