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File: 1444179580826.jpeg (160.56 KB, 600x952, image.jpeg)

No. 163168

What is your honest opinion of it?
I think it's dumb looking on real people. I don't understand what makes Lolita not a type of cosplay but Lolita's say it's a life style.

No. 163169

fine if that's what you're into but you shouldn't wear it outside of cons/meetups

it's like being a furry except you want to fuck children instead of animals

No. 163170

It's a very youthful style, even the more "mature" styles are still youthful. I think it only looks good on Asian girls because they look younger than they are. Non-Asians look older at younger ages and they look like grown women trying to dress like little girls.

I like it but you have to look very youthful to pull it off.

No. 163171

I like some lolita, mostly classic style stuff, but I don't think I'd buy any of it even if I did have the money to.

Other than that, I don't really care that much about it. I'd much rather see girls in lolita irl than the girls who wear sweatpants and wear their hair in top knots all the time. I'd much rather see ugly ita messes than that tbh.

No. 163172

It's fucking horrible.

I've only ever liked the gothic lolita and that was at halloween for a costume party.

Lolita just looks retarded.

No. 163173

Anyone know of any porn with Lolita theme?

No. 163174

no one should wear it

they should just start making it for little girls, little girls would be cute in it

other than that, no. unless you're like 10 and going to a tea party or doing ballet or some shit, just grow up and stop dressing like a retard in your spare time

No. 163175

I loved the fuck out of oldschool, although I never wore it. Ridiculously detailed dresses, chunky black shoes, frumpy doll look. It had a creepy vibe to it and struck me as a proper street fashion.

Nowadays lolita (specifically sweet) is nice to look at in photos but it feels really out of place in real life. It's so OTT and matchy matchy. I can't stand the wigs at all no matter how natural they look. It became very cookie cutter.

Gothic and classic with small pettis and natural hair still looks good to me in person. Stands out of course but in an alt fashion way rather than full on costume.

No. 163176

File: 1444187476211.jpeg (287.53 KB, 500x458, image.jpeg)

I hate those fucking wigs

No. 163177

File: 1444187541373.jpeg (367.1 KB, 1000x1500, image.jpeg)

No. 163178

Lolita does look better with natural hair. I agree with that

No. 163179

No. 163180

Are you being sarcastic, because if you aren't, that picture does not prove your point

No. 163181

That looks like a child to you?wtf kind of children are you around?

No. 163182

I consider it a fashion in most part, and this is coming from a non lolita.
Honestly, some people take it over the top with fluffy ass wigs bigger than their own head or accessories/toys around their dresses.
But if you wear a regular lolta like OP (kinda) or something bordering otome/FannyRoseesque/gothic/aristo then I fully consider it a fashion.
You don't have to wear something everyday for it to be considered a fashion or style, nor does have to be expensive. Just like how I may wear a skirt ever so often, is just as some people wear lolita.
Being a lifestyler is totally different ballgame. If you personally want to wear lolita every single day, have frills and puffs around your house, have fancy pansy tea parties, and speak in a terrible British/Japanese accent (if you're American or from someplace else), more power to you.

Doesn't really help with the idea that they literally call themselves lolita…instead of people wearing lolita if it's 'just clothes'.

At the end of the day, it's just fabric you wear to feel pretty.

My opinion? I like it, kind of pleasing to watch when you don't fuck it up. Would I wear it? Probably if I lived in a folder climate. Plus I'm pretty thin skinned and I hate when people stare, which they always most likely do in a fashion like this. Plus, I know the existence of lolcow, 8chan and 4chan, and I'm afraid I may end up in an Ita thread.

No. 163183

I'm saying that she looks like garbage

No. 163184

File: 1444231514817.png (24.06 KB, 625x626, 00c.png)

No. 163185

I think Asians look the worst in it.

I personally love to older women in it as long as they aren't in some pastel looking cord.

No. 163186

I kinda want to see an older woman in a pastel coord. Classic is a nice style for them but seems too typical and boring. I already see classic as an older persons style, so it doesn't stand out to me if I see an older person wearing if.

No. 163187

To me, Lolitas look like insane women who are obsessed with victorian babydolls. I've seen some reeeally cute coords and lovely dresses, but the fashion in general is horrible, in my opinion. Everyone looks absolutely crazy wearing it, with frills and patterns and lace everywhere. You look even crazier if you're wearing it outside of a convention or gathering.

Lolitas can deny age play all they want, and I'm sure most of them aren't into that shit, but a little part of me will always think it looks fetishy.

No. 163188

Classic and gothic look nice but sweet always screams ageplay. Pastel dresses, toy, ponies, cutesy animals prints and plush animals bags should not be for anyone over 10.

No. 163189

File: 1444251121939.jpg (26.54 KB, 203x300, image.jpg)

I think it looks awful 99% of the time. Most non-asian lolitas looks like adult babies/transvestites to me, and that includes classic and gothic.

I have no idea why it's so popular when there are so many far cuter, more affordable j-fashion styles that don't make you look demented. I'm sick of having to wade through reems of Lolita garbage when I'm looking for the stuff I'm actually interested in.

Yes, I am salty as fuck.

No. 163190

File: 1444253205752.jpg (281.89 KB, 500x750, tumblr_n2hj72B7lq1qecu65o1_500…)

pic related is the kind of lolita fashion i can get on board with

No. 163191

Would this be classed as Lolita though?

No. 163192

yeah i've seen people come up with incredibly convoluted arguments that "lolita" doesn't come from the book, and it's always hilarious

"no no you see this style based around dressing like a child, from a country obsessed with sexualizing children, which shares its name with a book about pedophilia, is DEFINITELY not named after the book and we are DEFINITELY not pedophiles and we are not creepy at all ;_;"

No. 163193

I agree with what your saying. Japan has huge issues with sexualizing kids and infantilizing women. Lolita fashion and "kawaii" culture is just part of it. Even ads of other styles of cutesy clothing have women standing pigeon toed, wearing pigtails and they have that puffy little girl face. Lolitas try to push age limits on the fashion but if looking like a little girl isn't the goal, why do they care if someone who is 40 or doesn't look like a kid wears sweet or something?

I think lolitas are in serious denial about their fashion. Japan loves little girl looking women. Angelic Pretty's Dreamy Baby Room release was popular in Japan but a flop in the west. Even SwanKiss has a dress called Dreamy Baby with baby toys and a bottle on the dress.

No. 163194

A Lolita will say the fashion isn't about children but then will have a bitch fit about people who aren't thin or baby faced enough for it

No. 163195

File: 1444259507330.jpeg (527.51 KB, 1396x996, image.jpeg)



No. 163196

File: 1444260184618.jpg (83.09 KB, 500x653, tumblr_nbdw5xWGm61s66hh7o1_500…)

OMG this. I love it when age arguments break out. It's funny watching grown women dressed like toddlers bitch about girls who don't look young enough, yet complain about how lolita is not about looking young.

No. 163197

Lolita is just a ridiculous fashion and here's why.
The stuff costs hundreds of dollars, but the time a person would be old enough to buy it on their own they'd be 23+, then by some miracle they'd have to look 12 and be preteen size at 26 too or Lolitas will be butt hurt over them wearing it.

No. 163198

By the time*

No. 163199

I'm a lolita but this is sooo true. I could barely afford lolita in my early 20's,now I am in my late 20's and can afford it so much easier. I'm a sweet lolita but I don't worry about looking old because I keep to myself and rarely post photos. I also keep it toned down, I only own prints but I don't wear pastel wigs and shit tons of jewelry and accessories. Surprisingly, most people I meet on the street haven't said anything about me being too old and they just say they like my dress.

No. 163200

File: 1444263879206.jpg (312.48 KB, 480x640, 1443597355111.jpg)

bait harder
it's a fashion, not a costume, because it's not about looking like a specific character, simple as that. yes it has become more OTT in recent years but at it's root it is a cutesy style. i prefer old school myself

No. 163201

These days the only thing I really like about lolita is how it holds its value. I would get 2 dresses a year from my parents (christmas, birthday) from the ages of 14-19. I sold a couple to pay my rent once and I'm glad I still have a load to fall back on if Im ever desperate for money. As a 24 year old I feel I've outgrown it and would just feel ridiculous wearing it in public now.

No. 163202

yea i think if you want to spend way too much money on stupid looking shit you should just get into ACTUAL fashion instead of j-fashion. then people will think you are a cool eccentric rich person instead of a weeb who spends their autismbux on the tackiest shit possible

No. 163203

File: 1444268820465.jpeg (102.35 KB, 500x375, image.jpeg)

Her room looks exactly like a child's room.

No. 163204

File: 1444269083071.jpeg (68.51 KB, 500x667, image.jpeg)

Having tea parties with stuffed animals…That's totally not age play

No. 163205

Tons of Japanese lolitas and non-lolitas have rooms that look like they belong to a 5 year old. It's like Japanese girls don't want to grow up and want stay a little girl forever. This is also why I can't stand Princess Peachie, her room is full of little girl toys. She has to be a ageplayer.

No. 163206

File: 1444269849268.jpg (317.53 KB, 1024x893, my_magical_room_by_princess_pe…)

No. 163207

Being a child who can spend hundreds on clothes is mor fun I guess but they should just admit it's age play and stop trying to make it deeper than what it is

No. 163208

So many lolitas and just Japanese women in general have creepy children's rooms and I don't get it. You can have cute pink stuff and stuffed animals without it being overly toddler/ageplay looking. I never got into this mindset.

No. 163209


No. 163210

i mean yeah she looks ridiculous dressing up in what looks like "childrens clothing" but how is that sexualizing children? she doesn't look sexy at all nor is showing any skin and i doubt she's going around acting like a child and giving bjs in public. what really is sexualization of children is pageant moms and children in the USA… seriously, use your common sense bro

No. 163211

This. I never understood that. Most of the time only women ages 16-25 look good in it. And nothing against women doing lolita past 25. I still love gothic lolita myself, but not that nasty sweet pastel baby lolita shit. One dress is like $300? And that isn't counting headpieces, socks, shoes, gloves, wigs, etc etc.. You spend $1000 on an outfit that you can only wear to a meetup with other people dressed like pastel babies. No thanks.

No. 163212

This wouldn't be so bad without the literal children's playmat on the floor.

No. 163213

meant to reply to >>163197

No. 163214

Wow, you missed the point entirely.

No. 163215

Well, it's ideal in Japan to look as young as possible. That is their "sexy", a lot of men there find infantile women sexually appealing. They are sexualizing children by making childish things sexually desirable,clothing, actions and voice. Men find it attractive if a women dresses and acts like a clueless 5 year old with a high pitched voice.

No. 163216

Nobody except /cgl/ will deny that there is definitely a creepy fetish undertone to a grown woman dressing like a "doll".

Unfortunately, this site is full of people from /cgl/

It's gaudy, unflattering, unpractical and just overall fucking retarded. the first conclusion you can make from anyone dressing in this shit on the streets is that they're vain as hell and probably has some sort of mental issue.

No. 163217

File: 1444273951734.jpeg (881.73 KB, 1280x1614, image.jpeg)

To the Japanese that is sexy/sexual. This woman is over the age of 30 but still dresses like a kid, because it is what gets Japanese men off.

No. 163218

The only people who bitch about it are teens and young twentysomthings, most of us in our late twenties, and older don't give a fuck and just laugh.

No. 163219

File: 1444275657359.jpg (101.96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Yep. It's sexy to look like a child.

Look at this idol group, women in their 20's-30's but dressed like children.

No. 163220

Can you link the video? I didn't know the japanese had idol groups whose members consist of 20-30 year olds

No. 163221

No. 163222


No. 163223

File: 1444276970750.jpg (71.82 KB, 361x600, tumblr_nvlc62Ckku1rb8aqgo2_400…)

It's catching on more and more with non-Japanese girls too.

No. 163224

>fine if that's what you're into but you shouldn't wear it outside of cons/meetups
I can agree with this bit at least. The people who wear it everyday as a "fashion" deserve all the judgment they get

>they should just start making it for little girls, little girls would be cute in it
Let's not encourage pedos

So how does it not prove her point then? Try following the comment chain more closely next time god damn

No. 163225

It's kind of normal in Japan as a way to protect the floors and be more comfortable. I think it looks ugly as sin but it's not an ageplay thing in this case.

No. 163226

>thinking this isn't a staged photo for some magazine

No. 163227

every lolita hated this dress. it killed the over the top sweet lolita trend.

No. 163228

It's an extreme and unusual symptom of quarter-life crises.

No. 163229

File: 1444279262602.jpg (56.57 KB, 500x747, 1432539390857.jpg)

Yes, this would be considered classic lolita.

who cares if people don't like lolita. its a style you need thick skin to wear. any lolita getting their petticoats in a twist over this thread is an idiot.

No. 163230

I'm not into lolita or idolshit but this was pretty funny. Maybe I'm being too hopeful but this kind of humanizes the girls just a little and subtlety makes fun of the whole idol thing at the same time.

No. 163231

>all of the non-lolitas in this thread don't know about the massive backlash against OTT sweet that happened a few years ago specifically because it was starting to creep into age play territory
no one wears pastel vomit anymore
and if they do, we make fun of them until they kill themselves

No. 163232

File: 1444283529170.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

That's fucked up

No. 163233

I thought they used tatami mats and rugs for that though.

No. 163234

I love this style. Is this gothic? I could see myself wearing this out. Agreed you def need thick skin to wear lolita outside no matter what.

No. 163235

Have people really stopped wearing pastel and sweet lolita?

No. 163236

Yeah, Japanese men are nasty people.

No. 163237

No, there are plenty of us, including me.

No. 163238

>plenty of us

No. 163239

I think people who consider this fashion to be "sexualizing children" are pedos themselves tbh.
If you look at these clothes and think "sex" or "fetish", you probably associate cute, childish things with sex because you're a fucking creep. There's nothing sexual about them and they're not even close to revealing.
That, and unless you live in the Rococo period, most children dress in normal clothing like jeans and t-shirts that sometimes have cartoon characters on them, not shit like >>163229. They look like something a princess or a fairy tale character would wear, not a kid.
inb4 "b-but it's called LOLITA". The book character never wore any of this shit either, and it's only called "lolita" because the musician who made the fashion popular thinks European names sound cool and goffik, regardless of their origins.
closet pedos/fetishists pls go

No. 163240

I'm not attracted to diapers but that still doesn't stop me from recognizing it's a fetish. Fuck off.

No. 163241

Because wearing a specific fashion is totally the same as wearing diapers and pissing/shitting yourself.
No, you fuck off.

No. 163242

File: 1444289033497.jpeg (68.34 KB, 389x550, image.jpeg)

fashion from the rococo period doesn't look much like Lolita does now. The definitely weren't making cutesy baby face, having the parties with stuffed animals etc

No. 163243

File: 1444289151042.gif (168.17 KB, 450x599, image.gif)

If Lolita is about copying fashion from the rococo period in France why is there so much importance based on looking cute, thin and flat chested?

No. 163244

File: 1444289443586.bmp (1.63 MB, 750x761, image.bmp)

This is actually really beautiful. Lolita looks like a preschool puked on them most of the time.

No. 163245

If lolita were based on one period and specific trend it would be historical dress up no? It's a bit of a mix.
I think the closest is is the victorian ages, mostly childrens' clothing, with other influences. A lot of it looks like pastel vomit now unfortunately but it used to be so pretty.

No. 163246

File: 1444289707892.jpeg (555.9 KB, 532x800, image.jpeg)

Until Lolitas start looking like this they can shove their "it's based on the rococo period!" Mess up their ass

No. 163247

File: 1444290327051.jpg (62.28 KB, 639x580, classiclolita.jpg)

I used to love lolita, I still do but I really dislike what it has turned into. Why is no one dressing like this?
Sure, brands like Victorian Maiden/Mary Magdalene are very expensive but they are still cheaper than most prints other brands come out with.
That picture doesn't even do Classic justice but you get my point.

No. 163248

File: 1444290427244.jpeg (216.59 KB, 600x484, image.jpeg)

This looks pretty cool

No. 163249

I guess the other stuff would get more attention. In that you'd just look like a Christian school girl going to church or a Mormon.

No. 163250

Um ok maybe if you live in an anime.

No. 163251

If someone say you in that style of Lolita in america they'd probably just assume you come from a super backwards,crazy Christian family, that doesn't allow their daughters to wear pants. That's probably why people go for the pink babyish stuff because it'd get them more attention. A white girl wearing that would just look like some kind is Amish bitch.

No. 163252

Possibly but unlikely. Just weird I guess.
I mean, the point is to feel pretty for me. It's way too expensive sadly but honestly if you want to attention there are much cheaper ways to do that. I just don't dig the modern sweet lolita look, it doesn't even look cute on young asian women, let alone old white ones.

No. 163253

I can imagine the white girl in those examples you showed on a farm churning butter, while waiting for her momma to call her in for supper. It doesn't look obnoxious but it doesn't really stand out which is why people don't usually go for that.

Just looks like something an Amish or someone from a cult like Christian family would wear.

No. 163254

>here comes the rococo period bullshit explanation
>b-but they're so modest
>and don't show skin!

You're all ageplayers.

No. 163255

Now this is beautiful.

No. 163256

Can I just mention how sick I am of that? Try browsing any sexy tags on tumblr and half of that shit is some skinny white girl in frilly panties going "OH YEAH DADDY".
It's so fucking disgusting I want to puke every time.
But uh as for lolita, it's cute and not sexual at all. Rant over?

No. 163257

File: 1444306217635.jpg (50.6 KB, 475x341, hK6FAMx.jpg)

I totally agree with you, anyone who thinks dressing like a kid is creepy is a pedophile themselves. I've even seen people saying that pic related is a fetish. How fucked up lmao, you must be a disgusting baby rapist if you think that someone wearing diapers and drinking out of a baby bottle is sexual

No. 163258

why do lolitas get so mad when you point out their shit is tacky and creepy

No. 163259

Except that's not the same thing at all.
I'm sorry you're so blind that you think wearing clothes is the same thing as wearing diapers, but that's no one's fault but your own.
Can you show me a kid in this day and age wearing any of this shit? If not, your ageplay argument is shitty b8.

No. 163260

File: 1444309451071.jpg (878.07 KB, 1870x1870, FML-Frilly Milly with Boa-3-Li…)

www.google.com -> image search "girls frilly dress"

yeah they dont have all the rainbow unicorn cake prints and stuffed animal purses that your lolicon dresses have but that just makes them LESS infantile

No. 163261

File: 1444309481533.jpg (104.37 KB, 800x600, solocation.jpg)

What sort of preschools have you been to?

No. 163262

We get that you're a buttmad pedo, you can stop triple posting and uploading pics of kids that you jack off to now

No. 163263

File: 1444309698155.jpg (201.66 KB, 1151x1600, afton easter dress 2.jpg)

…That's not even similar to the fashion. The silhouette is completely different, you rarely see colors that contrasting (unless the dress is literal Milanoo trash-tier) and it literally is just a kid in frilly dress. Next you'll be calling wedding dress and quincenara dresses ageplay, fucking kek.
This is the closest thing to Lolita I could find with a quick Google search of "girls frilly dress", and not only is it clearly old as shit, even that would be considered ugly as fuck in a lolita context.

No. 163264

Are you retarded? I tried to upload the pic before and for some reason it turned out to be a pic of a Minion.
Stop projecting your nasty fantasies on me, thx

No. 163265

the average person who isn't obsessed with weeaboo "fashion" can clearly see the similarities between that and your lolita shit. kill yourself

No. 163266

File: 1444309876041.jpg (35.24 KB, 500x333, melanie-martinez-daddy-t-shirt…)

wtf i cant believe you sick fucks are saying that this shirt has anything to do with ageplay, if you knew ANYTHING about dd/lg fashion youd know that the name daddy doesnt actually refer to a father, the designer who started the trend just picked it bc it sounded cool and mysterious, and anyway, can you show me any evidence that children actually call their fathers "daddy" in real life? i bet not

No. 163267

More like you don't know shit about the fashion or its aesthetic and mistakenly think your garbage opinions are anywhere near accurate. I proved you wrong, and now you're being a butthurt faggot shitposting trash like >>163266 to hide it.
Kill yourself first.

No. 163268

File: 1444310015831.jpg (48.07 KB, 350x500, totes ageplay.jpg)

OMG guys, can you say ageplay? Look how frilly the dress is, ugh these pedos need to fuck off with their weeb fashion.
I bet she's wearing diapers underneath, smh.

No. 163269

absolutely no one in real life knows shit about the fashion or its aesthetic. your argument is only relevant to weeaboos on the internet. everyone else will rightfully think you are an ageplaying weirdo

No. 163270

Yeah, no one except people who wear it maybe. And it's a good thing we're discussing this online, not real life then, isn't it?
Just admit you said something incorrect on an anonymous forum, no one's going to judge you IRL for it jfc

No. 163271

She's not holding stuffed animals and making cutesy baby faces. Don't be stupid, you know why people think Lolita is age play.

No. 163272

lol ok i guess i dont have an encyclopedic knowledge of lolita sillhouettes or whatever, but i'm still 100% correct that everyone into lolita is a mentally damaged ageplayer and also fat and ugly

No. 163273

File: 1444310446280.jpg (67.66 KB, 422x750, 1423890620895.jpg)

>Shut up guys, lolita totally isn't ageplay! Ok hold on I need to take a dump in my diaper

No. 163274

You're the only mentally damaged one here for trying so hard after you were already proven wrong.
Stuff some more twinkies up your vag while crying about ageplay, why don't you

No. 163275

File: 1444310504005.jpeg (172.97 KB, 772x1034, image.jpeg)

You can't see the difference?

No. 163276

In the case of lolita, yeah, it pretty much is.

No. 163277

I dont think its ageplay but i think its just ugly. And not worth the cost but whatever floats your boat. I think it is kinda retarded to wear it in public though, like some weeb running around walmart in cosplay

No. 163278

File: 1444310628787.jpg (295.69 KB, 590x422, Quinceañera-and-Damas.jpg)

Yeah, no.
Only a specific substyle involves stuffed animals, and I don't even know where you're getting the "cutesy baby face" shit from. Are you that 40 year old who went on about "dolly doll faces" and made a makeup tutorial everyone made fun of? Lmao.
Pic related, ageplaying whores :^ )

No. 163279


No. 163280

That's just some chick covered in cutesy weeb shit. She's even doing the quintessential weeaboo peace sign.
Seriously, you're proving my point even more. If you look at this shit and think of sex or fetishes, you probably have some problems.
Plus if you don't see the difference between >>163275 and >>163260, you're literally blind.

No. 163281

File: 1444310846213.jpeg (98.25 KB, 467x700, image.jpeg)

This is not age play but come on friends let's play wiff stuffed animals and have a tea party with widdle cakes and our dolls tehehe.

No. 163282

File: 1444310882287.jpg (56.67 KB, 500x375, il_fullxfull.198002616.jpg)

Totally not ageplay

No. 163283

That girl's considered a lolcow in the Lolita community specifically because she's an ageplayer, but keep posting. You don't look stupid at all.

No. 163284

Why do you think the Lolita community attracts ageplayers? :^)

No. 163285

Those are costumes, not those kids' daily wear. That and I'm pretty sure they're costumes based on the attire of literal milkmaids from the 17th century.
Are you okay?

No. 163286

File: 1444311037525.png (330.35 KB, 500x398, tumblr_mwwkfvwEmQ1sj7ucfo1_500…)

Are you ok, honey? How's the PTSD from your molestation?

No. 163287

Because they tend to be dumbfucks like yourself who see frills and immediately think "aGEPLAY", despite the opposite being true.
Like what kid wears >>163281?

No. 163288

Why do you have so many pictures like this saved on your computer?
You sound like both a pedo and an ageplayer who got laughed out of the fashion and are now bitter

No. 163289

You can use google image search, and type in something like lolita ageplay or lolita dd/lg. It turns out that there are a lot of results. I wonder why that is?

No. 163290

Someone's getting desperate.

No. 163291

A kid wearing a pink frilly dress and playing with stuffed animals? Impossible.

You can be as disingenuous as you want and complain that bloo bloo the seams is totally different from a kids dress they use a different fabric for the lining waaah only an idiot couldn't tell the difference, but every single normal person is going to look at you and think you're trying to look like a kid. Well maybe if you wear gothic lolita they might think you're trying to look like a myspace queen from 2001.

No. 163292

It's not even the frills that makes it age play. It's they playing with stuff animals, the importance of being small and baby faced etc

If a woman actually has some tits and curves Lolitas say it's indecent and she's fat/shouldn't be wearing Lolita.

No. 163293

>I wonder why that is?
Because like I said, people like you tend to liken the two when they aren't similar at all. It's no one else's issue that you're a creepy pedophilic fuck who jumps to conclusions.
>>163286 for example was made as literal bait.

No. 163294

You just sound fat. There are tons of Lolita who have T&A. Ero-lolita is a thing, too.

>appeal to normies
I bet every single normal person would read this thread and think of you as a weirdo for sitting this long and saving so many ageplay-related pictures to your hard drive and consider this website a horrible place for horrible people, but I digress.
>Gothic Lolita
>even slightly similar to Myspace scene queens or 2001 fashion in general
Now I know you were b8ing all along. You got me, great work.

No. 163295

File: 1444311505810.jpeg (37.17 KB, 236x367, image.jpeg)

This isn't age play but look at me doing a pose like a confused toddler.

No. 163296

If they aren't similar at all, why do people keep likening them to each other??

People don't say that wearing a north face jacket and uggs is ageplay. People don't say that being goth is ageplay. Why do people say that lolita is like ageplay? Perhaps because they are… similar?

No. 163297

I posted like one or two, whereas anon posted
Really don't think I'm the "desparate" one here

No. 163298

File: 1444311626518.jpeg (79.54 KB, 500x928, image.jpeg)

>in a child's room
>pig tails
>stuffed animals every where

Nah these are not things little girls do. You guys are nuts.

No. 163299

You don't dress like a real life, toned down normal prepubescent girl to ageplay. You play up the stereotype. Same way a drag queen would parade around in ridiculous and extreme female caricatures.

No. 163300

Those aren't all me, not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person lol

No. 163301

File: 1444311743177.jpg (93.67 KB, 1300x933, teenage-girl-glasses-thinking-…)

So, is this pose now a staple of ageplay?
Better tell all those stock photo models

No. 163302

Sure Jan

No. 163303

File: 1444311866847.jpeg (188.28 KB, 500x750, image.jpeg)

>This is common adult behavior. It has nothing to do with children. My coworkers bring their teddy bears and widdle tea cups to work with them everyday.

No. 163304

But they're not similar and I've already highlighted why.
People just liken the two because Sweet Lolita in particular reminds them of childhood shit (even though it'd be more closely linked to that "living doll" BS or old fairy tales).
If you had more than one brain cell, you'd probably have figured that on your own.

No. 163305

>There are tons of Lolita who have T&A.
Post em.

No. 163306

>room decorations are now ageplay

No. 163307

People who don't know anything about age play, Japanese fashion etc would think Lolita looks like child's clothes. I could show my grandma this and even she would make he connection.

No. 163308

Ok, so it reminds people of their childhood, but it's not ageplay. Lmao. Keep splitting those hairs thinner and maybe you'll manage to convince someone that you're not a pedo.

No. 163309

I've acknowledged that and explained why in the exact post you responded to.
>People just liken the two because Sweet Lolita in particular reminds them of childhood shit (even though it'd be more closely linked to that "living doll" BS or old fairy tales).
You don't turn into a child when you hold a stuffed animal AFAIK
Are you just hell bent on repeating yourself until I stop responding or something?

No. 163310

Nice samefag

No. 163311

File: 1444312102795.jpg (42.46 KB, 360x480, aeeed90284a8e4d4769137267af635…)

No. 163312

It is age play. Just because it doesn't make you horny doesn't mean it's not. Lolita just delude themselves into thinking Lolita is something more important and serious than it is.

No. 163313

No. 163314

>Just because it doesn't make you horny doesn't mean it's not a fetish!
Are you fucking insane?

No. 163315

You know very well most Lolitas would call her fat

No. 163316

>everyone who disagrees with me is the same person ;_;

No. 163317

No. 163318

That isn't my point. Your pic was a shitty example and did hardly anything to reinforce your argument yet you still posted it because you didn't have anything better

No. 163319

>doesn't deny it

No. 163320

Age play is pretty much just role playing as a child. Many people who are into age play say it doesn't turn them on, they just like the feeling of being a little kid, being treated special and being cute.

Lolitas have deluded themselves into thinking their fashion is serious, have all these dumb rules etc

But in reality you're just a grown woman in a 8 year olds birthday dress.

No. 163321

Except it's a good example because the dress in my pic looks a lot more like the kid in a frilly dress you posted than any of the Lolita outfits ITT. If we're going by your logic, that's a shitload more ageplay-ish than Lolita. Sorry.

No. 163322

File: 1444312652756.jpg (170.87 KB, 370x300, 00003tq4.jpg)

Yeah nah, ageplay is some fetish bullshit. Don't try to deny it to make yourself sound less delusional.
You sound like some angry cunt who posted yourself on /cgl/ dressed like pic related and got ripped to shreds because you can't into the fashion. Like it or not, there's a specific silhouette that goes with the look, which is how come anyone with functioning eyeballs can see the difference between >>163268 and >>163275.

No. 163323

If I had the money to spend I wouldn't spend it on lolita. I'd buy some nice luxury clothes and dress my age.
Good thing they did rip that girl to shreds maybe she will lose some weight, go outside and stop watching anime, wear some clothes that are age appropriate and flattering.

No. 163324

this, lolita is so fucking expensive for gaudy, crap quality clothes that you cant wear outside without looking retarded

No. 163325

Kids don't wear Lolita, so I'm not sure what you mean by "age appropriate". It's an expensive street fashion mostly confined to rich women in their 20s and above (or younger, depending on whether they come from a well-off family). It's tacky to some people, but others think it looks cool and don't care what normies think.

No. 163326

>crap quality
Deluxe bait. Most of the bigger brands are much better quality than a lot of expensive labels in the west.
Quality can be shit when it comes to shoes, though.

No. 163327

It's just high price children's princess clothes for adult babies. You spend 1000s to look like an 8 year old exploded on you. congratulations.

No. 163328

It's a real waste tbh. With that amount of money they could actually look like attractive women.

No. 163329

But children don't wear it (as you've unintentionally demonstrated by your shit-tier examples of its "similarity" ITT), so how can it be childrens' clothes? Explain.
Even if I did wear Lolita (which I don't, I'm just not fucking stupid enough to think it's ageplay), at least I'd have $1000 to drop on clothes, unlike yourself.

No. 163330

frances pls

No. 163331

File: 1444313573885.jpeg (40.53 KB, 236x354, image.jpeg)

>children don't wear it

No. 163332

How often do you think they wear that? How functional do you think those outfits are for playing outside and running in mud and other shit kids their age do? Use your brain.

No. 163333

What the fuck is up with that one idiot who keeps denying the notion that the vast majority of the society would find that grown women dressing in frilly dresses usually seen on dolls is fucking creepy and accusing everyone ITT being pedophiles? Are they really so deluded? I'm starting to believe she walks on the streets in her lolita garb and thinks she's somehow fitting in with everyone else outside.

>you posted
I haven't posted a single pic ITT. No it's a fucking bad example and a far cry to lolita.

No. 163334

File: 1444313669975.jpeg (83.56 KB, 465x620, image.jpeg)

It actually looks pretty cute on actual kids

No. 163335

You've just highlighted how out of ordinary this shit is on a kid, even though you like to insist it's "kids' fashion".

No. 163336

Most adult Lolitas don't wear it often either. They only wear it to meets and maybe on the weekend.

No. 163337

>"But no, kids don't actually wear that, and ageplay is completely different. If you see the color pink and a dress and immediately your mind jumps to ageplay, you're probably the only pedo here."

No. 163338

>But in reality you're just a grown woman in a 8 year olds birthday dress.
Pretty much. For all the stupid conventions and rules they adhere to their costumes aren't looking any less retarded.

No. 163339

And most little kids totally have meets just to talk about expensive outfits, as well as personally choose to have special clothes they only wear on the weekend, right?

No. 163340

Now this is shitposting

No. 163341

All I did was condense this argument into one post.

No. 163342

Who "denied" anything? I just pointed out that it's wrong and you're fucking stupid for thinking that, only for you to accuse anyone who wears the fashion of being a pedo, then get upset when you get called one yourself for being so fixated on diapers and shit.

No. 163343

All these fucking rules…they take themselves too seriously.

No. 163344

>I know what I'll do, I'll paraphrase and reinterpret and capitalize the shit out anything they said using maymay arrows, that'll show em!
Embarrasing tbh

Did you somehow miss the part where we said ageplay isn't about sexual aspects? Are you illiterate?

Samefag harder, retard.

>accuse anyone who wears the fashion of being a pedo

Uh, I never fucking did that.

No. 163345

>I'm a special snowflake, why does this fashion have rules? Don't they see my kawaii uniqueness?
>Screw them, anyway! They just can't appreciate a woman with curves like myself!!

No. 163346

My point is they don't have to wear it everyday all day. They could wear it only on holidays or special events, Lolita is not functional for grown women either unless you have a daddy to take care of you.

No. 163347

Yep, this pretty much proves anyone who says "but it's just a fashion" retarded.

No. 163348

>everyone who disagrees with me is the same person ;_;
Like it or not, ageplay is definitely a fetish. Most people don't wear diapers and pretend to be 3 years old just to calm themselves down, no matter how you look at it.

No. 163349

The rules are stupid because you all look retarded anyway.

No. 163350

Last time I checked, fashion is about a style of dress and not whether you're allowed squat or not.

No. 163351

File: 1444314561296.jpg (69.61 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0001.jpg)



No. 163352

Unless you can prove otherwise, I'm going to go ahead and assume those kids wore that outfit for a one-off special occasion.
Most people who wear Lolita are people who can afford it, ie adults, regardless of its functionality.

No. 163353

>literal joke video
>"Look at these ridiculous rules!"

No. 163354

File: 1444314639022.jpeg (73.39 KB, 411x600, image.jpeg)

And for the most part if you don't follow these rules Lolitas will hate you and that's because it's more than just a fashion for them

No. 163355

I forgot to add that a style of dress usually does involve a specific silhouette or aesthetic choice, even if you want to bitch and moan.

No. 163356

W-we were just pretending to be retarded lol xD

No. 163357

It's suppose to be a joke but these rules are real. I've seen Lolita saying stuff like this and are totally serious.

No. 163358

That picture was made as a hyperbolic joke mocking people who are excessively anal about the fashin, though. Are you brain dead?

No. 163359

>Uh, I never fucking did that.
Ctrl+F "pedo"
Most of the results are yours (unless you're going to keep pretending you're not a samefag again).

No. 163360

File: 1444314863551.png (337.86 KB, 360x478, image.png)

No. 163361

If you think the fashion is so retarded, why do you hang around Lolitas?

No. 163362

Now this is shitposting.

No. 163363

I can think something is retarded without being apart of it

No. 163364

>implying you wouldn't insult this girl in the exact same way
The only difference is you'd be frothing at the mouth screaming "AGEPLAY! AGEPLAY!!!111!!!11".

No. 163365

Then let me rephrase: If you're not a part of it, how are you seeing them saying stuff like that?

No. 163366

File: 1444315079150.png (371.23 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

There are Lolita who legit believe this stuff

No. 163367

So you're confirming the type of anal girls part of the lolita subculture she's talking about exists and in substantial number too.

No. 163368

See >>163365
Are you SURE you're not just some bitter bitch who's mad that she can't dress like this without being mocked to oblivion by normalfags AND the people who wear it?

No. 163369

There are autists everywhere in every community. Look at yourself, for example.
Doesn't make them the majority.

No. 163370

Call all the desperate baseless samefag accusations you want. But I'm not the poster you think I am.

No. 163371

Funny you say that, considering you make the exact same accusations.
>inb4 "Th-That wasn't me either! You're wrong!"

No. 163372

Can anyone dress like this without being mocked?
if Americans see someone dressing weird they will just act as if they don't see them.

No. 163373

What the hell are you even fucking talking about anymore? God damn, you're so fucking desperate. You know you have nothing else so you have to resort to these stupid ass samefag accusations. Not to mention YOU were the one who pulled the "u a pedo" card first. I wasn't participating but I was watching it.

Lolitas are brain damaged.

Look before >>163344, this one and a majority of the posts which come before it with sage in the email field are mine. I'm pretty sure whoever accused you of being a pedo didn't sage.

Oh an didn't I mention before ageplay isn't about any sexual aspects? Did that completely go over your head?

No. 163374

How did I "pull it first" when >>163169 is literally the first post ITT that even mentions pedophilia?
And didn't you accuse me of being a samefag when you posted >>163344?
What made you stop using a sage if you're only the ones with sage in the e-mail field?

No. 163375

>I wasn't participating
Nice attempt. What happened to "we said"?
Oh and I'm >>163374 before you try to insist this is a samefag.
You're so retarded that you shot yourself in the foot multiple times with this post.

No. 163376

So I was right, right? You are a samefag. The difference between you and me is that I didn't try to use that as a leverage for my argument. Right now the samefag accusation is all you have left and you are clinging onto it. You probably don't even believe it yourself that I made whatever posts you're accusing me of making. You're getting tiresome now. Bye-bye.

No. 163377

Nope, I'm not a samefag, unlike yourself. You just exposed yourself because you sperged out about nothing and now you're trying to run away.
Bye basic

No. 163378

We aren't the same person. You think people thinking Lolita is retarded is uncommon? If you are really so obsessed with same flagging ageplay chan I'll point out all my posts to you.>>10798

No. 163379

So, you're saying you're not >>163373, but they took credit for what you said in >>163320 just because?
>didn't I mention before ageplay isn't about any sexual aspects?
Seems legit.

No. 163380

Lmao don't even try. This person is dedicated to convincing people they're not a samefag.

No. 163381

We both think it's age play. It's possible for two people to have the same opinion.

No. 163382

Also, even if we are same fags that doesn't change that fact that you will spend what most people spend on a months rent on one adult toddler dress

No. 163383

Lmaoooo the irony

No. 163384

Literally what

No. 163385

Why would they impersonate you and take credit for your posts if you weren't the same person?

I haven't spent shit on anything, but okay. Sorry you got proven wrong and started crying about ageplay.

No. 163386

File: 1444324274390.jpeg (37.49 KB, 1175x191, image.jpeg)

I mean it's not just the few people in this thread that think it's sexual. People who have no idea what Lolita is thought it was a kiddy sex thing when they first saw it.

No. 163387

File: 1444324298021.jpeg (221.68 KB, 1242x1463, image.jpeg)

No. 163388

File: 1444324525866.jpeg (29.25 KB, 1242x202, image.jpeg)

No. 163389

Normies are clueless. Next up, water is wet.
That doesn't make them correct or not ignorant, sorry.

No. 163390

People were saying people looking at Lolita and thinking its child related are pedophiles but normies who have no idea about Japanese fashion think it too. If Lolita does not look like something a child would wear how are people making that connection?

No. 163391

The "people" ITT saying it are literally speaking from ignorance because they think >>163217 is Lolita and Japanese men find the fashion sexually attractive (which is a joke). They have little, if any knowledge on weeb fashion themselves.
People who haven't heard of it or don't follow Japanese fashion are obviously even more clueless. They're making the connection because they don't know shit and they're retarded, it's literally that simple.

No. 163392

What irony? More than one person thinks you're a fucking idiot lol

No. 163393

I know a lot about japanese fashion but I still think lolitas are just a bunch of ageplayers who take themselves too seriously.

I dont understand why its so hard for them to admit that they just like dressing cute and pretending to be a little girl. it doesn't make you a bad person, you just look really dumb trying to come up with all these ridiculous excuses to prove lolita is a fashion that we need to take seriously.

No. 163394

>I know a lot about japanese fashion
Evidently not, considering you seem to think Sweet Lolita is the only style and that it entails "pretending to be a little girl", anon. Just stop.

No. 163395


Also, ive always wanted to say this but lolita is just a costume. Most people will not wear that crap everyday, they only wear it to conventions and meets. how is it a real fashion when you will only wear it on Halloween and conventions and wear jeans/t-shirt most the time?

Only a handful of people will wear it everyday but im suppose to think of lolita as higher than someone who cosplays at a con.

No. 163396

File: 1444328892106.jpg (139.06 KB, 321x600, 1443080087264.jpg)

what part of this is ageplay?

No. 163397

File: 1444328910346.jpg (33.2 KB, 343x720, 1432460677553.jpg)

or this?

No. 163398

File: 1444328957950.jpg (186.07 KB, 638x960, 1442939532739.jpg)

or this? even with the bonnet, most normies would just think this is gothic or gothic doll. not dressing like a little girl

No. 163399

looks childish to me

she looks ridiculous but it doesnt look like age play. when i talk about ageplay im speaking more about sweet lolita.

No. 163400

File: 1444329009278.jpg (102.68 KB, 391x600, 23817_336065528535_4578612_n.j…)

you're all posting the most babyish OTT sweet outfits to prove your ageplay argument, ignoring the other 75% of the fashion

No. 163401

File: 1444329127600.jpg (159.81 KB, 529x900, 1436404389613.jpg)

Most people wear prom dresses only to prom. I guess that makes prom dresses a costume then.

the frequency of wear (which you are incorrect on btw) does not negate that this is a fashion and not a costume. its elaborate, but its still a fashion.

No. 163402

Because you put time and effort into putting together a coordinate and don't just throw shit on ready-made as a costume, perhaps?
And even if you don't necessarily go out on a daily basis in it, there are people who put together outfits to take photos of.
Like I doubt most people wear some of the shit you sometimes see on Lookbook on a daily basis, or that you see high fashion shit you see on the runway IRL (aside from when those designs are referenced in normie fashion, which is usually what happens), but that doesn't suddenly turn them into costumes.

No. 163403

you can still think it looks stupid, but you don't need to justify it by saying "b-but muh ageplay!!" "b-b-but its not a fashion!"

just say you think it looks fucking dumb and move on.

No. 163404

File: 1444329284230.jpg (210.63 KB, 740x1049, glb475.jpg)

what makes lolita fashion as a whole so different from gyaru or goth? if you consider the former a costume, then so is the latter.

No. 163405

i dont always think sweet lolita looks stupid but i still think its age play.
Just because something is well crafted and coordinated doesn't mean its not a costume.
i mean if you dont have the balls to wear it alone/often then I see it as a costume.

No. 163406

But that prom dress is a one time thing. Spending all that money on stuff that you will only wear for pictures or meets is stupid.

No. 163407

File: 1444330069595.jpg (88.77 KB, 400x570, 2006_09100019.jpg)

what specifically makes it ageplay to you? do you think it is impossible for someone to just want to wear the clothes without wanting to secretly be a child?

Prom dresses can cost just as much as lolita dresses and are usually worn for even less. If your average lolita goes to 3 conventions and 5 meetups a year, the dresses are getting a fair amount of use.

No. 163408

So what you're saying is, anything that's not something you plan to wear every single day of your life is a costume?

So, wouldn't that make prom dresses even MORE of a costume than Lolita? You wear them even less frequently. At least with Lolita you have meets and do photoshoots. Prom dresses you wear once and then leave alone.
Your logic is all over the place

No. 163409

File: 1444330209103.jpg (121.98 KB, 1024x768, 1444093956833.jpg)

Do you guys who think lolita is ageplay also think fairy kei or decora is ageplay? Is it anything pastel or cutesy? Or the specific silhouette of lolita that makes you think its ageplay.

No. 163410

I don't think sweet lolitas want to be children(most of them would trade bodies with a 13-16 year old though, if they could because they pull off the look the most). Sweet lolita not only looks like age play but their behavior is too.

prom is a one time thing. women arent going out spending thousands on 100s of prom dressed only to wear in public twice a year.
decora looks really hideous but i dont think its age play and i dont think fairy kei is age play either.
its more like an alternative fashion. sweet Lolitas look and act like adult babies.

No. 163411

How do they act like adult babies? What do you mean by "behavior"?

No. 163412

the childish tea parties, being a grown woman walking around in public holding a teddy bear, taking pictures with baby poses.
the music video looks like a little girl playing dressup and having a pretend tea party in her room but I guess this is normal for adults?

No. 163413

Most Sweet Lolitas don't walk around in public holding a teddy bear, it's considered ita.
Also that's a music video, not people in public.

No. 163414

File: 1444331377339.jpg (68.33 KB, 480x640, shelbycloud4.jpg)

There are plenty of sweet lolitas who don't act like children, have childish rooms, or carry around teddy bears. Using a music video as proof of this is stupid, since that video is similar to a lot of Japanese idol music videos.

>(most of them would trade bodies with a 13-16 year old though, if they could because they pull off the look the most).

So would most people on lolcow. Whats your point?

>decora looks really hideous but i dont think its age play and i dont think fairy kei is age play either.

There are decoras who dress lolita sometimes, and have babyish rooms filled with toys and stuffed animals.

Many teenagers go to prom several times. And women spend upwars of $300+ or more on prom dresses, wedding dresses, cocktail dresses and more.

The money being spent and the frequency of wear still does not prove that lolita is a costume. There are many lolitas who wear it daily, just most girls save their most OTT coords for meetups and shit.

No. 163415

File: 1444331458904.jpg (73.75 KB, 426x640, 1440619089220.jpg)

Like I said earlier, I don't care if you think lolita is stupid. It is stupid, but I still like it.

Just have your arguments make sense.

No. 163416


In real life little girls have pretend tea parties with their stuffed animals, you think its just a coincidence that they would have her behaving that way in her music video?

the aesthetics of sweet lolita is just infantile.
do you know anyone who buys a new prom or wedding dress once a month or every time they get paid?

No. 163417

>So would most people on lolcow. Whats your point?
since you are a lolita and ageplay is ingrained into your lifestyle you cant see the issue with this.

No. 163418

File: 1444332783780.jpg (176.43 KB, 484x750, tumblr_ldukh4FMFk1qa74u3o1_500…)

I don't think grown women should strive to have the body they had in highschool and i think the 5'3 113lb anachans are fucking stupid. Its just a bad argument to toss against lolitas when most people on lolcow are guilty of it.

Okay but its a fucking music video. Its not a good argument to this "LOLITA = AGEPLAY" argument. Thats like saying that because AV gyaru exist all gyaru are whores and hostesses.

Generally speaking, if a lolita is buying a dress every month, shes typically wearing it more often than just to conventions.

No. 163419

most gyaru are whores and hostesses just like most sweet lolitas are ageplayers in denial(not all there are exceptions to the rule).
stereotypes come from some where.

No. 163420


and i dont think lolitas age playing is sexual. I think its just wanting to play, feel cute, fragile and dainty like a child.when theyre all dressed up in their baby clothes they can escape the realities of being an adult for a few hours.

No. 163421

File: 1444334142615.jpg (61.91 KB, 578x496, 623850476_863.jpg)

No. 163422

File: 1444334681539.jpg (111.04 KB, 381x546, punk8.jpg)

And again, I need to ask about people who wear the style and go about their daily activities- going out to eat, shopping, seeing a movie.

in order for something to be ageplay, there needs to be the "play". actively acting like a child, doing childish things, like wearing a diaper, playing with toys, speaking in baby talk, etc.

For every lifestyle lolita, theres a lolita who brags about all the unladylike things she does while wearing the clothes.

No. 163423

there are people who are lifestyle age players who act like adult babies with their daddies 24/7 all day everyday, just because theyre doing it everyday doesnt mean its not age play.

I think sweet lolita is a form of age play. not all age players wear diapers and shit themselves.

No. 163424

Except anon was saying they go about their daily life without any of the weird daddy adult baby shit you're talking about. They're just wearing alternative clothing at the same time.
Clothes are not ageplay.

No. 163425

File: 1444335798216.jpg (75.39 KB, 800x800, httppatapoomcomen40-onesies.jp…)

so if i put on a onesie doing normal day to day activities its not age play?
What if someone only likes wearing baby clothes but has no interest in the dd/lg community? what does that make them?

No. 163426

Except Lolita is not baby clothes, and several people have already shown why.
And someone who wears baby clothes but isn't in the dd/lg community is just someone who wears baby clothes, I guess. What, are you trying to imply otherwise?

No. 163427

no one has shown sweet lolita doesnt look like childrens clothes because it still looks like it in my eyes.

I think its just childrens clothes made for big girls. adult baby clothes are also expensive, so please do not use that "but but its too expensive which means it looks nothing like a child would wear!".

No. 163428

File: 1444336698456.jpg (85.88 KB, 640x640, 56.jpg)

something funny ive noticed about age play and sweet lolita is that a lot of ageplayers dont look like kids, and are ok with girls who dont look like loli's and arent preteen thin. while lolita is less accepting of women who look like actual women(with tits etc).

sweet lolita might actually be worse with their pedo shit than ageplayers.

No. 163429

File: 1444336809432.jpg (110.66 KB, 716x960, tumblr_ng4g19NoqB1s6np32o5_128…)

Who the fuck cares if lolita is ageplay or not?

All that matters is that it's fucking hideous and lets everyone know that you're a weeb.

Spend your money on real clothes.

No. 163430

i feel like unless youre in japan you shouldnt wear but even then the japanese might be creeped out by seeing a big white girl in lolita

No. 163431

File: 1444337247722.jpg (90.51 KB, 554x439, what can ya do.jpg)

>when you're basically asexual like a sponge and just like lolita fashion because it's fun to you

No. 163432

age playing doesnt have to be sexual

No. 163433

Well what is it if it isn't sexual?

No. 163434

some people like the cute baby clothes, being tucked in at night, being taken care of. not everyone who is into age play does it for sexual reasons.

No. 163435

that's still

No. 163436

Your eyes are broken, then. No one can help you.
You're the only pedo here.

No. 163437

You sound like an ageplayer trying to normalize their creepy fetish and involve an established fashion in it for some reason. Pls go.

No. 163438

File: 1444337895081.jpg (422.33 KB, 1000x1500, 3.jpg)

but going around dressed like this is totally normal behavior to you?and not off at all?

No. 163439

Looks cute, like a princess or something. Can be garish, but who cares?

No. 163440

sweet lolitas are age playing but have deluded themselves into thinking theyre normal and their fashion is actually important. theyre not normal, theyre mentally ill weeaboos.

No. 163441

Let me put it this way, if I see a goth kid, I don't think they're a dead-body-player.

No. 163442

How are they ageplaying?

No. 163443

>People liking things I don't like?
>Mentally ill weeaboos

No. 163444

im not repeating myself so read here

i think sweet lolita is cute on some people, but i still think its age playing and theyre mentally off.

No. 163445

>I don't think they're a dead-body-player.
me neither but when i look at sweet lolitas i do think age playing

No. 163446

why though
how is it different than my example?
because it's not as common?

No. 163447

So, you admit you're an irrational human being?

No. 163448

File: 1444338904562.jpg (224.3 KB, 1024x1536, 5.jpg)

your example is dumb because goths dont look dead.

No. 163449

That's it?
It took you six minutes to come up with that?

No. 163450

And lolitas don't look like babies.
See, it's really easy to just say things, isn't it?

No. 163451

File: 1444339038004.jpg (133.96 KB, 1280x1024, scary-goth.jpg)

>deathly pale skin
>dark hair and clothing
>spooky-looking in general, like ghosts
They are to dead people as lolitas are to ageplayers. You can't have one or the other, sorry.

No. 163452

they dont look like babies. they just look like adult women cosplaying as babies.

No. 163453

And goths look like people cosplaying as corpses.

No. 163454

File: 1444339338133.jpg (95.11 KB, 497x750, 7.jpg)

i wouldnt look at a breathing, moving, speaking woman and think dead but i just naturally look at a woman with a bunny backpack, pig tails, pink puffy dress, bloomers,pigeon toed walk/stance and think "baby cosplay"

No. 163455

Right. So, would you say that many goths are fascinated with death, darkness, and morbid things, and express that through their fashion?

No. 163456

what part of "no one wears ott anymore" don't you understand

No. 163457

I would also say that most lolitas are fascinated with royalty/the Rococo Era/food/animals/ or impressing their grandmothers.
What's you're point?

No. 163458


Would you say that some lolitas get into the fashion because they are fascinated with childhood or innocence?

I don't think all lolitas are ageplayers but it's silly to deny that they exist in the scene.

No. 163459

File: 1444339720414.jpg (831.6 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_n6uycd1a7y1qe2dt1o2_128…)

>I would also say that most lolitas are fascinated with… food

Haha yeah, I can believe that. sage for double post

No. 163460

File: 1444339721748.jpg (59.62 KB, 350x750, 5.jpg)

>"no one wears ott anymore"

not ott still looks like baby clothes

No. 163461

I wouldn't call then lolitas because they tend to have no fashion sense at all. That's why it's so easy to tell lolitas apart from age players.
You can't deny that lolitas have a good sense of color coordination and matching motifs.

No. 163462

Sorry sweetie, but if lolitas had taste in anything they wouldn't be lolitas.

No. 163463

>sense of color coordination
>matching motifs

No. 163464

>sarcastic sweetie
Go home, mom.

No. 163465

>if lolitas had taste in anything they wouldn't be lolitas.
truer words have never been spoken.
its so funny how lolita think theyre so stylish and good with fashion and are quick to call someone tacky…its like, look in the mirror hun.

No. 163466

>sarcastic hun
mom please

No. 163467

Why did you buy more of those weird Japanese clothes, dear? Your father and I gave you that money to pay for your college textbooks…

No. 163468

>implying I don't have two jobs
>implying I didn't get kicked out at 17
>implying I don't wear expensive chink clothes as a status symbol

No. 163469


No. 163470

why the fuck would you wear lolita as a status symbol?

No. 163471

Show my mom how much money I have to burn now that I don't have to pay her bills.

No. 163472

Serious question- if you want people to be jelly of your money, why not buy expensive normie clothes instead? They make better status symbols. People who don't know about lolita will just think you're wearing some crap $30 dress from Hot Topic.

No. 163473

File: 1444340551482.jpg (59.81 KB, 600x399, women-laughing-and-having-fun.…)

No. 163474

If you wanted to prove that you should buy chanel or something. your mom probably just thinks youre a retard who got some baby costumes from party city.

No. 163475

That girl's not even goth, she just has dark hair and pale skin. You just found the normie-est image ever and tried to use it to make a point.

No. 163476

I do it because the very last time my mom ever beat the shit out of me, it was because she found out I bought dress for $350.
And now it's like a deeply ingrained thing for me.
She knows every time I post a new picture, I'm setting that money on fire instead of giving it to her.
Feels good in the worst possible way.

No. 163477

This is the most obvious samefag I've ever seen.

No. 163478

You're doing a good job of proving that Lolitas don't have mental issues. :^)

No. 163479

Oh yeah no, all the other girls on lolcow chan are just fine.
Bitch we are all here for a reason.

No. 163480

Not her, but you seem really mentally ill to sit in this thread for hours posting pictures of adults in diapers and children while accusing others of pedos/ageplayers.

No. 163481

you like lolita because you can relive the cutesy and fun childhood you never had

No. 163482

Nice armchair psychology, you don't sound like you're projecting at all

No. 163483

>never had

That doesn't work.
And also I like it because I hate my mom.
Come on, these are easy blows to take, you don't have to make them up.

No. 163484

>muh samefag
You always resort to this when you don't have an argument. You must be quite insecure if you can't handle the idea that more than one person on this board dislikes lolita

No. 163485

When did I call you a samefag in that post? What are you talking about?
Yeah, you're definitely mentally ill

No. 163486

you want to create the child hood you never had by wearing ridiculous baby clothes and having tea parties. your mom didnt give you the love you needed and thats why youre like this.

No. 163487

Sorry, are you not the poster who was accusing everyone else of being a samefag? There's more than one person who doesn't like lolita here, I wasn't the one posting ageplay pics.

No. 163488

>emblyign I don't get shitfaced watching Fight Club alone in my silly clothes
If that's a standard childhood, I am very disappointed I missed out.

No. 163489

thats kind of sad. so you put on your frilly pink clothes, snuggle up with your teddy bears and watch movies alone?

No. 163490

Replace the teddy bear with a bottle of henny and you got it.
It is /very/ sad.

No. 163491

File: 1444341461796.jpg (115.86 KB, 400x600, 1273018262456.jpg)

except the only place to get that kind of specific onesie would be an ageplay shop, catered specifically to ageplayers. you don't walk down the street and see ageplay shops. it is unlikely that there is someone who isn't into ageplay but wears baby clothes and diapers.

a kigurumi is technically a form of footie pajamas. but theres a big difference between someone wearing a kigurmi and someone wearing footie pajamas from an ageplay shop.

lolita isn't ageplay. it isn't baby clothes, and the fashion is legitimate. most japanese lolitas, while childish, don't see it as ageplay and don't see what they do as ageplay. they might describe their fashion as "doll-like" or "innocent", but those words aren't limited to ageplay. there is ageplay in japan and ageplay porn in japan but it doesn't often intersect with lolita. the two are different.

when is the last time you saw a baby wearing circle lenses with huge eyelashes and a giant wig? Lolita to me looks more like doll clothes than childs clothes.

No. 163492

File: 1444341554202.jpg (124.83 KB, 500x444, tumblr_n49xz7g2ml1qcrx9lo1_500…)

and lolitas don't literally look like children

No. 163493

File: 1444341612326.jpg (276.23 KB, 1134x2289, b2aceda7.jpg)

I really want to know what babies you see on a daily basis, but that isn't it. Even the most elaborate little girl dresses don't look like that.

No. 163494

most Lolitas are aiming to look like preteens not babies.

they want to look like preteens who never grew out of their baby church clothes.

No. 163495

File: 1444341703172.jpg (146.22 KB, 488x650, 90.jpg)

What if you had a great childhood and just love wearing ugly attention-getting clothing? How are you going to armchair psychology that, anon?

No. 163496

File: 1444341787290.jpg (94.13 KB, 451x700, tumblr_ltx6pc1jT81qfykqeo1_500…)

You're changing the goalposts again. You went from saying babies to preteens. Except most preteens look nothing like lolitas either.

If you want to claim lolitas are fetishists, compare them to those creepy doll people. It makes more sense.

No. 163497

it looks more like a flamboyant, elaborate version of children's clothes. Its like how drag queens dress like women but its a more elaborate and flamboyant version.

lolita is like the child equivalent of drag queens

No. 163498

>not dressing even trashier than teen girls

Your country must be a lot nicer.

No. 163499

The child equivalent of drag queens are those weird ass child pageants, but nice try

No. 163500

File: 1444342121244.jpg (49.31 KB, 648x340, kamikazegirl.jpg)

And you realize that most drag queens don't literally want to be women right?

Drag isn't a fair comparison, drag queens get paid, are purposely playing a character and not acting lolitas. The decent lolitas aren't changing their personality when they wear the fashion.

Some of you people need to watch Kamikaze Girls. It explains lolitas perfectly. Momoko was a bitch who wanted to wear fancy clothes because she was vain and self absorbed. Shes not obsessed with children, but all things feminine, fancy, royal, and cute. She dresses lolita because she wants to live a "rococo lifestyle" not a childs life.

No. 163501

>except the only place to get that kind of specific onesie would be an ageplay shop, catered specifically to ageplayers. you don't walk down the street and see ageplay shops.

You can't walk into a store and buy lolita clothes outside of Japan either. That doesn't mean it's a fetish or w/e , just saying that's not a good argument

No. 163502

False. There are lolita stores in NYC and the California area. Some anime shops now sell (shitty) lolita dresses as well.

My logic was that the only place to get an adult onesie like that would require some knowledge of ageplay itself. It isn't as accessible as lolita is. A lot of people think of lolita when they think of japanese fashion. people with just casual interest in comics or anime can easily come across lolitas. it isn't as easy to find ageplayers, so the chances of someone having access to ageplay clothes without being into ageplay is slim to none.

No. 163503

and most lolitas dont literally want to be children. they just like looking like one.

No. 163504

lolita almost never looks like fashion from the rococo period. lolitas really need to stop with that one.

No. 163505

File: 1444342936232.jpg (547.22 KB, 534x800, 1438022286412.jpg)

sweet lolita has lost its historical influence, but it still lingers in classic and gothic lolita.

Lolita started with the visual kei trend, early lolita really has no ties to ageplay or looking like a child. It was intended to creep people out and look strange, but not look like a child.

I have no idea where OTT sweet lolita evolved from.

No. 163506

File: 1444343007616.jpg (62.91 KB, 726x1048, 14.jpg)

Mana, the original age player

No. 163507

lolita almost never looks like this. put a pair of circle lenses in her eyes, put some pigtails in her hair, take away the fan and replace it with a stuffed bunny then youll be getting closer

No. 163508

File: 1444343284218.jpg (74.96 KB, 399x600, 182c5bb5fb7a520a52fd5fdec4efaf…)

>lolita almost never looks like this
>ignoring the other styles

Its undeniable that OTT sweet is popular, but don't pretend like other styles of lolita don't exist.

No. 163509

i didnt say other styles of lolita didnt exist, i said sweet lolita is age play.

No. 163510

File: 1444343485999.jpg (289.23 KB, 500x750, 1433086221112.jpg)

but you're saying lolita like sweet lolita is the default. it isn't. it is one part of the fashion, and isn't as popular as it used to be. only itas, young n00bs, and people desperate for efame still wear OTT sweet.

No. 163511

>but you're saying lolita like sweet lolita is the default.
because its not that serious and i dont feel its important enough to bother using correct terms. its funny how you girls take these tacky clothes so seriously lol

No. 163512

idk if its just me or does aoki seem to be showing signs of aging?she looks very unhappy here too, almost dead inside.

No. 163513

File: 1444345453076.jpg (105.79 KB, 719x1023, dn251t.jpg)

Of course she's showing signs of aging, shes gotta be atleast 30. She's been in the GLB since its first issue in 2001. If she was 16 then, shes 30 now.

Google has her age as 33.

No. 163514

She looks like a 50 year old with too much botox in that video thumbnail

No. 163515

it's really funny how plebs imagine that lolitas don't have 'real' wardrobes, they just burn all their money on this one niche fashion 24/7.
bbykeks, we do buy chanel. we just also buy lolita.

it's funny how eager you are to show off your ignorance because you 'don't care' but apparently care just enough that you feel compelled to come into threads like these and attempt to cram your opinions in as if it's at all important/relevant.

No. 163516


Fucking cringe.

No. 163517

>feel compelled to come into threads like these
The op asked what we thought of lolitas though and i said what i thought.
go have some tea and candies to calm yourself down widdle baby.

No. 163518

if lolita is a legitimate clothing style for you wouldnt it be considered your real wardrobe?

No. 163519

You've been here all thread. Don't you get tired? I'm sorry you're a sad fat ageplayer who can't wear pretty clothes

No. 163520

if i had that kind of money to spend on clothes i definitely wouldn't spend it on lolita.

No. 163521

Maybe you're poor because you spend all your time shitting in diapers :^)

No. 163522

You're probably poor too and have to work two jobs and extra hours to be able to buy your 700$ ageplay dresses

No. 163523

Whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 163524

giving your opinion is one thing, sticking around for this long to defend it is just kind of obsessive and weird.
my opinion is that you're autistic as fuck, but I don't care enough to debate you over it.

that's why I put it in quotes.
it's as much of a clothing style as goth is. people dress differently for different occasions. No sane lolita is going to wear her frills to a job interview, for example.
When I go out to a club, I'll dress differently than I do when I go out for morning brunch. I have a pretty substantial wardrobe, about 30% of it is lolita. it's all 'real' in the sense that it's all clothing that I wear on a semi-frequent basis, but I know what situations are appropriate for it.
Most lolitas aren't lifestylers, and the ones who are get kind of a bad rap. regardless of what ageplay-autist-anon thinks, we don't take teddy bears to work and spend our days playing with tea sets.

No. 163525

if you have that kind of money to spend, you probably have a p. good job & realize that you can always make more. some people collect comic books, or stamps, or guitars. some people collect dresses. what's the difference?
btw, $350 every month or so (and that's assuming that you're buying first-hand from the brand rather than utilizing the 2nd-hand market) really isn't going to break the bank for most people, so idk why you're complaining about the expense unless you are literally working for minimum wage.

No. 163526

i dont doubt that you have dont have to work for you dresses. do you have a daddy dom?most little's have one
Ok berry. are you a plastic surgeon who is also rich and kawaii?

No. 163527

uh, no, I just have the self-control to be able to manage a personal financial budget. is that so difficult for you to imagine?

No. 163528

I'm talking about the Lolitas who buy their brand new not used, which means they'd be spending 600+ on a dress. I'm sure there are plenty who do that and I'm just saying if I had that kind of money I'd buy something nice.

No. 163529

Exactly. I don't know why it's so damn hard for lolitas to grasp this. Nobody normal out there would NOT think it's ageplay.

This was my last post yesterday >>163376. The person replying to you >>163378 is a different anon.

No. 163530

Are you deliberately moving the goalpost or are you so stupid you forgot what the initial argument was?

No. 163531

Goth doesn't generally come with wigs or stupid mannerisms you have to stick to. >>163350

No. 163532

>there cannot be more than one person who disagrees with me

No. 163533

File: 1444353061504.jpg (146.65 KB, 500x721, tumblr_nnhqs3ULHp1qhyfo2o1_500…)

Lolita does not require wigs or ~lifestyle mannerisms~, and many goths wear wigs and act in depressed/sad all the time.

normal people also think leggings are the height of fashion and that goths are satanists.

even new, few dresses are more than $300. lolita is easier to buy than ever now, you don't need to pay expensive shipping costs or shopping service fees.

No. 163534

I can kind of understand where you get that idea, because brands do, on occasion, produce special release dresses that cost that much.
But no, even buying new-not-used, you're probably going to be maxing out at around 400 for a new dress. And most girls don't even do that, they'll buy the skirt version if they're really in love with a print or they'll trawl the second-hand market for it after the initial rush has died down.
Like I said, everyone has their own definitions of 'nice'. Some people want to spend that money on a musical instrument, some people would use it to buy a PS4. Why shit on someone's hobby just because it's not yours?

No, but it comes with cyberlocks, dreads, tattoos, etc.
Also, you do realize that video is kind of a joke?
hence rules like 'keep a porcelain teacup in your purse instead of drinking directly from a water bottle!!' and 'don't run like a ninja!'
nobody can be this dense, jfc.

No. 163535

In this case, they're literally just one person. And I thought you said "bye"? :^)

No. 163536

File: 1444360248000.jpg (88.26 KB, 736x981, coord3.jpg)


If you guys knew anything about lolita fashion you would know there are actually styles besides sweet and that sweet has been dying since 2012. Classic is popular now.

No. 163537

Classic still looks childish. Something I could see a snobby rich child wearing.

No. 163538

File: 1444363317823.jpg (50.91 KB, 416x750, 1432494574364.jpg)

you're either trolling or delusional. snobby rich kids dress like kylie jenner now.

No. 163539

Lol I remember on tokyo fashion express the presenter said this in a very annoyed way "its nothing to do with the book" yeah ok for all the terms they could have chosen they chose that. not buying it.

No. 163540

They all look like crap m8. Don't know what point you're trying to get across by posting these pictures.

No. 163541

File: 1444365083193.jpg (49.23 KB, 500x750, fanny.jpg)

Anon, haven't you seen all the young children who dress like this? Totally ageplay.

That's your opinion but people who think lolita = only OTT sweet are retarded.

No. 163542

That just looks…so fucking wrong like yikes. Reminds me of that programme i saw about people wit wierd sexual fetihes and some guy turned his basement into a play nersery but everything was super big so that his partner (who was 20 something) would look very small. the cot was the size of a wall and he said the one thing he didnt like about his partner was she didnt play young enough (he wanted her to act like a 2yr old) gross.

No. 163543

They showed this on a programme about lolita fashion on NHK-it isnt. Also they shown other japanese lolita bedrooms which were more OTT than that one.

No. 163544

Of course it's based off of the book. But I highly doubt it was named with a full grasp of the meaning. The amount of Engrish in Japan is astounding despite the ease of getting it double checked. Lyrics, tv show titles, advertisements, the complete lack of effort really shows.

I'd be shocked and maybe even impressed if more than 2 seconds of research had actually been put into coming up with the name.

No. 163545

File: 1444368056565.jpg (37.52 KB, 320x480, pinkhouse.jpg)

To understand lolita, you need to understand where it came from. Most people see lolita fashion evolving from natural-kei and little house on the prairie style clothing that was popular in the 90s. No one also knows where the name came from, you can't pin point the exact moment the fashion was called "lolita" it just sort of happened.

It didn't get popular until visual kei/mana wore it. Back then the fashion was more of a costume than it was today. Back then it was only expected to wear lolita on the weekends or to concerts.

No. 163546

Nobody wants to understand your tacky shit. Go be an autismo elsewhere.

No. 163547

File: 1444368185359.jpg (242.88 KB, 735x1049, glb471b.jpg)

Also if you've ever read Lolita, the term is never used to describe anything other than Dolores. Humpert calls other girls "nymphets".

If you're going to spout idiotic shit about how all lolita is ageplay/fetish then you're going to get corrected. Ignore the thread if it bothers you.

No. 163548

Oh carry on then. I'll just snicker at the side while you try to desperately shove this down someone's throat when nobody actually cares.

No. 163549

>no one actually cares
>entire thread full of arguing about it
>the thread existing in the first place
>you replying to me right now

forgive me for being mistaken

No. 163550

You're trying to educate us with all of this useless "knowledge" when all it takes to prove you wrong is the duck test. Nobody cares about whatever wisdom you want to share, and nobody is ever going to change their mind about lolita because of it.

No. 163551

Glad i'm not the only one who feels sick at that.

No. 163552

Mana is male so I wouldn't be surprised if all of this was inspired by his own fetishes

No. 163553

I just fucking report and block them now. Thats how fucking done I am with that shit.

No. 163554

There was a documentary that came out a few years ago which about if are men naturally pedophiles and on the cover they used a picture of a woman in lolita dress. Whatever the intention of lolita is its being connected more than ever to ageplayers and pedos and there are sick fucks who are going after girls dressed like that. I personally hate those on tumblr because they also reblog pictures of actual children and thats why i've stopped going there completely now.

No. 163555

File: 1444371053430.jpeg (65.09 KB, 300x444, image.jpeg)

No. 163556

Yes thats it-I feel sick now.

No. 163557

Rumor has it the girl on the poster wasn't told what it was for. Whether or not this is true is up for debate.

No. 163558

Rumour also has it a lot of the people in the doc didnt know what they were being interviewed for.

No. 163559


Even if she didn't know, the filme maker connected Lolita fashion with pedos.

No. 163560

Given the film maker is trying to argue that pedophilia is natural for men it wouldnt surprise me they would make as many connections as possible. Not defending lolita fashion but i really dont think half of girls who are into lolita are wanting a pedo partner.

No. 163561

The fashion was a thing before it even had a name. As in stores were making this shit. It wasn't named "after" anything.
People started calling it Lolita because Mana's a cunt who thought "Lolita sounds cool and European lol". He referred to it that way ONCE and it just kind of spread.

No. 163562

>Of course it's based off of the book
Dolores doesn't wear any of this shit, she mostly wears two-pieces. The book is not based in the Victorian times at all.
I like how in your effort to sound as if you know better than anyone, you just show off that you don't know shit.

No. 163563

See >>163535
What happened to getting tired?

No. 163564

File: 1444373009429.jpg (317.68 KB, 886x1200, 1443150494327.jpg)

Oh no, people think Lolita fashion looks stupid and think I'm an ageplayer for wearing it. I've never heard that one before.

So you think Lolita is ugly and I shouldn't wear it? And that I am trying to be a little girl? Sorry, but if I cared about what other people thought, I wouldn't be wearing Metamorphose.

p.s. It's kind of weird how you are still scrambling to explain a fashion you don't really know anything about, while still being corrected by people who are part of it. Stay bothered.

No. 163565

There's something mentally wrong with you if you refuse to grow up.

No. 163566

She looks like a grandma in a nice wig in that thumbnail. holyshit

No. 163567

this girl is so perfect

No. 163568

I had no idea she's been around that long. She looks older since she's probably stressed all the time from that job.

No. 163569

she fucked up her life. who's gonna hire her now? she's stuck with this bullshit

No. 163570

The fashion started from vk through Mana and Malice Mizer though.. It has nothing to do with the book. The only thing in common is the name and that's it.

No. 163571

>naturally pedos

Mana is an idiot.

No. 163572

they're so cute, i wanna date all of them. ughhh

No. 163573

Exactly my point. He probably came across the name Lolita in his search for something to represent a youthful innocent fashion and that's that. Book about a little girl, cute name, good enough, done.

No. 163574

This is what denial looks like.

No. 163575

You realize that even the most cursory research about Lolita would tell you it's about pedophilia, right? Not knowing that is like not knowing that Moby Dick is about a whale.

No. 163576

(just to clarify, I mean the book, not the fashion)

No. 163577

Why do Lolitas take themselves so seriously? Not even people who collect Chanel, Hermes etc are like this.

No. 163578

I've learned that Lolita is Japan's emo. They have similar stereotypes that Emos have in America in Japan…

>listen to weird music

>cut themselves
>wear non-conformist clothes

I was surprised to learn that in japan they have Reputation as being cutters

No. 163579

>tfw this whole thread feels like shitty bait

Can't tell if angry male virgins or poorfag girls. Make more money.

No. 163580

The fashion never started through VK.
Stop spreading disinfo please
Mana and the bands he's been a part of didn't invent it. He just noticed it and gave it a shout out, which later escalated to a magazine and then a brand as it got more popular and he wanted to cash in/design shit. That and there was no established name for it before he came in with his "So gothic and fanciful…Lolita" etc shit. I'd literally be less buttmad if he said it reminded him of the period clothing in Pretty Baby and tried to name it after one of the characters. It'd actually even fit better. But no, we're stuck with this bullshit and idiots like >>163550 shitposting calling it ageplay.

No. 163581

>implying male virgins don't want to fuck lolitas
I thought that was what lolita was all about? Making weeb boys lust after you?

No. 163582

Your whole comment made me squint. Like, are you inferring Lolita's wear this stuff so they can get fucked? That's like saying a woman buys a cute purse with a pink bow on it so she can get laid. I guess a person can't buy something without the idea of getting fucked in it or because of it.

If a guy dresses in a tux, is it to get pussy? It's probably to dress up for a special occasion. Lolita is basically the same.

No. 163583

It's not the name that makes people think it's age play. People who don't even know what it is or called think it's some kind of child sex role play when they first see it.

No. 163584

It didn't start, but visual kei heavily inspired it and helped make the fashion popular.

No. 163585

She used to be a nurse, so she has prior work experience beyond being a model.

Theres a lot she could go on doing. Or she'll get married and pop out a few kids.

No. 163586

That video is satire, guys.

No. 163587

I've always wanted to visit Japan, but thank fucking god I wasn't born into their weird ass culture. American men have their problems but at least the Peter Pan shit isn't widely accepted. I'd rather be in a country filled with men that like skanky bimbo women, than a country filled with men that like sexy children.
No wonder they're having population issues. The men are freaks.

Unfortunately the "kawaii" shitstream is trickling over into the West.

No. 163588

Yes, but being full blown retarded adult babies/child like won't be seen as cute here in western countries.

No. 163589

I wonder if America will ever get to Japan's level of kawaii

No. 163590

lmao you're aware that barely legal porn and teen porn is a thing in america right? teen is a category on most porn websites.

No. 163591

I'm really surprised that cutesy kpop, Japanese idols and frilly clothes aren't more popular with men here. They love that barely legal shit.

I really don't want it to happen because being a woman and aging is hard enough, don't want to have to be trying to be kawaii at 32.

No. 163592

I think saying lolita is akin to ageplay isn't fair. It's more like Japan is okay with "childish" and "cute" more than other countries.

Also, every country has a sort of fetishization of childish youth. Look up the nymphet tag on tumblr. It's daddy doms and littles in the west and it's arguably so much more disgusting than anything Japan does. I've never seen daddy fertilization in Japan like I do here.

No. 163593

gr8 b8 m8

No. 163594

What's the source on this? Literally never heard of this. I've seen very few cutters in lolita in the west, but they do exist.

What I HAVE heard of lolitas in Japan is that the stigma to be a lolita above the age of 30 is greatly frowned upon and they're considered a certain word that's hard to translate to English. I think it kind of translates as "girls who want to be taken care of". Kind of like, they want to get a lot of funds for their clothes but not work super hard and want to live a leisurely life.

No. 163595

actually anon isn't far off at all. back in the 90s/early 2000s, it was assumed that most lolitas were mentally imbalanced and cutters. you'd see magazine snaps of them with cuts on their wrist.

America values cute over sexy. We sex up our child starts, put them in makeup and sexualized clothes. we like teens and young girls, but we wan't them dressed to look older. Its a weird paradox.

No. 163596

File: 1444434156741.png (323.53 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

I found this information out on a Lolita forum. A few people were saying Lolita has a reputation as being cutters in Japan.

No. 163597

File: 1444434174954.png (288.27 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 163598

I agree with this. I think Japan embraces these things more than the west and see nothing wrong with cute childish things. Look at their food, they have cute themed food, cute buildings, advertisements. I think most people there from young to old like cute things, recently I have been seeing older people in street snaps wearing kawaii fashion.

It's easy to say lolitas are dressed like children when the West is about showing as much skin as possible. A lot of people in the West will also make fun of you if you like childish things and your expected to hide it. I had a manager make sarcastic remarks about my Tinkerbell bag.

No. 163599

I don't think the Japanese accept Lolita but they are use to it so they won't be rude

No. 163600

Thanks for the posts, anon! This is actually really interesting to read. It's kind of neat because this was at the peak of gothic lolita and Mana. I can see the idea of gothic lolita = like a gothic/emo music fan over here.
I think it probably wouldn't apply in the same way anymore due to sweet being so big now. It's funny how lolita went from edgy dark dolls who cut themselves to living doll girls who are ageplayers. Maybe if classic is the next big thing, which looks to be that way, they'll be called old grandma's who want to live in another era. It's funny how normal people sensationalize things and stretch a truth to fit a narrative.

No. 163601

File: 1444439375058.jpg (529.66 KB, 500x749, classic.jpg)

I can't tell if you're being serious or not but yes we do. Pic related.
people still do though
because we constantly have to fight ignorant people who always try to delegitmize us and call us fetishists/ageplayers. tbh I'm fine being called tacky because yeah, lolita can be a bit tacky at times, but being called a fetishist is pretty insulting

No. 163602

tbh Lolita arrived in Japan pretty warped because of the movie and the other [western] media being made at the time that completely overlooked the fact that the book was written not in favor of sexualizing children but to show the mindset of a pedophile, so the Japanese translated it into something more glamorous/quirky than creepy. I know a lot of people actually do want to change its name but the name has just become too ingrained that all the attempts end up failing

No. 163603

I've long since thought about this. After interacting with /cgl/, I realized what it is, all joking aside: Autism.

Look at how matchy-matchy and childish lolita is. It perfectly matches up with a lot of how autism behaves. You didn't see how that coordinate was a bad one? They sperg out all over /cgl/ over it. They're very bad about doing any sort of confrontation since they're all incredibly socially inept. Lolita is one of the worst communities I've ever seen since it relies on anonymous, non-confrontational drama to communicate who it dislikes and almost nothing outside that. What I mean is, lolitas are notoriously bad at any one-on-one confrontation since they have no comprehension of how to behave in real life or real social scenarios. If you pay attention to most of the big figures in lolita, all of them have things ranging from autism to aspergers.

No. 163604

I just don't understand why it's so serious to you.

No. 163605

>people take their opinions too far and don't want irl confrontation
Except the same thing happens with cosplay, or any hobby for that matter. Why not just admit that people get autistically passionate over their hobbies and want an anonymous place to vent sans the drama that comes with anonymity? Do you really think the girls who are calling someone ugly or uncoordinated online also behave that way irl? Of course they don't, they wear a mask like anyone else.

No. 163606

>calling other people autistic
>while on a site dedicated to following the internet lives of strangers who sometimes do weird things

check yourself m8

No. 163607

Do you know what fetishization means? It's not fetishization anymore when the entire fucking country does it.

>America values cute over sexy. We sex up our child starts, put them in makeup and sexualized clothes. we like teens and young girls, but we wan't them dressed to look older. Its a weird paradox.
Murica (and every country with citizens following the laws of biology) values youth, not cuteness. The two aren't equivalent.

No. 163608

>To make a fetish of: "The art of cooking is fetishized in coffee-table cookbooks and on television shows" (Paul Roberts).
>to be excessively or irrationally devoted to (an object, activity, etc)
wtf are you talking about. Of course a country can fetishize somehthing

No. 163609

….That is literally a Lolita coord. Are you fucking stupid? That IS Lolita.

No. 163610

>Of course a country can fetishize somehthing
One defining trait of a fetish is that it isn't considered and accepted in the mainstream. If the whole country is into it and it regularly appears in mainstream media, how can you still consider it a fetish in that country?

No. 163611

This site is more gossip and random chat. Lolita "cows" aren't even cows. They're girls who don't follow their narrow idea of what a Lolita is like, like not looking like a little babyfaced girl or being too chubby to fit into their dresses. It's really creepy and infantile.

No. 163612

ok sorryyyy. Lolitas are really getting heated in here over their over priced grandma and baby dresses.

No. 163613

Can you send me a site where Lolita post things like this?i wanna see Lolitas acting all butt hurt and crazy for laughs

No. 163614

How is it grandma and baby at the same time? Are you mental?

No. 163615

If I wanna spend 300€ in a beautiful classic dress it's not your business, they're great quality and beautiful imo. If you think its a costume, feel free to think that, I also think Versace is overrated and has shitty designs but hey rich Italian kid$ buy Versace because of the tag. The quality is so shitty compared to lolita dresses. If you wanna go outaide dressed with a curtain, I don't care. If you don't like Lolita then don't look at lolitas, if we all dressed the same it would be fucking boring. Experiment with styles and have fun with it. fashion is something to have fun with, to experiment. It's all fabrics and patterns.

No. 163616

Some of it looks like something great great grandma would wore on her wedding day and someone of it looks like something a baby would wear on her first birth day

No. 163617

What are some good sites that Lolitas go to?im super intrigued by this life style/clothes now.

No. 163618

I usually visit egl sales to check the dresses that girls are selling in case someone sells my dream dress. For clothing I love visiting brand's websites, since my fav style is classic I go to classic brands like jetj, innocent world, Victorian maiden, Mary Magdalene… I visit some blogs but I don't remember the urls. There's also a Facebook group formed by the Lolita girls from my country and we all share news and what we find online and offline, like art expos or loliable clothes.

No. 163619

File: 1444493715138.jpg (130.19 KB, 480x640, autism.jpg)


Behind the bows is a great way to laugh at lolitas being anonymous and bitchy and posting stupid image secrets. "Lolita secrets" is oddly apart of lolita culture. They really have no idea how to confront people so lolita secrets is like passing around notes like little kids to others to show who they hate and their dirty secrets.


Here's the most recent one. A lot of them are incredibly cringey and super salty over stupid things, picture being an secret from there.

No. 163620

kek at the ageplay post.

No. 163621

File: 1444495669440.jpeg (62.04 KB, 640x613, image.jpeg)

I don't understand why it bothers them so much seeing fat girls wear the same dresses as them

No. 163622

So in other words, you don't know what clothes look like and are retarded.

No. 163623

Because fat girls don't have that frail kawaii 10 year old body that they love. They will even call an girl at an average weight fat.

No. 163624

lolitas and farmers would get along great then, since everyone on lolcow thinks being 5'2 and 113lbs is fat.

No. 163625

File: 1444527586636.jpg (58.02 KB, 400x533, 1428810538756.jpg)

Oh man, I'm laughing so hard at this thread
gg troll
>Pic related
>So ageplay

No. 163626

Not knowing about the (at least) three stores for lolita state side
>how embarrassing

No. 163627

Not ageplay, just mallgoth

No. 163628

Plus, everyone knows the cutesy styles of Lolita are the most popular now.

No. 163629

>being so rustled when people make fun of your shitty "fashion" that you're still bawwing bitch tears 4 days later
el oh el

No. 163630

imo a tone down sweet Lolita looks a lot better than this(no obvious wigs, natural hair or weave). This looks like something you can buy at hot topic.

No. 163631

>stfu mean lolcows
>lolita can look mature!
>posts a gothic aristocrat brand

Yeah, no. Would you like to try again?

No. 163632

nah, sweet hit its peak a few years ago.
classic is where it's at now. thus the rise of 'ott classic' coordinates and 'art lolita' style. it just seems that way because sweet lolitas have always been the most fame-hungry, so they're the type to take tons of photos of their coordinates and plaster them all over the internet. and you know how the chans work, bitches always be archiving that shit.

No. 163633

Try again buddy, just got here
I wish I could buy this shit at hot topic, it would save me the shipping

No. 163634

File: 1444530204109.jpeg (59.67 KB, 470x470, image.jpeg)

I shouldn't wear it. At least with sweet people will think you're a cute little weirdo or a kid and not a 3edgy5me goffic.

No. 163635

U shouldnt*

No. 163636

But who the hell can afford those $300 dresses and $30 socks as a teen? And when you finally get a job in your 20s, you only get to wear it for what? 5-6 years? yeah, fuck lolita fashion

No. 163637

There's no age limit on lolita. Plenty of people wear it in their 30s and 40s, or move on to EGA

Jesus no one in this thread has the FAINTEST idea of what they're talking about

No. 163638

You can wear it but you know very well that most Lolita prefer if the girls wearing it look young and cute

No. 163639

>5'2" 113lbs
I thought that was supposed to be a joke on the site though? I don't think anyone takes it seriously

No. 163640

lol there are tons of people salty about women wearing lolita in their mid to late 20s. They even think someone who is 24 is too old for lolita. bitch please

No. 163641

You say that but too many girls bitch if a girl looks old. Girls get bitchy if a 20 year old has an eye wrinkle, they will talk shit about any girl who shows signs of aging.

Girls like you may say there is no age limit but you probably won't hesitate to talk shit about girl with wrinkles or something. It's okay if your 30 but somehow still look 10 and have no signs of aging.

No. 163642

File: 1444548260655.jpeg (243.03 KB, 700x525, image.jpeg)

It's ok to wear Lolita at 30 but only if you look like this

No. 163643

So you still need to look super young at 30 even though you guys claim lolita isn't about looking young.

No. 163644

I know Lolitas say they will wear lolita forever and any one any age can be a Lolita….but I think most of them give it up after 35

No. 163645

This. I see this mostly with sweet, they are like I will be 40 and still wear sweet. Most lolitas are cowards and care too much about what other people think of them.

No. 163646

I imagine a 40+ woman would be made fun of or unwanted in coms no matter how nice her clothes are

No. 163647

File: 1444550725434.jpg (952.76 KB, 1067x1600, tumblr_nurixx7sOh1stxqaco1_128…)

To me though, if you truly loved the fashion, you wouldn't let other people's opinions stop you. Lolitas these days don't care about the fashion itself, it's all about fame and impressing other people.

Plenty of older people still dress in "kawaii" fashions, people who actually dress for themselves.

No. 163648

File: 1444550743875.jpg (281.04 KB, 1280x854, tumblr_nu6ghqyJS31stxqaco1_128…)

No. 163649



There's that one lolita who's in her 30s who posts to CoF a lot, whenever she gets posted to cgl there's like one or two people going "ew shes old" and everyone else jumps to her defense. The people who are uptight about older lolitas are in the minority. The ones who bitch the loudest do not speak for everyone.

Again, no one here knows what they're talking about, I don't even know why I am here, this was a mistake

No. 163650

When the age arguments start, seems like way more than a minority. I gathered you need to look 10 for sweet, look older than 10, you need to switch to classic/gothic.

No. 163651

Gothic/Aristocrat is an existing substyle of Lolita. Just stop posting, you look retarded.

No. 163652

Yeah because those are Americans and most Americans are into sjw stuff but still the Lolitas they admire are youthful usually

No. 163653

File: 1444574572056.jpeg (74.19 KB, 720x720, image.jpeg)

I think Lolita can look attractive but I've noticed when I see people posting their own outfits I don't like the way it looks on them 97% of them time. It's a style that tends to only look good on Asian girls 13-35 or models.

No. 163654

Gothic Aristocrat =/= Gothic Lolita you newfag. How about you actually learn to research?

No. 163655

I never said they were the same thing, dumbfuck.
>not realizing EGA is a thing within Lolita
Kill yourself.

No. 163656

Let the salt flow. You're just ignorant about the fashion and proving to everyone here you know nothing and embarrassing people who actually know a thing about it.

You think EGA is lolita? Quit lolita, you retard.

No. 163657

>trying this hard to put words in my mouth
Yeah, nah. I never said EGA was Lolita, either.
You're the retard.

No. 163658

Why'd you use that picture as an example to prove all Lolita is kawaii age play then?

No. 163659

Alrighty, then let's use your exact words
>not realizing EGA is a thing within Lolita
this is incorrect.
EGA is not a thing 'within' the lolita style in the same way that classic or sweet are considered substyles 'within' the fashion.
The fashions are tangential in that many gothic lolitas draw from similar influences as those of aristocrats or may 'grow into' the style later in life, but EGA is not classified as a type of lolita, but rather as an entirely separate movement. It's a bit like arguing that steampunk is a type of lolita. You might have noticed, if you had done any research more in-depth than typing 'lolita' into Google, that most brands do not cater to the EGA crowd at all, although there may be crossover with the appeal of certain items, for example waistcoats, jackets or footwear.
Take for example, Atelier Boz, which has a separate 'sub-brand', Lapin Agill, specifically for lolita. They make a distinction between that and their main brand, Boz, which is specifically made to accomodate the tastes of the EGA crowd.
you're an idiot, etc.

No. 163660

File: 1444614349463.jpg (108.31 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nah4ahQGy91r85cebo1_500…)

>the girls arguing in this thread

No. 163661



No. 163662

File: 1444628051706.jpg (239.21 KB, 550x1055, 1385243632398.jpg)

>can't come up with an argument so let's resort to posting unflattering photos of the target group
nice ad hominem

No. 163663

Most real life Lolitas do not look like that, not even the Asian ones.

No. 163664

Yeah, it's crazy. It's like lolitas wanna talk about how 'free' this style is, but they want everyone to look like children with no wrinkles or pores.

No. 163665

Can the lolita defenders on the thread even get that irony? haha

No. 163666

yeah, it's an advert. of course; it's like most people don't look like models from vogue IRL.
generalize all you'd like.
from what I understand, you're far more likely to get attacked over a bad coordinate than over eyebags.

people think that lolitas are bitches because they see samefag anons from 4chan nitpicking over minute flaws in appearance, but the truth is–most of these girls don't actually wear lolita. see ITT
or if they do, they're secretive about their sand-filled vaginas. because any community, if you came to a meet and started spouting off these opinions like 'she's too old/fat/ugly to wear lolita' would quickly ostracize you and your drama-seeking rufflebutt from the community as a whole.
the one thing that's great about lolita is that it's a niche hobby. which means that if you out yourself as a superficial cunt, you get outed to EVERYONE. even if you move all the way across the country. ex: Nia's drama, which followed her from east to west coast. or girlyhoot, whom everyone knows to avoid now.
girls love to gossip. rancid personalities make for great shit-talking.
so that's why all the lolitas out the worst parts of their personalities as anons on /cgl/ or btb. but it doesn't mean that everyone who participates in the fashion is a raging bitch irl. there are plenty of folks who have never made a secret or vendetta-posted their nemesis on 4chan, but they don't get as much attention because–surprise–they're not particularly noteworthy, as part of the majority.

No. 163667

I've almost rarely seen a normal girl who look really pretty in Lolita. They're more likely to look like that fat girl than the girl you posted.

No. 163668

File: 1444633453150.jpg (120.73 KB, 500x670, tumblr_ng4g19NoqB1s6np32o5_500…)

>sips daintily from tiny porcelain tea-cup

No. 163669

Then you have those lolitas who try to justify being older becuase they know they will get shit, common with sweet. They will be like "I'm 25 but everyone thinks I look 12, lol"

No. 163670


This only works if you look like the love child of Yoda and a kappa and live in weeabooland. Walk around like this in Detroit, I dare you.

No. 163671

File: 1444643274317.jpg (693.45 KB, 1200x1600, 1443779035831.jpg)

>ITT: normies being mad about something they don't understand, furiously defending themselves despite their lack of knowledge

You realize you're not going to change our minds, right?

No. 163672

Heed your own advice

No. 163673

I don't understand why Lolitas love wigs. This would look much better with her natural hair.

No. 163674

so, it's not detroit, but i do live in one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the U.S…
and I still wear my frilly dresses outside and around.
guess what? no one gives me shit, anon.
you'll probably disregard this as me making shit up or say that people just don't give me shit to my face, but also guess what? I don't give a fuck what they think. that's kind of the point. I don't dress up to garner approval from them, or from you, I dress up because I like it. so. dare accepted.
now excuse me while I take a leisurely stroll through my local ghetto in full frill.

No. 163675

File: 1444668828058.jpg (113.07 KB, 472x750, tumblr_mnvgm3SLev1ry1uy0o1_500…)

>y-you don't understand

No. 163676

I use to live in Detroit and I couldn't imagine walking around like that. I wouldn't be worried about being harmed but I'd hate being laughed at or people screaming insults from their car.

No. 163677

well, I wear classic, not sweet, so the reactions I get from folks tend to be less 'omg haha you look like a toddler clown where's your sheep bo peep' and more 'are you in a play? historical reenactment? wut' or old ladies getting excited over seeing girls in petticoats like, 'I used to wear those back when I was your age, too!'

the people who try the hardest to throw shade when they see someone wearing weird clothes are usually best described as irl trolls. they want to see you get mad, they want to ruin your day. the best response is not to respond at all, because then they get nothing out of it and they just look like assholes. like, I think Ugg boots are the most hideous footwear known to man, but if I went around laughing at every girl I saw in them then I would be acting like a huge bitch.
the point of lolita isn't that you're wearing it to impress other people, it's that you wear it for yourself. I think that the original spirit of the fashion has gotten kind of lost in the emphasis on becoming e-famous and making costume-like OTT coordinates to impress your peers. I'll totally agree with some of the anons ITT in that the communities have become too much about showing off nowadays, but not all of us are into the fashion for those reasons.

No. 163678

wigs are more likely to stay perfect throughout the day. real hair loses curl/gets frizzy.

No. 163679

there are a shit ton of cosplayers/weeaboos/lolitas in detroit. its a big convention city.

No. 163680

lolcow gets mad at anyone for having wrinkles or nasolabial folds, this is a pot calling the kettle black situation.

No. 163681

If you have ever lived in Detroit you will know this is far from the truth. The people who go to those conventions are white kids who live outside of Detroit.

No. 163682

A lot of here aren't normalfags. Just because we don't dress in lolita, doesn't mean we don't dress nicely.

No. 163683

You're the first sensible lolita in this thread. Seriously. And kudos for wearing classic. It's a beautiful style.

No. 163684

this is pretty true, most japanese media in the 90s shows lolitas like this. The stereotype is less present now, especially with the fall of VK but it was a big thing

No. 163685

I feel this so hard, if you wear it because you like it and spend less time caring about what others think, you will feel way happier

No. 163686

Yoyr mommy issues are showing, perhaps they are the reason for you liking lolita? "Mommy didnt wove me so im gonna show her!!"

No. 163687

Classic and goth look fine but the ott sweet looks disgusting

No. 163688

File: 1444919062204.jpeg (78.4 KB, 400x536, image.jpeg)

These people paid 500+ for this dress and it doesn't even look good on them

No. 163689

File: 1444919120531.jpeg (72.8 KB, 1028x944, image.jpeg)

No. 163690

File: 1444919557624.jpeg (60.98 KB, 440x586, image.jpeg)

Of course the only person it looks good on is a small Japanese girl

No. 163691

It doesn't look good in that pic imo. looks like a cheap haĺloween costume or hot topic shit… it's so shapeless

No. 163692

File: 1444923733117.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

well, people pay 500+ for it. I kind of like it, I don't think it's worth that much

No. 163693

It's a cute dress, but nowhere near $500 worth of cute

No. 163694

that girl is Chinese, numbnuts

No. 163695

How is that even relevant? Sorry for your autism

No. 163696

i go to a large, conservative university in canada.

today at lunch in the main building i saw a chinese girl wearing full on lolita and eating her lunch. sweet OTT lolita. big puffy headband, full makeup, etc etc.

since this is a conservative, college town… there are no other lolitas here. trust me, 5 years ago when i moved here i tried to connect with them and most lived in the next town over (2 hours away). that was 5 years ago. now there are none. lolita is dead here.

it was so fucking weird.

No. 163697

which uni anon

No. 163698

>paid $500+

No. 163699

You have to have that tiny childlike body to pull off that style of dress.

No. 163700

File: 1444940196159.jpg (128.37 KB, 1000x890, flat,1000x1000,075,f.jpg)


No. 163701

People will buy it second hand for that price

No. 163702

It looks pretty ridiculous on anyone not short and thin.

No. 163703

File: 1444941406027.png (260 KB, 563x542, 1416533490185.png)

you need a childlike body to look good in this fashion
which has NOTHING i repeat NOTHING to do with ageplay

No. 163704


90% if clothes look better on someone thin. this means nothing in your quest to prove that lolita is ageplay.

No. 163705

This! Has nothing to do with ageplay. Japanese girls have tiny builds, smaller boobs, hips and butts. Non-Asians on average are larger framed with bigger boobs, hips and butts. The clothing is made for Japanese girls.

No. 163706

File: 1444947244857.jpg (89.16 KB, 1024x686, 5559787 _4ce67ae5a4314d3acec44…)

what does this mean tho >>163195
>>163176 etc

No. 163707

It doesn't look good on tall girls or thin girls with big boobs either. It only looks good on girls who are short, thin and flat chested.

No. 163708

Chokelate is tall and very beautiul in a mature way and she looks great in Lolita, what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 163709

I don't think it suits her. She looks like a tall beautiful woman in clothes that aren't right for her.

No. 163710

She is pretty but looks too mature for Lolita. She would look better wearing high end fashions.

No. 163711

What an utterly shit thread.

What I don't understand is the "ageplay" thing, like, I'm not saying all lolitas are like this (I'm one myself,) but there's a difference between looking childish and AGEPLAY. There's a difference between looking "childish" for your own fashion reasons and wearing a diaper while your boyfriend pretends he's your father

What do the retards shouting "ageplay" think of fashions like nanchatte seifuku? Is that sexualizing schoolgirls and every girl wearing it secretly has a schoolgirl/teacher fetish?

No. 163712

File: 1444975357117.jpg (80.83 KB, 500x747, 5-6.jpg)

No. 163713

File: 1444975407917.jpg (56.3 KB, 600x900, 22f73bc44e63fa67426e74ed2a2612…)

No. 163714

>wearing the diaper over the tights
dear god

No. 163715


Personally I just think lolita looks best on baby faced cutesy girls. Her face is mature and not cutesy.

No. 163716

That's just you, then

No. 163717

…So a child?

No. 163718

She's gorgeous. Wow.

No. 163719

yes, because a grown woman who happens to be short and thin is automatically a child.

No. 163720

No. 163721

This is so embarrassing. Just admit that you want to fuck children already.

No. 163722

I'm confused. I thought you guys were trying to convince us that Lolitas wanted to be children? Or are you changing your story again?

No. 163723

I kind of really want to try wearing lolita at least once in my life. That will probably never happen though, because, you know. 200$ dresses and shit. Sometimes I feel sad about it but then I remember it's really just clothes.

No. 163724

seriously, I cringed so hard reading that anon's post. Such denial.

No. 163725


No. 163726

Holy Lantern is so fugly ugh

No. 163727

I agree.

No. 163728

I like lolita when it isn't print based. I also think that too much of it a fame whore shit and not enough love a girly shit and lolita. Fucking tumblr.

No. 163729

Just saying anon, you can easily buy brand for under $100. Sometimes for around $50 on Japanese sites. There's also bodyline. Stop crying and do something about it if you really want to try it out.

No. 163730


Someone is lurking /cgl/ hard.

Why didn't you talk to her? From your post, it seems like you are/were a Lolita.

No. 163731

I've seen this girl around, she abuses the tags on tumblr/instagram so much. She is a complete japanophile and really wants to be a fairy kei idol. Her faces looks way too old and odd in this style. She looks stunning with her natural hair, it makes me so mad she wears these ugly clashing wigs. She also doesn't really have a sense of style or flattering shapes.

No. 163732

Always liked it and would like to have a go at it eventually. Just don't know where to start.

No. 163733

Why are you being so aggressive? Not even the same anon, but Jesus.

No. 163734

That was hardly aggressive

No. 163735

step one: get a petticoat.
step two: save up $50-$100, buy a simple skirt.
In-between steps, trawl thrift stores for dressy blouses and shoes. Be discerning. Most thrift blouses will only cost a couple of bucks at most, but you can still find pussybow/secretary/ruffled styles at pretty much any SA or Goodwill. If you find a style that you really like, but it doesn't fit (because most of these blouses were previously owned by obese grandmothers) get it tailored. It will still be way cheaper than buying even 2nd-hand burando.
Also in-between steps, start brushing up on your 'eye'. Read Gothic & Lolita Bibles. There are scans available online for free. Browse /cgl/ threads on 'top-notch coordinates', read blogs, and learn the lingo (like JSK, OTT, OTK, BTSSB, etc.) so you can talk shop if you happen to stumble across other lolitas in the wild.
Moi-meme-Moitie is pronounced 'mwah-mehm-mwahtee-ay', by the by.
For headwear, you can either make your own if you're crafty, or check out normalfag stores like Claire's/Icing/F21 for bow headbands. Also look up guides on lace quality before you buy. Plasticky lace is to be avoided at all cost, because it's typically used on milanoo-quality garments. Look for nice cottons/'soft' lace.
If you're overweight, try to dress for your body shape (empire-waist/babydoll cut OPs or JSKs) or invest in some spanx.
You could also try looking up if there are any active communities in your area, but there's also no shame in being a 'lone lolita'–in fact, it can sometimes be more embarrassing to venture out with a large group if they're all weeby preteens. That's one of the reasons why the online communities are so popular, imo.

No. 163736

Just try saying that shit on /cgl/ and see what kind of response you get, "not even the same anon."

No. 163737

File: 1445479234190.gif (272.13 KB, 250x192, 1445.gif)

No. 163738

>no one cares!!!1
>responds anyway

No. 163739

Nice, thanks. Will see what I can find around.

No. 163740

Just try saying that shit on /cgl/ and see what kind of response you get

No. 163741

File: 1445588525107.jpg (13.78 KB, 230x252, 1445276202121.jpg)

aww, widdle baby got their fee-fees hurted

No. 163742

I'm so relieved by this thread.

I really don't care for lolita. I love alt and harajuku fashions but no matter how hard I try to like lolita I just don't. It really is unflattering on literally everyone.

No. 163743

File: 1445670284247.jpg (47.62 KB, 400x351, wtf-2009-10-07-littleblueboy.j…)

No. 163744

tbh I kind of love this guy. rampant peter pan cosplaying and everything. he does what he wants, what he loves and that's cool af.
sure, he's probably gotten mocked for it before. it probably felt really shitty at the time. but it didn't stop him. he's a badass. a badass in blue satin little lord fauntleroy clothes
that's the appeal of lolita too.
i'm a little drunk

No. 163745

Lolita is one of those things where I think it looks really nice in static, posed pictures, and IRL it looks like a weeb aspie uniform. It doesn't help that most girls in the fashion don't know how to dress themselves or apply makeup normally.

The community is pretty ridiculous too. They try so hard to distance themselves from ageplay, but then fawn over Disney collabs and wear stuffed animal purses and baby bonnets. They try to claim it's a fashion and not a costume, yet people who actually wear it as day-to-day clothing are labeled "lifestylers" and most people wear it a few times a year. They constantly have to undergo damage control trying to say what lolita is not, thanks to TV shows and the book and other people in the community. How are any clothes worth dealing with all of that?

No. 163746

Who is he?

No. 163747

Peter Pan.

No. 163748

File: 1445769113360.jpg (58.75 KB, 720x960, 10957723_10207862335937469_387…)

In the photo, lolitas will claim this style is more "mature" because it isn't pastel and junk but the model is still holding a teddy bear. Brands use models who look super young and childlike. Stuffed animal bags sell out fast, infantile prints are popular in Japan (like a print called Dreamy Baby Room). They bitch about girls who don't look young enough while claiming dressing in lolita isn't about looking like a little girl. You better not be sweet lolita with an eye wrinkle and have the face of a 10 year old or you will be considered an old hag. Did you see the new disney/angelic pretty collab? It looks like a freaking toddler dress for playing dress up.

I agree about the costume thing, most lolitas wear it only to meetups and conventions. If it was really a fashion like they claim, they would be wearing it more. They go to meetups walking around with scepters, wings, OTT headwear, etc. How can they walk around like that and tell people it's not a costume? Girls are considered boring and lazy if they have a simple outfit.

I don't think anyone truly knows the purpose of lolita. To me, it's just a bunch of toddler costumes for adults.

No. 163749

File: 1445794203797.jpg (72.71 KB, 500x667, 1443120559398.jpg)


But.. why do you care? Like literally, why do you give a shit if you don't even wear it? And why you do just know ~the tru purpose of Lolita~ if you don't buy it/wear it?

Why are some people so fucking bothered by a niche street style that barely anyone wears? How does it affect you in any way? Why do you give a shit what other people like and spend their money on?

because you're salty

Protip: the picture you posted is still sweet style, even though it's not pink.

No. 163750

Right, no one should be able to have opinions on lolita unless they actually wear it. Why are you so afraid of criticism?

No. 163751

No seriously who
Does he have a blog or something?

No. 163752

Yeah, I don't get why there's so much hate for simpler outfits. Looking like a sloppy mess is one thing, but some of them act like a light petti and an unobtrusive hair accessory is the end of the world. That's probably part of the reason I think it looks so weird IRL like I mentioned in >>163745, because they're trying really hard to be photogenic for likes/reblogs instead of wearing something more balanced.

No. 163753

File: 1445841121454.jpg (126.78 KB, 480x640, POehkVC.jpg)

I have an opinion because I see you girls bitch and whine over stuff like this and you girls are only bringing on yourselves.

You girls bitch and whine about being seen as ageplayers and dresing as little girls. Yet you buy from brands that use models that could pass for children and shit on anyone who doesn't look like an actual child. You get upset while wearing stuffed animal bags and dresses with teddy bears and baby toys on them. You girls keep the lolita stereotype alive.

You girls get pissy when people think your wearing a costume when most of you barely wear it. Half the time it seems like most of you come up with the craziest outfits just to have photo shoots and show off. Look at the photo, I don't care if that outfit is for a meetup or whatever. I don't see how you can walk around like this and tell people that lolita isn't a costume. How many of you wear it just because? How many of you wear it without going to a meetup, con or just to take photos to show off? I am guessing it's a very small amount.

Like >>163750 said, why are you afraid of criticism?

No. 163754

There is a lolita comm near me but only once have I ever seen a girl dressed in lolita outside of a meetup. They don't seem to wear it much outside of meetups and conventions. If I was spending $300+ for an outfit, I would be wearing it a lot more than that.

No. 163755

How do either of those girls look like toddlers or ageplayers

No. 163756


i think as a fasion its very pretty and elegant and if you keep it low its nt an issue to wear outdoors.

but i really dont like the hole was your expected to wear brand or behave a certian way

No. 163757

i totally agree with this person. lolita is not what it used to be and not what i started out as. it wasnt supposed to be about a bunch of 15 year olds bitching about eachother.

i wear goth loli and i go for tights, jacket dress (my jacket is more steampuk btw) hair in a bobble with a bow, and high boots. thats all. it is lolita but its not too much.

i know alot of bitchy lolis that wear it hardly ever and get super bitchy when omebody says something like Ops comment to them

No. 163758

I personally care because I used to wear it until costume-level coords became the norm, and the aforementioned community issues didn't help. People looking down on natural hair, using props like >>163753, and carrying around 2-3 purses because one matches the outfit and one actually fits stuff was too much for me.

So yeah I'm definitely salty. These brands put out really nice clothes that I would wear again, if wearing outfits and not costumes was the norm.

No. 163759

"the norm"
why do you get a backbone and wear it in the way you want to wear it.
wearing it for the norm is proof you only wear it to fit in for your preti little shoots

No. 163760

Depends on the outfit, either someone is wearing a dress with toys or people are making their outfits look like costumes.

No. 163761

This wasn't for just any meet, this was for a lolita-themed convention. Of course they're going to go all out, you fucking simp.

No. 163762

Are you ok?

No. 163763

youve ofended 1 of them. ofcourse shes not okay. better get the passifyer

No. 163764

>they're considered a certain word that's hard to translate to English. I think it kind of translates as "girls who want to be taken care of". Kind of like, they want to get a lot of funds for their clothes but not work super hard and want to live a leisurely life.
sugar baby

No. 163765

So? I still don't see how you can walk around like that and tell people it's not a costume.

Just as bad as the girls doing Halloween outfits with witch hats and shit. But nope, lolita isn't a costume.

No. 163766

Because there's community hungry for drama that nitpicks like crazy? I'm interested in watching lolcows, not becoming one.

No. 163767


Japan is into cute things, toys, teddy bears, etc is just something cute for them. I don't think they view things the same way over there. Japan embraces cuteness unlike western cultures. Most of the complaining about age is done online and probably by people who fear aging themselves, you hate what you fear. I don't personally care if someone is 40 and wearing lolita, even sweet. More power to them and I will admire their courage to not give a fuck.

I can agree with lolita becoming to much like a costume. This is why I never post photos, I keep everything simple and people will think I'm boring. I only wear prints and that is extreme enough, I don't need shit tons of accessories and props.

No. 163768

No. 163769

>halloween outfits
you mean costumes? because that's what you're supposed to wear on halloween.
last year I put together a lolita-styled witch outfit and wore it to some halloween parties, but I didn't try to insist 'this is a fashion' at that point. if people asked, I mentioned that it had been influenced by a street fashion from japan, but I'm pretty sure that none of the girls in the photo you're referencing were claiming that this was a direct representation of the 'street' fashion side of the style. it was a themed OTT coorinate in the same way that you'd see OTT cosplays of OCs or whatever at an anime convention.

No. 163770

I got to meet him IRL back when I lived in Tampa and he's pretty nice in person. He's over 50 years old, maybe even 60 at this point. He's a regular at the Bay Area Renaissance Fair and some of the clubs. Also, last time I checked he'd married a lady who liked dressing up in this kind of shit with him, which I think is sweet. I definitely believe there's somebody out there for everybody.

No. 163771

File: 1447172817373.jpeg (195.77 KB, 600x821, image.jpeg)

This whole thread is nuts from start to finish. There is a ton of samefagging in here and such a crazy amount of hate and anger it feels like somebody got scorned personally or something.
On the actual topic; sweet Lolita never really came across as age play to me (I dunno what kids everyone else has seen but I've never seen kids dressed like that). Modern sweet Lolita reminds me more of a fashion style based on mahou shoujo than anything else.

No. 163772

I hate the lolitas who have this snobby attitude if a woman chooses to wear jeans/shirts or just regular skirts/dresses. Lolita, no matter how 'simple' is always OTT and looks like a costume.

No. 163773

Of course. Japan doesn't have a loli issue or infantiles young woman to look as childish as possible.

No. 163774

>anyone who says they don't like my ridiculous hobby must be a samefag
Really now

No. 163775

I want to ask an opinion of all of you guys..
So I want to get into ~kawaii~ fashion bcuz Nippon is oh so wonderful-

But not anything with any childlike motifs or OTT bc I'm not stupid, and I don't like anything like that anyway.
Well, I do like sweet lolita, but if it's some obnoxiously OTT sweet shit that have gone down in infamy, then no. (Sugary Carnival, Dreamy Baby Boom, Milky Planet, etc.) I even like elegant jsks that are good for classic cords.

I want to wear cute clothes from places like AP, BTSSB, Ank Rouge, and Swankiss.

But those are too expensive and my parents deserve better than that, materialistic happiness only lasts for 2 seconds on me and then I feel empty like I should be happier.My self esteem is so..fragile that I wouldn't probably even be able bring myself to wear them out in public without being a nervous wreck.And I'm so ugly that you guys and btb would just tear me apart, and that wouldn't be good at all.I don't think I should do it, but I want a second opinion.

No. 163776

File: 1447471405429.gif (613.82 KB, 440x237, AxLlId2.gif)

No. 163777

I think when westerners do it, it looks gaudy and tacky. Not cute at all

No. 163778

Spend the money on a therapist instead.

No. 163779

I wish I could wear it.

Its so feminine and cute. Thats the main thing I like about it, is how feminine and girly it is.

No. 163780

What blouse is momoko wearing in this pic, I spent forever last night trying to find it

No. 163781

I'm not really a fan of the real sweet looking, over-the-top kind but some types like goth and classic look really nice.

I also like the more male-inspired ouji/kodona/aristocrat but the style has a tendency to look costumey and a lot of the people who wear it are hideous (obviously can't say this on /cgl/ because I'm sure most of them lurk the board).

No. 163782

Hi samefag

No. 163783

File: 1447960504740.png (2.05 MB, 1366x768, oniichanface.png)


Back on topic i really dislike how OTT things have become in this fashion, especially for sweet even though it's stopping slowly?
I have some weird love for old school actually and maybe one or two prints in sweet from pre 2010 that's it.
Now i read this thread and while THIS anon is obviously a weirdo with wayyy too many weird pics on his hard drive or a fatty who's upset because "muh curves", i just thought a lot and now i just think maybe i should never wear lolita. I actually turned 20 but i'm scared of "cutesy" things because i'm scared of looking "childish" or ridiculous in general (have a pompompurin wall hanging storage, a rilakkuma plush bag,three plushies,and a cat shaped/heart shaped "normal" bag, and i judge myself hard.) I don't mind much what normies will think but i think it would not look good on me and that i would look,well, stupid. I'm told i look 16/17 in general but i think i shouldnt wear it, except from maybe once or twice to try on a gothic lolita outfit in black and white like my weeb me dreamed of and a cuter dress like the Babydoll JSK from BTSSB in pink or blue. I'm going for a more "Dakota Rose" style in everyday life, as in her 2011/2012 era.
And now i'm here sitting in my pastel blue pajamas with tiny happy clouds on it wondering if i'm doing the right thing. I-I just don't want to look retarded and like a women trying hard to stay young.
>pic related, but our queen is the exception,she's the fairest of them all

Sorry for the rant.

No. 163784

If people think you look young, shouldn't look bad when it comes to Lolita and other cutesy stuff. It only looks bad if you look your age or older. Lolita and other cutesy fashions is meant for women who look young.

No. 163785

the important thing about lolita and other kawaii fashions like this is seriously not caring what other people think. at 20 you are definitely not going to be in the older crowd of people wearing the fashion.

No. 163786

I think Lolita looks fucking stupid, especially on big fat Non-Asians.

No. 163787

File: 1448159723640.jpg (717.88 KB, 1280x1001, tumblr_mal9bmeRzs1rv2dfko1_128…)

I only like classic lolita because it reminds me of rococo fashion.
I don't like the rest but meh. i don't care that much.
i just wish there were people interested in rococo fashion and would dress it in ; _ ;
also, one thing that annoys me is lolita is now "kawaii".
i mean people say it's based on rococo fashion but lolita has changed so much it isn't based off rococo anymore.
like, AP has nothing similar to rococo fashion (except the puffy dress)

No. 163788

i wish cleavage was allowed in lolita fashion

No. 163789

Women in japan try to look as child-like and innocent as possible.
Tween and teen girls try to look as old and "mature" as possible

No. 163790

File: 1448177161839.jpg (165.28 KB, 375x500, 1374919520588.jpg)

>also, one thing that annoys me is lolita is now "kawaii".
i mean people say it's based on rococo fashion but lolita has changed so much it isn't based off rococo anymore.

Do you know anything about oldschool lolita at all? The fixation on classic is rather new. Lolita has always been a bit kawaii. They say it's based on rococo, but it's more based on Victorian dolls/children's clothing.

No. 163791

No. 163792

File: 1448423959777.jpg (96.83 KB, 449x640, 18th Century Fashion Plate 50.…)

Not that poster, but some of those French court dresses were pretty low-cut and nip slips occurred constantly, though I definitely wouldn't do this with Sweet lolita.

No. 163793

File: 1449227520130.gif (601.37 KB, 400x225, jussayin.gif)

Lolitas remember the fact that FASHION is art, FASHION can be borderline ridiculous, FASHION doesn't have to be wearable. Some of these outfits may look like a costume to other people because they're uncultured as fuck but I guarantee you any designer at New York fashion week would put something out on the runway that looked just as ridiculous as all this shit.

Sweet Lolita is inspired by the rococo period, a time where women were so ridiculous when it came to coming up with new ways to top each other that it became a health hazard. So people can whine all they want about how they wish that simpler more casual styles were more popular but face it, Rococo was all about piling as many things on your wig as you could, making your skirt so big that you could literally knock over a whole table, cinching your waist so tight that you needed to have someone carry a chair around for you, wearing dresses so garish and extravagant that the aristocracy helped plunge your society into extreme debt.

So if you want to wear your dress and be simple go ahead, some of you may strive to be elegant but it doesn't mean that lolita doesn't have some history of being extravagant and ott.

The way I see it, you are not wearing outfits, you are creating looks.

No. 163794

File: 1449581018666.jpg (261.82 KB, 1280x880, tumblr_nqezspUYR51rso2tdo1_128…)

I've always loved classic, gothic can be done well too but you have to be careful not to cut yourself on the edge. Sweet is.. a very fine line.

I wear ouji/aristo and getting into a lolita comm has really eased my transition into a new city. I've made a lot of friends and I love the style, I'd wear it much more often if I could. My only gripe is that I find sweet lolita to be cringey more often than not. I think that classic and gothic are so beautiful and elegant, and then there's OTT sweet that's just so costumey and probably easily mistaken for ageplay by normies.

Mind you, my disliking sweet is probably met with just as much dislike of ouji. There's not a lot of love for handsome men dressed up in shorts and high socks, I guess. I think it's another style easily done wrong; both it and sweet can look great on the right people, but it's easy to overdo it.

No. 163795

Everyone around you is dumb and your right about it all huh?

No. 163796

> being this self unaware

No. 163797

why are you guys replying to posts that are literally from months ago

No. 163798

so the broken one in this equation is you?

No. 163799

y-you have no idea what you're talking about do you?

No. 163800

imma go with because people are constantly calling them fetishists and ageplayers and then fucking ignore them when told differently.

did I win?

No. 163801

I think she's still a nurse, she's said in interviews that while none of her patients have recognised her from her modelling work some of their family members have.

No. 163802


No. 163803

because I'm an idiot.

No. 163804

Wow, you are butthurt. These posts are all months old, you know the people you're replying to are never going to read what you're saying, right?

No. 163805

I am 21 and just a few weeks ago I heard from a lady in the co-op that she didn't think I was a day over 14. It slightly depends on how I present myself, obviously, but still, 95 % of the time I will get ID'd for everything. It fucking sucks, because if I forget my ID I am absolutely fucked. Even been accused of my ID not being mine a few times.

I get it, I am 5'3 with a very round face, big eyes, tiny nose and mouth and generally very round features. Also my hair is naturally extremely curly. For some reason people seem to perceive me as even shorter than I am.. even when I put on makeup I just look like maybe a 16 year old. Like, I've tried accentuating all the features that would make me look older but it just doesn't really work. I don't have them so the difference it makes is minor. There's only so much you can do eh. Sometimes it's fun to have the doll look and go with it, but fucking hell. Not when you wanna be taken seriously… I kind of feel like even when I'm wearing very put together clothing I just look like I stole something outta my mom's wardrobe.
Anyone else got the same kind of babyface got any suggestions?

No. 163806

wrong thread and you know they're supposed to ID anyone who looks under 25, right?

No. 163807

that's not what lolita is tho???

No. 163808

in my defense I wasn't looking at the dates…and yes I am butthurt.

No. 163809

File: 1451804536923.jpg (56.83 KB, 500x600, 8c9999e0b8e52aa822bec29cd9cfb6…)

Because it never looks like that ever.

No. 163810

Don't dress in lolita fashion. It'll only make you look younger. Also don't try to hard to look like an actual adult, because then you'd just look like a child wearing an adult their clothes. Don't wear too bright colours or cutesy patterns and try to wear make-up. Other than that, there isn't much you can do. At least you'll still look young when you get to 40.

No. 163811

Yes, that looks like a hideously cheap, tasteless copy of the dress you linked to.

No. 163812

It all looks really stupid. Especially classic lolita.. it looks like they are trying way to hard be sophisticated and it's just really cringe inducing.

No. 163813

Not everyone thinks 'sophisticated' has to be synonymous with dressing like Anna Wintours.
And just like normalfag fashion, there are different degrees to which we all take our style choices. Some like to do the whole OTT historical costuming thing all the way, some just wanna look like regular dames wearing petticoats.
But go ahead with the mass generalizations. If you think it looks stupid, don't wear it: simple enough. Just don't be one of those sperglord assholes who like…throws beverages out of their car windows at girls wearing lolita, or thinks its so funny and original to ask where our sheep are or 'it's not halloween' or whatever.

No. 163814

You're overreacting way too much.

No. 163815


Did I mention AW at all? She is also shit tier taste, just like lolita is. I'm well aware that the word has farther more context then the words you're putting in my mouth.

Why the fuck would I throw a beverage or shout at girls wearing lolita in person? You have to calm down, don't assume rando shit about me, a person who doesn't even effect you. Don't get so offended. I can state my opinion anywhere I want.

No. 163816

File: 1451935334099.jpg (12.75 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

how is that an overreaction?
all i'm pointing out is pic related.

No. 163817

again, I'm not offended by ~yur opinion~.
whatever you think 'sophisticated' looks like, great, have fun with that. we're having fun with our own wardrobes, you have fun with yours. all that i'm asking is that you don't behave like a confrontative dick irl. it's one thing to have an opinion and another thing entirely to harass people with it in public. the reason why lolitas are so defensive about their look is because people actually do think that kind of behavior is somehow acceptable just because we're 'dressed weird'.

No. 163818

Of course, anon. I would never harm or yell things out at lolitas. That's super gross shitty human behavior. I understand what you're saying, I apologize for getting really bitchy. I think it's really great how people are able to have fun with their wardrobes, like you said, and I feel like forcing my opinion pretty strongly makes me out to be a dickhead.

No. 163819

File: 1451947044062.jpg (65.16 KB, 600x369, beary-cool.jpg)

thanks for understanding.
I can kind of where you're coming from, because even classic lolita (supposedly the most 'toned down' look) has trends now like…girls going around wearing ships or floral bouquets on their head.
And that's cool, too, because they're trying to show off their creativity and make the same kind of outfits that they see in magazine shoots. It's hard for me to diss that because I think of it as going the extra mile. To others it probably looks too theatrical and tryhard, though, and I get that–I just hate seeing girls get scared away from the fashion because they're worried about receiving a negative reaction IRL.
Anyways, I didn't mean for the original post to sound like I was frothing at the mouth over the issue. Sorry to cause a stir.
It's actually pretty rare to see posts like this on lolcow where we can both admit we jumped the gun a bit, so reading your reasonable post made me happy.

No. 163820

File: 1451947288189.jpg (34.81 KB, 306x640, o0306064010780691178.jpg)

I really miss seeing more toned-down outfits like this from CoF, tbh.

No. 163821

This is nice, except for the cheap looking purse.

No. 163822

You actually really opened up my eyes. I looked at all my comments I then I was like, I'm being really rude and mean. I don't think It's cool to clog up a thread that people clearly are enjoying talking about things I'm not apart of. I would never want to make someone feel like they can't indulge in something that they like because of the negativity towards it and I'm so sorry that you lolitas have it really hard and that you feel scared sometimes because of assholes. I dress in deathrock goth style, it's pretty unoriginal and has been done before, but I know what you mean by harassment because I always get things yelled at me and strange stares all the time. This comment made me smile too. You don't need me to tell you, but do whatever styling you want, I shouldn't even dissect other people.

I'm derailing your thread again guys I'm sorry but I just wanna say have an amazing day/night wherever you are

signed, a sorry sappy fag :*

No. 163823

File: 1452030008966.jpg (26.86 KB, 168x400, tumblr_nhgnoxQmjz1rpapm8o9_250…)

99% of the time it looks really bad. It's not flattering on most figures. I think it can really only be worn by small girls with really cute baby faces.

I think that almost all angelic pretty or OTT junk looks like trash, but I can appreciate -some- of the classical and old school looks (I think pic related is really cute even though her hair is fried– and again, she has the right sort of face), when it was more austere and unpretentious. There was something really modest and cute about it. I love most of the looks in >>163547.

The prevalence of wigs also annoy me– that's what makes it look excessively cosplay-ey.

No. 163824

Agree. Strange that it attracts mostly large framed/overweight girls with masculine/old looking faces.

I think some of angelic pretty's stuff can be cute but the girl wearing it has to be very tiny with a super childlike face.

No. 163825

That's probably because, I think, they think putting on a really girly dress will make them look more feminine. And dainty.

No. 163826

Yeah, probably. They have to find some way to overcompensate for their lack of feminine features.

No. 163827

I am a lolita and I think this is all not true. We are not trying to look like babies or dolls.and we are real people who could be reading this shit. Do some research bitches!

No. 163828

We Lolita's are real people do some research we are not age play or cosplay we like to wear the clothes we wear! We are feminists because we believe women can dress on skirts and dresses and all that shit and still be people! Anyway who would spend $600 on a costume? So next time you see someone wearing A P don't think age play think beautiful woman

No. 163829

Every one who posted here is an ita. We do not wear diapers over our tights we wear bloomers!

No. 163830

File: 1452313866373.jpg (43.45 KB, 364x379, 1452090696442.jpg)

No. 163831

Is that supposed to be Lolita?

No. 163832

File: 1452315150926.jpg (113.07 KB, 422x750, 1423764743086.jpg)

No. 163833

A lolita that happens to age play, so what? A person can be into lolita and not be an age player just like an age player doesn't have to like lolita.

No. 163834

why is this fashion it looks so dumb and is so expensive

No. 163835

File: 1452902933258.jpg (141.05 KB, 220x517, 1277935991555.jpg)

idk what's going on itt but i'm just going to drop some coordinates that i think are nice.

No. 163836

File: 1452902952791.jpg (63.74 KB, 500x719, 1442257347440.jpg)

No. 163837

File: 1452902972614.jpg (652.33 KB, 665x1000, 1258768723623.jpg)

No. 163838

File: 1452903018113.jpg (248.2 KB, 500x747, 1289679247950.jpg)

No. 163839

File: 1452903034172.jpg (771.3 KB, 700x1036, 1266912114381.jpg)

No. 163840

File: 1452903094876.jpg (27.29 KB, 350x467, 1256586474383.jpg)

No. 163841

File: 1452903329021.jpg (286.46 KB, 575x734, 1291133598257.jpg)

No. 163842

File: 1452903395988.jpg (591.1 KB, 768x1024, 1263387652450.jpg)

No. 163843

File: 1452903510272.jpg (95.79 KB, 446x595, skurzak2_595.jpg)

No. 163844

I appreciate what you trying to do, but can you at least do this in the actual lolita general? All your doing is keeping a shitty thread on the front page.

No. 163845

I love this picture. The juxtaposition really highlights how batshit and gawdu they look in real life.

No. 163846

you know, it's funny you say that. when i first saw this picture, i had the exact opposite reaction. i thought she looked like a character right out of a fairy-tale, while everyone else seems carelessly dressed and boring in comparison.

to each their own, i guess.

No. 163847

No, lolita looks weird out in the public. A person dressed in lolita out and about just look like little bo peeps off their rockers.
Its especially weird most lolitas seem to be in their 20s and 30s. It'd be more understandable if it was a young teen phase kind of thing.

No. 163848

I wear lolita often and I get mostly positive comments, I'm also 28 and wear pastel vomit shit. If you have good coords and are confidant, you will rarely receive negativity.

The reason why lolitas are older is because it's expensive. I just bought a new release with something extra and it cost almost $400. That is just the dress, socks, bow and a extra headpiece. You still need to have the right shoes, blouses, bags, jewelry, etc. Sometimes brands will even come out with special dresses that cost $1000+

No. 163849


>Its especially weird most lolitas seem to be in their 20s and 30s. It'd be more understandable if it was a young teen phase kind of thing.

Do you fucking know how expensive lolita is? It looks nice on young people, but they could never afford it lmao

No. 163850

>mostly positive comments

imagine how much better you would look if you spent that money on real designer clothing instead of tacky weeb shit

No. 163851

File: 1464416293808.jpeg (370.43 KB, 482x700, image.jpeg)

>tacky weeb shit

No. 163852

i guess that one's more like tacky renaissance faire shit

No. 163853

Most teenagers do not have 1,000+ of income to toss at a full set. When you get a job and most likely a career in your 20s, then you can do that. You sound really young.

No. 163854

File: 1464417387304.jpeg (204.64 KB, 1703x1703, image.jpeg)

>tacky renaissance faire shit

No. 163855

Are you saying this isn't tacky? How do you even function in society?

No. 163856

sorry about your bad taste anon

No. 163857

Let's see how you dress.

No. 163858

don't be silly, anon. this doesn't work when we know you dress like this >>163851

have some respect for yourself and stop wearing your cheesy costumes in public

No. 163859

Like a normal person with a job and a degree, and not like tacky weeb. We laugh when we see people like you, especially if you're """adults""".

No. 163860

I've seen lolita gatherings in public a few times, I always find it a bit cringey. Has anyone seen Breakbot's music video for their song 2goodforme? I was really surprised to see them feature a lolita girl in their music video since lolita isn't associated with their aesthetic at all. I feel like their depiction of the lolita community is pretty realistic, even though the main girl likes to drink and party.

No. 163861

This was a good video anon, thanks for linking it

No. 163862

File: 1464421564027.jpg (34.68 KB, 200x200, 3erfv.jpg)

>bumping a thread that hasn't been active for 4 months
lolita asspain is glorious

No. 163863

Wow, I actually really liked that.

No. 163864

Kinda retarded of you to conflate one's personal fashion sense with a job and a degree.
>There's no way you're living your life correctly if you don't dress like me!

No. 163865

No, it's actually not. And that's exactly what I'm saying, because 'dressing like me' means dressing like a normal person, not some delusional white girl.

You can continue being a NEET and dressing up in your children's clothing if you want, scrapping together money for your tacky Halloween costumes. I'm not going to stop you. You're only doing yourself a disservice, in the end.

No. 163866

This just needs to go back to the depths of the catalog from whence it came, along with the other awful, recently bumped by a troll threads.

No. 163867

Oh yeah, I forgot about that

No. 163868

THIS is what you choose to refute the claim that lolita is tacky? Really? It's a fucking hideous dress, and I actually like the lolita style. I don't wear it, but I like seeing the clothes on people who can pull them off.

No. 163869

How so? What does your clothing have to do with being able to work or having a degree? Obviously, you can't go to an office job in certain clothing, but if you're doing shit on your own time and like how something looks, how does that make you incapable of having a life?
>You can continue being a NEET and dressing up in your children's clothing if you want
Because not only are we living in a world where NEETs can scrap together enough to pay $400+ for clothes on a frequent basis, only delusional NEETs have unconventional fashion sense. Alright, anon. I guess whoever's designing most of these "Halloween costumes", as well as shit from Vivienne Westwood, Moschino and other brands known for occasionally making slightly OTT clothes must be NEET beggar weeaboos for not following your sense of style, even in a creative sense. In fact, those brands must be flat broke by now. I mean, only delusional NEETs could possibly enjoy any of this shit, right?
>You're only doing yourself a disservice, in the end.
It's certainly better than being a bitter bitch who gets her panties in a twist over other people not dressing as plain and basic as herself.
inb4 you try to pretend you're fashionable or non-basic in any way

No. 163870

>I actually like the Lolita style
>proceeds to chimp out at everything/anything
If what you're saying about "actually liking" it is true, I'm sorry you're too fat/ugly for this fashion and choose to shit on it instead.

No. 163871

File: 1464458632221.jpg (138.81 KB, 500x655, 1456284040239.jpg)

>lolitas calling others fat and ugly
j-fashion is for people too fat and ugly for actual fashion

No. 163872

That's a big bitch. How did she find a dress that size? Who even is this?

No. 163873

Autismbux is a lot more outside the US so non-USA NEETs can afford the lifestyle.

I feel like Lolita is one of the most unflattering styles ever. The dresses always make calves look chunky and I feel like the juxtaposition of the childish clothes makes their faces seem more worn out and haggard than they actually are.

If they actually had a sense of style they could find ways to dress cute and/or vintage and actually wear flattering clothes.

Matching patterns, "cords" or whatever and the community seem highly autistic. I doubt Lolita's can dress themselves properly with a normal style and make this Lolita culture to justify dressing in what everyone else thinks looks like shit.

No. 163874

No. 163875

File: 1464461052674.jpg (89.34 KB, 500x610, tumblr_nrr33man3s1s0oljio3_500…)

There are more recent pictures of her on there and it looks like she somehow got even fatter…

No. 163876

Jfc, that wig is ugly.

No. 163877

>Autismbux is a lot more outside the US so non-USA NEETs can afford the lifestyle.
Nah, not really. What countries are you referring to? Plus, that doesn't change any of my other points. You can dress however you want outside of very specific contexts like work, and it doesn't make you a "delusional NEET" to like things other people may not like lmao.
>I feel like Lolita is one of the most unflattering styles ever. The dresses always make calves look chunky and I feel like the juxtaposition of the childish clothes makes their faces seem more worn out and haggard than they actually are. If they actually had a sense of style they could find ways to dress cute and/or vintage and actually wear flattering clothes.
The fact that the fashion doesn't fit your own tastes and you don't like what you see doesn't necessarily make it bad, though. To be honest, if you're not a fashion designer with extensive knowledge on the nuances of style and form, you probably have shitty outfits and your opinion actually isn't worth much.
Your idea of "cute and/or vintage" is probably trash-tier, too, especially since you specifically avoided giving any examples.
>Matching patterns, "cords" or whatever and the community seem highly autistic.
The fact that the idea of coordination/matching patterns is "autistic" to you just demonstrates that you don't know shit about fashion as a whole. Putting together a good outfit usually requires consideration of those sorts of thing, regardless of whether it's Lolita or some other fashion subculture. Shape, pattern, color, fabric, form, etc are important, even if some outfits look ""effortless"" on Instagram/Pinterest to you.
>I doubt Lolita's can dress themselves properly with a normal style and make this Lolita culture to justify dressing in what everyone else thinks looks like shit.
Most groups with a common interest create groups/communities/culture regardless of common acceptance. The fact that you don't understand this, and instead default to "They're doing it because no one else likes them!!!" just makes you sound like the autistic one.

No. 163878

>To be honest, if you're not a fashion designer with extensive knowledge on the nuances of style and form, you probably have shitty outfits and your opinion actually isn't worth much.
>Your idea of "cute and/or vintage" is probably trash-tier, too, especially since you specifically avoided giving any examples.

Oh anon, you're so cute. You're trying to criticize others' fashion sense… yet you think that >>163851 is a good outfit. What more needs to be said? People aren't putting much effort into arguing with you because it's like trying to explain to some neckbeard why his fedora, trenchcoat and steampunk goggles are not actually the height of fashion. They won't listen, and even if they did, they lack the taste and social awareness to understand why.

No. 163879

I have never, ever seen someone who wears Halloween costumes in their spare time be a functioning member of society. Never. It's impossible. HAEs will fly the day it happens. Nobody in their right mind would wear these kind of things. The proof is in this entire board, full of delusional women-children like yourself who dress up in Halloween costumes and spend their day to day taking selfies for their singular digit number of Instagram followers.

>I guess whoever's designing most of these "Halloween costumes", as well as shit from Vivienne Westwood, Moschino and other brands known for occasionally making slightly OTT clothes

Non sequitur. Your Halloween costumes are Halloween costumes. Westwood was an innovator.


Whose clientele include Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. Could you not have Googled some better examples of "slightly OTT" designers?

>bitter bitch

You mean… you?

>inb4 you try to pretend you're fashionable or non-basic in any way

I'm happy that you don't approve of how I dress because it means my tastes don't align with a person that has the mental age of a child.

I'm >>163865 and I never said I liked the Halloween costume style. Wouldn't be caught dead wasting my money on this hideous crap.

No. 163880

>People aren't putting much effort into arguing with you because it's like trying to explain to some neckbeard why his fedora, trenchcoat and steampunk goggles are not actually the height of fashion. They won't listen, and even if they did, they lack the taste and social awareness to understand why.

This tbh. You replied to my first ever post in the thread thinking it's one person arguing with you this whole time but it's several.

>Your idea of "cute and/or vintage" is probably trash-tier, too, especially since you specifically avoided giving any examples.

I don't try to dress cute or vintage. I've seen it pulled off but I don't care much or save pictures. I'm just guessing Lolita's want to look that way but it's hard to understand the mindset since I don't have autism.

No. 163881

>Muh Halloween costumes!! Nobody in their right mind…!
Good thing they're not Halloween costumes and you're just retarded enough to call them that, then.
>The proof is in this entire board
You mean the one you're browsing right now?
>spend their day to day taking selfies for their singular digit number of Instagram followers.
Nice projection there.
>Non sequitur. Your Halloween costumes are Halloween costumes. Westwood was an innovator.
On what basis is she an innovator, but other designer brands "Halloween costumes"? That you personally like one of them? Kek.
>Whose clientele include Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. Could you not have Googled some better examples of "slightly OTT" designers?
Who cares who their clientele includes? Are you this starved of an actual point?
>You mean… you?
No, you and your insane ramblings and lack of any actual argument. You literally ignored me pointing out that it's possible to have a job/degree and still dress alternatively to screech about Halloween costumes and Instagram followers. Pretty pathetic, really.
>I'm happy that you don't approve of how I dress because it means my tastes don't align with a person that has the mental age of a child.
You're the only one here with the mental age of a child if you get this wound up over absolutely nothing.

No. 163882

Pretty sure no neckbeard who's into steampunk and fedoras tries to argue his tastes are the height of fashion, but he doesn't care and wears them anyway. I'd actually respect that more than some neckbeard who barely knows how to dress himself in anything other than a crusty, cum-stained graphic tee and the same jeans he wore in HS yelling at other neckbeards who like steampunk or whatever for not dressing "normal" lmao.

No. 163883

>You replied to my first ever post in the thread thinking it's one person arguing with you this whole time but it's several.
By "several", do you mean one other person who tried to defend your points but didn't have any real argument? Plus, I never accused this "other person" of being you.
>I don't try to dress cute or vintage.
I didn't say you did, I said your idea of it is probably shit and the fact that you can't go into detail on exactly what you mean just betrays it.
>I've seen it pulled off but I don't care much or save pictures.
That just further underlines that you don't know what you're talking about.
>I'm just guessing Lolita's want to look that way but it's hard to understand the mindset since I don't have autism.
>"I don't have autism"
>"But I spend my online time in threads about fashions I don't like in order to complain about them"

No. 163884

> some neckbeard who barely knows how to dress himself in anything other than a crusty, cum-stained graphic tee and the same jeans he wore in HS
So much projection… how sad.

No. 163885

I'm not projecting, though. You're pretty vague about what your idea of good/normal clothing is, and I'm pretty sure it's because you know you'd probably get made fun of because you know your outfits and idea of good style aren't anything to brag about lmao.

No. 163886

>conflate one's personal fashion sense with a job and a degree.
HR definitely does.

No. 163887

>The fact that the fashion doesn't fit your own tastes and you don't like what you see
The notion that lolita dresses do not flatter the form is nothing subjective.

No. 163888

Most people don't go to job interviews in clothes they wear when they're out and about, but nice try.

They flatter slim, pretty figures well and make thicker forms look more "even" overall (nothing can help landwhales though).

No. 163889

Nope. Normal clothing on slim girls > lolita on slim girls.

i don't think you understand the definition of "flattering"

No. 163890

You keep talking as if your opinion is important or objective. I don't think you understand the concept of anyone liking things you don't like.
"Normal" clothing generally isn't that flattering, but it gets the job done, allows for mobility, and tries to be inoffensive.

No. 163891

Then how is your opinion any more important or objective than hers?

Please keep defending your adult baby special snowflake fashion, it's hilarious.

No. 163892

Okay, tell me which part of the body do lolita dresses accentuate exactly?

No. 163893

You're entire """response""" is just drivel, and does nothing to actually prove to me you know what you're talking about, or that you're of sound mind in general. Continue wearing your Halloween costumes and collecting NEET money. I just hope you're not in my country so it's not my taxes paying for it.

No. 163894

It's not, but I'm not pouring my time into trying to explain why "normal fashion" is adult baby wear for special snowflakes/Halloween costumes because I'm not an autistic, salty cunt. Try again.

No. 163895

>still no argument
>"Y-Your entire response is j-just drivel!"
Stay bitter forever while others wear what they want and continue to be happier and more successful than you.

No. 163896

>collecting NEET money
Also, this has already been addressed but you're trying to hide from it because you know you're full of shit. This just proves how irrational and retarded you actually are.
Last response, bye.

No. 163897

That >>163893 was going to be my last response, but I'm glad I clearly hit a nerve. :) When's your next NEETbux cheque coming in? Also, I don't know what NEET response you're talking about, and I don't care to check. Your response didn't say anything but talk about "designer" brands, for whatever reason, in response to being a NEET.

I hope the other anons in the thread can knock some sense into you so you can start maturing in time for your 30s, because it seems you've already missed to boat for your 20s. Maybe you can even enrol in university or get a job! That will be a very exciting time in your life when it comes, I'm sure.

No. 163898

I forgot to add, I hope you growing up includes a better vocabulary and rebuttal skills. Calling people you don't agree with "retarded", "bitter" and "irrational" (lol, and you're saying who's projecting now?) ad nauseam doesn't actually help your case. Ta.

No. 163899

>that amount of projection
Depressing. I hope you get off welfare/NEETbux and find a nice job soon so you don't need to worry about other peoples' clothes, anon.

No. 163900

File: 1464522619053.png (269.48 KB, 500x700, tumblr_o26mivDBTt1qcrkr7o1_r1_…)

Dumping some outfits

No. 163901

File: 1464522647527.jpg (484.95 KB, 665x1000, tumblr_o5tnmckvld1qcrkr7o2_128…)

No. 163902

File: 1464522673551.jpg (72.28 KB, 600x900, tumblr_o74wuwIbTM1sd87t7o3_128…)

No. 163903

File: 1464522707571.jpg (476.38 KB, 1024x1534, tumblr_o3ea7cii8n1s0s3nuo1_128…)

No. 163904

File: 1464522773702.jpg (208.11 KB, 750x1125, tumblr_o7mj87XUaf1tykkceo8_128…)

No. 163905

File: 1464522798625.jpg (66.89 KB, 500x475, tumblr_o42l9f1DoW1r2u4vxo1_500…)

No. 163906

File: 1464522833310.jpg (352.43 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o1y835IHiZ1tbjwzoo1_128…)

No. 163907

File: 1464522922534.jpg (75.94 KB, 390x600, tumblr_o79fq2GTpN1tykkceo3_400…)

No. 163908

File: 1464522990185.jpg (520.59 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_o5loaj4RNS1t5fmzto6_128…)

No. 163909

File: 1464523080939.jpg (676.86 KB, 1280x1759, tumblr_o3yklyz0IK1s9hxveo1_128…)

No. 163910

File: 1464523213706.jpg (141.27 KB, 960x960, tumblr_o6moksflTD1qao6kpo1_128…)

No. 163911

File: 1464523327341.jpg (521.16 KB, 500x750, tumblr_o47sikER221tykkceo5_500…)

No. 163912

File: 1464523417275.jpg (382.9 KB, 529x799, tumblr_o61j7cyUuv1s0s3nuo5_540…)

No. 163913

File: 1464523484846.jpg (86.49 KB, 534x800, tumblr_o50ue1RkA91sd87t7o1_540…)

No. 163914

File: 1464523582590.jpg (560.73 KB, 1280x1598, tumblr_o3bnghrhk91qao6kpo1_128…)

No. 163915

File: 1464523945607.jpg (53.53 KB, 736x603, tumblr_nmc1n1xuu41trmbp6o1_128…)

No. 163916

Whenever I've seen a grown ass woman wear lolita on the streets, it just makes me wanna cringe. It looks so tacky.

No. 163917

100% agree. I saw a girl wearing it at uni and it looked tacky as anything could be. Like, who dresses in full lolita to do something like sit in a humid lecture theatre for 2 to 3 hours?

No. 163918

people actually do that? jesus… it's like going to school in cosplay

No. 163919

File: 1464539648456.png (5.81 KB, 493x400, 1450328454676.png)

No. 163920

File: 1464543102233.jpg (90.31 KB, 417x750, tumblr_o2z8bsvpWW1qcfpzpo1_500…)

This is a thread about Lolita fashion.
Posting one more just for you. :^)

No. 163921

I'm trying to help you to not come across as this pathetically butthurt

No. 163922

File: 1464546037134.jpg (175.96 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o2klybAyCq1qbhoiro1_500…)

…About what?

No. 163923

Lolita is ugly

No. 163924

Fashion opinion threads are always back and forth arguments. I'm wondering if a 'fashion you hate' thread wouldn't be more productive for some users, attach a pic and several reasons why you hate it. Then at least if you're into a fashion you can read it and go "oh, there's a few things people on the outside fucking hate about it. I'll avoid those".

On topic though, not a fan of lolita. Also, showing pictures of fat lolita's isn't fair. Fatties look bad in anything.

No. 163925

It's a thread about the opinion of it. What is the point of spamming photos. It's all basically the same shit in different colors and patterns so we don't need this many photos.

No. 163926


No, this thread is about What people think about lolita..and I think it looks cringy af

No. 163927

It's on-topic. There's nothing to complain about tbh.

No. 163928

File: 1464552111516.jpg (119.33 KB, 500x749, tumblr_o6lfn8Df971ts4elno1_500…)

And I think it should be posted ITT.

No. 163929

Make your own general.

No. 163930

for me at university, I would dress up on days that I had days without studio classes because I didn't have to worry about getting my dress dirty if I was only sitting in a lecture hall for a few hours.
wearing something pretty would make the day seem more 'fun' because I felt like dressing up is invigorating, whereas otherwise I probably would have rolled out of bed and slouched into class in a hoodie, some leggings and no makeup.
It's like…I'm not insecure, but I can tell the difference between the days that I look cute & presentable and the days that I make no effort at all by the way people treat me. Their eyes linger, they're more likely to smile at or strike up a conversation with me–and that's not talking about when I wear lolita, necessarily, but on days that I try to actually put together an outfit and style my hair and everything
I'm usually pretty shy IRL, so walking around with a big poofy dress on would, you'd think, be way out of my comfort zone. But actually, it's like…I dunno, I know that there are people out there that aren't going to like it, who are gonna think that I'm some kind of age-playing freak or attention whore or something. But it makes my day better. And it acts as a kind of communication with the rest of the world, without me having to say a word. If I saw another lolita in public, depending on her style, I could probably strike up a conversation with her over sanrio characters, or horror manga, or Downton Abbey, depending on her style. Lolitas wear their hearts on their sleeves, no matter what anyone else thinks. I always thought that took a considerable amount of bravery–maybe that's why I wanted to join them.

No. 163931

I personally like lolita and wear it but I have to say some of it is ugly as all shit. Once I see a dress with crosses stuck all over it it's just no all the way. I don't understand the religious themes.
It's really weird at first cause you get stared at so much but then it's like "eh why worry about it". It's not something for everyday wear causw it can be a damn pain to clean.

No. 317302

This MV is giving me life.

Anyone recognise the OP's?

No. 402658

File: 1556225119725.jpg (41.19 KB, 480x360, lwln how to sell egl.jpg)

I don't get how there are still people who think lolita fashion is about ageplay when we have the internet to look it up in a hot fucking hurry. Ageplay and perverted shit as a whole get shamed and chased out of the community by the vast majority. Even the SJW lolitas lose their fucking minds when some perverted man in a frilly dress shows up, despite how quick they are otherwise to screech about transphobia. The entire point of lolita is elegance and innocence, neither of which are properly compatible with fetishization.

Fatties in lolita are so outcast that the community has its own term for them; "fatty-chans". Most lolitas hate fatty-chans because not only do they make the fashion look bad, but they stretch out and ruin dresses before reselling them for hundreds of dollars to buyers who would've otherwise fit them at the original sizing.

The idea that lolita should be only for Asians is retarded. Just like what the Japanese did with the American Navy's old uniform that they turned into a pedo-fetish, they adopted an old look and now suddenly everyone with less than half a brain thinks the Japanese invented and own it.

I'm not personally into lolita fashion and think most of them are catty little bitches who waste disgusting amounts of money on impractical, hard-to-clean clothes that they almost never get to wear. But shit guys, get your facts straight.

No. 402695

Wow, you sound so fucking new like you got all your info through cgl threads and BtB trolls.
>I'm not personally into lolita fashion
Lmao, of course you're a LARPer. Your non-contribution was an entertaining read.

No. 402729

>The entire point of lolita is elegance and innocence
>Guys can you believe they have this word fattychan?!
>Japan didn't invent lolita
Yeah sure, there's no way we would have possibly known that you have no personal experience of lolita if you didn't tell us outright first, anon
What an embarrassing necropost

No. 402741

looks tacky and cosplay. children's clothes from burandos or whatever looks less tacky just ask the workers in poor countries to make it an XXXXXL size for you if you want a frilly dress that doesn't look cosplay. but most girls who wear lolita dresses grew out of it and the fashion has died like that ganguro/gyaru shit. on cgl there are mostly cosplayers for anime and literal cosplayers (as in lolita dresses) for cons and stuff to get attention and fit in circle jerks. the fashion however to wear it more than once a month is dead. thankfully. if they have not grown out of koreabooness most of em are just now koreaboos. now there's costhots and they are still popular just be that for the attention but
>muh modesty
somehow this small post managed to be the most cringe post itt

No. 402751

I don't know anon your post is also really weird, learn how to punctuate ffs

No. 402753

what a contributive post you are showing who the real brainmore here is in this thread despite not adding anything to this discussion while the topic is not really making people think and of value this trait reminds me of those people who try to be smart to actual informative people just because they didn't add a dot to the last sentence of their post well here you go i've donst it just for you SIKE you think i'm gonna put a dot for you nah fuck off and next time post on-topic stuff

No. 402988

File: 1556282795074.png (28.79 KB, 261x194, 15032341_1255306607874953_4333…)

>tfw struck a nerve
>don't feel good about it

oh well

No. 403043


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