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No. 156225

Lolita general since 4chan is shit and full of cancerous newfaggotry, 8chan /cgl/ has been dead as a doornail for months, and people in /pt/ were whining yet couldn't be assed to make a thread on their own.

No. 156226

Let's talk about print vs non print dresses. I feel like some prints are really cute, but others make the whole coordinate look costumey.

No. 156227

Thank you based OP, I needed this thread.

Okay, so I'm an oldfag lolita (started when I was 19), I've got a lot of the classic very sought after AP and BtSSB/AatP prints in my closet from years ago when I used to wear lolita almost every day but I'm 27 this year and thinking of starting a family and kinda growing up and shit.

I love my dresses, they're all beautiful and I've tried to keep them all in nice condition, but I don't wear them. I think I'm too old at this point and they've been hanging in my closet for ages just looking sad.

I think I should sell them on to girls who will wear and love them but I don't know where to start. EGL_Sales seems a little dead now. And part of me thinks 'well they're MY dresses' and I get all sad about it and think maybe someday I could wear them again, but they are all a little too sweet perhaps (though luckily I always bought my prints in black). Ughh I'm conflicted. Help me?

No. 156228

I think you should try to wear some of them at least once more, decide if you are going to actually wear it at one point. If you have an attachment, I know people do take pictures to keep the memory and then sell the dress.

For places, most people now go onto lacemarket. There is also fb sales groups which are able to reach a lot of lolitas since fb is the new thng. Lolita sales in english is a well known one but not the only, I know there is brand specific groups as well.

No. 156229

File: 1427418256909.jpg (259.62 KB, 600x800, 2233.jpg)

No. 156230

First head to toe coord I've seen in a while that I really love.

No. 156231

From this day forth, I propose that all lolitas make a vow to stop posting on tumblr. You can still use it, just don't post, reblog, or follow anything lolita related. Tumblr rapes subcultures and cums without protection, infesting them with darkness and evil.

If you have a cute coord, post it where people will appreciate it. Not to fucking tumblr, don't do it nigga.

We often complain about tumblr in lolita, but don't do anything to stop it. Well, the first step is to not expose them to lolita. Reblog some other shit fashion that tumblr will love, like kawaii ghetto or cyber punk.

I mean it. I prefer WEEBS to all the fucking tumblr infesting lolita. At least weebs kind of get it, tumblr kids are just the worst type of normalfag hipsters to ever infest anything, and we're letting them right on in and showing off our clothes to them.

No. 156232

I agree 100%

No. 156233

File: 1428215759178.jpg (80.45 KB, 661x960, tumblr_nhz6beYTb51tooiq0o1_128…)

Man anyone can keep rocking lolita no matter the age(My personal fav. lolita that is an older lady). I think if you're torn on it keep a few of your favorite pieces, and then sell the rest.

Also the best thing to sell loliat on is LaceMarket.

No. 156234

Who is she?

No. 156235


this bitch is kawaii as fuck

No. 156236

Found the picture being reblogged on tumblr. I'm sure you could reverse image search it.

No. 156237

Anyone else go to Anime Matsuri? I felt very fortunate to get to meet so many famous lolitas/fashion icons.

No. 156238

damn she is rocking it

No. 156239

Bunch of girls from my comm went.
They seemed to have had a blast.

No. 156240

It was really fun. A lot of people were pissy because lines, things starting late, etc–but that just comes with the territory of a big con.

Misako and Midori acknowledged my existence and it was amazing hahaha.

No. 156241


Secrets are bretty funny this week.

No. 156242

That bid on the cats tea party. 1k jfc I love the print but I wouldnt pay 1k for a singular item.

No. 156243

I'm a noob. Why did it go up that high? Rare print?

No. 156244

Very. It's one of the crown jewel prints for sweet lolita, like Iron Gate is the apex print for gothic lolita.

Some chick recently spent $1.8k on a Misty Sky set which made me laugh really hard. It's a cute print, but no way in fuck is it worth that much.

No. 156245

Dang. I wonder how much money lolita dress makers make. It reminds me of how Sailor Moon toys become obscenely expensive.

No. 156246

I don't get how lolita trends like this happen where one print becomes super popular and everyone wants it. It's obviously more about the status than the dress.
I like CTP, too, but there are other prints just as nice.

No. 156247

Well, you know the average retail prices for the big brands but in the cases of these coveted prints, it's really the scalpers who are making the money. Recently, Dream Marine sold out super quick and scalpers went ham with it before AP decided to do a made to order release. Same with Celestial. I think it pisses the designers off–and tightly so. It's such a small niche market that they can sell too, versus a high end brand like Burberry or Chanel.

Totally agree. I wonder if half the people who own these prints/pine after them even actually love them that much or if they just want them as a status symbol.

No. 156248

You know, if people would post on 8chan's /cgl/, it wouldn't be so dead. I made some to try and liven it, but it seems like I'm the only one. :(

No. 156249

I forgot about 8chan, oops… Tbh I went back to half chan solely for the board speed and traffic. Made some lolita friends. I should branch out, though.

No. 156250

I wont go to 8chan cause of all the pedo boards.

No. 156251


I used to like it back when /b/ had a rule about only having one pedo board, but now they regularly have multiple ones and post that shit all over the place.

It makes browsing really depressing and not fun. I think a lot of people feel like this because users have been fleeing rapidly elsewhere and even coming back to cuckchan recently

No. 156252

/pol/ and /leftypol/ are pretty good, and so is the gaming board. The slowness lends itself to those kinds of topics in my opinion

No. 156253


They has a lolita board

No. 156254

The pedo boards have literally no effect on you if you don't visit them. Did you also stop going to /cgl/ because cp was posted on /b/? What happens on other boards doesn't affect you and globals remove cp as soon as possible. The people on those boards also don't bother with any other boards because they know they aren't welcome.

No shit, retard. 8chan /cgl/ was up for claims about two weeks ago and it had been dead since near creation. If gulls weren't so retarded about wanting an already established board, you'd have one. Bitches just want something without having to do any work.

Eh, I prefer the smaller boards. It's a good thing that /fem/ died and Swami can't get his shitty IPs back up because HW said he'd be looking at a glass ceiling if he tried anymore. /girltalk/ is nice and 8chan /cgl/ just needs a little tlc. There is also parody boards and /beauty/.

No. 156255

You're a fucking retard who's easily manipulated by association fallacies.

You're a faggot afraid of putting in the effort to pioneer a community.

Sincerely, someone who founded their own community in 8chan with just a bit of work.

No. 156256


You know, if you posted in 8chans /cgl/ it'd probably gain traffic.

This shit doesn't happen over night, people actually have to post in the board so it doesn't die.

No. 156257

I meant pedo threads not boards blah

on /b/ it used to be just 1, but now they have multiple ones, and they make new ones every 2 days or something, so I have to keep hiding them

not to mention that they post this shit in unrelated threads like 'post hot chicks' or 'you laugh you lose' or anything really is an ecuse for them to post pedo shit

hotwheels should've gone down on them hard. Everyone said that if you give them a finger they'll take the whole hand and they were right. The place is rife with pedo shit now

No. 156258


what the hell does that have to do with posting on /cgl/? Come up with a better excuse or shut the fuck up.

No. 156259

wow chill

No. 156260

They have a point.
Every major board moved from shitchan over to the big ocho except for /cgl/. It's like the user base doesn't even want to try. All I have seen since last year is moaning about how the site is so slow, but it wouldn't be slow if people actually posted and helped to encourage a move. We know that there are still ways to get around it on shitchan and if you get banned who cares? That place is full of Tumblrinas, preteens, Buzzfeed crowd, and all topped off by having mods who are hipsters that hate you. It's like being upset that you dropped a shitty mcdonald's burger when you could be having steak.

No. 156261

Also, I've been posting since October and not once have I come across cp. Those faggots moved to masterchan for the most part.

No. 156262

Same. I made the move in September and honestly haven't seen CP on the boards I visit. The only time CP was ever posted was when that whole gooblygate shit was going on, and Laurelai was posting it to screencap and spread shit that "8chan was full of pedos".

Using that as an excuse to not visit the site is pretty lousy, as if 4chan never had that shit before. All I hear is "4chan is a safe space, so I will stay there" and that you fit right in with the Tumblr/tween crowd that has took over.

First of all, when shit like that is posted on 8chan, it's reported, and Hotwheels deletes it. You're not going to run across that crap unless you are actively looking for it and/or posting it. People act like they're going to go to the site and have their hard-drive infested with CP and that they will go to jail. Besides, like you stated, most of them moved to masterchan many months back and only shit I ever see is the pedo-talk threads that are posted on /b/ (which, as much as I am against all that shit, it does not break any laws for Hotwheels to ban the talk). Don't visit it or just hide it.

It should not take away the experience from the site as a whole, which is a thousand times better than 4chan. If /cgl/ would make the move and have an active mod, it would do really well. They would maybe even get new members that refuse to use 4chan but would like to visit the board with a lot of active people that don't give up because no new posts have been made within a day or two. Stick with it and keep encouraging people to move.

No. 156263

I think the people complaining about CP on 8chan are referring to the "borderline" boards like /hebe/. I think that stuff is gross as fuck but it's not enough to make me stop using the site, because I understand Hotwheels' commitment to freedom of speech and only removing illegal content. As long as they're isolated to their own boards and don't shit up any others, it doesn't really affect me.

No. 156264

They act like that shit also didn't exist back on 4chan. Boards always had random pedos coming in and whining about their tfw no underage gf from time to time. /cgl/ had it. /a/ had it. /co/ had it. Even /r9k/ had miserable fuckers and on each board those people were told to fucking leave. I'm starting to feel like the people who whine about this shit are overly sensitive newfags considering all of us accepted it as the norm long ago and learned to report and ignore.

/cgl/ really hasn't been any better in all of this. They pissed and moaned that 8chan was too slow yet did nothing to change that, but instead ran back to 4chan where they know that the site has been overtaken by shitbags and the mods hate them enough to go as far as let trips ruin the place because of that Facebook group bias. Seagulls expected a community to just be established for them on the new site, yet everyone else from the respective big boards did the work to make theirs happen along with the owners of smaller boards. I knew the community was shit at times, but that really showed me how little these cunts really care about anything but themselves.

Shit don't happen overnight. Bitches need to work.

No. 156265

>All I hear is "4chan is a safe space, so I will stay there"
Which is funny cuz how just looking at the 4chan tag on KYM would send every carpet fiber-kin's headmate into a tizzy.

And if anything, fullchan is definitely safer because it hasn't even had its first murderer yet.

No. 156266

>>mods hate them enough to go as far as let trips ruin the place because of that Facebook group bias.
What? Did a trip become janitor?

No. 156267

I have seen it every single time I've gone on 8chin.

I only stick to 4chin because of the AA threads other than that 4chan is a waste.

Serious question though when do you guys think 4chan will close down same thing with 8chan?

No. 156268

No. The shit where sieg had been allowed to shit up the place and never gets banned yet anyone who replies to him gets all of their posts deleted and banned for "off topic content".

No. 156269

I'm honestly curious about what boards you go on where you're seeing cp every single day considering some of us have been there since last fall and haven't seen any. Just because some douchebag troll posts it somewhere doesn't mean that everyone on the board wants it there. You wait until a global removes it.

People have really convenient excuses.

No. 156270

lol seriously are you going out looking for it? i go on fullchin cgl, svidya, int, beauty, cow, and girltalk and ive never seen any.


>going to /b/ and not expecting cp


hide the thread and get over it, newfag

No. 156271

/girltalk/ honestly sucks as far as alternatives to the now (thankfully) dead /fem/ goes. It's pretty much girl /b/. They never have any serious discussions. It's just spam and them trying to act like simple minded 12 year old girls in an anime. I wouldn't be surprised if the board was inhabited by preteens. And, /tradfem/ was a whole other disaster yet it seems that their owner is still trying to white knight the board after being b00lied away for being a stupid faggot.

No. 156272

No. 156273

The post is gone, but there's this

Maybe the new board won't suck as much but it looks like the old owner was p much confirmed for being a dramafagging attention whore.

No. 156274

File: 1434413274941.png (116.96 KB, 1530x848, QJF346N.png)

8chan /cgl/ could have more traffic than 4chan /cgl/. 4chan traffic is already down by a lot.

No. 156275

Just curious, has anyone else quit /cgl/ completely? Do you regret it? I'm seriously considering doing it, not to sound butthurt but I really do feel like an influx of people from facebook/tumblr whatever have turned it to shit (in addition to the "no singling out rule" which the janitors apply to literally everything they don't understand. I got banned once for making a lolita comm general and they cited that rule as a reason)

No. 156276

I quit it the day the admins started cracking down on gossip, that was the lifeblood of /cgl/ and they killed it

Nowadays it feels facebookish tumbrish as you've said, it's really not worth visiting anymore : <

No. 156277

Not completely, I only visit for the hair threads, convention story/general cgl horror story thread, and the gyaru/nanchette threads if they pop up.
I also lurk to see pretty pictures of cosplayer but that's it. Other than that, imo, it's pretty boring now.

No. 156278

File: 1441697612739.jpg (143.58 KB, 540x810, 1426903121899.jpg)

I used to like mintxmints coords but after that frill fest stunt, I can't stand to look at her face anymore. That was so damn embarrassing

No. 156279

The problem with this is that then the only Lolita on Tumblr will be ita shit and Tumblrina attentionwhores, which means more newbies having no idea what they're doing. Whether we like it or not, Tumblr is a huge thing and will continue to be for a while, especially with J-fashion and other weeaboo shit. Lolita is way too popular on there to go back now. Also, despite what anti-Tumblr people like to think, avoiding cancer on that site really isn't that hard, it's much easier than with Chan's, honestly.

No. 156280

Details? First I've heard of this.

No. 156281

Drama aside can someone tell me why batty isn't very likable
like, I really want to like her but I can't

No. 156282

She's boring and unattractive.

No. 156283

File: 1442486892469.gif (7.75 KB, 119x115, 87686585.gif)

Well I wouldn't say she's unattractive,
boring and a little self absorbed maybe but she's not ugly

No. 156284

Can we pick this up again? Idk how many lolitas are on here but it would be nice to have a general thread here instead of relying on the chanz.

No. 156285

Hey anon, I think you should go post in the oldschool thread on /cgl/. Maybe take some pictures of your wardrobe or key pieces and see if anyone is interested. Otherwise, Lacemarket is a great place to get some money.

No. 156286

I think you're worrying too much and trying to police something you have no power over. I kind of went through freaking out about weebs on tumblr too, but they don't do as much damage as you think.

Here's a fun story to explain:
>Knows of an otherkin aspie greasy-haired asian girl
>thought she was a god and also an angel (?)
>has about 6 twitter accounts and growing for her "alts"
>also sleeping with some six foot trans girl who is poly and likes every fetish on the internet
>went through a brief "kawaii" phase and reblogged some Angelic Pretty
>Remembers freaking out and telling people she absolutely CANNOT taint lolita with existing within it
>thank god for the big price tag
>turned out she barely even knew what AP was
>didn't have any money for it, much less how to order any of it
>later resorted to a thrift store and made a "kawaii fairy kei trans boy set"
>It was as bad as it sounds
>all of lolita was spared from her and the heavens broke out in a choir of angels

That is why most people on social media and tumblr especially are only onlookers. They watch social issues go by, they watch big tumblr girls post and reblog, and honestly, they're not really apart of anything. They're just sad little people that wish they could be kawaii fashionista or a social justice champion when they have zero power to do so.

I say just leave the tumblr lolita girls who are there alone. The only people I take issue with is not weebs and aspies, but fetishists that lurk there.

No. 156287

Idk if it's active enough here, but I would love to get some discussions going. Anyone want to say how they got into lolita or what they love about it? Have any irl experiences with efamous lolitas or special snowflakes? Any stories about getting your dream dress, getting a super amazing deal, or moments that made you really happy?

No. 156288

God, you sound like a whiny cunt from tumblr yourself.
>m-muh special subculture that no one is allowed to touch!!! ;_; Pls don't reblog without permission!!!

>Tumblr rapes subcultures and cums without protection, infesting them with darkness and evil.

Sure. You know what rapes Lolita? The death of egl on lj, the drama, shitty stuff like the John Leigh drama, e-fame hungry people and the people who give them attention, a missing platform/international forum and so on. Tumblr didn't do anything except maybe provide a new blogging platform.

>If you have a cute coord, post it where people will appreciate it. Not to fucking tumblr, don't do it nigga.

Haha oh wow. So, where to post if? CoF, the biggest hugbox "no concrit pls!!1"?. Daily Lolita is dead. Self post on cgl is not appreciated and most people would rather not post to cgl, no matter if on halfchan or 8chan. Many people are too lazy to keep up with a blog on another platform, especially since it might be hard to get followers/readers there.

>We often complain about tumblr in lolita, but don't do anything to stop it. Well, the first step is to not expose them to lolita. Reblog some other shit fashion that tumblr will love, like kawaii ghetto or cyber punk.

How about not giving them any attention? Even if your completly unrealistic plan would work, tumblr people will still find out about Lolita. It's not something super unpopular and completly unknown, especially to weebs. They will still do this, even if the whole Lolita Fashion would vanish from tumblr. There will always be people doing stuff you like wrong. Get over it.

You know what we need? We need a new platform, we need to give less attention to e-fame chans, and less people who cry about Lolita being there secret special club table that no one is allowed to sit at. The community changes. The platforms changed. Get your salt somewehere else or do something productive about it.

No. 156289

if you really are considering selling, let us know here, Im always interested in finding more oldschool. Do remember that 27 really isn't that old. also consider getting rid of the things you don't lke as much but keeping one or two items that you love or have a lot of sentimental value

No. 156290

I got into lolita because of 4chan, basically. In like 2009 I was a miserable hermit 19 year old and my only friends were on the internet and someone introduced me to /b/, from there I found /co/, which lead me to /cgl/. Originally I was interested in being a cosplayer (lol), but the lolita threads drew me in, and my bank account has never been the same.

No. 156291

Unrelated but if you're a lolita who likes to read comic books can we be friends?

No. 156292

Sure we can! Full disclosure, I am more of a casual reader of comics and I was interested in /co/ more for animation and cartoons bc I'm really into that.

No. 156293

Bumping this to the front because I'm tired of seeing that shitty "lolita is ageplay/stupid/ugly" thread on the front page every day

Anyone doing a wardrobe post this year? Do you guys think wardrobe posts will bring any life to LJ or is it too late?

No. 156294

does anyone else have problems with buying cheap secondhand pieces they don't actually want? i feel self conscious about having been interested in lolita for a while yet not having much of a wardrobe, so i guess i try to make up for it by buying all these cheap brand pieces, but then i end up regretting it

No. 156295

I photographed my whole wardrobe only to realize EGL didn't accept my join request…

No. 156296

I think that's most people when they get into ANY hobby.

No. 156297

Yes and it's so bad. I am so embarrassed by a couple of my pieces and wish I had just saved up to have more new releases

No. 156298


I got into it when I was pretty young, somewhere between ~10/12. A friend sent me a picture of Mana and some Malice Mizer music and I was hooked from there.

Growing up I only ever had a peripheral interest in it and didn't really follow it too closely.

Last year I found out Brolita was 'a thing' and my interest has been renewed, my first OP is on order and should be here soon.

No. 156299

Friendly reminder that anti-social justice warriors are just as annoying as the big baddie of right now.

Moot was a dumb ass but he was right about a few things.
>inb4 this isn't 4chan faggot

No. 156300

File: 1455775090365.jpg (595.88 KB, 1280x1070, cats tea party omg.jpg)

Not me, man. I fucking love this print so much. Dolly cat is nothing. There is no other cat print I love as much…

No. 156301

Back in the day I went to various chan sites and some of them DEFINITELY had child porn on them and loli porn and other illegal things and it wouldn't surprise me if 8chan had stuff like that floating around.
It's bad enough browsing /gif/ on 4chan and having shit like Monroe posted.

No. 156302

Nigga, are you for real?
Do you not live in the states or something? You know what happens when you get shit like that on your computer? You fucking go to jail dude.

No. 156303

File: 1461183329300.jpg (61.85 KB, 864x1152, 10873347_427605240720930_22960…)

What happened to Opaline Rose?? Everyone is being so hush hush about it, but, I just want to know what happened for closure. I looked up to her a lot.

No. 156304

woah, this is the first time i've heard of this. deets? I loved her coordinates, is she in trouble?

No. 156305

She died and no one knows how.

No. 156306

She died, and no one will say how. Something to do with the family not making it public?

No. 156307

oh fuck it's katzixx all over again
that's heartbreaking, she was so lovely.

that's kind of suspicious. even katzixx was eventually outed as some kind of liver complication, I think? I hope it wasn't anything traumatic.

No. 156308

Yeah, I'm really wondering if it was suicide or something terrible since they're doing their best to keep it from social media. She was lovely, so I hope not.

No. 156309

I can definitely understand why they'd want to keep it on the dl if that was the case. I'd feel awful for the family in that situation. I don't want to pry, but at the same time, I wish I had some answers. Maybe we'll find out more once there's an obituary or something. Do you know how long ago this happened, or is the news just now being released?

No. 156310

Happened March 24th, but I've yet to see an obituary. She is French though, so I'm not sure how to even look for it.

No. 156311

No. 156312

File: 1461206169479.png (196.56 KB, 984x860, Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.3…)

No. She really did die. You can check her facebook. It's already been turned into a memorial account and a family member notified friends via the account right after she died.

No. 156313


Oh dear, that's so sad.
I can understand the curiosity, however if the family want to keep it a private matter people should respect that.

No. 156314

Does anyone have tips on how I could reach people with my blog without looking like a e-fame whore? I just started it but besides me and my friends, no one knows about it so…

No. 156315

Look into SEO

No. 156316

Can anyone post a picture of Housewife-chan from /cgl/? She keeps shitting up lolita general and thinking she's hot shit. I think she deserves a thread here in /snow/ if there's enough on her.

No. 156317

I don't think people know who she is yet. She's pissing me off, /cgl/ has always been a shitty place but after her stint it's become more salty and attack-happy than usual. Threads used to have genuine conversation with a bit of shitposting but lately it's been 90% bitter bitches defending their fatness/replica-chans or shitting on metamorphose with the maybe 10% of actual content being told to go away. It's a fucking mess.

No. 156318


I think this image was originally from CoF. If I remember correctly she was some lolitas mother they decided to dress up. Like I think her mother admired the fashion so she let her borrow some clothes?
Shes really cute and I absolutely ADORE seeing older women into the fashion.

No. 156319


holy shit I just realized those posts were like 1 year old. Sorry anons haha

No. 156320


Whats the deal about housewife-chan? Ive heard the name before but I stopped lurking /cgl/ for awhile since I needed to take a break from that place.

No. 156321


I guess become active with the online community but if you want to not appear attention whore-y do it in a not annoying way. If you get popular enough you will always have some people dislike you though.

Think of Princess Peachie as an example of a good e-famous lolita. There are people who dislike her or even if you personally dislike her style. She handles a lot of things very graciously and doesnt get caught up in drama.
I don't follow Lor as closely but I feel the same way about her. When the LACE fiasco came up and someone messaged her, she handled it very well and didn't really pick sides.

No. 156322

File: 1462168358045.jpg (190.47 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nyxz4nxRBn1s071muo1_500…)

I'm going to dump some inspo from my fold.
I mostly save sweet stuff. Some may have been saved because I think they are 10/10 perfect, some may have been saved because I liked one aspect or the idea was neat.

No. 156323

File: 1462168616514.jpg (116.86 KB, 360x480, 2114.jpg)

No. 156324

File: 1462168647999.jpg (106.82 KB, 420x560, 3298188_CIMG3489_副本.jpg)

No. 156325

File: 1462168790816.jpg (137.18 KB, 791x700, 3269298_IMG_5180.jpg)

No. 156326

File: 1462168916333.jpg (196.66 KB, 533x800, 3815813_107491_original.jpg)

No. 156327

File: 1462168948691.jpg (83.11 KB, 364x560, 3942965_Photo_2014-08-06_18_54…)

No. 156328

File: 1462168987509.jpg (89.98 KB, 420x560, 3991991_CIMG0982_meitu_4.jpg)

No. 156329

File: 1462169028540.jpg (76.94 KB, 420x560, 3393524_CIMG4187_副本.jpg)

No. 156330

File: 1462169100270.jpg (63.62 KB, 420x560, 4154119_CIMG0007_meitu_1.jpg)

No. 156331

File: 1462169159702.jpg (182.24 KB, 902x700, 4220650_IMG_0288-003.jpg)

No. 156332

File: 1462169222737.jpg (145.16 KB, 960x851, 4339933_DDH.jpg)

No. 156333

File: 1462169248140.jpg (329.42 KB, 960x837, 4339949_Country.jpg)

No. 156334

File: 1462169330132.jpg (301.75 KB, 831x623, 4457115_lookbook.jpg)

No. 156335

File: 1462169350554.jpg (95.48 KB, 640x960, 10616237_615667058555714_45973…)

No. 156336

File: 1462169530562.jpg (57.88 KB, 466x960, 11009953_940218849324419_19338…)

No. 156337

File: 1462169547199.jpg (110.3 KB, 850x1280, 11267761_10207059648836668_895…)

No. 156338

File: 1462169583697.jpg (108.73 KB, 480x640, 1350343033541.jpg)

No. 156339

File: 1462169605029.jpg (593.95 KB, 1024x1024, 1409490084854.jpg)

No. 156340

File: 1462169666391.jpg (99.29 KB, 500x573, 1414827348011.jpg)

No. 156341

File: 1462169695289.jpg (184.01 KB, 500x750, 1422802124605.jpg)

No. 156342

File: 1462169725222.png (600.86 KB, 719x646, 1423596972970.png)

No. 156343

File: 1462169751741.jpg (64.08 KB, 360x480, 1426571402594.jpg)

No. 156344

File: 1462169786823.jpg (766.02 KB, 968x1448, 1430290007145.jpg)

No. 156345

File: 1462169812840.jpg (184.8 KB, 680x671, 1434036349258.jpg)

No. 156346

File: 1462169829281.jpg (148.45 KB, 855x704, 1434089788336.jpg)

No. 156347

File: 1462169923694.jpg (753.97 KB, 801x1200, tumblr_n6pt7rwmdL1r9n816o2_128…)

No. 156348

File: 1462169947208.jpg (561.34 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_nmnjiyGv9b1tp0v2ao1_128…)

No. 156349

different anon but what's SEO?

No. 156350

Different anon but given the context I think they mean "Search Engine Optimization." Watch some Youtube videos, it explains how if you plant certain keywords onto your websites it can generate more search traffic, thus optimizing.

Methinks suicide or maybe a really silly accident. Usually when people pass from lengthy illness or accidents that weren't their fault, the families usually say something to the effect of the cause.

Families tend to keep quiet about the ways a loved one died if it was suicide or can bring questions or shame. Tragic, but really cryptic indeed.

No. 156351

Wa only works for asians tbh. White girls who do it look autistic.

No. 156352

How do you guys feel about Bodyline dresses? I've been interested in lolita for a long time, but obviously money is an issue. Also there is absolutely no community where I live, so I would feel guilty about investing a ton of money into clothing I won't wear on a regular basis. Should I start out with Bodyline dresses or save up for a good brand dress?

No. 156353

File: 1464328593940.jpg (293.84 KB, 1600x1192, 001.JPG)


It depends on the piece tbh. Some bodyline dresses aren't bad, especially their solid dresses as long as they dont have gross lace. Some of their prints are OK too, but you have to really coord them well. I might have a few BL inspos saved so I can dump. I have pic related and its quite nice. (i got it as a cheap dress to wear for a halloween coord, since I only wear sweet and have no black dresses).

The MAIN problem with Bodyline nowadays is how much they've increased their prices, a lot of it isn't really worth it anymore. I wouldn't buy a dress from them unless it was less than $50. However I will say I really love their shoes. The ones I have are comfy and way more sturdy then any taobao ones I've gotten. They dont often re-stock so its kind of a piss of tho.

No. 156354

File: 1464328728851.jpg (119.89 KB, 960x960, 10441138_10153282907464144_559…)

No. 156355

File: 1464328806126.jpg (118.13 KB, 736x729, 1421185988038.jpg)

>this one is iffy to me. Has some good points, has some bad

No. 156356

File: 1464328836714.png (463.67 KB, 800x1000, 1425519797994.png)

No. 156357

File: 1464328853776.jpg (78.85 KB, 540x540, 1427779807900.jpg)

No. 156358

File: 1464328871796.jpg (218.28 KB, 540x675, 1427779945801.jpg)

No. 156359

File: 1464328885844.jpg (112.21 KB, 500x623, 1427782546643.jpg)

No. 156360

File: 1464328899803.jpg (104.65 KB, 500x750, 1427801390648.jpg)

No. 156361

File: 1464328991575.jpg (299.1 KB, 870x900, 1438223419961.jpg)

No. 156362

File: 1464329070871.jpg (519.33 KB, 2000x1500, 1462771475002.jpg)

No. 156363

Annnd I'll post some decent dresses from their website because I'm bored.
Also I wouldnt recommend their blouses, they are weirdly stiff and scratchy. I dont buy brand blouses but all my blouses come from taobao. 10/10 would recommend.


>this ones cute except for the weird cheap chest hair lace. I would consider wearing a bolero/cardigan over top. Or altering the dress perhaps with nice lace



also check for reviews for a specific dress by googling "bodyline l385 review" but change the number to whatever dress it is's number. Also look around and see others outfits for inspo.

No. 156364

this is from Bodyline and I think it's super cute ♥

No. 156365

Thank you for responding! It's really helpful to get feedback from someone who has been in the lolita community for awhile. Anyway, do you know of Bonne Chance Collections? If so, would those be considered Lolita dresses? Obviously most of them are JSKs but I've heard mixed things- some lolitas say they're fine, some say they're too short to be considered lolita since they go a little above the knee

No. 469263

anypne know new 144chan or 150chan link(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 520053

File: 1583110568117.png (134.93 KB, 457x321, 6A626E66-28BA-425D-8F86-BC271E…)


No. 566957

File: 1591560297881.jpg (606.13 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_7943.JPG)

No. 568889

No. 598803

What the actual fuck is this shit. Fucking die

No. 598807

Kill yourselves

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