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No. 173402

Why do you love this place?

I love the people who post here. You guys are so fucking funny and I wish I was part of everyone's friend group. I love when people call out ana chans. And I never knew what ana shit was before. It makes my day. Why do you guys keep coming back? I love the administration here
For a mainly female driven board theres lots of amazing discourse. There's not many gossip places that aren't a pc shit hole

I can just dive in a thread for the banter sometimes. I don't even cosplay but I love the cosplay threads


No. 173404

Cool, fuck off, nobody cares.

No. 173406

Damn what a tough aducience I miss the /g board now

No. 173407

I feel like you guys are all my sisters, especially in /g/ when it was still around. I don't know where else I can get honest advice about things than here.

No. 173408

Also I like this place better than thedirty,zwnation, Ohnotheydidn't, and etc because people can't go off topic so much. It seems like those places are ridden with stuff about people's fucking kids like who cares

Like I'll be trying to read some damn gossip and some Stacy is all like speaking of desperate whores I love A1 sauce on my burgers

No. 173409

Same. I get why it was combined but /g/ had a special place here. It was a change of pace.

No. 173412

I feel like the comments about wanting dick and rubbing one off really got me a lot less shy about this kind of thing. The general atmosphere does feel sisterly (I too miss /g/) and it's helped me see women as fellows/valid human beings a lot more than feminism ever could. There's good discussion and some smart, sensible people, and quite a few older anons who are often talking sense into me and others.

This place make me feel as though a friendship with a girl is possible and I love every single one of you.

No. 173413

I love this place because there's nowhere else I can talk about the things I love (weeby dramu and girl stuff) without it disintegrating into a hugbox like cgl or pull. And even though it can be brutally honest, uncalled for cunty edgelords are kept in check.

Like everyone else in really missing /g/. It was exactly like a 24/7 sleepover and the perfect antidote to the robots and TITS OR GFO you get on other chanboards.
Nothings ever perfect but I'm still happy to be a part of this place.

No. 173416

I liked the atmosphere in /g/ too. I know I can get good advice here and talk about petty things no one else i know would want to discuss IRL (some things would make them think I'm a bitch/depressed cunt…Which I am).

But tbh I really come here for the cows <3 I will probably leave once Gargoyle disappears from the web, maybe in 2020 kek

No. 173435

A lot of people are worried about /g/ but as long as we do a good job reporting any "as a man…" or anyone mentioning their dick, /ot/ should be fine.

I also like having some where to girl talk since I never really had any friends interested in makeup or just a nice place to vent.

No. 173443

I don't have any close girl friends right now and although I do love my guy friends I really like that lolcow at least gives me some feeling of female interaction in my life. I don't really care about drama in my personal and day-to-day life but I like having a place where I can just complain and be petty with other people lol.

No. 173462


i agree! everyone was so nice there it was so much better :( now the robots are so clearly here.

No. 173464

File: 1482710336032.jpg (146.45 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o0eidg60rN1r538wvo1_500…)

i loved /g/ cause it felt like a community to ask other girls for advice and what not. i'm a sperg so i don't have friends IRL, and i don't get social media, reddit or tumblr so i don't have friends in the internet either. being on /g/ anonymously and making questions to the girls there and getting help was really nice. now when i open OT i'm scared to post on most threads honestly. again, big sperg here. miss /g/

No. 173467

Most of the old /g/ threads are buried after /ot/ came to existence.

No. 173480

This place has been a big help for me to see that i can easily have the same interests as other women. I always hid a lot of my interests to not be considered a weirdo, but seeing how many women i can connect to here, was a huge eye opener.
I know i can ask for advice and get the most straight to the point, personal experienced and brutally honest replies unlike most communities.
It's also nice being able to talk freely about anything from shitty fujo stuff, anime, makeup, travel… to sexual advice, kinks and whatnot and no one batting an eyelash. It feels like having a bunch of girls together for a constant get-together sharing advice and stories, it's really comfy compared to male-dominated chans with all their sperging or non anonymous things like tumblr/twitter/whatever.
I am also one of the people who miss /g/, i liked browsing both /b/ and /g/, but it's quite obvious that the merge brought a bunch of robots and garbage to otherwise comfy threads.

No. 173483

I feel like there's a possibility of making friends here but I'm lazy and I hate myself, so I won't try

No. 173485

women in a nutshell

No. 173486

I'm just going to go ahead and agree with everyone itt that /g/ was better than /ot/. I think /g/ should be brought back and maybe just rename /b/?

I'm glad you made this thread, OP. I was beginning to think my emotional attachment to all of you and this site was weird.

No. 173490

File: 1482716781767.png (31.56 KB, 585x323, Capture d’écran 2016-12-26 à 1…)

We're not big enough for that. It would be better if you could do this (attached) when making threads.

/f/ on 4chan does the same thing. They just add a string to the subject: [category] | [the subject you have entered]

T. expert programmer

No. 173495

This is going to sound ignorant as fuck but I prefer the clearer cut option of having /g/ and a non/g/ boards than one board with subjects. It's more obvious, newbies will always be fucking up with selecting a target or whatever. We didn't seem too small for the two boards before, even if it caused occasional problems when a thread was ambiguous.

Honestly I don't care about the occasional guy in /g/ when there is no way to tell if they are guys (like how girls have to act on 4chin) but there's no way to make them stick to that without it being a clearly MUH GIRLS ONLY BOARD.
/sty/ is a cute name for /b/ though

No. 173496

>This is going to sound ignorant as fuck but I prefer the …

Calm your tits it was just a suggestion

No. 173497

We will do a survey soon to see how many people want /g/ to be a separate board again. Try to give the current arrangement a shot, though.

Also, for those interested in making friends you can use the Discord if you like. Lots of off-topic discussion there.

Yeah, one of the big reasons is that the site doesn't seem big enough to have 2 off-topic boards (especially where one is a "safe zone"). I like the thread tagging idea but it wouldn't really apply to the hundreds of old /g/ threads.

Users who submit threads can just write something like For /g/ posters at the top if they want. Otherwise, mods can assume from context and moderate the thread appropriately based on the topic.

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