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No. 173262

Depending on your timezone - christmas is mere hours away.

Can we have a general thread for those of us single over the day (and into the new year)? (FUCK OFF r9k)

>Turned 19 this year

>One friend wished me happy birthday
>Didn't get invited to any pubs or clubs despite there being a huge party culture in my country
>Will probably spend NYE re reading of mice and men.

No. 173263

No boyfriend this year means no spending money on a gift for him (seriously, I spoil the fuck out of my man) and since I'm 21 this NYE, i'll be entering 2017 drunk af. I think I'm good this year.

No. 173275

Well i just had a huge fight with my bf because im a piss baby and now i feel crap
I was hoping today would be nice for him and i but no i had to fuck up :(
Now i dont even know if he will talk to me today

No. 173276

My last real relationship ended in April. I still love him so much, but fuck him. Thank god my family and close friends don't celebrate Christmas so I don't feel that terrible.

But I feel so fucking alone, sigh.

No. 173282

My bf hit me and we're on good terms but I am pretty much single. It's kinda weird cuz we didn't even break up.

I'm going to spend Christmas like this anon right here. >>173263 DRUNK AF. Gonna go to a club for once, hah. If you guys live in or near a major city try going to a club or whatever while you can!! Seriously you never know when you're gonna be living in the middle of nowhere or dead.

No. 173283

Happy (belated) birthday, op
tbh being single over the hols is great because less people to worry about
make the new year the YOU year (dw I cringed too)

No. 173285

happy birthday, anon. you should read east of eden.

No. 173295

File: 1482596399582.gif (515.9 KB, 350x263, giphy.gif)

>Live in the ass off the world and 1 hour of train away of the major city so can't go party or clubbing anywhere because most transportation is collapsed and have no license yet.
>No friends to spend christmas because most moved on with their lives and live far off this shithole.
>No boyfriend or girlfriend to be overly cheesy with. But seeing people i know on social media showing how happy they are with their S/O.
>Rather kms that spend it awkwardly with my "family" and having to deal with a million "when are you getting a boyfriend".
I'm probably just gonna spend my holidays getting drunk as shit on christmas special flavored alchol and watching shitty re-runs of movies or tv shows lmao.
Postive thing in all of this is that this year i get to keep all my money for myself instead of having to buy presents for my friends or s/o so i can treat myself. Negative is that i feel alone as fuck.

Happy birthday OP! Remember that regardless of how boring your NYE might be, you have a whole year after that to enjoy or do the same kinds of things that are expected to be done in these times, but without time constraints.

No. 173300

Maybe we should host a christmas movie stream so we can all chat and chill!

No. 173512

File: 1482736306887.png (231.1 KB, 497x373, 1467092921974.png)

i had just got out of an abusive relationship with a girl and basically just wanted to fucking end it last christmas

doing a lot better this year though. i met my current SO at my uni and she means a great deal to me

we live in different countries of the UK so meeting up is too expensive during the holidays. and since i live in the middle of nowhere i've got fuck all to do, so i've been trying to be productive and work on my carpentry/woodworking skills

"ul get ur bf if u wrk hard at it and smile :) :) :)" is pretty fucking condescending but hear me out on this, anons: you'll find a way. it may take some time but hang in there and do the rad shit you love to do in the meantime

merry christmas

have a good one OP

i'd love to watch Father Christmas or The Snowman again

No. 173520

please don't be a male

No. 174647

File: 1483178531201.jpg (56.46 KB, 903x462, Silent Screams marill.jpg)

>less than 3 hours to go

No. 174649

File: 1483179013911.gif (496.89 KB, 500x264, yay.gif)

it's 2:10am on the left side of the states.

I can't believe it's the last day of 2016

No. 174670

new here and its less than 2 hours before its 2017 here on the east side of the world.

never really had any genuine friends despite growing up normally being surrounded most of the time by people that befriends me themselves in the course of my life. i cant believe im already 23. im still attending college in my senior year.

but i cant get through my thesis and i already failed more than once. this january is our supposed deadline for it. ive been really been stressing beyond belief than ever before. 2016 was a good year however it wasnt with my academic status in my college. im already in this shithole attending college for 6 years trying to attain a bachelor degree. fuck me

ill continue crying for the remaining hour and a half before 2017 comes

No. 174671

It's almost 9am where I am in the States. I'm glad this is the last day. New years always bring renewed hopes and excitement for me (and I'm sure most other people too.) Maybe I'll be able to move out of my parent's house soon. Maybe I'll find a comfy job, even if it doesn't pay a lot. Maybe I'll "get happy."

No. 174673

Almost 7 am where I am in the US. I feel like 2017 is gonna bring big changes for me. I want to move out of my parents' house and get a job and maybe finally see someone about my ADHD (which I strongly suspect I have, my dad has it and I'm just like him). Or I might end up dropping out for real. There's only so much more that I can fail at before I'll have to quit and re-evaluate.

New Years Resolutions:
>stay hydrated
>stay creative
>get a job, even if it's just washing dishes on weekends

Attainable enough, I think.

No. 174674

dropping out of uni, that is. sage for samefag.

No. 174719

File: 1483221538947.gif (487.38 KB, 499x374, Crème de la crème.gif)

Thanks for all the keks in the Onion thread. The last couple of weeks have been Crème de la crème

Happy New Year

No. 174734

File: 1483233855260.jpg (128.47 KB, 800x450, f0dxehb2j2thfuhumukf.jpg)

happy new year's, anons.

No. 174754

One less year until our death

No. 174762

File: 1483258077612.jpg (66.37 KB, 640x609, squid.jpg)

finally it's my turn hehe

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