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File: 1438293041051.jpeg (14.38 KB, 300x300, 52618766_no_anime_block_xlarge…)

No. 157622

Would or do any of you have a daddy/little girl/boy relationship?

Curious ~

No. 157623

I wouldn't have one with an old guy, if I was dating a guy a few years younger than me then maybe?

It's kinda thrilling I guess…

No. 157624

How fucking old are you

No. 157625

stupid shit that only misled, easily manipulated teenage girls would be into bc its the "trendy" thing now.

how can anyone even remotely insinuate that they are having sexual relations with a father figure? must suck to have a bad relationship with your real father i guess

No. 157626

Not unless there were some kind of exchange of money involved.

No. 157627

File: 1438306176061.jpg (9.38 KB, 346x250, 1433881323618.jpg)

No, because pedophilia and incest are fucking disgusting. What the fuck is wrong with you people.

No. 157628

Oh man, I just reread it, and I regretted most of what I typed. Deleted. But yeah, I would have one, but then again, by that fetish/how weird are you thread In a plain out weirdo/creep.

No. 157629

Anyone remember that picture of the DD/lg couple on Tumblr where the guy was really really fucking old and gross looking and the "little" was like an Asian teenager? That's all I think about when I see this kind of shit

No. 157630

you deleted the post so wouldn't get banned. gtfo child.

No. 157631

I dont think a lot of girls are really into it. They just like taking selfies in baby kawaii clothes and getting attention. If it came down to actually having to fuck a father figure….they aint about life

No. 157632

I'm semi in a ddlg relationship right now but I'm not super hardcore about it. I used to be a few years ago, but a lot of little on tumblr take that shit too far and post their fetish shit on everyone else's pictures and it kinda turned me off to it a little bit. Still call my boyfriend daddy tho lol

No. 157633

hiding this thread

No. 157634

File: 1438321331378.jpg (65 KB, 900x900, enraged pepe.jpg)

Not only is that shit disgusting, it's a pretty good front for teenage girls who are only following it to be part of the cool kids club (this shit even snuck its way into pop music ffs) to be taken advantage of by nasty, old neckbearded fucks. Plus, some CSA victims most likely don't appreciate scrolling down seemingly innocous imagery and then suddenly seeing/reading that shit.
You can still like cute, pretty things without wanting to fuck the same person you call your father. This trend needs to stop. It needs to stop. Your kink is nasty, and you should feel bad. Don't be proud of it. You're a fucking creep. You don't see scat fetishists walking around in shirts that read "Free Human Toilet", do you? No, because it's fucking distasteful and even they have the common sense to realize it.
>mfw my dash is full of the word "daddy"
>mfw some of my favorite mutuals are guilty of this shit but I actually like them/their blogs otherwise so I can't even do anything about it
>mfw I see someone put some "Buy me please, daddy?" bullshit under a completely unrelated photo (like a picture of a fucking candy aisle in a supermarket)
>mfw I watch/listen to porn and then suddenly "Oh yeah daddy"/"You like it when daddy does that?"
It just triggers me so much. I'm slowly becoming desensitized, but even the OP picture sickened me a little bit.

No. 157635

No? I've admitted that I regret what I wrote when I read it over….Is that so bad? And even if that comment would have me being banned, why would I want to be banned ffs? Might as well stop it before it happens and be low key with the rest of my comments.
Also, this isn't the only thread I go on, so why would I gtfo for one anon in one thread? And I'm pretty sure I'm not a 'child'.

No. 157636

people here seem to think that people who are into dd/lg relationship roleplay are nymphets, or into dressing up with 'pls daddy' shirts or some tumblr 'sad gurl' shit. no, not really. me and my bf wear normal clothes, act like normal people just in the bedroom/at his house like to rp . its a power dynamic, not about actual fathers or children

No. 157637

U nasty

No. 157638

Probably some slave he bought while in the Philippines

No. 157639

"Anonymous sent: I wish there were a way for me to be your dd. I want to help my lg get ready for school and then give her a kiss on the forehead before sending her off to the bus stop. I want to see the excitement in her eyes when I come home from a long day at work. I want to carry you on my shoulders, so you can see over the crowd. I want to hold you in my arms and keep you as my lg forever and ever. *"

No. 157640

Everyone salty is getting weird. I can fully understand that people who rp are normal still and they do not have some weird child fetish. People like their fucking kinky sex, everyone is so damn vanilla otherwise jeez.

No. 157641

People hate this fetish so much because not only is it disgustingly uncomfortable it's always shoved in your face. I can't look at anything cute on tumblr anymore without this fetish bullshit everywhere and "kawaii" "pastel" tags being filled with porn.

No. 157642

Do you expect every relationship to be pushed in your face? Tumblr is annoying. Period.

Honestly In into ageplay/dd-lg and if I ever find a guy whole likes it also then Ill make sure we'll we take normal pictures and keep everything off the net.
Unless it's specifically a porn blog.
But with Tumblr, you can blacklist the tags, block the user or, put up the nsfw blocker.

No. 157643

Oh sorry, I just reread your posts. Yeah I guess it is sickening when you're looking for seemingly innocent shit like pastels. And then some don't even tag it nsfw.
The only thing you can do is block the other tags they use and see if that helps a bit.
Again, sorry anon, but don't let Tumblr (or any other god forsaken) ruin your image of these people okay? Most of their users have made everything that they touched bad(FA, lolita(he), starseeds, furries, fetishes, gay rights, feminism, act)

No. 157644

You'd be surprised how many people post porn and don't tag it as nsfw.

Since ur into it may I ask why do you enjoy calling someone you fuck daddy? Don't you have a real father?…

No. 157645

How stupid are some people to think that when you say daddy in role play you mean father? I get maybe thinking that the first time but time and time again people tell you otherwise

It has nothing to do with incest. I don't pretend that he is my real father. That's gross af. It's power play. It's like "master" but with a more gentle connotation.

No. 157646

I may have a different reasoning than most, but I specifically have a problem growing up. Everytime my birthday would roll around, I would cry in the morning around the time I was born, and then cry at midnight. The rest of the year would be spent crying silently thinking about dying, because while it was an interesting topic for me, it led me think king about it more that I should have. I despise getting older.
I really don't want to let go being a young girl (not a baby girl, young). My dad and I have(not dead yet) an excellent relationship despite its .
I just think (And know) I won't be able to cope when it happens so I would like someone to fill that void when it does. That person will never be my real parent, but, hey, it's someone I can love.
I don't get off on seeing people in other relationships do it either. I don't sexualize little girls either (and I hope who ever I end up with doesn't either).
I just want a relationship where I can fill a certain void, roleplay, and have sex without it being weird. Nor do I want to do that diaper shit I see some age players do. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
Yeah, I guess I will dress up in cute and youthful clothes. (no, not like wearing suspenders when I'm 50. Or putting bubbles in my hair when I 44.)
That's all I can write about for now though.

No. 157647

Or that,maybe I'm thinking about ageplaying. I'm the anon above.
But then again, I wouldn't deny I want dominance too.

No. 157648

Lol hate to break it to you but daddy is another word for father, dad etc. It's still disgusting and has everything to do with incest. Why dont you just call him master then? I find it hard to believe you can enjoy this fetish and not have daddy issues :c.

No. 157649

it's not incest related at all. if it was incest then he would call me 'daughter' or something related to a father/daughter relationship

same thing with sis/brother. that would be an incest fetish

I don't think my bf looks like a father/old man/is actually my father. I don't like master. I like dominance but I don't like intense things like that (master/slave sounds too intense for me).

and anyways in my culture using the word dad or daddy is to refer to a man you care about/date. So to me it's not incestuous anyways in my daily life.

No. 157650

I would never call my boyfriend/lover/whatever "daddy". Sorry but it just screams hidden issues to me.

No. 157651

Daddy/father/dad is bad.

But I find other incest relationships which are getting popular on tumblr just as bad. Little sister/big brother? Big sis/little bro? Uncle? Grandpa? Urgh.

Ppl are such pedos like lmao y'all should have your genitals sewn shut damn

No. 157652

I had my first boyfriend at 15, and I found a DD/LG blog on tumblr. I wanted to try this out in my own relationship.

I wonder if being exposed to this so young has permanently fucked me up somehow.

No. 157653

i don't mind them, unless someone is actually having a dd/lg relationship with a minor.

If you're over 18 who the hell am i to tell you no?

No. 157654

How is it pedophilia if they're adults? wtf

No. 157655

I do but I don't call him daddy.
I call him oniichan and he calls me imouto.
it's great

No. 157656

It's your fault if your dash is full of dd/lg. Unfollow blogs that talk about them or suck it up. People won't stop enjoying kinks that make them happy because "muh opinion"

No. 157657

Daddy used to mean boyfriend before tho
It's a common misconception that people think they have daddy issues. I could say that sweet lolita is ageplay and think sweet lolitas have daddy issues lol

No. 157658

How is an incest fetish harmful though?
These girls just want to be protected by a big brother lol

No. 157659

did this with my ex. weaboo af but hot

No. 157660

this is what i tried to say here >>157649

No. 157661

dude ur nasty as fuck go away

No. 157662

Except I'm not. I'm talking about role play. And if both little sister and big brother are consent and adults, who gives a shit. as long as the girl dont get pregnant, why would anyone care?
i mean isnt fapping to ponies much worse?

No. 157663

nigga u nasty

No. 157664

>how dare you complain about a widespread, almost universal trend of shitty content on otherwise good blogs that suit your preferred aesthetic
All your followers who aren't into dd/lg think you're a nasty fuck, deal with it

No. 157665

There are just some things that are objectively not acceptable, socially or otherwise, to sexualize, anon.

No. 157666

If the people aren't related, why can't it be acceptable? Other anon is right, if they are both legal and vonsenting, they're happy, not related, not shoving it down anyone's throats (running a blog doesn't count because you have a choice of following them), and no one is forcibly making others like their friends and family to participate even when they are uncomfortable them I don't see the problem.
Of course fucking your sibling is not accepted due to the fact that the offspring may havettroubles, but that's not going to happen unless you live literally in a small secluded place with little to no access from the outside so you literly have no one else to fuck.
Now if you want to say your own opinion that's cool, but to say the role-play will never be accepted is generalized.

No. 157667

You know what is really creepy, creepier than daddy/baby relationships…

Adult babies

No. 157668


dont fucking watch this

No. 157669

>All your followers who aren't into dd/lg think you're a nasty fuck, deal with it
Why would they care about people who dislike what they do? There's no rape nor murder going on, calm down lmao

No. 157670

what the fuck? is this a doll?

No. 157671

File: 1438579569888.jpg (10.5 KB, 225x225, 1559637_801237669932452_602230…)

No. 157672


What people do in their bedrooms is no one elses business. So what if I got a boyfriend a few years older than me tomorrow, then when we fuck I call him daddy and spanks my ass.

Srsly though how is that any of you hoes business? Its just a turn on sorta thing, it's nothing to do with kids or whatever.

piss off

No. 157673



No. 157674

>>157653 because normalising the sexualisation of children/child like behaviour is fucking wrong

No. 157675

>>157672 what people do in their own bedrooms isn't any of my buisnes, you wanna stick metal rods up your knob? Cool. You wanna rub honey on your minge to attract wasps? You do your thing! BUT when you enable a person to act out a fantasy of fucking a kid and they then think "bloody hell, I like this shit" and proceeds to sexually assault a child, then I think it becomes my business…

No. 157676

Good thing that doesn't actually happen.
Look, this fetish is disgusting on every level, but it does not enable pedophilia in any way if it's between two consenting adults.
There are humans who sexualize horses, dress up as them and make "ponyplay" into a thing, but have you seen any new trends of horse rape as a direct result of it? No.

No. 157677

>You wanna rub honey on your minge to attract wasps? You do your thing!
Why do you condone animal abuse?

No. 157678

>>157676 it normalises pedophillia! I'm talking about vulnerable children, and 80% of this bollocks I see on the Internet is young girls 15-19 who are clearly being groomed and brainwashed by grim people a lot older than them who should know better!

No. 157679

Lol what? You mean it's stupid/creepy when 15 years olds are groomed by old men? No shit that's fucked up. Me and my boyfriend don't normalize pedophilia by me calling him daddy in the privacy of our own home.

No. 157680

Also I want to add that a lot of the retards here are confusing AGE PLAY with DOM/SUB play. Age play is when you act like let's say a teenager or childish and usually your counterpart acts as the mature older one. DOM/SUB play CAN involve age play but for a lot of us it doesn't.

No. 157681

you guys need therapy for your daddy issues, not letting some 40 year old walmart cashier spank you and put his 4 inch dick in you lol

No. 157682

File: 1438949665585.png (790.33 KB, 519x762, daddy.PNG)

this is my mental image of all dd/lg relationships and it is 100% accurate except it doesn't include the fat pink-haired girl with BPD who tries to squeeze her rolls into ~kawaii~ clothes from walmart

No. 157683

AGAIN bitch I have sex with people my own age and i'm not attracted to old men. jesus fuck

It's not young/old relationships thats different

No. 157684

also as autistic as this guy this is sort of an aspect of it, the 'caring' nature of the 'dom' one

No. 157685

I don't if I should be laughing or cringing

No. 157686

No. 157687

File: 1438954652342.png (76.13 KB, 300x200, We had to do the pledge in my …)

>I should have never made her eat the doo doo

No. 157688

Ahh ok, so you let a 20 year old Walmart cashier spank you and put his 4 inch dick in you. My bad.

No. 157689

>>157679 calm your tits, at no point do I believe it's wrong to use "daddy" as an affectionate term, I'm very aware it's used as a totally separate word to "father" and at no point am I against dating older guys (big fan of older guys here)! It's the treating a partner like a baby/child, and then using that as a sexual thing that really gets to me

No. 157690

sorry that i was a cunt im just getting tired of people acting like im a child molester/want to fuck children or something

No. 157691

>>157690 that's cool, sorry that you're made to feel like that because it's not the case, it's like saying the term "baby" or "babe" makes you a nonse, which is silly! Just the whole "daddy give me cummies" stuff is what I am against

No. 157692

I still don't get it though, so what if they want to treat their partners like children? Again, if they both consent to it and are of legal age, then why isn't it okay? I mean, yeah there are going to be kids that are into that shit or doing it for attention on the internet, but it doesn't mean that they were 'groomed'. They saw it, they wanted to emulate it. If they out of that stage, great for them! If they still like it after reaching adult age, then that's fine.
Pedophilia and insert word for a person who gets off on young teens is disgusting, and both of those are NOT Dd/LG relationships.

No. 157693

omg slut shamersssss



No. 157694

DD/LG are not inherently wrong when done by consenting adults who are aware of what they are doing.

But then you have this shit rampant on tumblr. Younger girls who are starting to get sexually active see this and think its normal and necessary to call your boyfriend daddy and want to be submissive, wear a collar, and be spanked and slapped.

it doesn't help that this is tied into
"kawaii" culture and you have shops like ShopJeen and OMweekend selling clothes with "yes, daddy?" or "i love my daddy ;)" written on it.

basically, call your boyfriend daddy, be in a bdsm relationship, but don't be so open about it and keep it to yourself.

No. 157695

I noticed for the preteen and teen crowd "daddy " is another word for hot. Creepy, right?

No. 157696

i agree and aside from the child exploitation angle, it also seems to attract broken people. there's nothing objectively wrong with adults getting off on this shit, but it seems like everyone involved is always a maladjusted faggot with huge mental issues. its like furries or bronies or polyamory.

No. 157697


do you mean "zaddy"? If you do that's just a term for a hot older man. Not hot in general.

No. 157698

I want this to be a meme.

No. 157699

no. it's daddy.

No. 157700

no thnx i dont have daddy issues

No. 157701

nope go on Instagram and youll see daddy is a term for any hot guy

No. 157702

this is not a new tween thing buddy
This stems from other cultures as well as gay culture too
Daddys in the gay community are notoriously older hotter men. As a black girl I watched my older relatives call their boyfriends and spouses Daddy, it was normal and it wasn't in an incest way more of in a "you are/could be the father of my children" way.
I don't have a father so maybe it does boil down to having daddy issues but if I see a hot older guy I often use the term daddy, because he's not a boy he's a grown ass man who is capable of making babies.

So no, the "daddy' shit isn't new.
On the flip side when it comes to the fetish part of it, I am slightly interested in ageplay but not in a sexual sense but in a way to relax and destress. I've heard of people who just like eating their favorite childhood foods, watching cartoons and coloring and that appeals to me because with the fast paced job that I have it'd be nice to be free of adult responsibilities. But the idea of having a daddy/mommy/older sibling dynamic in that type of thing squicks me since I was sexually abused by an older relative as a kid.

No. 157703

I am into the fun play kind of stuff. not sexually, but it's so soothing/makes me feel safe and loved. Did not have a good childhood and having my "older" taking care of me, rubbing my belly, playing legos with me or coloring etc makes me feel special and cared for. It's really relaxing and a safe way to de-stress

No. 157704

That sounds weird tho.

No. 157705

maybe. but its relaxing/comforting to me. In no way is it related to me wanting to be an actual child, I'm an adult with regular adult responsibilities but I like playing childish games

I can see why people would think it's weird tho

No. 157706


tell me what you do anon

im writing a daddy kink AU and i need ur help

No. 157707

I call my bf daddy but I'm mostly just into ageplay and light normie bdsm. TruBDSM people would probably think of us as posers but we don't really interact with the community at large and just do our own thing in private.

No. 157708

that's like saying people with rape fantasies go rape others. you're stupid.
those are just harmless fantasies. calm down lmao

No. 157709

if it turns them on then i dont see whats wrong?? as long as they dont harm any children, who cares lol

No. 157710

When I was 13 I had a daddy/baby relationship with a 16 guy.
we had sex when i was 15 (he was 18).
it was fun. then again i have tons of issues and mental illnesses so idk
i just wanted someone to take care of me.
i guess its because (im sorry for being ott) i was abused as a child so yeah. it was very wrong

No. 157711


No. 157712

Y'all need yeesus

No. 157713

I have two dads, so that shit would be waaaaaay too weird for me

No. 157714

I'm rarely one to say "go back to tumblr" but…

No. 157715

Dude i call my dom oniichan too.
It's weaboo as hell but it's pretty hot indeed and it makes me feel comfortable more than "master"

No. 157716

Fuck off, faggot. I've probably been here way longer than you have.

No. 157717

I agree.
who gets this mad when he can just unfollow those blogs?

No. 157718

Half the blogs that fit that aesthetic also include that "daddy" bullshit, and unfollowing mutuals (especially if you followed them first without realizing they were one of "those" blogs) always feels like a dick move.

No. 157719

Never seen it but I'd like to. Link?

No. 157720

I think subconsciously most guys are into big brother/little sister fantasy even if they say they're not because instinctively the big brother wants to protect his sister, but there's a lot of overlap between that feel and protecting your gf

No. 157721

you can feel protective over someone without wanting to be related

No. 157722

File: 1440698617326.jpg (73.68 KB, 600x598, 8888888888888.JPG)

who buys this shit

No. 157723

No. 157724

The girls who do the uwu daddy submissive baby doll princess thing remind me of the gross/awkward guys who always go on about how they love to eat pussy. They know they're undesirable for every other reason, so they try to get attention by endlessly going on about all the sex acts they're willing to do

No. 157725

a few guys tried to force me into this kida relatinship, and it made me feel sick. i'm shocked how widespread its become and have decided to lay off dating for a while.

No. 157726

lol ok pedo.

No. 157727

i would have one, but i think the most of these relationships are just for fuckfriends right?
i want one where my daddy is my boyfriend tbh

it's not pedophilia

wearing that type of clothes it's suppose to be only with your partner not on the streets lol
yeah, and master is anothe form to call a teachor of professor, so when you say someone to be you fuck master, you want to fuck with your kindergarden teacher then?
your point is stupid

i prefer people being called sister/brother daughter/daddy than real pedophiles who make real damage to the children

yep, for these guys being in a dd/lg relationship mean you're a pedophile and if you fap to ponies you're a zoophilic lol

i see it creepy too, but if they like it, and isn't hurting anybody, well, good for them
it's cringe me but, well, is what they like

> i dont want a dd/lg because i know fucking childs is something i'm going to like and i'm going to rape some childs because i'm a stupid who can't diferenciate between role-play and real life

that's what i read

you know what normalise pedophilia? guys who date and have relasionship with REAL underage
people who role-play dd/lg , most of them, think it's disgusting to have that kind of relasionship with a kid

yeah, the same effects with that book " 50 shades of gray" but everybody seems ok with that right?
also, most of the people with blogs like that put on their page that it's NSFW, so, it's not the guilt of the people in dd/lg

No. 157728


I am in a DD/LG long term relationship. When I say DD/LG I do not mean we role play 24/7 but only in the bed room. We also do occasional kitten play and 'normal' sex.

I wear mostly like cute lingerie,pigtails, pony tails,collars, etc (during sexual encounters).

most DD/LG adults ONLY role play/wear RP clothes IN THE BED ROOM. I've never seen ANYONE IRL wearing such style of clothes, only seen it on tumblr.

Also I think 50 Shades of Gray was a horrible book where some super abusive guy latches onto some shy girl who cant stand up for herself. I would be more worried about that book than about my fetish (not to you anon just in general responses)

No. 157729

Lol this is the OP

I came back to this thread since I almost forgot about it and lord what have I created…

oh well kek

No. 179374

welp, this seems relevant again(necromancy)

No. 179375

Dd lg idiots all misread Lolita or just followed retards who misread it and now think their gross preteen fetish is trendy/edgy/cute.

Justify it all you like, it's all about making little girls seem sexy and slutty. You're getting off on the idea of a thirteen year old girl getting molested whilst being called princess.

It's as bad as furries and needs to be nuked. Keep your nasty child sex slave fantasies in the dark shameful hole where they belong.

No. 179443

i don't know why it's sexy having your boyfriend/girlfriend dress and act like a child. obviously it's not pedophilia but i feel it's morally wrong in some aspects.

i call my boyfriend daddy but we don't do ddlg. neither of us thinks that's arousing but we do have a dominant/submissive sexual relationship.

No. 179446

Contradiction after contradiction

No. 179483

Where can I obtain cute pink daipies for a 5'0 normal weight adult?

No. 179485

google lol

No. 179491

It's harder to Google for weeby products and I assumed someone might have a specific rec. But I have done searches already so there's that.

No. 179534

Try awwsocute

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