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File: 1482806877762.jpg (45.05 KB, 450x253, c99120fd87a86a7d4be863afea49b2…)

No. 173640

How was School for you anons? Teachers dicks or your saviours? Were you in a large,mainstream school or small, religious school? Expelled or top of your class?

No. 173643

Public schools. Maths teacher literally said "I give up trying to teach someone like you" in 8th grade because of numeralexia and asking a lot of questions.
Girls who are now working in hospitals bringing in razor blades and telling me to go kill myself in the toilets because nobody liked me.
Told I was doing a good job when overheard purging.
Close friends brother sexually assaulted me at a party, his girlfriend blamed me for it and said I made it happen on purpose.

So yeah pretty typical high school experience.

No. 173656

So you were "raped" and "bullied". Guess how we know you're a real woman

No. 173657

During my senior year of high school I was that kid who ate in the toilet stall. At that point I realized how superficial my friendships had become and how lost I was compared to my classmates who were preparing for college.

No. 173659

I never said raped and the point I made was that all of it was grossly typical.

What's your bother there fam? Or are you just trying to learn how to be Le epic troll?

No. 173662

Thinking and understanding clearly isn't your strong point. No wonder you had so many problems during school

No. 173666

you okay fam?
You seem really upset that I had the same shitty experiences as millions of other girls my age. Do you need to talk about it?

No. 173667

O wait I just saw your thread about rape. So you are Le epic troll. Should probably go on back to incels with the rest of your brethren.

No. 173668

File: 1482814456755.jpg (38.94 KB, 421x425, 14414519828_ef4005ee32.jpg)

I adore the cliche Japanese school experience so much in anime/TV shows/movies, it's so pure, lmao.

But anyways, I grew up in the American public school system.

6th grade:
>Bff turned on me
>Never sure why - either jealousy or mad about how I befriended a boy that we both liked, or something like that
>Told everyone I was a dyke (I am gay)
>Bullied by strangers at school for being a lesbian and stared at for wearing dark clothes, you know the deal
>Retreat into homeschooling for the rest of middle school

I was/am an incredibly shy person, so I never reached out for help. However, a female security officer did know about the whole thing and she gave me her contact info if I ever wanted to talk. A male counselor, on the other hand, didn't understand the situation at all because teen girl drama.

That's the highlight of my school career and I hope any underaged lurking Anons will seek out the helpful people in their school's staff system, because I do believe some really do want to help. Others, I have experienced, kind of suck and just want to get through the workday. Their attitude has nothing to do with the vailidity and importance of whatever issues you are facing.

I can't help but fucking scoff at how LGBT acceptance is forced into school systems nowadays, though. I wish I had that back then. I had a Christian friend in middle school who was the most accepting of it, though, which is really damn backwards. She was incredible and I hope she's doing great now. Sorry for my weird nostalgic rambling, I'm a little buzzed.

No. 173670

At my highschool a good portion of people liked to party so I ended up falling into that crowd. I got drunk, started smoking cigarettes, and did drugs. I regret it all, I wish that never happened and that I actually tried in school.

No. 173683

my high school experience was so fucking boring honestly. I graduated with high honors + National Honor Society cords which in all honesty wasn't that hard to accomplish at my small school. I never got in any fights, never dated, never had a job, didn't learn to drive until the summer after I graduated, never really made new friends out of a small circle. I was never really bullied which is a saving grace I suppose. Just uneventful all around. I still talk to some of my close friends from HS so that's a plus.

No. 173714

I was bullied a lot by the guys but the worst came from my friends who would force me into humiliating situations in front of other people. When they weren’t degrading me they would ignore me, which kickstarted my habit of skipping school because I didn't wanna be there anymore.

Thinking about it now it doesn't sound that bad but back then it was the worst thing ever.

No. 173734

File: 1482860305027.jpg (84.51 KB, 650x780, 1303006661728.jpg)

Bullied throughout school until the last year of mandatory school.
I had to switch schools inbetween Primary school, so had to go to a school which was full of cliques and everyone had been there since Preschool. Was singled out but didnt care, I used to sit and read alot to get away from the kids. It was in the last year that it got bad with my main teacher,L. She;d pick on me for anything, try and make me look like an idiot in class whilst her favourites would smile smugly and act up around me to get a reaction(had anger issues that were really bad for 6 years as a kid). Some situations was L taking me to a room just to tell me I looked disgusting, my family were horrible and looked like tramps and basically she hated me, I was constantly singled out and the teachers would support her, one teacher found me crying and asked if it was because L had "talked" to me, I said yes and the teacher went away. After that I was terrified of her, tried to never talk but she'd always find something. In our school photos, I didnt own a jumper so was shouted at one girl gave me her cardigan reluctantly, afterwards told to not put it back on. With a class photo I was dragged from the middle to her side as she poked me in the back to smile, resulting in me crying in the photo. afterwards the entire class blamed me for ruining the photo.
I fell into too many of her traps to get me angry and hit people and the constant "tramp" remarks have stayed in my head. I hate her with a passion even now as every other kid in her class remembers her fondly and laugh about me.
I have stories from Secondary school but I've rambled too much with this.

No. 173735

This is full mistakes, sorry.

No. 173736

Everything before freshman year was normalish. I was bullied, had no friends, & humiliated by other girls a lot. I failed freshman year & was kicked out. I was seriously depressed/suicidal & my parents didn't know what to do with me. They ended up giving up on me. I was transferred to a shitty ass highschool, same shit happened, but I coped by doing drugs. Eventually I dropped out & sadly became an alcoholic at 17. I was sent to juvie and I quit my druggie habits. Basically I had a shit experience.

No. 173864

shit. I went to a catholic co-ed highschool. Since it was relatively more expensive then public schools, and in a pretty run down area, there were a bunch of middle class jackasses running around with the idea they were rich and could be snotty to anyone they chose to be. Not exactly a fun experience for someone whose parents barely afforded fees (parents thought education was worth a lot of money) especially since I was raised better then to look down on people with less then you.

anyway. add the copious amounts of bullying + creepy ex boyfriends + constant religious seminars for the girls about abstinence. not a great school in my opinion. I had a few teachers and friends who made it bearable but after I left a year early due to other issues, and most of my friends turned to drugs and partying, I fell out with everyone. eh. my experience wasn't as bad as a lot of other peoples out there but it was probably better if I had chosen to go to a cheap public school instead where I could have fit in better

oh, and highschool girls being mean as fuck too of course. I was one of the few flatter chested girls in my year level. enough said.

No. 173868

File: 1482910603862.jpg (83.58 KB, 640x468, tumblr_ofkmg7Njp71tfwcr5o1_128…)

School wasn't too bad. I was cyber bullied in 7th grade (and so was pretty much everyone else), but by 8th grade everyone had forgotten about it. I got teased for being "weird" but I was good at getting people to like me despite this. I went to a really small school and was literally the only person in my grade (that I knew of) that spent most of their free time at home on the internet and watched anime.

The thing that probably sucked the most was that my closest friend since 3rd grade was really manipulative and emotionally abusive to me and our entire circle of friends. I couldn't be happier that we didn't stay in contact after high school.

Never had a boyfriend or even dated anyone. A bunch of dudes in my grade randomly tried to hook up with me at the end of senior year. It was really embarrassing and made me uncomfortable. I turned all of them down kek.

No. 173872

Everyone has creepy old male teacher stories but i had a creepy old female teacher that loathed me.

I was best friends with a pretty boy.
(He turned out to be gay later in life something which my mom always suspected)
As he grew taller and into a handsome young guy one of my middle aged female teachers grew really.. REALLY fond of him she'd first start calling him pet names, Then seek excuses to touch him briefly, have him seated as close to her as possible, then she started giving him shoulder massages which always made him very nervous but he kept quiet.
She'd squeeze his shoulders and mention what a ''good big boy'' he was becoming.
And she wasn't some hot cougar either she was just a creepy older woman.

Then as the guy and i were still really close people assumed we were dating even though we were simply best friends and whenever i was near him she'd separate me from him by pestering me about something. She'd find any excuse to give me detention so that the guy and i couldn't ride the same bus home together and whenever he'd wait she'd get even more vicious with me in detention.
At the time i kind of didn't want to believe a 40 year old female teacher was jealous and has a crush on a 16 year old pretty boy so i told myself to stop being silly and that she just had it in for me.
but then when people started to suspect and tease my friend that he was gay and he got himself a girlfriend all of that teachers hatred towards me shifted and came down even more vicious on the girl he was dating and seen kissing in the hallways. Before this she had always been rather fond of that girl but the year that girl dated my friend her school life was misery and i was suddenly left in peace.
This teacher would always offer to give him a lift so he wouldn't need to take the bus (which he never accepted) she'd ''accidentally'' drop things next to her desk where she had him seated in her classes so that she could bend over in front of him.
Whenever we had class with her you could tell she had put in extra effort in her hair, makeup and clothing.

And then finally the creepiest thing: When he came out as gay she gave him a long speech about how love should be between a man and a woman and if he didn't feel happy with young gf's he should try to be with an experienced woman instead.
Sorry for my English Writing short replies i tend to be okay but writing out a whole thing like this my grammar is all over the place.

No. 173919

I almost dated my chemistry teacher after I graduated high school.

No. 174032

Story behind this?

No. 174112

I will oblige.

Usually, chemistry class is taken in grade 11, in the U.S. (idk where you guys are from, or if it's different,) but for some reason, I didn't take it then and had to do it my last year. Chem teacher was a really young guy. Like, 25? He graduated college pretty early, to my understanding. I thought he was cute and really cool. One of those guys into alt shit and the kind of music I liked too. Anyway, we would flirt and banter back and forth in class, but he actually told me once (in private, of course) that he refused to do anything with me or even add me on Facebook until I graduated later that year. Total gentleman. I was 18 at this time, so barely legal, but still legal. While I don't think that was the main reason he was into me, it probably factored in somehow. Graduation came around and he actually gave me his phone number. We talked for a while, but nothing really came of it. He was all for dating me, but I found someone else closer to my age, so. I regret it sometimes because chem teacher was actually better than this other guy. Pretty sure my parents would've freaked out if I brought my teacher home, though. Ha

No. 174323

Thanks for telling us anon! He sounds pretty great tbh, but it was probably for the best you found someone closer to your age.

No. 174340

Flirting in class? Like, in front of everyone? Ew.

No. 174350

File: 1483098200450.gif (281.98 KB, 334x150, 1464117248957.gif)

So bullying's an actual thing that happens and not a cliche in teen media? Shit.

No. 174356

…cripes I don't care if he actively denied you anon but the flirting thing is pretty creepy and you can bet to this day he gets off on that ego trip from new girls entering his classroom.

Chem teachers have always been super neurotic in my experience. I had one literally bully me because she thought I looked 'undeserving' of her course and didn't like how I dressed when I had her for homeroom.
>older woman, single, kept pictures of dogs taped to her desk
>constantly waved around her PhD with a chip on her shoulder despite working at the ghetto po-dunk which was my hs
>took chem class with another teacher but had her as my honors chem lab teacher in grade 10
>hated me from the start bc I would ask questions and wanted her to explain things
>grew visibly angry when I excelled over her 'favorites' during a lab exercises
>so bad that if I was the first to finish she'd find something 'wrong' with my work and have me repeat steps despite my answers being identical to the favs
>made the mistake of wanting to take her AP-chem course in grade 11
>because I wanted to be ahead for college
>she had a 5 inch thick packet for students to do over fucking summer break
>parents go in for teacher's meeting at end of year counseling
>the fucking bitch tells my parents I'm essentially too stupid for her course
>even though I was honors student since freshman year and was due to get early enrollment in college senior year
>just bc she wanted to be a lazy teach and not answer to me
>had the unfortunate luck of getting her as my homeroom teach before first bell in both grade 11 and 12
>would specifically target me for dress code 'violations'
>constantly stared at my 'cleavage' whenever I wore a camisole under my cardigans
>one day, I guess after realizing sending me to the office wasn't doing shit, tried to 'level' with me about how 'us' girls with big boobs had to cover more
>meanwhile she let other smug bitches get away with booty shorts and camisoles lower than mine

So glad I escaped highschool senior year and took legit college courses on campus instead.

No. 174364


Elementary and Middle School: Bullied all throughout the years I was there. Awkward kid, messy hair, didn't take baths often, no friends, short temper, couldn't stand up for myself
High School: Bad in the early years, it got better though I still wasn't a social butterfly, started taking care of myself more when I was 16-17, people started being nice to me, I started getting a backbone and sticking up for myself
Now: Failed college, regressing back to Middle School state.

I need help.

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