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No. 1451043

Workplace reform refers to the change made in labor laws that improved the working situations of men, women, and children who are not being treated properly by their employers

WorkReform's Core Beliefs Are

>People should not be worked to death.

>People should be paid a living wage for their labor.
>Income inequality and power inequality are the primary causes of social strife and lower living standards.
>Workers must join together and fight back for what is rightfully theirs.
>We must not be divided and conquered. Workers gain the most when they focus on unifying issues.

No. 1451052

fr. my mom was a stay at home wife and it made me see clearly that this antiwork shit makes women much more vulnerable.

No. 1451054

I feel like you might be missing the point. And not like women in the work force don't get abused.

No. 1451058

this is literally what antiwork is

No. 1451061

do you really think that the risks of being a stay at home wife are the same as working and earning your own money? idk what to tell you

No. 1451065

Now women can work multiple jobs and still not have enough money to leave their abusive husbands, its almost practically impossible for women to escape abusive situations immediately nowadays unless they have friends who are willing to let them crash. If you don't have friends and/or certificates/degrees you are ultimately fucked

No. 1451068

First, I didn't say that. Second, no one here is promoting being a stay at home wife dependent of a husband as a solution. Third, the entire stay at home wife is basically just a xx century American myth. Throughout history most women have been part of the work force and it on itself has done very little to advance their situation.

No. 1451069

Plenty of abused women complain about how the current work environment prevents them from escaping unless they know someone who could help. If you don't have connections you're fucked and can't escape even if you work.

No. 1451094

What do anons think about universal basic income, but you'd still need to put in 10-15 hours weekly for it (living, food, utilities and clothing covered)? You could work more to buy extra things, but there'd be no such thing as "being unable to pay the rent this month".

No. 1451128

Did you really have to make a new thread just because of the word "antiwork"?

No. 1451129

women are abused in different ways, on the workplace and at home

No. 1451173

other thread already had an anon saying she'll kill herself when her rich mom dies and anons too autistic to work, the word antiwork attracts that crowd over people who are in the workforce and have any frame of reference for realistic reform

No. 1451179

NTA but that thread is already shit up by people not caring about how to make work better as a mostly inevitable part of life and rationalizing why they personally shouldn't ever work

No. 1451183

that's just because no one is reading the fucking OP and immediately jumping into the conclusion that antiwork = neet

>In Brief: (1) The anti-work movement advocates for a work structure shift away from paid labor and toward voluntary and fulfilling work. (2) While the anti-work movement is not new, labor shifts from the pandemic have made it grow in popularity. (3) Many members of this movement joined in response to a negative workplace experience, so businesses should respond by evaluating their labor practices.

No. 1451429

File: 1671376190203.png (904.54 KB, 788x594, 22233232.png)

I think both threads have equal footing so I don't mind using both even if they're literally the same. Like always there's going to be a sad and unnecessary divide on lolcow between the userbase so just let the neets use the other one and the wagies can use this one, whatever, all happy. It's tiring to see people infight on this website.

No. 1451437

unpopular opinion: infighting can be cool and funny if not a bait or a larping moid. this "uhhh i wish lc could be only rainbows and positive things" don't look good with the shayna threads

No. 1451462

Are there any examples of significant work reform occurring without violent uprisings from the working class?

No. 1451465

>infighting can be cool and funny
not true. I don't like rainbows and sunshines all the time either, but come on it gets so annoying at times

No. 1451528

There has been a new trend of testing out 4-day work weeks in North and Western Europe, but it hasn't reached critical mass. COVID-19 and now the war itself brought up a lot of questions about office time, since the very workplaces that reasoned that workplace presence is absolutely vital now tell workers to go the fuck home and not waste company money on office lighting and heating, home office will work just as well. Home office in general has become more normalized in office settings because workers don't want to give it up after experiencing it during lockdown, and realize how much more bearable it made their jobs.

No. 1451905

plenty of anons hate shayna threads too tho. some of us don't even use /snow/ anymore

No. 1451995

The 4 day work week is nice for people whose job involves sitting on their ass all day barely thinking but it does less than nothing for people with demanding jobs. It's not a coincidence that all the crumbs are going to a particular class of worker while the ones most in need are getting nothing.

No. 1452121

working suxxs

No. 1452544

unions help but they required organization

No. 1452585

go back to r/antiwork
unions are meme at this point and i won't give up half of my paycheck for these parasites.
>4 day work week
this is retarded idea, guess western office pussies are so lazy and have to have 3 three days off. i worked for entire weeks and i didn't bitch about it, god i hate westerners so much.

No. 1452801

You think being exploited is something to brag about? What are you so proud of?

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