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File: 1693886452598.jpeg (210.3 KB, 527x592, IMG_3995.jpeg)

No. 1687969

Did your pet monkey get you pregnant and you had to burn it to death? Get it off your shoulders here!

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1678508

No. 1687970

Why is the thread hidden

No. 1687972

>Did your pet monkey get you pregnant and you had to burn it to death?

No. 1687973

Before anyone gets upset it’s a joke about AI story times

No. 1687977

Everytime I see that video getting quoted I get a bit of a whiplash kek

No. 1687995

i know where you live and youre still out here faildoxing its snicker time

No. 1687998

one day i hope you have a huge psycho meltdown and reveal how much of your customer service money went into stalking the wrong people and doing federal crimes against them lmao the keks would be never ending

No. 1687999

File: 1693889658124.jpeg (75.06 KB, 768x1280, IMG_3999.jpeg)

Calm down noniqua

No. 1688009

File: 1693890465598.jpg (254.35 KB, 1280x1280, 1693524959814186.jpg)

Do we know the same freak?

No. 1688012

This is the vent thread. If you wanna talk about someone, make a thread about them, don't derail here.

No. 1688013

>thread description
Moid-tier quirky autist joke

No. 1688014

What the fuck is wrong with you

No. 1688017

Kek nona are you tired or something?

No. 1688018

Must be. Retard moment

No. 1688021

>male description
>male replies
>male replies over multiple threads
Oh, one thinks he's being funny and craves attention(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1688026

File: 1693891106674.png (6.02 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3996.png)

Unfortunately I don’t actually know if the AI bot that wrote the script for this was male or female coded

No. 1688027

nta but I saw that video and it's clearly made by a /pol/tard

No. 1688032

Unfortunately I think it's just not a funny joke nonnie, those videos are really uncanny and disgusting so it just doesn't hit right. I don't think you're a moid for what it's worth kek

No. 1688033

Well I don’t know what user owns luminoustales, I don’t have evidence of the author being female or male because they’re generated an uncensored chatGPT, and I’m not sure what’s political about a fake AI story, so in reality we have no way of knowing who made it.

No. 1688035

lolcow as a whole is for uncanny and disgusting material…what else does /snow/ and /pt/ exist for? Of course, I completely understand if the obviously fake 'my pet monkey got me pregnant' touched a deeper nerve than Kelly Ronahan's necrosis legs!

No. 1688036

Why are you doubling down so hard on your shitty joke?

No. 1688040


No. 1688042

It was just a reference to a harmless fake AI storytime are we really still crying over this

No. 1688043

>Some of us have actually gotten pregnant by our pet monkeys and had to burn them to death, nonnie. Have some compassion.

No. 1688044

The only one crying is you honestly, the other nonnies are just making observations

No. 1688045


No. 1688047

I love how no one has anything to say about this because its 100% true. Much more foul shit has been posted on here than a tiktok that isn't real. Cry into your pillow about it if its making you quiver so bad.

No. 1688049

You sound mad(infighting)

No. 1688050

Loud yawn

No. 1688052

File: 1693892574378.jpg (100.7 KB, 2000x2000, epson_v11h851020_home_cinema_2…)

No. 1688053

File: 1693892643557.jpg (14.82 KB, 400x400, tWyHQIWK_400x400.jpg)

Pretty sure the complaint was that it ain't funny

No. 1688060

Ok but when was it ever claimed that the AI bot was an award winning comedian who was guaranteed to make you laugh?

No. 1688062

You're the one who posted it pal, it's more of a reflection on you than the AI

No. 1688066

>you're the one who posted it so now you're the author

ok I'll post the transcript for The Odyssey next, too.

No. 1688068

At least you're consistent

No. 1688073

My coworker is so autistic I wish I could just tell her to leave me alone but the last time I kindly asked her to stop messaging me I got a talking to for "workplace friendliness" like fucking fuck right off

No. 1688074

I'm no expert, but that sounds like a stupid place to work if they can't even be firm with people who harass their coworkers. Maybe job hunt for a better place so you can get away from her?
Sorry you're some autist's new special interest kek. Stay strong, nonna.

No. 1688087

I hate having to do stuff and my heart wants to be a freeloader forever. idk if I'll ever grow up.

No. 1688091

New thread was mande 3 hours ago and there's already heaps of infighting

No. 1688092

So relatable

No. 1688116

choochon admins and staff are still coping that nobody gives a fuck about their dead site

No. 1688119

I fucking hope not. Taking a pregnancy test as soon as possible! I don't want to burn my pet monkey. Monkey doesn't wear any pants. Monkey does the sexiest of dance s.

No. 1688133

I don't know why I'm trying to get sober, people just hate me now, at least I used to be sort of well adjusted even if I was zonked out. I hate my life, I don't want to be here, I don't even know why I wanted to quit in the first place.

No. 1688137

I can't sleep. Obviously getting on my phone isn't going to help, but I've been trying to fall asleep for five hours!! I hope the rest of the week isn't going to be like this.

No. 1688148

you give so little of a shit you accuse every anonymous person online with an iphone of being them and spent 3 whole weeks baiting for a response for them until you got mega trolled by some 14 year old pretending to be them lmao put down the bottle queen

No. 1688149

I finally made a dentist appointment, it's in a few weeks and I'm already scared. I had an accident two years ago and a few days later a tooth turned brown but I managed to ignore it because of the mask mandates and now I'm kind of embarrassed about how long it's been. It doesn't hurt but it looks gross and I'm scared she'll have to pull it or something

No. 1688158

He is such an asshole. stop giving him what he wants

No. 1688207

I hate that I've wasted so many years on this site. Hours and hours that I can't get back.

No. 1688231

SHUT UP!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!! I havent slept more then 6hrs over the last 3 days because no one will fucking shut up!!! If it’s not some piece of shit taking their dog out at 5am in the morning to bark outside my bedroom window it’s the upstairs neighbors banging on the walls at 4 fucking am! I am trying to fucking sleep you cocksucking pieces of shit mother fuckers! I am so fucking tired!!! I’m just going to start banging on the walls randomly all throughout the night, if I’m not going to be allowed to fucking sleep no one is any more!! I am losing my fucking mind from this sleep deprivation but no one can be a considerate fucking human after 3am in my neighborhood for some mind melting fucking reason! It’s like someone’s trying to make me snap or something, it’s not fucking hard to shut the fuck up!!!

No. 1688265

I wish I had some sort of mentor to tell me steps to take in my life which would make everything okay. I dont need massive success, I just want to afford to save money for retirement, car repairs, a new bra, a dinner date not even at a fancy restaraunt…I want to feel like I have a solid path to stable yet modest living. I dont know what to do or if I am headed any particular direction at all. Used to be that college degree → job → promotions was the basic path, that isnt the case anymore but I really wish there was a general trajectory that I could follow which would reasonably be expected to yield success….I kinda fucked myself over in my career path maybe, or maybe not, I really dont know. I am stuck where I am for the moment, if I change anything I am doing I will tip the precarious financial balance I have going on into something I dont know if I can handle. I am considering picking up another job, a real basic one, just for some extra cash but I am afraid that my time will get limited to the point my 'real' job (I work for myself) will suffer, and idk if I am willing to give up any progress I have made for myself for a few guaranteed dollars handed to me by corporate. Blerg. That and I am embarrassed because I am older than expected for those types of roles now, and I dont want my family to think I am failing if I tell them I picked up a job stocking shelves or something. Ironically I see a lot of 'older' (not teenager or early 20s) people doing these jobs so I wonder what their stories are…

No. 1688276

I understand why second and third worlders dislike "spoilt first worlders" but it gets fuckin annoying interacting with these whiny faggots. They're as whiny as the spoilt first worlders they speak of, both are annoying as fuck. Just because I'm from a country that's technically classed as one, it doesn't mean I've had any fucking luxury ever and I'm tired of having my problems simply thrown out because "I have always had it better" and "they face battles everyday" like okay?…

No. 1688286


No. 1688290

I don't really have any solid advice but just wanted to let you know you aren't alone, I feel the exact same way about my life right now too. If you already have a full time job and some extra time on your hands, maybe try taking a couple online college courses if they aren't too expensive where you live? That way you could get additional certifications and find something in your wheelhouse that pays more than your current job. That's what I'm trying to do since I also can't really pick up a second job without it be detrimental to my full time job. Good luck nona! I'm sure things will work out whatever you end up doing.

No. 1688311

I transferred to a university a year ago to finish my BA and I fucking hate this class I have to take for my degree. I feel completely lost compared to everyone else because my previous school had a different style of learning (I haven’t used the software for any classes for like 2 years), I don’t know any of my classmates and the professor doesn’t talk to me at all either. I also work so I don’t have as much time to work on my projects because my classes are all back to back. It’s on the same floor with a bathroom I used to cry in if I was having a bad day and all I can think is that I’m going to be crying in their every day if things don’t improve.

No. 1688326

Last night I had the worst fucking concert experience ever. The artists I see usually attract crowds of people in their late 20s to mid 50s, so they more or less know how to behave themselves. I want to say the median age of last night’s show was 16 and holy fuck. I see now why people are complaining about the lack of concert etiquette these past few years. Why are these hoes so obnoxious!!! I could tell most people were there just to film videos for social media - there was one specific song where EVERY SINGLE PERSON had their phone out except my friend and I. I’m not even trying to sound like some concert etlist or I’m better than everyone for not having my phone out. It was just that bad of an experience. On top of that, it was 35+ degrees C and I passed out + puked from heat exhaustion. My friend said the band also sounded like shit but I was too out of it to tell. So we just ditched to go home and binge inkmaster lol

No. 1688328

When I die bury me with my phone

No. 1688332

I thought "pet monkey" was a euphemism for your Nigel

No. 1688385

Okay…I definitely have the skill level for the class but it feels very vague compared to the school I came from. We all got along really well compared to whatever this is

No. 1688393

File: 1693927358613.png (893.26 KB, 734x785, Screenshot_7.png)

>lost mother to religion many years ago (she was always terrible in certain ways but at least she had cool interests – jazz and vampire novels – and wasn't a christfag)
>losing online friends to gendershit/circles so permeated with it that common ground can't be found, 'cause i'm at that point where i just can't handle "queers" (insecure narc heteros)
>irls are normies. stuck in a small town for now so it's either bible thumpers or literal npcs
life sucks. i'm so lonely

No. 1688397

File: 1693927674678.jpeg (39.02 KB, 622x526, 5061A310-7BA2-4542-AA11-CAF271…)

I fucking hate it when someone finds out I’m mixed with Asian and their stupid ass smile gets wiped off their face the moment I mention I’m southeast Asian. Sometimes they say “oh you don’t look that Asian”… Mother fuckers what exactly is making me look less Asian right now vs a few minutes ago when you were all excited that you thought you might of been interacting with your precious irl animu/kpop girl. Like, you are so weird how do you not see that!!

I’m also dating a Korean dude and some people get extremely excited when they hear about that. They act like I won the lottery, like I’m dating someone of royal blood. Like I’m living the fantasy kdrama life. Like no, he plays league of legends in the current year. You want him? Take him. He’s a mamas boy, so have fun with that

No. 1688399

>dating a korean scrote

No. 1688401

Let me guess, pajeet?

No. 1688403

I didn’t know better! No one warned me about the consequences of dating the son of a Korean woman.

No. 1688406

Are you talking to these people online? How are they surprised when they see you otherwise? They sound weird
Fetishizing Korean men is weird and those comments sure are retarded but I hope you're good with your bf, anon. Be careful, i read a research that said that %80 or something similar to that of Korean men manipulate and overly control their partners.

No. 1688407

Indian girls are really cute, if anon is indian, she shouldn't listen to retards and their comments.

No. 1688408

why are you dating a momma's boy unless for an explicitly short term fling, emotionally incestuous relationships between men and their mothers is guaranteed to make your life hell in the long term.

No. 1688409

I want to fuck my therapist so bad. He isn't married and only 6 years older than me.

No. 1688413

Anon that kicked out her roommate here. I didn't really get into it last time, but they moved the rest of their stuff out and I feel empty. I don't know how to let go of this anger. lolcow is obviously not the place to figure out how to let go of anger. I feel simultaneously petty for continuing to dwell on it but also hungry for validation from anonymous people on the internet.

No. 1688415

File: 1693928264146.jpg (67.95 KB, 828x797, 20230224_053823.jpg)

so fucking annoyed, the ONE time i ask my coworker for a favour so we can switch what time we take our lunch breaks next week, it's suddenly a huge hassle. "oh anon i have friday off, i also have to leave early thursday too, oh yeah and I have an appointment this week so it works out better". i don't give a shit about your fishing trip! i don't want to be stuck with 20 minutes to myself every night all next week after commuting home from work because my family will be away so i have to do all of the cooking, cleaning and looking after the pets myself. whenever they ask me to switch or do them some kind of favour I always say yes. such bullshit, next time one of them asks i'm saying no!!!

also picrel is me dropping my mask and looking absolutely pissed off but telling her "it's fine" kek

No. 1688417

I can sort of relate as a blasian that looks white. To be honest, I have the impression that many people don't view non-East Asian Asians as cool Asians, but rather as simply another random Asian.

No. 1688419

I wanna fuck my therapist too but he's married and in his 70's kek, I think it's a transference thing

No. 1688422

Please don’t fuck your therapists. if you’re getting a desire to fuck your therapist then tell them so they can analyze what that could mean for you and assist you in finding someone else.

No. 1688424

I'm not gonna do it, I would never fuck with a married man that'd be so unfair to his wife. Plus I'm sure he thinks I'm ugly gross and annoying kek

No. 1688425

What happened, nonnie? Storytime please

No. 1688427

No, further East but somewhat close to India.

It’s half and half with online interactions and real life interactions. But usually it all comes from people who are in their 20s-30s. I never get comments like that from older people.

Also, not really. He definitely fits that statistic of being controlling and manipulating. I’ve been working on becoming emotionally detached lately.

Indian girls are beautiful! India also has a lot of history with my culture and I think their history is a lot of fun to learn about.

I didn’t realize until it was too late. We live together now. He always played up this attitude that his mom is annoying him and he’s mr independent. But in the end he was just recruiting me to be his momma. Also yes it can make life hell!! These guys think they can do no wrong because their moms act as if their sweet little boy could possibly do no harm.

Blasians have it hard from what I’ve seen, people will straight up deny that you’re Asian. I had one friend who brought her Korean grandmother into work just to prove to people that she isn’t a koreaboo. Also yea, I feel like people view East Asians as the cool Asians and south East Asians as stupid and dirty. That’s how others will start to treat me when they find out what I am.

No. 1688430

I’m sorry It’s not a personal post it’s in response to all these comments saying “I wanna fuck my therapist soooooo bad” KEK it’s making me cringe for these poor girls

No. 1688435

Thank you, I started an Excel course thinking maybe I could do some simple data entry bs thing, remote. I have hope that the hours wont get dragged out the way retail/fast food/service industry seems to. Good luck to you too nonna, I hope we both succeed.

No. 1688436

>if you’re getting a desire to fuck your therapist then tell them
Uh no, they should not do that. That's creepy and I don't think anyone wants to hear that, even a therapist.

No. 1688439

Goodness I’m not saying go to them and be like “Unfhh I wanna fuck”. If you’re genuinely feeling repetitive sexual feelings for your therapist or having sexual thoughts about them during your sessions together, you should let them know in a professional and reasonable way “This is how I’m feeling” if that’s really how they’re affecting you. They’ll either be able to refer you to a different shrink or help you work through sexual obsessiveness.

No. 1688443

Unless it's a problem where they want to fuck every therapist they've seen, I just think all of that is kind of unnecessary and they can just find someone else.

No. 1688446

>he plays league of legends in the current year. >He’s a mamas boy
So he's the typical young Korean guy then? Do the people you're talking about assume he's going to be like a kpop singer or some other dumb shit?

No. 1688447

I mean I don’t really think it’s unnecessary to be honest about your issues with the licensed individual who you’re paying to help you through them, but I also have never gone to therapy so I have no idea what’s going through their heads kek

No. 1688453

A bunch of random posts from the zoomer hate thread keep getting deleted every day? I’ve seen it go over 300 multiple times and then go back down to like 290 something for the last like 2 days…

No. 1688459

How many anons have been stalked? What did you "do" to attract the stalker? My crime was simply smiling at a man on the elevator, and for two months he was everywhere until my father took the situation into his own hands. I was extremely lucky to have such an intimidating father that wasn't afraid to use violence, and lucky that my father was able to catch him. I know most women who experience this are not as lucky and we all know too well that there is next to no one who will help us until its too late. I hate the male species so much nonas, so much so it makes me almost black out with rage. When I reach the point in my life where I have nothing left to lose, the men in my path better be on alert.

No. 1688463

My ex's new girlfriend is pretty rampant with her tranny hate online. She's always starting arguments on Twitter with trannies.
I have a feeling she doesn't know that I broke up with him when he cheated on me with a tranny and then started debating on chopping his own dick off or not.

No. 1688466

???? Tell her! Tell her this and then become TERF buddies! Don't keep that to yourself, that only helps the moid

No. 1688470

My boyfriend absolutely mangles the PlayStation controller playing his stupid video games like overwatch. whenever I use it after him I notice the worst fucking stick drift to the point it’s annoying as fuck and I can’t even play without drifting to one side and trying to compensate. Wtf I’m going to make him get me my own controller because ruining them in the span of less than a year is stupid as fuck and they’re expensive.

No. 1688473

She's a huge misogynist though from what I know, her tranny hate seems to come from wanting to be picked by men, not looking out for women. They seem perfect for each other

No. 1688474

Getting him to buy you your own is a good solution anon, get a really cute one

No. 1688475

Awww that is so shitty, oh well… I hope she learns better. Glad you're not with that scrote anymore!

No. 1688489

My dad ruined my moms self esteem and that breaks my heart.

No. 1688498

same but my sister and I always try to lift her up, hope you can do that to your mom as well

No. 1688503

My dad does that to my mom as well but moreso with comments about other women not her personally, but I'm sure it gets to her. Like the other anon said I try to lift her confidence up but complimenting her. And also give my dad a taste of the shit he says by calling men that look like him ugly old and fat so he knows how it feels.

No. 1688544

I have a kpoop song stuck in my head, but I don't know which one it is because I landed on the weeaboo route twenty years ago and learned Japanese instead of Korean, so I can't look up the lyrics. I only know Baby I'm so sorry but…, but considering it's some 2nd gen song, that's like searching for a needle in a haystack.

No. 1688548

My bartender hates me. Now i have no one.

No. 1688565

I cant wait until my mom is old so i can tell her ''if you are hungry go boil an egg'' like she used to tell my 12yo self who lived off pre-cooked pasta and was sluggish all day due to it

No. 1688574

people do not understand my art

No. 1688576

at 12 i used to make my own pasta from scratch. us country girls are just built different.(bait/who asked)

No. 1688580

You can go back to twitter or tumblr if you're just going to mock anons in the vent thread talking about their abusive childhood.

No. 1688596

If its not furry porn, let me judge it.

No. 1688597

>tfw i took the stupid dearpeachie makeup types quiz and got the classic archetype
>recommended makeup style is the most boring grandma shit ever
>no bold eyeshadow no contour no nothing, just nAtUrAl and bAlAnCeD
>only then will your horrible bland bigjawed face harmonize you freak of nature
>mfw it actually fucking makes sense because i look like A Man if i try to do anything fun with my makeup

brb smothering myself in nude shades and the Banana Republic catalog for the rest of forever

No. 1688599

File: 1693939928629.jpg (412.5 KB, 1536x2048, F5NIUAybgAA44gx.jpg)

i'll never have sex. my standards are too high, i refuse to have some basic 6/10 scrote huffing and grunting over me. he needs to be hot and perfect and he also needs to fuck like a god. i'm not a prize myself to mass society but i am a prize to me and i will not allow anything less than my perfect prince unironically. i need ai and vr to advance to the point that this is possible

No. 1688601

i was so sluggish all day from my meds and eating nothing but boiled pasta i even struggled to stay awake how do you expect me to actually cook

No. 1688604

its ok nonnie i grew up eating canned peas as a treat and the nhs refused to medicate my hashimotos

No. 1688610

I just want a hot guy who doesn't talk to me.

No. 1688626

Me too. I'd rather die a virgin than not have exactly what I want, I'm not risking STDs and pregnancy just to let your average ugly man touch me and not even give me an orgasm.

No. 1688634

Good news, all the hot guys of the world doesn't talk to you.

No. 1688637

File: 1693943671368.jpg (183.83 KB, 1080x1346, F5MjtH4WMAA1uAr.jpg)

I saw these picures earlier. Very nice photography and he is very attractive, but his body in this pic fucking sucks.

No. 1688638

File: 1693943707391.jpg (265.46 KB, 1280x1066, 1693844337651808.jpg)

I am scared that i might never reap the fuits of my effort. I don't know for how long i can take being mediocre at everything I do.

No. 1688640

When I hear, see or read about the great relationship others have with their parents, I'm both happy for them but also incredibly weirded out. I wasn't aware of how nice family could be for most of my life, my family was shitty and broken and so were those of all my friends. Sometimes it almost feels surreal hearing people talk about how much they love their mom/dad, it just makes me feel fundamentally wrong and broken. I really should have been aborted along with all the kids of all unfit parents.

No. 1688641

why do you think so anon? i think he's hot and i normally hate roided pigs

No. 1688644

File: 1693944209208.jpg (Spoiler Image, 888.68 KB, 1697x2560, 000063310004-copy-scaled.jpg)

The inverted triangle body is just too strong. He's big on top and little at the bottom like the genie from Aladdin. I think it must be the clothes, I looked up other photos and his body looks fine in them. He also looks different in other photos but what instagram hoe doesn't.

No. 1688646

File: 1693944342750.jpg (156.87 KB, 810x1200, 56410643297205.jpg)

No. 1688647

is that him? he looks disgusting there, the drug dealer and pedophile tattoos dont help

No. 1688651

we as a species need to start killing ourselves

No. 1688652

also thank you for making me understand what i like about him, the strong inverted triangle makes him so hot to me

No. 1688658

File: 1693945266525.png (Spoiler Image, 529.47 KB, 1024x682, big ed.png)

>inverted triangle makes him so hot to me
I know someone who you'll love

No. 1688665

Jannies need to crackdown a bit on these covert racebaiters, they shit up every thread. Like yes we get it, your precious white Nigels are so much more civilized- they just commit date rape, after all!

No. 1688666

I am extremely prude and sexually repressed on the outside but simultaneously also extremely horny and degenerate on the inside. I am a very lonely person.

No. 1688667

YES, jannies please. Even more retarded is when people actually respond, aren't you ashamed for blatant bait? Their goal is to rile you up, why are you giving them what they want???

No. 1688684

thats not an inverted triangle thats a whole ass cylinder

No. 1688685

it was a friend of my ex-bf. I was friendly and had coffee with him a couple times with my bf (never alone). That was it, had to endure 2 years of stalking after that until I contacted his family and he was involuntarily committed. And to this day my ex insists I brought this on myself.

No. 1688690

I’m pretty sure those are just divestors

No. 1688694

After the stressful last 3 years I've been going through and the shit I've been dealing with, especially within my family, part of me wants to shave my head. I feel like I'm starting to understand why Britney Spears just randomly shaved her head. There is a strange sense of freedom and rebellion in just getting rid of it all. In some ways my hair feels symbolic of a lot of things, of always being made to keep it long because everyone else told me to keep it long. The fact I couldn't do something as small as control how my hair looked like, even as I grew into my teens. I chopped it all off at 19 and everyone around my just told me how ugly I looked and how much prettier I was with short hair. It's not just about the hair, but It's symbolic of a bunch of shit I don't feel like getting into.

No. 1688704

I cut my hair short a few years back and I remember being astounded at just how many people told me I was prettier before. Why would you ever say that to someone? Why would you assume I was trying to look prettier in the first place? I have issues with picking at my split ends obsessively so I cut my hair and I felt super liberated until everyone had to give their opinions about how no one would like me or hire me with short hair

No. 1688724

i think i found someone advertising cp through youtube shorts

im sure yt is flooded with stuff like this, but usually the algorithm keeps it away. it was this video with cyrillic writing and a screenshot of a url, i could just about read the word 'sister' in cyrillic w my not very high level russian so i plugged the rest into google translate and it was some shit about presumably a kid touching his sister, and in the top left corner of the video there was this cropped clip of these 2 young kids.
obviously ive reported the channel and everything. i just feel sick. even though ive seen like actual cp posted on lolcow during raids, this still gets to me

No. 1688726

File: 1693951706253.jpg (7.28 KB, 236x236, kot.jpg)

is there a name for something like 'venting culture' cos i'm tired of it. coworkers/acquaintances of my generation will vent about their personal problems to anyone around them, my coworkers will come in sighing and immediately start ranting how they're having a bad mental health day because their mother yelled at them and blah blah, do they not think others also have problems they just don't talk about? on the plus side i love imageboards and am glad to only interact with posts i want to instead of being rude by telling someone i don't have the energy to listen to their endless venting. i'm glad this thread is here for anons who are feeling badly and want to talk about it too. i do feel empathy for people but it's exhausting to hear only bad things every day, i'll probably be friendless forever because of this but that's fine.

No. 1688728

I keep having panic attacks and it makes me feel horrible, I’m just a nauseous and anxiety-ridden wreck feeling like a dying fuckup all the time

No. 1688733

My little brother accidentally got into a fake "Roblox" Discord server which was actually full of Russian pedos sharing Telegram links for groups where they distribute cp videos, awful stuff. We reported it and the server is still there, then I found out that either owning or distributing cp is not technically illegal in Russia, forgot which one it was.

No. 1688740

thanks for reporting it, in spanish it used to be a plague if i remember correctly they would even distribute heinous shit like dd thorugh mediafire and everytime i reported it they wouldnt do shit . I hate pedos so much.

No. 1688745

jesus christ. im sorry you and your brother had to experience that. i always think of cp as deep web stuff, but its horrible to think that it is actually accessible and someone (kids even) can easily stumble across links to find it

i just worry that youtube will keep the channel up for a while since there's nothing explicit. and even then, i know these people are ready with burner accounts to reupload. but… yes, i hope they take it down quickly
>dd through mediafire
fucking hell i need some brain bleach

thanks for the replies anons ik its silly but i wish i hadn't seen it

No. 1688766

I hate how having kids in your early 40s or even late 30s is seen as some moral failure and people will make it their business to reprimand you or remind you that you're going to die old and the kid will have birth defects, but only if it's the first child. If you already have children, everyone just calls it a blessing and that's it. Suddenly it's totally fine and not at all a health hazard! It's so hypocritical.
And it's not even true, my mom and dad were early 40s when they had me and they're still in good health. Younger looking than some of my friends' parents who had them "on time", even.

No. 1688767

File: 1693955265482.jpg (968.88 KB, 4080x2663, 665.jpg)

>one guy told me men are afraid of me
>a couple of people told me I'm attractive
>the only guys that openly hit on me now are uggos and before that, 40 year olds when I was underage
>decent looking guys are nice and I see some signs of attraction in their eyes but they never openly hit on me
I don't know what's the truth anymore. I feel so ugly because of the fact that only uggos hit on me and I never had a boyfriend. I'm too autistic to talk to men so I will never initiate a conversation with anyone. I have one male coworker that is kinda decent looking in my eyes and his girlfriend is uglier than me and she's also fat, other people also think she's ugly, so by using this example as a point of reference, I can assume that I could get someone on his level of attractiveness, if someone like her can have someone like him. And yet, nobody decent looking, around his level, hits on me. By this logic I should be uglier than her, but all the evidence I gained suggests I'm not. I'm so confused and touch-starved I can't cope anymore. I don't even think about sex, I just wish I could be held by some decent looking guy that doesn't disgust me, I don't even dream about anyone handsome anymore… I just wish I could feel, at least once in my life, what it's like to be around a guy that doesn't repulse me and be openly liked by him

No. 1688774

I dont have assuring words to offer but I feel this

No. 1688781

i have throbbing pulsating tinnitus and it's really annoying. also i'm cashless and moneyless no hyperbole i have absolutely 0 money on me and i'm not even exaggerating, i don't even have spare change, nothing. i don't know if i'm going to eat tomorrow i don't even have dish soap for the dishes and i'm running out of shampoo. i don't know where i am going to get the money for commute transport when uni starts but i really really want to be there

No. 1688792

I want a boyfriend nonnies I feel so alone

No. 1688799

I think I have fetal alcohol syndrome and I think my niece has it too. I have a small head and long philtrum

No. 1688807

I got my period today, and I just know tonight and tomorrow are gonna be hellish from the cramps. They haven’t started yet, but I just know they’ll hit at 4 in the morning and keep me up the rest of the night.

No. 1688814

Me too, nonna, I kind of want a bf, he has to be younger than me though.

No. 1688816

I cried at my specialist appointment today and it says "tearful during visit" on my notes. I'm so embarrassed. She was really nice though. I don't know if she can help me but I hope she can.

No. 1688844

File: 1693960648295.jpeg (14.48 KB, 227x222, 1664815089431.jpeg)

Sometimes I wonder if I'm too much? My boyfriend gives me (almost) daily feet and back rubs, cooks for me 9 out of 10 times, gets me off, listens to me, and gets me everything I want. I send him silly couple IG videos of like "When you move your hand away from your girlfriend for a sec while giving her a back rub and she does a sad face" and the comments are just vile. Calling the GF selfish and asking for a lot. I wonder if his friend ever think of me as someone spoiled and he's a "simp" wtf is a simp, how is he a simp if we're in a relationship.
It doesn't help that when I talk to my girlfriends about what he does for me, their boyfriends don't do those things. Sorry, I'm just thinking too much and I have a bunch of internet brainrot.

No. 1688847

He is doing the bare minimum. Their boyfriends are useless and they should break up with them.

No. 1688850

AYRT, I agree, It's "boyfriend" duties, so I don't know why the internet pickmes and moids are so against it. Simpish activities? God I hate males, and yes I agree they should leave their boyfriends. I hate their boyfriends.

No. 1688854

It's so dumb because simp is a relatively new slang word and its by definition about a male doing things for a woman he is not in a relationship with and will never be in a relationship with. What is he meant to do, then? Just sit around not talking to you?

No. 1688855

I hate that I'm doing my best when I'm at my most degenerate. When I'm smoking, drinking, and have no sleep schedule is when I am working out, cooking, working and cleaning the most. I work hard and feel happy but it's so unhealthy for me to live that lifestyle. I don't know what to do. The second I stop my bad habits I have no drive to live a healthy lifestyle. I try so hard and it just isn't there
I don't drink or smoke at all anymore but I am so unhappy and unmotivated

No. 1688858

the amount of times i've heard men in relationships get called simps for doing something nice for their girlfriend, or men simply being nice to a woman be called a simp, is disturbing. generation z is fucking doomed.

No. 1688890

There’s a manosphere thing going on where men are being told it’s pathetic and pointless to be nice or perform sweet gestures at all to any woman if it won’t end in sex. Like oh you bought her flowers but some other dude is fucking her so you’re dumb! As if a woman in this day and age wouldn’t be absolutely grateful for some basic respect and kindness from a date. I agree moids are doomed and their brains are easily poisoned by this shit along with porn.

No. 1688906

Nope it’s probably exactly what you deserve, and if he’s doing it happily no questions asked - he must love doing things for you just because he can. My nigel and I have a sweet relationship too, but I get so sad when I hear these crazy stories about his friends fighting with their girlfriends and being incapable of getting along. Reminds me how lucky I am to have what I do.

No. 1688916

I hate eating so why can't i stop

No. 1688935

You’re bored
Or looking for something that will make you happy/content
Anon, chew some gum it’s only 5 calories and you’re probably just wanting to munch or chew something.

No. 1688936

i’m so sad nonas. dealing with trauma from rape and just typical scrote abuse and the death of a parent got me wanting to rip myself open and pour lye in the wound. i know things will get better eventually but i’m in so much pain. i also don’t think men are capable of love (obviously) and wish i wasn’t attracted to them but lol

No. 1688949

File: 1693970446747.gif (357.2 KB, 220x124, scurmpt.gif)

Tradwives, femininity coaches, hyperfemininity, High Value Women™, hot girl this, vanilla girl that… this whole femininity "movement" (for lack of a better word) online is so grossly manufactured. "How to date a wealthy man" "Classy ladies do this, not that" "Get baby botox at 18 because you're an old hag by 25!" "photoshop? no, you're just jealous of my clearly natural 10" waist!" SO FUCKING SICK OF IT. How the hell are we going so backwards?

No. 1688952

not only that all that bullshit but now feminism is centered entirely around the feelings of men, we’ve truly come full circle

No. 1688956

The moment "not all men!" was uttered, it was all over.

No. 1688957

Don't forget telling 16 year olds that getting labiaplasties is totally normal, safe, and empowering.

No. 1688978

I don’t like having sex

No. 1688981

You should not have it

No. 1688986

Root of the matter is women are socialized and told constantly by society that they must be a certain type of acceptable and attractive woman. Everyone thinks being sexy and desirable is ~powerful~ especially if you can monetize and objectify yourself. Capitalism cha ching! There’s always someone whining when you try to criticize their habits so suddenly makeup, cosmetic surgery, BDSM, sex work becomes empowering and necessary to support. I think when I became antifeminist when I was a teen it’s because I was actually blackpilled with this bullshit and wanted nothing to do with those views. I can’t even use social media anymore because it makes me physically sick and depressed how many women degrade themselves and pretend to be feminist while doing so.

No. 1689041

I’m estranged from my family and out of curiosity looked some of them up on instagram, my oldest male cousin (in his thirties now) follows belle delphine and a ton of 18 year old OF girls, it was depressing to see

No. 1689049

i have done 4 foggers, washed my sheets and all my clothes numerous times, used a spray on everything, vacuumed my carpet numerous times, and my pets dont even go into my room and i still have fucking fleas? it's been over a month wtf? how are they alive? where are they GOING. is it because my family doesn't clean? i don't understand. i'm so frustrated. i feel so disgusting. i can't wait to get out of here.

No. 1689053

I can't stand this dumb, mentally ill, pick-me hoe anymore. She's being so fucking stupid I want to scream. I really don't get why people fall for her.

No. 1689059

Hey, nonna, I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. "House" fleas are definitely a thing. If your family has fleas in another part of the house, they will definitely invade your room. You can buy advantage ii and apply it to your cats/dogs. Let them into your room and the fleas should jump on them and die. You can research online how to break up the large dose containers into smaller doses so you can save money if you don't have large dogs. However, your real solution will be to get that house clean, call an exterminator, or move out.

No. 1689064

Ugly people shouldn’t have kids, why would you want to inflict your misery on someone who doesn’t get a say. Thanks ma for giving me your ugly goblin feet and moon crater pores, amongst other shitty things.

No. 1689065

File: 1693984546537.gif (48.71 KB, 220x329, IMG_1805.gif)

No. 1689067

thanks nona! i have given my cats advantage, they have no fleas on them everytime i check. the house has decades of grime and my mom would never allow an exterminator to come in. i guess i just have to hope i get approved for an apartment soon.

No. 1689068

Everything is weighing down too much on me and i barely eat anymore. I can feel myself slowly dying inside and soon it'll be on the outside. Nobody knows what's going on and those who drove me to this point will never find out. I just want everything to end already, this joke never needed to drag on so much. I don't understand why i survived so much if it's just to rot like this in the end. God put me on earth and then forgot about me

No. 1689080

File: 1693988136403.jpeg (32.34 KB, 350x411, images.jpeg)

thinking about losing weight for promoting my second hand closet shop, and for saving money on food. sadly my face would look very sunken and depressed, skull level scary anorexic type of cheekbones and nasolabial folds. i would look 20 years older. i am not sure if it is worth it. now i feel fine but sometimes insecure when i see skinny people who are pretty. but if i got skinny i would be insecure about my face and thinking about getting botox and fillers. i am afraid i won't get a partner with my body like this, but also afraid of not getting a partner with my face like that. seriously i look sick in the face when skinny. i have the type of sharp bone structure where i could pass as normal weight even if i was obese. which one is even more important for attraction, i don't know. i wish i could pick one and stick with it.

No. 1689081

I am not religious, but I think if God was real, he did not put you on this Earth to force you into misery for the rest of your life. You know that wouldn't be something God would do on purpose. I wish I knew more of what you were struggling with so maybe myself and other anons could give you advice, but I hope you take this as a sign to persevere. Stay strong, nonna.

No. 1689082

Are you currently underweight?

No. 1689087

Thank you so much. I'm not ready to share any details, but messages like these already give me some hope <3

No. 1689098

I feel you, but you have to believe you're not forgotten and if you believe in God then you must believe we get a nice happy place free from everything bad at the end of all this. Those who can't see their wrongs now will see their sins laid out for them later

No. 1689107

The sex was so good, maybe I shouldn't have dumped him. But his autism rage scared me and he had no principles. I just feel that he was the best I will ever get and that it's joever now if I want a sane man who will also eat me out and agree to wear a condom through our entire relationship + not pressure me into FUCKING anal
I have fully internalized that being an unconventional looking autistic woman means I will either have to settle for pump and dump/abuse or the ugliest craziest man to ever exist

No. 1689108

i am in the normal bmi range for my height

No. 1689111

I keep obsessing over other people because they seem to have something that I don't.
Like, someone's funny? I'll become obsessed with them and try to find out why
Someone's happy in their relationship? I'll be obsessed with them and try to find something wrong
Someone's richer than me? I'll try to find faults in their lifestyle
Someone's good at drawing? I envy their talent for expressing themselves
Someon's got a better grade? I'll start wondering what's wrong with me, even if they were ahead by a little

I'm just SICK of this. Why can't I be comfortable in my own skin? Why do I have to envy everything in everyone? I'm just so sick of it : ( it ruins my mood

No. 1689124

Not true! Just keep working on bettering yourself (to your OWN standards. Not some moid's) and searching. You don't have to settle, don't reward scrotes for being wankstains. Good job dumping your ex, it sounds like you did the right thing.
Take heart, and good luck with your search for the right nigel, nonna!

No. 1689125

File: 1693994338974.jpeg (19.96 KB, 287x176, IMG_5687.jpeg)

I realized I haven’t had a fully sober day in weeks

No. 1689128

It's bad for you nona

No. 1689139

Me ignoring the compliment sandwich only addressing the meat and potatoes completely frank breaking the mood being confrontational and rude
Don't insult me by being so cowardly and I won't have to become so aggressive with you

No. 1689158

I don’t wanna work I feel sick but I’m not actually sick, but I already had Labor day and Tuesday off. I wish I could not feel this way, I’m almost 30 yet I have had zero energy since I was 24. It’s 6:30AM right now and I should be leaving to work right now to make it in time to 8AM. I hate my life.

No. 1689171

I don't know where I belong anymore, not in the world, not among people.
I loved everyone to my best ability but I just can't do that anymore.
Thoughts of travelling far and just ending it somewhere where I don't have any family who could identify me. No friends, so that's not a worry. This life is lonesome, and no matter what I've done to fix my own situation it has always ended up in shit. No fruit is harvested, there is no point.

No. 1689176

Why do all of these munchies want ehlers danlos!!!!! No you don’t!!!! No!!! You don’t!!!! You don’t!!! Shut up!! Find something else to malinger!!!! None of you are doing PT/OT, actually having dislocations cuz I know you attention seekers would post them, the gi issues that go outside what gets you a god damn tube, muscle tone that is ass even with working out!!!! You just want the brownie points!!!!! My stomach is in my chest!!! They think my stomach may be in my chest!!! I haven’t eaten since midnight I am hungry and angry!! This isn’t my first hernia but this is surely the most interesting. My therapist told me to find a EDS support group but I know it’s mostly fakers and that people can take me at face value also on the internet (including here).. I am tired (and hungry)

No. 1689186

File: 1694003545697.jpg (57.21 KB, 1200x599, 123.jpg)

wow,so she really was THAT type of girl, the popular one, had a macbook ,a mac PC and a mid level dslr camera when she was only 14, lives in a house,eats fancy foods, went to parties a lot and seems to enjoy having a drink too, went to trips in Europe every summer and it looks like she's definitely upper middle class
to top it off she has model height and is very pretty and seems to have a sweet personality
sometimes I wish I wouldn't go detective mode, this depresses me and makes me think I have no chance with guys like hers, no matter how much we have in common and how good we click

No. 1689189

>no change with guys like hers
What? Are you trying to steal a 14 year old girls bf

No. 1689191

nta but read again, she said when the girl was only 14. easy mistake anon i misread all the time too

No. 1689196

see >>1689191
we're all adults now nonna, I initially met him and they're now a happy couple, I was curious and out of boredom I did some online digging and found out a lot about her. She grew up quite privileged and very cushy life
curiosity killed the cat, or better yet, made it depressed

No. 1689198

Yeah I realized after replying, kek im retarded.
Anon please don't compare yourself to others. Her being tall and different looking doesn't mean you're lesser than her and while I understand it made you feel bad, it doesn't mean you're any lesser than her. I'd advise distancing yourself from her bf for your own good, you'll find someone who appreciates you, not having gone to Europe as a teen or having a stupid camera doesn't mean you deserve any less.

No. 1689205

i know exactly how you feel anon. im sorry. the beauty of the world can feel so remote.

No. 1689215

I think I might have a dumb-looking face. People always seem to assume I don't know obvious things, or understand what they're talking about. It's annoying, and I have no clue how to fix it.

No. 1689223

File: 1694005935403.jpeg (37.14 KB, 828x741, 1687175714588.jpeg)

I got my first boyfriend and it's difficult, knowing the truth about men. Thing is, he acts like an angel, his life entirely revolving around me and what he can do for me. He'll act like his sweetheart self as he always does, and then randomly something inside me snaps and I remember his true male nature. I can't stop thinking about the degenerate thoughts he has and the kind of sick shit he'd do if he got away with it (because he's male). When this happens I pull away instantly and can act cold and bitchy for days at a time. He gets so upset when this happens and starts getting worried I'm about to break up or have met someone else. I keep giving him this hot/cold treatment. I have to admit that I'll make up something to argue about during these times so I have an excuse to be mad at him. He'll be confused and stressed because the argument came out of nowhere. I make him anxious, constantly. We've been dating for close to a year and I'm slowly realizing I'm emotionally abusive. I feel bad about it, but then I remember he'd do much worse if he could get away with it and only acts nice because relationship = steady supply of vagina. I feel so conflicted being deeply attracted to, loving, missing, longing for, someone who'd drown me for the chance to fuck a K-pop idol or a VS model. I should keep treating him like shit, no I shouldn't

No. 1689225

You could just be around really obnoxious people, kek. Do you breathe through your mouth? Having your mouth open while you go about your day might be contributing to that. Otherwise, try some fake glasses and see if anything improves.

No. 1689226

same but with a retard face. people treat me like i'm genuinely disabled to the point of speaking for me to someone else. honestly tired of them being overly fake-nice and condescending.

No. 1689230

Not to "not all males" you, but maybe this kind of thinking is putting the cart before the horse. If you haven't witnessed him doing depraved shit, then maybe don't assume he'll do it. It will fuck you up in the head.
The question you should ask yourself is: what are you doing dating someone you're convinced is a monster, just waiting for the opportunity to commit harm? This thought pattern might say more about you than you think.

No. 1689234

Same. People think I have literal retardation, not just treating me like it like they'll even ask someone if something is wrong with me, and tbh I do kind of look like one though I'm not a mouth breather. This has been going on forever since childhood no matter what environment I'm in.

No. 1689237

File: 1694006687215.jpg (961.47 KB, 1080x2073, RDT_20230905_21431017377711558…)

Was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea yesterday. I've always had a regular bmi of around 20 but likely I've apnea for most of my life, I have never felt rested upon waking, start my days yawning and frequently fell asleep during the day. The fatigue has truelly ruined a large part of my life. I want to cope by buying a cute bag for myself. Are Kate Spade bags any good??? Also I'm so fucking pissed this stupid moid on Mercari hasn't shipped my item yet so I gotta wait till I can combine all my items for shipping!!!

Anyway I gotta man up and pack food for a picnic with my bf later and pretend i am not sad

No. 1689238

why is there so much retarded infighting now, the site is genuinely becoming unreadable. i come here to be comfy and occasionally laugh at stupid shit from posters but this is too annoying.

No. 1689240

Why even bother dating, you sound a lil crazy tbh. How can you be in a relationship with someone you hate so much, who you don’t respect.

No. 1689241

NTA but men don't see any conflict at all between "all women evil whores" and "I have a gf/wife".

No. 1689255

What the fuck is wrong with you? Give him to one of us instead.

No. 1689257

I was so confused about why you mentioned your BMI but I guess people really think sleep apnea is just a fat person problem

No. 1689260

>>1689230 is right, anon. Stop expecting bad things and getting upset over entirely imagined scenarios. You're supposed to be on the lookout so you can peep bullshit if it happens, but don't act as if it already has. The only fruitful end result of what you're doing now is being alone (which can also be good, but if it's not what you want, it's not what you want).

No. 1689261

thanks nonna, I needed to hear that. sometimes I feel really discouraged
I think it's for the best that I distance myself a bit from them.

No. 1689264

Recently my anxiety and depression is so bad that I wake up every morning with a racing heart and it only slightly calms down throughout the day. This exhausts me so much that I can barely walk up stairs. If I was older I'm sure a heart attack would end it for me.

No. 1689268

I think I need to talk to my Mom about my depression symptoms because I'm afraid I'll do something to myself at this point. Thank God the series and husbandos they're from are still on going and massively popular otherwise I would've killed myself already.

No. 1689276

For me watching series and thinking about husbandos only makes everything worse, because as soon as I stop my blissful daydreaming and make myself realize that I'm not actually part of their world or that they don't exist and that my actual reality is hopeless, I immediately break down.

No. 1689279

Honestly for me I think I'm already breaking down because they aren't making me happy anymore and I don't know what to do. Not just my husbando and series they're from but everything in general.

No. 1689280

I wish I could not work. Fuck working for long hours and driving for long hours. I know my commute is not that bad compared to others (an hour for 26miles) but fuck having to wake up early at 5 to get all your shit ready, and leave early beacuse you don’t know if theres gonna be a crash or some incident , which is common in my route. Fucking ten hours dedicated to just getting ready to go to work, driving to work, being at work, and driving back an hour to get home.

No. 1689283

trying not to let it ruin my day but my bf really pissed me off this morning and i'm in a shit mood now.
he told me he works at 8 this week and that meant he would take the bus to work because i work at 7 and i drive. i was about to walk out the door and i asked him to feed the cats before he leaves today and he instantly got pissy and defensive with me telling me their bowl was full (which i could see was not full because it was right in front of me). we bickered a little bit and i ended up grabbing their food to do it but he came around and took it from my hands just so he could be the one to put it in their bowl and be pissy with me for "making him do it". after that i put my shoes back on and started to open door and said "ok im leaving now are you gonna say bye?" and he got pissy again because i guess he was planning on driving with me today but didn't let me know so i assumed he was taking the bus. he tried going back and forth with me but i was literally about to be late for work at that point so i just told him to get the fuck in the car. it was a silent car ride and when i dropped him off he mumbled some passive aggressive shit like "thanks a lot" when i asked "what?" instead of immediately leaning in for a kiss and saying goodbye he started bickering with me AGAIN saying like i'm the one with a problem and i'm the one who started this fight by asking him to feed the fucking cats.
im so fucking sick of him rn

No. 1689289

All these planets being in retrograde has to have something to do with me being scared to give birth for the very first time in my life. I always just sort of brushed it off and thought “Oh I’ll forget about the pain once it’s over” but what happens if I just remember the pain every time I see my babies face? What then kek? Good fucking lord I need to get over this shit

No. 1689292

Is he on his fucking dick period or something…run him over next time oh my god. If I ever bitched at my husband for feeding the puppy I’d get the bat kek

No. 1689294

I'm mad at my job. We already only get paid 11 dollars an hour with 0 benefits except a 10% discount but now our boss just told us we can't have any water bottles from the fridge and to bring our own. That's so stingy to me. You should be providing your employees with water especially with our a/c constantly breaking. I'm tired of my job but I know I won't be able to leave it for a while. It was a fun job but I feel ready to move on.

No. 1689300

Yeah I didn't want anyone to assume I'm an alcoholic, obese smoker kek

No. 1689301

i was tempted to kek. it was literally like a toddler having a meltdown. i already know he's going to send me a message at like noon today and say something like "so are you just not talking to me now"

No. 1689306

idk why i keep checking his facebook account, to the extent his mom's too. i download a part of his college yearbook for his part and keep on screenshoting for each time he appears in his group's videos for school. i am only physically attracted to him, he's hot but i act like i have a develop emotional interest when we barely interact at all. we don't even talk. its been long since i got a crush this deep so maybe i went crazy i guess. but i know he won't be single for long despite coming to his mom's home country just for school. because almost everyone in my batch are in a relationship anyways. heck, its just a two of us in my assigned group for school. im not disappointed i wont get a chance with him, i guess i have develop learned helpness for how ugly i am.

but hes been looking at me lately, kinda different since i used to be the one staring at him. now hes lookingi just ignore it, always leaving my eyes off of him. he even sits closer or walks nearer to where i am. and im scared ill react. he might noticed, he prob did. but i was obvious with my crush before. i dont want to scare him away. i love him but im not in love with him

No. 1689317

I'm sorry I know anons on this site say this a lot but why the fuck would any woman choose a boyfriend that behaves like a literal toddler?

No. 1689327

I can’t believe what I just came across, seriously, defending “AS (Asperger Syndrome) individuals” for using child porn?? What a joke

No. 1689328

samefag, no one cares but here’s the link: https://www.aane.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Mahoney-Mark-J-Aspergers-Syndrome-and-the-Criminal-Law-2009.pdf
Someone provided this as support material for a guy caught with cp

No. 1689336

having autism is a free get out of jail card these days. that's why people want autism dx so bad, you can basically get away with anything and nobody can say anything to you otherwise they're ableist.

No. 1689345

I’m at work now and I still feel sick and I want to go home I feel like throwing up and my supervisor is being a hardass god, at first I thought she was okay but now she’s so unnecessarily snarky and counters my problems with her own, I don’t even wanna say anymore personal stuff but it’s hard for me to say no. Like, I just vaguely told her I’m not feeling well and she responded oh well im having issues with my car it’s not easy for me blah blah blah sorry for samefagging

No. 1689349

fucking exactly, i’ve had so many experiences where people are flat out assholes and are like sorry don’t understand social cues, you’re just more self aware than me! i mean well! hurrrudurrrrr like fuck you you still should TRY to develop social skills so you can be there for people when they need you instead of being a huge piss baby seeking support when you’re upset and not return the favor afterwards. can’t fucking stand it

No. 1689351

if you hate your boyfriend so much just dump him.

No. 1689354

i ask myself that same question often

No. 1689361

I had someone with autism be rude to me out of nowhere on a Discord server then afterwards say that he didn't know he was being rude because he has autism and I just said "well, now you know, glad you learned it" and he blocked me lmaooo

No. 1689374

My broke friend keeps getting mani/pedis. Husband is struggling to keep up with her spending, she's a hundred thousand in debt, but she has to get it because "it's a status symbol" and she needs to keep up appearances. She needs to keep up with her debt payments more like.

No. 1689375

She could've found out about his trannylove and that might be why she's posting that stuff. I knew some women whose faggy bfs attempted to cheat with trannies amd the women made fun of both their exes and the trannies

No. 1689395

File: 1694023726833.jpg (106.37 KB, 787x1200, FzAXhVpWACsmSyP.jpg)

ever since my gf who i still love left me and cut off all contact in may my fears of abandonment have gotten so much worse. i found a reddit post she made about how she couldn't deal with me because i'm too mentally ill and she was ready to "jump ship if needed." i feel like nobody will ever be able to love me because i'm too much and i'm going to die alone. i also have daily overwhelming anxious thoughts about how our ferrets are doing because there's no way for me to know. they're going to die and i'll never know. i abandoned them. i'm a bad person.

No. 1689403

I should've known, moids don't give a fuck about fujochan besides that one soyjak posting freak. I've got to quit using this shithole site for good this time, god. I can't believe THIS is why things have been so fucking bad here.

No. 1689405

people like this piss me off too. when they inevitably default on a payment or can't afford their hydro bill that month, they'll come running asking for money after you've spent god knows how long watching them waste it on unnecessary purchases. cow behaviour for real kek

No. 1689406

File: 1694024948697.jpeg (47.47 KB, 720x540, F996EA9C-BA89-4879-9BF4-F39050…)

This won’t end any sooner, seriously, my aunt has to repeat the same things over and over and over and over and over and over again and it’s so tiresome, jesus, just drop the subject already, I know that you know that I hear that she said that you said and he heard that he knows that she knows and we all know about it, I heard! You said it! She said it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m basically so mentally numb, my brain can’t keep up with all of this shit.

No. 1689408

File: 1694025136347.jpg (54.37 KB, 960x960, 62248s.jpg)

It's at least 30C in the offices at work but my boss is too cheap to turn the AC back on so we aren't sitting here sweating

No. 1689410

File: 1694025385554.jpg (27.36 KB, 519x508, 165436890.jpg)

I've started to work towards one huge life decision that I really wanted for the longest time, but it's so nerve wreaking since so many things can go wrong on every step, and it will ruin everything. But if I won't do it now, then it might not happen like ever, with how things are going right now. It really shouldn't have to be this hard and expensive. I'm so stressed out.

No. 1689413

Did anyone else go through a thing in school and/or literally any social situation where they were too weird to fit in with the normal/'popular' kids but not weird enough to fit in with the weirder kids either. Now I'm too weird to be with people who follow a regular life route but not weird enough for it to be considered a mental illness.

No. 1689414

i have a friend like this too kek. she makes nearly double what i make but is somehow constantly broke and asking her mom for money. took a 3 week long vacation in europe and is planning another in a couple months but told me last week that she's 2k behind on her phone bill and even more behind on car payments. always making sure she buys the newest of the new technology and her car is a fancy 2023 suv but using mismatched and broken dollar store kitchen utensils. i'll never understand

No. 1689422

File: 1694026575648.jpg (78.71 KB, 1080x712, 075223506f7b02e16376ac6bdff2bf…)

>when your friends used to fight over being your best friend as a kid and now people are just naturally repelled by you without even talking.

No. 1689424

Got that yeast infection going on again. Fuck. All I want is to not have to trim or shave my pubes. Once they hit a certain length, I get a yeast infection externally not internally because its so fucking hot here and I sweat. Its just my skin, not the innards usually….but this time it progressed inward a little bit so I cut off some pube length yesterday because fuck that. I hate this so much. It already seems to have improved some. Why cant I just exist.

No. 1689425

nonnie youre literally like me, like you said i was too weird for the normal people but not weird enough for the actual weird people and i never had any friends in school and i still dont have any because i still struggle with this problem.

No. 1689427

i used to suffer from having a lot yeast infections and one thing that helped me is eating less sugar, maybe that will help you too

No. 1689428

Maybe, but I have less sugar in my diet than average. I try really hard to eat well and I cook 99.9% of meals at home. Plus I am too broke for junk food kek. I do eat fruit a lot though. Idk if I can give that up. Glad you were able to find relief. I think it is just really, really hot outside right now and I cant avoid getting very sweaty on the daily.

No. 1689433

>went to a class in 2014 for just a year
>there's a guy I don't like there
>not being hostile but makes zero effort to be nice to him
>move schools next year, I dont keep contact with anybody
>dude I don't like keeps making friend requests on facebook
>just let the invitations simmer instead of blocking not to give him attention
>even today 9 years later he still keeps sending me invitations on linkedin, that I haven't touched in like 7 years so I don't get why he persists
Holy shit dude, I don't like you, leave me the fuck alone! I know the industry I work in is small, I know where he works and he probably knows where I do too, but we went to the same school for just a year, am I condemned to get his invites for the rest of my life???

No. 1689436

if you saw me post in the wrong thread, no you didn’t
almost no period for 2 months and all of my tests have been negative, this is insane

No. 1689437

Do you already wear cotton undies and sleep commando? Those two things have helped me prevent yeast infections after my first one.

No. 1689439

The only good thing about me being sick and all these doctor visits is seeing the scale drop every time I go. It's not a bad thing because my BMI is 32. I'm afraid to eat a lot of things now for fear of making my condition worse.

No. 1689446

im so depressed. im 24 and ive never been in a relationship, i have no friends and i hate my job so much. everything seems so hopeless and whenever i try making things better, it doesnt work. everytime ive switched to a new workplace nothing improved and the same problems kept coming up. everytime ive talked to a male, it ended miserably and me getting ignored or treated like shit for no reason. everytime i tried making friends, i kept making friends that didnt treat me with respect and that looked down on me. im so sick of this world. i dont know why im still here. everything is just too much right now. the only thing i look forward to when i come home after work is sleeping and i usually fall asleep very fast and sleep a lot because work is so stressful, im very exhausted after it…

No. 1689453

File: 1694029409814.jpg (56.96 KB, 270x416, Tumblr_l_4605432237874864.jpg)

I dont think i could ever live with a moid. What a filthy dirty creature.
I am currently living with my brother-in-law, he's the only man in the house and he is so nasty, I have to clean his filth and if i complain about him being nasty i am the bad person.

No. 1689454

Update on >>1686920 my dad called me from a train payphone states away and is begging me to tell the social services that he is legally staying at my house so they will give him money. The police dept already called before he did and I already told them he isn't so idfk what he thinks will happen. Convo went like this

>"Hey do me a favor. the social services are going to call tomorrow and I need you so say "yes" when they ask if I can live there with you."

>me remembering all the times he's tried to use legal jargon to manipulate people (thinking he could use this as legal reason to actually force himself into our house) and also all the times he threatened to kill my mom and stepdad
>say no, I wont do that for him
>"Please, I'm begging, I need to get back into the state, they wont give me money if I don't have a place to stay."
>he got evicted from his house for not paying for it and has allegedly been staying with a friend
>you literally don't have a place to stay so idfk what you think will happen once you get here
>ask him if he still plans on staying with that friend and if he wants me to contact that friend so he can vouch that he is living there
>"No.. I don't want to spring this on him… I wont tell him but he'll let me stay when I get back if I show up in person."
>so you're ok with lying to social services AND lying to the person you're actually staying with? I literally can't fucking help you
>"Please, I'm shaking, I'm going to be homeless, I guess you don't love me, I thought you had a bigger heart, etc etc"
I'm just so sick that everything with him is lies and manipulation. Now I feel guilty because he's making it seem like my fault that he's going to be homeless, not the fact that he never payed off his house, that he chose not to get jobs for multiple years, that he's an alcoholic with multiple DUIs, that everyone else in the family has a restraining order on him, that he spent his last bits of savings on leaving the state without telling anyone so he could threaten to kill his family member, that he's choosing to lie to social services… I'm disgusted that he expects me to get him out of this mess, but I also feel so sad that literally every other person in the world refuses to help him out of this hell of his own making. It's just so pathetic to see a grown ass man act like this. I feel sad imagining him as an old homeless guy but he did this to himself…

No. 1689456

My car is supposed to get delivered and they gave a time frame of this week so I’ve spent all of yesterday and today waiting for the phone call and being prepared to head over and pick it up but it’s so fucking annoying to wait. I just want to get it over with. With my luck it’ll take a few extra days and the anticipation is distracting me from other tasks.

No. 1689462

File: 1694030339807.jpeg (105.96 KB, 750x745, 959829DD-90EF-4430-A850-0497E9…)

Ask to try topamax I’ve never been less hungry in my life also I wanna go brawl in the streets and then cry about it and then scream at anyone who dares side eye me for crying and chase after them

No. 1689463

I'm in the same boat except even older…
It's so inbelievably painful or dare I say traumatizing when you're already depressed, anxious with low self esteem, then force yourself to try and make friends and then get rejected again and again resulting in you feeling even more low… it's simply a vicious cicle that I can't seem to break out of for close to a decade already.

No. 1689468

I hate how insane my PMS makes me, I know my thoughts aren't right, I know I am overreacting, I know people who like me aren't intentionally hurting me but I can't stop my emotions. It feels like my feelings and my thoughts are two separate things, opposite magnets that when I try and put them together they repel each other and I am left feeling and acting like a fool. I want to cry, I hate it so much. I want to cry every second of the day, I feel so much despair, I just was horribly snappy to my friends and I just embarrassed myself. I KNOW at the other side of it I'll be fine and happy again but when this is happening im just stuck in this fucking rut of depressive thinking and moping around.

I envy women who aren't impacted by their periods and PMS, I know at the end of this stupid mental warp I get treated to an intense and heavy period that lasts for days. I hate it I hate it.

No. 1689477

>having autism is a free get out of jail card these days
only if you're male. women with autism get treated with contempt or like we're retarded and seen as unloveable. yet if we do something wrong without realizing, we're horrible bitches.

No. 1689479

accepting death more and more each day. only thing i'd be scared about in regards to suicide would just be hurting the few who still give a damn

No. 1689490

File: 1694033268038.jpg (106.18 KB, 460x555, eb0fxsfeftf41.jpg)

Lately I've had the blues over missed opportunities in the past. It feels really bad and I keep thinking how many "firsts" and friendships I missed out on by taking the unconventional path. I still like how my life turned out, but I wish I got to experience it anyway.

For reasons I can't say, I couldn't start college when I was supposed to. It was nothing related to my grades, just bureaucracy. I wasn't allowed to go to a real college even though I really wanted to, so I went to trade school instead. It was piss easy, but there was no student life per se and the people I studied with were normies with families who didn't care to make new friends or try new activities, just get the diploma and gtfo. I finished that and started working.
I liked my job a lot and it became my new passion. My boss then asked me if I would like to go to grad school to get a proper education for what I'm doing. I started college and it was a really bittersweet experience.
Despite starting during the pandemic, college was so magical. I loved the campus and atmosphere, I even met my bf there, but I never got to be young and free with the whole world in front of me - make new lifelong friends as a freshman, join clubs, go to parties, etc. I got to try some of that now, but it's just not the same.
I'm not close with my classmates cause I started late, and feel way too old at most student parties so I don't go anymore. I missed the train and now it's no longer fun because I have a whole ass life behind me.

I would've loved to go to college as a teen, paving my own path through life is so lonely. Nobody can ever relate to me. My bf calls me a trailblazer and tries to make me feel better about it but for lack of a better word, I just wish I was the same as everyone else.

No. 1689491

File: 1694033269724.jpeg (72.87 KB, 781x781, 31BF2676-DB25-48B9-9AA0-01F31D…)

My parents are so psychotic. My dad would constantly cheat on my mom before they were married. And even a little bit after. Now my mom loses her fucking mind when my retarded father stares and smiles at other women and they argue about things like this all the time. I hate living with these two fucking schizos but I have no choice. I’m so jealous that my sisters are comfortable and live away from all this with their bf/husband. But I’m stuck living here and they can’t really help me. My mom also complains about other women just jogging on the sidewalk. Calling them whores who want attention just because they’re wearing tight clothing. She’s also just very judgmental and I avoid being around her like the plague because then she’ll stare at me and point out some flaw.

I feel bad because clearly she has a lot going on especially from all the emotional damage and gaslighting my dad did to her. My dad acts like absolutely nothing is wrong and my mom just cries and vents to me about she wants to divorce him but never does. It’s exhausting. Praying I can get out of here soon. I am so tired of living like this. It is genuinely so depressing.

No. 1689499

I’m worried about my dog, she loves me so much

No. 1689507

It's true. Autism males sperg out endlessly and you have to tolerate it too or else they'll moid rage.

No. 1689508

You got this!

No. 1689509

I'm a bit worried. I was supposed to start job hunting mid august but because of an unexpected health problem that started in July (and drained and is draining more money than I had initially anticipated) it's getting delayed and it will be delayed for at least 1-1.5 more months until I hopefully get myself and my cervical area fixed. Cervical headaches fucking suck I just want to sleep all day until my doctor appointments arrive and I can start physiotherapy.
I want this shit gone, I want to feel normal again ,get a shitty job and do the usual shitty things. I couldn't even go on a holiday or a trip this year, it's so crap.
But that will have to wait until I get healthy again.
I'm not sure what caused this in the first place, since I've been exercising for half my life, but I highly suspect it's the break I took from sport when I became a corporate potato that sat 10-12h on a chair, had multiple burnouts and didn't have energy to do anything and didn't drink enough water or eat enough nutrients.
Take care of your health ladies, it's the most precious thing.

No. 1689515

boric acid suppositories help, as well as probiotic suppositories and taking probiotics by mouth daily, also i second the cotton panties/commando when sleeping, helped a lot with my issues. check out the love wellness brand they’re pretty solid but yes until you figure a way to reduce constant moisture down there it’ll be reoccurring, it fucking sucks, thank god i’m celibate. not to be weird but are you just really opposed to shaving/have a bad reaction or? i only shave to reduce bacteria growth and because it’s more comfortable. if you struggle with ingrown hairs you can apply rubbing alcohol to the skin after (doesn’t burn if you didn’t get cut obv) or use glycolic acid. just don’t get it IN your vag ofc good luck nona

No. 1689520

that’s true to a degree, i had a good female friend once tho that disregarded my pet dying and literally could not produce empathy when i was in crisis, then when i tried to resolve our fallout she called me dramatic.. but came to me after she wasn’t invited to a d&d campaign and was distraught needing support. she also had trouble making/keeping female friends too and only hung out with men. idk women get the shit end no matter what but this girl would not admit she was being insensitive and didn’t seem interested in fixing our friendship which sucked cuz i liked her a ton. i have huge sensory issues so i guess i’m autistic too but the empathy thing throws me for a loop every time. oh well tho

No. 1689522

I just can’t believe that everyone just thinks that I enjoy going to a doctor and listening to long lectures about things that I just know.
And I still can’t believe that they think I have bad habits. Yes I’ve binge eaten before (when I was 12 after getting bullied, and during my last days of internships) but I stopped it.
I workout, I avoid any sugars, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke anything, I have a healthy sleeping schedule, I drink water daily. And I’m still fat because of my issues with Insulin, not because I want to.
So I just can’t believe my aunt told me today that I also have to do something because what have I not been doing?
Like what else should I do? I have to get a bunch of tests and shit done to control my insulin levels, the only way for me to not worry about it is by killing myself. Because I’ve done absolutely everything and everyone still thinks that I’m fat, therefore I never do anything.
I wish I could just die already so everyone stops thinking that everything is my fault.
There’s no food at home? Well, it’s anon’s fault, she’s fat so she has to be eating a lot!
The groceries are expensive? It’s because anon is fat and buys random shit!
There’s no time to do things? It’s because anon is fat and she has to go to the doctors, to a gym or workout at home!
The things I need to do are expensive? Well anon! Why don’t you just stop eating??
Just fuck off, I wish I was dead, seriously, it’s always the same issue all over the time, I can’t even be anorexic or bulimic because then they lecture me about how that’s not how I can lose weight.
If I could get murdered I wouldn’t have to worry about anything, but I guess I’m too fat to be considered a good victim.

No. 1689530

File: 1694037589473.jpeg (39.92 KB, 600x327, IMG_4200.jpeg)

I’m getting really sick of these fucking UFO retards.


Meanwhile it’s just jupiter or saturn and you can barely see it. It’s like a speck of dust in the sky kek. Why not chill out and just enjoy the pretty planets in the beautiful blue sky instead of being hysterical…

No. 1689532

Don’t fucking do it nona get help if you can, once you’re properly medicated if needed and have objective perspective on your issues from a professional you’ll see the point. If you need someone to talk to make a burner email and I’ll send you a message

No. 1689536

I'm so sorry anon, I also had an unexpected health problem pop up and plague me all Summer long. You really have no idea how expensive and exhausted having an ongoing health issue is until you get struck by misfortune yourself. Hope you can get treatment and your body stops holding you back soon. Be well anon, you're in my thoughts. You'll have your life back eventually, for now just take it one day at a time.

No. 1689545

File: 1694038505875.jpeg (27.39 KB, 256x192, F4213E57-C22F-43A9-A04C-3D25F7…)

Fucking hate going to the library on campus. I get so pissed the second I hear any sound and everyone in there is so damn retarded that they'll have full ass conversations or eat food while people are trying to fucking work. I wanted to scream when I heard this girl's nails tapping her phone screen.

No. 1689547

yeah but planets don't zoom by quickly do they? i want an alien bf

No. 1689548

File: 1694038896327.jpeg (1.65 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4071.jpeg)

nonnie Jupiter did not zoom by quickly this morning lol, it sat cutely next to the moon for a little while and then orbited in the opposite direction at the exact same speed! It looked like they were gonna kiss for a sec I loved every minute of it watched the whole thing

No. 1689553

fuck this shit. makes me lose my mind. i live to work. i have to dress up for this shit. commute for this shit. make an obscene amount or time for getting there in case of incidents like you said. plus changing into uniform. then clocking in early and starting 5 minutes earlier than actual starting time because it is expected. i hate this shit. so much. then i get to be happy when i can do laundry and dishes and cook on the weekend. basic shit. i barely use my gym membership because it closes by the time i finish or i am too exhausted. my wage is already considered low but i can't apply for supplements because i am a fucking immigrant. if i were to work less hours to actually have a life i would earn less than a retard getting autism bucks. i probably have autism as well but never was privileged enough for a diagnosis. i have no consistent friends. one is a bpd guy who keeps getting jealous if i talk to anyone else. another is a girl who is into drugs and let's some tarot cards dictate her life choices. last time it told her i am possessed by a ghost or some shit and since we haven't hung out unless she wanted something from me. fuck it's bleak. i hope to find a kindred soul at this shit place.

No. 1689558

that sounds horrible. i hope you can get the hell away from them soon. i know the feeling of wishing you could pass away in an accident or murder. only then they will fucking shut up and stop blaming and criticizing you. always trying to tell you what to do and not believing that their tips are useless.

No. 1689573

wish my mom would shut the fuck up and stop telling people shit that goes on. not everyone needs to know what the fuck i'm up to. also with her twisting the story and changing and making shit up. fucken pisses me off.

No. 1689575

I hope people that go out of their way to antagonize wagies experience nothing but misery in their lives since they want to embody being an anus on legs. This retard put me in such a bad mood I'm still upset five hours later.

No. 1689582

Is all this planet commotion why I've been a bit angry lately

No. 1689584

kill all shitty customers, especially the kevins and karens. like go make some fucking friends at the pub watching football or the knitting club you narcissistic losers. the wagies are already busting their ass all day long, now you want them to pretend to be your friend? mindblowing how these dickheads would feel the right to complain because somebody was not friendly enough and act like crap because you don't respect their profession. then fucking stop using their services you retards.

No. 1689585

i hate my bitch brother and how he lashes out at me so transparently when things dont go his way. his cat shit his bed so hes snarling at me over jackshit when im HELPING him with his laundry and HELPED him already by washing his shat yoga mat too. he already thumped his cat so why the fuck is he doing that at me for? fucking dumbass. and he wants to move the litterbox back out to the living room bc he thinks thats going to make it stop FUCKTARD. im not smelling this cat's shit another day in my life

No. 1689613

Suicide is a realistic ending for me and I'm accepting it because I can't find adequate help. I realized I'm autistic and reflecting on my life, I can't erase the mental torment I've gone through being the "weird" overly sensitive girl. To this day virtually everyone around me ignores me or looks at me with distain. I was hanging on because of my parents, but I realize while they financially supported me growing up, they made me feel like absolute shit in every other regard. They made me feel broken and were always telling me what to do to be acceptable. My trauma response was to fawn and try to win their affection so I'd at least have them as support. But I can't mask and pretend anymore. I just wanted someone to like me and to accept me. But I don't think it will happen in my life.

No. 1689617

Young 20s moids are staying in the air bnb below me. Stereotypical country faggors. Playing only songs they're parents would. Listening to their shit chat. Telling the fat one he doesn't have to put his entire weight behind closing the building door while he waddles out to smoke outside and be an obnoxious prick while there's families across the road. Listening to them lament that there's no girls. Maybe the younger generation struggle with dating because they lack personalities. They can't play consecutive songs literally have to listen to them think of songs to play. Uh what's the one your dad likes? Wtf. Wtf do you like you fat cunt. Obnoxious boring pricks

No. 1689620

Christ listen to the radio if its a struggle to play music maybe you're just an empty shallow fuck with no depth

No. 1689690

File: 1694051536300.gif (9.67 MB, 640x480, 28FDC04A-D0F8-4D7C-9D81-16D726…)

I get that therapists are supposed to challenge your worldview but I genuinely feel like my therapist hates me and/or is convinced that I’m a sociopath. She told me that she thinks I have a “desire to manipulate other people and control their thoughts” and that I’m terrified that people will judge me yet I judge them and do the exact same thing that I hate others for doing. She told me that it seems like I’m making no progress and “every day is like groundhog day.” When I was telling her about the toxic relationship I used to be in I started laughing nervously which I have a habit of doing whenever I bring up something uncomfortable and she started laughing too.

No. 1689727

I'm so tired of people ignoring me. I do my best to be a good friend but none of these people give a fuck about me. I get tired talking to myself all the time. I just wish someone in my life wanted to talk to me or spend time with me. I'm undiagnosed but so obviously autistic, is it because of that? Is it because I'm boring? Do I flux between talking too much and not enough? Is it because I don't take your side in every argument? Am I annoying to be around? I just wish someone would tell me, what they don't like about me, to my face. Instead of hearing that people have been talking behind my back again. How the fuck am I supposed to grow and change for the better if no one has the courage to talk to me about it.

No. 1689735

Yeah like 6 planets are swinging around it’s chaos

No. 1689740

Are you fullblown tism or do you just have some underdeveloped communicative skills for someone your age? Sometimes it’s harder for people to want to engage in or even continue a conversation if it feels underwhelming or predictable. I’m really sorry you’re being avoided nonnie.

No. 1689753

she sounds like one of those psychos who become nurses, doctors, cops, and therapists for the power trip. no sane, well-adjusted person would ever laugh when someone is nervous laughing about a traumatic life period, much less in a professional context where they're supposed to help

No. 1689782

i don’t know if this is the correct thread but I’ve been thinking back at the amount of adult men that threatened to kill themselves because 13-15 year old me wouldn’t e-date them or send them nudes and it’s really messing with my head rn. i never really thought about it but i think it definitely had some effect in my psyche. sadly I deleted my accounts so I’ve lost their information but i hope they didn’t do this to any other girls.

No. 1689823

File: 1694065036985.jpeg (54.81 KB, 500x375, 2FD7B357-1B78-46F5-A662-F019C6…)

My Nigel finally just looked at me and told me he used to wonder if I was misinterpreting things with my family but he thinks they do genuinely dislike me. How it hurts to see me try to have the “close family connection” they all boast about and have with each other. Watching me go out of my way for them while they leave me in the dust. Even in emergencies. How a big part of my recent suicidal breakdown is their treatment. He’s right. He really is.

No. 1689830

Am I the crazy one??? Why did it take him a near decade to merely visit me (all of our attempts fell through). It’s not crazy to believe he’d take another decade to try to close the distance and live together ( I’d be nearing 40 then.) Am I the toxic one for letting other men give me attention.

No. 1689834

It somehow sounds a bit like you've got undiagnosed quiet BPD but don't take my word for it… don't self sabotage and ruin a good thing when you've got it. He sounds several steps above the average moid, but if you really can't be around him without being paranoid, maybe you'd best refrain from being in a relationship.

No. 1689835

The heatwave that is hitting the UK right now is horrible to be in while I'm doing clinicals. Wearing uniform sucks, the cubicles get so warm too. I can't concentrate as well and it's embarrassing to fumble when I'm with a patient.

No. 1689841

File: 1694067764313.jpg (48.38 KB, 535x548, b0cb868555bc2a84c6fc55add9d554…)

Sometimes I feel like my friends aren't accepting of my interests because they genuine think they are normal or my thing, but because they see me as a psychoanalysis paper, and they like to overthink the little things I choose.
>"I picked this chai tea at the store"
>"Well anon, isn't it interesting how you picked such a strong flavor, but from all the brands you still got the one with more sugar, socialization made its works, the tea industry puppetering the store through the shadows"
Dude, I just picked some random tea package to try it out, it's not that deep. Stop being so passive aggressive and buy your own tea then.

No. 1689844

cute lenore

No. 1689854

Please come back my heart is racing i can’t believe i ripped everything up like that i’m sorry please forgive me i love you so much and i want to be with you forever ill be a good girl and i wont get nasty and i wont harm you anymore i’ve learned my lesson :(( :( )

No. 1689856

I was reading about a man who raped a 10 year old boy and got 6 months in jail for that. I hate how easily pedos and rapists have it.

No. 1689862

i understand you.
i've been on antidepressants for some time and they just make me feel really numb. i'm a hermit-crab type of neet so most days i just sit in my room and feel blank, ironically they made me feel more suicidal as i realized i don't really have much going for me. hurt everyone i love, my death would benefit them. i believe this.
not that successful, even using physical health improvement to get that happiness up but it's futile. it all feels futile. the burner email idea sounds nice, i'll like that. maybe in time, thank you nonna.

No. 1689872

File: 1694070471386.jpeg (17.27 KB, 640x479, images.jpeg)

My skin is ruined from decades of acne. I started getting acne at 10 years old all over my face and upper body. My mother didn't let me eat dairy substitutes because they were too expensive, so I kept eating dairy products while being allergic and constantly having cysts on my back and pimples on my face and chest. I still get them monthly unless I focus my entire life on constantly doing skincare and dieting (other foods cause breakouts too). It's all fucked because even if I got rid of it, I'd still have all the indented and raised scars on my face, and the red and white marks all over my back and chest. I feel like a failure at womanhood. Most people have nice skin without any blemishes.

No. 1689882

My step dad is officially on his death bed we only found out about the cancer in June. Nurse doesn't think he'll make it to next weekend. Heading down to see him. Kept up all night by cunts in the air bnb below me. Didn't want to cry and be like my parent has cancer and I need to sleep instead asked the fat one while he was out smoking could you not slam the door? Literally drink and do coke until you kill yourself I don't care but slamming the door fuck off. So fucking annoying. If they're staying another night when I come back they're in for it. I'm pmsing, I'm grieving, I'm unhinged I'm not above keying a car.

No. 1689883

Meant to mention after I told him to stop slamming the door he did it more intentionally and passionately afterwards for the rest of the night/morning. You're fat as fuck mate we don't need a sound effect every time you step outside you're big enough can't miss you.

No. 1689885

Like honestly! If I was fat af 5'9, shaped like a fucking barrel with a hair cut that makes you look like a fat French monk from the Joan of Arc days I would NOT be drawing attention to myself.

No. 1689887

I feel like I'm always bitter about the shit hand life gave me. My coworkers who have good lives are favored for their optimism and for sales too. When so and so comes in my other coworkers they say they love him/her. All I've ever wanted is to feel more normie and less like an angry outsider in society. No amount of beautifying helped. Supposedly I'm considered attractive but years of feeling like a social retard shot my confidence forever and my coworkers who rub their large sales in my face make me feel worse. If I was just better socially, if I could stop being so negative, if I could bullshit caring about pop culture, anything. It brings me down. I wish I'd just been normal.

No. 1689904

i have a friend who gives tough love, i love them alot but man their habit of bringing up my fuckin insecurities and my current situation in public eye or around the friend group pisses me off.

No. 1689921

Infinity is definitely too much for me

No. 1689941

i also have been unable to feel any sort of romantic love so… getting dragged into the relationship conflict of 2 friends and then having the girlfriend think i want another (my ex) and that i have a crush on her boyfriend… is jarring. that relationship was very traumatic for me so her comment hurt alot.

No. 1689956

I think it's a mixture of both. I know the social rules I need to follow but most seem manipulative and fake to me. I feel like a bad person trying to be like my peers. I'm finally starting to feel comfortable with myself and I don't really feel willing to change for the sake of others, so I'll deal I guess haha
>underwhelming or predictable
Oh no haha I'm both of those things. Thank you for your kind words, appreciate you nonna

No. 1689962

I know a few people with indented scars from teen acne. It gets better, it takes a few years, but it does get better. People also don't notice scars nearly as much as you'd think, this took me a while to accept, as my back and chest is covered in white spots too. I'd focus on finding a way to minimize your outbreaks with as little maintenance as possible, not having to actively think about it helped me a lot.

No. 1689965

That girl doesn’t like you or is jealous.

No. 1689967

There is a neighbor across from me with one of those terrier type dogs. it barks at everyone who gets near the house. problem is most people are walking their dogs at 6am before work, so the dog is barking at every dog near the house. The other dogs dont bark back, but i hate whoever owns that dog. I dont know if i should leave a note or something. it keeps waking me up. Sometimes even on weekends. i dont get people who let their dogs bark at everyone.

No. 1689968

I fucked up and I think I'm going to get fired

No. 1689969

What did you do?

No. 1689970

I hate having hooded eyes and I'm genuinely considering surgery for them, I'd have to save up like $6,000 if my insurance will not pay. my eyes are so hooded I don't have any eyelids and look like I have some sort of disability like down syndrome or fas especially in photos. my friends would always tell me I look depressed and tired because of my eyes - since they're both hooded and downturned (the worst combo). as the skin will sag/get looser with age it will literally block my vision so I'll have to get surgery when it gets to that point anyways. my other insecurities I can just fix with makeup, fashion, hair extensions, working out etc but there is no real fix for these ugly eyelids except surgery. my body dysmorphia would be a lot better if only I could do something about this excess skin.

No. 1689977

It doesn't matter how much you spoil your kids if you don't allow them any personal property. Or you give away their stuff or let it get destroyed by others and don't comfort your child just call them spoiled for even caring about their possessions since it's "just stuff" and others are less fortunate and never had it to begin with. I was raised by bike cuck minded parents that let the poor side of our family bleed us dry and mooch without showing a shred of respect or gratefulness towards us. None of those people even talk to my parents unless they want a handout. All of my poorer relatives hated us and treated me with a sneer for being spoiled. And my cousin's did too it's why they came over broke/stole all my shit and treated our house like a resort. Honestly all my experiences made me distrustful of poor people and people that used to be poor like my parents- they are just spiteful if still poor or stupid and rube-like for thinking they can "help" their poor family still but trash doesn't appreciate that. You don't throw pearls to swine

No. 1690019

hello, are you still around? i'm the nonna you replied to
i don't know what to say but i do want someone to talk to. i have made a burner email, i'll leave it here

No. 1690020

I just spilled about $15 worth of medicinal nail polish…

No. 1690029

I know it seems like an empty reassurance and most likely not the opinion you're looking for but myself and a lot of women really like hooded eyes on other women and find it really attractive.

No. 1690030

Seconding this

No. 1690040

I'm sad I woke up this morning. I'm sad that I have to go to work. I'm sad that our car broke down. I'm sad that I started off this year losing my cat. I'm sad that my sickness seems to not be going away and that doctors can't seem to help me. And now I'm sad because I'm on my period and in pain. I'm so unhappy. Why did I wake up? I wish I could have died in my sleep.

No. 1690044

i wish a nonacita would come to my house and we'd spend time together and then she'd kill me. i just don't have female friends and i want to die, i don't think i'll survive to the end of this year.

No. 1690053

My boyfriend is really acting like a tool recently. Idek.

No. 1690065

I used to hear people say things like "we were poor but my mom was always so sweet, she'd let us kids eat and pretended not to be hungry if there wasn't any food left for her" and it sounded like she was sacrificing herself until I realized some moms probably did that on purpose to lose weight and now it's double sad

No. 1690067

As a proper fatty, if I ended up in a video with conventionally attractive girls (like certain friend group photos/vids) and people commented "omg she looks like she gives good hugs!" or "She looks like a great friend!" I think I'd want to just kill myself even more.
Like I hate the weird over-complimenting because it just feels incredibly back-handed rather then genuine. And I fully believe almost none of them are being genuine.

No. 1690141

I'm out of bread but already showered. I remembered I wanted to buy bread the second I stepped out of the shower.

No. 1690204

That's not "tough love" that's just being an asshole

No. 1690207

File: 1694101605590.jpg (57.71 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1645581543529.jpg)

I'm shitting full on blood clots and bright red blood near enough daily and my doctor still won't do anything about it, he said I have an upset stomach because of anxiety and to do breathing exercises?? My stomach hurts, my butthole hurts, I'm anemic from blood loss and feel tired, sick, and cold 24/7, and now I have to take pictures of my poop to show the doctor the next time i go, because he doesn't believe there's blood so my camera roll is filled with shits now

No. 1690210

My childhood best friend died. We lost touch years ago. I was so shocked when I found out that I just went blank. Hours later I sobbed really hard, just remembering us as girls. Skipping Sunday school together, getting snowcones, talking about literally everything… I miss her and now she's gone forever, it feels so unreal and god I hope she's at peace. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry

No. 1690217

What the hell? Are you freshly postpartum? If not you need to find a new doctor asap

No. 1690230

Me and my bf have been together for 2 months. We just got back from our Mexican vacation and I found out he’s a full blown narcissist. Before the trip, he was clingy but extremely nice. I noticed he never criticized me and always was communicating. It was to the point where it was a bit much (spamming texts and calls if I don’t answer like if I’m showering) and I felt weird about it. We ended up having a huge fight at our resort. He is so draining and I haven’t had 2 minutes of “me time” since we started dating. I feel so exhausted and I’m genuinely afraid of him. I don’t want him in my life how do I get rid of him without him stalking me?

No. 1690240

File: 1694103243144.jpeg (64.77 KB, 548x337, 1656955734979 (1).jpeg)

Once again facing the conundrum of needing to reject men and dreading their reaction.

I started to date a guy who I admit I was mainly attracted to for the money. I somewhat trusted him when I found him on a dating app because we had mutuals, but I realized his appearance was drastically different when we met irl and he used pics from several years ago. He is the textbook definition of an early 20s hot guy hitting the everloving fuck out of "the wall" in his late 20s. Bad teeth, balding, pudgy, but nice cock I guess? His personality is sweet but he is a goof and not in a kind way, in an idiot way where he is unassertive and does not think for his own good. Sure he makes money, but he is always acting tight despite having no debt aside from a car payment and blowing $500 a month on card games. He strikes me as juvenile, his equally immature friends are also man/womanchildren who don't aspire to do anything besides play games and go to Disney once a year and it just isn't for me. He's changing himself for me but all I see in that is a gateway for resentment and not truly wanting the things that I do such as family. I've been through this once and I don't wanna do it again.
He wants to make plans to live together several months into the future but I need a man who can provide now.

I told him I needed to take things slow but ofc he wanted to secure the title with me and already tried to tag me as being in a relationship on socials which I have not reciprocated. I told him on Saturday that I don't see us in a relationship right now, but he's yet to take down those fucking posts and now allllll of his friends are liking them and congratulating him. So won't I just be the cold, heartless bitch when I finally have to get stern and tell this nice guy that it's no dice?

I really don't wanna deal with this fallout but now there's another guy who I adore and is more attractive in spite of not making as much money as me. He always wants to go out and do stuff with me, and even wants to provide a living situation for me. He doesn't spend incredulously on dumb hobbies, wants children, and has introduced me to his family already.
I hate that I have to walk on eggshells and let the other beta down slowly and then deal with the potential tantrum when he finds out he didn't get picked. I wanna be able to tell him something really manipulative so that way he will feel like shit if he even has thoughts of dragging my name through the mud. I hate that I have to be manipulative in order to protect myself, it's just that experience has taught me that men don't handle rejection AT ALL.

No. 1690244

Sisters, I'm not gonna make it…

No. 1690264

File: 1694104202390.gif (6.04 MB, 640x430, dontreeee.gif)

I think I come across as moidy but I honestly am just maladapted. it's making me mad at myself, not the nonas who point it out. I also feel like a lot of us are super combative and protective of this space because we are actually inundated with moids and trannies and all forms of male violence (even online they manage, because male behaviour) that we point fingers too quick.
they have kind of ruined every last space we have? historically and now, in the BIG WONDERFUL FUTURE, THE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS we still get shoved into these weird fucking ghettos and men in dresses still keep barging in and telling us to get out. I'm fucking so so so fucking sick of them.

No. 1690269

I'm getting really tired of all the infighting. Everyone dogpiled on some random nonnie just because she said she didn't want her husband to die? And they just won't fucking let it go and will not stop dragging it out, and every time you report anything farmhands just don't give a shit.

No. 1690278

Allow me to add more of my unsolicited $2 therapist take on this. I think that a lot of what you're feeling is more of a reflection of your own fears and insecurities about yourself that you're projecting onto him. A guy around just for the sex would soon drop his mask under emotional/mental duress (that isn't an invitation to test him further, mind you) and not even bother making you his world. From what I can see, he's treating you how you're supposed to be treated and we accept the love we think we deserve; clearly you feel unworthy of that love, so you get scared and reject it, desperately trying to stay one step ahead of him and avoid any of the nasty imagined surprises you keep coming up with. If you want to preserve the health of your relationship I do think that maybe you should focus on some sort of therapy and get yourself straight and healthy mentally so that you can love and appreciate yourself more and in turn, know that you are worthy of love and appreciation from others. It's not easy to come by these days. If you can do that, it becomes easier to know what you should and shouldn't accept from a partner. The way I see it, your current partner's behavior is a good standard to measure others against, as a baseline.

No. 1690279

I swear it's either a couple of seething troons or some twitterfags mad, it will pass.
any oldfags willing to put their hand up for farmhand? I'm ancient but I don't think I could hack the duties. their job might be easier (again) if it wasn't for moids. I'd say troons and moids but they're same but different flavours. if anything I'd argue the garden variety moid or incel is nowhere near as dangerous as an AGP, who has the societal BIG NOD to let him get his ~barbie bulge~ out in public.
also fuck you to the nona in the MTF thread when I posted new kikomi when it dropped, 1. I'm not her (I wish I had the idea first) 2. reeee everyone is handmaiden then someone does something and you're like "played out, cringe". like the women here need to stop acting and pandering to faggots and all the faggots need to go back to LSA. men steal EVERYTHING

No. 1690285

guess you missed all the "you must all be 19 year old lesbian vape addicts who are also on SSRI's if you aren't a handmaiden like me" replies? that anon was totally baiting people into arguing with her, can't blame anons for responding kek

i'll let it go now

No. 1690288

This sounds really stupid, but I really would recommend meditation. It helped me when I had the same problems. If you're like me, start out small with little three minute sessions and build your way up. There's a bunch of guided ones on YouTube.

No. 1690289

what thread? everyone is infighting heaps but like, they don't know enough to blame their starsign like everyone else does. or the moon.

No. 1690295

If you genuinely think it was bait then why are you still bothered by it. The original post she made did not look like bait, it seems like nonnies were purposefully misinterpreting what she was stating

No. 1690296

File: 1694105589548.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1080, 1753B84D-3CC4-4794-8182-8BF2F6…)

Had a dream I was in high school again and got raped by some ugly fat moid gym teacher that looked like he came out of a doujin I wanted to kill myself so badly when I woke up

No. 1690301

keeping every part of this damn house clean except for my room and myself. i don't know what's up

No. 1690311

you okay nona?

No. 1690330

the dumbass shit thread, i don't even know why she posted it in there instead of /g/ where it most likely wouldn't have started a fight
i don't think it started off as bait either maybe a little with the whole "autists are incapable of love" shit,not until people told her how retarded she sounded for saying she'd take a bullet for her moid when she doesn't even know if he'd do the same. she kept dragging it out herself too so i don't know why multiple nonnies (unless it's someone samefagging in multiple threads) are rushing to defend her when she's just as bad

No. 1690336

Please go to a different doctor or even the ER, that is insane.

No. 1690353

i halfway know this hot tif who works on a farm and has horse riding as a hobby so she's always toned and it's hot to me. i remember once i almost fell doing something stupid and she caught me with her muscular body and just kind of held me until i felt okay. and her voice is husky too. i feel insane around her

anyway she's a tif and she's also a straight tif (gay trans man tehe). it drives me nuts. normally het tifs just resemble regular straight women or they have that…"adult child" look going on. she's like the first one i've seen that's just a stupidly hot butch. why can't she be white and doughy i hate this and it makes NO sense

No. 1690355

is 132 pounds at 5'3 fat? or just chubby? honest answers please. i recovered from an eating disorder and i'm very unhappy with my body… i am open to trying to lose weight healthily but i don't know if thats a slippery slope. but i don't want to be fat either. i'm also on antipsychotics and birth control which i went off during my ED.

No. 1690360

132 lbs at 5’2” is about 5 lbs away from being overweight so being honest yes it does look kind of fat. It’s ok nonique you can shed the pounds in a healthy manner

No. 1690361

Honestly you're fine anon. Stop caring about whether you look 'chubby' or not. If you really care you should look out for your health. Go exercise and start eating some balanced meals. Being close to or borderline overweight doesn't mean as much as you'd think because weight is only one measure of health and it boils down to lifestyle and life choices.

No. 1690417

That's a normal weight.

No. 1690437

File: 1694111593693.jpg (28.53 KB, 563x541, 6febff718ad1d0f293d0579de8ff9b…)

I've been feeling really stressed from work, I am PMSign, feeling generally uncertain and stressed from one life plan that I put all my will and purpose in might not work out after all culminating in me starting to cry at the store when a lady much older than me answered the phone with "hi mom". I want to cease. No weed either. So it's bottoms up I guess.

No. 1690448

File: 1694111929208.jpeg (16.08 KB, 392x350, _ (3).jpeg)

>Need money
>Get commission
>It's some shizoid furry fetish shit
I honestly don't know if I want to do it or not. The pay is equal to one days work at my regular job, but to be honest I'd rather work one more day than draw that shit. I know I sound like an ungrateful lazy pos but I can barely find the motivation and time to create the art I want to make, and forcing myself to draw weird furry fetish stuff really isn't something I want to do.

No. 1690453

I realised I can't live in comfort and safety unless I have a man to protect me and I've been obsessed with trying to find a man to act as my guard dog since. I'm not that old but I'm scared that I won't ever have the protection of a man. I already gave up trying to date women since I dropped out and I'm back at my average village in a third world country. I know this goes against all my feminist beliefs and all and I do wish I didn't feel this way at all but the older I get the clearer it is to me that I'll be in danger wherever I live and work as long as there's no man to scare other men off. My attempts are all failing too, and it's not like I'm a pretty woman with choices. I don't want to become a trad wife. But is it the only fate for me in this shithole country? I'm scared of men and I'm even more terrified that I need one to live peacefully.

No. 1690465

Anon please go to the ER. Pooping blood is not normal and I'm shocked your doctor isn't concerned about it. Get a new doctor too while you're at it

No. 1690473

Refund the commission and next time you open commissions have a list of what you're willing and not willing to draw

No. 1690491

File: 1694113644229.jpg (33.6 KB, 640x480, monster-under-the-bed-main.jpg)

Be a cleaning lady in some rich as fuck country and apply for a working visa, learn the language and then try to stay long enough to qualify for citizenship. I've cleaned near every toilet in my city and put up with spoiled retards for years, now I have decent money saved up, a degree, a strong passport and zero fucks to give. Came here with nothing but a hs diploma from a third world shithole.

And if you say that's beneath you as if paying your bills and having an honest job is worse than living under the thumb of a testosterone-poisoned imbecile, I will come to your house and suck on your toes every night while you sleep, maybe tickle them a little. Sweet dreams nonny.

No. 1690502

A gun and a dog will be more faithful and willing to protect you than the modern moid nona. They won't expect sex in return either.

No. 1690505

I'm sorry nona, that's really hard. Maybe you can go visit her final resting place one day, she won't hear you but it will probably help if you speak to her a little.

No. 1690515

File: 1694115343209.png (1.93 MB, 1612x904, blanket.png)

ever since i was a child whenever someone is alone in a room and it gets too quiet i immediately assume they committed suicide or if they go outside for too long i also keep thinking they died somehow. i can't shake off the thoughts and it gets especially bad at night. i've missed sleep many nights irrationally thinking everyone died since primary school. to this day the night terrors haven't stopped. the dread i feel is indescribable and it feels so real, i keep reeling over dots i connect in my head confirming my fears. even if someone is asleep in the same room as me at night i still feel like they're dead and i can never muster up the courage to check because i don't want to face a dead person again even if i try to stare at their torso to make sure that they're still breathing i somehow convince myself that i'm hallucinating the movement i remember when i was younger i cried and pounded at the door while my dad went to the bathroom after an argument with my mom because i thought he was going to hang himself. i can't even pinpoint when this started, i was already like this before i even saw any dead body. i'm so anxious all the time because it takes up a big part of my thoughts. really doesn't help that i do have extremely suicidal family members who i know have attempted before, and that i have been right before. from school to university, out with friends, anywhere i am the thought haunts my conscious incessantly

No. 1690523

…..So who's gonna protect you from your chosen moid?

No. 1690541

this sounds like a kind of obsessive thinking and OCD nonna, i hope you can find a therapist who can help you since this developed related to trauma. you have to develop the skill and habit of noticing you are having an obsessive thought, and then note and accept it and move on to do what you wanted to before. it's scary not knowing especially if someone died, but you either will or won't see them move again. i hope i didn't make you worry more with poor wording, like i said please see if you can find a therapist.

No. 1690542

I don't have it that bad, but if someone doesn't pick up the phone i tend to assume that a terrible accident has happened or that someone got attacked and possibly killed or kidnapped. If a person makes me worry too much it makes me drift away. Guess i just don't want to feel helpless or responsible.

No. 1690561

I can't help but feel pissed off at my ESL friends sometimes because they phrase things in unintentionally rude ways. But then they brag and shit on monolinguals even though they suck at multiple languages? They're recently using tiktok slang wrong and it's absolutely driving me up the wall

No. 1690584

anon, your words were assuring to me if anything. i can't afford a therapist right now but when i do i'll think of bringing this up. it really messes with my head when i know i'm having those thoughts but the people dying is just so plausible in my situation isolated from the paranoia even after i come down from the looping thoughts, it feels so real and being aware of what's happening is such an exhausting chore but i'm working on it. thank you anon for being kind
me too, i don't even want to type what scares me to not manifest it into reality but i lived with old people and i always get scared pale something's happened to them when they don't pick up the phone quick enough or at all. the feeling of helplessness is the worst, i even start thinking about how to deal with the dead already beyond all assumption and it freaks me out because i'm really not prepared at all and even if i was there's little i can actually do from a distance.

No. 1690618

There's this guy at my work I really like, but I'm too socially awkward to show it. He's an extremely open, chatty and funny person, a typical Leo if you believe in that stuff kek. The thing is, he can talk a lot with everyone except for me. Even when someone says some dumb shit to him, he always picks up and they start to have an exchange that always lasts at least a minute, it's always more than just two sentences etc. But with me, it's just basically a few words exchange and then there's silence. It's always awkward. He's also not as humorous as with others, and he almost doesn't talk. Others talk to me normally. There's no difference between how others talk between each other and how they talk to me. Only this one guy talks to me differenly than he talks to others. From others I know he has a pretty good opinion about me, but maybe he just doesn't like me personally, and that good opinion is just about my work ethicts or something related? People tell me I'm farily attractive so I don't think it's because I'm ugly and he just can't bear to look at me. Also when there's me, him and somebody else, he looks at that person he talks to, but when he talks to me, he basically doesn't look at me. Maybe gives me one glance for a second and then he stares in a different direction all the time, even though he still talks to me. What's wrong with me? Can somebody explain this?

No. 1690622

He either
>Likes you back and gets nervous around you
>Senses you have a crush on him and doesn’t want to lead you on
>Doesn’t know how /you/ feel about him and isn’t sure how to navigate your awkwardness

No. 1690628

Reading this pissed me off so bad, fuck that guy. If you haven't been weird and uncomfortable with him there's really no reason for him to act like such a cunt. If you actually are fairly good looking he's probably intimidated by you, but if there are women who are similarly attractive working with you guys then he's just a loser. IN MY OPINION!

No. 1690633

Ok I get it but isn't just not looking at somebody when you talk to them rude? I know some people struggle with looking at others, I struggle with it too, but I learned to give some eye contact here and there during a conversation, and at first I thought that maybe he has a problem with eye contact in general, but I observed him for a while and as a said, when he talks to somebody he looks at that person, but when he talks to be he basically doesn't look at me even though I look at him. I get that he might not want to lead me on in the way he talks to me, but isn't giving someone some minimum eye contact during a conversation just a sign of respect? I wouldn't even think that simply looking at the person who talks to you may "lead them on"

No. 1690636

The whole thing started because she misinterpreted some video readytoglare made, (just straight up started making up things that weren't said) got made fun of for it in /snow/ and came running to the dumbass shit thread to try to get other anons to agree with her. Ironic that she mentioned autists when she took an idiom literally.

No. 1690639

Yes it is rude but some men just have no manners. They do have autism and the audacity. Either he likes you and is too nervous around you, or he has a gf so he's trying to avoid you out of respect to her in case he gets a crush and gets tempted to cheat emotionally. My money is on the latter since he'd probably be sperging out in other ways if it was the former.

No. 1690641

Forgot to add, I had three coworkers on my team who were like this. One pretended I wasn't there and just didn't acknowledge anything I say, the second is just a weirdo in general, and the third had a crush but was scared of getting sued or something. First two were married and I actively hated them for being rude cunts kek but they seemed to like me well enough.

No. 1690643

He doesn't try to avoid me totally because he invites me and two other coworkers for day trips, like going to museums and stuff. Sure it's a group of 4 people and it's not like we have a chance to be alone for a long time, but if he tried to avoid me I think he wouldn't even invite me? I get mixed info from others on whether he has a gf or not, and I feel too awkward to ask him directly

No. 1690647

Idk, if he left only you out that would be quite rude and kinda sus, I get why he'd invite you, people would ask questions otherwise. From your description I get the vibe that he's trying to keep it professional.

No. 1690649

does he have that issue with other women? as in, do you have female colleagues and does he treat them normally? he might just be the kind of man that hates talking to women, esp. if he's a zoomer, they seem to be more common these days.

No. 1690650

There's 11 people in our departament, and he invited 3, me included

No. 1690653

Nope, he's his usual self with other women, both older and younger than him. I feel like I'm the only problem. He's 32 btw, I'm a few years younger than him

No. 1690657

If someone has died in one's home, the last thing one can do for them is covering all the mirrors with sheets so that their spirit wouldn't get lost and opening all the windows in the house. It might be just an old, silly ritual, but it somehow feels right to do so.

No. 1690658

It sounds like maybe he doesn’t have a girlfriend and can’t use it s an excuse but still doesn’t want to get involved with OP because of work. He may like you and know that opening up to you will make it harder to say no or he doesn’t want to become friends and end up having to reject nonna later on. If he goes really hot and cold he might be crushing but if he’s completely closed off he might know she likes him and it’s awkward.

No. 1690662

that honestly sounds like a nice thing to do.

No. 1690694

Something bad happened at my neighbors house, I’m not really sure what but there’s been a police ambulance and a bunch of other cop cars there for over three hours, and they wrapped police tape on a side of the house. I hate how snoopish my parents are but tbh I want to know what the deal is with this

No. 1690716

File: 1694129393445.png (37.34 KB, 742x360, m0km.png)

Not really sure how men expect women not to become muh scary femcel blackpill misandrist kill all men doomer zoomer peepeepoomer when they propagate shit like this. Either it's one of many negging bullshit posts to keep women on their toes (the OP seems like a pickme), or it's true, likely because men are brainrotted from porn and other media (or there's just something in their ape brains that makes them permanently dissatisfied with any woman). Maybe all OSA women really do have to be delusional to ever be with a man, and I should just be glad I was born at a time where all the stupidity is being peeled back and there's less gaslighting. I don't know anymore.

No. 1690723

You're right and that's still the tamest shit they'll post- about how they lie about loving you. Then the worst shit they'll post is rape fantasies. Really no winning with moids. Hope they all die.

No. 1690728

Probably because it wasn’t being used as an idiom in a video about being doxxed and having your privacy/safety stripped, but whatever

No. 1690750

There's one bathroom in my house that is so rundown and dilapidated compared to other rooms in my house, it's starting to disgust me and stress me out a bit. It needs a renovation not just cleaning but I can't do anything about it because my parents control all renovations and don't want to.

No. 1690752

My dad is so utterly retarded.
>cats playing in the kitchen make everything fall on the ground
>I pick shit up
>see my dad in the kitchen entrance looking like some lost child
>"you gonna stay there looking or what?"
>"your mom sent me to see what was that noise" he answers retardely
>doesn't try to help me pick all the pans on the ground nor anything
>literally doesn't move
>"if you gonna stay there like a retard then I ain't picking shit either"
>leave everything on the ground expecting he will take the hint and help me
>he goes back to his room angry I got some tone?????
I swear all men are like this, they can't do shit without being asked nicely. And the other day he got angry cus I didn't stop everything I was doing to help him immediately with the groceries

No. 1690755

are you me? i tried to change my gasket thinking it would help my toilet, but it just keeps leaking because it was installed incorrectly. It's the one room that is like this too. I hope we both get what we want.

No. 1690763

Wow, children like you are the reason why post birth abortions should be a thing.

No. 1690764

KEK men are npcs

No. 1690765

Shit bait, dad.

No. 1690778

I'm an only child so I know all of my parents valuables are being left for me to inherit. I don't really care for much of it, but I guess I could sell that shit off or keep some for sentimental value (some expensive watches and jewelry). My cousin, who's been living with us to go to university here, said my dad told him he'd be getting a few things too. None of the jewelry or watches mean much to me, but I'm mad at the thought of it anyway because my cousin is fucking useless around the house and I know my extended relatives wouldn't even think of extending me the same thing. His family is well off enough in their home country, but even though my family is doing them a "favor" by helping him come over to study and providing a place for him to stay, etc, I know they would never offer me anything. It's just the principle of it, yknow? I have always thought that my dad is too generous to my extended relatives, because we live in the U.S. and they live back in southeast asia, so they're "poorer" than us. Never mind that they live in luxury apartments/literal mansions. We live in the "rich" country, so we're "rich" and therefore we should continue to buy things for them and send them home. And what do we buy for them? Gum and chocolates and luxury bags. "Nona! It's so much more expensive there because of the currency exchange!" Ok? And? It's not like not owning an LV bag is going to make or break their lives. I'd have significantly more sympathy and understanding if they were actually in need, but no, they just literally want luxury goods lol. We could become homeless and I know they wouldn't do shit for us.

I don't want any of them to be given a single thing just out of pure spite. They have never done anything for my family except take, take, take. I spit on all of them.

No. 1690787

I wasn't involved in this infight and have no clue what everyone is talking about but
>also fuck you to the nona in the MTF thread when I posted new kikomi when it dropped, 1. I'm not her
Kek, I was going to post a kikomi drawing once but decided not too because I thought I'd get accused of being her, same with a Sillypoo youtube vid

No. 1690789

I'm confused. Anons don't like the person who made Kikomi?

No. 1690794

No I think they do, I haven't been keeping up with many snow threads but I'm pretty sure she's still liked, it's just whenever someone posts something from a somewhat obscure artist or creator there's tinfoils about that anon actually being the creator trying to promote their work here

No. 1690805

>arguing with a transbian troon online on twitter
>look up his username on google
>find out their ancient 10 years old gamesfaq account by the same handle
>one of the games they own is some VN called "Imouto Rape"
Words cannot describe how much these people disgust me. And they want to share bathrooms with us? FUCK OFF.

No. 1690837

I want to say that "my ex doesn't deserve me" and that "I was too good for him" like I always say to my friends who are going through a rough breakup with a shitty ex. But I realize I don't have enough self-esteem for that. I just feel so unwanted and unlovable.

No. 1690882

I appreciate the sentiment and I know not everyone thinks hooded eyes are ugly but despite knowing that I still can't stop myself from thinking they bring down my appearance and setting off my bdd

No. 1690890

just broke up with a guy that I know wasn't good for me. still hurts though.

No. 1690905

File: 1694144346987.png (703.59 KB, 1400x840, 1648727523143.png)

found out my bf's ex is a decently successful model in korea and not only is she very pretty she's also almost my complete opposite in terms of looks and looks the way i sometimes wish i did. the only upside is that she is a (diagnosed) bippie so hopefully the thought of bf dating a much uglier girl after her would make her seethe like boiling milk.

No. 1690908

She's going to have her eyes on your socials for the next 35 Yeats

No. 1690920

i hope i get this job so bad nonas. i could move out, get my life started fr, have some baseline of connection with the normalshits i know (complaining about work). i'm just tired of being broke and stuck at home still can i get lucky this once please

No. 1690937

My English isn't very good and today a girl in my class made fun of the way I talk. I wish I wasn't so sensitive about these things.

No. 1690956

It's okay, nonna. Don't take it to heart. It says more about her that she would make fun of you about your second language. Console yourself with the fact that she's a miserable wretch, guaranteed.

No. 1690957

Fingers crossed for you nonna. You’ve got this!!

No. 1690974

damn everything is so “ twansphobic “ I can’t even be enjoying a simple jersey shore documentary without some bitch idiot with a fuck ass bob, cues to some footage of The Situation all because that dick douche moid didn’t want to make out with a troon, regardless if you speak up as a woman you’ll get nerfed 97 years later. Also if my sister in law is reading this, get the fuck out of your retard non-bianary polycule “ lol I’m such a 3rd!!! “ and go back to being the based lesbian you are. Y is always defective

No. 1690978

I feel like I'm actually the crazy girlfriend and everytime I get so far feeling good about myself I say something stupid and prove that I am. I wish all my sexual/physical and mental abuse from the first guy didn't ruin it for me. I know I have to change what I'm doing but it would be a hell of a lot easier if that shit didn't happen and now when I actually feel terrible I feel EXTRA terrible and recede like a child. Jokes on me, thinking I was out of that terrible relationship only to realize I'm still attached to it but only in negative ways. I often think about that if I was American I would have just shot myself in the head by now.

No. 1690998

I took valecordin root or whatever its called to help "calm" me but I'm just up and getting mad as hell about random events from years ago. The amount of shitty people who have disrespected me at random is insane. Maybe it's a common thing. I don't know. My brain loves to remind me, though. Feels bad.

No. 1691007

File: 1694158035017.jpg (36.48 KB, 941x502, F4Ihc1pa4AAYFnC.jpg)

my left earbud broke completely now everything i listen to sounds like SHIT AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

No. 1691019

Men are fucking stupid, dirty, lazy, and useless. They ruin everything they touch. I wish I lived in an all female utopia.

No. 1691023

I hate when workplaces specifically say you can't wear long skirts unless you're religious. As if there's no other reason you could be more comfortable in "modest" dress. Clearly you're showing that it doesn't affect the job whatsoever, why do you fucking care? If anything, not wearing a head covering (not just Muslim, I think others have their own as well) is less out of ordinary dress code soooo??? I'm glad religious women get to be comfortable, but it's fucking stupid. Literally at my last job they said only LEGGINGS or slacks. How are athletics leggings more appropriate than a skirt?

No. 1691037

man i haven't spoken to my ex since the end of may but seeing him flirt with another chick even though he does it jokingly (they see each other as siblings) and it's making me feel weird. this chick is a cutie, a good friend and i wish i were her so i don't know if it's jealousy of his attention somewhere else or jealousy of her because i've always wanted to be weird like her and be loved by all but i can only have one and that's the former

No. 1691040

hell i don't even know if it's ironic flirting at this point. even though she's going on dates with a guy she's head over heels with IRL and all he's clearly attracted to her, even propose she move to our country. is always open to the idea of her visiting. i think it's a bit of both that i'm jealous of… i just think it's strange too, guy said he'd never date again but i'm glad the moid has found happiness and is more open to female interaction since when we first started dating he was… very scared of women. tldr he isn't my boyfriend anymore and i need to grow up

No. 1691055

What kind of place would have such a rule? I could imagine the opposite (short skirts / pants banned) but the other way around seems so inoffensive

No. 1691058

whaaat is that a thing ? i could understand a dress code banning micro-skirts but long skirts ? i'd invent myself a religion to wear wtf i want, that's pretty weird.

No. 1691078

This was literally deleted in two days. Lolcow is so cucked. You can't post any kind of fuckery without the fuckers in question finding out, freaking out and deleting or locking their shit.

No. 1691087

One of my friend stayed at my appartement for 2 weeks while i was on vacation and she cleaned it but she also moved around a lot of my stuff and it upsets me so much ! She broke my favortie lamp when she fall on wet floor (i got it second hand so i can't even remplace it), she spoiled my suger because she put it in a shitty jar. She puts my art supplies in random spot and i couldn't find them for days, she bought plastic but i'm most plastic free and i told her. I'm greatful because she cleaned and watered my plants but i feels like it's disrespectful and just shows she think my place is nasty.

No. 1691101

that's even a thing? just awful. you just know this rule is specifically in place so the worker moids get some "eye candy".

No. 1691102

She moved your stuff around and put some things in a different place, which doesn't mean she thinks you're nasty. It just sounds like she didn't remember where a lot of the stuff went after she probably removed it before cleaning, and did what she does at home. What a nothingburger of an issue to get upset about.

No. 1691103

Omg nona, I recently did this with someone’s house that I was watching. I cleaned and everything but i tend to micro organize shit when I am anxious and/or don’t know what to do with myself. Like for example I organize the canned food and turn all the labels facing the same way. But I did move some things for whatever reason, probably thinking it would be helpful (like all of the cleaning supplies into one spot etc). However just before the people (who I do know very well) came back i suddenly panicked and wanted to out everything back how it originally was. Of course it was too late and some thing as you, they had to look for a few things I had moved to different spots. I felt so embarrassed, I told them like immediately when they got home because I was nearly having an anxiety attack knowing I had rearranged things that weren’t mine. I felt and still feel so bad and embarrassed. I can’t even remember what I was thinking at the time (I know I thought I was helping) but I felt extremely bad for overstepping. Now I feel a little worse after reading your post. I’m so sorry about your things being moved about. The broken lamp does suck though. Maybe your friend just got sucked into being at your place for a bit and started to feel a little like it was her own…? If that makes sense, and not that she thought your place was gross or anything. At least that’s what I think happened on my end. Gosh it’s been nearly two weeks and I am still too embarrassed to show my face at their house when I used to go there daily.

No. 1691105

Same anon but it’s a vent thread, she can be upset if she wants. She not acting like the end of the world, just voicing something that’s bugging her as is the intended purpose of this thread.

No. 1691107

I would have hate it, I get why you're upset.

No. 1691126

Some of you need to remember that this is a VENT thread. Not an advice thread or a "am i in the wrong?" thread. No one needs your input.

No. 1691139

lmao you may be my friend tbh
Thank you, that actually makes me feel better to know she was just probably bored and didn't mean any harm

No. 1691144

This needs be posted on repeated tee bee honest.

No. 1691147

God, I am so tired and embarrassed by my spelling. Back to work.

No. 1691152

File: 1694178117534.jpeg (73.74 KB, 1078x787, IMG_1056.jpeg)

i NEED to get railed this evening

No. 1691167

>moving to alaska
>deciding what to pack and what to toss
>check wikipedia page on weather in alaska
>average ultraviolet index is ZERO FOR FOUR MONTHS
>nice, don't have to buy expensive korean sunscreen anymore
>how many SAD lamps can i buy

No. 1691168

My neighbours are so shitty they’re literally always making so much noise, which is audible despite being a few houses away from me. I feel so sorry for the people directly next to them. Blasting their shitty trashy rap music and having every conversation via shouting, their dog barks incessantly and their kids are always running around screaming too. I literally hate them, inconsiderate wastes of space. None of them work (of fucking course), the bloke is always out with his shirt off showing off his disgusting beer gut, it makes me feel sick. He also sounds like a british chris chan in how he speaks kek. They have bbqs all the time and their food smells fucking rank, I can only assume they’re bbq-ing actual faeces. I’ve even complained about them to the council but ofc nothing changes, they’re pure and utter scum and I wish they’d fuck off somewhere else.

No. 1691171

I had a fight with my dad and called his great grandkids ugly. I know it's a low blow but honestly idgaf.

No. 1691175

I’ve been on the highest dose of Prozac for like a decade so under doctor recommendation and supervision I tapered off it by the start of the summer. I lasted three months then it all went to shit again and now I’m starting back on it. I’m fucking pissed at myself for even trying: I guess I’ll just be stuck on this shit forever unable to cry or cum. FUCK.

No. 1691179

All you have to fucking say is that sucks hope you feel better soon, not treat me like I'm schizo or ott for daring to mention I'm not feeling well. Stop questioning me like I'm lying with your weird tone and just give me some fucking comfort you actual frankenstein

No. 1691186

i just had a job interview and i have no idea how it went but i think bad, i feel very embarrassed.

No. 1691225

if its any consolation, i felt like that after my interviews for my previous job and my current job. it might not have been as bad as you think!

No. 1691242

I’ve been at my new job for less than two months and the stress and general workplace environment got me so bad I think it gave me an ulcer. How the fuck am I supposed to be a part of society and take care of myself when my body wants to burn me up from the inside the second I can’t handle a high stress position. I wish I could be an eccentric lady living in the woods with all my needs provided for and to spend my days wandering the hills and painting.

No. 1691257

I hate the way young adults who are or have worked in “the service industry” dismiss everything people are upset about or assume they’re assholes and don’t know how to empathize with workers. It’s so fucking insufferable stop mentioning how you used to work the cash register and got screamed at once. Bitch nearly every fucking person on the planet worked that type of job before you are not special or oppressed or a trained empath shut upppp

No. 1691275

thanks nona, i hope you're right. the interviewers were very nice, but i felt like i rambled a lot and didn't come across as professional as i should have. here's to hoping!

No. 1691300

Even if it's better for her, I feel bad about lying to my demented great-grandmother.

No. 1691335

I saw a couple smoking weed before getting on the bus with me and the man came up to ask me something but I didn't realize he was talking to me since I was facing away and he said "fuck you bitch" before going to ask the driver directions (which I couldn't have helped with anyway). When he came back I'm pretty sure he and his girlfriend were shit talking me. I wouldn't want a boyfriend who 1. talks to women like that and 2. wears a Rick and Morty shirt. I feel like I've been kicked when I'm already down since I'm ill and depressed.

No. 1691336

Things like that have happened to me before, too. It sucks. Those people were rude, anyway, fuck them nona.

No. 1691343

i have my fingers crossed for you!

No. 1691352

if he's wearing rick and morty merch he's likely just an asshole to everyone, just so happened to be you today. sorry that happened anon but fuck that guy, i hope you feel better soon

No. 1691360

File: 1694194124067.png (485.83 KB, 424x608, depressed pikachu.png)

Started studying fullstack web development two weeks ago, and I'm starting to panic. People are already starting to form groups and I don't fit in with any of them even if I can chit-chat with most of them (the only girl I clicked with seem to have dropped out), and some people are already building complex codes and websites while I'm still struggling to wrap my head around all the different functions of flexbox and how to use it, and today we were also introduced to grid which I'm having a really hard time with. I'm not going to quit and trying to give myself more of a chance, but fuck do I feel like a bloody idiot.

No. 1691364

when is the trans shit going to end? i'm genuinely so tired at this point. i feel like i've transcended simple concern and pity to actual hatred and disgust which makes me feel terrible but i cannot help it. i just want to grab one of my "transmasc" friends or the hsts i know what a man/woman is

No. 1691370

i mean honest to god if it just ended at their pronouns i would be okay with that. but to even believe in gender it seems you must also alter your world view to a point where things like "wakashu" are not evidence of pedophilia but beautiful proof of how """"poc"""" cultures had no strict gender roles and were totally accepting of fluid identities or whatever before the White Man came and told them what a man and a woman was. oh and you can't ask them to identify a woman's place back then (or question them if women were also allowed to have fluid genders or w/e) without being seen as an ebil terf and subsequently grey-rocked/frozen out of discussion.

absolutely exhausted i hope every weird pronoun user kills themselves. i just dgaf anymore you are all so retarded it pisses me off irl

No. 1691377

I feel like my best friend is not the same person as she was before. I don’t love her like I usually did because she changed so much. She’s so bitter all the time, always searching for a reason to talk bad about people and answering me with the same sentences every time.
I deeply care about her well being but I realised I don’t like her anymore.

No. 1691378

same kek i know i sounded nerdy and helpless. also i'm 23 and have never held down a job before lolol that makes me feel like a walking red flag

No. 1691384

I'm in a similar situation with a friend as well, nona. It's an odd combination of still loving them but also not caring about them anymore at the same time, it feels so weird. I used to be so worried about her possibly moving in with her long-distance boyfriend (he lives in a different country), but now I can almost not wait for her to do it.

No. 1691387

Signed up for an online class recently as a first step in trying to better myself and get a job that pays more but just looked up the textbooks I need to buy and I'm annoyed KEK

Being forced to buy overpriced books you only need for a couple months and will likely never use again is such a scam. Same with the 1389274 editions of the same damn book coming out with slight alterations. Hope I can find the ones I need for cheap used or illegal downloads somewhere

No. 1691388

Something I don't understand when people bring up "wakashu" and things like greek male adult and boy sexual relationships is… Why don't they question why these societies never allowed for girls to transition into boys? If this is really not for the purpose of sexual access to boys, then shouldn't girls back then also been allowed to 'become' boys? But there are almost no cases like that. There's only cases of boys dressing as girls, and the like. Why don't they see that this is a weird hybrid of misogyny and pedophilia?

No. 1691391

Nonna, check out libgen. is (remove the space), for free book downloads.

No. 1691393

Thanks nonas. They were smoking at 9:30 in the morning too. If you want to do a wake and bake I don't know why it has to be in public. I could smell them from where I was sitting.

No. 1691394

File: 1694196375734.png (146.61 KB, 512x512, He scream.png)

I'm crocheting in a continious round and I took the stitch marker out of my current round (by accident) so now I can't tell where the first stitch is. And I can't really frog because I made a lot of joins to add new colors.

No. 1691402

I've always had a low self esteem, but after getting dumped a month ago from my happy relationship, my self esteem went from low to non existent. I'm trying my best to go no contact, but it's not changing the fact I feel like the ugliest, most repulsive person in the world. I constantly feel like everybody is staring at and judging my appearance and even before getting dumped I felt that way, but now it's ten times worse.

No. 1691406

banned testing

No. 1691408

File: 1694198180248.jpeg (78.13 KB, 930x558, 4D4109D3-E2A9-4ED4-91FB-831864…)

Wondering how much of my retardation is inborn and how much is from the trauma that was my childhood. I used to think it was more from the abuse but my siblings grew up the same as me aside from being molested and they all turned, well maybe not well adjusted but at least more functioning and capable than me, kind of makes me believe maybe I was always just naturally retarded, the abuse probably just exacerbated that. I just want to be normal. It’s awful and embarrassing being second eldest but still living at home because I’m too incompetent to leave. I honestly feel like I would just end up homeless, since I don’t have a good relationship with my family and would absolutely not come back once I leave. I feel like I don’t even know how to be a human, no one taught me. I want to vanish.

No. 1691410

I really can’t believe my childhood best friend trooned out.

No. 1691428

Dropped out of my semester, officially. I want thinking about working at Costco since it's the only thing available. They have a decent pay, with benefits that can help me. Any anons work @ Costco? Specifically in Canada, but any other place works.
Fuck Uni and the cost though

No. 1691520

One of my friend’s online friends is so tone deaf I don’t know what to say. She is always bragging about her family being worth almost billions and shits on people for being poor. Says communists are worse than nazis and calls anyone sensitive when they complain about tone deaf rich people like herself. She has absolutely no understanding of history either and always embarrasses herself. At least it made me realize how out of touch these people truly are. The final straw was a few days ago when she said she is more oppressed than lower class black people in the states just because she moved to eastern Europe willingly. When conflicts broke out there she was able to get out in a day and move into a luxury rental worth millions. I never thought rich people were so bad until I met her

No. 1691524

File: 1694205936337.gif (4.39 MB, 640x532, IMG_7790.gif)

I'm highly attracted to shorter wimpy bisexual men with sociopathic tendencies and obvious issues
I don't want to be. It's not good for me

No. 1691530

Good fucking luck getting in boba, that’s the highest possible paying grocery store job so it’s very competitive.

No. 1691532

I am ruining my life by not doing anything. I don't know why I'm like this. I can barely shower or brush my teeth.

No. 1691535

A guy at the grocery store trooned out, and while he actually does try to make his appearance look nice he does the weird high pitch voice thing that immediately clocks him. It’s like all they only have one voice, just like ftms with their frog noises

No. 1691549

You’re depressed, anon, you need help.

No. 1691552

Wrong thread. And yes you should be embarrassed because that is fucking disgusting.

No. 1691560

I know. Set me straight please before one gives me syphilis

No. 1691561

Nothing has helped. Zoloft, therapy, moving, hobbies.

No. 1691562

Stupid ass friend came over only to complain about the heat, sit on her phone all day and not even talk to me, now she's upset with me for telling her maybe she should go after 7-8 hours. We were barely talking to begin with, she was only texting random other people and now she's sending passive aggressive texts to me. Am I being unreasonable or what? I did what I could to cool down my place, she plopped on the couch and stopped talking to me.

No. 1691571

so, i've been cosplaying for a while, and while i understand its an expensive hobby (granted, it seriously doesn't have to be if you're super resourceful) i'm so sick and tired of finding out my friends are like, either super rich themselves or have super rich parents. i feel like i cannot relate to people at all, the ones who are buying a bunch of alcohol, fancy dinners, and dealers room shit at every con, while i'm here budgeting exactly how much i can spend. most of the reason im even on this site is to complain about rich people who don't contribute to society in even the most basic ways. I don't care about being labeled a jealous hater when my family struggles to pay rent. I also don't think it's fair to say I should just give up my hobby because of it. I go to cons dirt cheap as long as I work the convention. I don't know. Like, indulging in expensive shit isn't really a requirement, is it?

No. 1691637

I hate my body my lower stomach pooch disgusts me and i want a flat stomach but it won’t go away no matter how much i exercise and the only time it looked marginally better is when i was starving which i obvs can’t do long term and it makes me want to reee and cry at the same time because i just want to look thin and graceful and not weird and lumpy and disproportionate i hate my hip dips for making me look fatter than i am even though i’m objectively a healthy weight and my hair is frizzy and always looks shit even though i take really good care of it and it doesn’t matter if i spend hours or minutes i just always look like shit and i’m so sick of it i just want to be pretty for once in my stupid life

No. 1691654

so close to actually moving out but the one place i can afford wants 3x the income… and it's not even a real studio it's 1 room and then 1 other room I have to use the hallway to access. why the fuck is this allowed. I've been solely on disability benefits for so long I am well aware of how to live on a small amount of money. I hate landlords so much it's unreal. I hate [my city] so much it's unreal.

No. 1691658

Pretty sure that's your uterus

No. 1691659

ntayrt, wait should i not be listening to those anti-fat acceptance people who say the whole "the stomach pooch is just your uterus" thing is a myth/lie?

No. 1691662

It isn't a myth/lie, it's the uterus that's why it's on skinny girls too

No. 1691669

It’s not the uterus, it’s just extra padding around the pelvic organs. It’s fat, but there’s a predisposition to store it there making it very difficult if not impossible for women to lose.

No. 1691673

Extra padding around the uterus

No. 1691675

That’s right.

No. 1691678

we don't realize the luck we have being from a first world country, having access to easy electricity, water and internet
it's easy to forget 60% of the world population doesn't have all of this

No. 1691682

The uterus is a small organ it shouldn’t be bulging out to physically change your appearance. The only time my stomach is flat is when I don’t eat all day and am laying around because I’m on my period or sick. If I eat or drink anything my stomach stops being flat and I’m underweight too so its not because of extra fat, it’s just an unrealistic standard.

No. 1691692

at least brush your teeth. if you are rich or whatever then fuck it i guess but otherwise dental is sooo expensive and you'll never really be able to fix it, plus toothaches and crap will only compound your sorrow. it only takes four minutes per day nona…maybe two if you don't want to brush when you wake up.

No. 1691703

I’ve been sick for the past few days and it really annoys me. Not even necessarily the discomfort of physical illness per se, but not being able to do things for other people, being locked in my home like a NEET shut-in, feeling like I’m a drain or a nuisance for others because I can’t be there and pull my weight like I usually do. Lying down in my bed makes me feel so lazy and sedentary. It feels like such a pointless waste of my time to be sick. I hate this.

No. 1691764

File: 1694221633658.jpeg (66.4 KB, 360x360, 37756FC3-F058-4DE0-AA99-FAC733…)

I slipped up and mentioned a serial killer around this moid who has ASPD and he asked me who the serial killer was and now he’s been obsessively researching him. Pray for me nonnas

No. 1691791

File: 1694223864009.gif (271.68 KB, 498x498, IMG_5496.gif)

just got home from an earthquake. never been in one before and i honestly felt like my life was about to end the feeling of helplessness is unlike any other the imminent death felt so real all i could do is honestly pray. people died. i'm honestly just mad at the people responsible for our infrastructure lives were taken because of their incompetence and it isn't fair. thankfully though i was in a safer zone than those i just mentioned. when i knew i was okay the first thing i did was text my friend if she was okay. it literally felt unreal i thought i was having the shakes until my door and dishes started slamming violently and i felt catatonic with fear until i heard my neighbors in my building leave en mass outside. seriously so scary. i can't even imagine what the people that died were thinking in their last moments and the fear they felt. i don't know if i can sleep. the news said the second waves of earthquakes are going to be imperceptible but i'm still too frightened to go to sleep. it wasn't the worst earthquake in the world but it was the worst one of my life and that's enough for me. my heart is still pounding so hard

No. 1691798

File: 1694224131093.png (244.46 KB, 921x1052, Screenshot_20230908_204330_Dis…)

once again, I fucking hate retarded people.

No. 1691799

File: 1694224294648.gif (58.33 KB, 255x264, 6da908a254196088933267d3c79cf4…)

Oh my god nonnie, I'm so glad you're okay. Those poor people.

No. 1691811

File: 1694224959199.gif (516.18 KB, 400x382, IMG_5591.gif)

thank you anon, let's see some better days

No. 1691827

Jesus I'm glad you're okay anon. Let us know if there are any relief efforts we should donate to if you're comfortable with that. I hope you have a decent stock of food available, I live in a earthquake prone zone and this is one of my biggest fears.

No. 1691838

File: 1694226137536.jpeg (944.73 KB, 1170x1173, IMG_4329.jpeg)

Could rally use a big thing of gatorade rn

No. 1691840

Anhedonia is ruining otherwise good days for me and I keep fucking it up

No. 1691843

my mom's worthless existence is only for sucking the dicks of predators

No. 1691856

Wtf I hope he leaves you alone and dies.

I’m sorry, I’m glad you’re ok. That sounds so terrifying.

Same, sometimes watching funny things can help in my experience, idk why

No. 1691872

On my period. I'm bloated as hell and feel/look like a fat cow. My tummy hurts. I am ready to fly into a homicidal-suicidal rage.

No. 1691916

I just noticed this in a different thread, a bunch of random ass posts got deleted for no reason. Is this gonna start to be a problem? I hate the new farmhands

No. 1691920

I'm pretty sure all those posts that got deleted were from that anon who kept infighting and talking about an "Ashley".

No. 1691921

Yes there is like a mass deletion of whatever posts the mods want I guess. Totally innocent posts too? Apparently it's by accident and anons are catching permabans that don't make sense. The moovie night thread was just deleted a little while ago, by accident, allegedly kek.

No. 1691922

Aww that's lame, I hate missing stuff cause some janny deleted it, reminds me of CC where they randomly delete posts even weeks later. I wish they would at least tell us why they deleted it

No. 1691923

It's not just the one spammer though, it's been a lot of anons who have had their posts deleted and been given bans without any explanation.

No. 1691925

I haven't had that problem with CC personally

No. 1691926

I know, I literally had one of my posts deleted. But I'm saying that in the Zoomer thread specifically I believe it was just that one anon.

No. 1691927

It was common with the bunker threads

No. 1691935

File: 1694231504108.jpeg (103.53 KB, 704x575, 9D27817A-4BA4-4542-B7AC-0A04D1…)

I thought maybe they had deleted bait but no, it was totally innocuous month old posts? What the fuck is going on? Farmhands stop being retarded challenge

No. 1691936

Ahh, okay I get you
Oh I wasn't there for those, I was heavily under the belief the site was infested with trannies at the time but I'm not so sure that's the truth anymore.

No. 1691943

File: 1694231800275.jpg (66.91 KB, 1200x800, wood.jpg)

There's a wood pigeon that keeps coming in my garden to eat bird seed. It looks so plump and tender, I want to catch it and put it in a pot roast.

On IBs it's possible for mods to delete and ban posts by IP or even IP range depending the IB software. Maybe there was so much shitposting from one IP that the farmhand decided that it was worth it to delete the posts by IP instead of doing it manually. The problem with this is that if it's a VPN or a dynamic IP other people using that VPN or in the range of the dynamic IP will get their posts deleted and seemingly innocent posts made by the person that the farmhand intended to ban will also be removed.

No. 1691944

Blaine made it really hard to discern samefaggery because of the constant VPN hopping. He used a popular free VPN service that a lot of anons use so if you happened to be posting around the same time, many of your posts got deleted. It's annoying but he was quite literally spamming cp and terrorism, so consider it casualties. When bait is being posted in rapid succession it can be hard to address and delete everything quickly. If months old posts that contain archival info were deleted however, I would then be suspicious.

No. 1691948

Well, when I got my permaban, my posts were not deleted right away. The most recent post I had made on /meta/ was deleted I'll say about an hour after my permaban, I assume this was the offending posts because for the majority of the day every post besides the one given a gold star was being wiped from the thread. A few hours after that, the movie thread was 'accidentally' deleted (I posted that from my permabanned ip many months ago) anons brought up it could have been that all of the posts linked to my ip were deleted but that isn't the case. I made several threads here on /ot/ and many posts from my ip that I have confirmed are still up. This was not a VPN ip, it's my home ip. It just doesn't sit right with me.

No. 1691954

>ccfag posts threats about this site going down soon
>this happens
Kek some schizo probably got mod privileges

No. 1691957

I honestly hope it was just an accident, I'd really prefer that. A farmhand said they're going to restore it so I assume the thread will be back up soon. I was pretty pissed off when I saw it was gone but it's really not a huge deal I guess. All I did was ask a question though. Ugh.

No. 1691961

You're home IP is probably dynamic, so even though you are posting from home and not using a VPN, your ISP will cycle your connection through various available IPs within that range. It sounds like a single IP from your range was banned and all posts deleted. Due to the distribution of dynamic IPs by ISPs, it's entirely possible that you were not the intended recipient of the ban and the farmhand wanted to ban another person that is in the same IP range as you.

No. 1691965

This is plausible, I had a dynamic ip in the past and it was bizarre seeing two banned posts from it thar werent me

No. 1691968

Okay, I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the information nona.

No. 1691970

Samefag, I think you're exactly right because I just went to /m/ to check on posts I've made there as well and there are posts missing, but the ones I checked on /ot/ are still visible. This is what makes the most sense.

No. 1691981

File: 1694234724467.jpg (11.48 KB, 350x263, desktop-wallpaper-create-meme-…)

I am in a really not good living situation. It sucks bad and may even be dangerous but I've got no other options. I can't afford to live on my own and I'm not a career Stacy, I work minimum wage, I'm probably going to be stuck here until I'm 40. It's my mom's house. I'd been living with my boyfriend for the last year, I loved it, I only started living there because there was no room for 4 people in the two bedroom apartment my mom rents and since I was unemployed,focusing on school, it just made sense for me to be the one to leave for the time being. So my mom, my brother, and my sister lived together while I stayed at my boyfriend's house.  At first I didn't like living with my boyfriend, his house is very different from mine, but then I loved it. I could leave the bedroom and nobody would try and fight me or anything, nobody would chastise me. It was so nice, I love my mom very much, she's never mean to me or anything the problem is my little brother. Where do I start? So my sister had a seizure a while back which made her disabled, she lost a lot of her independence. She ended having to hop houses until she ended up living with my auntie for a few years. My aunt is a kind woman but sadly never had any kids, because of that she's very attached to her ex husbands son. She loves him very much and takes good care of him but this guy, very obviously does not really feel the same love. He takes advantage of her kindness and is just generally a bum. We'll call this pseudo son of my Aunt's "Cory". Cory and my sister,"Tilly", lived together at my aunt's house. Apparently tension was building with them which became very obvious when I went over there and my mom ditched me. They seemed so uncomfortable, especially uncomfortable with the fact that I was there. Later my sister called my mom with some wild news. Apparently she and Cory had done drugs, provided by him, under our Auntie's roof, (cocaine to be specific) and then Cory raped her. Which was traumatic to say the least. She was still in diapers at this point and he still raped her. She had very limited mobility as well. Tilly had been keeping this a secret and didn't want to say anything for fear that Auntie would lash out. Our mom told Tilly not to say anything until she was able to secure a new apartment but Tilly couldn't take it anymore. She told my aunt causing my aunt to lose it, at first it seemed like she was going to be reasonable about it but then she started very obviously acting in favor of Cory, villainizing and bullying Tilly, yelling at her for leaving cups on the counter, even taking off her door. My sister couldn't stand the bullying and my mom was getting pretty pissed with our aunt so she moved Tilly in with us. This whole drama had a ripple effect,tearing the family apart, nothing has been the same ever since then. Anyway with my sister moving in there were 4 of us and it was only a 2 bedroom. My mom slept on the couch, my sister slept in my room, and nothing changed for my little brother, Ray, he still had his own space and stuff but he was the angriest about the change in the living situation,lashing out at either me or Tilly constantly, it was extremely stressful so I left because i couldn't take it anymore. He'd always been like this since he was 14, he's 19 now. But the stress in the apartment made my fucking heart palpitate. My sister is sweet but was constantly engaging him, going back and forth with him , even going out of her way to call him out when he did stuff that was rude. I think at some point I learned to put my head down and weasel my ways out of his mood swings and stuff but she wasn't having it. Anyway,expenses were going up in the household, everyone else was working but I was still in school trying to get my HSD (I'm 21). I became another mouth to feed so my mom asked me if I could find another place to stay, just for a little while. This really saddened me at first, I didn't want to leave but my boyfriend offered for me to stay with him which works because we'd lived together for a bit when we had covid and it went well. While living with my boyfriend I came by to visit the apartment here and there. I realized how much healthier my life was becoming away from the apartment but whenever I came home the reality of what I'd be coming back to was always staring me in the face. Me and my sister were sitting on the couch and my little brother walked into the room, he came in and immediately started chastising everyone, we ignored him until he started accusing us of laughing at him. Everyone was sitting there straight faced. It only escalated, he started calling us slurs, threatening to kick our asses and stuff, it was really weird, he was so aggressive really suddenly. My mom had to hold him back and physically wrestle him outside as he screamed about us laughing at him or some wacky shit. Then when my mom got him outside he punched a wall causing his fist to bleed and started threatening to kill himself. My mom took him to the store with her to get him to cool down, apparently when he was there he ran off and she couldn't find him, when she found him he continued to threaten to kill himself. That is the one time my mom seemed freaked out enough to consider getting my little brother checked out mentally. She didn't. I'd been telling her he needed help WAY before that and she would get genuinely pissed off and the one time she was afraid for his mental health too,it passed, and she went right back to ignoring it. I'm so tired. I can't exaggerate how tired I have become. Ray eventually stopped threatening to kill himself but started threatening to kill me and Tilly. When Tilly moved out I had one person who understood and didn't downplay how extreme Ray's behavior was. One time I brought a kitten into the house and everyone was having fun, it was a very cute cat. Ray came in and I asked him if he wanted to meet the kitten. He got all mad and said "Get that dirty cat out of here." I got annoyed because what the fuck was his problem? So I ignored him and went back to playing with my cat and the rest of the family. I went into my room to get some food for the cat, I had treats in my drawer and he was in there. this annoyed me because I never go into his room even when he's not there because I don't want anything to do with him but also out of basic respect for boundaries. He was in there and when I asked him very politely if he needed anything and why he was in there he responded "Shut up,bitch." Of course I got angry and asked him why he would say that and of course he started threatening to put his hands on me and started getting in my face. This was fully just petty shit over me having the nerve to show him a kitten I guess? Even though he likes cats? I got angry enough that I went back into the kitchen and grabbed a knife because he's bigger than me, and if he put his hands on me he was getting cut. He talked all of the shit he could from behind my mom and I still had no idea why the fuck he was trying so hard to upset me. I went back home with my boyfriend that night and began dreading having to go back there. I personally think my little brother inherited NPD from his father, my mom always complains about how Ray acts just like his dad and his dad had every NPD trait in the book…Ray does too. Anyway a few weeks ago my sister moved out and I finally moved back in, it's my first night back here, I'm not happy about it but my boyfriend can't have me at his house anymore because we're always directly under each other and only have one bedroom which is just too intense for him.
I truly hate how uncomfortable and scary it is to be around him and there is nothing I can do to escape it, I'm stressed and I feel like im gonna lose it. I wish I could really convey what it's like to have a unhinged narcissist around all of the time but I feel like I've blocked out a lot of the stuff he's done that was especially outrageous.

No. 1692015

I have a boyfriend, but he's hanging out with his friends and I'm bored and at home, drinking and wanting to talk to someone, I have no friends….

really close to replying to random guys on dating app, which I still have bc boyfriend still has his….

I don't even really want to talk to random guys, I'd rather talk to some old lady at the grocery store but it's late and the stores are closed

I would also just go for a late night drive and sing to the radio but Ive been drinking so I shouldn't drive.

I guess I'll just fold laundry and feel restless

No. 1692024

Wya tho

No. 1692032

Your brother and Cory are cunts. I hope u and your mum can live somewhere safe

No. 1692051

File: 1694242695114.jpeg (97.34 KB, 493x356, IMG_5773.jpeg)

I wasn’t supposed to drink, but my friends asked to come over and now I’m hung over again smoking weed because I feel sick, for the second time this week

No. 1692054

Also in my defence I am a college student kek

No. 1692055

My friend is wasting her life and always finds a reason to complain. She’s almost 30 and she had all these crappy jobs (she even admitted she hates it) which gives her a pretty decent curriculum but she’s still stuck in her victim phase where she feels like nobody understands her and how she got it so much harder than anyone. Which it’s not true.
She’s still living with her parents because paying a rent would be too hard for her but the reason she gives is that she doesn’t have any money. She has been working since she was 19. She doesn’t have money because she has a hole in her hand. Simple as that.
She didn’t have a long relationship. Her excuse this time is that she doesn’t settle for anyone, making passive aggressive remarks at others as if we are just accepting whoever. Truth is she’s so full of herself, she thinks other people get scared of her because of her success, I think they get pretty tired of her always praising herself when actually she doesn’t have any big achievement.
What pisses me off the most is her attitude, I couldn’t care less about her feeling lonely or being forced to have part time jobs, I think it’s pretty disrespectful how she tries to always feel superior by making snarky remarks about other people, us (her friends) included. I truly think she thinks we’re wasting our lives by being mediocre but that’s because she thinks she doesn’t have a flaw and that she’s perfect.

No. 1692060

>communists are worse than nazis
Communists killed tens of millions of people, why deny it?

No. 1692067

>"I'm not good at that subject"
Okay? I know that. I literally didn't ask you. Why are you always like this. Of course you started talking about yourself after that little exchange too.

No. 1692069

File: 1694245957685.png (161.72 KB, 512x476, Fs_2VlZWIAsy89p.png)

just found out someone i've been friends with for 7 years or something like that is not only a degenerate coomer (knew this) but also a femboy lover

Disgusted. I don't even want to be friends with him at this point.
If you asked me two weeks ago who my best friend was it would've been between this guy and another, but now it's easy.

No. 1692072

She sounds pretty NPD to me.

I don't waste my time with that kind of people, but if you want to help her, you can go with her to seek a therapist that can help her with all those insecurities.

No. 1692074

>>1692032 Thank you nonnie, sometimes I'm genuinely afraid of what he might do, but it makes me want to try harder to graduate get a good degree and put my mom somewhere safe so everyone can cut him off and be done!

No. 1692075

I'm sorry your friend is a degen, anon

No. 1692076

I hate how fucking insecure I am and always been, and how the fear of being mistaken for a troon again has fucked me up even more. I know I've ranted about this before but I just need to do this at times to get it out of my system for a while.
I'm already really tall for a woman, I have wide set ribs which only makes feminine clothes sometimes look odd on me but it also made me this morning concerned that the wide space between my boobs might make them look like troony tube sock moobs. I also have a pretty wide neck on top of suffering from hypothyroidism that has caused my thyroid gland to be permanently swollen, almost looking like an adam's apple imo. I'm fully aware that I don't look like a man otherwise, I obviously have other very feminine traits, but I already have a HUGE complex over these mentioned ones which sometimes makes me cry over how insecure they make me. I feel pathetic.

No. 1692079

and that image must have also been made by a male degen.

No. 1692141

I just found a hard lump in my armpit. It's painless and doesn't move when I touch it which means it's probably not lipoma or a lymph node. Just booked an appointment with a doctor and I'm kinda freaking out. I'm only 21. Fuck this shit.

No. 1692144

Anon don't think the worst yet, my friend had one near her breast removed and she's been fine ever since. Have you noticed anything else weird health wise?

No. 1692152

I've felt completely normal otherwise. My throat hurts a little, but that's probably irrelevant. I just have terrible hypochondria and I'm really scared because this time I can actually feel something physically wrong.

No. 1692181

been vomiting since I woke up, so like 10 hours, and it only stopped when my bf brought me a nug (and flowers, and food) and it's finally subsided. there's an awful bug going around that literally everyone has apparently, I had no idea and just woke up power spewing. my mouth and throat are so raw, trying to get a green tea and a miso soup down. bless my sweet angel of a nigel I have no idea what I did to deserve him, I'll be so angry if I gave him the bug.
anyway stay safe nonas it's terrible

No. 1692210

I just spent 40€ on cat food so my cat can hopefully piss normally within a few weeks

No. 1692278

The past 3 days I either keep waking up or waking up ahead of my alarm with only 3-6 hours of sleep. Normally I get unbroken sleep at 8-12 hours. Idk what to do I woke up again but dont feel tired. It's probably work stress since we're hiring too many people its cutting our core staffs hours. Really pisses me off since new people stay 2 months tops and fuck us main workers over. Boss still keeps doing it. Trying to find another job but what I work in isn't hiring much at all in my town. Only ones who are, are a 45 minute drive away up north. All I want is my steady income back. For once my coworkers arent offering their shifts for more hours too.

No. 1692301

File: 1694267073904.gif (490.83 KB, 500x244, gregre.gif)

I just want a job and have some money again. I want to get a haircut so it looks nice. I want to buy new clothes that aren't 3 sizes too big and have holes in them. I want to go to museums. I want to travel and see my family and friends again. I want to be able to buy my new nephews and nieces christmas presents and be the cool aunt, but all of this relies on me getting a job. Worst part is that I almost had it all, after six months of part time I was promised full time with a pay rise before summer, but then the company fucked themselves over and fired me and several others to save money with a "sorry we gave you false promises, take care". I am so defeated and sad and I keep sending applications and trying to make connections, but no one calls me back. No one replies. It's like I keep throwing my applications at a brick wall, but the brick wall has a big sign saying "fuck you" all over it. I just want to ball up and cry every day. I can't take this feeling of failure anymore. It's been years of struggling and things have only gotten worse the harder I try.

No. 1692315

I hate being a weeb I want to give up my """hobbies""" that are just excuses for me to stay at home like I was in covid I want to be normal so I can date and befriend normal people because god knows weebs are unbearable me included I hate that I spent over a decade being weird and in my head and into anime shit instead of focusing on anything irl I know it's a coping mechanism and I know exactly what I was running from but I was still stupid to have wasted my youth in meaningless consuming and stupid friends we were all bad for each other we kept each other in the lowest trenches of society we could be normal while enjoying an anime episode occasionally but no we had to spend every waking hour obsessing over 2409120 animes and kpop groups and never about things that matter now I don't even have anything I'm truly interested in and would like to work for and I'm a neet no better than incels posting on 4chan I brought this onto myself I hate younger me for being so stupid and weird

No. 1692356

My mom constantly says that she's accepted that she'll never have grandkids while completely ignoring the fact that she basically used me as my great-grandmother's live in caretaker so she could go out and party with her boyfriend. How the fuck was I supposed to go out and meet someone when was either at work or feeding, washing and medicating a geriatric? She died last year and now I'm in my late 20's and I have no social life or any clue how to meet someone and even now I still get shit for wanting to go out because someone has to keep an eye on the animals and my mom would rather go out with her friends. I feel like my fucking youth has been stolen from me.

No. 1692457

My advice would be escaping your mom as soon as possible, and pretending you're an autist wrt your lack of social skills. Then look up advice on how to build those skills similarly, and go from there.
I'm sorry you were forced into a caretaker role at such an early age, nonna. I hope you can get away from your mom soon.

No. 1692468

Dear fucking god. I moved my old phone number over to Google voice so I’m not bombarded by my narcissistic parents who constantly harass and nag me all day. It worked beautifully for 3 months. I would just open the app a couple times a day so they don’t lose their shit and call the cops (I am a financially independent adult who has made it clear I want nothing to do with them). My mother just called me on my new number. My god.

No. 1692478

I really want to die. I really think I'm going to try it in October. The person I love is coming to visit me for two weeks and I think I will kill myself the last day he's here. I don't think I can keep living. He tells me I shouldn't. But the pain is unbearable to me. I don't know what to do.

No. 1692488

You think the sex is gonna be that bad?

No. 1692493

No. 1692496

Have to poop before we go somewhere always

No. 1692501

I'm sorry, but yes. Yes I think so. Its something giving me dread, and not because "omg he's so bad at it" the thing is, in 2017, before he met me, he did something he says he regrets a lot which is going to a brothel and having sex with an escort. I'm very conflicted about this and whenever I see him it's like I'm seeing her going on top of him. He couldn't get it up and said the experience was atrocious and described it as rape, he was raped by an escort he himself went to. He loves me so much though, he really does

No. 1692503

get yourself a male escort to get back at him, leave his ass you dont deserve a moid whos willing to treat you like this, if he had loved you he wouldn't had thought of sex with another woman why the fuck should you die over him? get yourself a better man and never die over a moid

No. 1692504

Lol are you for real? Dude pays a prostitute and when he can't get it up he claims she "raped" him, offending rape victims everywhere.
Nice partner you've got there. Such a catch!

No. 1692511

I’m already so tired, graduating isn’t easy, I should’ve listened to my parents and checked out if I have all of the papers a month ago. But then again, I was too busy helping my aunt woth my uncle that has cancer, and no one ever offers me a ride for stuff that I need to do, and no one likes it when I go out without supervision.
My family definitely believes I’m retarded instead of just socially awkward because of my aspergers.
Now my aunt keeps telling me that I don’t have all of the documents I need to give to the uni, but how? Like, I really doubt a university will accept a student with only an ID card and two ID sized pictures.
Like, how could they accept a student without certified grades, without this document that says that you’re part of the population of students that are trying to get in an university, and without the certified high school degree??
It literally makes no sense, I simply couldn’t have been allowed without them, and yeah, I sent them the copies because I won’t fucking send my original documents by mail.
So why is my aunt telling me that I don’t have them now? Why is the system telling me that my data doesn’t exist? I don’t get it and I want to die.

No. 1692517

Ok so kill him before committing suicide

No. 1692520

he tells you about his sexual encounters with escorts because he doesn't love you and wants you to see the other woman as competition for him. there is no way to win these "competitions". subhuman scrotes who triangulate and have sex with hookers are disease ridden, rotten and worthless. girl just cancel the date and dump his ass, find something better to do with your time. do some self care

No. 1692523

Nona just tell him not to come and stop fucking yourself up over a moid. Who cares if he "loves you" most moids don't even know what love actually is. The fact he went to prostitute is already a sign he isn't the kind of man you should want to be around.

No. 1692525

same anon, meant for

No. 1692532

Literally everything a woman does is wrong, according to everyone, even other women? For fucks sake. A woman can't do anything without someone deconstructing it and telling her that "actually you're doing this for this reason", "actually you're an idiot because of this reason", and these expectations and rules always contradict each other. Leave women alone you fucking freaks.

No. 1692535

Having PMS and cannot. stop. eating.

No. 1692537

File: 1694285250276.jpeg (63.12 KB, 897x874, IMG_4335.jpeg)

i’m in the middle of my period and I keep craving food and ordering it and then cancelling the order before it comes kek idek what to do

No. 1692571

crying over someone like they died just because of scenarios i imagined lmao i feel like a retard. i mean… they do mean alot to me. i'd honor their memory and live on if they do die before me but their death would absolutely gut me lord wtf

No. 1692578

I made a big portion of delicious food, but it got cold, because i couldn't stop posting and browsing lc.
Oh, i just realized that i forgot to take out the tea bag out of my tea vessel, tea should be too strong now and probably also cold.

No. 1692580

I'm so bad at dealing with every day stress, I don't know how to overcome or cope with it. Stress gives me some severe physical symptoms (tiredness, headaches, nausea, pain, brain fog, dizziness, I clench my jaws so hard without realizing that some days my gums bleed and my heart will race 24/7, I even jolt awake at night randomly) and I do not know how to be normal. The only thing that helps is laying down and really concentrate on relaxing my body but I don't have time to waste! I can't spend and hour and a half every fucking day doing nothing because my brain shits itself after it does too many things it doesn't like. I want to be like normal people and be able to enjoy things besides work but I'm too fucking tired because of this.

No. 1692588

Average male rape "victim"

No. 1692596

Fuck everything about skincare. I cannot be bothered anymore. The normalization of extreme routines and the insane shit they do in Korea as beauty treatments (I've see something that's like injecting salmon DNA into your skin?) as omg they should totally do that here too!!
I'm going to age regardless. My face was shit to begin with. Why even bother?
It's ironic how despite it being more obvious then ever that "you're not ugly, you're just poor" is real, I cannot count the amount of times people will equate being pretty or looking youthful at the ancient age of 30 is somehow meaning they're morally superior, and someone who aged badly must be a terrible person.

No. 1692598

No I worded it wrong kek. I meant enjoying things after work. Work is absolutely dreadful.

No. 1692599

i overslept and am feeling so busted today i want to kms

No. 1692601

an hour and a half isn't too bad of a time to decompress. maybe you can try breathing exercises in the moment or channel it into exercise?

No. 1692602

>injecting salmon DNA into your skin
do carnies really?

No. 1692605

Yes, it's called Rejuran, looked up the name just for you, but you can also find it by googling salmon DNA injections.

No. 1692628

Will I be able to produce my very own delicious salmon skin?

No. 1692631

so fucking sick of seeing constant shit about pregnancy, babies, newborns, etc fucking SICK of it i don’t hate babies, i don’t hate children i am just sick sick sick of seeing it it feels like it’s EVERYWHERE please make it stop

No. 1692652

Sometimes I wish I had gone to med school just so there'd be someone taking my health problems seriously

No. 1692653

I hate that the fat ugly disgusting piece of shit who came to my job for months and stalked me without my knowledge and waited by my car and raped me is out there living his life while I have to work from home and can’t socialize the way I used to I hate that I can’t report it I hate that I’m mentally struggling since it happened last year and he is probably doing it to some other woman now. I never liked fat moids to begin with but now every time I see one I want to go insane with violent rage I spend all my free time at the MMA gym and training with knives because I can’t fucking feel safe I have a huge dog and a security system and double locks on all my doors but I still don’t feel safe and I hate it I hate it I hate it

(Sorry for being unhinged I am in therapy I promise I just sometimes get overwhelmed with how mad I am that my entire sense of security was robbed from me.)

No. 1692658

I'd really like to play a game to relax, but video games are so hard to break into. Mobile games are designed to be addictive and keep you coming back spending 5 hours a day playing, which I can't because I'm an adult with a life. the last one i tried (genshin) it was so difficult to exit the fucking game, i was swiping and pressing buttons and nothing worked to escape it. Console games require you to buy the game itself plus an entire console, and I guess a TV to use as a monitor, so you have to keep all this crap for it in your apartment, and even if you buy it? by the time the next game you actually want to play comes out, that console you bought will be obsolete and you'll have to buy a new one to play the next game on. So you just keep spending money and accumulating a bunch of crap to clutter up your dwelling space.

Computer games require a trillion dollar gayming rig and suck up enough electricity that it would be cheaper to take a carribbean vacation by that point, then you have to have a whole giant desk and a bunch of gear and a gayming chair and all this. I'm really sick of how much of a moneygrab it is. I used to have minecraft on my laptop, although it never actually ran well on it, but it would take 20 minutes to load, by which time the urge to play has already passed, and now it doesn't work on my computer at all and the tech help just shrugged his shoulders and denied me a refund.

I feel like you can't possibly play video games unless you're some kind of trust fund kid with a huge house and thousands of dollars to throw in the trash.

No. 1692659

you don't have to answer them. just block their number and live your life. people act so helpless regarding their parents violating their boundaries and being psychopaths. like sister in christ you are the one permitting them to do that shit.

No. 1692661

I wish I could give you my origin account login nonna I have sims 4 and every expansion with lots of fun mods (none of the creepy ones) except the stupid werewolf furry one but I never have time to play bc adult with job and no trust fund kek.

No. 1692664

buy a used 3ds from japan and hack it or something

No. 1692667

I do this too sometimes nonnie. My brain drifts to the worst possible scenarios like “what it _____ died?” and then I get worked up about it like it actually happened. Hate it.

No. 1692671

I hate incompetent men!!!!!!!! That is all I have to say.

No. 1692672

not to be autistic but you can get a gaming laptop for a few hundred, maybe $1k at HIGH MOST or get a used one and literally pirate everything and emulate
you don’t need a special chair that’s silly
you can get a good keyboard for $30, mouse even cheaper
or buy a used switch/3ds and hack
never ever pay full price for a game!!!!

No. 1692673

Redacting this. Men are incompetent. Thank you.

No. 1692683

call me a retarded gatekeeper or whatever but i can't wait for the netflix one piece hype to blow offer. for years i had people make fun of me for liking the series (i love ensemble casts i love the lack of romance i love the goofy humor i love the undying loyalty the crew has for each other) and now everyone is slobbering all over zoro and sanji and buggy the clown of all fucking characters, while acting like they didn't shit talk to series to my face for years. meanwhile i tried to never say anything negative about their basic ass taste which was always a mix of kimetsu no yaiba, jujutsu kaisen, chainsaw man and eva.

No. 1692688

File: 1694296747147.jpg (60.86 KB, 700x497, 1673823589685813.jpg)

Nonas I'm so bummed and mad right now. Sorry this is a long post.
Yesterday my best friend from HS (we are in our mid-30s) hit me up that she was going to be in town today before an event she was going to at 5pm, asked if I wanted to meet up. Of course, I haven't actually had a chance to see her in a while, she lives about 45 mins away so its not that bad but the gas is insane right now and she always has to care for family members nowadays.

But I was stoked she was going to be in town.
Anyway I called her today around 1, she said she'd let me know when she was on her way, ok, cool.
THEN she texts me around 2pm, and casually drops in, "oh btw I'm meeting up with (insane, alcoholic pickme I can't stand to be around but who my friend is friends with for some unknown reason, they used to drink together before my friend got sober) downtown before the event, and btw she's coming too, we already made plans, let me know if you wanna meet downtown with us."
So I bailed out, using my cluttered house as an excuse (clearing out a storage unit right now so things are chaotic) but Nonas, I feel like I'm the problem? Since I always bail when that hot mess bitch is invited, she's a proper lolcow in her own right, recently changed her name from a basic Becky name to some ~mystical empath hippie crystal woman~ shit and I just, like… can't fucking stand her. Last time I saw her she was blackout drunk and tried to kiss me in front of her then-boyfriend, who was like 15 years older, and his toddler child lmao. Just a mess.
But she's mutuals with my other friends from HS still and idk, I'm just mad. And of course if I complain directly I'll be the one with the problem. Am I just too autistic? What the fuck. Why does this happen.

It's not the first time either, I stopped talking to another friend I'd had for 20 plus years because she would constantly blow me off and ignore my texts and instead hang out with this other pickme girl who posts lingerie pics on her IG and doesn't know who her baby's father is, the same baby she dumped onto her parents to care for.
Like, I love my actual friends, but I end up losing out on them because I can't or won't tolerate being around psycho lolcow-tier pickmes? I'm not even exaggerating to make them sound bad, in fact I'm easily identifiable if anyone involved sees this post. But I don't care.

I'm just feeling really betrayed cause I feel like my friend totally buried the lede on today's plans because she fucking KNOWS I don't like drunk girl. Not even that I don't like her, but her behavior is embarrassing and makes me uncomfortable. I was pretty cringe in HS, I will own it, I was a cringe fujo, blatant edgelord autist, but like, that's a long ass time ago now and most of us aren't like that anymore.

Ugh I hate people and I'm always the problem I guess.

No. 1692690

are you really trying to act like a hipster over one piece of all things

No. 1692693

Agreed, it's all marketing and hype. Don't eat garbage, don't smoke, all you need is a little spf and good habits, not $900 baby foreskin moisturizer. Clinique works fine.
The second part of your post is too true though, like I hate how botox and fillers are considered the bare minimum these days. But at least those make a noticeable difference, unlike the $80 rose extract baby seal tears undereye cream.

No. 1692695

Months ago I got surgery to remove a big tumor in my left breast. After that everything was fine except for the surgery scar making my nipple a bit ugly. I'm about to be on my period so my breasts hurt a little but my left breasts hurts more than usual, I just touched it, felt something hard and weird, got really paranoid and felt like throwing up but it was just my nipple. I think I haven't gotten over how scared I was before surgery and it wasn't even cancer after all. I panicked so fast and so much I doubt I'll be able to sleep well right now.

No. 1692711

my mom and her sister (my aunt) make me so sad. im too cowardly to help their relationship though so i will just pray i get this job so i no longer have to rely on either of them

No. 1692721

not quite a vent but im stoned and tweaking, if you ever go on the deathfat thread in kf theres a couple named j and corissa and they live in my town and just got engaged and i fucked a guy who works at the place they got their wedding ring done. too close to home what the fuck

No. 1692725

I give up trying to understand some people , nonnies. We just don't have the same values or life experiences. I can't drive myself insane trying to understand them! Major stonewalling here!

No. 1692727

>basic ass
stop hating this is insane coming from a one piece fan, baby’s first anime it was literally on 4kids
t. loves jjk

No. 1692730

I respect gatekeeping, Hate when new fans mess with fandoms and their lore.

No. 1692733

Weeb fight, weeb fight!

No. 1692736

I also love OP but I can't imagine getting asshurt about other people's opinions on it especially if they have shit taste, is taking anime seriously irl a zoomer thing?

No. 1692743

nah, i think people are allowed to be hurt when their interests are constantly mocked. we all know that the people who like all the new shonens are the ones that easily fly off the handle when you call rengoku from demon slayer ugly.

No. 1692745

I'm glad it wasn't cancer anon, sending you a big hug. Go take a walk or maybe make some tea. I hope you can sleep soundly tonight.

No. 1692753

File: 1694301605464.jpeg (96.3 KB, 540x495, IMG_0532.jpeg)

that’s just twitter and fujos for you, none of which should be interacted with
which is weird though, because twitter loves OP, it’s probably just complete non-anime normies enjoying the OPLA

No. 1692759

I want to call out of work tonight because it doesnt feel worth it to come in but I still need money and they'd probably replace me tomorrow on my good full shift. god I miss my old job which was way better.

No. 1692760

I want to call out of work tonight because it doesnt feel worth it to come in but I still need money and they'd probably replace me tomorrow on my good full shift. god I miss my old job which was way better.

No. 1692769

I just find it hard to believe there are people out there 'constantly mocking' chinese cartoons while being weebs themselves, aside from literal children or on /a/. What kind of people do you surround yourself with that they mock you at all letalone about dumb tv shows?? Are they real life friends or discord 'friends'? My feelings get hurt when people talk shit about stuff I like too but that's like, occasional internet comments and not some relentless personal attack.

No. 1692771

File: 1694303493940.jpg (29.45 KB, 564x821, cutie.jpg)

You can make it in nonnie, I believe in you!

No. 1692773

I got my driver's license three months ago. It took me so much time and I spent so much money because I had the biggest phobia. That’s why I got it now that I’m 32. It took me lots of courage and mental strength because I was petrified about the idea of me driving.
Since the first moment that I started to study, my boyfriend didn’t make a positive comment about it. All he kept repeating me was how useless I am, how a menace I would be.
I actually passed my last examen at the second try and it went pretty well.
Half and hour before I had to take the exam, he got mad at me because he told me I wasn’t listening to him (I was scared shitless at this point, I interrupted him because he was reminding me a mistake that I did when I had taken just three classes, I did more than 50), I tried to tell him that reminding me how I fucked up eight months before wasn’t helping, but he just…exploded. He told me how someone like me shouldn’t drive in first place and that if I was so nervous, I shouldn’t be taking that exam because he was 100% sure I would fail and also kill someone.
I went to my exam -with the worst stomachache ever-, almost crying and trembling but I still passed.
When I went home and told him that it went well, he didn’t even talked to me. When I knew I passed, all he said was “okay”. Not even a congratulations. Nothing. For weeks I had to lie every time someone asked me if he was happy for me, reminding how cruel he was in a moment when I needed him the most.
Three months later, I drive almost everyday and I feel so proud of myself because I know it’s not something special but to me it means the world. Today I came home and I tried to explain him that it was the first time that I felt truly happy and accomplished about me driving because I had a pretty good afternoon. He didn’t even look at me when I was talking. At some point, he just scoffed and told me that this isn’t something special, that having a drivers license is nothing, that I waste so many years of my life without having it.
>so do you think you’re special? You’re not! So you drive now and what? you should have had it a long time ago, you’re only 10 years later, wow!
And I know it’s not something that important, getting it, but people is always asking me if he’s happy for me (as he should be) and I lie because I don’t know how to even explain that my partner is not only not proud of me, he seems embarrassed of having someone like me in his life…he always makes me feel as if I’m nothing, as if I’m just a nuisance

No. 1692775

unironically leave him, he sounds like an ass. you deserve better than this, someone who will support and celebrate with you! congratulations on getting your license! it’s really not as easy as it sounds, driving anxiety is so real

No. 1692780

I agree with nonna >>1692775
Get out of there and leave him. I got my licence with 18 and never drove since (I'm also in my 30s) because I have trauma from my parents and public transport is nice where I live. I understand how you are feeling, how proud you are of yourself and how proud you should be. Having a licence and driving isn't just "nothing", it's a big deal for people like us and your boyfriend sounds like a guy who doesn't support you and belittles you at every possibility. There are better men out there, don't waste more time with him. Be proud of yourself, maybe go on a road trip now, your boyfriend will never change and it's not healthy to be in a relationship with someone that makes you feel worthless and like nothing, you deserve way better.

No. 1692790

Your boyfriend is emotionally abusive from what it sounds like. I agree with the other anons. Leave him. And be proud of yourself for such an accomplishment even though you were nervous/afraid! I’m proud of you!!

No. 1692801

I spent all of my formative years caring for my mother and looking after myself, then my teens working to sustain a family. I’m about to turn 29 and I got no friends at all, no gf/bf experience beyond highschool, no one to care about me and I’m too socially stunted from working no-contact jobs through all of my life. I’ll never have friends because as much as I try to get out now, we add each other and it fizzles out quickly. I don’t have social skills. I treasure every nice gesture for years, while those people have hundreds of friends so our couple of hours interactions will fade away from their memory pretty quick.
I’m so scared. I’m so scared. I’m doing my best to get out and people show interest but I’m too fucking broken and can’t keep up a convo. Im terrified. I’ll be in my 30s and all fucking alone.

No. 1692803

Holy shit anon, it really sounds like you’re not realizing just how absolutely abnormal and destructive the things he says truly are. If he loved you, he’d be happy for you, not put you down.
I’m proud of you, look at how far you’ve come, even despite all of the fear and anxiety you had. You deserve someone to cheer for you, this clearly means a lot to you and I’m so happy that you’ve accomplished it.

No. 1692816

I need to start thinking of an exit plan for my current job. It was a nice enough job but my bosses have slowly been changing things over the years in ways I don't like. I'm kind of embarrassed that I work for 11 dollars an hour at a retail job and I'm nearly 30. But I don't have a car or savings so I'm kind of stuck. I have 0 skills and 0 education. I have a couple of ideas of what kind of trade school I'd like to go to since a 4 year degree isn't possible. I'm thinking about how much I've grown since I was 19, and I don't think it's been much at all. At 19 I was still insanely depressed but at least I had my health, my youth, and my grandma. Now I have none of those things. The only thing that's improved is my art business but it's not enough money to do it full-time. Honestly, thought I'd be dead before 30. I tried to kill myself in 2018 but my boyfriend somehow knew something was wrong without me even saying anything and stopped me. Things get better, but then they get worse again. I'm tired of this merry-go-round. I've been depressed since before my age even hit the double digits and I'm tired. I think I will just try to kill myself again, but I need to clean my room and pack up/sell my belongings beforehand to make it easier on my loved ones.

No. 1692817

both new and old shonens are ugly normie level shit though, always have been.

No. 1692818

I ate too much and some of the stuff I ate was too rich. I want to throw up now.

No. 1692819

Anon I am SO proud of you for getting your driver's license! I'm only a few years younger than you and I've been terrified to try to get mine, but your story is really encouraging. You're awesome and you beat your fear and now you have a very valuable life skill. You're awesome and please tell me you're going to dump your boyfriend for being so negative when this is obviously a big hurdle for you. You deserve better.

No. 1692826

Everyone falling for the boyfriend rape brothel bait kek

No. 1692849

I fucking can't get over how moids sexualised a chemical that was used in childbirth and has reduced fatality of various surgeries. Once considered a lifesaver, now a kidnapping/rape fetish porn object. People associate this chemical with crime. I can't talk about this chemical online without people saying perverted shit. Because of this criminal association, we refer to this chemical with its initials of its other name, so perverts don't say shit like "are you going to kidnap someone" etc. It feels so wrong.

No. 1692853

Humidity triggering my TMJ and making me want to kms. I'm in so much pain it feels like I've been punched in the jaw and I can't even sleep it off because it's too hot to sleep and it doesn't even cool down at night. Humid heat is the worst I would rather live in a fucking desert than this. Climate change isn't real but my once habitable province is now a tropical rainforest in September, it's not even summer anymore I don't understand how there can be a heat wave in FUCKING SEPTEMBER. Halloween stuff is on the shelves and we're having 30 degree nights how does that make any fucking sense. My house was built to trap heat for cold winters I'm boiling to death in hell and there's no relief.

No. 1692861

So proud of you!! I am also in my 30s and need to bite the bullet, get over my fear and just get it. I've had my learner's permit for a year now and i have been taking ubers everywhere. I just need to do it. I'm so happy for you, anon. Seriously.

No. 1692866

I'm in my late 20s and I never touched a male. Men treat autistic women like they're invisible. People told me I often seem unapproachable, sorry I can't act more normie than I already act. It still costed me tremendous amounts of work in the last two years and I'm tired of masking. I may talk more to people than before, but there's also more inner tension than before and when I'm at work, it's normal for me to go the bathroom just to bash my head with my fist. I feel like nobody takes me seriously because I look younger and I only get approached by pedos in their 50s. I feel like I don't exist for men in their 20s and 30s. Am I a hypocrite for dreaming about a normie man? I can hardly manage myself, a relationship with someone who's also autistic would ruin me. I wouldn't know how to react to a meltdown, especially from a male. I don't want a 'caretaker' either, just someone who's more… well adjusted than me and sometimes can take the lead when I'm in a bad state? I remember seeing anons on lc mentioning how their boyfriends take care of them because they have some disabilities and some of them don't even work. I wonder where they find such men willing to support them when they don't even contribute to household. I can't even find a guy who's just willing to accept my weirdness and see me as a person. I can still go to work. I just want him to be a well adjusted normie and not physically repulsive. Are my expectations too high?

No. 1692945

I miss being a child when everything was new and exciting

No. 1692948

I just want to disappear from this world.

No. 1692966

I know that I really shouldn't for my own well being, but I stalk my ex and his new gf on Twitter like once a week because she's become my new personal cow and I'm hoping his new relationship ends really badly.
He cheated on me a lot, got addicted to porn, was frequently watching and obsessing over camgirls, sexted with a tranny, and then started wanting to troon out himself. He's now dating a girl 5 years younger than him that has the femcel phenotype, hates trannies, rages at sex workers on Twitter (despite apparently considering joining OnlyFans a few months ago herself), is super misognyistic herself, and overall just seems really cringy and chronically online. I secretly love knowing that if she knew the truth about him, she would absolutely despise him because of all the tranny stuff and the camgirl watching.
I'm in a relationship myself though that is going very well, and I'm so happy. So I definitely should stop keeping up with what either of them do. I'm just mad that he's happy when he doesn't deserve it, he did terrible things to me and he deserves to be miserable forever

No. 1692983

I somehow managed to sleep. I can't really go outside right now because there's a heatwave but it'll be over soon.

No. 1692988

I'm judging you anon, it's time to stop

No. 1693006

I miss my grandmother.

No. 1693007

File: 1694332942046.jpeg (165.64 KB, 750x965, IMG_3532.jpeg)

I’m depressed because I don’t go out, but I don’t go out because I’m depressed. I’ve been okay with being by myself for six or so years but I think loneliness is really catching up to me now and kicking my ass. I don’t know if I can change….or even if I want to? I just don’t know

No. 1693073

Your boyfriend is a faggot and isn't worth your time. I'm 29 and don't plan on getting my driver's licence even if it could be very convenient. I don't like cars, I don't feel safe in them and seeing that my little sister got into an accident because of some piece of shit texting while driving and still having back pain years later makes me want to learn how to drive even less. There are plenty of people in my case or even in your case, you're not weird for that and if your boyfriend is still treating you like garbage over this I'm sure he'll treat you even worse for equally normal things later.

No. 1693082

I don't have real-life friends or online ones that live nearby as opposed to one random kid I found from the wild but again, it's a kid… that's weird, and I only like being an aunty figure from the distance to them… lol. I'm very much terminally online if that's the correct wording and most of my friends are online which is kind of sad because I don't even have many online anymore, like about 4 or 5.
Just come to this weird realization every now and again, these internet friends are just profile pictures and texts on my screen or on occasion that we're not all busy… disembodied voices from across the world and it hurts to think of it like that even though it's the truth. Just, these people I've known for years yet have never met and will probably never meet in my life have been better than absolutely anyone in my real life- including my close family, so it makes me feel weird as well.
How do I care for these people and why is it mutual?
Why are they less cruel to me than people in real life?

No. 1693083

Went to a movie last night, and a whole row of Indians were there, so of course they talked the entire time, recorded parts of the movie on their phones, browsed their phones on max brightness, etc. Also have Indian neighbors who never stfu, always on the phone, yap yap yap. Stink up the hallway with their nasty cooking, yuck. No wonder people don’t want them immigrating to their countries(racebaiting)

No. 1693121

It's been a month now since we last talked, and it's strange but I feel so much better. Even so, it's a bit frustrating that I still worry about how they're doing, like I wonder if they're happy and if the therapy's going well. I've never been in a situation where a friendship ended amicably (because remaining in contact would've been too complicated) before. I don't think missing or caring about someone you no longer speak to is bad, but I kind of think I need to so I can completely move on. The pain isn't as profound as it was when things were more raw, but there's like a residual ache that comes and goes.

I learned about limerence recently; I think that's what we both had for one another. I never thought I'd feel sad about finding someone I deeply connected with, but here I am.

No. 1693175

File: 1694347315365.png (45.09 KB, 200x203, IMG_0480.png)

i just want a normal ass fanfic without the stupid mental illness. i havent read fanfics in 10 years and i want to read one because stupid vampire but it's so filled with troonshit and other zoomer shit

No. 1693190

You are seriously amazing, nonnie. Give yourself credit. You did something you were absolutely terrified of and you conquered it anyway. Do you know how many people just give up on things they want to do because it's difficult and anxiety-inducing? And you had a full blown PHOBIA, not even just a little bit of anxiety. That is something to be proud of, not ashamed of!
Also, your boyfriend is straight up evil. If anyone should be ashamed it's him. I hope you realize he is acting out of malice, not just ignorance, and get your ass out of there.

No. 1693215

File: 1694349797469.jpg (298.57 KB, 746x762, You-are-fucking-kidding-me-rig…)

>sibling is hikki through and through
>one day just stops talking to family (including me)
>literally ignores whatever I say, goes back to their room almost instant they see me entering the same room where they are
>about five years go by of them just sitting on computer in their room
>I happen to cry about it to my counselor, she assures that the social workers could help
>the social workers help my sibling find a job and apartment near it
>troons out the second they move out (spent years only talking to people on discord and such, I know shocking)
>starts talking to family again and going outside
>says things like "I hear you still mope in your room" and stuff that sound as if they just one day decided to move out
>never addresses years spent not talking, three years of those were during the pandemic/lockdown when I had to be in the same house as them 24/7
>probably never even thinks how I felt as a messed up teenager to lose older sibling who I used to talk with daily
>parents complain that I don't want to spend time with said sibling or show interest in their life
>constantly talking about how great it is that they're doing so fine now, ignoring my needs or problems (I guess because the one in neetdom was always the priority and the one who they tried to figure out how to help?)
I think I'm just going to leave far away since the money isn't problem, I feel like I have always jut performed to these people to keep them happy. I have tried expressing these things to them before.

No. 1693226

File: 1694350509153.jpeg (27.13 KB, 375x365, IMG_0708.jpeg)

My older sister is a whole entire fucking child and the family just lets her get away with it. She’s literally 20 and she’s still got it figured out that she can just scream (and I mean genuinely scream) at me and my 11 year old brother until our parents intervene and tell us to stop ‘upsetting’ her (we weren’t, and we never raise our voices or deliberately upset her.) She’s just got it in her head that’s she’s somehow always a victim of someone and that everyone in her life is out to get her. One example was her ranting that I supposedly felt that I was ‘so much better than her’ (okay) for not knowing about the name of a specific cocktail (because I don’t drink) whilst she has a shitty grip on her alcoholism issues whilst at uni. Best part of her most recent retarded rambling was polishing off the speech by screeching at me to get a job. Me, who’s doing a law degree. When she’s never worked a day in her life and is one year out from graduating out an English degree. I simply had to laugh. And of course, I was the one who got dragged for it.

No. 1693278

quite inspiring. i'm 21 and can't drive, do have my learners but that was all theory- big anxiety to actually get myself on the road but this gives me hope and i'm proud of you, it's never too late to achieve anything.
as for your boyfriend, you should not have to put up with that. everyone experiences life at their own pace and to put you down for that is emotional and mental abuse. spite. surround yourself with people who will celebrate what you've done and appreciate you for who you are. he does not deserve you.

No. 1693283

What are you even mad about calm down

No. 1693423

All the apartments not in the worst and crime-riddenest part of the city are like $700 upwards a month–I'm a single pringle4lyfe, that's like asking $1400 of a couple, and I don't know a single one that'd be willing to pay so much for an apartment, no matter the age, so why should I reeee

No. 1693433

Wish we had those one room apartments here. Not studio but the really small ones that probably don't cost too much. Rent here is crazy. For a 2 bedroom apartment with nothing you need more than a monthly minimum wage. I couldn't afford that even if I shared it with a friend. I hate how it seems normal to everyone because they expect you to only move out once you're married.

No. 1693489

I would kill to get $700 rent. Here it's more like $1700 for a studio. 1 bd is $2400+.

No. 1693492

Same, are you in Canada?

No. 1693496

Burger west coast. It is hell. I'm fed up with it. Luckily rent is my only major expense and I don't need to own a car. I really just crave mass violence and blood debt to be paid out. Boomers could afford rent for 3 hours of wages at an ice cream shop. I'm going to go insane and end the world.

No. 1693506

Congrats, and I'd kill for an average burger income

No. 1693508

Families with little children manage to ruin everything. Went to the thermal baths today, decided to hang out in the Kneipp treatment area (two room-sized pools, one cold and one hot facing each other). People entering and clogging up the hot bath even though they could enjoy the same temperature water anywhere, with no plans on switching to the cold bath ever is always something you expect there. What I did not expect is families with 2-3 screeching children using the hot bath. The whole pool a 12m2 walled up area, which means the acoustics are strong, and little children laughing and screaming inside is torture, and yet their parents won't make them shut the fuck up and act decent in public. It's even more annoying because the kid's pool is closeby. Obviously they don't use the area for the intended hot-cold treatment either, they just act like the hot pool is their private pool. I wanted to tell them to fuck off to the kid's pool so many times.

No. 1693513

But did you say anything to them?

No. 1693514

Oh I'm west coast Canadafag, we're kind of in the same boat inflation wise. I feel your frustration completely, I'm in a pretty lucky position though cause I'm still living at home so my "rent" is like 350 paid to my mom kek. I'm so scared when I eventually have to move out, I really don't think I'm going to be able too for a long time unfortunately

No. 1693515

File: 1694365575522.jpeg (9.36 KB, 233x240, _ (17).jpeg)

tfw my airways are inflamed and I can't practice the french horn

No. 1693517

You should have honestly told them, not even "fuck off" but just said there is a kids pool close by and the kids pool always has warm temperature water.

No. 1693518

No, I did not want to start a fight, especially since different families kept coming one after another anyway, I just spent way too much time on the cold side

No. 1693524

In a lot of other cultures families live together and it isn't considered a failure on the child's part, it's just normal and how people live. It gives you an opportunity to save up money, care for the home with your parents raising its value, and eventually inhereting the home. I wish this was normalized in North America but our culture makes people who are in their 20s feel like their whole life is over if they haven't gone to university, moved out, bought a home and married by the time they hit 30.

No. 1693528

I forgot how exactly the quote went, but basically, when you don't plan on having kids, you don't really need to think about "leaving behind wealth". I found that kind of comforting.

I'm still saving up for retirement or whatever it'll be called in the future (emergency found still?) but at least I feel less bad about my spending and life in general. No one depends on me, just me. And I'm doing pretty good.

No. 1693536

At this point my friend doesn't even ask if she can bring someone else along, she simply does. I'd still kinda understand if it were some common friend between us, but some stranger for the first time? And not even a warning beforehand, but simply showing up with him? Really?

No. 1693541

Yeah that's true, although there isn't really any possibility of raising the house value, it was built in the 1930's and is quite literally falling apart. It would cost too much to raise the value than we would end up making back when selling, the property is where the money is so at least me and my sister will inherit that but a lot of that will have to go into paying for care for my mom when my dad passes. But it could be a lot worse, I'm grateful my parents let me stay here kek, some of my friends were pretty much kicked out at 18. I think it is at least becoming more normalized to be living at home later in life now, at least where I live. My neighbors are Serbian and their kids still live at home in their 30's and 40's, I guess it's just part of their culture to live at home until marriage. It is a better choice financially for the kids so their smart to do that.

No. 1693542

I'm sorry nonna. Growing up with an older sibling who makes you walk on egghshells all the time is the worst, and it's even worse when your parents are enabling that behavior. The worst is that they will keep seeing themselves as the victim even when you grow up, in your eyes you always "bullied" them.

No. 1693567

Nta, but westcoast Canadanon here too. The rent prices are crazy everywhere, not just in Vancouver too. But everywhere in BC you're paying just as much as a room in Vancouver because of the lack of housing supplies. I don't see how this is sustainable in the longrun and I fear for Canada's future. I wish it was an option for me to still live at my parent's house, because at least I'd be paying for rent that would help my parents and not paying for someone's mortgage, but all the job opportunities are in Vancouver.

No. 1693590

Not true. There’s logging industry, the railway, tourism, forestry, and lots of construction. My sister’s husband works for the railway industry and he gets awesome benefits and a good pension plan. My family runs a trailer park in a very popular tourist town and trailers for sale average between 50-200k. I actually left Canada last year and reside in the states now. It’s pretty chill so far.

No. 1693599

>just be a lumberjack, sis
because that's reasonable. nta. most non-city jobs are either minimum wage or for scrotes, because they are brute strength wage gorillas. remember those alaskan crabbing shows? how many of the workers were women? there's a reason women in bojunkle towns all get married at 19.
charge the battery.

No. 1693601

i need help seriously. I am hoard/consooom anon, but I want to have nice things, I’m kinda a weeb, so I have lolita and jfashion clothes that I have never worn, because I am fat and ugly, normie clothes that I dont wear because i am fat and ugly, i have anime figures that I recently started to massively buy because just now at 30 i have money, and I buy artbooks and such, and manga, but I have mo space for them. I also have a collection of videogames. My biggest thing is that I have been fat and ugly to do anything. I understand now that I don’t need any of the things I have wasted my money on because of it. But I want to hold to it still. But I dont have space. I am so conflicted, what do I do? I dont want to let go of it. I also have a hoard of mail, mostly bills and debts. I am going to trash them, who cares if they contain important info, that’s good right? I was originally gonna post in stupidquestions but, it’s not appropriate. I need help or advice, especially from anons who might have gone through the same. I am a retard 30 yo womanchild who still lives with parents and probably forever will. Because I am too stupid to live on my own. I can’t be the only one like this, right?

No. 1693623

watch some of those hoarder shows and get therapy before you are too far gone.
>I can't be the only one like this, right?
There are plenty of other mentally ill people, don't worry, nonna. TLC will show you others like you.

No. 1693641

>normie clothes that I dont wear because i am fat and ugly
Kek, same. But honestly if you're having trouble getting rid of stuff try with the stuff that gives you the most guilt and sadness about keeping it around if that makes sense. I used to hold onto clothes I used to wear clubbing when I was around 19/20/21, I would have never worn it again and I was no longer small enough to fit into them, and they were cheap dresses and shit from forever21 so they were long out of style anyway. It made me sad to think about getting rid of them but keeping them around made me so depressed about no longer being "young" and partying and being that size, it was honestly a relief after giving them away because they were no longer hanging around to give me constant reminders of my past. It also helps to have some memories of the items, like pictures or something, that may sound weird but it helps me let go of a lot of stuff I no longer need. I get worried I'll forget about it or miss it, but if I have photos of me using or wearing the item it's like a little keepsake or memento. Hope that helps, sorry you're struggling, I'm pretty much in the same boat. But I have faith in us nonnie

No. 1693659

I've had terrible hypochondria all my life but up until now I've only worried about non-concrete symptoms. But recently I have found several lumps in different places and at first I thought it was just lipoma but they seem to have become more over time. For the first time I am actually preparing for real bad news but at the same time I am not that scared if things should turn out bad.

No. 1693691

Use a drawer cabinet for mail/documents, be reasonable, don't throw out documents too soon.

No. 1693699

In my online information science class this semester I need to go out and do a "reference interview" for an assignment. I considered going to my old university library but I'm at home instead while this assignment is due tonight. My anxiety is too high to talk to some stranger at a desk and try to ask them for help with a fake research topic like a dumbass.

I'm going to do the assignment, of course. But I'm going to bullshit the fake "encounter". The professor is in another state and doesn't know the library at all. I remember enough of it to fudge the details anyway. I just feel like a bad person. Maybe I'm being silly.

No. 1693703

Nta but to be fair logging, railway, and forestry are extremely physically demanding jobs, not to mention dangerous. People aren't exactly lining up for those jobs and for good reason, except maybe male cokeheads. And you kind of have to have money to start up something like a family owned trailer park kek

No. 1693748

I have a male "friend" I've cut off several times and he wants to meet again. I don't even know what to reply. He isn't even trying, so why should I?

No. 1693750

I always come to the same crossroads, which is: Do I cling to a bad friend I've had for a long time or do I plunge into complete isolation

No. 1693767

I hate my old flatmate so much, I invited her to live with me because she was going to be made homeless (a lie) or have to live with her abusive mother (also a lie.) Flatmate immediately comes out as a gayden but we get on well so I just ignore the tif stuff and don't bring it up. Tif flatmate then tried it on with my Nigel whilst I was at my parents and my Nigel lost his shit and yelled at tif to gtfo our flat. Tif flatmate then admits to lying to me to be able to move in with me so she could try and get closer to my nigel. Immediately then runs away and leaves a load of her Steven Universe aesthetic bs here and idfk if she's coming back for it or not kek

No. 1693777

I always give a second chance if female, tell them to kick rocks if male

No. 1693786

I feel like everything imaginable has gone wrong with my car and I just flat out do not have money to handle this. This is the worst possible timing. I used up some of my emergency fund for a true emergency and had to travel/not work for a bit. Second emergency hits during the 1st. Travelling caused big issue for my old vehicle. Dipped more into savings because I need the car in order to work and earn money. 2nd big issue with car happens and I am trying to figure out how to fund it via credit cards. I go to my 1st job outing since 1st emergency happened, and the car wont start, might be bad starter no jumping worked, which is the 3rd major issue in 4 weeks. I have it towed almost 30 miles home. Idk what to do anymore. I have to attend to 2nd emergency this next week which entails driving 5 hrs away. I havent made any money in weeks, my savings is dry, and my car is dead. Idk what to do. Everything hit at once and idk if ive ever experienced a cascade of tragedies like this before. I recognize that I am incredibly lucky though because if a couple small things were different for me at this moment, I believe I would be looking at eviction in the next 2months. I am greatful that isnt the case, but god damn money is just so tight and I am at a loss right now.

No. 1693789

i am currently going through this. it sucks.

No. 1693827

>can't fit in with normies
>can't fit in with true and honest weirdos either, feel like an extreme outsider amongst the most outsider people possible
no hope for me

No. 1693828

Post the steven universe belongings kek

No. 1693841

I had a friend that used to do this too and it's a sign they don't respect you

No. 1693845

I give up

No. 1693846

My stupid question was turning into a vent so I'm here to talk about my sister, I know we had a shit emotionally abusive dad and an absent mother but I find her to be so sociopathic, especially now that we're fully grown up adults. She didn't beat me up but she would throw huge bricks at my fucking head, for no reason, maybe I accidentally kicked some sand that touched her shin, that would be enough to warrant a whole ass brick thrown at my head at 5yo, I remember it being before I started school so had to be 5 at most. She never showed any interest in our pets, surprisingly she didn't harm them but she never fed them or brushed them, but she would do this whole "I LOVE animals, I love my family" to anyone who would listen, even as a kid I wondered if she knew how deranged that seemed to the people who had seen her at our place. She would either ignore me or physically and emotionally batter me, I have huge ass scars on my arms because she would claw at me just for passing her by too loudly, she burned my hair due to what I can guess to be jealousy because as a kid I had very different type of hair than she did. Now she has awful anger issues, she has pets she never takes care of, no pet she has ever been around has enjoyed her company, her husband takes care of the animals and they seem fine but she does the same with her kids. I go around to take them to the park or for a sleepover, ask what cereal they like so I can get the right kind and she says she doesn't know what they eat, doesn't recognise names when I say we bumped into her kid's best friend on the way over here, doesn't know their favorite shows or even colors. She keeps taking photos of them, posting them doing the exact same shit she did as a 10 year old, I love my family, my pets, they are my world and they love me too! ask me a thing about them and I cannot answer and will seem bored and not notice how people look at me like I am weird. I genuinely, wholeheartedly think there's something missing in her, I know our dad was an awful asshole but he always focused on bullying me, but maybe he managed to do something awful to my sister before I was born that manifested this way I don't fucking know, but it's disturbing. It's fucking chilling, how the fuck do you have kids and pets who never wanna be around you yet you keep on this facade that no one believes in because it's so clear, not even subtle, how the fuck do I as an aunt who lives quite far away know the kids' friends parents names and she doesn't know what fucking cereal they like? Yeah because you don't even feed them, like ever. She has broken her own fingers "slapping" her husband, gotten into trouble with every boss or supervisor, she always gets bullied at work and I just can't help thinking she is always the problem because she was fucked up from the get go, and at this point it's her responsibility to take care of her mental health. She also has diagnoses she refuse to seek medication or therapy for, god knows why but it's creepy to see this seemingly very motherly and well put together woman be so, I don't fucking know, dead on the inside? This was a lot but stuff happened today and it made realise she was never normal.

No. 1693851

i think if you’re against abortion you should rot, respectfully. how are there women against abortion??

No. 1693857

I'm not against it but i'am disturbed at the lack of responsibility. fuck around and find out. literally. it's the easy way out and I don't like how its marketed to women as this easy thing when you are quite literally killing you're child. lmao. no amount of sugar coating is going to change that fact. I'm not against it but also you are killing you're child lol.

No. 1693858

And here we have you, an example of a child who should have been aborted

No. 1693859

you’d be surprised at the amount of responsibility most (not all) women who have had abortions have. i’ve heard countless stories that women are haunted mentally after having one, even years later too

No. 1693860

>I don't like how its marketed to women as this easy thing
>literally. it's the easy way out
Which is it anon?

No. 1693865

sigh. here we go. I wouldn't have a problem with abortion if you libshits stopped pretending it's anything other than fucked up. yes, you are terminating you're child. you are killing it. admit that fact and move the fuck on and stop trying to rebrand it as this thing that is totes ok and totally normal!

Kill you're child in peace and don't say a word about it. no one needs an enlightened social media post about you killing you're child.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1693866

I can't take you serious because you keep using "you're" when it should be "your"

No. 1693867

Rich freaks are not saying communism is worse than nazis because of that. They think rich people are oppressed and them being criticized is worse than nazism kek. Who denied communists killing people? Nazis have done more damage than anyone

No. 1693868

Never understood women who love to pretend abortion is barely legalized murder we all tearfully tolerate. "Murder is justified sometimes except when it's not and I know best when it isn't because I'm better than those sluts who rack up abortions like xbox achievements" yes, yes, those pesky no good women who don't fall to the floor traumatized should be forced to go through births because they didn't really need the abortion, you're right.
Also gotta kek at "you're killing your child" that's a fetus. Doesn't even know what where it is, and they miscarry all the dang time. I guess we're all murderers, here.
I wish the internet was widespread when you were gestating. We could have framed your mom's celebratory abortion announcement.

No. 1693869

>you libshits
>you are terminating you're child
>no one needs an enlightened social media post about you killing you're child
Um, all I did was ask you whether it was easy or not because your post was confusing asf, but I guess it's cool that you can get all of that information out of just four words.

No. 1693872

I have never had a crush on anyone before and I’m 23. All my relationships and situtationships with both men and women were because they were the ones to ask me out and I felt like I had to give them a chance. I just don’t seem to be capable of romanticising people the most I can do is thinking someone is hot in a pure sexual way. I do wish I could fall in love but I just can’t. Idk what’s wrong with me. Am I autistic nonnas?

No. 1693873

Nah my first thought is attachment issues

No. 1693874

you are on an imageboard. you ARE the weirdo. stop acting like you are better than other the weirdos you will find friends easily

No. 1693875

I have so much bullshit itll take days to sift through so much paper , but ill try thanks nonna
Thanks nonna for your comment, and I feel this. I get so depressed looking at my old clothes; they were thrifted from long ago back before the craze so I have some good pieces but they dont fit me anymore. It’s all just so depressing. I was diagnosed with PCOS and just recently insulin resistance so I feel so defeated; I will never lose much weight again to where I can fit them again, and I cannot eat like before, so I’ve been feeling so bad about everything.

No. 1693876

Men are retarded and think women treat abortion as an easy thing rather than a last resort to failed contraception because they are perceiving women from a male point of view. If men were women that would be the case because they are soulless and reckless creatures unable to take responsibility for their actions, and only rage about it's existence because there's a full path to avoid essentially letting men trap you and fulfill their parasitic nature. My vent is why are men so retarded and reckless and unable to see women as people separate to them rather than as objects to use to fulfill their own goals/dreams. Men will ree about women controlling things when women don't even have full rights in America because a minority of scrotes seethe that they want women to be vessels for mens use and not people of their own.

No. 1693877

Her feel is so textbook I see it on here like 5x a week it's less about feeling better than the weirdos and more about low self esteem and not having a tribe.

No. 1693878

I'm with other nona on this one, I mean sure you could be autistic but that alone just tells me you have attachment issues. You can work on those but it's painful and a lot of work.

No. 1693880

I fucking want a big sloppy disgusting gross cheap fast food order, but I've been eating on a healthy streak for too long to stop for something that's gonna make me feel sick. I'm watching a police interrogation and this woman being handed a cold thin hamburger made me so envious. I have a huge salad kit to eat but holy shit. I want heartburn.

No. 1693881

was it the camgirl with the uggs?

No. 1693882

nonners i know, i'm not acting like i'm better than them. i know i'm on lc, that's the only place i fit in without being ridiculed (not this post, but my other posts get by just fine, i'm your average poster).
>not having a tribe
how the fuck do i fix that if i don't get along with anyone non-anonymous?

No. 1693883

Eh, have you considered that you just aren't that interested? For example almost all "love" is often just temporary, mostly a social construct, and ends up failing. Without society it wasn't really a thing for two people to be together forever either. A lot of modern day therapy and thinking wants people to end up in hetero relationships so it frames any woman that feels differently as odd/having mental issues.

Beware. I knew someone that just never liked anyone in that way and tried to "fix" herself by dating men that ended up mistreating her. It was tragic and after making peace with it she realized she just wanted to pursue her hobbies and friendships.

No. 1693884

you guys are not the first person to mention attachment issues to me. i feel like i identify with the avoidant attachment type a lot… not sure what to do to fix it if it was developed during infancy/toddlerhood. am i just fucked forever?

No. 1693886

that’s a good point actually. i never cared for the modern romance stuff. maybe there isn’t anything wrong with me i just don’t care and don’t want kids anyway

No. 1693887

Nope, but good guess! This one was a baby killer, unfortunately. No notoriety beforehand

No. 1693888

damn but I hope her burger was a shitty one and that your salad is a great one, nona

No. 1693889

Nta but calm down, anon didn't even say anything like that.

No. 1693910

Nta, but you know, I think the problem lies more in your self confidence issues. Calling yourself fat and ugly in such a negative way is imo an externalization of your self esteem issues.
Idk nonna! Not everyone is born beautiful and with thin perfect metabolism genetics. The best you can do is focus on radical acceptance or whatever it's called, and maybe look into turning your old clothes into something nice like a scrap blanket/quilt. That way you'll learn a skill and have something for your brain to focus on.
I do feel you about the PCOS. Moving forward, the best thing to do is figure out a steady exercise regime and diet that you like that keeps you healthy. (I assume your doctor put you on metformin, so be sure to take that like you're meant to, if so.) Once you have those figured out, you'll reach a weight plateau, and then you'll know what size to build your wardrobe to. A lot of people will mention HIIT workouts, but if you don't want to do those, then don't. Not everyone wants muscle, and not everyone wants to spend so much time at the gym because they simply don't enjoy it. You gotta find some positives to occupy yourself with. Oh, also, weight gain and bloating is related to bad sleep hygiene, so try resting at consistent times and for the amount you need.
Sorry if this was all stuff you already knew. Just remember being in your situation a long while back, and I hope some of this was helpful. You'll be okay, nonna. You're not some hideous creature, you're a woman going through a rough time right now. It'll get better.

Let me know if you want help/advice with the "hoarding" and paper pile up, I don't know if you already threw that all out kek

No. 1693919

if you like or feel lukewarm about intimate platonic friendships you probably don't even have attachment issues either. Crushing, etc, is really fun but it also can be addictive and often involves a lot of idealization sooo it's not really a bad thing to not feel it…people are inclined to tell you otherwise because women are expected to be on the "menu" especially when they're young. and yeah, if I had to guess you probably are fine unless you experience some extreme reaction or stress to receiving or giving any kind of affection to someone in general. note that the majority of women often end up in bad or mediocre relationships and that says a lot more about how being in a relationship is normalized even if they're relatively entropic than them.

No. 1693925

This has always been my problem too. Why is there no middle ground between complete normies and people who pretend to be cats in public for sexual thrill?

No. 1693929

Everything is boring, I haven't been interested in something in years. I go to work because I have to in order to live, I make huge one-pot meals i eat for days on end because I just don't care, and I sleep almost all of my free time outside of work because there is nothing I want to do. I'm even losing interest in spending time with my pets. Of course I still care for them but it doesn't bring me much joy anymore. As my life goes on more and more things just fade into grey. I'm straight up mad I have to live through so many more years of this.

No. 1693945

Seek treatment for depression. Sorry this is happening to you. Hope you find joy in life again, soon.

No. 1693950

I have a crush on a 45 year old and I'm 27. Do you think there has to be something inherently wrong with the dude if he's single at this age? He's divorced btw. I promised myself I would never go after an older man, I struggled with daddy issues when I was younger but I never acted on them. And now, well. I tried to find some decent guy around my age but they're all taken. This guy makes me feral. I'm scared he won't take me seriously and will be interested in me only because I'm younger. I have an actual relationship in mind

No. 1693955

I've been medicated a million different ways for 10 years. This is just how it's going to be.

No. 1693960

zon’t zo zit zonna. zjust zon’t

No. 1693966

I can't tell if I feel sick from not eating anything of sustenance or if I'm sick from eating too many Doritos
Now that I think of it, I actually haven't had any days since this month started that my stomach hasn't hurt from something food related.

No. 1693977

I’m a little worried about going to work tomorrow because the room I’m in leaks right above my desk. I had unplugged everything electric and put some plastic sheets over everything after hearing it was going to rain, but it was like torrential for the weekend.

No. 1693986

File: 1694396723298.jpeg (22.52 KB, 263x192, IMG_2038.jpeg)

Nonnas I don’t know what to do anymore. I am sisyphus. Constantly moving forwards and backwards. I am so incredibly alone but I don’t allow myself to try and change that and frankly I don’t know how anymore. I think I need a fresh start before I kms and like idk move to a walkable city make many friends and have a good friendship group but simply how? I think I may be destined to repeat my cycles forever. What needs to change for things to improve for me anymore I do not know. I have contemplated interacting in or posting in the friend finder thread but have got too anxious and the lines between anonymity and real life become blurred and I’m unsure how I feel about that currently.

No. 1693988

I'm tired of being a kissless virgin. I mean, if it feels like he doesn't take me seriously I can always back off right?

No. 1693991

SA I think my toxic relationship probably plays a huge part in my issues but thats something I’ve been generally struggling immensely with, I struggle being alone but I know I deserve better and outside sources have described my relationship as toxic and (emotionally) abusive, it feels like it should end but I’m still holding on for whatever reason, guess I’m delusional (about this among other things kek) but I believe this is a big reason why I’m so stressed about trying to improve my life and make it fulfilling I don’t know this is all cringe and I am regretful for existing for this long on false hope.

No. 1693994

What's the point in being alive again? I work really hard with little support or thanks. I'm thankful for my friends, but it's always a lot of effort to socialize with them because they don't know how to emotionally support me and they don't have the same interests as me. I still end up doing so much alone, working so hard for 40 hours a week, always trying to manage my anxiety and occasional depression that comes up- and for what? I know I shouldn't expect rewards out of life, but it's so exhausting.

No. 1693997

Yeah co-signed. I’m just waiting for my chance to kill myself once my parents pass away, which will probably not be for a couple more decades at least. This shit is boring and I’m done with it.

No. 1694005

why am i such a horrible procrastinator holy fuck

No. 1694006

I got attached to my hardcore character in diablo and she died.

No. 1694050

I wish it was so easy for me to fall in love with people. Maybe then I would have gotten over my ex by now instead of having this obsessive and delusional spiral going on for more than a year now. I envy those who can easily form connections with people, and I envy those who can form healthy relationships and make it work with the person they love. Just feeling very sad tonight and lamenting over my failed love life, and I just don't know what to do to make this sadness go away.

No. 1694075

Are you really planning on losing your virginity to someone’s leftovers? On top of that he is old enough to be your dad. Get up, nonna. If you are horny, go masturbate and also stop listening to lana del rey for a few weeks. Virginity is a social construct anyway.

No. 1694145

Nta but
>stop listening to lana del rey
Kek, for some of us Lanafags the daddy issues came before the music, not the music gave us daddy issues lol

No. 1694186

Hate when I have a gross/creepy dream and wake up feeling like shit and the day is ruined before it even started.

No. 1694188

Lana doesn't preach daddy issues, she never dated ugly expired men like you guys romanticize. Get theraphy.

No. 1694190

>she never dated ugly expired men like you guys romanticize.
I've dated one moid that was my age, relax it was a joke. No one can have fun here and banter anymore cause some of you always have your back up over nothing.

No. 1694192

didn't she date some bisexual guy who was into incest and beastality

No. 1694193

He wasn't actually, he was a troll.

No. 1694194

Nta but yeah she's dated a lot of gross men tbh

No. 1694214

My dad keeps talking to me about my retirement and future planning like I’m really gonna live to 60. Is he retarded

No. 1694215

I feel like a prisoner of my own mind. I just don't know what to do to get these insane obsessive thoughts out of my head. I wish lobotomies was still a thing and maybe then I'd finally find inner peace as a potato.

No. 1694216

I knew when I was very little life was going to be hard. I thought it wouldn't be that bad since my parents are pretty well off but that was not the case, things have been super shit. should have killed myself before high school but now I've lived too long for it to be easy to die. like, all the embarrassing stuff I'll leave behind and now ive had time to build up dreams and aspirations, too used to being alive

No. 1694222

She deleted her videos. That filthy fucking bitch. She wants to change up her look? Delete the videos that made her channel in the first place? Now I’ve found out everything her life. I’ll fucking skin her alive if I ever meet her in person.(calm down)

No. 1694224

And the admins just refuse to get back to the people applying to be farmhands. Tragic.

No. 1694230

I pray you off yourself soon before you hurt anyone else

No. 1694231

a-logging might be the reason why anon

No. 1694236

I’m sick of eating healthy. Dieting takes so long. I just want to be thin and eat what I want, but last time I did that after losing weight I gained it all back.

No. 1694238

Who is that and what is the context?

No. 1694240

Brb checking to see if Taylor R deleted her videos since this is a Kiki tier meltdown

No. 1694242

I have no idea, they just threatened to skin a woman like Buffalo Bill girl

No. 1694246

Oh right because saying "why won't farmhands delete this" is much worse than "I wanna peel your skin off for deleting your videos you filthy fucking bitch"

No. 1694247

Feeling this song so much tonight.

I just wanted to be loved by you.

No. 1694249

sad i spent a birthday giftcard on a treat and the place changed their recipe. its shit now. i shouldve just bought the other thing i wanted which wouldve cost way less. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

No. 1694258

fuck people who come into work sick, where I work we have a generous WFH flexi working policy. Last week there were so many people in office coughing and sneezing and today I can feel my throat hurting and my body feeling weak. I hate people. They ruin everything.

No. 1694261

Eat garlic confit cloves then drink a massive bowl of chicken soup with a few drops of magnesium and you'll be good as new

No. 1694263

I'm a massive autist, I fucking hate it. But I'm as open about this with my boyfriend as I can be. He understands my triggers and behaviours and typically everything is fine. A big trigger for me is being ignored with absolutely no context. Leading up to him just blanking me last night, I fainted, this is common for me when it is too warm and typically I am out for no more than 3 minutes- any longer is cause for concern. When I came round I realised I'd been out for about 10 minutes and he was aware, just stepping over me and going about his business. I asked why he would do that after the 3 minute mark when he knows thats bad. After that he just ignored me. I said multiple times he does not have to tell me what is wrong he just needs to tell me he does not want to talk about it now, but for about 2 hours he just did not. He rolled over and went to sleep and I just got worked up and had a retard moment where I hit myself and just get so frustrated with everything. He restrained my arms to prevent me from hitting myself but I managed to bite my arms pretty hard still. I once I'd calmed down a bit I just said please just acknowledge me in some way because I have no idea what is going on and it is freaking me out. So after nearly 3 hours and a meltdown he said he just didnt want to talk. I'm pretty sure I was a bit of a cunt in response cos I was like why would you do something that you know sets me off and wait until I've been set off to say a simple sentence. Its the next day and he's still refusing to talk to me but at least I know he just does not want to talk now. This is probably worse than it needs to be cos I'm a retard but at the same time, he's known that since day 1 with me and decided to stick around and move in with me

No. 1694265

I hate it too, and I hate it when they brag about working so hard while sick like they're martyrs.

No. 1694268

Its giving Patrick Bateman. I hate when bpdfags spam their creepy alogs here

No. 1694279

men either seethe about abortion because they see it as rejection of their defective cum or they fuck women without condoms while pressuring them to abort as if it's like having a haircut
men DO NOT give a fuck about abortion, the veneer of pro life is them being insects wanting to inject their genetic material no matter the cost. + to punish women for having sex with men that are not them in particular. men do not care about anything beyond their penis and balls frankly
women really never treat it casually, when they seem to do so it's obvious coping/joking that men somehow get ultra triggered about because they care soooo much about "murder" (as if they don't kill their families every day)

No. 1694283

Are you that retarded thriftfag too fucking stupid to do basic chores? Kekkkk(bringing infights from thread to thread)

No. 1694288

feeling disturbed

No. 1694290

File: 1694422470120.png (2.57 MB, 2660x772, literlaly shutup.png)

Trying to make fun of olivia rodrigo's ugly boob job and can't because thriftfags mortal enemy can't stop sperging(carrying infights cross-thread)

No. 1694297

Why do anons get so fucking obsessed with anons they infight with? Especially ones where the anon hasn't been replying to them all day? Like just take the L and to you're on an anonymous board it's not like you need to make an apology video

No. 1694303

Go back to staring at her tits then we dgaf

No. 1694309

Why do you keep bringing up your birth year like it's some free pass to do and say whatever you want? You just come off as a baiter

No. 1694315

What is your obsession with "baiters" and "free passes"? Do your fucking laundry entitled zoomer cunt(bringing infights from thread to thread)

No. 1694321

File: 1694424856276.png (1019.43 KB, 970x632, Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 11.32…)

I hate gift receiving and never ask people for gift. I hate it because they always put 0 thought into it and just give you shit you don't like. They claim it's to be nice but they couldn't even bother to get to know your likes and interests to actually make a thoughtful gift. It just shows they don't actually care/know you.
My bf's parents gave me one of these and 1. I never wear bracelets 2.It's ugly and looks cheap 3.It's too big and almost falls off. They couldn't call my bf and ask him what type of jewelry I like. Now I have to keep this shit in case they ever ask about it, thanks for the clutter.
My bf's sister also gave me an ugly shirt once that was way too small. It's donated now. She also always gifts him things SHE likes, and they just clutter the house.

No. 1694368

yeah. if you want to give me something so bad give me a giftcard so i get something i actually like

No. 1694372

??? This is the first time I'm commenting on any of your many posts, seek help

No. 1694377

no1curr weirdo
>inb4 yet u riplayd sooooo

No. 1694380

He's 45, not 47 (big difference I know kek), also he has a nice body and he looks pretty good for that age, I would assume he's in his late 30s if I didn't know him. Doesn't look expired anyway
Then where do I find a decent man my age? Men my age are either nice but taken or pornsick manchildren who smoke weed and drink every week. Also they're balding in their 20s and they don't take care of themselves. This guy has a head full of hair, a fit body, nice jawline and cheekbones and is like 6'1 which already makes him better looking than most men my age

No. 1694393

Wash your smelly twat nonna. If only you dedicated the time to laundry and showering as you do as larping as different anons.(stop)

No. 1694400

NTA but
>you are so stinky i can smell you through the screen
>do your laundry
What are these comebacks?

No. 1694402

I know this feel all too well. It's hard but you must accept that the diet is for life. For some of us, if we stop tracking calories, it's over. So either you must genuinely change the "what I want" part of "eat what I want", or what was easier for me, committing to measuring everything I eat for the rest of my life. But I wanted to say I relate. It's infuriating how some people can just exist in the world freely and it never feels like it's us.

No. 1694406

If he's not taken yet, at that big age, there's a good reason.
He is unlikely to commit to anything serious, especially if he's never been married. I am old myself and see this in the men around me. Men who aren't committed by mid/late 30s are usually what used to be called "confirmed bachelors".

No. 1694414

>especially if he's never been married.
I mentioned in OP that he's divorced, he also has a daughter from that marriage and he's co parenting

No. 1694437

Kek imagine being willing to lose your virginity to a man who left his wife who he has a daughter with. The cycle will repeat with his daughter too and she'll also get used by older men like you. Tragic.

No. 1694441

ok you are down bad already. go confess or something i guess good luck nonna i have nothing else to say you are a lost case already

No. 1694443

samefag but if he’s that fit and good looking and still got dumped by his wife then there is 100% something wrong with him. Again, if you are down bad, do what you want but no woman with a child decides to divorce her hot husband out of nowhere. Don’t put your pussy on crazy, methinks

No. 1694451

>advising virgin with no dating experience to fuck a man twice her age who probably cheated and left his wife
Really? She'll get fucked over.

No. 1694484

anachans and positive fatties should marry one another, they may be on opposite sides of the scale (quite literally) but they're so damn annoying. kudos to whoever made it the norm to glorify and enable this shit

No. 1694489

there are coquettetards who unironically only date spoiled goods shrunk balls moids because of hearing a ldr song once, check out their thread in /snow/

No. 1694495

i’m a huge swiftiefag and mitskifag, never ever got the lana appeal

No. 1694522

Anachans are far superior to bowling balls who cry when someone tells them to put down the hot cheetos. I’d rather someone be annoying for not eating than be annoying for gluttony

No. 1694523

>I’m a virgin

No. 1694524

Nta but
>attractive people never divorce each other
Ever heard of Hollywood? But seriously, it can happen anywhere and just because people divorced doesn't mean one of them was crazy or abusive

No. 1694536

File: 1694449117094.jpg (6.18 KB, 183x275, grossss.jpg)

I hate hate hate pornsick moids especially otakus! I have the misfortune of sitting next to one during a flight last weekend. He was reading hentai manga on his huge screen mobile phone shamelessly. And he smelt bad too! Disgusting!!! Thank god it was only a one hour flight or else I would've jumped off the plane. There should be a law banning moids from being into anime/manga because they ruin everything. Only women can be interested in it.

No. 1694540

I hate living in a rural town where everyone is either old or a redneck because I can't wear good fashionable clothes in public without being ridiculed and stared at as if I were a weirdo. I'm jealous of nonnies in cities because you can go and walk around/hang out at bars while well-dresses and no one gives a shit.

No. 1694541

Ntayrt but most people in hollywood (mostly the men tho) are crazy or abusive, kind of proves anon's point kek

No. 1694542

I just bought a $50 dollar supplement for my grandpa because he never asks for anything and his birthday is coming up. I think it's gonna be snake oil but maybe it'll help his pain. I'm mad though because when you order it, it automatically puts you on a subscription. What a dirty trick and they know what they're doing because of course most of the people buying this supplement are going to be older people. Fuck off.

No. 1694543

But if you’re in Hollywood you can just get another “hot” guy like that. Amongst normies a moderately attractive guy is a rarity and a decent one would be hailed as a god kek

No. 1694544

You should have bullied him. I bully scrotes irl and it’s so fun. I want to start keying “faggot ass pedo” into the cars of weebs with anime stickers but I don’t wanna get arrested kek.

No. 1694550

File: 1694451086456.png (85.22 KB, 275x203, C196A05A-F4F4-4382-9199-1A3726…)

Seeing white passing people with massive hateboners for white people is so weird. Like they always sperg the most about how much they hate white people but obviously it’s only for personal vendetta. This girl is (rightfully) criticizing Taylor Swift for being a snake and going on and on about not being able to trust white women but is also a Pewdiepie fan? Girl you don’t fucking care you’re just a handmaiden. I’m not trying to be a bitch over white people criticisms but like sometimes the hypocrisy is too much.

No. 1694556

I'm late, but I initially thought the OP is a reference to this video.

Onto the vent: I feel so empty and unmotivated these months. It's like I'm a husk of my former self, with nothing left underneath. I'm bored all the time, but nothing sparks joy anymore. Nothing matters. I don't care about my goals, or, if I do, I just feel annoyed and disappointed that I have some sort of inner resistance to achieve them. It happens rarely though, for the most part I just feel extreme pressure from realization how pretty much none of it matters. Not on a grand scheme of things, and not to me anymore. I did develop a routine of healthy habits however, but if I'm being truly honest with myself, I do these things mostly out of boredom. Everything else, everything that made me myself, all these sources of deep emotional experience, all of that just… it's retarded. It doesn't make sense. Doesn't serve any purpose. Doesn't matter. I'm not allowed to experience these things. Something in my mind tells me that.
Sometimes I think about suicide, but not the same way I used to when I was living in an abusive household. These days it's kind of apathetic. "Yeah, nothing to see here anymore. Don't care if I die tomorrow. Nothing here matters anyway." I genuinely start to feel frustrated that I wake up. It's not like I have anything to be frustrated about much, I finally actually have time and resources to heal. Is this a part of healing, to feel hollow? To feel like nothing matters? Or I just got worse…? Or maybe I'm not used to being in a healthy environment and have opportunities, so my brain kind of stresses itself out of habit. Either way, I'm so tired of living.

No. 1694559

why is it that these types always have a certain stench to them? like how does one just not feel the need to shower after a day or two, it's insane to me. this is why i try to avoid going to video game or comic shops IRL because without fail there's always some unwashed, greasy moid stinking the place up. sorry you were stuck next to that on a plane nonny

No. 1694593

There’s lots of different medications you can try, I know it’s not always a chemical imbalance that can be fixed but it helped me and it took over a decade of trial and error. Professional help is really important too because we tend to only see the worst in ourselves. Having an unbiased person work with you makes all the difference and can help you get to the root cause of why you feel this way. Taking care of yourself in general seems stupid and futile but you will feel better if you do, so why not try before throwing in the towel completely? I’m a shut in too, and I didn’t understand the point of suffering if it was all just a repetitious hell regardless of what I did. I don’t have good relations with my family, I don’t have family at all tbh but there’s still hope to feel happy someday. I went from “If I die, who will be competent enough to take care of my cat?” to “I was not seeing things objectively and there is a reason to keep going, even and especially if it’s for self improvement”, and you deserve to give yourself a chance at least. You deserve to be happy, you don’t have to accomplish some great thing or make people proud of you to deserve happiness and peace in your life. No one asked to be here but we trudge through and eventually things improve. I was also really bad when my meds got upped before it gradually got better and I saw the point to being alive, how much potential I have even now at 30 and stunted due to PTSD/the like. The transitional period was fucking horrible but I knew I didn’t want to die so I had to endure and it eventually got better. I’m not a brand new person or anything but I see my potential and the point now, I have the perspective to at least try. You’re going to die someday anyways nona, at least stick around for something in the meantime. You won’t regret living when you’re on your deathbed, y’know? You’ll have given it a real shot and have given yourself the opportunity to feel better. Make a burner if you wanna talk, mine is anony098@mail.com

No. 1694594

Tbh white men are the ones who pray on nonwhite women so I agree. I've seen so many white men target nonwhite women assuming they'd be easier to get with or have lower self esteem

No. 1694601

File: 1694455724178.jpeg (45.89 KB, 932x726, IMG_3334.jpeg)

nayrt. please elaborate Nona what are ur bullying tactics

No. 1694605

where is this precious little princess from pls?

No. 1694621

This is the vent thread. I was venting about some sperg coming into the Celebricows thread and shitting it up, yet I'm somehow the problem and not the actual freak who won't stop screaming about the poor nonique who only buys clothes and has never done laundry. Lolcow is a dictatorship and not in the fun cool way it used to be. It gets more scrotish and whiny everyday.(ban evasion)

No. 1694646

Not sure if this is better suited for the hidden board, but.
Why do gendies make me violently sick when seeing them online but when I interact with them IRL I can do it just fine? Seeing people I know irl bring up pronouns through text makes me want to literally puke from stress, whereas meeting the same people irl I cal use the pronouns they ask me to without it being too hard on me (it still gives me stress don't get me wrong but I can typically internally laugh those delusions off). Why? My theory is that such a misogynistic ideology makes me sick to my stomach, but when I see people's faces I can't help but feel empathy as humans. But then I go back home, think about those people without seeing their faces, and get terribly ill that they hold such fucking stupid, harmful beliefs.

No. 1694650

File: 1694459090255.jpeg (176.06 KB, 1170x361, IMG_4431.jpeg)

And now the only farmhand on duty is PMS’ing bad so everyone is getting punished for one retards behavior. Kek. Just because laundryfag flew off the handle in the wrong thread doesn’t mean that it’s OP’s fault?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1694652

Right? I was reading the summary and trying to understand what OP did to get redtexted cause they didn’t even link the shit derailing that’s been going on.
This ship is sinking

No. 1694657

Redtexted for saying the farmhands are acting scrotish, instead of farmhands just writing out a response

Yeah we’re definitely headed down a bad path if users are getting banned for pointing out the obvious.

No. 1694666

Yeah pretty much that. Especially if you recently got radicalized and you didn't give a shit about preferred pronouns one way or the other 2 years ago.

I personally stopped caring about trans people hurting themselves through the brainwashing, and at my core I believe life is too short to make someone upset over something minor like pronouns, so I don't care about most trans people irl since usually not unbearable and usually don't make me feel uncomfortable. But when you're online you just see the worst of the worst. Thankfully those types are terminally online.

No. 1694667

I feel like such a de/g/en right now, nonnies. It feels so good though, aaaa

No. 1694691

Infighting across threads has always been a bannable offense though. Not defending anyone cause I also got a stupid ban today and complained in /meta/ about something else, but anons need to stop carrying shit from thread to thread.

No. 1694706

Yeah, that’s about my same situation actually. Thank you nonnie.

No. 1694718

I think the thread OP got redtexted cause she's one of the anons that's been sperging up celebricows and getting into various infights about it across multiple threads. And she keeps accusing random anons of being celebs selfposting. She seems like a sperg tbh

No. 1694730

You need a PhD just to work at SiriusXM…

No. 1694732

I stress ate and now I feel so physically and mentally disgusting

No. 1694734

File: 1694466845701.jpg (26.89 KB, 736x431, 8806db8849ab167a7a6b9a6431a3bb…)

nonnies I want to go ape shit, I want to lose myself, I want to just scorch everything, I want to break free, leave, never come back. I'm in my 30's working a dead end job that makes me miserable, I haven't had a real relationship ever, my body is constantly breaking apart, a BPD-chan took years of my life, my friends only use me to dump their emotional baggage on, I'm just so done with life and every single day just being another dull ass disappointment waiting to happen and nothing just matters anymore. I barely have the energy to get up from bed and feed myself, I'm so anxious and depressed and I have no energy to even seek help. I'm so fucking tired of living like this and I feel like despite being so young my life's course has been set and I'm never going to recover and I have nearly 50 years left of this suffering. Fuck this stupid fucking life, I at least wish I had the mental capacity to do my dishes.

No. 1694735

I literally still have grease on my face as I type this. I feel so fucking gross.

No. 1694740

>I'm in my 30's working a dead end job
How does someone end up in this situation? You've had over a decade to fix your life

No. 1694746

I'm trying to cope saying maybe my 30s will be good because my teens and 20s were rocky but maybe they will be the same and I should just kill myself before my birthday next Spring. I'm tired.

No. 1694747

Ignore the piece of shit above me, I’m rooting for you.

No. 1694751

Nta but
>tfw I only learned how to maintain every day hygiene and making phone calls by myself at 25
Some people are retarded autists anon. Looking at my iq you wouldn't tell I'm retarded but in real life I am quite retarded. I also got my first job at 26. Thank god I have some talent to rely on and some people want to buy my art, if I could only rely on my 'normal' job, I would be totally miserable and wanted to kms. I couldn't go to uni because I couldn't handle being around people, and now I feel like it's too late. I feel sorry for retards like me who don't have any skill that someone actually wants to pay for and can only do shit like retail. Anyway, my point is it's still SHOCKING to me how much normies can achieve in like 3 or 4 years. Their lives can change during that time so much. Meanwhile for me it's just small changes. Everything takes me much more time. I can totally understand 10 years wasn't enough for someone to fix their life

No. 1694752

I know how it feels to be so depressed you can't function anon. Force yourself to get out of bed, and if you go the whole day doing only a couple of chores it's better than nothing at all. Some of us are late bloomers and don't get a start on our lives until later and that's ok. I'm proud of you for making it this far, just do your best. Having a routine like taking care of ourselves and the living environment will motivate you to do more, the hardest part is getting up. You can do it anon. You can't get your lost time back but you can do what you can moving forward and still build yourself a worthwhile life.

No. 1694758

You've made it so far already nona! It's okay if things take time, you're doing your best where you're at and we're cheering for you.
Praying we all get to be as blessed as you apparently are.

No. 1694763

100% honest question, what does “fixing your life” entail? What would a fixed life look like?

No. 1694791

I hate these stupid baby roaches. They followed us through infested appliances from our old house and my family isn't very tidy so now they are all over. Nothing I do works. I clean, I apply bait and traps and medicine. There's no end to them. It makes me miserable at home. If we ever get to move out (yeah right, in his market?) then we will absolutely have to throw out all of our appliances no question. I just had to toss out the electric kettle I got for Christmas a couple of years ago because it was absolutely infested. I'm sad.

No. 1694820

my little sister married a loser and had kids by him and here I am a decade later still putting up with this guys loser antics and my sister won’t tolerate any criticism of him cause she obviously knows it’s true and my parents are too scared to have the grand kids withheld
so we all just put up and shut up with his bullshit and nonsense

No. 1694841

Can your family get a professional exterminator? I'm pretty sure that when the problem is that bad, you're fully past the point of traps and store-bought solutions. Sorry to hear it, that sucks

No. 1694849

Nonitas I think this really is it for me. My shitty moid is breaking up with me over text. Shitty dead end job. Government housing. My (only) best friend has been unresponsive for days. I will never experience the love and joy and friendship i ache for. I just wish I wasn’t too pussy to an hero in any way but overose

No. 1694851

Something that helped me a lot with those little bitches was getting someone to deep clean my house, like moving every single tiny little object, putting it aside and cleaning everything.
Then we threw boric acid almost everywhere (we have a dog) and got bait that we put basically everywhere, and they disappeared for a very long time, now we have to repeat the cycle because they’re reappearing but this is what happens when you live in an apartment.

No. 1694852

Some discord servers I've joined from 4ch are so fucking aids. (I'm expecting a "what did u expect nonnie?" I was bored.) For the past year I've been through few /s4s/ ones because why not and they're always shitholes. Edgelords who nonstop talk about their hatred of trannies, blacks and jews, mentally unstable retards, grown arse men dating teenagers ~17, open pedophiles… and oh god, the e-drama. It's like what reddit and the media paint some anon imgboards as BUT manifested. At the very least made my time on the internet a bit more fun but some of these internet imbeciles are like flies I had to delete my main socials even my personal FB thanks to a doxxing incident just to have two of them stop pestering me. Quite the web experience… lol

No. 1694856

I hate that my taste in anime is similar to trannies fuck you faggots you will never understand the actual qualities in madoka and utena

No. 1694860

My head is filled with suicidal thoughts and I don't know why. I try to fight them but it's becoming harder and harder. I try to be optimistic and find some enjoyment in different interests or occupy my time with productive activities but the further declension of my mental health seems inevitable.

No. 1694875

it’s easy to demonize people you interact through your little screen only. the internet radicalizes people.

No. 1694879

Our car just broke down and we can't even afford to fix it. We're barely scraping by. I say "family" but really it's just two of us now. I know we probably should get one though.
Thanks anon, I want to deep clean the house soon. It's just hard because I've been ill and have limited energy everyday.

No. 1694894

I would rarely call it that. People feel small and bullying people online or condescending them makes them feel better about themselves and for whatever reason deceives them into thinking they are much higher on the totem pole than they actually are.

No. 1694895

Lost all my friends because one friend had a freak out over her life and blamed me so everyone jumped ship, car broke down and feel guilty borrowing dad's to go out so stuck at home, got fired from my dream job because manager admitted to hating me, so now I'm depressed with a boyfriend who told me I'm annoying and a burden for being depressed.

Can't find a job, no ways to buy a car, watching friends be happy without you and realizing your boyfriend of 2 years has never cared about you. I never did anything wrong to deserve this. It all happened within a month so I had no time to even fix it. All I can do is rot in bed and wish I was dead.

No. 1694897

I actually cut off several friendships over them having transphobic friends, would retweet callouts that outed people as “TERFs” and so on, but on my adult years I got out and realized males on skirts never unlearn the way they were raised as oppressors, and that TIFs on all of my circles behave exactly like any other non-straight woman around them. Talking to trans people IRL, no filters, is what made me peak.
> the internet radicalizes people
Funny because I live in a Spanish speaking country and everyone defines their gender and pronouns in English because they learned it online. The internet radicalized them.

No. 1694901

I was interviewed on the news today just at random (I wasn’t prepared for it) but I looked so shitty and retarded that I cried for 30 minutes. What I ended up saying was fine, but holy shit.

No. 1694902

Not on the news btw, after I saw it on tv

No. 1694904

people will argue but you're so right

No. 1694907

File: 1694484927554.png (1.1 MB, 876x889, pain.png)

I know she's a grifter but Pearl is one of those women I struggle with not a logging.
The people she associates with are so mentally ill.Especially Godlywomanhood or whatever tf her name is. How do they live consuming and spreading this garbage rhetoric? Is the money really worth it?

No. 1694927

same nona, same

No. 1694931

I ruined my smoothie and. Now I got to finish this disgusting shit

No. 1694958

Letting your widsom teeth stay in is good for you

No. 1694959

I just want a good main job so my current job can become a side gig that wouldn't matter if I got fired. Almost all my coworkers do my job as side money and stroll into work stress free. My new boss is slowly singling a coworker and I out just like the old one. All because we dont ass kiss plus possible have some form of adhd/autism. To be normal socially must be so nice…

No. 1694993

You're acting like most Hollywood men didn't have people accusing them of abuse, rape, etc.

No. 1695002

You're not retarded, don't say that. 26 isn't too old to start to work either. Some people suffer from issues in their teens and early twenties and those can cause someone to reach hallmarks later than their peers but it doesn't make you any lesser than others.

No. 1695004

i finally called a nurse line and she helped me find a place i can get an MRI that's covered under my insurance but i don't want to go because if i don't go maybe it never happened which is so dumb but i can't keep ignoring the ax swinging into my skull

No. 1695005

I'm tired of seeing female cows being compared to men larping as women. Even if the cows are disgusting and ugly, they never look as bad as men. The wall is a male cope. The average man is way more uglier than the average woman. The TIMs thread is the proof of that.

No. 1695090

File: 1694509377675.png (719.96 KB, 812x1028, 5uotdq.png)

Even with the maximum allowed dosage of ADHD medication and reminders and notes and whatever, I continue to make incredibly stupid inattentive mistakes at my workplace and I feel retarded. I'm having recurring meetings with my manager where I have to repeat myself constantly and say 'Yes, that's not how I should have done x' and 'I will keep this in mind' only to promptly forget everything we discussed and keep doing the same mistakes. Shoot me

No. 1695094

Go anyway. I was like that for some time until I got surgery last year and now I have moved on, it's freeing. Hopefully whatever you suffer from isn't severe and can easily be treated.

No. 1695103

File: 1694511679547.jpg (41.33 KB, 640x731, ehJrUNc.jpg)

I hate having a fat ass!!! I want to wear form fitting pants you know the professional work ones and I want to wear a suit but I'm a short legged wide hipped woman and I hate it so much I can only wear skirts that fall free after my waist because everything else doesn't fit me and also looks horrendous. Why couldn't I get the tall skinny gene from my father's side and got my mom's birthing body genes instead ugh and when I complained to some women about this they looked at me like I'm crazy I'm sorry I want to wear classy clothes and not get rape stares for wearing something that wraps around my ass instead of an ugly skirt

No. 1695125

Craved orange juice, ended up drinking a whole bottle and it triggered my reflux and now my breakfast is crawling up my throat. fffff

No. 1695126

File: 1694514706770.jpg (59.36 KB, 900x473, spirited-away-1.jpg)

My boyfriend is such a sensitive crybaby. I really have to watch my mouth around him because he'll get offended at the smallest things and I often have no idea how he could've even interpreted my words as something bad.
>bf wants to get a dining table so he could play board games with friends, keeps asking which table to get
>I say I don't know, am busy studying for a uni course
>he keeps coming in and showing me tables, asking where to put them, what do I think
>I'm busy, I don't care about the table get whichever one you like
>he gets pissed because I'm "being rude"
>try to explain I can't focus easily with him playing his music loudly and constantly barging into the study, say I have to get this done so I will go sleep in uni dorms until I'm done with the course if he doesn't stop
>he starts crying and asks if I'm breaking up with him, now I have to spend time comforting him and apologizing because he won't stop sulking otherwise
Lord deliver me

No. 1695144

Thank you anon, I know you're right but it's just very hard to think the other way, when I see how much harder things are for me when compared to others, also my mother was often telling me I behaved like I was retarded and she also once told me to kill myself lol

No. 1695146

wtf is wrong with him, fucking weirdo

No. 1695154

Male having a BPD moment.

You laid down a reasonable boundary but instead of respecting that he reversed victim so you had to spend emotional energy making him feel better cause you didn't spend emotional energy earlier trying to validate his shopping choices by being his personal home designer.

Does he do this habitually anon? If so, it could be a mental illness that's not gonna get better anytime soon.

No. 1695204

He's a bitch and doing it on purpose to force you to give him attention. Is it fucked to tell you to break up with him?

No. 1695205

I hate having BDD so much, I tried looking at pictures of other women with my facial features to reassure myself and yet I feel they have something I lack. I don't even know what it is.

No. 1695211

File: 1694525405390.gif (2.08 MB, 498x498, anime-lucky-star.gif)

got into an argument with the HRA lady because i told her i was fired and she asked me if i have proof and im like no? and she was like they dont have it in writing that you were fired? And i keep telling her no and she keeps asking me about why and how thats strange. Like is it? is it really? the only 2 jobs i was fired from i never got a termination letter. They just told me verbally. Like so where do we go from here? I tell her that it is not a even required document that you need. She gonna say well people lie about getting fired. And im like well if thats a common thing then maybe that should be listed as a required document. But as of right now it isnt one so stop asking me. I ended up apologizing because i always feel bad when i get mad at someone just doing their job. My issue was just im on hold listening to that annoying song for over an hour and you want to ask me for MORE documents??? aFTER I GAVE YOU MY WHOLE LIFE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. like i have to give you my birth certificate, my first born child, my natal chart etc and you ask me for MORE!? all this for $300 and to be treated like im subhuman at the grocery store for using an EBT card. I HATE IT HERE. i got approved though!

No. 1695215

I fucking love ghosting people yaaaaaasssss

No. 1695255

ex keeps sending me stupid shit that I don't care about shut up I don't give a fuck about the shitty music you're making reeeeeeee

No. 1695260

I need to pee so bad but my obese relatives' terrible diet makes them take 40 years each in the bathroom, I am going to throw up it hurts so much oh my god oh my god

No. 1695299

Is your boyfriend a woman? What man acts like this goodness kek

No. 1695322

I like how if any thread looks even remotely close to a scrote having written it you'll all zoom in and start reporting but nobody seems to have a problem with the only admin on staff being a real moid

No. 1695327

You are right but what radicalized me is living in Nashville and watching live coverage of trannies mourning Audrey Hale. They are like this both online and off and must be treated with disdain.

No. 1695332

Wait are you srs? Brb reading meta

No. 1695336

>reading meta
Kek good luck

No. 1695342

File: 1694532304755.png (734.6 KB, 1230x572, lolcowrn.png)

Celebrities thread complaining about infighting just to continue to infight about infighting instead of reporting posts and walking away.

No. 1695351

my last relationship was a bust, both of us just weren't good in a relationship situation and i ended up exhausting him and hurting him alot and since the break up i swore to myself to 1) be better/improve wellbeing and 2) never get romantically involved again, but now i just can't bring myself to love anyone romantically anymore. not that it's a bad thing, i'm not desperate for that style of affection but i surely do miss it. i haven't found anyone i've been interested in, but i still have a weird lingering care for my ex when i know he despises me. slowly moving on or trying to but he's still there in my mind and around my town, probably the best partner i had.
it's his birthday soon and i'm not expecting him to be sweet to me ever again, but i did draw something that he jokingly requested 7 months ago and i don't know whether i should follow through with plan and give it on the day (while expecting negative reception) or just saving my remaining slither of pride and not try anything at all.

No. 1695353

Literally just got a call to be rejected by a therapist because my “case was too complex” LOL and I’m like okay well you listed the things you treat on your profile, and XYZ was on there. “Yeah well that’s just my experience, not what I’m looking to treat” uh ok. Well that’s not what that section on your profile is for, my friend.

The rest have rejected me because they don’t do evenings or weekends and that’s the only time I’m available. Guess I’ll die then.

No. 1695356

Yeah I guess that was optimistic of me. How did you find out admin is a moid?

No. 1695357

It could be so easy for a man to be the only staff member and the previous admins who appointed him either had no way of knowing or didn't care. I doubt they do full-blown zoom interviews or check ID's for patrolling lolcow…

No. 1695358

Source: just trust me bro

No. 1695362

I don't think they are, there have been like one or two anons trying to start rumors/tinfoils about the admins in /meta/ and /ot/ for like a week. I think they've also been serial infighting here but that's my own theory.

No. 1695363

Constant deleting of posts that don't break any rules but continually refusing to actively crackdown on infighting/spamming (or banning infighters/spammers), being given permabans with no cited violation (as seen in meta), and the extreme lack of actual security on the site. Even your response reads as scrotish and unnecessarily contrarian when the points I've made are absolutely true. You really think Shaymin was doing back to back interviews and checking their ID's to assure the nonnies applying to take over on her behalf were who they claimed to be? We'll never know, because instead of proving if it's a man or a woman they simply permaban you. Because he's a man

No. 1695364

Ever since the kpooper imageboard collapsed, their staff migrated here to spread rumors. Why don't you guys go make another imageboard instead of complaining about kpop being banned here and accusing staff of being men?

No. 1695367

don't they already have hk.cafe or did that go down too?

No. 1695374

Unfortunately no idea but I noticed an increase in infighting, baiting and tinfoiling once CCC went down.

No. 1695383

We are 2 different anons. But I am going to have to disagree I think the moderation has been a lot better since the new admin, though to be fair I only go on /ot/ and /m/. I see real bait banned relatively quickly and gore spam is gone within minutes vs it staying up for hours before. You calling that other anon scrotish just now tells me that you’re one of those annoying newfags who cries scrote over everything and autistically calls banter infighting.

No. 1695387

>We are 2 different anons
You can tag multiple different posters in the same answer and still be talking to both of them. Every response just reeks of newfaggotry.

No. 1695389

I agree. New admin has changed the moderation for better and before the recent surge of newfags who have been collecting redtexts like pokemons, no one was complaining.

No. 1695405

File: 1694536114482.jpg (11.31 KB, 300x256, 236e17a73d0ae54a7fa423ee156c3d…)

I don't know how to use Pinterest and is starting to stress me out, none of my pins gets ANY traction at all, I don't even care about likes, I just want my tutorials to reach someone! How is everyone else getting traction but me?? Why is it so hard??

No. 1695444

None of the things you mentioned have anything to do with being a man or a woman? Also since cerbmin I’ve felt like moderation is much tighter, I haven’t seen fire or cp since cerbmin became admin vs. almost every week at least under shaymin.

No. 1695479

god my mother is so fucking annoying. i love her but i also hate living with her, she is soooo goddamn emotional and petty. and whiny. she forgets everything good i've done that week if she messes up somehow. she won't listen to reason. won't listen to logic. makes shit up and lies then insists she'd never do that.

if i get this job i will try to leave within the week of being hired, fucking "saving money" i would rather live paycheck to paycheck then be with this asshole.

No. 1695489

Everytime I see a post like that I am firmly convinced they are just a farmhand themselves.

No. 1695562

my heart has been beating rapidly irregularly and i feel lightheaded with a hard time breathing i have an excessive workout compulsion and i'm scared i might have hit the point of no return with my heart i'm really scared. i'm hoping it's just hypochondria from reading shit online knowing i'm not supposed to because it makes me freak out like this every single time. fast heart rate and other symptoms have lasted an hour so far idk what to do but i'm resting in bed now trying to calm down and relax

No. 1695566

the fight in unpopular opinions reminded me of my old best friend from high school. she was bpd as fuck and also anachan, i was taller with an average bmi. she would always compare herself to random people on the street who were clearly closer to my weight than hers and say something like "god i hope i dont look like that" and just make other subtle jabs similar to that.
she had a long term bf that we used to hang out with all the time and near the end of their relationship she got weird with him about me. she would tell me things like he thinks im beautiful and he wants her to start to dress more like me. i didnt believe her at all because she had already beaten my self esteem to a pulp. one day she invited me over to her house and when i got there it was only him there, he said she was at her parents house but was supposed to be coming home, and then she called him and started freaking out that he was probably hooking up with me. it was so uncomfortable to listen to them fight about whether or not he wants to hook up with me, right in front of me (he didnt, and i was only at their house because she had asked me to go there)

No. 1695579

Mento illness…

No. 1695584

I hate BPDers

No. 1695590

I want to get married and have children
But there is no man in my life worth building a new life with

No. 1695598

You're not gonna find him on lolcow, nonnie

No. 1695647

lay out a trap with cheese

No. 1695649

File: 1694543295091.jpg (48.84 KB, 563x697, c2cf08dd7c6aa9f7dffae9c33d07e1…)

I finally put my finger on why the modern e-girl fashion is uncanny for me: the cosplay factor.
I'll explain in the best way:
E-Girl fashion is just a cosplay of the emo fashion and no shit, trends change and evolve and normally, stuff gets revamped in a 20-year cycle, I'm not mad about reee nooo my teenage fashion!!! but what puts me off is the overall feeling of this trend:
Basically, zoomers are now what I looked up as a tween, I used to look at scene queens on my family pc, buy magazines with tokio hotel and cinema bizzarre (eurofag here) and I would seethe that my mom wouldn't let me dye my hair for a long time, I used to froth at emo fashion in the store windows, I saved up for some red extensions, used to wear shit eyeliner but whatever and Drop Dead/Living Dead Souls/Tokidoki/Cupcake Cult stuff was the absolute shit you had to buy to be considered a true emo but after digging out my tween/teen clothes I noticed that those clothes, despite being made only for the emo and edgy hype of the mid-late 2000s, still were wearable? I mean, I have the courage to wear it kek but they resisted a lot, with proper care I also restored and sew some stitches into my Poizen Industries edgy gloves and they're great for the colder season, they're comfy and thick.
Now when I look around and see e-girls I can see the shit quality. I can see the Shein and Aliexpress and it's giving me the same feeling about seeing cosplays of Disney princesses: sure, it's a costume, not a real thing. Their skirts are cosplay skirts, not like actual black skirts, the shirts are shit polyester printed with plastic, peely prints (the ones who flake, you know), the shoes are aliexpress demonias, and the real thing isn't really good either, but their makeup is perfect because they are terminally online and their wigs are also fake.
Don't get me wrong, shitty raccoon hair and makeup were terrible and thank god we moved past that but when I look at them it's like I'm looking at a cosplayer: perfect face, shitty "costume" only worn for the hype and cutesy tiktoks. I'm not even being classist because I'm sure as fuck these girls are richer than me with simps/donations/tiktok revenue and they purposely throw all of their money on shein shit, they're free to do it, but I'm also free to feel uncanny when I can smell the plastic of their ahegao shirts because it's the same plastic, fake feeling of cosplay costumes.

No. 1695695

I've only seen autistic kids wear alt fashion in public and they don't look like that. They look autistic. These girls wear the stuff only indoors and only for tiktoks - it looks like a costume because it very much is a costume, and they don't spend a lot of money on it because they won't actually wear it. It's an investment to get clicks and internet points that they can convert into sponsorships.

I was very young when emo was popular (tho it didn't stop me from being a weird little wannabe) and a bit older when scene was big though I wasn't very into that, and I have to give mad respect to people who wore that around. I lived in a village and remember the two emo kids getting roasted left and right for years for wearing hacked together outfits, bad dye jobs and vans they had to travel to another country to buy.

I thought about them the other day. It must've sucked.

No. 1695717

>cosplay factor
Beautifully put, nonna. The makeup also pitches zoomer alt fashion straight into uncanny valley, because they all wear the exact same makeup style regardless of their individual features. I'm not saying that people blindly following unflattering makeup trends hasn't happened before (early 2000s eyeliner comes to mind), but e-girl makeup is so heavy that it's more like a mask or theatrical makeup depicting a very specific type of face that doesn't really exist in nature. When everybody is doing the exact same tricks with their foundation, blush, and contour they look like an army of silicone dolls.

No. 1695719

Can’t do a little cause you can’t do enough

No. 1695749

i'm going to drop the idea. he's got a new love interest i hear and i feel… hollow. i'm happy for him, but i feel hollow. dude…


No. 1695752

This is exactly why I hate 99% of current fashion that is influenced by tiktok. It's clothing destined for landfills because people wear it once for a tiktok or instagram pic and by the time they've posted it, everyone's move onto the next "___core" trend so it gets tossed in the trash or sent to a thrift store.

No. 1695758

Eh, I live in a big city so I can see many flavours of e-girls and trust me, they are like that, plus many fast fashion brands sometimes jump on the bandwagon (sometimes meaning that right now there are a shitton of zoomer centric fashion so they have to constantly cather to them) so if you see like a cheap, fake leather corset, meaning shit plastic, you bet every egirl will wear it due to the accessibility factor but will also set the bar so low, it looks like shit. This also caused the actual emo fashion to go up terribly in terms of money, because brands like Minga or Ragged Priest obviously want to surf up the hype and people on depop/vinted are reselling 2000s pieces with like 400% markup when in reality I distinctly remember making my baby emo fashion with anything, I went like to Home Depot for chains and I still got them, aliexpress chain are light and cheap and they cost like what, 4 times more? I used to get black, plain zip up hoodies, make a hole for the thumb and then discoloring them with bleach, it was also very fun! Now everything is right on demand on chinese websites and it feels so fucking weird.

No. 1695767

Lucky streaks are real, yours is coming. Keep your nose up nonna.

No. 1695774

Thank you anon, I needed this.

No. 1695776

>Lucky streaks are real, yours is coming
I sure hope so. I'll believe it because nonna knows best.

No. 1695830

When I was a teen classmates would grab the straps on goth students pants and flick them like horse reins

No. 1695831

I have migraine and it's killing me right now. I had a pretty shitty day today…

No. 1695836

I keep dissociating and floating away during my driving lessons, especially when we are on the road in actual traffic. This can't be safe.

No. 1695851

File: 1694551512680.jpeg (257.14 KB, 906x1200, IMG_4496.jpeg)

No. 1695854

Heifer we're in here crying and you're posting pics of fucking hushpuppies jk jk I know you got the wrong thread

No. 1695855

Japaleno chiggin

No. 1695862

No. 1695867

Nona I'm so sorry that happened to you. You certainly didn't deserve that.

No. 1695922

I miss being able to call my best friend by her real name. Ever since she trooned out we have had to call her Keith. She really couldn’t have picked a better name?

No. 1695943

Tension headaches, aaaagghghh. I really do think I'm fucking my brain up and if i am I hope it's not serious

No. 1695965

You know what? Fuck you I'm gonna read fanfics since you want to act this way! Gale would NEVER. Akihiko would NEVER.

No. 1695979

Men's digital footprint stresses me the fuck out. I know so many men in my life, some I consider dear and close to me, that do fucking retarded shit online and I get so frustrated seeing it. Like they're not bettering themselves even though IRL they're like "Oh I used to be so porn addicted and not anymore, meanwhile they partake in giving into some troon or femboy's exhibitionist/humiliation kink by just dealing with them. Why the fuck do they want to be around miserable fucking people? Does it boost their self esteem? Does the male socialization competitive aspect make them be like "if I surround myself with fucking losers, then my life doesn't feel so bad in perspective." I fucking hate it. I fucking hate troons and femboys. I fucking hate even thinking there's hope for a belief there's a decent man out there because they all go online and do degenerate shit like their escapist Internet usage means nothing to their real life.

No. 1695980

I'm assuming you mean gale from bg3? fuck that guy. Talk nice to him once and he thinks you're getting married

No. 1695984

KEK I didn't like gale either

No. 1695989

Samefag, but you know about the saying ignorance is bliss? I want to be ignorant. I want to get off all fucking social media. Anything that has a friend feature or some activity feed I need to demolish or at least just have 0 friends/followers/whatever and just do everything online without the social aspect of it. I get frustrated over men I know, even my best friend's digital footprint pisses me off sometimes. I've been conditioned to being so fucking judgemental. It doesn't help I used to be some SJW and to this day I still have the quick snap reaction that makes me get angry and tearful when I see something I severely dislike. I just want some fucking peacefulness in my life. My lolcow ex-mutuals from my SJW days calling the cops on me when I so far as anonymously discussed what shenanigans they did that I accidentally left a tip off it was me did nothing to me it seems. I'm no better than them. I don't want to go off on these fucking men. It would be better for me mentally if I just stopped being online and looking at feeds. I'm not trying to be upset, but the doom scrolling people meme about happens to me when I just look at friend activity on fucking Steam.

No. 1695996

im sorry for mentioning tiktok but i think i've watched this one video made by a couple upwards of about 20 times. its just them hopping on the bandwagon of this trend happening where they stare at each other and then kiss. it fills me with so much yearning and dread (at how unloveable i am). the couple arent even hollywood pretty, they're just two regular people, which makes me die inside more. it's not that i judge anyone like that, but i always think ill only be accepted and loved once i achieve so and so things about my looks. i know its stupid. the girl is way heavier than me. shes really pretty. it just made me realize she doesnt have to torture herself but i do. its the way their love is like something out of a stupid move or some dumb fic i read when i was a teenager. i rarely ever get like this because ive pretty much signed off on anyone ever loving me that way but once i fall, i feel like im in a bottomless pit. its like ive indulged in the feeling and now all i can think of is the idea of not being so alone and being hit with the realization that people like me dont get to have that. point blank. sorry i just need to get this out. i want a stupid fucking boyfriend so bad i would feed him every day and walk him. fuck me and my stupid fucking life im going to kill myself. okay all better now.

No. 1696014

File: 1694558035422.jpeg (249.24 KB, 522x522, IMG_4506.jpeg)

I hope she’s having a nice day

No. 1696028

File: 1694558311107.jpeg (120.45 KB, 1024x763, ce9ddf8f-b450-4a8b-bc61-7a17bb…)

Today at work I had an uncontrollable attack of laughter arthur fleck-style, there was literally no reason, nothing that was funny to me, I just felt like laughing and I couldn't stop for like 5-7 minutes. My coworker thought there was something wrong with me. I had basically nothing going through my head at that moment, I also didn't even think what would others think about me. Embarrassment came later. I'm starting to worry about my mental health again. Could it be like a release of tension build up from masking or something? I'm an autist

No. 1696044

I get where you're coming from, tried tolerating weird men in the past and it's not worth it. Lately I don't get too close to men that I can accurately assume are disgusting. And when those kinds of men I'm weirded out by try to give me their socials I turn them away. Keep things basic and be a bit cynical in avoiding men.

No. 1696071

You were intuitively trying to brake out of this world, but you failed.

No. 1696080

That's a very interesting take

No. 1696083

maybe you're becoming psychotic. are you having trouble falling asleep?

No. 1696084

I want my life back before this shit happened. I feel like I passed a point of no return and everything will only be downhill from here.

No. 1696107

Don't poison the grandpa.

No. 1696108

>are you having trouble falling asleep?
Yeah, and even when I fell asleep I wake up like 3-4 times every night, I'm constantly exhausted, I've been incapable of deep sleep for the lat 2 years. But I think it's due to stress. I'm working abroad and every time I come to vacations to my country and I can sleep at my house, I sleep like a baby for 8 hours straight and I don't wake up at all. Unfortunately I can go home like twice every year for 2 weeks, so that gives me only 4 weeks of good sleep in a year

No. 1696111

I dealt with weird restleness, exhaustion, strange mood swings and waking up during the night for the last year or two. Turns out my thyroid is fucked. Might be worth checking out nonnie.

No. 1696117

I'm so stressed out over life and shit I need to do that I just want to consoom. I've been sitting in front of my pc, manically, for hours researching and debating whether I should buy or hold off. I already spent $100 this month on clothes, presents, events and hobbies. Plus like $200 last month on a trip, hair, drinks and random shit. I need to restock my nail care essentials but the site I order from has expensive shipping and takes a while so I usually order once a year and grab everything I want from my wishlist but that would mean dropping another $50, minimum. I'm literally just giving myself more and more anxiety with each passing minute. It's almost 2 am and I'm stuck in this stupid anxiety loop.

No. 1696131

My doctor already tested my thyroid and it was fine. They couldn't really find the reason for my constant feeling of exhaustion. Honestly I've been exhausted since I was like 11-12 years old, since my puberty hit. Strong anxiety also started at that moment. I felt like there was constantly something to worry about, enough to the point to make me stressed out all the time. Problems at school because of bullying, then I refused to go outside and my school performance dropped, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, my alcoholic father was bothering us, mom was abusive, as an adult I couldn't move out because I felt like I wouldn't survive alone and I also had to take care of my mom out of guilt, then after her death I got insurancee money and I constantly worried someone would steal it for me, my mom was in debt so I also worried they would find a way to take my apartment from me etc. It was ALWAYS something to worry about. I also had strong episodes of hypochondria and I was sure I had cancer too. Now I'm worrying of how I'm not able to go back to my home country because of shitty economy and how I'm so alone since I never had any friends and I struggle to connect with people. It's always something so I feel like it's impossible for me to get rid of chronic stress and it kills me, me ability to eat and sleep properly and take care of myself

No. 1696135

I thought I could tolerate these men for so long. Because we get along in other aspects of our life so we'll, but I think it's just that we're just so online and I'm hanging onto that novelty without all the Internet drama of when I was an SJW, but not seeing the bigger picture. Weird men are degenerates and they're going to stick around degenerates. They'll never truly better themselves. Only compare themselves to the lowest of them all. The bar is on the ground for them and the sky is the limit, one inch off the ground is the sky to them lmao.

No. 1696142

I think I am going to return to anachan life. I was physically ill for a while to the point where I dropped 30+ pounds in less than 2 months. I was so thin but I was the most confident and stylish I've ever been and everyone treated me so nicely, so I stuck with it and barely ate even after recovery. I'm healthier now, I'm active and I eat a healthy diet but I hate myself every single day. I don't want to be this way but I hate myself so much for the past several years. I can't even look in the mirror. I have no drive to take care of myself or love myself because everything about me feels alien now. I love food and I love cooking but being thin more I think. I'm sorry if this is a horrible post and it gets me in trouble, I just have nobody else to tell this to.

No. 1696151

Osteoporosis, hair loss, amenorhea, no libido, ana brain, social isolation, constipation/diarahea is so cool and stylish.

No. 1696158

nta but she never said it was cool and stylish. this is a vent thread. if youre too sensitive to read other peoples problems, try going on another thread/board. this is literally just a void to get things off your chest.

No. 1696169

what this nona said >>1696158
I like other body types on other girls and don't think it's a healthy choice at all but I just don't look good at anything besides thin, and nothing has cut weight for me so far the usual ways. I have tried so hard to like myself and I can't. I don't think I'm doing a good thing but I just want to not hate myself again

No. 1696186

NTA if anon wants to vent with no response she can get a diary. Anon is replying with a very sane, reasonable reminder that could potentially make anon reconsider or at least try for some harm reduction.

I know that as soon as I feel like maybe I should just restrict more, I'm immediately turned off by the thought of losing bone density or the ability to shit. Being skinny ain't worth that stuff to me.

No. 1696189

>no libido
these are perfectly good things though. but i agree, the rest is shit

No. 1696192

if you're being treated better as a skeletal that's a symptom of a diseased society, not that you should starve yourself, dont be fucking retarded.

No. 1696199

I was never Eugenia skinny but I get the message. It's hard because I feel so uncomfortable and disgusted with my normal self. Even when I'm living a healthy lifestyle I just sit at this body type I hate. I don't know what to do

No. 1696205

Got in a fight with my husband on the car ride over here and now I just want to cry but stuck here for the next 3-4 hours. Gonna make a cup of coffee

No. 1696207

>professor asks class if we would be willing to use "here/was/were" as pronouns for a person
>like 5 girls say "I would use their pronouns and hope they're acting in good faith"
be fucking for real no you wouldn't

No. 1696212

I was doing my eyebrows and I was shaving them but I accidentally shaved off a noticeable chunk and now I want to cry.

No. 1696218

File: 1694569055322.jpeg (165.78 KB, 820x847, IMG_1763.jpeg)

I’m having GI issues that I’m assuming is irritable bowel syndrome, and while I was reusing an old planner today I found out that the exact same time 5 years ago I went to see a GI doctor. Now my mom is telling me that if I don’t feel better soon I need to see a GI doc again because she previously had an intestinal polyp removed and her grandparents died from colon cancer

No. 1696220

job search genuinely depressing me now kek. what am i going to fucking DO

No. 1696229

Tenacity is all we have nonnie. Keep applying for jobs, I promise you’ll find something. I’m in a similar bind currently many are because job crisis but we are going to make it

No. 1696243

This 40 yr old moid I had been dating wanted to hangout and I told him I was busy. He rudely responded with "whatever" and I told him he was being a child. This man literally blocked my number, blocked me on tinder and every social media account I had ever interacted with him on. Wow just wow.

No. 1696249


No. 1696263

I'm tired of being the ugly older loser sister who gets ragged on by her family. I already know I'm ugly but my sister rubs it in my face with everything, she tells me i look like a man and points out everything wrong with my face. We used to be so close but it feels like nobody in my family likes me. Anytime I try to talk to my siblings they just make fun of me for being ugly, my interests, or not having any friends. I don't know what to do, maybe its because im older than them I can't be close to them anymore. I wish I wasn't the socially retarded laughing stock of my family. I regret ever telling my sister anything about myself since she just uses it against me, like wanting to kill myself or other insecurities.

No. 1696267

File: 1694575038484.jpg (18.88 KB, 205x162, 1612601519923.jpg)

I started drinking for a few nights on and off to deal with the rage, feelings of helplessness and emotional instability and I feel like this is how alcoholism starts.

No. 1696270

What the fuck, why are they treating you like that? They’re horrible. If I were you I would just cut them off, you don’t deserve to be spoken to like that.

No. 1696271

ugly loser older sister gang. i have nothing to say other than i see you, nonna. hang in there.

No. 1696275

It is. Stop while you're ahead.

No. 1696279

Are we seriously not allowed to post gifs anymore? I’ve been trying to post one for like 10 mins and keep getting a “request error entity is too large” message.

No. 1696280


I don't know. I usually try to forget it because they are just kids (teens more about it) but I don't understand why they started being so mean. I only recently became an adult and I don't have any money/a job so I don't think I can cut them off yet. My goal is to never talk to my family again.

thank you nona, i wish the best for you.

No. 1696284

is it a large file size? the limit here is 20 MB

No. 1696286

spent like $90 on temu today in 3 separate window shopping sessions good lord talk about poor impulses