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No. 166432

My bf the other day asked if I would peg him which would mean using a strap-on and ramming a dildo up his butthole.

I'm surprised he would say this. He's a p muscular guy who is a dom and the sex has been great.

Have any of you farmers peg your bf/gf before? Any interesting pegging stories to share?

No. 190332

Bumping this old ass thread so I don't shit up the catalog with a new one.
I'm in a similar situation to OP. However, for further detail, my boyfriend and I have already done some Femdom and light butt stuff, and now he's super keen to be fucked by me. However, although he has taken a dildo in the ass before, it was stationary. Tips pls, from anons who have fucked guy's asses and can tell me how to make it as comfortable and pleasurable for him as possible?

No. 190337

There isn't much to tell. Lube up and get on with it. He has to be relaxed, that's the golden rule. Use your finger to open him up a bit first if he can't get relaxed properly. Certain positions works better for anal, like doggy, spooning etc. Try and find out which works best for him.

No. 190350

Where do you even find these cuties who want to be pegged?

No. 190488

>find guy who likes to be pegged

>find guy who's pretty cool

>has a phobia about pegging

i can't win.

No. 190490

so, i had this fuckbuddy who literally was a wizard. as in, an occultist. think styxhexenhammer, but less educated and fat.

he would casually talk about fapping to bailey jay, which was a nice change because i really hate disingenuous guys who like futa/dickgirls/trannies, but won't admit it. i saw some stats on who looks at tranny porn, and it's usually heteros who look at the shit, so i'm not really worried about any potential mates being gay. but i'm still cautious. not that them being gay is a problem. it's just i hate it when someone is being disingenuous about ANYTHING. if they can't open up about what they jerk off to, i'm not even gonna bother.

anyway, i was dating this guy who gradually became an omega male. i was revenge pegging him because i kept telling him anal isn't that easy for me. i mean, i liked it in a sadistic way, but it wasn't my first choice.

broke up with him, told the wizard guy about it, asked him how he felt about pegging and said he was down. the only reason i asked is i wanted to see the difference between my ex and this more confident guy.

it worked out pretty well in the end because he went power bottom on me. i'm 5'4" and he's 5'9", which is perfect for me. he even started lifting to lose some weight. he has stronk arms and some minor chest gainz, but the gut isn't going anywhere soon. which is actually ok because i have a thing for plump guys, tbh.

so i got out the "device" and went in for the kill and he stopped me. he said "anon, you're coming with me. there's a secret orgasm in my ass, and you're going to find it." deadpan.

he fucking moved away and removed me from facebook without a single word.

sorry for blogposting.

No. 190527


The top is literally me with every guy I've ever dated, including the one I am dating now. Why can't I win.

No. 190537

I got real lucky with my ex; he was cute af, rich, and wanted me to peg him like all the time. It was lovely.

No. 190566

Right? It seems they only exist there.

No. 190567

I'd be terrified if my bf randomly told me he wanted this. He already likes anal, if he wanted to be pegged it would hit all the "going to leave me for a trap" red flags

No. 190571

File: 1494864470453.jpg (3.75 KB, 188x188, url.jpg)

>ex gf always grabbing my butt and saying she'd like to try pegging
>end up warming up to the idea
>tell her "ok let's do it"
>she freaks out "anon I didn't know you were into this stuff, y-you aren't gay are you?"

Now I'm just afraid she's going to tell everyone I'm a huge faggot.

>didn't even get pegged in the end

No. 190576

She sounds like a flaky bitch.

No. 190584

Well… I am bisexual so it wouldn't be far-fetched

But seriously though, I love the idea. I already like giving him rimjobs, pegging isnt that crazy. I'm just insecure and brainwashed by the internet to think that traps are everything a guy wants, especially because I can't give handjobs to save my life

No. 190596

Traps dislike using their cocks though

No. 190652

Actually, it's a shit-test. I'm loathe to use PUA terms, but I don't know a better word for it. I bet you cash money that's a shit test. I've found that girls tend to prefer power bottoms, if they're looking for submissives.>>190576

No. 190679

My boyfriend likes butt stuff, how can I get more comfortable with it? I want to try but I have reservations about man ass, plus I'm just not really dominant…

No. 190851

I'm the poster who bumped originally. Although I haven't pegged him ye obviously I've fingered him and given him rimjobs before. If you're at all concerned about things like stank and taste and w/e, try doing stuff for the first time straight out the shower. use a lube that's relaible and inoffensively flavoured if you're using your mouth. If he's hairy, it's not unreasonable at all to ask him to trim at the very least, I asked mine to and he actually shaved which was a nice and welcome surprise.
It regards to being dominant, you don't have to necessarily "take the lead". tell him to let you know when he's ready (ie clean) and ask him what he wants. he can still guide you while you're doing it in a way that means you're not in control so to speak, even though you're the one doing things to him. I make my boyfriend fuck me when I'm domming him and he's still very much the sub because I'm telling him exactly how to do it and have all the control.

Also, sage goes in the email field. Good luck!

No. 190859

File: 1495057979664.jpg (31.24 KB, 640x452, saadmaan.jpg)

>like futa/traps
>have a FB who's 100% into pegging
>prostate kills my boner instead of causing it

No. 190869

my bf wants me to peg him and i want to ask him to douche his ass first, but how tf do you ask someone that?

No. 190871

Just ask him to do it for hygienic reasons. It shouldn't be that big of a deal to discuss for either of you, or you guys aren't ready for pegging. Seriously, making sure your ass is clean is just part of ass play.

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