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File: 1482288400708.jpg (243.06 KB, 750x1089, 1481988362859.jpg)

No. 172890

Is he /ourboy/?

No. 172891

not azn enough for our weeaboo sensibilities

No. 172893

He's annoying and rips content from beautyguruchat and guru gossip

I also love how much he brags about having an open line of communication with gurus.

No. 172894

who is this manlet and why I should care

No. 172904

He looks like a manlet and he's either a fag or at his girlfriend's house. I don't want guy with a cuter bedroom than me.

No. 172910

I don't mind him.
I wonder if he's ever denied wearing coloured contacts though.
It's all I can stare at during his videos.

No. 172954

cringe, mediocre and dull like every single other youtube.

also prob a self post

No. 172972

idk if he is, I see kind of like a dark brown near the pupil but that's only sometimes. Even if he was it's no biggie it looks good, i think green or hazel might be a little better.
yes and always

No. 172987

I like him best of the drama youtubers.He's the right amount of facts with petty sass.

I'm worried he'll go too full drama as he gets bigger though.

No. 173081

File: 1482422190599.png (786.62 KB, 654x539, 1449026763953.png)

>I don't want guy with a cuter bedroom than me
Then make your room more cute?
Step the fuck up.

No. 173093

I don't even care, I love him. He rips on loads of shady and vapid beauty youtubers and even gathered evidence on tana mongeau's stalker story being fake and turned a bunch of people against her. He's great.

No. 173103

I feel like he's too scared of her fans. He's holding back a lot and you can tell. He's kinda frail like that

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