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No. 172177

/b/ and /g/ have been consolidated into one off-topic board called /ot/. /manure/ has been removed.

You should be able to find all of the /g/ threads in the catalog. Unfortunately, they're a bit jumbled due to the board merger and some may be far back in the catalog, so you may have to dig pretty far. Sorry about that.

To be clear, robots are banned from /ot/ and men are still banned from threads that would normally have belonged in /g/.

An additional board named "pigsty" (/sty/) has been added. /sty/ will remain largely unmoderated (except for spam, gore and illegal content).

The only difference is in the way board rules will be enforced.

Use /ot/ for all off-topic discussions that you wish to remain civil and without major derailing and shitposting.

Rules against racebaiting, baiting in general, derailing, etc. will NOT be enforced in /sty/.

Choose a board for your new thread depending on which way you intend the conversation to go. Constantly ruined threads beyond repair may be moved to /sty/ so a new one can be made.

This is a trial arrangement and if after a few weeks the board split doesn't seem to be working as intended, we might reverse the change or otherwise organize the boards in response to user feedback.

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