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No. 156480

What is your guys opinions of the whole 'sad baby doll nymphet' trend going on?

No. 156481

I like it, it's pretty. Probably the least ugly thing to come out of internet trends ever.

No. 156482

I agree.

No. 156483

I think it's pretty but I think too many girls on tumblr try reacting one of the virgin suicides sisters most of the time…

No. 156484

Aesthetically, it's not bad. Everyone is annoying as fuck though. Whiny attention whores with low self esteem.

No. 156485

i like when things that are reminiscent of my desired aesthetic become trendy because i can find clothes easily and cheaply.

No. 156486

you have to be skinny…

No. 156487

no shit? why would anyone want gross fat people into a nice aesthetic

No. 156488

it overlaps a lot with the ddlg community. and in that way it kind of bothers me to see a lot of young girls getting into ddlg bdsm relationships for the aesthetic and not really knowing how to be safe in that kind of thing.

No. 156489

That's my feelins on it too. Pretty asthetic, but there's so much of –I'm daddy's little princess~~ and not a whole lot of talk on how to be safe.I followed a girl who was in a bdsm relationship and always posted super kawaii desu lolita pictures of her and her daddy. … and then all of a sudden she started freaking out that he wanted to have really kinky sex (suspension, clothespins, pinwheels) and started basically screaming BUT IM A PRINCESS all over tumblr and a lot of kinksters started getting massively buttmad at her. This idea that bdsm is all spankings and dressup and lawlita makes me so upset. So many vulnerable young girls who can be easily preyed on by bad or asshole tops because they want to be a fucking princess.

No. 156490

exactly. i wish that element of the trend would just kindly float away. they really just don't know what they're getting into, but there are definitely a lot of men who see all these pretty young girls getting into ddlg and are taking advantage of that despite not really knowing what a dom or daddy dom really is.

i mean, you go to even just the caregiver/little side of tumblr and there's a huge difference in [actual] daddy doms vs the sad nymphets daddy doms. in fact the popularization of bdsm in avenues such as knock-off ddlg and 50 shades shit has really gotten me feeling sad for a lot of naive "subs."

No. 156491

This is more of a gripe than anything (esp. when compared to the very real risk of young girls appropriating dd/lg shit without actually knowing what it entails and subsequently getting taken advantage of by shady tumblr doms), but as someone who's really fucking grossed out by the word "daddy" being used in a sexual way, I really wish dd/lg wasn't so closely linked to this aesthetic.
All the other ageplay-ish elements I can deal with, but once "daddy" comes in I'm out. I really wish there was a way to filter it out but it's so deeply ingrained that it seems impossible to avoid seeing it at least twice a day on my dash or blogs I follow. I'm slowly becoming desensitized, but that doesn't mean I like it either.
I hate that the word is actually becoming part of pop culture, too. I want to listen to a fucking pop song without hearing Beyonce or Nicki refer to the guy they're fucking as "daddy". Jfc.

No. 156492

'daddy' being used to reffer to non fathers hasnt just been coming into pop culture recently
i'm hispanic and 'daddy' is very commonly used to describe husbands/boyfriends and isn't overtly sexual in tone when it's used. it's almost an 'endearing' kind of term

No. 156493

YES! this is a huge problem, and these doms can be quite abusive-im not into ddlg but have had doms try to force me into it. sick.

No. 156494

"Papi" is different from "daddy", anon.

No. 156495

daddy has always been common, my grandma calls my grand pop daddy, it is endearing. I think its more common in poc communities/culture esp black. nicki and bey haven't just started calling their men "daddy" coz of some twitter/tumblr Lana del rey lookin hoes

No. 156496

uhh no. it's not different at all actually. papi literally means 'daddy'

No. 156497

The words mean the same thing, but socially they're not simply because they're literally two different words.

No. 156498

that means absolutely nothing. you can't translate a word and expect the connotation from a totally different culture to translate perfectly. you're talking about two different cultures. regardless of the translation, you're talking about what's arbitrarily acceptable in one society, and expecting it to be the same in another. that's not how things work.

No. 156499

I was lucky enough to be in a relationship with a guy where our DD/lg naturally evolved, but we had been healthy and open for over a year before it came about that I was a sub and he was a top. It naturally progressed, and he takes care of me emotionally. When we act out a scene, it's always followed by tenderness and deep, sweet love that I've never found before.

I really hope that this whole "DD/lg for aesthetic" doesn't give birth to a new wave of feminism that's very anti kink. I've seen a bit of it here and there, but it's come from an older wave of womyn who see any form of kink as rape and abuse. I can easily see all the young 20-somethings/barely legal "baby girls" having a bad relationship or two with a top who is really just an abusive asshole all of a sudden believing that ALL bdsm relationships are abuse and rape.

scares me, quite honestly.

No. 156500

I have seen countless posts on tumblr about how ddlg is harmful for actual little girls who were molested by their dads because it normalizes their pain (or whatever), or how if a little girl who is being molested by their father and they search google for help they would get just ddlg porn, so it's hurting actual children.

but it's just simply not. you would have to google something dangerously close to daddy dom little girl to get anything kinky.

No. 156501

Could a regular guy use this trend to get girls if they're not into hard sm?

No. 156502

are you asking for yourself?
if so, please don't be a creepy manipulative asshole. don't use a trend to get a girl to do something she might not otherwise be into.

there are plenty of girls who are already into sm.

No. 156503

read up on these type of relationships or go to some sort of sex class (They're usually available through bondage shops and such) before you fuck anything up.

Im really worried that SM is forever going to be fucking ruined by n00bs who want to get spankies and be tied up becuz 50 Shades of Grey or guys that have no idea what they're doing and just want to be dominant without learning how to.

No. 156504

I'm actually really relived to find so many people on here seem to think the same way I do about this trend. I was trying to explain how I felt about this to my BFF, and her argument was that I need to give the girls more credit for being capable of making choices on who they have these relationships with, and I was trying to explain to her that a lot of the time they're being manipulated or just parroting what they think they should be doing. I get a peace of mind knowing I'm not being irrational reading through this thread. I personally love the aesthetic but agree that it really is damaging in it's connotations to the dd/lg 'scene'. Both for said scene, and the young girls naively swept up into it.

No. 156505


Well yeah, you're 'slut shaming' and 'girls have body rules so fu' -__- thats ALL their excuses nowadays

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