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File: 1673451915098.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1668566872495.png)

No. 1469526

Lead us to salvation Sanic

No. 1469528

oh sanic, is something unexpectedly awesome going to happen today?

No. 1469529

Will I be able to go out tomorrow?

No. 1469531

Come on, Sonic, I'm on my period, I just want to know if I will be able to finally buy the groceries?

No. 1469532

oh shit… will something awesome happen even after the suffering?

No. 1469533

Was that so difficult?

No. 1469536

ummm sonic will anything good happen today? i took time off for this

No. 1469564

will I have good luck tonight

No. 1469566

reroll… will I have good luck tonight?

No. 1469583

Should I try to get my life back on track instead of just roping?

No. 1469755

is the convo going to finally happen today

No. 1469757

no sonic u dont understand it has to happen eventually lol. ok REDO if it happens tonight will it go well

No. 1469759

ok good enough thx

one more question, will things work out the way that they seem they will/ how i sort of want them to?

No. 1469760

dubs/trips etc (same digit at least twice in a row at the end of the number) mean "yes but at a great price" so be careful what you wish for kek

No. 1469765

hahaha oh god. thanks for the warning nonny. i have to call my best friend and half of it is venting abt life but the other half is something i'm worried she'll be mad at me about, but everyone i've confided my worries in has told me she won't care/ it shouldn't be a big deal. she can be a bit unpredictable tho. i guess it's a good idea to tread very lightly and not rush into it so i don't accidentally fuck things up!

No. 1470132

Does this guy even like me?

No. 1470189

Should I spend money on my debit card?

No. 1470191

Am I where I should be right now?

No. 1470195

rolling again

No. 1470316

Should I even bother with this guy anymore

No. 1470515

Should I get the PO box?

No. 1470631

Does she still like me

No. 1470639

Was it a bad idea to tell him?

No. 1470862

Should I invite over the cute guy who is visiting town?

No. 1471055

Will I find a new game obsession tonight

No. 1471245

Will I be able to lie convincingly over the phone?

No. 1471246

Will will be friends after this call?

No. 1471253

are they interested to befriend me?

No. 1471561

Does he want me back?

No. 1471563

will i go out tomorrow

No. 1471584

Can she ever get better?

No. 1471586

WILL she ever get better?

No. 1471591

Will I pass my exam and get a satisfying job this year?

No. 1471592

will today be a quick day?

No. 1471593

ok, will I leave early from job number 1?

No. 1472007

IS the cut flower business a good idea?

No. 1472170

Will I get beers?

No. 1472171

Guess I'll be seeing beers soon

No. 1472281

Is she thinking about me sanic kun

No. 1472306

please Sanic tell me…. will things get better?

No. 1472626

Will I kill myself one day?

No. 1472640

will i get a lot of money

No. 1472846

will i make it?

No. 1473049

are things going to get worse

No. 1473051

Will he reach out soon?

No. 1473065

Did I make a mistake today?

No. 1473072

is today going to be pivotal in our friend group

No. 1473077

Will we ever get back together?

No. 1473090

Well he?

No. 1473139

This gonna be another heartbreak Sanic?

No. 1473217

Is he texting me BECAUSE he misses me?

No. 1473225

Or is he just being polite?

No. 1473226

Will he actually put in the effort to fix things?

No. 1473275

Will I get good business in Canary Wharf?

No. 1473283

Will I make enough money?

No. 1473287

sanic should i warm up the sticky toffee pudding or save it for another day

No. 1473288

be more specific thx. yes or no

No. 1473289

should i eat sticky toffee pudding or not, yes or no

No. 1473291

be specific. i don't know what you mean

No. 1473380

should i attempt to find new friends thru bumble

No. 1473384


No. 1473410

Are they just going to treat me like shit for the rest of my life?

No. 1473758

Will I be able to convince him without a night reception job?

No. 1473760


No. 1473765

No. 1473780

Will he give up on me soon?

No. 1473786

Oh great Sanic, should I ask for his number?

No. 1473803

Will he reach out to me before his birthday?

No. 1473809

In January?

No. 1473941

Will he come back if i block him now

No. 1474115

is this going to lead to something?

No. 1474144

should i drink a coffee?

No. 1474145

No. 1474151

should she drink coffee now?

No. 1474154

File: 1673840558655.jpg (105.96 KB, 1136x984, rats hug.jpg)

thanks nonnie i am making a coffe and watching its always sunny

No. 1474432

will today be productive

No. 1474445

Sanic am I gonna be okay in the following months

No. 1474447

No. 1474468

Will I get some without asking dear sonic

No. 1474469

Why the non answer? Will i?

No. 1474499

sanic, will I get a bf this year?

No. 1474506

Should I get back dimple piercings

No. 1474508

Should I go make food?

No. 1474509

No they'll reject and leave a nasty scar (most surface piercings do unfortunately) and they'll get bumped and caught all the time from the placement

No. 1474510

Sanic, is that you?

No. 1474520

Should I move?

No. 1474540

Thank you, logical reasoning and every other randomizer was telling me no too

No. 1474564

Will they fix my electricity today?

No. 1474570

Will he leave me alone finally?

No. 1474577

Will my old best friend and i ever be friends again?

No. 1474664

should I order food

No. 1474670

should I

No. 1474690

Will there be a nuclear holocaust?
Pls say no, Sanic

No. 1474696

Oh…oh no!

No. 1474785

What have you done

No. 1474833

Does he hate me now?

No. 1474969

Did I get the job?

No. 1474973

Will his visa be approved within a month?

No. 1475381

Does he hate me now?

No. 1475402

Does he hate me now?

No. 1476449

Should I text him?

No. 1476453

Will he talk to me soon?

No. 1476489

Will it happen next week?

No. 1476521

should I reconnect with my dad?

No. 1476522

is now a good time to reconnect with my dad?

No. 1476553

Has he moved on?

No. 1476587

Will I get a jump in popularity this year

No. 1476617

Did I ruin everything on Saturday or is he still obsessed

No. 1476725

Will my energy levels improve today

No. 1476726

Is something unexpectedly good going to happen today?

No. 1476876

Should I text him?

No. 1477136

Nonushka my friend, Sanic can only answer yes no questions.

Sanic, will i fix my brain this year?

No. 1477141

Sanic, will everything go alright at the appointment next week?

No. 1477143

Will I ever stop

No. 1477150

Will we get back together?

No. 1477176

Will I ever stop?

No. 1477252

will we talk tonight?

No. 1477253

ok but does he feel the same way?

No. 1477256

Does he like me at all ?

No. 1477264

Should I start avoiding him?

No. 1477265

sanic pls

No. 1477294

Does he like her?

No. 1477295

Uhh does he like her?

No. 1477296

Should I go to his house

No. 1477400

Has he moved on?

No. 1477428

Will I be able to complete the work?

No. 1477440

Should I text him today

No. 1477453

Will I stop being alone this year

No. 1477593

should i text him

No. 1477761

Will I get it?

No. 1477776

Should I choose him?

No. 1477793

will he be happy?

No. 1477834

He will tell him?

No. 1477837

No. 1477838

Come on, will he?

No. 1477839

No. 1477840

No. 1477842

No. 1477843

Is this the beginning of the end?

No. 1477845

Should I text him right now?

No. 1477857

Should I text him at 8

No. 1477888

Are they secretly disgusting, or degenerate?

No. 1477889


No. 1477897

Should I do it?

No. 1477898

Stop playing, should I do it?

No. 1477903

It means "yes…at a great price"

No. 1477926

Should I text him on sunday?

No. 1477973

did i fuck it up with him?

No. 1477994

Is he still gonna hang out with me

No. 1477996

No. 1478005

Will he reach out soon?

No. 1478023

Will I be taken back?

No. 1478331

Will he find out over the call?

No. 1478333

Should I even call him?

No. 1478345

It didn't happen yesterday but will it happen today if I ask?

No. 1478346

I don't believe it never will happen, so I ask again?

No. 1478403

Will he be happy if I text?

No. 1478520

will it be profitable ?

No. 1478524

If I text him will we rekindle?

No. 1478531

No. 1478566

Should I text him today?

No. 1478743

Should I text him

No. 1478777

Do I text him right now?

No. 1478811

Should I text him tomorrow?

No. 1479187

Should I text him?

No. 1479249

Is something exciting going to happen today?

No. 1479251

Is something exciting going to happen today?

No. 1479274

Should I send it

No. 1479296

No. 1479334

Did he love her more?

No. 1479350

No. 1479352

Will this malaise end today?

No. 1479353

Is my cat healthier than I think?

No. 1479354

Will I meet an unexpected love interest in three months?

No. 1479356


No. 1479377

Will I get my energy back today

No. 1479392

will it make money

No. 1479418

Will I meet “him” this year

No. 1479427

Did he?

No. 1479434

Is this a bad idea?

No. 1479573

No. 1479638

Will I feel happier tomorrow

No. 1479653

will she meet me this year

No. 1479662

Will he come back?

No. 1479691

Will something pivotal happen tomorrow

No. 1479697

Will I get a good surge of dopamine soon

No. 1479708

if i apply myself, will it work ?

No. 1479712

Do i go back

No. 1479714

Am I being too sensitive

No. 1479716

Well am I?

No. 1479730

sanic should I poke the bear a little more

No. 1479731

"I'll see you soon" does not answer my question you sob

No. 1479734

alright fine have it your way, I'll do it

No. 1479753

Sanic am i failing this semester?

No. 1479754

is it really bad?

No. 1479755

fine…. keep your secrets….

No. 1479804

Will I have fun today

No. 1479807


No. 1479835

Will we be friends this year?

No. 1480037

Will we see each other again?

No. 1480238

Will a major self esteem boost occur for me this week?

No. 1480240

Am I going to have a major breakthrough this week then?

No. 1480302

Was doing that a mistake?

No. 1480332

is tomorrow going to be uplifting

No. 1480345

Is tonight going to be bad?

No. 1480377

Did he love me more?

No. 1480408

Sanic please, will this be the year my health gets properly managed?

No. 1480409

Will I at least experience less pain?

No. 1480450

Should I end it all Sanic?

No. 1480462

Is ragequitting a good option?

No. 1480463

2 week notice?

No. 1480464

Should I wait then?

No. 1480487

Is there any future relationship for me and him Sanic?

No. 1480489

Will today be easy

No. 1480490

Sonic, will I ever get out of this slump?

No. 1480501

Have they gotten into my head?

No. 1480502

Can I get them out?

No. 1480509

Will I succeed through this week

No. 1480513

Should I call back

No. 1480519

Is she the one for me?

No. 1480525

does she want me

No. 1480526

does he want me

No. 1480528

Sanic I am asking an hour later

No. 1480532

Have they moved on?

No. 1480534

Am I going to fuckin kill it (positive) today

No. 1480538

I am not sanic but I think you’re gonna shred today nona

No. 1480539

God dammit sonic I don’t need your approval but I desperately want it

No. 1480542

No. 1480548

Is he having a shit time

No. 1480579

Will I succeed at a different place?

No. 1480590

Does he know?

No. 1480591

Does he?

No. 1480593

Will he forgive me?

No. 1480594

Will we be friends again?

No. 1480596

Will we?

No. 1480597

Does he dislike me now?

No. 1480600

Be careful leaving your support network and friends. Turbo loneliness is real

No. 1480638

will i like my new job

No. 1480671

Nothing will amount from this, right?

No. 1480700

is something extraordinary (good) going to happen today

No. 1480710

Should I drop him?

No. 1480716

Does he even care?

No. 1480734

Will I find my purpose this year?

No. 1480735

Fuck’s sake, just tell me

No. 1480763

Should I ask my neighbour?

No. 1480764

Sanic pls

No. 1480765

Okay I ask for the last time

No. 1480800

Does he want to reconcile?

No. 1480877

Do I have to be the one to message first?

No. 1480879

So. Do I got a job, or nah?

No. 1480880

No. 1480882

Will tomorrow be better?

No. 1480883

Am I broken

No. 1480885

Would we be happy together?

No. 1480931

Should I just break up with him sonic?? Be real

No. 1480932

please sonic will it happen

No. 1480948

Is he with a new girl?

No. 1480951

Sushi later y/n

No. 1480970

Will the thing we've been hoping for happen soon?

No. 1480973

Is it time to block him and never look back?

No. 1480991

I'm gonna do it Sanic, do you think it's a good idea?

No. 1481027

Is tomorrow going to be uplifting

No. 1481028

Am I going to learn something groundbreaking tomorrow

No. 1481069

Will he talk to me within the next week?

No. 1481187

sanic should i stop talking to him for good?

No. 1481195

Do I have a fungal infection?

No. 1481203

Sushi tomorrow?

No. 1481228

will i get my life in control this week

No. 1481562

Is this just my paranoia?

No. 1482012

Will he come back soon?

No. 1482035


No. 1482037

Does he miss me?

No. 1482048

Am i hired

No. 1482053

Start pilates this semester???

No. 1482090

Does he want to rekindle and he’s just a coward?

No. 1482101

Sanic do she like me like that

No. 1482313

Will he email me again?

No. 1482315

Does he think about contacting me again?

No. 1482426

Is today going to be the most fun day of the week

No. 1482429

Am I gonna be hot soon

No. 1482461

Will this work out

No. 1482462

Should i get it from ikea instead of waiting for the craiglist guy to answer ?

No. 1482463

Is this weekend going to be rejuvenating

No. 1482476

Lol asking again

No. 1482497


No. 1482500

Okay that sounds good sanic

No. 1482613

Is this the end between me and him?

No. 1482646

Does he even want to see me again?

No. 1482684

Did I make a mistake?

No. 1482686

Was it all wrong?

No. 1482926

Should I pursue him?

No. 1482962

Is the rapture coming sanic? I did the deed, didn't go how I planned but is the rapture coming?

No. 1482964

Boo sanic you whore

No. 1482967

will he ever text me?

No. 1482969


No. 1482971

this is a serious question, you're more unreliable than an 8 ball

No. 1483005

will we ever be friends again?

No. 1483015

Will be come back?

No. 1483088


No. 1483094


No. 1483131

Is it working?

No. 1483410

Will I get into Kingston?

No. 1483411

No. 1483477

should i buy sushi

No. 1484044

Does he have a new gf?

No. 1484069

No. 1484181

If I do everything right, will I make it?

No. 1484183

did i go too far

No. 1484187

Will I be able to help him?

No. 1484631

would they even care if i died?

No. 1484902

Should I do it

No. 1485095

Is shit about to get real crazy good this week or this month?

No. 1485097

Fuck you sonic am I going to have a crazy great week?

No. 1485113

Does he even miss me?

No. 1485131

Will he think I’m pathetic I I send a message tomorrow?

No. 1485311

Will they be at the same festival as me?

No. 1485347

Is something unexpected and exciting going to happen this week?

No. 1485358

Will this friendship last?

No. 1485361

Will it?

No. 1485362

Is he feeling painfully alone, writing up retarded posts hoping someone will take the bait, and waiting in anguish for a reply, but not getting one? because i hope so

No. 1485393

Am I having enough fun or should I have more sanic?

No. 1485396

Did he even care?

No. 1485399

Will I ever be happy?

No. 1485400

Will he be there Tuesday morning?

No. 1485475

Will I be asked if I plagiarised?

No. 1485480

Will I get a distinction on this assignment?

No. 1485481

No. 1485484

Will I get a distinction on the MFC assignment (with resubmission)?

No. 1485485

Will I?

No. 1485486


No. 1485487

Will this job be good?

No. 1485488

Will I get a distinction on VP assignment?

No. 1485559

Will I get distinction on Spreadsheets?

No. 1485560

Rolling again

No. 1485562

And again

No. 1485567

I don’t fcking believe that!!

No. 1485578

Is she ok

No. 1485631

Did he even care?

No. 1485646

Did I fuck up?

No. 1485658

should i take action tonight?

No. 1485660

Should I stop

No. 1485845

Should I stop lying as a joke?

No. 1485858

Are things going to get better today? Like way better?

No. 1485860

Will it get better in the same day though?

No. 1485883

Did I fuck it up with him?

No. 1485891

Will he give me another chance

No. 1486102

Should I text him?

No. 1486119

Will I find another way to make this kind of money through college?

No. 1486120

I will late. Now answer me. Niggers!

No. 1486121


No. 1486125

Will he be upset if I don’t?

No. 1486131

Is it going to get better tomorrow

No. 1486148

Can I stop regretting now?

No. 1486314

does he still think about me

No. 1486319

No. 1486399

Should I?

No. 1486403

Does he even want to see me?

No. 1486449

will i be lonely forever?

No. 1486450

no thank you….

No. 1486472

should i ever message him again?

No. 1486475

Was that a mistake?

No. 1486505

We will be together soon?

No. 1486545

Is he with someone new?

No. 1486546

Will he respond?

No. 1486588

Is today going to be epic

No. 1487216

Will tonight go well?

No. 1487332

am I making a mistake?

No. 1487535


No. 1487706

will I ever get a fucking grip

No. 1487714

Should I just straight up tell them

No. 1487715

Sonic pls

No. 1487736

Am I going to have an exciting day

No. 1487750


No. 1487777

Should I text him

No. 1487798

Will she forgive me?

No. 1487803

Should I tell my friend I have Covid?

No. 1487804

Will I see her this year?

No. 1487805


No. 1487809

Should I tell my friend I have Covid, yes or no sonic?

No. 1487811

Asking once more say yes or I’ll hanf myself

No. 1487822


No. 1487823


No. 1487824

Am I going to get a gf this year.

No. 1487834

Will it be enough for a Distinction?

No. 1487835

Will it?

No. 1487837

Does he think I’m retarded

No. 1487845

will we get sick again this time?

No. 1487847

am i retarded?

No. 1487848

No. 1487872

sonic is she purposefully ignoring me

No. 1487874

does she genuinely want to see me again or is she just saying that to save my feelings

No. 1487876

just give me an answer sonic stop being difficult

No. 1487877

will i drop out

No. 1487881

No. 1487888

sonic will i find love this year

No. 1488096

Will I get a Merit?

No. 1488097

And a Distinction next assignment?

No. 1488155

Will all of this work out for me?

No. 1488237

Will it end badly?

No. 1488239

will i ever have any friends?

No. 1488240

sanic you cant keep telling me the same shit and expect me to be okay with it

No. 1488364

Will we end up together eventually?

No. 1488367

No. 1488368

Am I really?

No. 1488507

Will i be able to be less awkward?

No. 1488529

Is today going to be rewarding?

No. 1488530

No. Am I going to get inspired today?

No. 1488541

Should I go?

No. 1488543

is he hiding something from me

No. 1488607

Will I make it?

No. 1488608

If I do everything right from 5/6pm, will I make it?

No. 1488610

No. 1488612

No. 1489091

Will I come out the other side a new person?

No. 1489112

sanic please give me your blessings

No. 1489113

do you really hate me that much….

No. 1489138

Will he tell him?

No. 1489140

Will he?????

No. 1489141


No. 1489142

Will he tell him soon?

No. 1489143

Will I be able to make ammends before?

No. 1489147

Has he told them?

No. 1489172

Do I have BPD?

No. 1489173

Is this Sonic Totem real/true/accurate?

No. 1489190

will he ever come into my life again?

No. 1489193

do i really have to lower my dating expectations!?

No. 1489211

Does he miss me too?

No. 1489224

Is tomorrow going to be life changing?

No. 1489226

Will tomorrow bring unexpected events that will change my life forever?

No. 1489236

Did he see it?

No. 1489237

Am I going to make it in 2024/25?

No. 1489238

Did he see my asshole?

No. 1489239

Did he?

No. 1489271

Should I post that video sonic?

No. 1489283

Am I going to hell

No. 1489284

Are we gonna hook up this weekend

No. 1489495

Is tonight going to be life changing

No. 1489497

Is tonight going to be rewarding

No. 1489500

Is tonight going to be groundbreaking

No. 1489590

will she talk to me tonight?

No. 1489592

not you sanic i don't want you….

No. 1489736

should i buy the bigger vibrator?

No. 1489784

Should I reach out and just end this?

No. 1489876

No. 1489894

should i like his story?

No. 1489917

No. 1489932

Do I?

No. 1489965

Ok is tomorrow going to be fun with no car issues?

No. 1489967

Wtf. Fuck you. Is my car going to be ok tomorrow?

No. 1490145


No. 1490146


No. 1490197

Is he with someone new?

No. 1490327


No. 1490329

Should I write the fanfic?

No. 1490330

Don't listen to him. Do it but also jerk off

No. 1490332

Thanks nonny, you're more reliable than sanic. I think I will write it regardless of what he tells me. Sanic's power is strong but I'll take control of my own destiny instead of allowing him to create it for me.

No. 1490405

Was he trying to take advantage of my feelings?

No. 1490573

Is today going to be rewarding

No. 1490602

will i last in my new job

No. 1490603

fuck you sanic i'm going to stay there just to spite you

No. 1490732

Do i

No. 1490801

Will today go as planned

No. 1490969

Does he ever think of me

No. 1490972

How did you know that

No. 1491135

Does he miss me

No. 1491725

Does she miss me

No. 1491743

Yes or no to tonkatsu

No. 1491847

Should I like his story

No. 1491881

Should I like his story

No. 1491978

Should I message him tonight?

No. 1491982


No. 1491988

Should I tell him I miss him?

No. 1492016

Will my Covid be over by the 10th?

No. 1492017

No. 1492020

Sonic come on. Will I be done with Covid by Friday?

No. 1492024



No. 1492039

should i stay friends with him?

No. 1492108

Tuesday night?

No. 1492176

Is today going to be easy

No. 1492183

Will we fuck

No. 1492185

File: 1675683272782.jpg (212.16 KB, 1536x2048, 325778771_1186792418619851_812…)

Does he think I'm crazy?

No. 1492186

…and, is he jacking off to me?

No. 1492193

Am I doing better than I think

No. 1492214

Will I finally have the balls to scream at that commie to shut the fuck up

No. 1492216

Will this lethargy pass

No. 1492266

Is he busy

No. 1492267

Is something really good going to happen for me today

No. 1492270

Sanic, can i have a good day?

No. 1492271

Will I get my job back?

No. 1492314

Will i have a positive change in mood today

No. 1492318


No. 1492322

will tomorrow be 10x better

No. 1492329

Fuck you sonic totem, will anon have a good day today?

No. 1492536


No. 1492539

Will he reciprocate?

No. 1492544


No. 1492547

Will my price be life ruining?

No. 1492624

sonic, am I going to figure all this out by this weekend

No. 1492638

final day of the exam. sanic please guide me through this

No. 1492639


No. 1492664


No. 1492670

Will tomorrow be better?

No. 1492678

Is he with someone new?

No. 1492695

Will he respond tonight?

No. 1492736

Is this my lowest point of the week

No. 1492737

Will I have a good plan to stabilize my mood by the end of the week

No. 1492756


No. 1492773

will i have a breakthrough this week?

No. 1492792

Will tomorrow give me all the answers I need

No. 1492813

Am I the god I think I am

No. 1492904

Is he going to make me go for walks and runs with him?

No. 1492943

Should I text him

No. 1492977


No. 1492983

is today going to be inspiring

No. 1492990

Was calling off work today a good idea?

No. 1493005

Do I really need this job?

No. 1493030

Did he add me because he wanted to make a move?

No. 1493035

is new music going to be the key to my inspiration

No. 1493049

sonic you know it's all within me don't u

No. 1493067

is it a cavity

No. 1493136

Does he miss me

No. 1493271

should i have a cup of cokey cola?

No. 1493442

Will i find a long lasting way to be happy tonight

No. 1493444

should i just fucking kill myself then

No. 1493446

will anything excellent happen to me this week

No. 1493465

Has he moved on?

No. 1493532

should i text him

No. 1493583

Should i drink a beer tomorrow morning great Sanic ?

No. 1493590

Will he respond?

No. 1493603


No. 1493655

Should I tell him?

No. 1493685

If I start doing it will I realize how much I love it again

No. 1493687

File: 1675823138000.png (4.26 KB, 382x39, u r mental.PNG)


No. 1493689

File: 1675823250728.png (176.04 KB, 402x318, JUST MISSED IT.PNG)

sorry for the outburst… please tell me what i want to hear.

No. 1493693

Do I have

No. 1493703


No. 1493714

will i get through this

No. 1493723

I’m scared it’s c. Is it that

No. 1493731

Will I come out alright from this in the end

No. 1493773

Should I text him

No. 1493787

Should I hide that

No. 1493837

Is he still interested?

No. 1493867

Will he contact me by my birthday?

No. 1494057

Should I even bother?

No. 1494061

Will today be way better

No. 1494131

do they think I'm ugly, annoying and dumb?

No. 1494132

I knew it, damn

No. 1494136

Will I get it today?

No. 1494156

Is tonight going to be even better

No. 1494157

Should I kill myself?

No. 1494158

But should I?

No. 1494159

Am I going to end up being a cripple if I try?

No. 1494160

Come on socnic, am I going to end up as a cripple if I try to kill myself?

No. 1494161

Fuck you, Sonic.

No. 1494181

Should I do it with him

No. 1494185

will he die this year?

No. 1494188

maybe next year?

No. 1494190

fucking hell, will this shit ever get better?

No. 1494216

Did he come to see me

No. 1494231

Should i call him out on it

No. 1494233

Does he still think of me

No. 1494268

will drinking more coffee fix it

No. 1494283

am i gonna shake this depression off soon

No. 1494611

Does he miss me too

No. 1494647

Should I text him

No. 1494727

will he talk to me tomorrow sanic?

No. 1494731

will i be able to g.o.?

No. 1494734

will i get fat again

No. 1494736

as sanic says ……..
will i get fat again

No. 1494750

Will I get hired soon

No. 1494754

Should I go to the store to buy candy

No. 1494756

say yes

No. 1494763

Will I ever stop my froggy burps

No. 1494806

Does he still want to see me

No. 1494807

Is it all going to get resolved tomorrow

No. 1494809

am i finding a gf/bf this year

No. 1494810


No. 1494811

Should I stay at this job through the end of this year

No. 1494826

Is a different job going to be better for me overall

No. 1494872

Does he really hate himself this much?

No. 1494882

Is tomorrow going to be better than today

No. 1494886

Okay… will today be good?

No. 1494899

will this idea get me money

No. 1494906

will he text me back this month?

No. 1494907

does he think i am schizo

No. 1494908

did i talk to myself that day

No. 1494923

Will he still continue with me?

No. 1494945

Will he be accepted within 13 days?

No. 1495035

does she like me ?

No. 1495086

should i do it?

No. 1495098

will i reach my gw for the summer

No. 1495103

is it going to get resolved today or tomorrow?

No. 1495111

is everything going to work out for Friday and Saturday?

No. 1495133

if I stop being a pussy and submit my retarded short story to a literature journal tomorrow, will they publish it?

No. 1495167

is something really fucking good going to happen this weekend?

No. 1495178

i did it i hate myself but i did it if they reject i'll post it on ao3 as metafiction

No. 1495246

Am I going to have an amazing time this weekend?

No. 1495509

is tomorrow going to be even better than today??

No. 1495511

no. answer me now. is tomorrow going to be better than today

No. 1495522

p 4 c and h

No. 1495542

am I going to be okay

No. 1495606

Does he want me to text him

No. 1495697

am i good now

No. 1495989

Am I going to have a better day than I think?

No. 1495991

Is today going to go well if I believe it will

No. 1496001

Does he want to see me too

No. 1496025

should i buy it now?

No. 1496110

will she ever reply

No. 1496112

is she as interested in me as i am in her

No. 1496264

Will they be here soon

No. 1496267

will i figure out what's wrong with me by sunday

No. 1496278

is it time for hog crank at the club

No. 1496297

Should i buy food

No. 1496461

Will he ask me out

No. 1496781

Are you happy

No. 1496919

does she miss me as much as i do?

No. 1496923

sanic please i'm tired of jerking off

No. 1496928

Sanic, should I keep pursuing that boy

No. 1496935

You are right, Sanic, I am suffering already. Does he at least like me?

No. 1496941

This is sad to hear. Should I take my anger out on him?

No. 1496956

Should I wait to use the thing?

No. 1496957

Nooo, am I allergic?

No. 1496960

Yogurt and 3-5 days more sound ok?

No. 1496979

Sanic, this question pertains to you. Are you a man-hater?

No. 1496987

Should I give him a chance?

No. 1496991

should i do my assignments now?

No. 1496992

Is he thinking of me?

No. 1496993

Should I try?

No. 1496994

fuckkk, but i wanna chill, Sanic, please

No. 1496995

Are they pissed at me?

No. 1496996

Do they think of me that way sometimes?

No. 1496998

does she like me?

No. 1496999

Should I text them?

No. 1497005

if i do the thing will the other thing happen

No. 1497007

sonic should i just give up atp

No. 1497010

does she actually want to see me

No. 1497016

Did he even like me

No. 1497027

should i have sex right now?

No. 1497058

Will he come back in a year?

No. 1497126

Does he want me to text him

No. 1497266

Should I send the text?

No. 1497313

Should I text him

No. 1497321

Is my hunch right

No. 1497329

Does he have a new girlfriend?

No. 1497336

Should I send it

No. 1497343

Is he tired of me

No. 1497363

Should I reach out to an old friend?

No. 1497364

Will I get a boyfriend this year?

No. 1497368


No. 1497411

will i marry the man that gave me curly fries

No. 1497413

Will I ever find a better motivation

No. 1497419

sanic may he keep singing?

No. 1497472

Will I meet my future husband this year?

No. 1497571

Does the cute new guy at my work actually like me like I've been suspecting?

No. 1497589

sanic it doesn't feel right, should i trust my gut feelings?

No. 1497612

Will I get my shy, cute nerdy bf this year?

No. 1497613

SANIC PLEASE I can't wait any longer!!

No. 1497648

Sonic my liege, is this college program gonna be worth it?

No. 1497652


No. 1497656

Can we still spend time with each other even after the year is over?

No. 1497662

should i be stricter on my productivity

No. 1497664

ok so do i just keep going at this pace

No. 1497665

FFS reroll

No. 1497666

Should I give him a chance?

No. 1497682

Will we ever be romantically or sexually involved?

No. 1497695

Is there anything I could do to change that?

No. 1497697

Was blocking him the right thing to do?

No. 1497698

Is it over?

No. 1497699

Kek. You got never.

No. 1497704

Lol I know, I'm sad about it. But he's not even really a potential bf anyway, he's more like a mentor to me so I understand why it'll never happen.

No. 1497705

Is it going to take a lot of time?

No. 1497715

Will the side hustle yield more (financial) success than the tradish route?

No. 1497720

Am I right about tpt?

No. 1497733

would it be worth a crumb of dick or naw

No. 1497770

Will we ever flirt like we used too?

No. 1497783

Has he ever fantasized about us fucking?

No. 1497826

will this work out or is this another fork in the road?

No. 1497853

will I get in to where I want to be?

No. 1497854

Ugh why must you be vague

No. 1497888

will autistically organizing my time work out?

No. 1497890

am i doomed to be punished for my sins

No. 1497913

Does he hate me now

No. 1497938

Will he come back?

No. 1497981

Does he still kinda like me

No. 1498074

Will I make it in the next 2-3 years?

No. 1498096

Does he miss me?

No. 1498127

is it all going to go well?

No. 1498143

Should I text them?

No. 1498144

Sanic should I give up on finding love?

No. 1498154


No. 1498182

should i ever tell my crush i love her ?

No. 1498183

damn ok

No. 1498189

Should I ask for Arby’s?

No. 1498191

Should I change my pfp?

No. 1498277

Should I have another container of gelatin?

No. 1498280

Should I?

No. 1498281

Girl Sanic's coming to take that gelatin away from you lol

No. 1498283

wise sanic, should I send a follow request ?

No. 1498320

Should I quit for good?

No. 1498326

Would never coming back benefit me in the long run?

No. 1498798

Does he still agree with the stuff he told me before?

No. 1498799

Why do I keep posting here, Sanic you break my heart

No. 1499023

should I go straight to bed after work

No. 1499025

Oh Sanic, tell me: Am I going to stay a kissless virgin for the rest of my life?

No. 1499050

should i add them again

No. 1499053

are we really getting metal gear solid remakes?

No. 1499063

is it going to be a ps5 exclusive

No. 1499072

s-should i text him?

No. 1499142

Should I try to get in touch with her?

No. 1499194

am i in a coma?

No. 1499196

No. 1499203

say sike right now sanic bitch wtf

No. 1499218

Does he?

No. 1499219

I’m already suffering…

No. 1499237

Does he hate me now?

No. 1499277

Will he ever like me as much as he used too?

No. 1499404

Will I end up committing suicide?

No. 1499405

Sonic, will I ever get to a point where I will end up committing suicide?

No. 1499406

Will I overdose on drugs?

No. 1499470

sanic what’s your opinion on the shoes

No. 1499516

Is tomorrow going to go okay?

No. 1499802

SANIC am I going to have my car issues resolved by this weekend

No. 1500009

will my job search in my new field be successful?

No. 1500223


No. 1500225

Is he with someone new tonight?

No. 1500275

Should I apologize?

No. 1500322

Should I apologize?

No. 1500457

Does he even still like me?

No. 1500539

Was he with someone new tonight?

No. 1500547

Was he at work?

No. 1500711

Should I clear things up?

No. 1500745

sanic, is it a good idea to do it tomorrow?

No. 1500854

is today gonna slay

No. 1500855

is today going to slay sonic

No. 1500886

Does he want to talk to me

No. 1500901

almighty sanic, will ever I finish my fic?

No. 1500902

Should i go out tonight?

No. 1500906

is my stupid fucking car bullshit going to be finished by the end of this week?

No. 1500938

Should I even clear things up

No. 1500944

am I gonna be hot as fuck this summer

No. 1500954

am I a based stacy?

No. 1500963

Will he give me a chance?

No. 1500972

ffs sanic that's too vague

No. 1501016

should i lay on the mat tonight

No. 1501054

Should I clear everything up with him?

No. 1501067

is video the way

No. 1501102

Should I off myself on this year?

No. 1501157

No. 1501432

is tomorrow gonna be fuckin fire

No. 1501435

ok well is tomorrow going to be hugely positive

No. 1501436

shut up sonic you stupid prick, tomorrow is going to be awesome

No. 1501453

am i going to achieve my flexibility goals lol

No. 1501454

should i try the things i have been inspired to do by him or will that make the crushing on him worse?

No. 1501455

uhm, alright, i'll ask again. would it be a positive experience for me to potentially run into him again because of pursuing similar interests?

No. 1501650

should I make a mac and cheese

No. 1502116

Should I go back to him

No. 1502163

does he want to talk to me

No. 1502367

Does he like me?

No. 1502534

will therapy fix me?

No. 1502536

asking again

No. 1502871

Should I return his things back

No. 1503017

Will this transaction go smoothly?

No. 1503045

Does he talk shit about me

No. 1503063

does he even want to talk to me?

No. 1503157

Is he with someone new?

No. 1503215

It’s possible but is it real?

No. 1503230

Is he finally gonna do it

No. 1503256

Will he reply

No. 1503352

Will I survive this

No. 1503576

does he hate me now

No. 1503668

will she get it for me?

No. 1503679

Should I pursue this?

No. 1503703

Am I fucked

No. 1503704

Should I just stay home?

No. 1503706

Sanic should I just stay home tonite??

No. 1503708

im going to ask will she get it?

No. 1503805

Can I ask him to fuck

No. 1503807

Ok what the fuck. Can I just make a move then

No. 1503941

Is she going to recover enough to have some independence back?

No. 1503971

It’s all over right

No. 1504001

Did he talk shit about me

No. 1504008

Is the drive gonna be awesome home

No. 1504010

Umm am I going to be okay

No. 1504013

Ok well is later today going to be fun

No. 1504016

Will I figure out my cat

No. 1504056

is the climax coming soon? will this finally be the end?

No. 1504057

>for all of eternity
that's a clever way of phrasing that you think i'm going to die

this will be a beautiful death i guess

No. 1504140

Did I do the right thing?

No. 1504145

Did I?

No. 1504160

Should I buy the thing..

No. 1504163

Is there still a chance I can get my life together enough to be happy and satisfied?

No. 1504230

should i tell my friends about it?

No. 1504271

Is today going to be chill

No. 1504365

am i right

No. 1504401

Did I do the right thing

No. 1504413

Will I get an interview for the job I applied for on Monday?

No. 1504557

sanic is it worth it?

No. 1504644

will tomorrow be enlightening

No. 1504649

is my cat going to be ok

No. 1504650


is he going to be ok

No. 1504655

Is waiting worth it?

No. 1504662

am i just a sour bitch?

No. 1504663

File: 1676861458056.jpeg (42.33 KB, 640x360, images (5).jpeg)

thank you for validating my feelings sanic. i love you

No. 1504686

Does she want to speak to me?

No. 1504866

will my worries be validated by the vet

No. 1504878

should i stop?

No. 1504893

sanic, im really sad
is it over?

No. 1504894

is it over for my friend though ?

No. 1504905

Is he ever coming back?

No. 1504912

Did he really expose our texts

No. 1504914

Will I be able to do it this year?

No. 1504915

Please, give an answer…

No. 1504943

is today going to be really, really excellent

No. 1504946

will it be productive

No. 1504952

will i be able to finish it in time?

No. 1504971

will she ever actually fucking get it?

No. 1504972

then do i have to leave for her to understand?

No. 1504992

am I going to have an epiphany wednesday

No. 1504993

will these particular issues i have in mind be clear and easily resolvable

No. 1504994

I will ask again Sanic, is it over for my friend?

No. 1505070

my back hurts should i take medicine sanic?

No. 1505145

Did he block me

No. 1505492

Is tomorrow going to be illuminating

No. 1505493

Is my cat going to be ok

No. 1505501

will i ever get over her

No. 1505502

yeay can't wait

No. 1505619

is something really fun going to happen today?

No. 1505631

will I manage to make it financially until I get my raise next month?

No. 1505632

should i send the email

No. 1505719

will this particular issue be resolved this week

No. 1505720

WFJWKJL;IF please jesus christ no. Will I figure out what the fuck is wrong and be able to fix it this week?

No. 1505748

File: 1677003933687.jpg (80.79 KB, 503x499, 0.jpg)

No. 1505805


lmao love you anon
SONIC is my friend going to find the source of her medical issues?

No. 1505806

okay well… is she going to find a way to successfully treat them?

No. 1505857

Am I going to find relief from this stress very soon

No. 1505866

Does he think I’m batshit crazy

No. 1505868

Will he come back in the next few years?

No. 1505877

Because he does?

No. 1505919

Has he moved on?

No. 1505930

is it all in my head?

No. 1505946

Does he want to see me again

No. 1505971

am i doomed?

No. 1505973

File: 1677022227047.jpeg (24.08 KB, 655x468, images (14).jpeg)

No. 1505997

Does he miss me too

No. 1506146

am i going about this the right way?

No. 1506397

Does he want to see me

No. 1506634

is this weekend going to be awesome

No. 1506763

Will I find it tomorrow?

No. 1506788

is tomorrow being chill

No. 1506799

lmao is this whole week going to be chill

No. 1506858

will anything more come of this

No. 1506859

No. 1506957

katsu at 3pm?

No. 1507107

will I get randomly hit on by someone I'm actually interested in next month

No. 1507114

Is "he" going to appear this year

No. 1507121

will "he" appear this year?

No. 1507172

Will he forget about me

No. 1507188

Is this whole thing a sum positive

No. 1507193

God dammit. Am i the stupidest fucking person alive for keeping a delusion going for so long

No. 1507195

I’ve accepted worse fates before, sanic. I think I’ll be ok.

No. 1507268

will an american revolution (successful) be in my lifetime

No. 1507307

Lol literally never. Go hang out with the ~revolutionaries~ and you’ll see just how fucking incompetent they are. America is the real thousand year reich

No. 1507326

Will he tell him?

No. 1507350

Will he come back

No. 1507359

Will we end up together?

No. 1507371

will the date go well

No. 1507435


chill out

am I gonna run into some extra money soon?

No. 1507436

File: 1677185012982.png (2.76 MB, 3090x2250, birthday snatch inside.png)

is there a cake in my future

No. 1507453

Did he make fun of me

No. 1507600

Is it truly over, sanic

No. 1507701

will he forget about me eventually

No. 1507827

Will she reach out to me again?

No. 1507832

Will I ever be believed?

No. 1507836

Will people know the truth about him?

No. 1507982

WILL I have a great day today

No. 1507984

Is she still interested

No. 1507985

fuck you im gonna have a great day

No. 1507986

No. 1507994

Two maybes in a row? Well fuck me then

No. 1508116

Is what I think is happening actually happening?

No. 1508135

Will I get the chance to tell him I love him?

No. 1508136

that's it I'm necking myself

No. 1508447

should i buy a vape

No. 1508449

is nona actually dead?

No. 1508451

She's just jerking off like sanic said.

No. 1508454

please just give me an answer

No. 1508455

for fuck's sake

No. 1508526

Was that just his sister?

No. 1508552

should i send it sonic

No. 1508555

going to ignore your advice

No. 1508627

Will she forget me

No. 1508693

Does he like me?

No. 1509365

does he want to see me again?

No. 1509377

does he want to talk to me again?

No. 1509463

will things be okay?

No. 1510000

Will I get a gf

No. 1510041

Does he want it too

No. 1510131

should i dye my eyelashes

No. 1510132

thanks sonic

No. 1510159

Is she thinking of me rn sanic

No. 1510161

Does he miss me too

No. 1510172

Should I trust my feelings?

No. 1510230

was that even possible?

No. 1510295

Should I refollow him

No. 1510325

Will he ever come back?

No. 1510329

sanic will i be able to?

No. 1510398

will it go well

No. 1510399

will we like each other in person

No. 1510401

Does he feel the same as me

No. 1510507

Will he take me back

No. 1510620

am i destined to fail?

No. 1510780

I'm good dw. Just bipolar

No. 1510781

is this week going to lead to an epiphany

No. 1510977

should i take a break

No. 1510998

should I study?

No. 1511090

Is he going to be happy to see me next week?

No. 1511093

Ok cya soon sanic but what about my question

No. 1511147

Should I have just said hi

No. 1511196

Will he come back?

No. 1511320

are they only being nice to me because they think im a retard?

No. 1511321

Is tomorrow going to blow my mind

No. 1511322

Is tomorrow going to blow everybody's mind?

No. 1511394

Should I go out and buy a magnum?

No. 1511398

Is today going to be busy

No. 1511401

Asking again

No. 1511431

Am I going to have a lot of fun today?

No. 1511442

Will I make progress with him this week?

No. 1511446

Should I get a tongue piercing right away?

No. 1511456

Should I call out sick from work?

No. 1511498

Should I cut class tomorrow

No. 1511503

Will we eventually do it

No. 1511535

will I be noticeably slimmer in three months?

No. 1511627

Is he going insane too

No. 1511634

I'm hopeless?

No. 1511635


No. 1511664

Is there such a thing as a good person

No. 1511709

Should I lie about it?

No. 1511782

should i wash my hair tonight

No. 1511845

Should I kill myself and make it look like an accident?

No. 1511854

Should I scratch that itch on my back?

No. 1511855

See? Sanic said 'never' you shall obey him nonnie and try to live a good life. I know it's not as easy as it sounds, but give it a try.

No. 1511859

Should I?

No. 1511863

File: 1677627116009.jpeg (61.31 KB, 720x720, _3.jpeg)

Sanic!! I only want to scratch my fucking back not 'jerk off' you blue idiot. Now I'll be scratching myself just to spite you, stop me if you can.

No. 1511864

Is he into me romantically?

No. 1511866

Sonic… is he into me?

No. 1511867

am i finally recovering?

No. 1511890

oh fine, but only because sanic said so

No. 1511899

Will I be single forever?

No. 1511900

Will I ever get a cute bf?

No. 1511960

will it all be over within the next year

No. 1511961

sonic pls

No. 1512022

Did he tell them

No. 1512036

If I make a move, would we hook up

No. 1512064

terf gf?

No. 1512088

asking again

No. 1512142

am i going to attend and pass my upcoming exams?

No. 1512198

should i be worried?

No. 1512199

oh shit

No. 1512200

will they come?

No. 1512262

is something really exciting going to happen tonight

No. 1512540

am i an idiot who caused all this?

No. 1512583

will me and him see each other again?

No. 1512585

am i gonna be ballin 2morrow

No. 1512605

Is he gay?

No. 1512640

Should I message them?

No. 1512824

Should I do a design for the next week

No. 1512826

Asking again

No. 1512834

Should I eat my pillow?

No. 1512835

Should I?

No. 1512837

Mf made me ask twice just to say 'never' fuck you Sanic

No. 1512841

will i make it out soon?

No. 1512856

should i tell him i'm a lesbian? he's desperate and pathetic i feel bad for him

No. 1512967

Is today going to be really really positive and fun and creative and exciting and yes

No. 1512990

Should I give him my number?

No. 1513096

dear sonny, will I get over her soon? it's been unbearable.

No. 1513123

Will I ever reconcile with him?

No. 1513211

Is tonight going to be funny as fuck

No. 1513220

Should I sacrifice my sleep schedule to binge read all the chapters?

No. 1513258

Is he with P now?

No. 1513267

Will I ever get to see him again?

No. 1513362

Should i buy edibles

No. 1513363

Does he have autism?

No. 1513511

Will I ever get a chance to explain again?

No. 1513817

Should I finally give him my number today?

No. 1513828

Am I going to have an adventurous and exciting day

No. 1513830

why suffer? why not have a good time? i refuse to suffer. bye bitch

No. 1513981

did tiktok to this to her?

No. 1513987

File: 1677865909976.png (93.32 KB, 340x297, pepe wail.png)

oh my god..

No. 1514124

Should I work tomorrow?

No. 1514135

Asking again

No. 1514316

Will I get the call I want tonight sanic

No. 1514351

Will he come back in a few months?

No. 1514657

Will we see each other again?

No. 1514771

Should I pursue this shit further

No. 1514796

Should I rest instead of working out again?

No. 1514800

Will calling do anything

No. 1514809

Okay sanic I have another question, should I go in?

No. 1514811

Will he regret this?

No. 1514826

Will something bad happen between us?

No. 1514868

did i just fuck up

No. 1514917

am i going to finish all my schoolwork in time and pass my exams next week?

No. 1514985


No. 1514990

Cc and tc?

No. 1514992

Does he have a new girlfriend?

No. 1515026

do i need to get out of here?

No. 1515034

is it coming soon?

No. 1515050

No. 1515058

The question is, and I coming soon? And the answer, is yes.
öøh yêå

No. 1515073

should i text him tonight?

No. 1515084

is it too late?

No. 1515093

Am I going to embarrass myself horribly in front of this guy?

No. 1515108

is tomorrow going to be life changing?

No. 1515109

… is that a yes?

No. 1515111

Does he want to break up with me?

No. 1515121

is tomorrow going to be productive

No. 1515127

7 month mark?

No. 1515143

No. 1515163

Is he thinking of me

No. 1515165

Is he avoiding me?

No. 1515181

Is he with another girl tonight?

No. 1515296

Am I going to have a lot of fun today

No. 1515317

did it ever make sense?

No. 1515387

is the caffiene gonna kck in soon

No. 1515513

Does he miss me

No. 1515785

Am I going to have an excellent week?

No. 1515786

should i go?

No. 1515836

Will he come back during the summer?

No. 1515853

is he gonna marry me?

No. 1515859

will she get back to me tomorrow sanic

No. 1515869


No. 1516009

Will my life get better?

No. 1516102

is today going to be extremely productive

No. 1516103

fuck you sonic, I'm going to have a productive day.

No. 1516127

is today going to be more positive than i currently feel

No. 1516141

Will he text me?

No. 1516142

is it a good thing that I'm going to the doctor today?

No. 1516146

am i gonna slay 2day

No. 1516271

was that voicemail I was hearing earlier real

No. 1516272

thanks sanic I'm hosed now

No. 1516291

you were right sanic, it was a waste of my time and copay. am i being a hypochondriac?

No. 1516301

is there hope?

No. 1516329

Will things get better from here?

No. 1516386

Will I get liquor today? My own bottle?

No. 1516481

Do I feel like this because of him

No. 1516529

is it going to work out with him?

No. 1516532

Will he apologize and make it up to me?

No. 1516786

sanic, was there unspoken meaning to what he said before he left?

No. 1516800

typical male behavior

No. 1516804

is he still watching me

No. 1516810

alright bitch let me ask again
is he still there

No. 1516812

I'll believe I'll see him soon when I see him! until then he doesn't exist! fuckcake

No. 1516820

Okay, should I go tomorrow sanic??

No. 1516823

does he regret what he said and how he treated me

No. 1516886

Does he feel the connection too

No. 1516950

will I go today?

No. 1516981

it's happening now

No. 1517053

will he forgive me and stay

No. 1517069

Will it be good if I quit?

No. 1517146

is today going to be unexpectedly exciting

No. 1517166

Does he even know who I am?

No. 1517174

Shall we meet?

No. 1517181

Asking again

No. 1517217

Am I destined for greatness?

No. 1517288

will he contact me soon?

No. 1517308

where should i move, sanic?

{even number-> eastern
{odd number-> northwestern

No. 1517317

x_x you know my question sahnic(x_x)

No. 1517322

Is he learning disabled?

No. 1517335

Will he come back in July?

No. 1517336

No. 1517375

Will she get the offer?

No. 1517376

Thank fucking god sanic I pray to you for you being right

No. 1517395

is something hilarious going to happen tonight

No. 1517401

Sonic Totem, should I try harder?

No. 1517467

Sanic should I see a movie tonight

No. 1517541

Should I cut my hair

No. 1517549

Should I just say fuck it all and move to Topeka?

No. 1517553

File: 1678231546362.jpg (18.14 KB, 578x179, bicycle_en.jpg)


No. 1517564

Is he starting to regret this?

No. 1517575


No. 1517594

Did he genuinely like me?

No. 1517603

No. 1518130

Am I going to resolve my body issues soon (by end of this month?)

No. 1518137

it'll be resolved soon!?

No. 1518176

is today going to be different in a good way?

No. 1518216

should I go get a drink?

No. 1518224

ok,but should i go out to get a drink?

No. 1518232

fuck you

No. 1518267

will we get married

No. 1518336

am I going to get through this sadness soon

No. 1518349

am i going to pass my exam tomorrow?

No. 1518398

should i keep speaking my mind?

No. 1518649

will i get the skirt

No. 1518665

Are they dating?

No. 1518666


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 1518671

No. 1518691

No. 1518757

Does he even care

No. 1519181

Sanic will I get good news today?

No. 1519324

Will tonight be fun?

No. 1519350

Should I try and go to the next SAGA meeting at my university

No. 1519581

next week?

No. 1519586

Would he leave soon?

No. 1520042

Was the dream about him?

No. 1520671

Should I join that discord group?

No. 1520673

Is it nessesary to make another discord profile for the discord group?

No. 1520674

Should I make another discord account?

No. 1520703

Did I say the wrong thing?

No. 1520787

will i finish my remaining assignments this weekend?

No. 1520859

Does he ever think about me?

No. 1520900

sanic will everything turn out just fine?

No. 1520942

Am I going to love myself more this year

No. 1520979

Are we gonna get married one day sanic kun

No. 1521015

Will I be hot soon

No. 1521148

am i going to be more comfortable in my body soon

No. 1521163

Should i text him

No. 1521399

Will I ever get over her

No. 1521528

Is she jealous of me or something

No. 1521557

Is tomorrow a good day to do it?

No. 1521583

Did he even care about me at all

No. 1521597

Will the 31st happen as I want it to?

No. 1521598

Does he have a new gf?

No. 1521613

Is it because he misses me?

No. 1521616

Does he miss me too

No. 1521686

was that about me?

No. 1521696

will he ask me to the dance sanic ?

No. 1521715

do i deserve to be loved?

No. 1521716

i knew it! i should stop trying

No. 1521730

Is my relationship doomed?

No. 1521738

will my assignments pass plagiarism checks?

No. 1521757

Sonic, should I leave my cushy, but unfulfilling and stressful job and start over again in a different field?

No. 1521775

Did he at least keep the paper with my number on it?

No. 1521818

Will my exercise and diet plan lead to my goal by July?

No. 1521848

Will I get fit this year

No. 1521866

Will he do me

No. 1521886

>Yes, at a great price
anon getting pregnant or getting an std

No. 1521925

would the nlp thing be a good career?

No. 1521929

will I lose 10 pounds this summer

No. 1521930

will the vision board course make some money?

No. 1521933

should i go to dubai? will the trip work out successfully?

No. 1521934

aw fuck

No. 1521981

gf this year?

No. 1521994

Am I reading into this?

No. 1522014

No. 1522240

Now am I going to reach my goal

No. 1522253

Is it going to get better soon?

No. 1522391

WILL i be triumphant

No. 1522395

will my business take off successfully

No. 1522396

No. 1522403

No. 1522446

will i get the pieces soon

No. 1522582

Chicken teriyaki later? Even if you say no I'm still gonna get it though

No. 1522662

will his hand get better

No. 1522687

Does he know I love him?

No. 1522689

is there any point in bringing it up and trying to have a conversation about it?

No. 1522745

will i meet my goal this year by october

No. 1522747

will i still make progress towards my goal this year

No. 1522904

Will today be a good day?

No. 1522905

Sanic you know how I suffer

No. 1522939

Im asking again

No. 1523567

Did the spell work

No. 1523802

Should I go to the thing tonight?

No. 1523804

Why? Will something dangerous happen?

No. 1523806


No. 1523825

does she have feelings for me

No. 1523827

ok but could she one day

No. 1523830

Does he miss me?

No. 1523838

You always say that…

No. 1523847

Does he have a new gf?

No. 1523857

Does he miss me too

No. 1523858

Is he with L?

No. 1523897

Will him and I reunite?

No. 1524044

ok, job's done, will you give me an answer now?

No. 1524152

will she reply

No. 1524335

Did I infect my grandmother or brother with covid?

No. 1524401

silent question, o sanic totem

No. 1524432

Should i get that stuff now

No. 1524440

Will all my uni work get a good score ?

No. 1524467

another cup of cokey cola?

No. 1524533

Will he love me soon?

No. 1524555

Is he with that Dasha lookin bitch?

No. 1524777

will he suffer just as much as i did?

No. 1524847

Uh hu

No. 1525007

is she going to ghost me

No. 1525224

Sonic Totem, will you forgive me for missing this?

No. 1525225

reroll, am I forgiven?

No. 1525229

will i drink LIMITED EDITION lime crusha tonight

No. 1525284

Should I start learning how to play the cello at 27 y/o?

No. 1525285

am i gonna pass the exam tomorrow?

No. 1525288

File: 1678997102563.jpg (15.55 KB, 575x266, 7da67667-2577-4921-9dfd-7b8e53…)

oh fucking piss off sonic i needed some encouragement

No. 1525304

Oh great sanic, is this the one?

No. 1525306

Will I ever find him?

No. 1525308

ugggh re-roll, is this one..THE one?

No. 1525401

Is it just my anxiety

No. 1525403


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1525404


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1525526

sigh… should I text him tonight?

No. 1525588

sanic is he the one ?

No. 1528294

was that a bad idea

No. 1530239

should i buy it ?

No. 1530287

Should I go out and get 52% chocolate rn?

No. 1550463

Will I can atleast a Merit on these assignments?

No. 1550464

Will I can atleast a Merit on these assignments?

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