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File: 1679028227861.png (530.18 KB, 1400x696, 1668566872495.png)

No. 1525720

Horror and bliss beyond belief,
the future held in the sanic motif
screeching to the heavens, be he brief
the numbers reveal either relief or greif

No. 1525743

is he the one for me?

No. 1525795

Will he accept my invitation?

No. 1525941

sanic I asked this before but I didnt understand "For all of eternity" I am truly sorry
Will he ask me to the dance?

No. 1525943

will they be happy

No. 1525945

Will today be good at least

No. 1525947

How about great then?

No. 1525955

Will he love me?

No. 1525958

Sanic I am going to kill mysefl!!!!!!!

No. 1525967

sanic will I see her again?

No. 1525981

Would he at least be my friend?

No. 1526053

Does he have a new girlfriend?

No. 1526068

Sanic will my sickness pass soon?

No. 1526072

File: 1679075895949.jpg (68.3 KB, 1023x682, depositphotos_70676597-stock-p…)

No. 1526139

So yes?

No. 1526167

Are they irritated with me?

No. 1526192

Will I have fun tonight

No. 1526274

File: 1679091636285.jpeg (62.96 KB, 891x505, 1670562073048 copy.jpeg)

sanic should i get my life together and clean up today?

No. 1526276

Will it get better?

No. 1526278

will i ever have sex with a woman

No. 1526280

fuck you sanic

No. 1526313

should i do it?

No. 1526316

Are they having a party tonight?

No. 1526317

Am I going to find a nice place to live when I get there?

No. 1526358

should I get my cavity sorted sooner or wait to save some money up?

No. 1526363

alrighty then!

No. 1526404

do i have a chance with her?

No. 1526483

did i choose the right therapist?

No. 1526515

will we please get a hellweek again

No. 1526517

not a good answer

No. 1526673

should i get help?

No. 1526719

will i get better soon?

No. 1526733

Am I fucked?

No. 1526787

Should I go?

No. 1526879

did i pick the right therapist? be fr this time sanic

No. 1527637

am i fucked?

No. 1527665

Should I put effort into an art TikTok?

No. 1527695

snanic will i find love soon

No. 1527706

Sanic, will Trump be the president of the US again?

No. 1527767

Is he gonna go too

No. 1527781

sanic desr sanic
will i be spending time with him soon

No. 1527824

should i do the deed sanic

No. 1527875

am i utterly deranged

No. 1528007

Will I ever have that back

No. 1528021

Is it gonna be awkward

No. 1528052

did I make a mistake by sending that message?

No. 1528086

Will it get better, Sanic?

No. 1528163

Sanic, is option 1 good?

No. 1528164

What about option 2 then?

No. 1528165

Reroll, option 2

No. 1528169

And option 3?

No. 1528197

Should I do it sooner rather than later?

No. 1528198

that doesn't help me at all, thanks sanic

No. 1528213

Was she staring at me out bc she thinks I’m cute sanic

No. 1528325

sanic pls

No. 1528330

sanic, is it over between me and him?

No. 1528444

Will he come back?

No. 1528456

does she like me

No. 1528518

No. 1528528

Is he gay sonic?

No. 1528541

Is he gay?

No. 1528545

Should I switch majors?

No. 1528598

will i be cured?

No. 1528609

Will this shit end this year?

No. 1528610

Next year?

No. 1528637

Should I go

No. 1528656

Will this week be better than last week?

No. 1528860

Sanic-sama, will I get the job?

No. 1528862

so yes?

No. 1528896

eh i'm gonna do it anyway i don't care what you say about it sanic

No. 1528900

anon will defy fate an win

No. 1528948

Sonic-sama, will I find an internship for the summer?

No. 1529226

Should I join them right now?

No. 1529301

Does he miss me

No. 1529384

Is he coming back?

No. 1529550

Does he have a big dick?

No. 1529573

Please, Sonic-sama. I can't sleep and I must know!

No. 1529631

should i finish this assignment today (as opposed to playing some vidya and continuing tomorrow)

No. 1529639

Does he feel the same?

No. 1529678

sensei, is donnie going to get arrested today?

No. 1529699

No. 1529717

Did it work?

No. 1529723

Do I make pancakes?

No. 1529795

Will it go well?

No. 1529796

So you mean it'll be great?

No. 1529811

sanic, will she be in my life for the next decade?

No. 1529869

IS my financial situation going to turn around next month for the better?

No. 1529896

will this pain stop

No. 1529996


No. 1530075


No. 1530076


No. 1530147

Did I do the right thing?

No. 1530189

Should i go downstairs and eat

No. 1530215

Is he with other girls?

No. 1530233


No. 1530238

Go ahead with the plan?

No. 1530360

Will I achieve my goal by September

No. 1530382

Am I pragnent?

No. 1530389

was that a mistake o great sanic

No. 1530426

sanic is he mad at me?

No. 1530429

Will I achieve my goal by August?

No. 1530430

You are wise beyond belief, sanic

No. 1530453

Is my hair growing healthier or is it just my imagination?

No. 1530523

sanic, should i just forget about him?

No. 1530550

sanic… should i just forget about him

No. 1530727

Trying this again
Should I just say fuck it and move to Topeka?

No. 1530843


No. 1530852

I’m so nervous… is it???

No. 1530911

Does he feel the same?

No. 1530927


No. 1531017

Is it really over for me

No. 1531213


No. 1531246

sonic should i stop overthinking and just do it

No. 1531248

sonic should i stop overthinking and just do it

No. 1531250

sonic should i stop overthinking and just do it

No. 1531317

sonic should i stop overthinking and just do it

No. 1531865

Another day, another re-roll

No. 1532077

Will it ever go away?

No. 1532079

Will she be willing to talk if I send her a message?

No. 1532143

Does he still care about me?

No. 1532202

Shall I keep fucking him?

No. 1532203

Shall I keep seeing him

No. 1532244

Will everything be fine?

No. 1532246

sanic plz

No. 1532254

Will he try to contact me again?

No. 1532255

No. 1532395

Are they gonna get together

No. 1532398

Is he coming back?

No. 1532400

Will I poop today

No. 1532401

Oh god

No. 1532424

No. 1532432

should I buy the expensive ticket?

No. 1532473

is it possible sanic?

No. 1532517

Do I need to move on?

No. 1532541

Is this anger his

No. 1532595

o wise sanic, should i gamble and order those shoes?

No. 1532633

should i sit next to him on Monday?

No. 1532638

Will today be easy on my weary soul

No. 1532640

File: 1679759891526.jpg (9.8 KB, 263x161, fiendishly delighted.jpg)


No. 1532753

half a cup of cokey cola?

No. 1532955

Will I ever be able to find love?

No. 1533033

Will he come back?

No. 1533103

Do i

No. 1533104

I know I’m asking too soon but will I get diagnosed with it soon

No. 1533267


No. 1533273

Am I still included with them?

No. 1533287

is my book going to come in the mail soon

No. 1533405

is this going to be better than expected

No. 1533410

is it going to be a lot of fun

No. 1533412

Is he going to get with A?

No. 1533533

and will i be with her again?

No. 1533717

is it going to be worth the inevitable suffering?

No. 1533718

should i trust them

No. 1533782

will therapy fix me?

No. 1533813

Am I a lost cause

No. 1533816

Will I get my new phone this week

No. 1533844

Is it doomed?

No. 1533984

is today going to be fucking awesome

No. 1533987

No. 1533992

smart and wise sanic, should I move on from him?

No. 1533995

will 2day b productive

No. 1534032

Should I date him?

No. 1534161

does she want to date me

No. 1534218

am I going to slay April

No. 1534245


No. 1534359

will the thing happen today

No. 1534362

what about tomorrow though

No. 1534639

Do I need to worry about her?

No. 1534643

Okay I did, do I still have to worry about her?

No. 1534660

sanic please tell me if i should just become a cat lady

No. 1534712

am i a retard?

No. 1534966

is today going to be really awesome

No. 1535427


No. 1535794

am I going to have a great night

No. 1535881

No. 1535985

Will this guy treat me right? (Please?)

No. 1536358

Is he with S?

No. 1536376

Will he talk to me again before the year ends?

No. 1536378

Will I have fun at my new job?!

No. 1536386

Will he eventually?

No. 1536434


No. 1536436

is this another distraction or is it real

No. 1536437

sonic that doesn't answer my question proper at all

let me rephrase
is it a distraction?

No. 1536445

okay stinky hoe

No. 1536447

Will the stupid assholes in my life stop trying to make me miserable soon?

No. 1536464

Will I make it to labs without being too late?

No. 1536554

Should I just eat the expired strawberry jam?

No. 1536555

File: 1680166961960.jpeg (9.75 KB, 389x373, 3adff58c-1956-49b8-a5a4-67b919…)

Should I? please answer me this time sanic

No. 1536558

He's an unreliable dick that enjoys being vague to fuck with us, so don't expect much. How old is the jam and are there any white raised spots on the top layer of it?

No. 1536647

sanic, are we so back?
thank you for your service

No. 1536668

Is it over?

No. 1536730

It’s over right

No. 1536744

am I going to follow through with my plans tonight

No. 1536765

will he do it?

No. 1537006

Is he with V?

No. 1537573


No. 1537591


No. 1537605

Should I contact the person

No. 1537630

should i go brush my teeth now

No. 1537635

Do you think I should go for it

No. 1538007

Should I make myself go out tonight?

No. 1538025

Will I have an enjoyable weekend?

No. 1538050

Will he come back?

No. 1538157

should i message her

No. 1538160

File: 1680306980249.jpg (40.66 KB, 500x500, artworks-dVcxXnYsLezcoyZy-FS33…)

wow thanks sonic!

No. 1538324

Will i

No. 1538333


No. 1538335

will I?

No. 1538341


No. 1538344

should i do it?
DO NOT READ THIS SANIC: i love the poem in the op, best choice for a new thread there could be

No. 1538346

should i do it?

No. 1538350


No. 1538364

Do I go out tonight?

No. 1538365

Do I go out tonight?

No. 1538442

should I keep going

No. 1538491

Did he even like me at least a little?

No. 1538589

Will I stop being sick by Monday?

No. 1538641

Will I face consequences for destroying the papers/snitching on the coworker?

No. 1538735

will it get better ?

No. 1538736

well that's encouraging

No. 1538762

Well fuck. Will they be bad?

No. 1538955

Sonic am i fat

No. 1538959

Will I have a good workout

No. 1538992


No. 1539101

Does he miss me too?

No. 1539124

is she into me? (yes ive asked you this every six months i know. i hate myself, shes never gonna see me as more than a friend…))

No. 1539137

Was he happy to see me?

No. 1539153

Will we hang out tomorrow?

No. 1539182

should i?

No. 1539184

thank you sonic.

No. 1539204

Will I get confronted on why 8 pages are missing?

No. 1539205

Okay asking again. Will I get confronted on why 8 pages are missing?

No. 1539370

should I be worried?

No. 1539380

is it going to happen?

No. 1539403


No. 1539454

Am I gonna get in trouble

No. 1539455

sigh am I gonna get in trouble

No. 1539463


No. 1539464


No. 1539805

should i dye my hair?

No. 1539806

whoah sonic that's harsh

No. 1539853


No. 1539854


No. 1539855

should i shitpost or go to sleep

No. 1539889

Should I dye my hair for the first time?

No. 1539892

File: 1680505238911.jpg (51.63 KB, 625x469, 1679941517716.jpg)

But Sanic jerking off wouldn't turn my hair blue

No. 1539906

Should I go to work

No. 1539910

Should I invite him over just to give me oral?

No. 1539924

Just jerk off to Sonic instead of trying to skinwalk him.

No. 1539928

looks like he accepted the invite

No. 1539965

he is just sharing his secret to blue hair

No. 1539990

Will she get fired tomorrow?

No. 1540185

Will he come back in May?

No. 1540223

Sleep soon?

No. 1540248

ever again?

No. 1540343

No. 1540470

He will

No. 1540472

He will

No. 1540473

He will

No. 1540474

No. 1540475

He will

No. 1540476

No. 1540477

File: 1680581097324.gif (2.46 MB, 640x640, screaming.gif)

will she text me

No. 1540487

Will I be happy in D.C.?

No. 1540678

is something magical going to happen today

No. 1540687

Will I get what I want today if I do or don't ask

No. 1540696

Will it work

No. 1540845

should i exfoliate tonight

No. 1540851

Will i look good after i cut my hair

No. 1540973

Does he still want me?

No. 1540992

Has he moved on?

No. 1541066

will i get friends soon

No. 1541087

Do they have a separate gc?

No. 1541096

Am I still friends with them?

No. 1541441

is today going to be a creative day

No. 1541459

does she like like me, sonic?

No. 1541498

Did I properly manifest May 31st 2023??

No. 1541573

oh mighty sanic, will I get through this year?

No. 1541574

Almighty Sanic, please, this doesn't help one bit. Give me a more concrete answer

No. 1541643

am I going to find something to entertain myself with tonight

No. 1541738

sanic are you feeling ok ?
people ask you a lot of questions but never about yourself

No. 1541740

damn sanic I was just worried about you, nevermind then.

No. 1541785

Should I wait for him to text me?

No. 1541964

Sanic does he want me so bad?

No. 1541965

Sanic sama does he want me so bad?

No. 1542359

ahhhhhhh yaaa aa ristorante?

No. 1542597

will it actually happen

No. 1542643

should i send the text

No. 1542659

sanic is this a good idea

No. 1542892

Does he have a new gf?

No. 1542985

Will we get back together this year?

No. 1542990

Should I go to both of the cat cafes

No. 1542999

Can i ask you again tonight?

No. 1543016

sanic do you always tell the truth?

No. 1543017

No. 1543052

Will we ever reconcile?

No. 1543071

Was that dream true?

No. 1543176

Does it happen again?

No. 1543277

Is it gonna work out tomorrow

No. 1543284

Damn, tough luck nonners

No. 1543317

Will she ever unexpectedly come back into my life??

No. 1543320


No. 1543414

Will we meet each other again?

No. 1543416

Sanic PLEASE will we meet again?

No. 1543419


No. 1543431

Should I go out alone and treat myself tomorrow?

No. 1543635

Will I ever love someone more than I love her

No. 1543639

Am I forever doomed

No. 1543640

Will he come back soon?

No. 1543644

Will I find another love?

No. 1543677

sanic can he get me off his mind

No. 1543678

sanic will we see each other again

No. 1543680

sanic will we be happy together

No. 1543681

sanic what is the real answer this does not help

No. 1543708

Is it true love

No. 1543713

Did he fuck it up and I'm going to stay striving

No. 1543714

Maybe is what my dad says before he tells me what I want to hear. Thanks sonic

No. 1543835

Will I see her again?

No. 1543886

am I cursed?

No. 1543960

Will we fuck this year? Gahh

No. 1543977

Will she ghost me

No. 1543979

Will they offer me the job?

No. 1543984

should i break up with him?

No. 1543985

sanic plz

No. 1543996

Will I get a new jerb fast

No. 1544091

Will he come back?

No. 1544125

sanic is he the right person

No. 1544127

sanic is he the right person

No. 1544143

will i get a raise?

No. 1544147

Oh mighty Sanic, will I get noticed at this upcoming concert?

No. 1544272

hi sanic i waited a week and im gonna ask again >>1539124 … but better…
does she love me in any capacity, (even as friends)? if not ill take it that its just our borderline disorder and fuck off…

No. 1544293

Thanks Sanic I'm downtown, just taking a stroll and eating nice food. The weather is great!

No. 1544473

125 soon?

No. 1544489

No. 1544627


No. 1544888

Is he with AJ?

No. 1544889

sanic will these actions have consequences

No. 1545001

BW this week?

No. 1545027


No. 1545028

Should i go to bed

No. 1545040

Has he been with someone new lately?

No. 1545050

Did I ruin it?

No. 1545053

Ughhh. Can we make up?

No. 1545221

will I get inspired today?

No. 1545226

Will he be upset or mad at me?

No. 1545227

nooooooooo sanic why

No. 1545297

will he come to class next week?

No. 1545373

should i lift today

No. 1545428

File: 1681143029788.jpeg (77.45 KB, 1190x1280, 30D0A3BD-1108-4980-B95E-2B1900…)

always lift

No. 1545453

Is the presentation due today

No. 1545520

Will he come back?

No. 1545543

Will he come back?

No. 1545564

should i wait to eat until 430

No. 1545567

Will he come back

No. 1545570

??????????????????? should i dammit

No. 1545619

No. 1545674

sanic does she dream about me as much as I dream about her

No. 1545675


No. 1545823

Does he feel the same?

No. 1545858

Should I buy beer

No. 1545864

Give me an answer blue retard

No. 1545963

sanic did she see it

No. 1545964

oh fuck off did she or did she not

No. 1546242

is today the "turn around" point where i get back to the good ol routine?

No. 1546252

Don't listen to him nonnie, turn that shit around through force of will. I believe in you.

No. 1546286


No. 1546287

File: 1681232168240.gif (2.74 MB, 498x211, snsd-soshi.gif)

aye aye sanic

No. 1546492

Did he see me?

No. 1546599

Should I buy those tickets

No. 1546601

question #1

No. 1546613

Does he care?

No. 1546618

Question #2

No. 1546659

I don't like these question #1 and #2 things, if Sanic told you anything bad I as a higher power am telling you actually everything is good and you should look after yourself and be kind to yourself

No. 1546671

Is he with her?

No. 1546700

Does he still care?

No. 1546712

No. 1546713

Is today going to be an all around good day?

No. 1546715

Will it happen tomorrow

No. 1546938

will she actually show up this time

No. 1546939

should i find someone else then?

No. 1547003

will the tranny bullshit be over within the next year?

No. 1547004

will the tranny bullshit be over within the next year?

No. 1547101

Is he thinking the same thing?

No. 1547116

Is it gonna be good today

No. 1547183

make vid today?

No. 1547378

is the interest mutual

No. 1547416

Was it a sign?

No. 1547569

holy shit, should i?

No. 1547582

Kms yes/no, sonic

No. 1547585


No. 1547587

should i trust my gut

No. 1547592

should we live together?

No. 1547610

should I buy those tabi slingbacks for the summer?

No. 1547613

Will he come back?

No. 1547614

Will I be okay on Monday?

No. 1547616

Alright jeez. Will the medication work?

No. 1547618

is she wasting my time

No. 1547623

Should we get back together

No. 1547658

sonic have you lied to me today

No. 1547660

sonic is this an omen

No. 1547886

Is he thinking about me?

No. 1548006

she doesn't want anythign to do with me anymore

No. 1548007

she doesn't want anythign to do with me anymore

No. 1548008

she doesn't want anythign to do with me anymore

No. 1548033

What does that even mean sanic

No. 1548100

Did he use my tights again?

No. 1548108

File: 1681371962174.jpeg (42.22 KB, 892x470, 23175826-1774-403E-A7CD-0FD23B…)


No. 1548115

>0 I'll see you soon
Run away from your house nonna, sanic's going to visit you in tights.

No. 1548157

is this a priority to her

No. 1548245

should we live together after everything discussed yesterday?

No. 1548248

sonic this is really important… i'll ask one more time… should we live together?

No. 1548253

but will it overall be a good decision to move in? i can suffer

No. 1548256

move in? y/n

No. 1548294

Will he be there?

No. 1548297

Is it flipped now?

No. 1548299

Asking again. Will he be there?

No. 1548354

will she reply??

No. 1548364

so, is she?

No. 1548366

oh my god. not funny! is she going to reply or not??

No. 1548385

should i trust the cards

No. 1548395

Do I have to text him?

No. 1548421

Did he see it?

No. 1548467

Did he delete me?

No. 1548486

do i mean anything to her

No. 1548668

Kek I want to know this anons life story

No. 1548771


No. 1549526

Does he even care?

No. 1549641

should i grow out my bangs

No. 1549642

Has he moved on?

No. 1549703

Does he like me?

No. 1549716

Are me and him meant to be?

No. 1549718

Whoah… S-sonic-sama…

No. 1549923

obligatory check

No. 1550211

Is this fate?

No. 1550288

Should I take less hours next week

No. 1550421

Does he want to talk too?

No. 1550465

Will I get merits on these assignments?

No. 1550467

Will I get merits on these assignments?

No. 1550469

Will I get merits on these assignments?

No. 1550583

Is he an idiot?

No. 1550615

Does he even care?

No. 1550817

Does he even care about me?

No. 1551013

Does he hate me now?

No. 1551067

Will we ever see each other again?

No. 1551271

Is he obsessed with me?

No. 1551356

Will we see each other tomorrow?

No. 1551433

Will we be together?

No. 1551450

Should i get steak

No. 1551473

will i do well with my important phonecall next week

No. 1551485

will my phonecalls tomorrow produce positive outcomes

No. 1551521

will i get a job

No. 1552022

Is it going to get worse?

No. 1552066

is something unexpected going to happen today

No. 1552126

Did god help me?

No. 1552148

will we actually meet one day

No. 1552193

should i actually post my art and stop hiding like a bitch

No. 1552310

Should I wear glasses sanic

No. 1552314

Are you the optometrist

No. 1552315

No. 1552320

Will i do well on the test

No. 1552353

Should I follow him again

No. 1552385

I am not sure if I'm feeling like it so help me out - should I play the Sims now

No. 1552386


No. 1552390

Should I log off the entire rest of this week

No. 1552394

you absolute bastard

No. 1552428

should i watch more RHONY

No. 1552448

Will I get alcohol today without asking?

No. 1552461

Will he follow back?

No. 1552488

should i trim my fringe?

No. 1552509

Should I drink sapporo tonight?

No. 1552512

Was it ok to do?

No. 1552513

Well ok fucking rip to me then I guess

No. 1552515

Did the spell work?

No. 1552524

Huh, a failed witch. If they tie you up and throw you in the river, the water will part.

No. 1552546

is she avoiding me on purpose?

No. 1552547

find a new one?

No. 1552578

should i follow him?

No. 1552615

Should I follow him?

No. 1552912

Should I stay up and do homework

No. 1552957

Are we going to be great roomies ?

No. 1552979


No. 1553123

does she like me

No. 1553163

Is today going to be unexpectedly good?

No. 1553165

is it worth it?

No. 1553167

should i break up with him then?

No. 1553251

Should I follow him?

No. 1553303

Will I get atleast a merit on previous two modules?

No. 1553305


No. 1553370

Am I reading too much into it?

No. 1553408

is something entertaining going to happen tonight

No. 1553450

is something bad going to happen tonight

No. 1553459

Am I going to be productive today

No. 1553460


No. 1553461

Am I gonna put my clothes in my closet

No. 1553463

No. 1553478

will she reply

No. 1553493

Am I gonna clean tomorrow

No. 1553494


No. 1553497

Will I clean tomorrow, again

No. 1553499


No. 1553500

I hate you. Will I clean

No. 1553501

Fine. I won't clean tomorrow then

Maybe this is a sign

No. 1553502

You got two "yes, at a great price"
Hire a goddamn cleaner

No. 1553503

Will I get it and will she get it?

No. 1553519

I barely realized. Rip to me

No. 1553521

Will it happen?

No. 1553530

Should I be honest about how I feel?

No. 1553537

Is he gonna come back?

No. 1553539

Does he feel anything for me?

No. 1553577

if i did the thing would it go down well

No. 1553630


No. 1553639

Does he miss me?

No. 1553657


No. 1553663

Will this ever work out for me?

No. 1553793

Should I be honest about my feelings even if they probably don't care?

No. 1553807

will he??

No. 1553811

Is my resentment unreasonable?

No. 1553863

Will I get a place at UoM?

No. 1553913

Should I call her?

No. 1553914

Oh fuuuuck youu

No. 1553915

Does he?

No. 1553918

Is she gonna be happy today

No. 1553920

Take it back.

No. 1553923

So? I'm asking again. Should I call her

No. 1553924

Sanic am I gonna find the motivation soon?

No. 1553926

great and powerful sanic totem… will I find the strength inside me to stay determined on my chosen path

No. 1553936

sonic should i ask her when she messages me back

No. 1553961

Is it for a long time

No. 1553970

will my interview today go well

No. 1553991

Did he know?

No. 1554066

Does it mean anything?

No. 1554143

am i going to have an exciting evening?

No. 1554283

should i get my ass out of bed and do some squats

No. 1554293

bitch stop playing and give me a straight answer why do you always give me the ambivalent ones

No. 1554297

File: 1681933053861.jpg (39.21 KB, 827x368, Tumblr_l_54166558433238.jpg)


No. 1554332

is something unexpected going to happen tonight

No. 1554340

did i completely fuck that over

No. 1554346

Will it arrive this week?

No. 1554361

Will I go to UoM this September? (Pls pls pls)

No. 1554368

sonic should i start taking the celexa or not

No. 1554369

come on nigga i already knew that give me a straight answer

No. 1554371

Sonic, should I go?

No. 1554658

Is he with someone new?

No. 1554751

Is she gay?

No. 1554817

Should I go?

No. 1554818

Will this end soon

No. 1554839

will I pass this year Ancient One?

No. 1554841

I'm female. I don't jerk off. I repeat my question

No. 1554882

should we get family therapy?

No. 1554965

should i go to the show tonight

No. 1554966

should i just stay inside and get high

No. 1554968

Will he come back?

No. 1555001

if i go outside will i have a great night

No. 1555011

Is he with someone new?

No. 1555186

Does he have a soft spot for me?

No. 1555274

Will anyone ever love me?

No. 1555276

Asking again

No. 1555277

Is he the one?

No. 1555548

Will he reach out soon?

No. 1555553

should i be honest tomorrow?

No. 1555558

Im gonna ask again, sanic. I need a straight answer. Should I be honest about the way I feel tomorrow?

No. 1555560

I'll take that as a yes then

No. 1555645

Will I have a good time

No. 1555648


No. 1555716

Should I go on the stairclimber !?!?

No. 1555733

Does this dude hate me

No. 1555736

Does he have a crush on me

No. 1555739

sanic don't fuck with me will i ever in this eternity get to suck his dick

No. 1555741

bastard ofc i'm jerking off but WILL I EVER GET TO PUT HIS PENIS IN MY MOUTH??

No. 1555750


No. 1555759

She doesn't get to suck his dick. But doI?

No. 1555782

Will i ever go back?

No. 1555784

if I’m not going back, then will i ever feel alive again like i did back then?

No. 1555786

sigh. reroll.

No. 1556397

Did he like it?

No. 1556407

Does he miss me?

No. 1556408

Should I?

No. 1556450

Should I get laid soon and get rid of my virginity already instead of turning into a 30yo kissless virgin?

No. 1556496

looks like sonic totem is taking your virginity, nona

No. 1556503

Is he seeing someone new?

No. 1556598


No. 1556727

Should I go today?

No. 1556925

is there potential for something more

No. 1556957

Will I get atleast merits on these assignments?

No. 1556958

Will I go to UoM this September?

No. 1556963

Will I?

No. 1556964

No. 1556968

No. 1556971

No. 1556972

No. 1556975

Do they suspect the current situation between me and him?

No. 1556978

If I do everything right from now on, will I go to UoM this September?

No. 1556979

I know it awaits but will I?

No. 1556981

I will when I get clear answers, Sanic.

No. 1557013

will it get better soon?

No. 1557015

by the end of may?

No. 1557021

Do they think Ive lied to him about what I was doing?

No. 1557034

Will I clean tomorrow?

No. 1557036

No. 1557042

Will his family like me?

No. 1557210

Is he changing his mind?

No. 1557232


No. 1557247

No. 1557261

should i apply

No. 1557540

Do we?

No. 1557616

Should I go to the thing today?

No. 1557626

Will I get a distinction on this assignment?

No. 1557627

Will I get a distinction on the previous one?

No. 1557631

Will he come back soon?

No. 1557829

has he moved on?

No. 1557879

Is he starting to regret things?

No. 1557922

Is he trying to avoid things?

No. 1558045

Does he miss me?

No. 1558066

This week?

No. 1558126

Am I meant to pursue this guy?

No. 1558127

Do I need to talk to him first in order to make the first move myself?

No. 1558131

Should I just continue to not go out of my way to initiate contact with him?

No. 1558134

Should I try to talk to him the next time that I see him?

No. 1558136

Should I try to talk to him the next time that I see him?

No. 1558147

Is she still with him?

No. 1558177

Should I bully this girl online sonic?

No. 1558180


No. 1558186


No. 1558187

yes or no?

No. 1558246

If I go ahead with it, will it work out for me?

No. 1558250


No. 1558289

If I do everything right from now, will I go to UoM in September (including adequate punishment)

No. 1558290

I know!!!

No. 1558291

You’re seeing me now

No. 1558365

is today going to be unexpectedly awesome

No. 1558366

is today going to be chill and easy

No. 1558367

is today going to be chill and easy for me?

No. 1558386

And again, sorry. Third time lucky?

No. 1558449

Is he starting to miss me?

No. 1558475

Is something good going to happen tomorrow?

No. 1558599

Some of yall need to learn double or triple digits at the end or your post is "Yes, at a great price." Fuck sake

No. 1558605

No. 1558606

Could it happen if from 20.10?

No. 1558611

Will I get a new FP this year?

No. 1558612

For reals this time, will it happen under those conditions?

No. 1558616

am i going to have a crazy night

No. 1558621

Will that happen? No bs

No. 1558650

Am I going to learn something shocking tonight

No. 1558668

Starting from tomorrow, will I get in if I do everything right (frfrfrfrfrfrfr)

No. 1558670

I know Sanic

No. 1558672

No. 1558688

Pls answer the question in my head

No. 1558741

Will I survive?

No. 1558743

whats in her future sonic

No. 1558757

Can I do it?

No. 1558760


No. 1558778


No. 1558791

Does he still think of me?

No. 1558877


No. 1558958

Should I go thrifting tommrow?

No. 1559147

Is today going to be unexpectedly awesome

No. 1559154

PLEASE final - if I do EVERYTHING (literally everything) right from now….

No. 1559155

No. 1559166

Should I go to the advising office today

No. 1559188

is today going to be insanely fun

No. 1559407

am i too annoying

No. 1559408

is she still into me though

No. 1559492

does he still think of me?

No. 1559525


No. 1559526

sonic, will it happen tomorrow?

No. 1559545

From the moment I leave the room?

No. 1559601

Will I be able to achieve both of those things this year?

No. 1559602

Will I make in the next 2-4 years?

No. 1559664


No. 1559736

do i quit

No. 1559742

Can I kill myself already?

No. 1559743

File: 1682475955766.jpeg (36.21 KB, 750x737, E40288A8-E243-458B-AC4A-B19667…)


No. 1559754

Will I win tonight

No. 1559755

No. 1559756

Is he happier without me?

No. 1559773

will we hangout tongiht

No. 1559775

shuld i ask him to hasngout or is that 4 him to do

No. 1559787


No. 1559881

Will I fall asleep in time

No. 1559892

Will I have a good night's sleep

No. 1559898

will i be able to lose weight

No. 1559989

is he lying

No. 1559997

is it bad luck or am i somehow responsible every time

No. 1560021

will weekend plans go ahead

No. 1560082

10 months?

No. 1560184

should i drink tonight

No. 1560205

No. 1560263

Will something interesting or exciting happen tonight

No. 1560274

Is he with someone new?

No. 1560497

Is it starting to hit him?

No. 1560674

Does she still like me?

No. 1560677

Does she think I'm cute? Endearing in demeanor? Oddly charming?

No. 1560680

Final. Will I get to see her in person and touch her?

No. 1560724

is he gay?

No. 1560726

sanic pls. is it a romantic invitation

No. 1560786

Is it a good idea?

No. 1560810

Should i try to lose weight

No. 1560873

does he have a crush on me?

No. 1560899

will she really get married

No. 1560973

Is tonight going to be super fun

No. 1560997

Am I going to have good luck this weekend

No. 1561005

are we going to be safe ?

No. 1561006

well thats reassuring

No. 1561236

will we have fun?

No. 1561284

Does he prefer her over me?

No. 1561291

Does he?

No. 1561319


No. 1561322

sanic, should I talk to her?

No. 1561325

will i have a good day tomorrow?

No. 1561332

Is he with her?

No. 1561336

reroll sanic please

No. 1561799

Will I buy it

No. 1562163

did i choose the right one this time?

No. 1562169

Will my pup be okay?

No. 1562170

No. 1562184

Is he seeing someone new right now?

No. 1562188

No. 1562196

No. 1562205

should I stop being friends with him sanic

No. 1562286

Are we actually alike?

No. 1562287

Does he like me?

No. 1562288

Does he think I'm radicalised?

No. 1562289

Does he think I'm a terf?

No. 1562302

File: 1682756024748.png (806.81 KB, 800x600, NewCarolinaWhopperOrderNowFrom…)

Should I try Hungry Jack's new Carolina Whopper®, 100% flame-grilled Aussie beef topped with melted cheese, double premium eye bacon, Tangy Carolina BBQ Sauce, Crispy Onions, mayo, lettuce and tomato on a toasted sesame seed bun?

No. 1562379

Sanic-sama is it going to be good again?

No. 1562385

Will I take a shit

No. 1562406

No. 1562483

internet ads has become really advanced

No. 1562677

will tomorrow go to plan. sonic please

No. 1562787

is it possible

No. 1562825

Did I take a shit

No. 1562869

was she sleeping with someone else?

No. 1562898

Will I get that job?

No. 1563049

Will I have a bad day again?

No. 1563169

should i take my switch on the trip

No. 1563185

am I wrong?

No. 1563314

will anything fun happen today

No. 1563636

Will he ask about my behaviour just now?

No. 1563637

He anything come out from that?

No. 1563645

Will I have a family of my own someday?

No. 1563649

Will I ever see him again?

No. 1564103

Will he ever talk to me again?

No. 1564176

is there hope for me?

No. 1564178

Is it starting to get suspicious?

No. 1564196

Does he love me

No. 1564198

Will I ever get over him

No. 1564367

should i go for a run right now

No. 1564382

Should we meet-up?

No. 1564384

will this shitty fandom ever become elightingen enough to realise that my husbando is the superior husbando?

No. 1564385

Answer me, Sanic kun

No. 1564425

Was it?

No. 1564496

The date is getting closer. If I do everything correctly now (from 15.30)…?

No. 1564497

Is there any predictive power to this, Sanic?

No. 1564510

Did I create more spite?

No. 1564513

Is it okay if I a

No. 1564518

will today be extremely productive

No. 1564522

will today be pleasant

No. 1564531


will i have a great night

No. 1564533

did that go well

No. 1564656

Am I? Please be honest for once

No. 1564657

Next month?

No. 1564662

will tonight go fast

No. 1564676


No. 1564723

is it going to be really good tonight?

No. 1564741


am i going to feel relief

No. 1564856

should i add shrimps to my miso soup

No. 1565364

is tomorrow going to be way, way better

No. 1565365


No. 1565376

No. 1565378

Is it ok to be stuck this way?

No. 1565380

Bro I'm suffering already. Can I just stay to my business?

No. 1565383

Sanic pls…

No. 1565384

Will I get my debit cards tomorrow?

No. 1565390

No. 1565394

No. 1565405

No. 1565413

Will my mom finally figure out she's in a cult?

No. 1565416


No. 1565417

Will he come back?

No. 1565418

I know it’s possible but will it actually happen?

No. 1565434

No. 1565458

Will I ever hear from him again?

No. 1565461

Trying this again bc I have no idea what that means, will I ever hear from him again?

No. 1565612

Will I do it tomorrow

No. 1565762

could she see herself in a committed relationship with me

No. 1565800

sonic will we fall in love with each other

No. 1565829

does she want to be in relationship right now

No. 1565941

Has he seen what I did last night?

No. 1565943

No. 1565945

Does he think I'm a creep now?

No. 1566009

Should I bother going to uni?

No. 1566010

Should I?

No. 1566013

Will I be able to make friends anyway?

No. 1566015

Will I able to have a proper friendship group like his?

No. 1566036

Will we become actual friends?

No. 1566084

Is today going to be satisfying

No. 1566091

No. 1566108

Do you think we'll meet up one day?

No. 1566109

Does this mean no?

No. 1566111

Are you fucking with me?

No. 1566167

do i try

No. 1566270

Shall i get sushi on this fine day

No. 1566273

Well I'm getting it

No. 1566275

Will they let me check in?

No. 1566281

Does he like me?

No. 1566285

should i go for a bike ride rn

No. 1566300

Did I fuck things up?

No. 1566309

Will he?

No. 1566395

Is it over with him?

No. 1566416

Sanic I know you lied to me earlier today. Can I trust you again?

No. 1566469

can i do better?

No. 1566518

Is it possible to ever attain my truest dream, sanic kun

No. 1566561

Does he have a new girlfriend?

No. 1566611

Will he come back?

No. 1566621

i gave you some time to think about it again sanic

No. 1566721

sanic am i being delusional

No. 1566725

does she still like me

No. 1566869

is today going to fly by if i play games

No. 1566880

should i take vids tonight

No. 1567031

Should I confront him?

No. 1567114

do you think it could work

No. 1567116

so would it work

No. 1567120

was she serious about that offer

No. 1567127

should i go early

No. 1567133

should i leave

No. 1567140

am i good to go at 5

No. 1567143

Will my (ex?)friend talk to me again?

No. 1567152

will I get the grade in mind?

No. 1567181

Did he even like me?

No. 1567302

is he my twinflame?

No. 1567445

Will she finally realize her relationship is not worthy?

No. 1567450


No. 1567488

no way… tumblr spambot & lolcow.farm crossover

No. 1567562

will she reply today

No. 1567566

Did she ghost me cos I suck or is she dealing with her own shit?

No. 1567643

Is it really the right thing to do?

No. 1567681

is she ignoring me

No. 1567682

do i seem too desperate

No. 1567687

Will I see her, really see her, again?

No. 1567703

Am I gay

No. 1567704

Will I lose weight

No. 1567705

Will I sex a woman within the next 6 years?

No. 1567707

Should I ask him?

No. 1567718

Is he with A?

No. 1567721

Will I get called on the previous countersignature?

No. 1567729

Does he love me yet?

No. 1567732

Will everything be ok?

No. 1567737

Is there a valid reason for it?

No. 1568009

Will confronting them be the right choice?

No. 1568197

should i get it?

No. 1568202

No. 1568593

Should I just do it?

No. 1568661

should i do it

No. 1568677

would she want something serious with me

No. 1568682

Was that his bed?

No. 1568732

Will he tell him?

No. 1568735

If he did tell him, would he forgive me?

No. 1568846

did i do the right thing?

No. 1568854

should I grow out my bangs ?

No. 1568867

Is he?

No. 1568880

Is he into me

No. 1568885

Should I trust you in answering my question?

No. 1568952

Will he come back?

No. 1569081

Dear Sonic Totem, will the future be brighter for me?

No. 1569211

Is he taking advantage

No. 1569256

Will my patience pay off?

No. 1569411

Is this related to him

No. 1569442

did i deserve that

No. 1569680

is she doing it on purpose to show disinterest

No. 1569705

will she respond?

No. 1569752

Will he come back?

No. 1569754

Will somebody be able to cover my evening shift tomorrow

No. 1569768


No. 1569780

Should I make butter chicken?

No. 1569782

Sonic said duh, dont ask me no more stupid questions

No. 1569805

All hail sanic. Making it as I type.

No. 1569848

Does he have a new girlfriend?

No. 1569994

Will I do well in the interview tomorrow?

No. 1569995

Okay, then will I do well in the interview I have later this week? I really want that job

No. 1569996

Fuck you! Will the Thursday people offer me a job anyway?

No. 1569999

Will I embarrass myself at either of the interviews I have this week?

No. 1570054

Will she agree

No. 1570062

Come on man

No. 1570068

Should I go to this party?

No. 1570130

Will she ever come back?

No. 1570140

should i go buy churros

No. 1570141

are you paying mr sanic

No. 1570161

Is he lying to me?

No. 1570162

File: 1683474550691.jpg (32.99 KB, 750x742, 1615232495357.jpg)

I freaking knew it

No. 1570416

should i block them

No. 1570474

does she secretly not want me to come

No. 1570481


No. 1570523


No. 1570566

am i the problem?

No. 1571058

does she still want me to come

No. 1571131

will tonight go well

No. 1571134

are my reactions a sign

No. 1571135

girlfriend this year yes?

No. 1571139


No. 1571184

Will today be a really great day

No. 1571187

No. 1571189

Does he like me

No. 1571205

is he starting to hate me?

No. 1571345

Will we be married and happy with a big lakehouse one day

No. 1571419

should i go for a run

No. 1571465

does he want me to leave him alone?

No. 1571522

Will she leave him soon?

No. 1571532

does he hate me?

No. 1571536

does he hate me?

No. 1571537

Does he hate me?

No. 1571605

Should I say yes to coffee with him?

No. 1571606

LOL I thought not.

No. 1571607

Will we receive our stuff sooner?

No. 1571608

Thanks sanic

No. 1571647

Is he manifesting me

No. 1571848

Should I follow him on instagram?

No. 1571849

Sonic please give me an answer

No. 1571850

Sonic please don’t do this again

No. 1571859

Should I buy that ticket?

No. 1572350

Will he text back this week?

No. 1572426

Is he gone forever?

No. 1572654

Is he with V?

No. 1572771

Should I buy these?

No. 1572824

will I make a friend on my trip

No. 1572827

File: 1683692135056.png (1.09 KB, 288x288, 365.png)

will i make it

No. 1572853

Please sonic I'm so lonely

No. 1572864

is he talking to other girls

No. 1572884

Will he message first?

No. 1572946

Will he reach out to me again?

No. 1572964

Should I get that short haircut

No. 1573039

Does she know or at least suspect why I stopped replying

No. 1573074

Should I give in to the guilt tripping and go visit this weekend?

No. 1573075


No. 1573079

Based, ty Sanic

No. 1573155

Will i finish those essays on time?

No. 1573158

Don't be such a hater sanic damn

No. 1573179

Will my power be back on soon

No. 1573181

I just want my fridge to get power!

No. 1573202

Sanik am I on the right path?

No. 1573344


No. 1573361

Should I forget her forever

No. 1573447

Should I reach out to him?

No. 1573469

Should I go

No. 1573561

Is he pulling on my energy

No. 1573633


No. 1573862

is it genuine?

No. 1573863

should I chill out

No. 1573875

Does the weird boy like me

No. 1573882

Will he come back?

No. 1573887

Will today be a good day

No. 1573905

Does he love me

No. 1573944

does she want to date me

No. 1573950

does she want to date me

No. 1573952

do you mean that in a positive way

No. 1574158

should i send that text

No. 1574164

will it go well if i wait

No. 1574166

No. 1574169


No. 1574224

gf soon?

No. 1574237

No. 1574256

Will she try to contact me?

No. 1574273

Are these his thoughts

No. 1574411

Should I get drunk tonight sanic kun

No. 1574412

Oh you rat fuck

No. 1574421

Whatcha drinking?

No. 1574429

will i get it and have enough for the next one later on?

No. 1574430

answer the question you fuck!

No. 1574433

oh yeah?

No. 1574457

married next year?

No. 1574473

Had a couple whiskeys and smoked a blunt w some friends. Not drunk but sanic knew what I wanted and enabled my stupid ass. No regrets (in this regard)

No. 1574500

did i choose the right therapist?

No. 1574647

Will I be successful in my quest?

No. 1574698

Hey should I cut my hair? A bunch of ppl said I looked better with short hair

No. 1574704

Wtf kinda answer is that

No. 1574705

Ok so should I cut my hair tho

No. 1574708

will my expectations be exceeded

No. 1574755

Was this what you meant before?

No. 1574756

Is that like…bad for you?

No. 1574757

Can I recuperate by sharing?

No. 1575426

Does she know?

No. 1576182

was this what you meant when you told me suffering awaits

No. 1576361

should i stop trying

No. 1576363

sonic do you ever want to see me succeed

No. 1576895

will loreen win?

No. 1577115

Will that all be ok?

No. 1577134

will he message first?

No. 1577136

should i post retarded shit about my lpathetic life somic

No. 1577138

will he message first?

No. 1577190

Will they give me shit tomorrow?

No. 1577193

Will he respond today?

No. 1577560

will this turn into a relationship?

No. 1578104

Should I just grab my bike and go for a relaxing 2h ride this afternoon?

No. 1578105

Is it a good idea to grab my bike and go for a long relaxing ride this afternoon?

No. 1578106

What the fuck, Sanic?

No. 1578110


No. 1578233

Could it be okay?

No. 1578234

Should I?

No. 1578248

will it last somic

No. 1578269

will my headache go away soon?

No. 1578283

Is this going to be my whole life?

No. 1578461

Should I reach out?

No. 1578652

Should I tell him I miss him

No. 1578779

Should I shoot my shot

No. 1578780

god damn it this is the second time you've told me to just jerk off, sanic

No. 1578856

Should I let him go?

No. 1578871

Is he on drugs?

No. 1578872

Are the drugs Fent?

No. 1578873

Is the drug a hard drug or type one drug?

No. 1578874

Will he show up at the concert this Friday?

No. 1578875

Is he going to the concert this Friday?

No. 1578877

Will he find me this Friday?

No. 1578878

Is he going to approach me this Friday?

No. 1578879

Should I bring my pepper spray this Friday?

No. 1578880

Sonic will this guy try anything with me this Friday?

No. 1578881

Sonic, will this guy try to approach me this Friday?

No. 1578884

Sonic, will he act crazy

No. 1578885

Sonic, will he act up Friday?

No. 1578887

Sonic, is he going to do some Varg shit?

No. 1579100

will i see her before she leaves?

No. 1579102

will i have to miss out on something

No. 1579265

does she seriously like me

No. 1579383

does he miss me too?

No. 1579392

sonic should i begin taking my prescribed SSRI that i was given over a month ago but have been too scared to start today yes or no you blue bastard

No. 1579393

LOOL okay thats what. i thought too

No. 1579506

Sonic is he a creep?

No. 1579507

Sonic, does anybody stalk me online?

No. 1579508

Sonic will he be there at the show this Friday?

No. 1579509

Sonic, should I still go to the show on Friday?

No. 1579534

Heyyy sahnic is he gonna break up with me

No. 1579558

will continuing to pursue it be worth it

No. 1579559

sonic do you like causing me pain

No. 1579568

Will I be able to make it on my own?

No. 1579574

Will he actually do it?

No. 1579577

Will he actually go through with it?

No. 1579743

Should I do it now?

No. 1579824

>>1525720 will he come back

No. 1579826

>>1525720 again… will he come back

No. 1579831

Hey sonic, is he gay?

No. 1579839

Sonic, am I going to get a straight guy to be into me?

No. 1579840

Sonic, I’m tired of dealing with gays all the time. Am I going to get a boyfriend soon?

No. 1579843

Will we be together forever?

No. 1579844

Will we break up?

No. 1579845

Sonic, will we break up?

No. 1579994

Will she forgive me?

No. 1579995

Will she forgive me if I ask her forgiveness?

No. 1580003

Will the S win?

No. 1580007

does she think I'm retarded

No. 1580009

Will I ever find the strength to leave

No. 1580010

Ugh. Reroll

No. 1580013

Does he think I’m a bad person?

No. 1580014

Good answer. Does he think I’m cringe though?

No. 1580016

Does he think I’m secretly based?

No. 1580017

Does he think I have issues?

No. 1580018

Does he think we’re alike? Everyone says we are

No. 1580019

Sonic one last question - will I get that job I interviewed for that’s interstate?

No. 1580020

No. 1580026

will i see her before the end of the week?

No. 1580037

Asking about the haircut again

No. 1580118

Do I do it now?

No. 1580144

will we meet up in the next couple days

No. 1580152


No. 1580330

Should I message him?

No. 1580332


No. 1580387

Does she feel the same about me?

No. 1580388

Will I see her there as we discussed?

No. 1580393

Will I be able to end it w/o hurting him?

No. 1580394

Will this be an issue?

No. 1580397

Will it?

No. 1580400

will this end well?

No. 1580406

should i send it

No. 1580410

is she sick of me

No. 1580417

is she going to be retarded

No. 1580445

does he hate me now?

No. 1580487

Am i ever gonna get married

No. 1580529


No. 1580533

Should I take the job

No. 1580538

I think yes

No. 1580563

Is he bigger than 5in?

No. 1580605

Did I weird her out tonight?

No. 1580606

Will he get back in contact w me?

No. 1580612

well then marry me girl

No. 1580613

Will it be alright?

No. 1580636

Should I talk to him today?

No. 1580657

is she annoyed with me

No. 1580731

should i masturbate now

No. 1580742

Should I go back and buy it

No. 1580862

does she want a relationship with me?

No. 1580881

does she hate me

No. 1580912

Should I text him today?

No. 1580914

Should I text him tommrow?

No. 1580917

Should I text him tomorrow?

No. 1580932

ARe you sure sonic cuz I really want it

No. 1581010

Can I have another?

No. 1581013

Jfc sanic please no.
Should I have another?

No. 1581015

Will it stop someday

No. 1581156

Should I go to this show?

No. 1581158

Is that a yes?

No. 1581162

is my number one desire completely unattainable

No. 1581165

Should I invite her?

No. 1581175

is he gonna talk anytime soon

No. 1581176

can i convince her

No. 1581181

will she say she wants to see me after she's back

No. 1581182


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 1581247


No. 1581248

No. 1581298

Does he like me?

No. 1581299

Is anyone stalking my social media right now?

No. 1581602

is it too late for me

No. 1581608

File: 1684506730331.jpg (51.43 KB, 884x872, 1682319379764.jpg)

thank you sonic

No. 1581723

if she doesn't reply should i message her

No. 1581740

will i ever see her again

No. 1581816

Will I get to hang out and have coffee with him again?

No. 1581861

Should I text him today?

No. 1581979

Is he seeing someone new?

No. 1582053

is this a waste of my time

No. 1582247

will i pass math this semester

No. 1582351

will i stop obsessing over her soon?

No. 1582368

should i wait until tomorrow

No. 1582369

does the timing matter

No. 1582689

Should I message this person

No. 1582786

do i just send it now

No. 1582787

can i take this as a yes

No. 1582840

Will he come back soon?

No. 1583271

will she see me again

No. 1583322

what about r

No. 1583611

am i causing her to lose interest

No. 1583612

will i ever stop sabotaging myself

No. 1583614

sonic can i improve this

No. 1583660

will i find love by the end of the year

No. 1583689

should i just dump him right now

No. 1583832

will i meet him this summer

No. 1583851

Will I get another email?

No. 1583916

Will he come back?

No. 1584065

did i work today sonic? I’m frightened of you

No. 1584098

Will I have sex this year?

No. 1584099

Will I have sex this year?

No. 1584100

Will I have sex this year?

No. 1584101

Will I have sex this year?

No. 1584126

No. 1584149

good news?

No. 1584181

Will I get the job?

No. 1584182

No. 1584301

Should I stay after today?

No. 1584855

Should I Kisss him

No. 1584861


No. 1584868

is he bad news?

No. 1584869

is he bad news?

No. 1584890

Good positive day 2day?

No. 1584901

does he think about me?

No. 1584953

is she still into me

No. 1584958

will she see me again

No. 1585107

Does he like me

No. 1585136

should i change my major

No. 1585262

will i get the job i want within one year

No. 1585264

is my friend ok

No. 1585265

will i EVER get the job i currently want

No. 1585266


No. 1585270

will i AT LEAST get a response from the guy im waiting for one from

No. 1585271

is my friend ok faget?

No. 1585272

is my friend not talking to me bc i did something wrong?

No. 1585274

is my friend not talking to me because she is having marital issues

No. 1585276


No. 1585277

will i get a response about the job position i want

No. 1585328

Will she bail on me AGAIN

No. 1585329

shit I hope you're wrong, are you wrong?

No. 1585401

Does he have a new girlfriend?

No. 1585579

should i take the chance

No. 1585602

is he autistic?

No. 1585677

does she think i'm aloof and myseterious?

No. 1585679

does she think i'm retarded

No. 1585682

Will he text me once he's back?

No. 1585721

Sanic will I start writing a new book soon

No. 1585736

Will it happen by the end of the year

No. 1585838

Is that video about him?

No. 1585888

Is she his new girlfriend?

No. 1585934

Does he still want me?

No. 1585944

Will this turn into a relationship in summer?

No. 1585976

Does she like me

No. 1585982

Will he respond?

No. 1586434

will she ever respond

No. 1586716

Will I get into my dream school after this interview?

No. 1586741

Will he text me back this week?

No. 1586899

Is/will everything still be okay between us?

No. 1586977

Does he still want me

No. 1587012

Should I hold on to this?

No. 1587087

is she going to reply

No. 1587199

Should I confess to him?

No. 1587202

will she come back

No. 1587205

can i change that

No. 1587222

does she want me

No. 1587254

Did he reject her?

No. 1587276

does she want to see me again?

No. 1587302

was that last message truthful

No. 1587381

Did he come back just to see me?

No. 1587423

Should I give him a chance even if I don’t feel ready yet?

No. 1587443

r we going to do it tomorrow….

No. 1587458


No. 1587473

Will someone reply to my emails?

No. 1587539

is she just avoidant

No. 1587579

Will I get to have sex next month?

No. 1587581

god damn it, fine

No. 1587762

Will he reach out to me first?

No. 1587763


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1587960

is that the cause

No. 1587964

if it is can i work around it

No. 1588402

Did he reject her?

No. 1588472

will she text back

No. 1588747

does he miss me too?

No. 1589212

will we end up in an exclusive relationship

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