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File: 1438214351506.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.82 KB, 200x150, olgafront6wksafter.jpg)

No. 157429

I thought we could have a thread about breasts~

Taking care of them, bras,"is-this-normal"-questions, etc

No. 157430

How does dieting/loosing weight affect your breasts ? I would like to loose 60lbs (30 kg) and I'm afraid they gonna sag (my breast size is USA 38 D - GER 85 D, so they are quite big)

No. 157431

I used to really want big tits when I was in highschool and all the sprouters were sprouting.
Now I actually prefer smaller breasts

No. 157432

File: 1438218968980.jpg (94.94 KB, 580x580, 1428363196690.jpg)

I think it depends on how your body stores fat. Some girls will still have relatively large breasts, some girls stay flat even when they're big. Pic related.

No. 157433

yoyo dieting is generally pretty bad. i think with decent genetics, you can get away with it once or twice, but if you keep gaining and losing weight, especially quickly, they are more likely to sag faster, even if they are small. your age and also your skin are big factors. i've been going between 90lbs and 120lbs for the past 6 years, and my breasts are still about the same in perkiness. they definitely shrink/go up almost an entire cupsize between 30lbs.

No. 157434

Alright farmers, what's your favorite kind of breast?

I'm kinda partial to small boobs, but that might just be because I'm envious. It'd be so nice not to wear a bra in public.

Makes them smaller obviously, but they'll probably sag some too. Best thing to do is do some exercises that work on the pectoral region like push-up to lessen the sagging.

No. 157435

also forgot to add that i really want implants. does anyone here have implants? how's bench pressing with them? i keep hearing you either can't do direct chest work anymore or it has zero effect.

i like round C's. or what would you say the mfc Miss Alice 94's breasts are?

No. 157436

I'm kind of bummed over my breasts

the shape is really nice, my nipples point straight/kinda upwards and they are very perky. Don't need to wear a bra but if i'm jumping/running/moving a lot a bra helps bc otherwise it hurts a bit.

Current weight: 100 lbs (really petite, 5'3) and cup size 30A/28A

When I reach around 105 pounds+ (by eating really unhealthy, a bunch of junk etc) My breasts become A LOT bigger. not like huge but noticeable bigger/fuller shape. I consider this weight number like my 'boob threshold' because before this weight all my fat goes mostly to my butt/upper thighs.

It just sucks to have such small boobs sometimes. I'm happy with them by myself but i'm insecure over guys thinking I look like a child (petite, flat chested, big butt though) or not being attractive enough.

Got my nips pierced and it has helped my boob confidence a bit. Also just started on YAZ to help with my acne so hopefully I will see some boob growth. I just want a tiny bit bigger, like a B cup.

No. 157437

Youre lucky your weight goes to your breasts first,
mine just goes straight to the belly/thigh area and it fucking sucks

No. 157438

I'm sure if I started to weight 110 ish it would go to my stomach but I've never been there. My mom is like 120?130 ish and she has a belly.

it only goes to my breasts after 100 pounds ish, before then it is mostly ass. I look weird naked hah…with clothes I look more normal

No. 157439

Anyone know what it means when a sports bra rides up in the front and the straps are too big? I can't decide if I need a bigger or smaller one. :/

I like pretty big ones (like D or bigger), but I'm happy with my Cs.

No. 157440

Well think of it this way, you know those before and after shots of people who've lost massive amounts of weight and have saggy skin on their arms, thighs and belly? You can imagine how boobs would be affected being that they're predominantly fat. They may not start pointing to the ground but they'll be muuuch less fuller if you lose weight fast, don't work out while you lose weight, etc.

No. 157441

I really hate my tits, they're way too big for my small frame it looks ridiculous. Im seriously considering breast reduction surgery someday.

No. 157442

I'm in a love hate relationship with my boobs. I've recently grown into a 32C which I'm super happy about but I can't wear big t-shirts without feeling a bit uncomfortable. On the plus side of my slow growing tits they're still perky and round.

No. 157443

I love my small titties

No. 157444

You sound like my mate complaining about her "massive cans"

No. 157445

I have an actual flat chest and I both love and hate it.
I have a broad torso/ shoulders so the lack of boobs contributes to me looking more like a guy (thank god i have a nice waist, though)
but at the same time…i like them…i like how cute they look and i like how i dont have to wear bras all the time

on the side note i hate how people keep telling me to get fake boobs,
just fuck off

No. 157446

I'm a 34C really but one of my breasts has gotten bigger so I have to buy a bigger size 36C for just so the other is happy…

I really want to get a reduction on it and a slight lift. Other than that I'm fine with my tits, I wouldn't want any smaller or bigger.

I think just a handful is enough for me :)

At the end of the day they're only bottles to feed babies, tits are tits.

No. 157447

I don't understand though how people with smaller breasts keep saying "we're lucky we can lie on our fronts and it don't hurt!"

I have 36C boobs and I can lie on my front without it hurting? It actually doesn't even hurt tho

Are you guys referring to the E/F/G/H types?

I'm not tit shaming but I don't know why some women want big big tits. It must be like carting a sack of potatoes around with you daily.

No. 157448


Japanese, unsurprising there

No. 157449


What kind of workouts would you recommend for the breast area ? I have 38 D so I think my breast muscle is much higher than my actual breasts and I feel like breast muscle trainig only helps lifting your breasts when they are smaller.

No. 157450

I'm really insecure about my breasts , they are pretty big but I have big areolas and I wish my nipples would be a bit higher ?

No. 157451


Jesus christ, it's NORMAL.

Why does everyone on this website expect every body/tit and clit to look perfect? I've noticed that on here. Bodies happen, big tits happen, fat happens, big areolas happen. It's normal.

No. 157452


But……wat if yo man finds it unnatractive

No. 157453

I would never refer to my boobs as cans

No. 157454

look like a 30DD or bigger even. i remember her talking about it but i can't remember exactly what size they are. they are definitely implants though because they are so high profile, i dont believe they are her natural breasts because of the profile.

No. 157455

If it makes you feel better, studies show that about 1/35 guys want to fuck children, so you dont have to worry about guys not liking you!

No. 157456

No. 157457

I have a flat chest and I never had a problem with bfs. Hell, one even loved small boob-ed girls

No. 157458

He a bitch.

No. 157459


It's all about the pussy, tits dont really matter when he's pounding inside of you by this point tbh

No. 157460


Then he needs to get educated

No. 157461

I have smallish boobs,34b, that are normally perky when I'm standing or sitting, but when I lie down they kinda… flatten out? Like, slide towards my armpits. What makes it look weird is that my nipple stay facing upwards/forwards so I look like I have a weirdly flat chest and wide set nipples. Is that normal or are my boobs just rebellious?

No. 157462

All but one of the guys I've been with has said he likes my boobs.

I always found it hard to believe considering they're saggy, but each (except the one) has literally said "they're perfect that way".

Problem is the first guy I was with was the one who laughed once after reaching under my shirt and asked if they reason I freaked out about it and shoved his hand away was because they were saggy. I instantly figured he had just felt how they drooped once he moved my bra and wanted to see my reaction.

I was 15 and was mortified because by the time I was 14 they began to sag. My chest grew at an incredibly fast rate when I was 13 and I didn't gain much weight any place else. I then got fat, lost the weight a year later and all of a sudden had sagging breasts.

Anyway his reaction kinda made me more self conscious than ever and I wish he'd had been as accepting as the other guys.

No. 157463

this is normal

No. 157464

I know that feeling over a reaction changing your point of view about yourself. its lame but its true

my pussy is mostly "inny" looking but has a tiny piece that sticks out (right above the hole part). when i was younger i remember some guy telling me he only liked totally innie girls and that any 'outie' was disgusting/roast beef. i've felt super self conscious since

No. 157465

im a complete outie and yet i found myself a husband that loves my vag

chill and stop being interested in shallow guys

No. 157466

i'm guessing you've seen too many fake porn titties

No. 157467

I'm a 30ff. One is a fair bit bigger and they're both fairly saggy. Used to bother me a lot and I'm still not that confident over them. Especially when I see girls on here having a go at people like Megan for having less than perfect boobs (tbh I prefer hers). Though I'm now realizing that usually to guys tits are tits. so who the fuck cares. certainly not me. The guy I was seeing (and the first guy to see me naked) loved them.
yeah boobs are all different and therefore awesome. wasted too long letting my insecurities hold me back.

No. 157468

If a guy complains about your vagina, point out his flaws in return. Men are even more insecure than women. Tell him every man you've been with is bigger than him, that his dick is too veiny, it looks like a mushroom, ect. Tell him he's absolutely disappointing, since penises look disgusting anyway.
If he's willing to complain, just mock him in return.
Results guaranteed.

No. 157469

this x100000000

No. 157470

How long do you wear a bra before washing it? Im pretty lazy so Ill normally wear one for like 1-2 weeks, depending on the stank.

I had one i wore for like 3 months backpacking, RIP

No. 157471

Same as you, depends on how it smells.

No. 157472

I almost never wash my bra, I put them randomly in the wash machine…
They are never dirty, I sweat very little and I have no tits, so yeah… I'm a dirty pig.

No. 157473

I love C and Ds. I have A ( almost flat chest) but big boobs are amazing

No. 157474

File: 1438482958155.jpg (35.4 KB, 387x700, ddd281a0979b44c45e7bb5d962752e…)

I want big tits because they're feminine and the hourglass figure is the best body.
Also, I have very small boobs but a big butt so my body looks like weird. I just love how big boobs look in general and they look amazing with vintage clothing.
Having small boobs is great but it sucks I can only fit kawaii/loli fashion. i want to look sexy, not kawaii

No. 157475

What if you're an outie and your labia is much bigger? I just want labiaplasty. One side hangs and it's much bigger than the other and it irritates me (it always rubs between my panties)

No. 157476

Most guys aren't going to give a fuck. They might say they prefer an innie but they aren't gonna say shit when their dick is in you.

Only guys who suck anyway are going to talk shit about your puss.

No. 157477

>hourglass figure is the best body
no it's not. that's your opinion.

No. 157478

File: 1438492746270.jpg (43.39 KB, 537x435, serveimage.jpg)

IA, it fucking irks me when I see those 'body type charts' and one of them the 'best', so all the others should hide theirs so they can make themselves look more like the 'best' one.

Everyone likes different things, I find pear shapes adorable and I love my banana/ruler shape because it makes me actually look good in some really weird designer shit.

Hourglasses only look good if you're doing porn imo.

No. 157479

I'm a weird hourglass / pear. And Ibadore the banana shape I allow y ou yo rock everything ans anything.

i'm trying to l'Oise weight so i clan ne a small hourglass I think ils very cute. Big hourglass are a bit too much for me… They only look good in pin up.

No. 157480

this reminds me of those pictures that some anons keep posting saying "omg i want her body! perfect!" like i've seen one of these giant hip girls in the tumblr thread for no reason and in the diet thread where the poster lost their shit because another anon preferred a different body type. why do they want to look like tera lolis?

No. 157481

Because they like it?
I mean it's fine to like anything you like but saying x is the BEST is probably gonna rub a lot of farmers the wrong way

No. 157482

Irl it would look disgusting

No. 157483

I never said anything was the best you dumb cunt
Why are giant hip chans so insecure? So quick to see shit that isn't there and feel attacked. Stfu.

No. 157484


My friend used to be skinny/hourglass but she was bulimic so she wasn't really healthy. She looked amazing but I'm sure she could have been like that from just proper diet and exercise. She's slowly been gaining weight back but it's all in her ass and she is very pear shaped. She still looks damn good. She kind of does have an Elin body now that I think about it. If she gains anymore weight though it will look horrible.

No. 157485

So you're saying you want to want look like an elin? Lmao go ahead

No. 157486

If she looks like an Elin irl she looks fucking stupid. Help the bitch out. Games and real life aren't the same.

No. 157487

I said body..?

No. 157488

I know what you said dumb dumb. Doesn't change anything.

No. 157489

I don't see whats wrong with having big hips?

No. 157490

File: 1438500364749.jpg (75.46 KB, 640x480, tumblr_mu4cushaNa1rpc65zo1_128…)

I don't see anything wrong with a pear shape

No. 157491

I'm a double D but my bras don't get dirty either, except for the ones I wear at home.

My "fancy" bras I only wear to go out and exchange them regularly depending on what I'm wearing, so I'll repeat a bra maybe once every 2 weeks?

The ones I wear at home (2 lol) get washed once a month, but strangely they don't smell.

No. 157492

>I never said anything was the best you dumb cunt
>I want big tits because they're feminine and the hourglass figure is the best body.
lmao nice backpedaling

No. 157493

You sure do sound mad for someone who's 'confident'

No. 157494

It only looks good on people with smaller waists.

No. 157495

Aka people who aren't fat? No shit.

No. 157496

I find pear-shape bodys kinda ugly,it looks so disformed and weird .in my opinion the hourglass shape is A++

No. 157497


If she's got a flat belly and nice figure/size then pears look good. Hourglass is nice but tbh not every woman IS an hourglass.

You should be bashing apples. Having some fat on the ass is nicer than lugging it all on the top, what with fucking lunch lady arms, big tits and an overflowing gut.


No. 157498


Christ, here we go. A ton of bitchy bitches bashing women and their bodies. I know this ain't tumblr and I cannot stand the usual "omg feminism!!!" bs but this is what makes me dislike women, strongly.

Half of you guys probably have shit bodies anyway.

No. 157499


I'm happy with my body, I have some hip but it's always the ones with NO hip that attack when they see hips or some curve (NOT FATTIES FATTIES DO NOT COUNT BECAUSE THEY ARE NO CURVY)

but you see my point

its like that model who got posted on the diet thread, got bashed to fuck but yet it was totally FINE when the thin singer or w/e got posted.

Face it guys, the more evened out the figure/curvier the more it gets shits on by lithe women who just love to declare how they're the best because they're thin.

Ugh take it fucking else where

No. 157500


I like to think mine looks like little flower petals tbh idk its small… omg guys does it even matter?

when you're getting fucked, i doubt it matters

No. 157501

I'm pretty happy with my pear shaped body. I used to wish my boobs were bigger but im glad i don't have to wear a bra all the time. It also helps that I'm into the looking cute thing, and if i want to sex it up, i just use push up bras.


No. 157502

I think hourglass figure is the best.
Why do people get so offended? holy shit

No. 157503

I'm >>157474
and i'm not >>157483 you dumbass.
Some people think one specific body is the best, get over it.

No. 157504

There's nothing wrong with having big hips, anon.
People here are sensitive as fuck and if you don't praise their body types (aka small hips) they go apeshit.
If someone likes big or small boobs/hips/butts/waists good for them.

No. 157505

Pear body shapes are so cute.
small boobs + big butt = hnnng

No. 157506

amen anon-san

No. 157507

They're super cute. I like boobs but dat ass.

I personally prefer bodies with more volume around the hips so hour glass and pear whatever.I have a natural hour glass figure but im going to try waist training to make it stand out more.

No. 157508

>you don't praise their body types (aka small hips) they go apeshit.
It's actually the opposite. So far the only people triggered were the ones thinking people were bashing on big hips. Try again.

No. 157509

yeahhh…..i don't like it.

No. 157510

All these pear girls getting triggered lmao

No. 157511

File: 1438575566385.png (340.92 KB, 500x375, squidward.png)

No. 157512

i laughed…

No. 157513

Nice samefag. Keep thinking it's pearchans that get offended lol

No. 157514

File: 1438578172190.jpg (19.96 KB, 296x290, 11698624_954103267965743_56714…)

Look at the flat ass girls triggered in this thread because it's the only thread that don't praise them so they end up making fun of them. I'm just waiting for them to call everyone a fatty (because not having stick-thin legs, flat chest and flat ass means ur fat)

No. 157515

File: 1438579045761.jpg (70.03 KB, 577x1024, mpaJ52w.jpg)

No. 157516

File: 1438579293383.jpg (71.09 KB, 480x720, 4c5bdc43956a1a25adc14f29bf7f06…)

Keep showing your insecurity anon, it's hilarious.

No. 157517

File: 1438579491469.jpg (3.01 KB, 125x125, 1351366986129s.jpg)

>All these pear girls getting triggered lmao
>tfw it's only girls with no big booty that mock them, not the opposite.

No. 157518

File: 1438579977506.gif (706.29 KB, 500x212, tumblr_mvv1qtdBSj1sgl0ajo1_500…)

You are offended though. If you didn't care you wouldn't feel the burning need to defend your fellow fast food thighs.

No. 157519

keep showing yours

No. 157520

So many anons screaming samefag. Like rly.

Wasn't this thread about boobs. If so my nipples are weird. They have the extra bumps in random spots on my areola. They dont look bad but I hate them. I read that they just make you more sensitive?

No. 157521

>not realizing how insecure you look trying so hard to defend your beloved body type

No. 157522

dats normal fam

No. 157523

>flat ass girls triggered in this thread because it's the only thread that don't praise them

….t-this is a boob thread anon.

No. 157524

File: 1438586204570.jpg (350.45 KB, 900x900, 7cb69de88cf8d12240f8e400cc4027…)

>not realizing how insecure you look to bash one body type to praise yours
if you were proud to have a prepubescent butt you wouldnt need to bash big butts.
>thinking thick thighs are because of fast food

No. 157525

That's normal anon. It means you're fertile
Every girl have those bumps on their nipples

No. 157526

I like having small tits and ass. They're perfect wanker repellents and I never get cat-called.

No. 157527

nice lie flat anon. Girls with big butts always get cat-called

No. 157528

But I don't have a big butt?
>small tits AND ass

No. 157529

File: 1438588231308.jpg (17.15 KB, 236x326, 85a0ca5e66966967a7ae59e5fac72b…)

I'm sorry anon, i'm not a native speaker.
You're lucky to never get cat-called though.

No. 157530

My boobs are very pointy, is this normal?

No. 157531

can we talk about breast shape?
How can i get 360 round boobs? how is that even possible?

No. 157532

File: 1438589775707.png (Spoiler Image, 152.81 KB, 665x249, Plastic_Surgery_and_Itchy_Brea…)

No. 157533

Has anyone else got hair around their areolas, or is it just because im a freakin yeti?

No. 157534



ita just dif for everyone. Only recently j noticed all the small hairs on my boobs.

No. 157535

Is having big areolae normal?
I'm so self conscious about it but I'm not sure if it's healthy.

No. 157536

It's perfectly healthy, it just looks ugly

No. 157537


so's ur attitude by the sounds of it

No. 157538

File: 1438624384654.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.88 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n43b1mcJUc1soqjquo1_500…)


Big areola are cute as fuck, I love them, and puffy nipples.

No. 157539

Those look like mine.
Is it also normal that they got significantly smaller after puberty?

No. 157540

i love bodies like this, idc how homely it looks. its just so natural and youthful looking if she has soft skin w/o any blemishes or stretch marks. like greek statues almost

No. 157541


If the breast tissues filled out after puberty then it would make sense that the nipples would appear smaller by contrast.

Congrats on the cute nipples Anon.

No. 157542


I have hairs too. quite a bit tbh, sucks bc i have dark af hair

I just pluck/shave them nbd

No. 157543

Those look totally normal and good lol. Personally I think penny sized nipples look really weird unless you have tiny boobs.

No. 157544

>prepubescent butt
Ur butthurt. Just stop idiot.

No. 157545

Your probably just ugly tbh.

No. 157546


No. 157547


Yes, everyone gets them.

I get like 4-5 thick, brown ones on each tit but I just pluck them whenever they start coming in.

No. 157548

this. I find it really satisfying to pluck them. Also my "snail trail" ah hairy life..

No. 157549

>this thread

is …. Normal.

Yes. Your bodies are normal and fucking fabulous. Basically

No. 157550


>I find it really satisfying to pluck them

I actually get excited to check my breasts for when they start coming in so I can pluck them.

There's something really therapeutic about the sensation of plucking hairs, like that sudden, tense pain before the release which is like an exhale. I love plucking stray eyebrow hairs.

Sometimes when I get really stressed out I sit down and pluck out all of my armpit hairs with tweezers…

No. 157551


but i pick my hair when im stressed :c I dont mind it as long as its my undearms or vag hair but sometimes I want to pull my head hair too (it "tingles" until i pull it out) but i dont let myself.

No. 157552


No. 157553

well I have trichotillomania haha

No. 157554


I actually am a bit sadist though lol, sometimes I really enjoy pain. It's relaxing.

No. 157555

You call someone butthurt yet you care enough to reply to it? someone got triggered

No. 157556

Is there a way to make your aerola looks smaller.
has anyone ever put concealer to make them look smaller (im serious)?

No. 157557


That's it.

No. 157558

Yes, but it's hard to do. Contouring also helps.

No. 157559

ugh I started getting way more boob pain a couple months ago, my breasts have always been pretty lumpy but now they are lumpier and sorex2. I was freaked out at first but since it's both of them I figured it's probably cysts or something, runs in the family. I feel like I'm becoming and old lady.

No. 157560

god dammit

No. 157561

Even if it does run in the family did you see a doctor? I'm worried for you anon :c

No. 157562

eh not yet, I got health insurance recently so I probably should. it's definitely pms related though so I'm not in a rush.
my mom also gets boob pain from coffee so I feel like I just inherited all the stupid problems.

No. 157563

ok, I hope all goes well for you ~

No. 157564

i have this same thing i think. the doctor that grabbed all over my boobs said it's fibrosis something idk i forgot.

No. 157565

File: 1438889448117.jpg (38.19 KB, 492x500, 12648146.jpg)

Tiny little A cup titties here, I've made peace with having them. I have to stay skinny or else I look like I'm pregnant/have a beer gut. They didn't grow at all when I put on weight, either.
Bras are hard to find since I don't have any cleavage. I'm using one of these cheap things right now.

No. 157566

Where did you get this from, anon? I have an AA cup and I'm giving up on bras, so im hoping to find something like you have in the pic

No. 157567

File: 1438890170694.jpg (26.45 KB, 340x465, Capture.JPG)

tiny AA cup here I wear these http://store.americanapparel.net/cotton-spandex-jersey-cross-back-bra_8319 and they are the SHIT. they seriously actually hold my tits up (no cleavage but they actually make my boobs look bigger/fits well on my tiny ass chest) on sale they go for like 11-14 bucks which isn't bad. I picked up 2 the other day for 20 bucks.

No. 157568

anon, check this bra i posted here >>157567 Im an AA cup as well and had almost given up on bras until I found this one. Actually fits, and SUPPORTS my tiny ass tits…which i thought was impossible since they are so small haha

No. 157569

No. 157570

I bought it at some discount retail store for $5. It's cheaply made, but I really like the feel of it. If you buy one make sure to get the right band size or else it could rip.

No. 157571

theres tons of bras for A cups though

No. 157572

For everyone complaining about big areola, if you're a skinnyfat, that's incredibly common because of how weight is gained! Lifting weights can help greatly. They also can help make your breasts perkier without dropping cup size.
I've been working on it and it's great.

No. 157573

im bigger than skinnyfat, but even when i was skinny i still had big areola. it was worse back then because my tits were smaller and 65% nipple. lifting weights will not magically make your nipples smaller.

No. 157574

They probably think nipples are suppose to be small and Erect like a porn star 24/7.

No. 157575

I have "round" boobs but they are still tear shaped. If you're talking about round like half a ball stuck in your chest, only with implants. It's not natural for boobs to have that shape.

No. 157576

Idk if this is the best place to ask, but does anyone know of any exercises or any sort of way other than surgery that can help flatten your chest? I'm a 28F and I'd like to at least get down to a C or D.

No. 157577


Tell me more anon ,can you post a video of weight lift exercises for your boobs ?

No. 157578

File: 1439230370155.jpeg (7.06 KB, 203x200, polls__43052201_bra203_3210_21…)

There are a decent amount of bras for A cups, yeah, but it can be hard to find one where my boobs actually fill in the cups. A lot of bras don't really support my boobs and there's a lot of empty space in the cups when I try them on. I have the best luck with >>157567 and ones without underwire.

No. 157579

>>157566 here
I've been doing breast massages and I can definitely say they help my breasts to feel fuller. Right after the massage I can tell my breasts look ''bigger'' but I've been only doing them for a few days so we will see if it will stay like that in a long run

Also Im getting maca roots tablets apparently it helps with breasts/butt growth

No. 157580

>there's a lot of empty space in the cups when I try them on
Classic sign of a too-big bra band.

No. 157581

that looks… incredibly fake

No. 157582

File: 1439277716770.png (270.74 KB, 370x442, hurrdurr.png)

Really? That's surprising to me. Perhaps I'll try smaller band sizes next time I need a new bra. Thanks anon.

No. 157583

yup it is. I ALWAYS had a gap like that until I went from a 32 a to 28B/c

No. 157584

For lack of a better place to ask, here's my question.

A lot of bra sizing websites say that if your band is rising up you need a smaller band, but mine is already as tight as I can stand comfortable and even gives me those awful pudge lines. Is there anything I can do to help the rising up issue without downsizing?

No. 157585

I don't know too much about bras but different brands fit differently, it could be the shape or how it fits your boobs so maybe try on different kinds? Personally I haaaatte being squeezed so I just wear bralettes but I would maybe look around.

No. 157586

ok, i need some advice
i have small breasts, i've tried to use regular bras but they just are so annoying so i just use those tops like, sporting bras(?)
the problem is that they tend to be looser than the normal bra
i've been thinking of buying bikini's and use them like bras
it's that okay?
can i have some recommendation of what kind of bras should i wear if i can't stand hard bras
i hope my english is easy to understand

i have this type of body
and when i was younger i hate my butt hips, because they're big, but then i started to like them , but i want to lose some more weight so it would look better

omg thanks jeezuz i've always thinking that i have some kind of problem in my nipples or cancer idk , it's nice to know thay you're nipples are normal

you serious?
guys who cat-call dont really care if you have small tits
i have small tits and look like a child, they even dont care if you're not showing some skin, they just do it because "they can"

i have them too, but they are not too noticeable

thanks you anon for that link

i think i have big areolao and i lol'd

i feel the same
i can't even pluck my eyebrowns without feeling all the pain
is there any form to have nice eyebrowns without plucking them ? apart from the little razor

ok, i think i found the answer to my question

then every brand it's too big brand

No. 157587

>have one small breast that is perky
>other breast is noticeably larger (there's a shadow underneath it unlike my other breast) and the nipple faces more downward

I remember confronting my mother about this as a young teenager and she told me it fixes itself. I'm in my mid twenties and it's only gotten worse. I feel like a freak. Is there any way to even fix this aside from surgery?

No. 157588

If the band is rising you probably do need a smaller band. Ideally the band should be quite snug, to prevent rising, and hooked on the outermost hook, so when the elastic stretches out with use you can start moving to the inner hooks. If you're seriously worried about downsizing try sister sizes in a smaller band size. like from a 36D → 34DD. Adjust the shoulder straps to suit you, and if you really are in doubt, get a proper fitting. You may be feeling that the band is too tight even with rising if you're wearing the wrong size bra.

No. 157589

I like having my AA tits. No guy tries to look at my chest because they already have an impression. Not that it matters since I wear loose clothing. My butt on the other hand, is shaped and toned due to the exercises i do. I hate the catcalls and "nice ass, baby!" comments.

No. 157590

Can I ask about my vagina too? Or should I make a different thread

No. 157591

Vaginas will derail boobs. Pls make new thread.

No. 157592

I'm 16 and I have very small breasts and they are also very perky. Is there a chance that my breasts will grow a little bit more? They look stupid af

No. 157593

I've grown a cup size over the last year (B to C) and my boobs are suddenly sagging. They're dense and heavy, like fucking bricks. One of my friends is a big titty bitch and hers are still feather light and bouncy. Mine don't move much. I get some deep, bruisy-feeling boob pain but I always assumed it was something to do with my period as it comes and goes.

Is this common among boob owners or should I run screaming to a doctor?

No. 157594

does anyone with bigger breasts have any experience with using breast life tape?

I'm a d-cup, and a little scared that my tits will look wieird

No. 157595

yes, mine grew when I was 20-21
wish they hadn't grown, but that's another story

No. 157596

I've got incredibly puffy nipples when they're not erect. They look like pink ping pong balls that were cut in half and placed on my breasts. What the fuck is wrong with me?

No. 157597

File: 1447355781587.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.64 KB, 1024x576, CLDykaYUAAIxKXx.jpg)


Puffy nipples are literally, LITERALLY the best types of nipples.

I'm jello. Seriously.

No. 157598

Maybe if you've got nice and full breasts. I've got big puffies on small boobs, it's horrendous. If I had the money I'd get it operated on.

No. 157599

Going to second that puffies are super cute.
I think it's normal honestly when your breasts are growing, but it's worth mentioning to your doctor.

No. 157600

You're not alone. They look "normal" when erect so eh, whatever.

No. 157601

I actually have related advice for anyone who has it and might be considering the "easy way"


Seriously. My chest hair wasn't that bad but I was all "Ew! Ew! I'm a sasquatch!" and shaved.

Now it's wirey as fuck and likes to get ingrown. I only hope that if I keep dealing with it, it will go away at some point. Much regret, farmers.

No. 157602

start watching movies from the 70s and you'll see your nipples are perfectly normal. now all you see is normed boobs and nipples. makes me sick

No. 157603

just don't wear one

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