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File: 1439533352375.png (110.02 KB, 640x480, Princess Maker 2 2015-08-12 at…)

No. 159424

Anyone here a fan of Princess Maker? A lot of people who play it are pervs but it can be a cute game for girls too. I'm writing a walkthrough right now.

No. 159425

What a random topic. I actually found a link to it on a sailor moon fansite years ago when I must have been about 14 or so. I didn't feel pervy because I was younger than her for the most part. Plus you can avoid most if the pervy stuff, if you choose. It's definitely a strange game, pretty fun though. I could never do well in it without cheating, she is such a spoilt bitch and would always say she was depressed and run away, even though I was super nice to her.

No. 159426



here is a link. just find a good dosbox frontend and you're good to go

if she's running away her sensitivity is too high. avoid having sensitivity or charisma be your highest stat. if she's delinquent you should raise her faith and morals.

No. 159427

What is this game exactly? RPG? Dress up? If the latter that's kinda lame

No. 159428

Oh hell yea Princess maker 2 was the shits. I played it all the time in like 2004 and loved it.
>dragon Prince best boy
>starving my daughter to make her fit in the silk dress
>win every cooking competition
>try to make her a cabaret slut but my conscience doesn't allow me to

No. 159429

Well, I feel dumb now. Pretty sure I always sent her to shit loads of dancing and art classes so her charisma and sensitivity were through the roof.

It's essentially a resource management game with RPG elements.

No. 159430

i'd probably put it in the simulator category.

i don't think working in the Cabaret is bad as long as you go to church otherwise. i would avoid going to the sleazy bar. also, you don't have to starve your daughter to get her to fit into the small dresses, you just have to go to the beach during the summer a lot

as long they aren't your highest stat, it's ok

No. 159431

>you just have to go to the beach during the summer a lot

I've been playing this game for 10 years and I never realized this.

I just did the F12 + R N Q trick and bought a shitload of ancient milk.

No. 159432

File: 1440569957198.png (105.83 KB, 436x480, Princess_of_Darkness.png)

Oh man, I love this game. I wish I could play the other games but I can't read moonspeak nor do I have any Japanese consoles and whatnot. I come back to this game every now and then, but if I don't cheat or use a guide my daughter keeps ending up doing some stupid ass mundane job and not marrying. I am the worst parent.

One time I corrupted her for the lulz and now I find it hard not to go and corrupt her anymore. Being a little shit is fun, being evil is even more fun.

No. 159433

File: 1440571962057.jpg (74.93 KB, 407x405, 1560920.jpg)

> if I don't cheat or use a guide my daughter keeps ending up doing some stupid ass mundane job and not marrying.

I feel this so much.
>Put her through expensive fencing and fighting classes, strategy, science, etc. work her ass like an angry asian parent
>jobs since day 1 to learn dem real life skills
>Best armory and weapons, the most expensive dress
>Meet the fucking prince every goddamn year
>Make friends with every asshole in the castle
>Win every damn tournament
>my baby gonna be a queen
>Fighting instructor
>Has shitty relationships and doesn't marry because of some bullshit reason

No. 159434

What was this game about and were the pervy stuff in it anyway? It looks really neat

No. 159435

I've always wanted to play the Princess Maker games but can never find it translated. They made like five them right? I wish someone would translate them and release them somehow.

I love games like this part RPG, part raising sim. All the different choices you can make just gives it great replay value too.

No. 159436

I've never played any of the princess maker games, which one is the best (esp for girls, I'm not interested in the pervy side)? I wanna DL one but dunno which..

No. 159437

which part of the series is the best? want to get it, looks fun

No. 159438

Holy shit, I played this like 15 years ago, completely forgot about it. I always played it with cheat codes though.

No. 159439

File: 1442868655460.png (773.09 KB, 792x792, 1401141849810.png)

>This game is literally Venus' life simulator.
Or Kiki/Kota's life simulator.

No. 159440

did you guys get this for free? idk how old this is and there seem to be several parts

No. 159441

Holy shit i wanna play now

No. 159442

i can't get it to wooork

No. 159443

File: 1443716576495.png (29.76 KB, 640x480, pm2_045.png)

The game is about you parenting a magical cosmic alien child (who is still human in every way despite being literally gifted to you by the gods) into being a quality human being. More like you can do what you want, make her a prostitute or a professional criminal (not joking).

Naughty stuff in the game is you can dress your girl in scanty stuff when she's old enough (provided that she isn't a fatass by this time) and can hack into the game to get into a shop that sells an item that makes her naked.

You can also get her to work in a sleazy bar or a cabaret and her sin will go up and such, also there's an item in the game that makes her breasts bigger.

Since it's a raising game, it might take an eternity of repetitiveness to get through to see if you made your daughter a high class call girl or something.

You might like it, nonny. Use DOS-Box and find the game on Old Games.

No. 159444

Got damn Archbishop ending, had the refinement for queen but not the reputation, but had the reputation for prime minister. My faith wasn't even 500. :(

No. 159445

Damn, the whole DOS-Box setup looks annoyingly complicated and Old Games won't let me download stuff. I don't how to get this to work. I suck

No. 159446

Got it to work but I got no sound. Is this supposed to have sound?

No. 159447

If the sound doesn't work:

Open dos box. Type "Mount c c:\pm2"
Now Type: "c:\dosinst"

It will say, "Princess Maker 2 is already configured to run off of the hard-disk drive. You maye change the configuration data or quit." use the arrow keys on your keyboard to selecte "Change Setup Options" and hit enter.

Now use the arrow keys to go to "Change sound driver" and hit enter.
Use the arrow keys to select "Sound Blaster" From the list and hit enter.
Hit enter to Quit.

Type "PM2" to play or type "exit" to exit dos box.

No. 159448

Here is my guide for Princess Maker 2 if you want some tips


No. 159449

already figured it out but thx for taking the time! getting addicted here, why did you do this to me?

No. 159450

I love it and have never cheated. If you do some key steps at the beginning, you don't need to cheat.

I just finished a daughter and saved before the end so here are the two endings she got.
First she became a writer because her art was pretty high (though this wasn't her highest stat and she only took the poetry course one time). Because she had almost no sensitivity, she was a really bad writer and her book sucked. "Maybe I have no talent. But my next book…" LOL talk about a cow.

I reverted the save file and sold the Brush that gives you +50 art. Then she became the Commander of the Royal Guard. She had almost no sin but also relatively low Morality (around 100). So she regularly invited guys up to her room and fooled around with them. "It's OK once in awhile, isn't it? I have such a stressful job…" LOL totally unexpected twist to the ending I have to say. So she sucked at being Commander too, but got to use her Charisma on hot boys, I guess.

Her refinement was through the roof - I was trying for queen. But the little twists in the endings are cool.

No. 159451

Considering how pervy the game is in parts, it's quite preachy. Especially the harlot ending. Whatever.

Anyone got any similar games?

No. 159452

I JUST came across this game on hardcore gaming 101. I instantly wanted to play it. What the hell are the chances?? haha. But yeah, I'm totally interested in trying it. The retro-ish artstyle is so lovely. I wish I knew this was a thing sooner. I'm pretty horrible at simulators though. How hard is this?

No. 159453

It's not hard. Just make sure to give her time off in the beginning so she doesn't get too stressed. Don't give her pocket money because you need it for other stuff and it won't make a huge difference anyway.

It's important to get constitution up a bit at the beginning - farmwork is best for that.

Just ask questions if you have them. I've played this game a lot.

No. 159454

here is a youtube channel with different endings if you're curious about what you can get and don't mind spoilers


actually pocket money is really helpful for getting the extra mileage out of your daughter's part time jobs. it helps reduce stress as 2x the rate without pocket money. it definitely pays off if you're sending her to farm a lot.

No. 159455

i meant don't mess up and give her pocket money when you are giving her time off. It's easy to accidentally hit the button and then you are immediately down 100G. In the beginning of the game, that's pretty bad.

The other pocket money option is in the father-daughter talk menu and doesn't make you as poor.

No. 159456

The game is really fun in the way that the parameters actually affect each other. Like she might become a general for good fighting skills but lack the conversational skills to be successful and she might be too much of a slut to hold down a relationship. Or she might have good magic skills but lack the refinement to be a court magician so she ends up on the streets doing magic tricks. I'm always excited to see what my daughter becomes after the game is over because I can rarely predict it.

I've never gotten queen though, it requires insane stats and achievements. Even with money cheat codes I haven't figured out the right balance. I think she became a royal concubine once which is pretty depressing, being a fucktoy for the old king. Once she married the devil but I think that's triggered by the event at the desert.

For anyone interested I think it's a really fun game and not as pervy as people give it credit for. She can marry her father too, sure, but given she's not blood-related and it requires a lot of work like getting her sick on purpose so you can stay by her bedside and take care of her. I've never gotten that ending, not even the one with the butler. She usually ends up marrying some random guy or someone I fixed her up with like the dragon prince or the royal prince. It's mostly just you raising a daughter, putting her to work, making her go to school, take part in tournaments, her getting a rival girl and adventuring on a clunky RPG map. You can choose to go for the pervy route and make her a harlot or a cabaret dancer in a skin-tight leather outfit, but you don't have to. The only difficulty I have is getting enough money to put her through school which is why I usually resort to cheat codes.

No. 159457

The pocket money is a cheap way to take down her stress (a lot cheaper than a vacation) so it can be used in moderation, but some guides say that it's good to keep her stress level a bit up on the end of the month but I'm not sure why. Building up constitution helps her tolerate stress levels better.

The #1 tip I wish someone told me when I first played this game: If her sensitivity is too high and especially if her morality is low, she keeps running away and that's a month gone to waste. I thought the running away event was related to stress but it's actually because the brat is too sensitive.

No. 159458

What's your highest score in the game? So far mine is about 1200. And that's without cheating.

No. 159459


I played it for the first time and my final score was about 320. Considering my daughter turned out to be an okay person (successful artist and married a wizard), I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a low score. I'd have to read a guide, I guess.

No. 159460

I wanna play this game and see if I can just run her into the ground. Or will she run away the whole time?

No. 159461

She won't run away if you keep her sensitivity low enough.

No. 159462

So I just started playing and I want the priest ending or whatever so I've been just sending her to theology classes and the farm with time off in between. But the classes are so fucking expensive that giving her time off sucks because I'm fucking broke. How much stress is too much? Right now I keep her pretty much under 10.

No. 159463

Zero stress isn't optimal. As long as her stress is lower than her morality, she won't be delinquent, and as long as it's not higher than her constitution then she won't get sick (i think)

No. 159464

Pretty much what >>159463 said. She doesn't have to have 0-10 stress all the time. My daughter often has 60 stress in the end of the month and she's still doing fine. Her working at the farm in the beginning is good since it builds constitution which means she'll endure stress better and since you're doing theology that means her morality will stay high and she won't become a delinquent. Try working her at the church for a change, it's basically free theology.

No. 159465

Oh, ok. And I do send her to church when I can't afford classes, but it sucks because 14g isn't that great…

She's 11 and her constitution is over 200 and her faith and morality are getting there. Should I just keep doing wha I'm doing? When should I stop farming? I don't want her to become a farmer, but the money is so good. Sometimes I put her in art class too.

No. 159466

Art class gives her too much sensitivity. Maybe try protocol for a change to get her social reputation up after she's done with farm work. Work her on the farm until she's 14 and then switch to tutoring. It pays well and gives more morality. Your daughter needs intelligence, morals, faith and magical&fighter&social reputation for the best priest endings, so the farm is good for strength and constitution to build fighting skills.

No. 159467

my kid has way too much sensitivity :(((( am i fucked

No. 159468

I tried tutoring but she's an abysmal failure. She's not smart enough, I guess. That bitch Patricia challenged me to the dance contest too so I sort of want to throw her in dance classes until the festival.

I'm going to wind up with a super sensitive brat at this rate. I've also been working her at the salon because it's good money and doesn't take away refinement. I throw in house chores to try and keep the sensitivity from going too high but I'm sure that's a terrible idea. But it's my first play through so I'm kinda just like whatever, we'll see what happens.

No. 159469

Tutoring (and babysitting) raises her maternal instinct which is a hidden parameter and it determines if she'll become a good mother or not which affects the ending and the overall score. Building up morality will fix the problem and the job pays fairly well.

No. 159470

Also for the dance contest you should build up social reputation since the judges will favor your daughter if they like and know her. The state minister (?) will say something like "she's such a nice girl, I'll do everything to make sure she wins". Connections pay off.

No. 159471

So because I had put her in so many art classes her art was already capped, I put her in as many dance classes as I could afford while working at the salon a lot with house chores here and there and she absolutely crushed the competition. I used that money to put her in protocol classes, so now she can talk to everyone at the castle, which is making her popularity soar, which means I have a creepy mustached guy banging down my door trying to marry her every month. But he leaves 900g every time I say no, so I have a decent bit of money for classes (grooming her hard in theology and protocol). She's almost 17, all is going well so far………

No. 159472

Final update on this playthrough - despite having refinement, intelligence and faith over 900, she became a writer. A shitty one. And married some knight. Final score was 711.

Lesson learned: art class, not even once.

No. 159473

What was her magical/fighter reputation? Without them she'll never get the good jobs. Morality also is a must.

But the art classes are a waste of time if you don't want her to specifically become an artist or a writer. They always throw the stats out of balance.

No. 159474

Her morality was in the 500s. I'm not sure about the magic/fighter reps, probably not high because all I did were classes. Do you need to adventure to build those reps?

No. 159475

She gets some fighter rep from adventuring if she has defeated monsters. Raise her combat&magic attack, defense and skill, you'll get battle challenges randomly and if you win them, you'll get more boosts to them. Winning a battle with combat attacks -> +Fighter rep, winning a battle with magic attacks -> +Magical rep. The higher her Fighter/Magical reputations are, the more battle challenges she gets.

No. 159476

As long as sensitivity isn't your highest stat I think she won't run away. My daughter always had ridiculously high sensitivity (like 400-500s) but her Refinement was always higher and she never ran away from me.

No. 159477

Do I need magic AND fighter rep or can I just do one of them?

No. 159478

High priest ending needs both magical and fighting reputation

No. 159479

Almost every good job needs a Fighter/Magical rep of over 250. The queen requires something like 450.

No. 159480

I think morality has to be over 100 or something so she won't run away. If sensitivity is her highest stat but she has zero morals, she'll end up running away a lot and damage her reputation. Stupid bitch.

Morality has a surprisingly high value at this game though. I never bothered to build it up because it's only given from the church and tutoring but apparently tutoring is an important job in order to get a good ending. The gods always bitch at me for not raising her maternal instinct.

No. 159481

I actually prefer the 'not good' endings the best cause they seem the sweetest. Something about raising your daughter to pick a career in what she thinks she's best at like dancing or art, and then getting married and having kids… Why's that such a bad ending to the Gods?

No. 159482

The Gods consider royal concubine (in other words the old king's fucktoy) to be a great profession and congratulate you for it, but becoming a normal person with a normal marriage&life isn't good enough for them and gets you scolded. They have some fucked up priorities.

No. 159483

The goddess didn't seem to look down too much on my shitty writer girl. They said I was a good dad blah blah blah. She took more issue with the fact that she had no maternal instinct.

My new kid, Dodder Dre Cuckington, has been adventured into the ground. She's 12 with a fighter rep of 350 and a magic rep of 250. Literally every month some creep is trying to fight my small child in the streets and then telling her she's no match for them after their ass gets beat.

I think I'm just going to switch to protocol classes and then hope I get a "good" ending this time. I've also been talking to the prince every year - is there a requirement to marry him outside of talking to him?

No. 159484

think only extra requirement is to have at least 200 charisma. prince don't waste his time on uggos lel

No. 159485

Is there a way to raise charisma without dance classes? I am afraid to even touch any art classes. I swear to god if she became a writer again

No. 159486

Pretty sure charisma can only raise with dance classes. To avoid art endings, make sure to sell the paintbrushes and stuff that give you +40 art or whatever

No. 159487

wait nvm, you can get charisma also from:

Sleazy bar work (2 per day), Cabaret work (3 per day), Dance course (0.5-1.5 per day), Lucifon's gift (varies), Mermaid prayer (50), Venus Jewels (each birthday adds birthday age), each birthday (18), accepting Circe's Charm (100)

I just block out the dirty pervy shit so I forgot lol

No. 159488

Aw man, I gotta put my precious babby in the caberet?

Oh well, guess someone's gonna be goin to a lot of church after.

No. 159489

Mermaid prayer is the best way to go and also circe's charm if you buy the demon pendant from the peddler right away in the beginning of the game and visit the demon. The charm takes away all your morals so do it before gaining it.

No. 159490

File: 1445011015886.png (103.4 KB, 640x480, Princess Maker 2 2015-08-20 at…)

Here's a screen I got when I defeated the War God

No. 159491

Cabaret isn't really worth it because it stresses her the fuck out and lowers other stats. In the beginning of the game, buy a demon pendant from the peddler and visit the demon in the desert cave, get circe's charm and boom 100 charisma points. Do this in the beginning of the game to avoid losing hard-earned morals. After she's adequate with fighting skills, kill mermen at the lake and collect mermaid tears they drop randomly. You can take it to the beach vacation, meet the mermaid and get +50 charisma. You can repeat this as many times as you want, but as far as I know the mermen only drop the mermaid tear if you aren't already holding one. Dance lessons are also really good since they give constitution as well which is important for any daughter to avoid becoming a fatty and to get more HP.

It's also important to keep her morality and relationship with father up if she has high charisma because she'll get thirsty old suitors all the time after she's 15 and her charisma is 300+. If she becomes their mistress/girlfriend, her focus will weaken and she'll just slack off at work and school. My daughter had like 700 charisma and she worked at the cabaret a few times and got fat old guys running after her but since her morality was also high and she had a good relationship with her father, she told them to fuck off. My little girl.

No. 159492

For anyone who wants to keep a good Father-Daughter-relationship:

How to raise it:
- Take her to vacations a lot. Vacations cost her age*10, like at the age of 11 it'll be 110, at age 18 it'll be 180 etc. So it's pretty cheap. Sea in the summer (lowers her weight for 2 pounds too) and mountains in the fall/winter.
- Do free time ONLY in the middle of the month. If you give her free time at the end of the month, it'll lower her relationship. Doesn't matter if you give her money or not, the money just makes her stress go down a lot more.
- Take her out to eat every month (in the city). The cheapest item in the restaurant is cake which is 80g (and the price lowers 5% per every 100 points of popularity) and it also lowers her stress for 50 points. It makes her gain a bit of weight too.
- Talk to her every month.
- During the harvest festivals let her partake in the competition which her rival girl attends.
- If she gets sick, choose to look after her yourself.
- Buy her a birthday present on every birthday.
- If she becomes delinquent, scold her.

I did all of this and it took me only a year for her to start baking cakes for my birthday. When she does that, you know your relationship is maximized.

How to decrease it:
- Give her free time at the end of the month.
- Refuse to buy her birthday presents.
- Force her to take part in a different competition than her rival girl.
- Scold her when she's not delinquent.

The relationship with father is valuable as it blocks her from becoming a daddy-issued bitch and if she becomes a delinquent, scolding will make her stress level will go down the amount of Father-Daughter relationship.

No. 159493

So my kid is 16, her magic and figher reps are 450+, her refinement is 800, faith/morals are around 900/500, charisma is 300, popularity is 700…but the fortune teller is still giving me "prominent sorceress" or "distinguished military officer" when I was going for archbishop, what am I doing wrong? Is there a stat I'm totally overlooking? Also, what the fuck is required for queen?

No. 159494

Also, how fat is too fat? She's become a spoopy skelly at 5'1 and 79lbs - not on purpose, I just send her on vacation in the summer and she never gains much back because her constitution is high as well. I'm curious what the game considers fat and if there's a point where you can be too skinny (because her BMI would make Aly proud).

No. 159495

I think every reputation has to be like 375+ for queen, Arch Bishop needs like High 200s, low 300s I think. Maybe you're going too overboard on your fighter and magic reps, try not to get them above 400 maybe.

No. 159496

I used to play this game all the time. Most of the time she ended up a prostitute. But I got her to demon queen once and once I married the dragon boy.

I also killed her because she was sick and I didn't do anything about it. I just wanted to see what would happen.

I remember when this was supposed to come out for Saturn and it was cancelled.

No. 159497

For queen every rep has to be like 350+, INCLUDING housework rep. I only found out about this a while ago. I had never bothered to teach her housework skills since the queen is not gonna scrub the floors of her castle but apparently it's also needed for the politician careers so it makes sense. The easiest route to raise housework rep is by winning the cooking contest and raising her temperament, cleaning and cooking skills.

I have no idea how the proportions work, my girl had to weigh 77 pounds before she could fit into the silk dress, but my another daughter could weigh well over 100 pounds before Cube told her to lose weight.

No. 159498

Dodder Dre became a general and married the prince. Final score was 1092 I think. 2nd try going for archbishop and not even getting close, though.

I was so worried I was going to wind up with the dad ending. I watched the dad ending on youtube and in my ending she did the whole "I'm saving my heart for someone else" bit and my bf and I were like "oh no………" but luckily it was dreamy prince boy instead.

How do you marry the dragon boy?

No. 159499

My kid is delinquent as fuck and I don't understand. I thought that only happened when stress > constitution. Her constitution is approaching 200. Her stress has only ever exceeded 100 once and never exceeded her constitution. One time her stress was like 50 when her constitution was 150 and she still became delinquent. It's like every time I make her work 2 weeks in a row she turns into an asshole.

I'm trying to turn her into a ho, though, so I guess it doesn't matter.

No. 159500

Go adventuring in the desert and defeat him in battle. I don't know if it's necessary to get the dragon tights from the grandpa dragon or not (I always get them). He'll show up at your house and propose; you have the option of allowing him to marry your daughter. You get a huge amount of money if you accept the proposal.

Cube is scandalized if you do it though

No. 159501

The last time I went adventuring the desert, there wasn't really anywhere to go? There was some old dragon who was like "hey I'm old" and I couldn't go beyond where he was, in the center of the ruins. then an asshole dragon who I killed because he wanted my money. Or am I supposed to walk around until he shows up?

No. 159502

I remember the gods not being too happy when I got a housewife ending. There's a nun ending too and they didn't like that. They don't even like nanny. Why? I guess raising children and taking care of the needy aren't high enough callings. Royal whore however is gold.

I can't get sound. It's so annoying.

No. 159503

You need a lot of charisma to make the dragon prince marry you.

Raise her morality. And fix your father daughter relationship.

No. 159504

nah he comes to your house. Go back to the desert at least once when you are over 15. You don't need that much charisma to get a proposal though. i am sure mine was around 100-150 when i got one. Some charisma is required, but not a ton

No. 159505

sorry i mean go back and talk to the old dragon when you are over 15. he'll fondle you and talk about your boobs and give you the dragon tights

No. 159506

The sound is pretty annoying and repetitive but if you really want sound put Princess Maker in your main computer folder and do this.

-Open dos box.
-Type "Mount c c:\pm2"
-Now Type: "c:\dosinst"
It will say, "Princess Maker 2 is already configured to run off of the hard-disk drive. You may change the configuration data or quit." use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select "Change Setup Options" and hit enter.
-Now use the arrow keys to go to "Change sound driver" and hit enter.
-Use the arrow keys to select "Sound Blaster" From the list and hit enter.
-Hit enter to Quit.

Type "PM2" to play or type "exit" to exit dos box.

No. 159507

I like the music, except for the fucking adventuring music. It's so awful.

No. 159508

dragon prince comes to your house to propose only ob your 16th birthday i think

No. 159509

I used to play this game when I was like 15 but I downloaded a pack that had a bunch of cheats, so I never played it through without cheating. My favorite ending that I got was when she grew up to be a dominatrix.

Cube is best husbando.

Is there any way to play the other games from the Princess Maker series in English?

No. 159510

I just started this game and my daughter keeps getting sick and running away, and I'm poor as fuck. I'm a noob.

No. 159511

farm work! get her constitution up. give her enough time off. you can also get some quick money by doing short adventures (there's some easily grabbable money in the lake, forest, and mountains - hide from the monsters)

not to brag but i don't cheat… i like the challenge of being poor

No. 159512

Thanks, your tips helped! I'm wondering why her combat skill doesn't go higher than 103 though, is this normal?

No. 159513

I've searching to play this game since 2004! Thank you so much anon

No. 159514

No. 159515

Why is it that in the combat tournament you instantly lose if you get to like half your health?
Yet you have to get your opponent's health all the way down.
I just got that rival bitch's health down to one hit from KO'ing her and she got me down to only around the half mark for me and apparently that meant "I'm clearly not going to win" and lost. Wtf.

No. 159516

In combat, defeat is determined by HP and morale. Your morale is hitting 0 if you are losing with half HP.

No. 159517

Ah shit, you're right. That has to do with fighter/magical reputation right? I think she lost it all because she went to jail or something. Dang.
Thanks, anon.

No. 159518

Think your morale is determined by your highest fighting reputation. So if magic rep is higher, it will be your morale stat, and vice versa.

No. 159519

Never thought I'd see the day. Looks like PM2 is going to be released on Steam.

No. 159520

Yesssss!! I love raising sims so damn much

No. 159521

Hell yes

No. 159522

What would your perfect raising sim/princess maker type game be like, /g/? What are the biggest problems you found in princess maker/your favorite bits?

It's my dream to make a similar kinda game one day, prolly minus all the perverted stuff.

I think the biggest issue is the repetitiveness . they start fun but inevitably you get everything down pat and it just becomes rote… not sure how I'd get around that.

No. 159523

File: 1474659598555.png (484.37 KB, 600x599, my_body_is_ready.png)

I'm suddenly reggie

No. 159524

anyone like MOE Can Change?

No. 159525

Is there some links for this game???

No. 159526

it's gonna be released tomorrow niqqas ahhhhhhhhh im so rdeady

No. 159527

It's out and there's a special 20% sale on it til Oct 5.

No. 159528

They removed the cheat code. You casuals will have to git gud.

No. 159529

this game is not that hard. here is my strategy guide for it:


No. 159530

File: 1475111264717.png (99.12 KB, 436x480, Housewife.png)

Bought it earlier today on steam and just beat it. Ended up with an absurd amount of housekeeping reputation (550ish), so naturally she became.. a very very talented house wife who married the prince. I thought it was a cute ending tbh

No. 159531

File: 1475154898401.png (453.74 KB, 953x597, a79.png)

Ah I'm so jealous. I bought it yesterday too but haven't had a chance to play yet. I can't wait to raise my precious little princess.

No. 159532

This reminds me of late 80s/early 90s anime style and I love so much. Oh my gosh.

No. 159533

It was originally made by Gainax back in 1993 for the PC-98 so it shouldn't be a surprise.

No. 159534


Princess Maker 2 is one of my faves. I'm so happy it got on Steam!

No. 159535

File: 1475879578562.png (867.81 KB, 800x600, 3245gfgw.png)

First play and my daughter became general of the kingdom and married the dragon youth. Pardon the shitty screenshot, I was trying to get if of just her in her general pose and then her dumb fiance had to pop up. Very cute all the same, I'm off to try for a different type of ending now.

No. 196653

File: 1498623162133.png (148.43 KB, 624x658, gainaxomgyes.png)

Not sure how many of you have Steam (heh) but they actually released PM1 and PM3 on it too! They have a goddamn bundle going on right now for summer sale, you faggots should get in here.

No. 196656

yeah if only i had the money

No. 196660

Wow I had no idea pm3 was avaible in english. Thanks anon

No. 196671

all of the guys i met who seemed normal but turned out to be HUGE creeps had boners for Princess Maker.

No. 196701

Ayyy, thanks for letting us know!
This might be the only thing I actually buy this time around.

No. 196716

Anyone know any other good games that have some sort of sexual part to them but are an rpg sim? I can only play ones with some optional sexual/romance part

No. 196718

I wanna try playing this! Should I get PM2 or PM3?

No. 196770

you can play for free if you just search 'princess maker 2 browser', it's right there

No. 196772

Will this game go any cheaper on Steam in the sale? Is it worth waiting for a better deal?

No. 196801

Thanks! I've been playing all afternoon. (eurofag)

No. 196921

File: 1498891282831.jpg (187.83 KB, 425x319, cuteknight.jpg)

I would say if you don't mind a crappy artstyle (I think there's even a deluxe remake , and there's for sure a second game) look for "cuite knight" by Hanako Games (one of her older games). It's not sexual, but it's based off PM and it has romance.

No. 196993

Princess maker is a cute game and I loved the idea of it but it was always sickening and fucking weird how in the true ending you marry the baby you raised and loved as your own

No. 197056

I've been playing it the last few days and I don't get it, I'm in debt all the time and my daughter just goes to work and cries in the corner every month

No. 197058

Sorry mom, I'm going through some bad shit

No. 197066

Which one are you playing? And what are you having her do? One thing I can suggest is errantry, that's where you find all the good shit. Even if your little girl isn't very good at combat, if you know where to find the treasure you can just save and reload until you get to it without being attacked. In PM2 if you have a high enough sensitivity you can just talk your way out of a lot of monster fights.

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