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No. 164067

>in HS
>am black and have long hair naturally, but wear extensions sometimes
>people are surprised to find out my hair is "real" a lot of the time, but it's no big deal
>this one girl I have a class or two with is kind of rude toward me on a constant basis
>she's Lebanese and kind of hairy, her bf is a black dude
>sometimes tries to make small talk with me even though we don't hang out, and slips in little insults (or just outright insults me)
>don't know why, I hardly know her and barely actually talk to her
>"Wearing extensions today, anon? Yeah, couldn't get that curl naturally, could you?"
>today, she came to me and said "Anon, I'm so glad you came out about wearing weaves, Who do you think you're fooling, girl?" (she apparently thinks me admitting to wearing extensions sometimes means my hair must be 100% "fake")
>already tired and distraught over a test this morning, am barely listening to her
>don't say anything, mumble "Um, yeah whatever" or something
>she continues standing there as if she wants a response
>want her to go away
>say "Better than having sideburns" out of nowhere, or something equally nasty
>she's clearly surprised and hurt at this response, and leaves fairly quickly
>feel bad later on
I have enough problems in my life, I don't want to get caught in some retarded banter war with someone I don't even know. I didn't mean to be a bitch (esp. over body hair), but I just wasn't in the right frame of mind for that kind of comment. I don't want to make any more shitty remarks to her (or anyone), and I don't want to hear them from her either. Why won't she just fuck off, and how do I get her to stop? Is it some elaborate joke or social cue that I'm not getting? Help.

No. 164068

Oh and I'm 18 as of last month, inb4 ban

No. 164069

Sure, kiddo.

No. 164070

She's just jealous. Just keep looking cute and love her envy.

No. 164071

what do you mean by long hair? like a huge afro? No reason for anyone to think that's not natural. If you have long chemically straightened hair and extensions then that counts as fake…

No. 164072

Honestly it sounds like she's always been a bitch to you. Yeah, you didn't say the most kind thing, but nobody's perfect. I'd just chalk this up as a learning experience in how you have higher standards for yourself than to be mean about someone else's looks.

Regarding what to do about this girl: it doesn't seem like there's much room for improvement so I'd suggest just trying to ignore her. If you're eighteen and in high school you probably have less than a year to have to put up with her bullshit anymore. Just focus on you.

No. 164073

If she's dating a black guy then she's probably jealous or sees you as a threat. Honestly, if you really don't want to fight with her just apologize and explain that the way she words things is hurtful. Honestly, people snap when given insintive. She should understand.

No. 164074

I knew a girl like that. Tries to act friendly but throws in little insults and her passive aggressiveness is obvious.

Ignore her OP, trust me, she cray.

No. 164075

who cares how she feels? She was being bitchy because you where a black girl who wasn't fighting back. It made her feel good about herself, don't let her feel good about herself .

Just keep clapping back, and she'll back down faster than if you're being passive.

No. 164076

who gives a fuck, you're going to graduate and never see her again in a few months. high school relationships literally mean nothing.

No. 164077

Yeah, I have a coworker that's just like that. I just ignore her even when some of her comments make me angry. You can tell she has that attitude because her life is sad and pathetic. Just brush it out and be your best you.

No. 164078

Honestly OP, you sound like a pretty nice person. Don't feel bad. She needs to learn she can't be a bitch and not expect anything in return.

No. 164079

She sounds jealous as fuck. Like you are a threat or something.
Keep doing what you do and make her upset just by being cute, Anon :^)

No. 164080

She sounds super insecure in her own appearance, which is why she was probably really surprised you made that comment about something she's likely self conscious about. She was probably talking to you like that because she thinks you're a push over.

I once had a co-worker ask if I had extensions in and she looked absolutely gutted when I told her that I didn't, as I have naturally thick wavy/curly hair. People will judge you either way.

No. 164081

Hahahahaha well done OP, I love justice porn

No. 164082

I'd wager that this girl is jealous of you over some reason other than your hair. Maybe she thinks her boyfriend was checking you out or something. Bitches be cray.

No. 173913

Wait aren't sideburns normal?

No. 173923

you bumped a year old thread to post this?

No. 173986

I also need to know this

No. 173995

Who cares.

No. 174028

Yes also I think they're cute :3

No. 174091


No. 174297

File: 1483073473594.jpg (715.34 KB, 3000x1650, i have never removed these hai…)

they are normal, then? Thank goodness.

No. 174312

Those aren't sideburns.

t. hairy girl

No. 181475

Can there be a thread for posting about people who bother you with there passive aggression? Or a thread for jealous people? Since most ppl have had to deal with these things?

No. 181518

Why not just…y'know, make one? As opposed to bumping a thread that hasn't seen action in about a month.

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