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No. 171955

I really liked the purse thread, so how about we do a Post what's in your make up bag thread? I want to see everyone's make up bags and goodies! Maybe even include your skin tone/type so people can find products that can also maybe work for them?

No. 171956

File: 1471638158135.jpg (158.75 KB, 640x478, image1.JPG)

So I'll go first:
I have dry/sensitive very pale neutral skin. I like natural looks and light make up coverage so I don't own anything dramatic

1. Clinique make up bag I got for free
2. glossier terry headband
3. skinfood Peach Sake Pore Pact, it's very pale/almost translucent and smells great
4. glossier stretch concealer in light, it's a fantastic concealer, costs a lot for not much but it doesn't take much at all to conceal, so definitely worth it
5. vaseline rosy lips tin, i'm not big into lipstick so i mostly just use this for a little color/it's super moisturizing (obviously)
6. glossier boy brow in brown, I got it not expecting much, but it is my favorite brow product because it looks totally natural
7. naked urban decay basics, love it because I prefer natural/soft looks
8. bareminerals big & bright eyeliner in charcoal, glides on nice, and looks natural, not too dark of a black that looks super dramatic
9. glossier haloscope in quartz, looks really nice on pale skin, pretty sheen
10. burberry Cat Lashes Mascara in jet black, I can't decide whether I like it better or ciaté london triple shot mascara. both are great, give thin, long, curly lashes that don't look too crazy
11. etude house hands up deo perfume stick, smells nice and citrus-y
12. murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield, goes on really silky almost like a retinol and makes pores less noticeable
13. bareminerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream, i got it in vanilla 02 but actually it is just the tiniest tad too dark for me so i'm gonna exchange it for birch 1.5. otherwise, it feels sooo nice on the skin and the coverage is perfect for someone without too many skin concerns/likes natural looking make up/has dry skin. it's a radiant finish, which I like, not too oily but not too matte. looks natural imo
14. glossier perfecting skin tint in light, the coverage is more than i expected, and does make my pores less noticeable. i get a lot of compliments on my complexion when I wear it. it's not as radiant as the bareminerals, and feels lighter on the skin. i wear it on my lazier days
15. sephora blush me in all smiles (coral), it's so powerful it only takes me a tiny tiny pat of it to get some color on my cheeks, so I reckon I'll be using this forever lol

No. 171957

File: 1471645335385.png (1.91 MB, 996x1202, Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 6.21…)

I have light skin with yellow undertones and a generally tan body right now. My skin is combination w/ a lot of acne scars and often really dry in some areas.

>hourglass ambient lighting powder in diffused light (i like this because it is very yellow toned, it totally isn't a meme at all)

>hourglass ambient lighting palette (this is a good palette, three shades and one is a great highlighter but i already hit pan on it, the other two are decent bronzers/contours)
>urban decay naked illuminated (SO MUCH GLITTER, i use on my body in the summer bc its fucking gorgeous)
>nars creamy concealer in chantilly
>ysl touch eclat concealer in the green shade (kind of a meme, leaves my super pale face green unless you put on foundation afterwards)
>stila liquid eyeliner (i think KVD tattoo liner is better but i only have this left)
>anastasia eyebrown pencil in dark brown
>some "crack cream" lip balm in the cherry flavour
>becca illuminator/blush thing in "watermelon/moonstone" (very light and subtle)
>too faced blush in "love hangover"
>random lip glosses that tingle in light pink shades
>random brushes, mostly real techniques but the black ones are from sephora and the pink one is from too faced (it is my favourite brush), yes i know i need to clean them asap ill go do that now

Not pictured: sunscreen and bulky shit that doesn't fit/I never use

No. 171958

File: 1471648227310.jpg (3.42 MB, 2976x2976, 20160819_153358.jpg)

I have very pale skin with slight cool undertones. It's a little dry, but not very sensitive.

>Angelic Pretty makeup bag I got for free

>Holika Holika aqua petit jelly bb cream in shade 01
>mini Nars blush in orgasm I got as a freebie
>Wet n Wild color icon eyeshadow trio in The New Romantics
>Dior 5-color eyeshadow in Versailles
>Chloe eau de parfum roller ball
>Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion in minor sin
>Physician's formula eyeliners
>pink velcro bow that I use to keep my bangs out of my face while I do my makeup
>Covergirl x Star Wars lipsticks in nude and sheer gold
>random blush brush that I forget where I got
>NYX jumbo eye pencils in cashmere and yogurt

Not pictured: concealer (which I lost), spare contact lenses, tissues

No. 171959

File: 1471651710899.jpeg (2.55 MB, 3054x2160, DSC_0061-01.jpeg)

I've dry, fair skin with neutral undertones leaning warm, about NC10, and I flush easily. Hair is dark brown-black, eyes dark brown.

>Marimekko bag I got on a cruise, machine washable but gathers hair and lint

>perfume samples: Penhaligons lily of the valley, Masque Milano Russian tea, 2 Possets
>Innisfree air puff, good for blending
>wet tissue
>hand sanitiser
>Clinique waterproof mascara
>innisfree eye primer
>innisfree eco fruit tint (orange)
>max factor colour intensifying balm
>Hurraw! Chai tea lip balm, decanted into innisfree's canola lip balm bullet
>innisfree oil blotting paper
>Holika Holika Jewelight waterproof liner in chocolate citrine
>innisfree auto eyebrow pencil in Ash brown
>loreal true match touche magique in ivory (undereye circles)
>loreal dream lumi in #02 (ditto, colour correction)
>eyelash curler from Dunnes, idk the brand
>eyeshadow and liner brushes from Supervalu or some similar place
>chanel sharpener (don't buy any of their pencil liners btw, they're shit)
>innisfree no sebum compact in a cushion case (bigger mirror lol)
>it's skin Petit pact (undereye colour correction) with innisfree's matte eyeshadow inside

Guess what my favourite brand is

No. 171960

Forgot to mention: this makeup doesn't budge all day as long as you put the eye primer under your eyes before concealer etc
Also I use the tint as a blusher as well

No. 171961

Your makeup bag is adorable!

No. 171962

Thanks! I got it recently at a Belk's as a free gift. I love the moisture surge extended thirst relief that came with it as well, if anyone has dry skin i recommend it!

No. 171963

File: 1471690307107.jpg (264.58 KB, 1080x608, 20160820_113022_HDR.jpg)

I'm very pale, not sure about mac shade since i don't really use their products. Combination skin, very sensitive and acne prone. Very sensitve eyes. I tend to go for a vey natural look.
>tfw you realize you have too much shit in your main makeup bag
>tfw you realize you have more than one makeup bag
I do not really carry all this shit unless i am going in a long vacation, products that i mark with * are the ones i will carry yes or yes.

-Clarins bag that i got with one of their eclat du jours packs, very high quality and sturdy.

*-Estée lauder double wear foundation in 2c3 "fresco". A tiny bit too dark for me, barely noticeable if well blended, amazing coverage (i use it to spot conceal lmao), feels like you have nothing on the skin and it does not budge with anything. Only con it's tht it is VERY matte, which i don't personally like and if you don't blend it completly it will turn black on your skin. The bottle is a nightmare tho. It has no pump or anything to control how much comes out, you have to pour it down and it can make a mess. A lot of it gets stuck on the cap too.

-Maybaelline the nudes: not as bad as everyone says, tbh. Mostly use the shimmers, i apply them with my fingers and they last quite a bit on my lids.

-The face shop FACE it contour. Love this, i think it's discontinued but it's very subtle and buildable, looks like an actual shadow and not mud, also the fact that it has two colors is great.

-Innisfree ampoule cushion in C13. Undertones do not match me very well, it's very beige-orange-y. Very moisturizing, but not buildable at all, it looks cakey if you try. Don't like it too much, still use it sometimes in winter because of the incredible moisture. When i used it on summer it broke me out a litte bit so i suspect it clogs pores if you sweat? idk. You will reflect light with how glowy this shit is.

*-Inisfree no sebum powder. LOVE LOVE LOVE this powder. It keeps my skin looking healthy glowy, not greasy looking, but secures my makeup and diminishes pores amazingly. I use it on T-zone mainly. No flashback, no color, no smell, it's very VERY good.

*-Kiko rebel bouncy blush (alternate between treasure rose and adorable pink) I am super picky about blushes since they are my favourite makeup item, but i adore this one. Super pretty colors, very soft texture, looks like a flush from within, buildable. I prefer this even compared to expensive ones. Pretty sure they are discontinued, sadly :/

-Lioele eyebrow cake in brown/dark brown. Very natural looking, does not budge, leaves eyebrows looking very soft and natural. Brushes that come with it are pretty good.

*-Some beauty blender copy that i bought for like 5 eur in a supermarket, i actually prefer to the original. Tweezers. Some velcro to keep hair out of eyes. Kiko eyelash curler, pretty okay i guess, tends to pull on my skin sometimes, i think it would be better suited for some other eye shape (i have almond to round eyes and it does not clamp all the way to my outer lashes).

*-Lioele saweed mist. Keeps my makeup in place all day long if i spray it after application, moisturizes my skin and leaves me glowy and healthy looking.

*-Kiko heatwave oil in 03, leaves a very subtle color on my lips, very shiny, tastes like orange, smells delicious, moisturizes and plumps my lips. Con is that it wears down in less than an hour.

-Tonymoly lipstick in RD04. Not a lot of pigment but it is buildable and very pretty, moisturizing, pretty okay tho you can't eat or kiss with this thing on becaue it will go away pretty fast.

*-Liposan lip balm in Rosé. It leaves my lips supper pretty and pink and adds a very subtle shine.

*-Maybelline age rewind concealer in light. For everyday i mostly only use this under the eyes and i'm ready to go. Looks a little bit dark on me but it does not crease or bunch up. Love it, have 3 backups of this lol.

-Innisfree mineral glow stick. I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHIT. It makes your skin glow like it's 100% moisturized naturally and alive and like you drink a lot of water and have your life togehter and do not go to sleep at 4 am and regret your life choices. Fuck, i love it so much. Discontinued, i think, tho.

-Innisfree skinny browcara. Leaves your brows very natural, a lot of pigment, does not budge even if ou sweat or rub your brows.

-Innisfree skinny mascara in "long"(?). I have very long lashes already so most mascaras make me look kinda drag-y which makes me extra picky about them. This one, i love, does not clump your lashes, makes them long and pretty and defined, keeps curls in place. / MISSHA 4D mascara. A little bit more pigmented, a little more drama, but not by a lot, it wears down curls so if i use it i do it BEFORE curling my lashes.

-Kiko infinity eyeshadows, mostly use the red one and the cream one. Brown one sometimes i use for brows. Surprisngly good quality for a very low price, very soft and pigmented. Easy to blend. Stays on my (kinda oily) lids even without any primer.

*-Aloe watery sun daily SPF 50 sunscreen. I have a love hate relationship with this one. It does not break me out, which a lot of sunscreen does, but it makes my makeup kinda cakey if i don't apply it like 40 minutes before the makeup and work it into my skin like crazy. Sometimes the smell makes me a bit nauseous but it is not a bad smell. Does not leave any kind of residue behind when applied. I think it mildly clogs pores if you do not wash your face at night after using it tho.

-Some random brushes for blush, powder and brows/eyes.

No. 171964

Hey anon, I'm the anon from above with a similar cushion but I got the old version - have you tried the old one? I got it in #13 and it was a perfect match, but it seems they changed the shades now. Would you say C13 leans warm or is it still fairly neutral? I've wanted to buy it for the longest time but wasn't sure if it'd match anymore.

No. 171965

File: 1471708335622.jpg (Spoiler Image, 280.08 KB, 1080x608, 20160820_174605.jpg)

Yes, i bought it before (around 2? or 1 year ago) in the longwear version, lightest shade, and it was a perfect match so i was kinda surprised when this arrived and it was more "noticeable" on my skin. It's still pretty pale, but it's little bit more warm than the previous version and it has more beige in it, it has more "western drugstore" pale feel. It also turned slightly orange-ish on my skin after 1-2 hours for some reason, which never happened with the other one :/ I assume either they fucked up the formula or i got a busted one.

(pic related is how it looks against my skin, obviously unblended)

No. 171966

Iirc the C13 is meant to suit pink/cool-toned people, which I suppose you and I are not (I'm neutral leaning warm). Bummer!

No. 171967

Can we have a skincare/nightly routine version of this thread as well? It'd be a lot more interesting separate from the skincare thread.

I'm too busy to post but this is cool as hell so I encourage girls to have at it!

No. 171968

are these pictures of all the makeup you guys own? I want to downsize my makeup collection to be this amount of makeup. I collected/bought so much over the years (and I haven't been buying any more ever since a few months ago) and now I have way too much makeup and it's hard to find products/ovewhelms me.

No. 171969

I'm pretty sure it's just what's in their most-used bag. But same. The only reason I haven't joined in on the action is that I'm in the process of trying to use up my makeup before I revamp, so as not to waste. Downsizing is the way to go. I wish I wouldn't known sooner to invest in skincare rather than makeup.

I have a lot of high-end makeup I don't even like. The thing is, I'm not even wealthy so it's just annoying that I went through that makeup phase. Also I'm mad that I own tonymoly products from my baby skincare days before I realized there was a whole world out there beyond "let's buy this because it's cute." Dumb.

No. 171970

I could make one, I guess. I will end up looking like a paula's choice shill though since that is all I use lol. Give me a few minutes to do it.

I'm >>171956 and yeah that's my collection after down sizing recently. I have a box that I store mascara samples in because I don't buy mascara, only use free samples haha but otherwise, that's it.

If you want to downsize, lay out ALL of your products and sort them into piles/baskets based on their type like a pile for lip products (lip stick, liners gloss, etc), a pile for eye products (mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow) etc etc and so on.

Then, start at each pile and go through it and sort into new piles by "must have", "can't decide", and "donate/throw away". Once you have your final "must have" pile, go through it again to limit it down to 1 or 2 items.

This worked for me because I am pretty minimalist in that i don't need lots of colors of lipsticks or eye shadows, in fact I only like very very few colors. This might be harder if you like lots of dramatic looks. In that case, maybe make a "every day" make up bag and a "going out" make up bag? do the same process, but for the different bags!

No. 171971

I'm >>171959 and yep, it's all the makeup I own! I guess I also have Biore Perfect Milk but I count that as sunscreen.
However, I've an extensive skincare routine that more than makes up (hurr) for my lack of makeup. It also took a lot of trial and error to pare it down to the products I love, the right undereye concealer was definitely the biggest PITA to find. Just make sure to tailor your collection to suit your needs and you're golden (for example, mine is pretty much built around sunscreen, I keep it super minimal so that I could reapply throughout the day without too much fuss). There's no right answer, and no shame in keeping an extensive collection if you like experimenting.

No. 171972

I'm >>171959 and yep, it's all the makeup I own! I guess I also have Biore Perfect Milk but I count that as sunscreen.
However, I've an extensive skincare routine that more than makes up (hurr) for my lack of makeup. It also took a lot of trial and error to pare it down to the products I love, the right undereye concealer was definitely the biggest PITA to find. Just make sure to tailor your collection to suit your needs and you're golden (for example, mine is pretty much built around sunscreen, I keep it super minimal so that I could reapply throughout the day without too much fuss). There's no right answer, and no shame in keeping an extensive collection if you like experimenting.

No. 171973

Sorry, don't know why it double posted

No. 171974

File: 1471847210197.jpeg (1.87 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

I have medium combination skin (dry around my face with an extremely oily nose) and prone to subclinical acne on my forehead and lower cheeks. I prefer a natural/'no makeup' look.

I have a lot of makeup but I tend to buy a lot of the same thing from different brands to find out what I like best. I'm also a big fan of the Ulta regular brand as well as Urban Decay.

1. Makeup bag from Cotton On
2. Eyeshadow pallets, the classic UD Naked, an older UD with a few shimmers, and an Ulta nude pallet with nude shimmers
3. Random beauty supplies, hair bands, pins, pluckers, etc.
4. Concealer and contour sticks. The two concealers are Ulta and Essence (the essence offers a really light coverage when I have slight redness and the Ulta is a big darker and thicker for rogue pimples/under eye), the contour stick is some random drugstore brand I got for $1? I was surprised at how nice it was so I kept it.
5. Ulta blushes. They are powder and give very light coverage. Currently trying to find a new blush because my favourite from Essence was discontinued.
6. Covergirl Lash Blast mascara, it's a very soft and subtle plump. I love it.
7. A shitton of eyeliners, Ulta liquid eyeliner, Miss Sporty Pump Up Booster (current fave), Essence fine felt tip (great for subtle soft eyeliner), 5 gel eyeliners from various brands and colours (Ulta black gel is my fave of those)
8. A bunch of lipsticks/glosses/chapsticks. A cvs brand Chapstick, a nude/slightly red Matte Me from Sleek (applies like a dream but crumbles and reapplies terribly), NYX lipstick in minimalism (a slightly brighter nude, also have it in peach in my purse, fave lipsticks right now, very subtle lip colours), stila liquid lipstick in a bright orange/red (worn once and it's just too bright for me), Ulta tinted lip balm in red, Urban Decay lip gloss (I believe they're discontinued, I have every shade, give great gloss and subtle colour), IMAN lipstick in black plum (very rich but comes off a bit easily)
9. Sephora CC cream in 32 medium (bought it to try but I'm not a fan of it, it applies well but becomes very oily, finishing it off to buy my favourite base, L'oreal true match)
10. L'Oreal True Match powder, use it as a set after my foundation/concealer. Really nice and soft coverage, this paired with the True Match liquid foundation gives a gorgeous natural look.
Not Pictured: UD All-Nighter setting spray and one or two more palettes that just have more reds/browns.

Would anyone have any recommendations for a nice liquid blush that gives a peachy/natural blush look? I don't like dark or intense blushes but that's all I seem to find lately.

No. 171975

File: 1471898272606.jpeg (1.79 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

I'm probably the darkest person in the thread (I'm Hispanic) and the most incompetent when it comes to makeup. I didn't have older sisters growing up and my mom doesn't wear makeup so I taught myself with drugstore makeup.

1. Maybelline shine shot 02- for days when I want to add a bit of effect on my lips
2. Rimmel mascara
3. NYX wonder pencil in medium- I use it on my waterline to make my eyes appear bigger
4. NYX liquid eyeliner
5. Milk makeup highlighter stick- I wear it on my cheekbones, Cupid's bow, top of my nose and inner corner of my eyes
6. Urban Decay eyes ago in Solstice- I've never paid so much for one eyeshadow and I absolutely love this one. Like I said, I know nothing about makeup so I only wear one shade on my eyes
7. Some Avon eye topper that I use as a very subtle shimmery eyeshadow on days when I wanna look a little more "natural"
8. Maybelline eyeshadow in a coppery shade- this is what I wear when I want to look "dramatic" because it has a lot of pigment
9. Hard candy Glitter mascara- okay, here's a secret: I wear this on my eyebrows. I don't know how to fill them in or shape them, but my eyebrows are naturally small and curved with a bit of an arch and I love them so I just wear this when I want to make a statement. Judge me.
10. Maybelline fit me concealer in 25 medium- I only wear concealer on my nose and Cupid's bow. I don't get dark circles (if I do then they're not noticeable because of my complexion).
11. Elf pore less primer- I'll buy a more high-end primer some day, I promise
12. and 13. NYX liquid illuminators in Sunbeam and Gleam- I use sunbeam (the pale pink one) as eyeshadow too instead of just highlighter. I use gleam when I want to look more "bronzed" than highlighted.
14. 15. And 16. NYX soft matte lip creams in Transylvania, Copenhagen and Milan
17. 18. and 19. The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes (I love the pun matte hues) in charming, sincere, and adoring: These are amazing and I love them! They last all day (unless I eat something), they smell good and look amazing.

I don't wear foundation because I can't afford high end ones and I don't know how to apply them. Like I said, I don't know much about makeup but I'm obsessed with lipsticks because they're the one thing you can't mess up and my lips are my favorite feature. Usually all I need is lipstick to look well put together. Does anybody want to scold me or give me advice? I'm a 20 year old who can't do makeup.

No. 171976

For advice it'd help to know some basics about your skin: do you have dry or oily or combination or normal skin? What's your skin under tones, cool or neutral or warm? Roughly what shade skin are you? Do you have any serious skin needs like acne scars to hide, under eye circles/bags, redness, etc? All this could help me or someone else pick you out some products!

No. 171977

I have oily skin skin which I make worse by washing it a lot which strips natural oils, and my pores tend to be noticeable. Thankfully I don't have to worry about acne beyond waking up with a random pimple every once in a while. I do have a lot of whiteheads around my chin and that's why I avoid foundation, because it makes me look cakey.
I have a warm-to-olive undertones (I'm going off based on my green and purple veins on my wrist and the fact that I ran easily) and brown eyes.

No. 171978

File: 1471978908104.jpg (3.51 MB, 5312x2988, 20160823_143046.jpg)

I have about 3 palates and none of my lipstick is pictured here because I don't keep them in the bag anymore.

I'm black and a lot of the stuff in the bag actually doesn't match my skintone at all. I have combination skin and I don't really use foundation anymore, I use cc cream.

1. Covergirl Queen editon foundation in Q410. I don't use powder that much either anymore but this is the one I'll reach for first. I'm still salty they stopped making the matching foundation in my skintone.

2.Milani powder foundation in 07, 'creamy cocoa'. This one is too dark for me, my mom gave it to me because she thought it would fit since it works well for her, but no luck. It's a nice powder though.

3. Iman creme to powder foundation in 'clay 2'. This doesn't fit me either, it was another purchase my mom bought for me. (she buys a lot of my makeup, she wants me to be more girly lol)

4. Shea Moisture Illuminating powder in 'cinnamon ceylon'. I bought this because I thought it was a powder foundation, but it makes my skin look pretty so I don't mind.

5. Nyx mosaic powder in 'Love'. I'm trying to get into blush more, so I gave it a try. I don't apply it with a brush though, I use my finger and tap it into the apples of my cheeks, I don't know why but I prefer it that way.

6.Nyx pore filler. it's dirty af but it's shit I swear by. When I used to use foundation I put this on before hand and it gave my a flawless finish.

7. nyx born to glow liquid illuminator in 'gleam'. I love this shit, lol.

8. Black Radiance color perfect in 'mocha honey'. Another purchase from my mom (don't worry, I already told her to stop doing that). Another thing that's too dark for me, plus it smells weird. I'm throwing it out.

9. Shea Moisture weightless shea serum foundation in 'hazel'. this is my color but I don't like the finish, it makes me look oily so I don't use it. I wish I picked it up in a more matte finish, because it's great coverage and my exact skintone.

10. Kiss stick foundation in 'maple sugar' I use it as a contour stick, but not often because I hate the way it feels. blends out easy though.

11.shea moisture CC cream in medium. This is the product I'm currently using. It fits my skin, it has spf in it too so I use it during the summer, also it smells like sunscreen or sunblock, and that's a bonus for me.

12.Neutrogena skin clearing complexion perfector in deep 50. I use this during winter because it doesn't have spf. it fits my skintone well, but it's also dirty because it's been in my school makeup bag for a while.

13, 14. Rimmel extra super lash mascara. My mom gives these to me because she gets the ones with two in a pack, they work well but I much prefer the too faced better than sex mascara that I just finished.

15. L.A girl pro conceal. This is a godsend if you're on a budget.

16. Eyeliner. I actually have no clue what brand this is, but it waterproof so, bonus.

17. Mary Kay creme to powder foundation. it's weird, it looks like my shade in packaging, but when I put it on, it's too light. I also don't really like creme to powder foundation anyway, so it just hangs there, in my makeup bag… taking up space until I finally throw it out.

No. 171979

File: 1473157648710.jpg (66.59 KB, 612x816, 14269430_1793999377488089_1425…)

1. Makeup bag from Aliexpress, was like 4 bucks, got all space needed and even has a lil' mirror. Do recommend.
2. Tarte amazonian clay foundation in fair beige, bought on vacation in the USA since they don't sell tarte here in the rural nords :I
3. Urban decay naked skin concealer, this color is ultimately me in the winter so will probably try the foundation in the future.
4. NYX stay matte powder in their fairest shade. I dont recommend this one since it has crazy fallout and doesnt do much to stay matte. Works fine as a normal powder tho.
4. Urban decay all nighter setting spray
5. Brow shit, Nyx brow gel in brunette, random aliexpress browpen since my only retailer that carries the sigma one in top shelf is out of stock, tweezer and upictured mac brush i use to blend it out.
6. Mascara from UNE, momma passed this on and shit man its probably best mascara ive tried, better than YSL, clinique, lancome etc.
7. Isadora waterproof eyeliner(swedish brand), nords are probably with me on this one since its hands down best eyeliner ever, ive used this for 5+ years. Sits like mount everest, cheap as balls(10 bucks?) and super easy to work with.
8.Lipsticks etc - Anastasia BH liquid lip in heather, NYX matte in spirit, Milani matte in matte innocence, MAC lipliner in whirl and my allround fav Burts bees lip shine in pucker. This shit gives a lil tint and isnt too shiny, I use it everyday.
9.Foundation brush from sigma & powderbrush from body shop.
10. Limecrime venus palette, yeah yeah doe deere is a massive cunt but i don't give a hoot for this palette i love it.

No. 171980

File: 1475989337633.jpg (300.35 KB, 996x858, IMAG0990.jpg)

I have dry & sensitive fair skin. Neutral-leaning cool. I like editorial looks as well as natural, glowy ones.


Chanel Les Beiges Foundation in No.10


Urban Decay 24/7 in CIA

>Setting Powder / Highlighter

Bare Minerals Transluscent Powder Duo


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends


Neutrogena Healthy Volume in Black


NYX Collection Noir Liquid Black Liner

>Eyeshadow Primer

NYX HD Shadow Base


Tarte Tartelette


Red: NARS Cruella
Fun color: Revlon Unapologetic
(Weird) Nude: Kat Von D Requiem

No. 171981

That book looks pretty.

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