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File: 1692371920847.png (530.18 KB, 1400x696, 1679028227861.png)

No. 1668709

may the inexhaustible wisdom of the sanic totem light your way through darkness

No. 1668720

are you sure its at a great price?

No. 1668739

Should I ride my bike this afternoon?

No. 1668740

Eh… thanks, Sanic

No. 1668743

Am I finding love before next year ends

No. 1668761

k should i finally start this work

No. 1668805

should I come clean next month?

No. 1668861

should I chill out and drink tonight?

No. 1668907

Lucky sonic please will i get a new home

No. 1669292

will this suffering end soon with a breakthrough?

No. 1669301

will i come out the other side stronger than before?

No. 1669307

will i have an artistic day tomorrow?

No. 1669765


No. 1669980

Will my aliexpress order be delivered on time?

No. 1669986

Will he reach out soon?

No. 1670094

Is he the father?

No. 1670117

No. 1670369

shoul i blow my brain out?

No. 1670389

have i been ghosted

No. 1670446

should I dye my hair back to orange

No. 1671082

Am i gonna get a 10 on this class?

No. 1671093

Is he gonna come back?

No. 1671122

Should I try to change my legal name to "Menstruation"?

No. 1671158

Will i get what i want this week

No. 1671218

will my life always be like this?

No. 1671327

should i just sell them

No. 1671422

Will things get bette

No. 1671430

think of the nickname opportunities

No. 1671432

Mena suration

No. 1671458

am I finally free from him?

No. 1671467

should i tell him today?

No. 1671671

Do I owe him an explanation?

No. 1671706

will i get a job offer by the end of the month

No. 1671740

sanic is it worth it

No. 1671961

Was that the end of it? I'm freaking out

No. 1671989

Will he call me today

No. 1671993

are we meant to be

No. 1672001

Sanic you wish-granting bastard, I asked you this and minutes later, he called me.

No. 1672004

Will I see him again?

No. 1672007

Will I?

No. 1672015

Will he come back soon?

No. 1672100

should i feel bad about stealing that childs food?

No. 1672154

Will we become friends?

No. 1672157

Tell me sonic totem

No. 1673966

will i be good at it?

No. 1674840

Are you having a good day today, Sanic?

No. 1674842

No. 1675114

Well we?

No. 1675118

Will it happen?

No. 1675126

Is she right, Sanic? Am I really too much and unbearable?

No. 1675127

File: 1692830730565.jpg (6.69 KB, 212x238, ec37b441ecc9bfc86568b35507425f…)

No. 1675128

Damn sanic that's fucking cold, she's fine I bet she's cool as fuck you blue bitch

No. 1675135

File: 1692830946361.jpeg (19.96 KB, 400x388, klfkdk.jpeg)

Nonatella you are so sweet, this made my pretty shitty day. May all your Kitkat bars snap perfectly in half.

No. 1675136


No. 1675138

File: 1692831077499.gif (64.51 KB, 230x283, 1299018ilh3uxizie.gif)

Bless you sweet nona

No. 1675147

This year or next year??

No. 1675158

Am I finally free from him?

No. 1675171

The end of this year?

No. 1675182

Are they dating now?

No. 1675187

Are you fuckin with me?

No. 1675198

Do they regret ghosting me

No. 1675212

Will my soul ascend to the sanic realm and live for eternity after my physical body dies?

No. 1675218

oh mighty Sanic, is there anything I can do to change my fate?

No. 1675220

Will my suffering at least be worthwhile?

No. 1675351

Is it possible if I get better

No. 1675355

Will she break up with her gf this year or the next?

No. 1675402

Is it finally over

No. 1675415

Is this the year for my art Sanic?

No. 1675419

Will I quit camping this year

No. 1675452

Will they grow to hate me?

No. 1675468

Will I get a better job?

No. 1675472

should i add this guy on discord?

No. 1675570


No. 1676281

Is that something I'm missing in my life really him?

No. 1676542

By December?

No. 1676586

Should I wing it or study?

No. 1676992

do i go full retard and get back with my ex, totem?

No. 1677134

will it get any better, sonnic?

No. 1677136

sonic pls

No. 1677271

Will they stop being a burden?

No. 1677274

Is she mad?

No. 1677275

Here I am, asking again if she's mad.

No. 1677285

Will I face permanent consequences?

No. 1677287

Did he reject her?

No. 1677288


No. 1677357

Should become a tattoo artist

No. 1677377

do i still have a chance with [redacted]? i feel like as he gets to know me/realizes how autistic i am that it's basically over

No. 1677386

is he going to ask me out?

No. 1677398

Am I gonna find housing?

No. 1677402

For the rest of your living days, [redacted] will perform nightly visits at your doorstep, at exactly 3 AM each instance, alerting you to his presence with a trepidatious ring of the doorbell, wondering whether you will go out with him.

No. 1677416

What if she works third shift

No. 1677429

The ever hopeful [redacted] eternally dawdles about the doorstep of dear Nonna in a romantic limbo, prospecting for Nonna's appearance. Alas, he shall never witness the fruition of his efforts, much in the manner that Nonna shall never know of his advances, ruminating to her last breath if [redacted] had ever known that she had existed at all.

No. 1677435

Does his name start with S?

No. 1677451

does she want to kiss

No. 1677459

Should I buy the dress

No. 1677462

Sanic I can’t jerk off. Should I buy the dress?

No. 1677465

Yes, his name is Sonic <3

No. 1677466

lol this made my night. i dont work third shift but im a heavy sleeper, so i'll probably never know…
nope it starts with a D

No. 1677470


No. 1677500

will she b

No. 1686672

Will I get the job?

No. 1689012

Will I ever travel and see her

No. 1689523

Am I gonna have fun this weekend

No. 1689539

is the matrix attacking me

No. 1689571

Will he forgive me

No. 1689587

Will I ever be considered pretty enough to date

No. 1689599

Will he love me forever

No. 1689616

Will he come back?

No. 1689792

Are you lying to me?

No. 1690042

Should i try harder?

No. 1690043

Will I get worse before my next appointment?

No. 1690068

should i text him just one time

No. 1690187

Are they in a relationship?

No. 1690215

Is it going to be worth a try?

No. 1691038

Is he going to notice me?

No. 1691098

should I reply to him?

No. 1691100

it's true

No. 1691136

Should I move and change my name and never contact anyone from my old life agai?

No. 1691201

should I go there?

No. 1691236

Do you lie all the time sanic?

No. 1691238

I knew it

No. 1691326

is tonight going to be surprisingly productive and fun?

No. 1691346

Will he come back?

No. 1691367

Will it be soon?

No. 1691433

will tonight be extremely productive?

No. 1691512

Am I going to fuck him?

No. 1691516

Will he fuck me?

No. 1691633

should i go there and try to catch him?

No. 1691845

Will I stop being an alcoholic piece of trash tomorrow and learn my lesson

No. 1691847

Will I muster up the courage to not drink tomorrow

No. 1691897

Does he like someone else?

No. 1691977

Will he come back?

No. 1692098

Will today be awesome?

No. 1692731

should I buy another pair of crocs

No. 1692755

Did he reject her?

No. 1692784

Will my trip be worth it?

No. 1692787

Will it?

No. 1692820

is it gonna work out after all?

No. 1692896

will she come back to me

No. 1692995

Was it my fault they stopped talking to me all of a sudden?

No. 1693016

Will it be a good trip?

No. 1693017

will i get the discipline to achieve the two things i want the most right now?

No. 1693169

are my suspicions correct?

No. 1693202

Will this shit end soon?

No. 1693209

sanic you liar!

No. 1693316

should i do it today?

No. 1693523

will he want to move in?

No. 1693546

will i know soon?

No. 1693705

Will he come back?

No. 1693807

will i make it alive through this week?

No. 1693856

will this temp job lead to something more permanent?

No. 1693902

will they come tomorrow

No. 1693907

Will more drama happen with them very soon?

No. 1694033

Is he gonna pop off publicly tomorrow

No. 1694062

Will it overall be a good day tomorrow?

No. 1694079

Will there be some real fun moments? (Come on bro please)

No. 1694456

Will something very positive happen today?

No. 1694488

Am I finally gonna finish today?

No. 1694738

Should I call him

No. 1694925

Sanic should I break up with him

No. 1695133

sanic am I retarded

No. 1695229

will today be overall very cool and chill

No. 1695240

gf this year?

No. 1695241

not you sanic!!

No. 1695390

Is he with someone else then?

No. 1695809

will i be alive by the end of this week?

No. 1695810

are you seriously telling me to just masturbate the pain away sanic

No. 1695814

Should I take a bath even though my body dysmorphia is making me hate the thought of being nude??

No. 1695816

No but should I???? Kek

No. 1695819

will we meet again?

No. 1695824

fucking no i don't want you in my house… damn pervert

No. 1695856

Is the procedure unnecessary?

No. 1696079

should i let go and just go crazy

No. 1696206

should i get up and eat something right now?

No. 1696208

should i order sushi?

No. 1696209

ok it will be bad sushi but should i order it anyway

No. 1696221

should i do this thing?

No. 1696222

one digit away from a trip but still a yes. good, it's free then, no consequences for me

No. 1696233

Fuck naw you're gunna get worms

No. 1696242

Did he go back to her?

No. 1696436

should i give up on my crush

No. 1696438

should I give up on my crush

No. 1696496

should i talk to her

No. 1696497

not helping. should i?

No. 1696514

Am I finally free?

No. 1696560


No. 1696720

will amberlynn ever show us a new caretaker on camera?

No. 1696721

hell yeah

No. 1696842

Will he come back?

No. 1696955

Did he move in with someone else?

No. 1697071

will i be prescribed the medication i want?

No. 1697127

Did he move out?

No. 1697280

Sonic you are always cruel to me so I don't know why I'm asking but is it going to be okay?

No. 1697674

Should I expect a reply from him?

No. 1697676

Should I?

No. 1697844

Are we compatible?

No. 1697845

Does my boss think I’m doing a good job

No. 1697969

am I being a massive idiot again?

No. 1698000

is tomorrow going to be exciting and dramatic

No. 1698050

is something unexpected (good) going to happen today?

No. 1698170

will it happen after work?

No. 1698264

Are they dating?

No. 1698315

No. 1698391

Does she like me

No. 1698542

Will we rekindle

No. 1698606

is there hope for me?

No. 1698608

should i go out and soothe myself

No. 1698769

she's coming back? please

No. 1698925

Is he with someone new?

No. 1698976

Are they gonna get confronted tonight?

No. 1699004

should i reactivate and follow him?

No. 1699082

Are they in the room with me right now?

No. 1699279

Are they together?

No. 1699597

Will today be exciting?

No. 1699748

am i going to be surprised in a good way today?

No. 1699749

will something good come from the suffering tonight?

No. 1699984

Will he come back?

No. 1700388

one of those 2?

No. 1700389

just kill me already sanic

No. 1700617

will tomorrow bring good fortune

No. 1700639

will tomorrow be exciting?

No. 1700652

Are they dating?

No. 1700669

Will I ever find love?

No. 1701279

File: 1695059824810.jpg (135.24 KB, 2000x2000, ring.jpg)

SANIC….Today I bring you an offering. Do you accept it?

No. 1701283

Oh well, I tried.

No. 1701307

Do I need to move to get my first full-time, white collar job

No. 1701313

should i eat something right now?

No. 1701326

Will I need to move to find a job that will hire and satisfy me

No. 1701382

Did he reject her?

No. 1701441

Sanic will I get it today

No. 1701451

Good idea?

No. 1701456

Is it ever getting better?

No. 1701552

will he call me today

kek sorry nonnie, sonic does not favor you

No. 1701567

should i shop today?

No. 1701572

will i be happy

No. 1701578

Reroll for this nona

No. 1701579


No. 1701656

Does she ever miss me?

No. 1701663

does he genuinely miss me?

No. 1701667

Do i have the virus

No. 1701668

Sanic pls

No. 1701670

is it true ?

No. 1701764

keep going?

No. 1701765

No. 1701770

Will Anthony ever return?

No. 1701775

is it going to happen today?

No. 1701821

is something crazy going to happen after work today?

No. 1701890

are they going to contact me this week?

No. 1701934

Does he actually love me

No. 1701936

Does he?

No. 1701969

is all this endless fighting worth staying together?

No. 1701973

sanic are you saying i should break up with him and just be single?

No. 1702091

Good idea?

No. 1702168

is tonight going to be fucking awesome?

No. 1702170

umm.. will it be awesome even with the suffering?

No. 1702197

Did they all have a falling out?

No. 1702263

will tonight be uneventful?

No. 1702309

Is she dating him?

No. 1702310

is she doing it right now?

No. 1702312

no you'll be a terrible boyfriend sanic no offense. but your dick is literally blue

No. 1702369

will tomorrow be awesome?

No. 1702374

is what i'm thinking true?

No. 1702379

is what i'm thinking right now true?

No. 1702397

should i buy them

No. 1702431

Are we all going out together on Saturday

No. 1702441

Will they contact me today

No. 1702500

is it actually worth it?

No. 1702528

will it really work for us?

No. 1702530

should i decide on it right now?

No. 1702613

will today be productive?

No. 1702619

will today be better than expected?

No. 1702621

will something surprising happen today?

No. 1702757

will i have a woosh tomorrow

No. 1702859

will some crazy stuff happen after work?

No. 1702869

ugh… Will I have a lucky day tomorrow?

No. 1703085

Sanic is a chronic incel. His blue balls got so bad it spread to his dick and his whole body,

No. 1703354

Will he come back?

No. 1703439

will something really good happen tonight?

No. 1703461

will i have fun tonight?

No. 1703641

We’re they ever together?

No. 1704420

will i be productive tonight?

No. 1704623

is something surprising going to happen tonight

No. 1705834

Was it him calling?

No. 1706365

Is he gonna start dating S?

No. 1706366

No. 1706538

Will I get to have him?

No. 1706578

will tomorrow be awesome in every way?

No. 1706658

Did they break up

No. 1706955

Will today be very productive?

No. 1707087

will they contact me soon

No. 1707156

will something great (transformative) happen to me this month?

No. 1707247

Was it him calling?

No. 1707308

Has he been telling him things to spite me?

No. 1707965

Will he come back?

No. 1708033

Does he miss me?

No. 1708535

will today be phenomenal?

No. 1708548

Will I have an all around excellent day?

No. 1708580

will something surprising (in a good way) happen today?

No. 1708617

will I have a breakthrough today

No. 1708639

is something crazy going to happen tonight?

No. 1708645

no. Will something unexpected happen tonight?

No. 1708681

will i have a successful day?

No. 1708716

Will he come back?

No. 1710301

should i kill myself lol

No. 1710303

Nonnie nooo

No. 1710305

Will I be lonely and awkward this Sunday?

No. 1710325

will today be entertaining

No. 1710330

will it always be like this?

No. 1710400

Is now the right time?

No. 1710414

I’m sorry you’re feeling despondent, Nona. Things can change. You can get through whatever difficulties you’re facing. Please reconsider.

No. 1710417

Will my headache go away soon sanic?

No. 1710419

Is she delulu?

No. 1710425

Should I get a little treat for myself at the airport?

No. 1710426

Okay then, fuck you too.

No. 1714291

Sanic, should I go for a .com tld?

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