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No. 171827

I cheated on my boyfriend and I feel fucking terrible. I know I won't do it again and I think my boyfriend would be okay with it but I just can't get over the fact that I breached on my own morals. Have any of you cheated before? Did you tell your partner?

No. 171828

No cuz I'm not a moron that can't do a simple thing like not cheat on someone

No. 171829

I've cheated on my partner before, in a emotional sense. We kept growing further and further apart, and I stopped coming to him with my problems and started telling everything to my guy friend.

No. 171830

Never cheated myself, but I do think cheating can very occasionally be forgiven under the right circumstances.

No. 171831

No because I am an adult and can control myself.
>but I feel really really bad about it!
If you felt bad you wouldn't have cheated. If you weren't a selfish pillock and cared about other people's feelings you wouldn't have cheated. Simple as.

No. 171832

File: 1468226321315.jpg (35.34 KB, 310x350, 1344741782001.jpg)

>I don't understand your experience, therefore you're a bad person and I'm better than you.

No. 171833

I was fucking wasted and ovulating and I haven't seen my bf irl for 2 months.

No. 171834

Oh sorry, you were ovulating? Well that changes things drastically, doesn't it?
I was in an LDR for 2 whole years. You've no excuse.

No. 171835

wow you are an excellent human specimen, high five!!!!

No. 171836

I'm genuinely curious about why people cheat and how it happens. Was that really all there was to it? Do you remember what was going through your head while it happened and right after?

I think this is a really interesting topic tbh. And btw, sometimes the victim in a relationship is the cheater themselves. It doesn't make what happened right but it brings up a conversation that needs to be had before the cheating even took place.

No. 171837

Well I suppose my situation is a little different from the norm, my boyfriend is always telling me that he would be fine with me fucking other people because he's gone a lot and has a very low libido. Even so, everything just feels wrong now. I've never cheated before and I've always been judgemental towards people who cheat.

No. 171838

I'm used to be too and it's weird that I'm less judgmental after I was the one cheated on. But we worked things out and his cheating was only in the first month after we'd met. These days I try to be more understanding of why people do it though. I've had friends who've cheated but even then I can't say that one incident ruins their entire character.

No. 171839

Fucking KEK, the excuses some of you cheaters will come up with are incredible.

No. 171840

I know, thank my parents for not raising me to be a cheating piece of shit :)

No. 171841

When I was much younger I would cheat on some boyfriend I had. I grew up living in a very abusive home, my parents terrorized and would beat me. They would pretty much not approve of any friends but if i had a boyfriend they were ok with he was allowed to take me out almost whenever.

It started by me dating a guy who I liked but stopped liking as much but I was scared to break up with him as he was my only way of getting out of my house/avoiding abuse. I ended up seeing another guy on the side (who i rarely got to see but we talked on the phone a lot). I know cheating is wrong, and I do not do this now but I can look back and at least understand why I did it( like I know it was wrong but I was trying to cope with the abuse the best I could as a young teen with no resources).

No. 171842

and it makes me a little mad when people say "i would never cheat! i have morals and self control!"
do you think its only about self control? do you think i cheated only because i can't resist a penis when i see one?
it was more like a slow emotional withdrawal from one person, and i happened to meet someone new but was too weak to call it quits with the first person.
iis it wrong? hell yes. but cheating isnt a one size fits all scenario.

No. 171843

its ok anon i feel you.
we can feel shitty together.

if anything, my cheating has only made me feel extremely paranoid of my current partner.
(if thats any consolation to you people that feel that need to relentlessly rag on cheaters.)

No. 171844

It's just one person doing that, and they're projecting like crazy. Ignore them.

No. 171845

You're being a piece of shit in other ways so I think your parents missed a teaching a few lessons :)

No. 171846


Missed teaching*

No. 171847

File: 1468276510593.jpg (31.98 KB, 460x283, congrats_bitch.jpg)

You know who resorts to this insult? Fugly fat bitches who can't get any dick.

No. 171848


and suddenly you're physic

No. 171849

This thread is basically guilt ridden young slappers

No. 171850

OP here I just told my bf I cheated and he says he loves me even more for being so honest with him.

No. 171851

File: 1468278560630.jpg (16.62 KB, 250x250, 1300044776986.jpg)

I am skeptical that you are actually OP.

No. 171852

Sounds like he's cheating on you too tbh

No. 171853

File: 1468278622772.jpg (3.51 KB, 126x114, 1317593640732s.jpg)


so sorry for your troubles, dyslexia-chan.

No. 171854

Maybe, but we love each other very much, we agreed on an open relationship. I'm starting to look at things differently and separate sex and love.

No. 171855

>we agreed on an open relationship

This is almost always a bad sign, but I hope the best for you anyway.

No. 171856

I think we'll be just fine, if not c'est la vie.

No. 171857

Your boyfriend has such little loyalty to you that he couldn't even go with one month of knowing you before he cheated on you. And you're understanding of it?

No. 171858

No resources? Where did you live?

No. 171859

So when my boyfriend I were kind of on weird terms, I slept with another guy. We were kind of broken up at the time, he'd asked for 'space'. I was really sad and I wanted attention and I knew he has camsex with girls online all the time so I felt ok about it. It was only once with a sleazy old man. I never told my boyfriend about it, is that cheating, anons? We got back together a few days later.

No. 171860

Your guys' relationship sounds unhealthy as fuck. I hope there's been actual communication and understanding on both ends as to why these things happened, otherwise y'all should break up immediately and seriously take some time to work on yourselves.

Also, yes, I would say that's cheating since you guys were not definitely broken up and instead merely "kind of" broken up.

No. 171861

Cry about it, faggot

No. 171862

I'm not that anon, obviously, but I can try to give insight.

when I did it, it was simply because I felt like I could. there was no real thought to it, I didn't go out seeking men to cheat with . if the opportunity arose, I took it. it was sort of an adrenaline rush, but I always told my partner after. about a day later or so. it was rarely anything below the belt. I've been single since then, mostly because that period of my life was very dark imo.

but I also destroy my relationships too so idk. I think I have commitment/intimacy issues because I recently destroyed a new romantic interest, and it pisses me off because it was the first guy I have ever had a "crush" on in years. I really like the guy and I immediately tarnished anything we could have ever had lol.

No. 171863


I had no friends from being isolated and no family members besides my immediate family. I was also extremely mentally unstable (to the point of psychosis like symptoms) due to my stress at home so it's not like I was thinking that 'rationally either'. I've "gotten over" most of my trauma now though and I live a relatively normal life with normal relationships.

No. 171864

Gonna offer the perspective of an ex-serial-cheater here for anyone interested.

inb4 I am saying this is true of all people who cheat, I'm not. This is purely what went down with me.

I have had 4 notable/ serious relationships in my life, and in 3/4 of those I have cheated. At the time, I made excuses like "my partner treats me horribly" to justify it. I know now that, for me, that was bullshit. I cheated because it was fun to build a connection with a new person, I was horny, and I genuinely didn't feel any guilt at all. There was nothing deep to it.

I'd quite frequently fuck the other guy, then go home and sleep in the same bed as my partner with no issues. I never actively went looking for opportunities to cheat. I just went with the flow and if an opportunity came up and I felt like taking it, I would.

One of the bfs I cheated on with maybe 10 people over the course of 18 months. He never found out. I was only caught once by my 3rd long term partner, who found out I'd been having a prolonged affair with one guy. We carried on in the relationship for a few months after he found out and eventually split up for other reasons.

The relationship I am in currently has been going strong for almost 4 years and I have not cheated. I have absolutely zero desire to do it any more. That isn't for lack of opportunity, or even worrying about feeling guilt, I just don't feel like doing it. I don't think it's because my current partner makes me feel more fulfilled, or even that there haven't been opportunities, I just really have no desire to do it any more.

No. 171865

In my experience, most cheaters are just loyal to their own emotional prerogative, and rationalize reasons for it after the fact. You sleep around because it feels good to sleep around, and you don't tell your S.O because that doesn't feel good. Most of their guilt is manufactured upon being caught, if at all.

It's a basic failure in empathy and principled behavior, that a lot of people like to write off as a 'mistake'.

No. 171866

Isn't your reasoning true for the majority of cheaters, if not all of them? You couldn't keep it in your pants, essentially. Do you even feel any remorse for what you've done? Your post comes across as some sort of sick humblebrag.

No. 171867

>You're being a piece of shit in other ways
do you mean by shaming someone for doing something shameful? are you sure youre not the one who is the piece of shit

No. 171868

>dirty whore

Don't disrespect sex work like that. Whores are transparent and honest about what they do, and do fair work. This is worse.

No. 171869


A few years ago when I came back from school for the summer I got into a relationship with a guy I'd known for about eight years. He was so sweet and gentle and kind and he was perfect. When I went back to college in the fall I was big into the party/drug scene and I cheated on him constantly. I'd feel awful about it the next day and then go out and get absolutely wasted the next night and do it all over again. I never told him but he ended up finding out regardless. It tore him apart and he was never the same after it and it was only when I got clean that I realized the extent of the damage I did to him. Ill never forgive myself and the regret of my actions for the span of our year relationship is something that haunts me every day even though we have both moved on. The regret is something that you become accustomed to after a while, all you can do is chalk it up as a learning experience and try to move on.

He's met a lovely girl who he is engaged to and they're having a baby together soon. I ended up apologizing to him when I was done my rehab and he told me he'd already forgiven me when he found out I went to get help, just wish I could forgive myself.

TLDR: shit happens, get used to feeling like shit about your actions and dont expect any sympathy. Learn from this experience and don't do it again.

sage for blog post.

No. 171870

No one is condoning cheating and its already a given that it's shameful. You're just being a broken record but whatever it's lolcow.

No. 171871

I'm not sure if this counts as cheating or not but I broke up with my ex a while ago and after that I got into a new relationship. My ex was a douche and still had feelings for me and would still force me to say "I love you" to him and stuff and if I didn't he'd threaten to leak intimate photos and stuff. He told people we were back together and when I told him I'd been seeing someone else he had me branded as a cheater. I guess it was emotionally cheating on the new guy I got with.

No. 171872

>Don't disrespect sex work like that

Don't tell me what to do, you morally-righteous cunt.

No. 171873

Threated to leak intimate photos? Should have called the police on him.

No. 171874

It's not emotional cheating if you did it while being blackmailed. It would only be emotional cheating if you actually did love your ex. Don't feel too bad about it. It's not your fault your ex was a lunatic. If it helps, tell the new guy (if you're still with him). I cant imagine him being that mad about shit you said under duress.

No. 171875

You should feel bad. You did a fucking awful thing. Do you really think you deserve sympathy here?

You made one of the most selfish, shitty decisions on purpose without giving a fuck how much it hurt your partner.
Nobody deserves that. He deserves a decent partner not someone who's gonna fuck someone else because they're selfish.

I hope he dumps you ASAP op. you don't belong in any adult relationship.

No. 171876

Weh weh weh I'm allowed to destroy trust and fidelity and horribly hurt the person I am supposed to love because I was drunk an horny.

If you're so lacking in self control don't get drunk around people. Your excuses are pathetic.

Ovulating? Big woop. Go rub one out instead of sucking whatever cock was closest.

No. 171877

People sure are salty about cheating.
Not saying it doesn't suck a lot but damn. Some people seem to think it's worse than murdering a puppy.
Circumstances matter.
Rarely does someone ever cheat on anyone to purposefully hurt them. Shit happens, and those people are shit and it hurts but it's not the worst thing that will ever happen to you.

No. 171878


Ah gee, ovulatin'.

Do you guys think broads should be able to vote while ovulating? I don't. Some dictatorial type flashes them the dick from behind the rostrum and BAM! We're living under Mussolini.

Goddamn you, ovulation, if it wasn't for you women would qualify as adults, could own accounts and drive vehicles.


>do you think its only about self control?!

>/was too weak to call it quits


>Circumstances matter.

Not to the extent people with a victim complex would like. Just saying "gosh, it was hard" doesn't excuse you at all. If everyone reasoned like you and applied it to everything society would fall apart with the constant theft and murder that'd go on.

>Rarely does someone ever cheat on anyone to purposefully hurt them.

Yeah, you cheat to satisfy your ego at the cost of someone who's usually in love with you, trading a little of your pleasure for a whole lot of their trauma/humiliation/etc.

If cheating isn't a big deal why is stigmatizing cheaters a big deal? Get over it, it's just a bit of stigma. :^)

No. 171879

Cheating isn't a crime.
Cheating is still a horrible thing, and most cheaters even with understandable reasons are shitty people. But they're not the ~ absolute worse ever.

No. 171880


But did I say they were? When I reference murder and theft its in the context of self-control and accountability, not infidelity.

Free people with control over their actions ought to practice it and their failures should be acknowledged even if they experience strong urges - precisely because they usually accompany serious breaches in conduct. Wouldn't you agree?

No. 171881

Aww, does bb feel bad? :(

No. 171882

Oh cry harder because you can't help jumping into bed with someone who isn't the person you have led to believe is your only partner.

Why do you expect sympathy?
You disregarded the dignity, trust, and respect of the person you were in a relationship with. That's pretty much the entire foundation of a couple and you decided it was less important than an orgasm.
Why should people feel bad or reassure you its okay to hurt someone like that when there was ALWAYS another option. You don't get pats on the back for being selfish.

If you can't or won't be monogamous why enter a relationship that isn't open?
If its not working out or you're drifting apart or whatever, why wouldnt you just end it and then go date or have sex with whoever you want?

What situation in the world exists where you are literally incapable of stopping yourself from having sex without first leaving your partner?

No. 171883

File: 1468409326841.jpg (8.56 KB, 300x251, 1450764795994.jpg)

>most cheaters even with understandable reasons
>understandable reasons

No. 171884


These kinds of situations are the only excusable ones. People who cheat for the sake of cheating are sick

No. 171885

What's your guys' opinion on being the person that the guy cheats on his gf with?
Someone kissed me at their flat party, and due to my slow drunk reactions it happened a few times (and felt so nice, damn it), once I pulled away my only reasoning to him was "don't do that, it's bad, because it's wrong". Stayed over at their house and next morning they tried to kiss me and I was like "uh, no".
I felt so bad for the girlfriend, and the fact he cheated so easily, and was so persistent about it too!
My immediate gut feeling was to go straight over to the gf and tell her, then I figured I'd sleep on it. Now it's been about a month and I haven't said shit. I mean, is it my business? Does she have a right to know? Should I give her a right to be ignorant to it? She's always making joking references that he's hitting on other girls, so maybe she's aware?

No. 171886

Being drunk is no excuse and you knew he had a gf.

Side bitches aside. How do you deal with other women being all up on your BF without seeming like a paranoid psycho? I know they're just friends and he haven't cheated, but I can tell that some of those girls have other intentions, he just can't see it himself.

No. 171887

you don't? your bf has his own autonomy & you have to trust his capacity to make decisions for himself. acting like a paranoid psycho is just going to weird everyone around you out, including him. if it's really something that's weighing on you, talk to him about it in private like, 'listen just my two cents but i'm pretty sure stacy is angling to get in your pants and tell me you won't do anything with her just so i can have some peace of mind' because short of attaching him to your wrist by a leash or ripping out the jugular of the next girl who bats her eyelashes at him, that's p. much all you can do in your situation.

>being drunk is no excuse
that's like if she got into a car crash that night due to inebriation and your response is 'impaired judgement and inhibited reflexes is no excuse for crashing! you knew that other car was on the road!'

No. 171888

A lot of times people do things because it feels good for themselves. It's selfish but it's hard not to think in terms of "well what they don't know won't hurt them." That's usually how it is. They feels about what they are doing for themselves and don't feel bad until the other person actually is hurt. Morality usually doesn't come into play until the person is caught.

I've been the side ho a couple of times and didn't care because they were my friends and I didn't have intentions of breaking them up. When I was younger I felt like their girlfriends weren't my problem and they're free to make their own choices but these days I feel like that's too apathetic and cheaters shouldn't be encouraged.

I think it's wrong of course, but I don't think people are incapable of change. If it's not a repeated offensive then I feel like it can be overlooked as just a small blemish in their character.

If I were the person being cheated on personally though, I would want my SO to hurt the person they cheated on me with ten fold to what I felt if they wanted to stay with me.

No. 171889

They feel good about*

Ugh I always make mistakes :(

No. 171890

It's okay if he doesn't tell you he has a gf because you wouldn't have known otherwise and it's not really anywhere close to the same ballpark as cheating but if you're friends with the gf/bf and know they're involved it's a shitty thing to do imo.

No. 171891

Didn't mammy tell you not to drive whilst drunk? It's still your fault for being a drunken retard

No. 171892

It's still your fault for bein behind the wheel. That's an avoidable situation, just like drunkenly fucking someone.

No. 171893

But anon, slowed reaction times is a valid excuse for not pulling away sooner to tell him it's wrong than if I was sober. However, enjoying it and not stopping immediately as I realised just who it was that was kissing me. That was wrong.

Man, it was a fucking weird feeling going back there to sit in the same room as his gf. I opened my mouth to say the words "your boyfriend just kissed me", but shut it again. I think it was the first outright "bad" thing I've done.

Worst thing is knowing that now if a future boyfriend ever cheats on me…I think I kind of deserve it. I didn't go looking for that guy, I didn't hit on or try seduce him, but I didn't stop him, and I didn't tell the girlfriend.

Being cheated on would tear me up, too. I don't know why, but I always found it one of the biggest betrayals one human can do to another. It amazes me when I see people on Jeremy Kyle show talking about their spouses cheating like they bought a fucking pet without their permission or something.

No. 171894

Do you know what punctuation is?

No. 171895

Alrighty then, I've never cheated and never been cheated on, technically. I have been an unwilling participant in an open relationship for his sake but that was my bad for agreeing so w/e

(blog post, skip if no1curr)
My partner and I are both openly bisexual, and we communicate with each other about sexual desires. Both of us are perfectly satisfied with each other, no actual need for other people. But when he wants dick or I want some boobs, we talk about it and involve the other partner in whatever happens, and talk about it again, afterwards. so neither of us feel like we are cheating, or are being cheated on, because it's all done with genuine consent.
(End blogpost)

If you aren't satisfied sexually or emotionally then fix it or move on. Don't cheat, it's scummy

No. 171896

ew, why are you both such whores?

No. 171897

File: 1468492596718.jpg (58.33 KB, 478x320, Salt.jpg)

No. 171898

No. 171899

File: 1468559201612.jpg (9.75 KB, 194x260, Youateyoursalt.jpg)

calm your tits, we don't do it often at all. It's not like there's lines of thirsty singles wanting to fuck with a happily committed couple.

No. 171900

It IS a crime if you are married.

But if not, no. You are still shit tho.

No. 171901

not a relationship directly involving me but my mum cheated on my dad with several men, one of which was my stepdad. i get that she did it so she could divorce my dad w/o being lonely but it seriously fucked the entire dynamic of our family up when it came out. cheating is imo one of the shittiest legal things you can do to a person.

No. 171902

So ive never actually cheated on someone i was with and never would but ive slept with a guy i knew was married…does that make me a bad person? I feel a bit guilty but then again also feel like its his problem not mine.

No. 171903

If you knew he was married, you're just as scummy as he is. Good job, home wrecker.

No. 171904

I don't agree with this; that doesn't mean she's okay for doing it. The husband is just much worse, as he's the one who took vows.

No. 171905

Yes, it makes you a bad person. There's no justification, just because it doesn't directly affect anyone you care about doesn't mean you're not a bad person for doing it to somebody else.

No. 171906

Husband is definitely 10000x worse but I still think sleeping with a man you know is married is bad. Just because you're not connected to the wife doesn't mean you haven't screwed her over.

You can't go back on what you did though. I think you'd only be a truly bad person if you kept doing it with no remorse.

No. 171907


You're a piece of shit. Doesn't deserve been called a human. Eat shit and die.

No. 171908

I really don't see the problem if you like something you should go for it. It should be the guys responsibility to control himself. Especially if the guy comes on to you first its not like women are evil succubus its 100% the partner's responsibility not to cheat.

Damn someone got dumped for another chick lol

No. 171909

Not really but when you mr earliest memory in life is of your parents cheating and getting divorced and you grow up with no cash because your dad cheated in your mom just makes you hate cheaters no matter what.

No. 171910


Don't bother with that anon. These kind of people have made the decision to turn off the considerate, empathetic part of their brain and upon being confronted with that, throw up their hands and declare anyone who has a problem with their attitude is a salty and irrational.

A lot of people deafen themselves to how their actions affect others in order to preserve their ego and avoid having to confront their own ugliness.

No. 171911


I was looking for a rational discussion and that reply was just a grammatically incorrect spout of insults. And then they justify it by saying just because their daddy dumped their mom for another woman they have the right to instantly hate anyone in a similar situation despite them not even knowing the full story.

Sorry I don't care how sad your situation is that kind of behavior is just irrational and immature and you defending it makes you just as stupid.

No. 171912

I kind of cheated on my ex with this fat, racist, bisexual, libertarian guy. (Ew) Idk, I thought we weren't together anymore, and I was really drunk so I forgot I called my ex and he told me he loved me. I guess we got back together for real the next week.

And I've never really cheated on someone, but I did cause someone to cheat. I met this cute guy at a music festival, and I spent a ton of time with him and even did molly with him while talking about his sexual fetishes even though I knew he had a gf. I also ended up sharing a hammock with him and kind of giving him a boner. We were already crossing a line, but then we got super drunk, he came onto me, and we hooked up in front of all of his camp mates. He denies that anything serious happened, but I dry humped him while he told me what a bad person he was. I really hate the fact he has a girlfriend, and apparently all of his friends hate her too.

Alcohol causes some weird things to happen.

No. 171913

I've cheated before but I was under 18 and in a relationship with a much older guy who I met on the internet, so I don't really count that as a "real" relationship. I'd never cheat now, but I don't judge people who do. Sometimes people are weak and break promises/expectations. Shit happens. You either take responsibility, learn from it and work out the reasons why you cheated (insecurity, lack of communication etc) or you don't.

I kinda do judge people who constantly cheat in every relationship and then act surprised about why they can't have a good relationship.

No. 171914

Nah, that's his problem. I don't get people calling you a homewrecker - if he wasn't gunna sleep with you he'd have slept with someone else anyway? He already rationalised it in his mind and obviously doesn't respect his marriage vows. Not your problem at all - why should you babysit grown men

No. 171915

The understanding took years before it happened. I could never get a satisfying answer out of why he did because nothing makes cheating right. People are responsible for their actions regardless of the situation.

I'm understanding of it and forgiving because I have to be to stay in our relationship. It happened once and we have a great relationship now. A family too. His past with being abandoned by his birth mom, orphaned by his adoptive yet abusive mom, and just never having a stable family life does factor in to what he did though it doesn't excuse it. He is still held responsible for the things he did to me but what's done is done and we were able to move past it.

No. 171916

When I was 18 I got into a kind of relationship with a 29 year old guy. I say kind of because we were "supposed" to be monogamous, I guess, but at the same time he was so broken and paranoid from a string of shitty past relationships that he didn't want to call us anything and wanted to be "open" to anything more viable (we were semi-ldr).

The last time we had a real "moment" irl I was about to go back to uni and in the same breath he told me he loved me (I misinterpreted it as an "I love you", but he meant in a more general I care about you love you) while also talking about some woman he screwed up his chances with but would drop me at the drop of pin if she gave him another chance or something.

At 19, naive as all hell, and as a first intimate relationship? Fucked me right up, to be honest. In the end all I did was make out with a mutual friend (that he ended up not liking very much before that), and even he said that if it were him "making out hardly counts as cheating" and "I really admire your honesty (naivety) for confessing to a non-problem". Still treated me like I fucked him after that, so idk.

Incidentally we're friends, or friendly enough to talk every now and then these days. And the boyfriend I broke up with first because I realized I wanted to be with someone else thinks I'm a completely cruel and heartless whore.

No. 171917

>despite them not even knowing the full story.

Keep excusing an inexcusable act. That kind of behavior is just irrational and immature, and you defending it makes you just as stupid :^0

No. 171918

My mistake trying to have a discussion during summertime. Sorry your daddy left you. Maybe seek counseling or something?

No. 171919

>i cheated on my bf, pls give me asspats or I'll call you a bully
That's not a discussion, poopsie.

No. 171920

You can keep trying to normalize your moral degeneracy all you want; it doesn't make you any less revolting, honey. Also, you might want to learn about punctuation and sentence structure before you criticize other people's grammar.(constant derailing)

No. 171921

wait what? I never cheated on anyone but okay.

Eh society just likes to push the blame on women no matter what. Hence the term homewrecker. Notice how nobody ever uses that term for a guy? There's even a website "exposing" the women men cheated with but not the guy who cheated, lmfao.

No. 171922


>There's even a website "exposing" the women men cheated with but not the guy who cheated, lmfao.

Wrong again.


>the ENTIRE Ashley Madison leak, overwhelmingly male (>90%+)
>every other co-ed site exposing both genders

No. 171923


Im talking about this site

Those sites don't even have pictures on them and am leak was exposing cheaters in general, its just that most of its users are male.

Try again pls.

No. 171924

File: 1468782567936.jpg (65.61 KB, 500x333, dontdatehim2.jpg)

>"Anyone notice how there's 'X' but no 'Y'?"
>gets shown instances of 'Y'
>"B-but since 'X' exists, that means 'Y' isn't real!"
>moving goalposts ("it needs pictures!")
>pic related, you're still wrong

Shit logic; try again please.

And if you even paid attention to Ashley Madison, you'd have seen the social fallout of the exposed males. By the way, the male homewreckers (the other man) get the shit beaten out of them more often than slandered on the internet, unlike women. But I'm sure you'll find a way to dismiss that too.

No. 171925

Of course that scumbag Nik Richie owns it.

No. 171926

> That picture dosent even show a cheater, just some random guy that "likes to have sex"

Wow after scouring through that site this is the best example you could give me?

>By the way, the male homewreckers (the other man) get the shit beaten out of them more often than slandered on the internet

Exactly my point dumbass. People generally don't publicly shame men the way they do to women.

Shit logic; try again please.

No. 171927

File: 1468783717444.jpg (50.85 KB, 522x526, 2-dontdatehimgirl-com.jpg)

>b-but that picture didn't say cheating

It's not just for cheating, dum-dum. Here, you're wrong again.

>Exactly my point dumbass. People generally don't publicly shame men the way they do to women.

Nah, I remember your point being:

> society just likes to push the blame on women no matter what

Which you then tried to exemplify with the interent smear sites.

Now you're now desperately backpedaling into making your whole point being exclusively 'how they're shamed on the internet' because that's the only way you don't have to recognize how the blame is vented onto male homewreckers (via violence).

You came in saying there are no sites for males that perform that function. You got proven wrong. You then squawked about meaningless modifiers like having a picture attachment, and then got proven wrong again. And now you're trying to readjust your statement after the fact because reality doesn't match up with your arguments.

Shit logic; you lose. Keep embarrassing yourself honey, by all means.

No. 171928

File: 1468784084904.png (86.75 KB, 570x278, playerblock.png)

*Internet smear sites

No. 171929

So first you started derailing by throwing insults thinking I was cheater, now when I pointed out you didn't even read the conversation you start to derail with something else.

> Shit logic; you lose. Keep embarrassing yourself honey, by all means.

Lol is this really the highlight of your day? trying to win "arguments" on lolcow by derailing? Congratulations you 'won' :^).

No. 171930

did you even read the original post? anon didn't fuck the dude, but she was blaming herself because he came onto her while she was drunk & she didn't immediately shut him down.
it's like having another car rear-end yours, but getting blamed for the accident.

why does this guy not have his own lolcow thread? he inflames my guts with rage.

No. 171931

I've done that too. I love my boyfriend, but sometimes he's not the best person to tell my problems to because he doesn't understand or he never knows what to say. So I vent to another male friend, but that's it. I can't see myself with anybody else. Is that weird or wrong? I wanna talk to my boyfriend about it.

No. 171932

File: 1469085756021.jpg (93.22 KB, 640x360, cucked.jpg)

Is he a cuckold, or do you not realize how big of a deal infidelity is?

No. 171933

I was a serial cheater when I was younger, but I was served my karma and have been in a solid, cheat-free relationship heading towards 4 years now.

Cheaters are shitty people, I was a shitty person but I like to believe that "once a cheater always a cheater" doesn't always ring true.

No. 171934

I don't think so. I'd encourage speaking to your significant other about your feelings as well, but there's no problem having other people whom you relate with emotionally

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