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File: 1473397048794.jpg (105.44 KB, 681x508, LHAMoeRing.jpg)

No. 172015

Discussion of fictional crushes or characters you feel an emotional attachment towards.

Sexual orientation doesn't matter.

Some questions you can answer if you want:

Did you develop your crush from their appearance? Or their personality?

If you have more than one fictional crush, have you noticed a connection between them?

What is the feature about them that made you attracted to them in the first place?

Does the writer/artist have continuous characters you're attracted towards?

No. 172016

File: 1473426118672.png (272.76 KB, 600x300, sam-vimes.png)

My fictional crush is Terry Pratchett's Samuel Vimes.

He's such a hardass, but being a literary character, I got inside his head. He's kinda like Clint Eastwood; he's hard as fucking nails but the nice thing about book characters is you get a chance to read their internal dialogue. He's just as scared and pissed off and confused as everyone else, but it always seems to come right for him.

what a shit description. I'm sorry, Vimes. Even Sorrier am I to the late Terry Pratchett. The character died with him.

No. 172017

man, you are not alone. i cry every time i read neil gaiman's eulogy for that man. honest to god feel that terry pratchett's books made me a better person haha
my personal favorite is granny weatherwax but she'd probably think i was a wet hen.

No. 172018

File: 1473433041334.jpg (136.1 KB, 610x549, night-watch-paul-kidby.jpg)

mah nigga

I think 'Night Watch' was sad and beautiful. That book really helped me get-to-grips with Vimes.
The Rembrandt-style cover is amazing. Paul Kidby was his newer illustrator, and he did a damn fine job.

Although, Josh Kirby's original covers where so chaotic and busy. there was always so much movement, but there was something so grotesque about the characters I could never draw a link between his illustrations and the characters Terry portrayed. I remember reading 'MORT' when I was a kid (well, my dad read it to me) and being disappointed when I saw how he was illustrated.

No. 172019

File: 1473433646929.jpg (29.96 KB, 395x640, 2685119-morpheus.jpg)

Dream of the Endless because my emo phase never truly left me

No. 172020

File: 1473436660076.jpeg (46.52 KB, 308x434, Alistair.jpeg)

I ended up falling hopelessly in love with Alistair from Dragon Age Oranges.

I think it was his blundering quirky british voice actor that did it, really. I've never been sold on developing a romance in videya, but i persued this one with interest. It made me feel like a giddy schoolgirl, and upon our interations I'd be genuinely upset if I'd come on too strong, fucked it up somehow.

Pursuing Alistair was a gentle, believable and rewarding experience. I could feel our romance BLOSSOMING.

No. 172021

File: 1473436735524.png (383.99 KB, 635x356, phelpsface2.png)

also thought Cole Phelps was just adorable. I really developed an emotional attachment to him

No. 172022

This so much. Pursuing Alistair made me so warm and fuzzy like babby's first crush or something. Tumblr has ruined this phrase but he really is a cinnamon roll.

No. 172023

Ugh, I have a problem with this. I tend to get way too attached to fictional characters sometimes. And if there's a romance option in a game there's a 99% chance I'm going to get obsessed with someone. I'm still fucking devastated over Solas. Legit cried for hours and even had dreams about him. My bf looked at me like I was nuts. I think a lot of it has to do with the way they're written though, the personality that comes through. Anyone can create some pretty looking pixels but certain characters just pull my heartstrings more than others.

No. 172024

This thread interests me a lot actually. I have plans to make an RPG with romance in it and I can't decide between a player-choice system like Dragon Age, etc or a built in story romance that you can choose to go in depth in or not (FF7 kinda, but not the best example). Do you guys have a preference for one of those or the other?

No. 172025

File: 1473456343105.jpg (73.61 KB, 1366x768, 23876543.jpg)

Ever since I was fifteen and I played the first game I have been hooked. At first youre going along minding your own business - gutting satyrs and ripping of gorgons heads - but over time you get to know the man behind the god (particularly in the psvita spinoffs oddly enough) and if youve played the whole series you just want to give him a hug :(

Poor Kratos let me love you

No. 172026

File: 1473459888518.jpg (15.43 KB, 236x316, d7b7aaf7a9a1f4269a6072adc77836…)

It's fun reading everyones responses! I completely agree on the personality aspect and, with books or series that really build a character, it's easy to get attached when they have realistic problems and emotions.

I've had a bunch of little crushes since I got really into video games and cartoons/anime as a kid. As an adult I keep my crushes to myself. I've noticed that all of my crushes are generally weak, or outcast in some way. I also have a weird obsession with 'deformed' or monster-like characters. Most of the time the crush isn't even romantic; more like I just want to see them be happy.

I giggled at this one because it's so me. I've watched some series with my boyfriend, only to get visibly obsessed with a character. He mostly thinks it's funny/weird but I just get embarrassed by myself.

Is there a way for you to maybe put the two options together?

No. 172027

That's an interesting idea, like say one canon story romance, but optional side romances or something maybe?

No. 172028

I think it really depends on what your plot and setting for your game are. If it has a more serious tone I'd say a canon romance would be the way to go. But if it's more casual, say something like Harvest Moon, then I think multiple options would be better.

The only thing that gets me about RPGs with possible partners is that the character I like is never an option, haha. But I do imagine that'd take a lot of work and mess with the story if everyone was an option.

No. 172029

Yeah, it's definitely going to be more of a serious tone, I hesitate to say it but JRPG style in that strong emphasis on story and character interactions is the goal. I really also want to include meaningful choices in the game, so that's why I'm a bit stuck on which direction to take romance.

I don't want to bite off more than I can chew, but I just have always loved romances in RPGs, and honestly find it to be a lacking area…

No. 172030

File: 1473466294781.jpg (20.79 KB, 300x250, image.jpg)

Both personality and looks - eyes sell it for me.

No. 172031

File: 1473507035813.gif (1.33 MB, 245x147, 77260dc0-ba9e-408c-8300-fa9487…)

Bad game,I know.

It's been years but my heart still beats for him.His personality really got me hoo lawd

No. 172032

No the game was great, not the best but not the worst.
And yes, he's (imo) the most human out of all the caracters. I'll never forget some of the homestead missions lil

No. 172033

I love him and asscreed3 fuck da h8rs

No. 172034

File: 1473535622413.jpg (593.63 KB, 600x900, hyrule_warriors___link_cosplay…)

First crush, strongest crush.

No. 172035

these are beautiful, shit. i've actually never seen these before; all the covers of ones I could find in bookstores were very…limited, graphics-wise. there was like one illustrated guide to discworld that I think must've been done by Kirby because I'd agree with you about the disconnect between his depictions and how I imagined them. excuse me while i go geek out about this for a while.

No. 172036

File: 1473602076054.jpg (11.76 KB, 236x333, 219ede3c2c4c344fcae30ecdd9485d…)


Terry and death. Kidby's a great artist.

No. 172037

File: 1473608485584.png (965.19 KB, 600x1000, Teldryn_Sero.png)

I set this guy to be invincible using the console so that I wouldn't lose my sarcastic Dunmer husbando. Still never seen his face though
>doublepost because i forgot pic

No. 172038

File: 1473619085166.jpg (166.94 KB, 894x894, 2015_07_07_14_22_42_by_laovaan…)

I wish the beaut was real

No. 172039

File: 1473633047829.jpeg (72.96 KB, 600x600, image.jpeg)

Found SotN when I was 15 and I've been stuck on this emo mama's boy ever since.

It's always been the pretty ones that get me.

No. 172040


No. 172041

File: 1473675781165.jpg (26.25 KB, 758x526, ee56848ccb70f0cb06ee993c074b36…)

I love this thread so much OP. Seeing everybody's crushes on fic men just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and not so alone.

As to mine, it's always been Agent 47. Always. I don't know why. I played the first Hitman when I was a kid and something about his silent assassin ways and quietly strong demeanor just get to me. People think he's unfeeling but he has a lot of unsaid depth, he just chooses to be stoic about his emotions. And he's not cold-hearted despite being a killer. It's canon that he never murders innocents and most of his marks are horrible people that you don't feel bad about murdering in the first place.

No. 172042

File: 1473677835983.gif (814.62 KB, 300x245, tumblr_nuxke90Png1t6rqx9o1_400…)

I am in love with Illya Kuryakin from U.N.C.L.E
he is literally my type and it hurts me ;; ;;

No. 172043

File: 1473679246569.png (1.73 MB, 1024x768, 84930840128309.png)

I've had a crush on Cmdr Data from Star Trek Next gen for 5+ years… I always get shit on by other trekkies for liking/crushing on such a popular character, like i'm being a "typical trekkie gurl hurr durr, bearded Riker's the obvious ultimate husbando" (Spock fangirls get the same shit.)

I've noticed that the more i got to know his character, the more attractive he got? I mean, Brent Spiner's pretty 'meh' looking, but Data's just so fucking interesting and cute he sort of became more attractive to me as time went on.

Then i do sort of have a weak spot for guys with the Kraftwerk or young Gary Numan aesthetic… Fuck, i love geeky guys so much.

No. 172044

File: 1473679901668.jpg (68.72 KB, 800x450, MGS3-Naked-Snake-Virtuous-Miss…)

i want to marry young big boss

No. 172045

Yees anon, same. I have absolutely no attraction to the actor himself, in fact I think he's ugly as fuck. But this character, god damn.

No. 172046

link was my first childhood crush.
probably because he never speaks until they made the cartoons.
>'well excuuuse me princess'

No. 172047

File: 1473696467730.gif (987.56 KB, 245x217, image.gif)

Community was so good, I love Jeff in later seasons because he ends up being a total goofball.

No. 172048

Gurl I've been on the Data train for 10 years. I re watch the entire TNG once a year in a big marathon.

He truly is the best husbando. the episode where he starts dating that lady is the best "I was engaging in a lover's quarrel" fsdfjsdkfj

No. 172049

File: 1473716819059.jpg (101.81 KB, 1017x786, ace_attorney__then_and_now__mi…)

>Did you develop your crush from their appearance? Or their personality?

Personality. Not that he is bad looking, he just weren’t my type at first so he didn’t grab my attention. It wasn’t until my friend talked about him that I realized he was cute and I slowly grew to like him.

>If you have more than one fictional crush, have you noticed a connection between them?

There tend to be a pattern in the men I like, however it has changed throughout the years. At the moment I’m into mature, serious guys. As for female characters I don’t have a type.

>Does the writer/artist have continuous characters you're attracted towards?

No. I don't like having crushes on multiple characters from the same series.

No. 172051

Better Data than Alexander Rozhenko tbh… although to be fair I was a kid when I had that crush… and when I wrote some real "faith of the heart"-tier fanfic about it. Damn I'm glad this board is anonymous.
I must have had some latent Riker crush too at some point because they guy I've been with for the past 3 years really looks like a young Riker.

No. 172052

File: 1473734471605.jpg (111.34 KB, 1200x1417, LuciusMalfoy_WB_F2_LuciusMalfo…)

I've had so many fictional crushes. I have some awesome men in my life but nothing compares to fantasy tbh. The only one that's really stuck around is Lucius Malfoy, I've wanted to be his fuck toy for like 12 years now. I've been fantasizing about getting nailed by him since I was 14 and I'm 26, god damnit.

No. 172053

File: 1473737613437.jpg (424.77 KB, 1200x850, fhr845fnr.jpg)


Thanks! It is fun reading everyones replies. Nice to know others have warm and fuzzy feelings for fictional characters as adults too.

That seems to be pretty common as far as "patterns" goes. Mature and stoic characters can definitely be charming, especially when their past and reason for being so mature is flushed out.

But I also agree on the multiple character thing. I've never liked multiple characters from one series. Just feels weird, as silly as it sounds.

No. 172054

File: 1474240269799.png (258.26 KB, 310x432, IMG_7263.PNG)

Ganondorf ever since I played Ocarina of time as a kid. His villain characteristics somehow indulged my dark sex fantasies. Miracle I didn't turn out like a total aspie dear god

No. 172055

Ahhhhhh Data has been my crush since I was about 3. (I'm so old. TNG played when I was little!) and agreed. The more time goes on and you watch him in episodes, he gets cuter and more endearing. He is my absolute fave from the Trekkie verse (though Odo used to be a longstanding crush too!, I have NO idea why)

But ahh! Just sharing the Data love. I have a pic of me and Brett Spiner when I was 4 at the big Trek Pasadena con. I was so shy, apparently! I'd love to meet him again now that I'm older.

No. 172056


No. 172057

File: 1474290003013.jpg (53.52 KB, 550x420, data.jpg)

Ok I have to join in the love for Data. I feel a really strong emotional attachment towards him. It's because he is so adorable, pure-hearted at his core, and childlike I feel motherly towards him, and at the same time he is so impressively intelligent and powerful. He also reflects many of the best parts of humanity not only in himself but in the way others act towards him, like his friendship with Geordi or how Picard will defend him to the end.

No. 172058

tfw ugly unpopular husbando you get made fun of for

No. 172059


Whose your husbando? I'm sure it's not bizarre as you think, especially in a fictional crush thread.

No. 172060


Whose your husbando? I'm sure it's not bizarre as you think, especially in a fictional crush thread.

No. 172061


Whose your husbando? I'm sure it's not bizarre as you think, especially in a fictional crush thread.

No. 172062

You're too optimistic, anon, but thanks. Here's a hint: he's from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and he's one of the most disliked characters in the series.

No. 172063

File: 1474590240802.png (9.31 KB, 558x557, harveyyyyyy.png)

everyone here seems to have pretty ok taste so far, but a lot of the characters posted here are very realistic looking. a lot of my "crushes" tend to be more stylized. of course i have realistic ones too but something about stylized characters has always seemed more interesting to me.

harvey from stardew valley is super hot to me and i don't even know why.

No. 172064

File: 1474590626847.png (2.61 MB, 1920x1080, Harvest_carrying_Shigechi.png)

…this one? I'm struggling to think of more ugly Jojo characters off the top of my head, it's been a while and there are so many attractive ones.

No. 172065

File: 1474640521134.png (120.18 KB, 238x287, 5.png)

A-anon I'm not into a retarded dead middle schooler. Is Shigechi really that unpopular, anyways? He was an okay kid.

No. 172066

File: 1474674254543.gif (795.82 KB, 450x205, tumblr_mmujdjR7ss1snm08bo1_500…)

literally any character zach woods has played. Gabe especially.

top tier taste over here

No. 172067

File: 1474865061389.jpg (2.09 MB, 1920x2880, jhin.jpg)

you must have good taste if you think my taste is top tier.

anyways, bumping the thread up with one of my weirder crushes. jhin from league of legends is so sexy to me. his weird gangly tall body type, his mask, his voice, everything is so creepy but so hot.
his fucking voice is the best, though. long video, but:

is there anyone else here that sometimes becomes attracted to a character because of their voice, or has their attraction intensified by it? because that's probably been my number one turn on and i've not found a single person like me in that sense.

No. 172068

File: 1474865911865.jpg (8.7 KB, 300x168, 5738454.jpg)

I always fall for characters like Polnareff, Space Dandy, Okuyasu, and Kaiji; the ones that are impulsive and a little stupid but have a good heart.

I think it's because I'm pretty shy and these kinds of guys would probably help me come out of my shell a little bit. Their personality puts me at ease somehow.

No. 172069

You're not alone. Even in real life, I get super attracted to people just based on their voice. Even if their not that physically attractive to me, I still end up falling for them. A nice voice is my weakness.

No. 172070

dandy is great. i started watching it when season 2 came out and throughout the entirety of its runtime i drew nothing but porn of dandy in an attempt to quench my thirst.
as far as personalities go, 100x YES to the "silly character with a heart of gold" trope. it's so good when done right.

it's exactly the same way for me, too. someone could be like a 5/10 in appearance but a sexy voice could instantly make them 11/10 imo. the voice is such an overlooked feature of a person/character.

No. 172071

I want to make a guess too, I'm curious. Is it…hmm… I'll guess Alessi?

No. 172072

No, but I actually know someone who really likes Alessi! I don't wanna be annoying so I'll go ahead and make it obvious and say he's from Part V and isn't Carne.

No. 172073

File: 1475429789955.jpg (35.07 KB, 960x540, 1.jpg)

Nick Valentine is my one true love.

No. 172074

File: 1475450370272.jpg (99.76 KB, 397x572, besthusband.jpg)


No. 172075

Oh hey it's not just me then.

I was kind of bummed that you couldn't romance him. I just want a older grizzled robot detective boyfriend that may or may not have a vibrating penis..

No. 172076

File: 1475533367144.png (1.03 MB, 1440x900, 93-1-1419676294.png)

Motherfucker was smoother than his own head. Also best romance, story-wise at least.

No. 172077

The character designer loves grease

No. 172078

File: 1475534350561.gif (995.15 KB, 500x281, m68xh6Mjoc1r5pmtio2_500.gif)

When I played ME I was so disappointed I couldn't romance Garrus. I was stuck with boring Kaidan. You have no idea how freaking excited I was when I found out I could in ME2.

No. 172079

File: 1475534377110.jpg (831.25 KB, 939x1310, 4059240-3059537-piccolo_price_…)

I love Piccolo, but he'll never be the same since becoming a babysitter.

No. 172080

Yes!! Didn't realise I had a voice kink until Mass Effect 1

No. 172081

File: 1475681261104.png (98.6 KB, 600x360, greendude.png)

Agreed, people always laugh so hard at this but what's not to love? He's a strong man with endless devotion to his friends and duty as well as being a good fatherly figure.
Trunks is a qt too in a boyband way.

No. 172082

I'm sorry

10/10 Link was my first fictional crush too

No. 172083

File: 1475741925531.jpg (34.41 KB, 225x350, purpleantichrist.jpg)

forgot pic whoops

No. 172084

I can also agree with this. I can only imagine how fit/strong Link must be from all that running, swimming, and fighting evil all the time. I crushed on him really hard when I was a kid and still kinda do even if it is embarrassing.

No. 172085

File: 1475792405156.jpg (23.31 KB, 300x290, chunkachunkahotdiggity.jpg)

> I can only imagine how fit/strong Link must be from all that running, swimming, and fighting evil all the time.

anon pls stop fueling my thirst

No. 172086

hes my top husbando of all time but for some reason i can't sexualize him even though i want to. idk i just feel like hes too innocent and cute

No. 172087


Yes yes yes. He was anaaaaazing. I pretty much lost it at the cut scene right after you trudge through the snow post-Haven attack, with that slick veilfire move.

No. 172088

File: 1475852695294.jpg (317.33 KB, 602x800, Camus.(Utapri).full.1667094.jp…)

>good singer
>owns a borzoi
>plays the cello
>megane on occasion
>lives in a cold region
>looks great in a dress or a suit
>hobbies include ice skating, horseback riding and taking long walks
>diet consists entirely of desserts so I could just bake them and not have to worry about eating them myself

He is perfect.

No. 172089

File: 1475852921059.jpg (165.91 KB, 1024x768, 1871449-1332903876.jpg)

Valen Shadowbreath is my OG bioware crush. He is dark and brooding but is funny and romantic. His voice is hnnnnng because it's kinda dorky which I love with his tough guy act. When he finally confesses to you it is precious, video related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKx0yXm6B58

No. 172090

yasssss omg i was sucker for him as soon as i saw his long blond hair and blue eyes. i want to take super long walks with him at night <3

No. 172091

File: 1475863309817.png (315.08 KB, 580x326, geralt-100586284-large.png)

I just really like guys with long hair…and his personality.

No. 172092

Girl I feel you, I crush the same character

No. 172093

Mmmf Geralt. I'd be like that one slut he picks up by going "I like the way you smell" and when she tries to climb his dick again when he's leaving he just throws her off and walks away. <//3

No. 172094

File: 1475955652850.jpg (92.1 KB, 930x930, avatar_1463021956578.jpg)

perfect husbando, I miss free! sfm

No. 172095

File: 1475955997465.jpg (47.75 KB, 452x468, tumblr_nd9x45V4oy1qlaj5ko1_500…)

Alistair used to be my main (still is one of them because first love hey), but after romancing Zevran there was no going back to anything else.
His romance was surprisingly cute and mature and i liked how it progressed and how they showed his feelings. How he treated the warden killed me.
Also i was weak on the kneees when i clicked him and he called me "amor".
Still super pissed about his treatment by bioware. Hey every romance is present in inquisition… except zevran! you get a shitty letter that you might not even recieve if you do not finish certain table missions correctly! oh! and also! we fucked his design in DA2! And had him bugged to hell and back to the point he did not recognize you romanced him in 1! I love bioware, but fuck bioware.

Also have a lot of love for the grumpy elf asshole Fenris. And Solas.
ahh i guess i am just a sucker for bioware male elves who like to torture me with their feelings and shitty personalities.

No. 172096

File: 1475990944002.png (256.5 KB, 600x333, Prince-of-Stride-Alternative-.…)

this anime sucked ass but this guy is a cutie.

No. 172097

File: 1476030103544.jpg (51.5 KB, 500x285, daddy.jpg)

goddamn it anon I went and looked him up and now I'm tits deep in ME fandom.

pic is a more recent husbando though I can't bring myself to play the game anymore because of the player base.

No. 172098

File: 1476108958133.png (950.61 KB, 1055x701, pDnTErB.png)

Geralt's so sexy it's ridiculous, they knew what they were doing, that opening when he comes out of the bath all wet and shiny, and his nice ass when he's sitting on the unicorn with Yen. Then he's got a gorgeous face, is utterly masculine, gravelly voice, I don't typically get thirsty for animated characters but goddamn.

No. 172099

File: 1476109243109.jpg (172.44 KB, 650x1114, IMG_0675.JPG)

I never grew out of my emo phase, I have a mask fetish and something about his voice…

No. 172100

File: 1476111770490.gif (1.38 MB, 268x268, 8e8e5ede-6f18-4d33-8b4b-d03f3b…)

harvey is adorable omg
fuck man his voice is sexy as hell

also i love this thread and i love soldier 76 he makes me weak

No. 172101

Fucking mystic messenger. Men like Zen will never exist in real life and it hurts so much.

No. 172102

File: 1476196962011.jpg (47.3 KB, 810x539, w34v.JPG)

I'm going to deviate from vidya and animu for a minute here. Anyone else watching The Strain? I'd like to be in the middle of these two right here.

No. 172103

File: 1476206764438.jpg (42.08 KB, 640x480, Oberstein 22.jpg)

LotGH, anyone?

Paul von Oberstein.
I have such a huge folder dedicated to this 2D perfection.

No. 172104

i really have to wonder what kind of husband he would be. he seems like he'd more devoted to politics than a wife.

No. 172105

File: 1476334817767.jpg (158.71 KB, 1215x717, vlad.jpg)

also i totally agree with soldier 76, i actually prefer him older.

vladimir from league of legends is super hot to me now that his splash arts are getting updated.
pic related is a recent art update for one of his skins.

also, it helps that his voice is snobby and almost every line is a blood pun.(he's a vampire.) it makes me want to beat him up.
(the pic in the video is outdated)

No. 172106

Fuck, there's so much perfect husband material in LoGH. Although mine would be Yang Wenli.

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