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No. 17408

This person constantly shows up in my ig feed. She's getting reposted blogged and raved about. She's just annoying and looks gross. I don't know how to start a discussion but I can't be the only person annoyed by her. She had nearly 15 thousand followers and posts pictures of her body which constantly had sores. She always looks dirty. She always sells videos and post her sex tapes on tumblr. I wouldn't even bother normally but I swear she is everywhere to the point I deleted my ig because I don't want to see her anymore. But now she's popping on Facebook too.

Almost everywhere her name is but she uses Instagram, tumblr and facebook
Missamazing2015 , missamazing 2011
As well is seems he name is always Carmela katz or Carmela crazycatlady
Really just go to her ig.

No. 17548

Fuck off you ugly skank, nobody cares. I know you're trying to get popular, but you're too ugly for that.

No. 48547

Moved to >>>/snow/66135.

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