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File: 1475358618398.gif (903.83 KB, 500x283, 39717-Anime-Love-Film-Letter-A…)

No. 144022

Anyone interested in a Mail thread? What's coming in the mail for that you're excited for? It can be anything, clothes, letters, miscellaneous!

No. 144023

File: 1475358880040.jpg (14.14 KB, 462x615, WKRU3946_879.jpg)

I'll go first: I'm waiting on a Kate Spade purse I've wanted for a long time, pic related.

No. 144024

Very cute anon!

I don't have anything exciting coming in the mail atm. I guess my new drivers livense, if that counts. I changed my address and the picture I took for the updated one looks nice compared to my old one.

No. 144025

Oh ffs, *license

No. 144026

Not really excited since they're all refills, but
>Innisfree Flower Lip Tint
>Mizon Ultra Suboon Cream
>EH Real Art Cleansing Oil (Moisture)
>EH Dear Darling Water Tint
>Missha Wood Eyebrow Pencil
+ loafers.

All shit that should've been here by now but it's stuck somewhere and I haven't even paid for the loafers yet. Calling CS on Monday.

The brow pencil + tint are things I ordered because I'm slowly cutting plastic and makeup/skincare with questionable ingredients out of my life.

No. 144027

I don't have anything like clothing that I'm waiting for but I'm always excited to get a letter from my pen pal. Every time I open my mailbox and see letter from her I get super excited. Not a lot of people to talk to where I live so it's really nice.

No. 144028

File: 1475372900318.gif (991.7 KB, 500x465, happyhappy.gif)

I ordered some nice creams and serums from Etude House a couple of weeks ago. The honey serum and the jumbo dumbo collagen cream, also the large size Wonder Pore. I love trying out all the different types of skincare they have.

No. 144030

File: 1475387984296.jpg (277.59 KB, 1212x816, il_fullxfull.823316573_j1r8.jp…)

my ww2 matchboxes and decoden phone case.

No. 144031

i'd lol if u were one of those anons wanting to write to those convicts in the prison pen pal thread.

No. 144032

That's adorable! Where did you order it from?

No. 144033

I've got pepper spray, dish soap, and usb type c cords set to arrive soon. Also my passport in a few weeks.

No. 144034

We do both depending on how we're feeling. Normally it's a lot of cute stationary with tons of cute glittery stuff or stickers. If one of us is sick or busy with work we just use nice stationary without the extra decoration.

nah she's a friend from down south in the u.s lol. we like a lot of the same stuff so we decided to write letters back and forth.

What shop did you order that from? I tend to just buy a bunch of stuff and make my own.

No. 144035


She's got tons of cute cases. You guys won't like the prices for them though.

No. 144036

Compared to most decoden cases I've seen, these look like super amazing quality. I might actually save up and buy myself one of the unicorn ones. Thanks anon.

No. 144037

Np. Yeah usually it's just a bunch of resin charms stacked on top of silicone frosting so these are a breath of fresh air. Nice choice. I debated on getting the bakery case or one of the unicorn ones for so long before I actually made my purchase.

No. 144038

I'm going to be getting anime merchandise in the mail. Feel a bit embarrassed to be spending my money this way but I'm absurdly excited for it.

No. 144039

I know that feel anon. Someone on Ebay is selling an unopened daki cover that I love and I can't decide if I want to buy it or not. If I do it'd be going to the next level of embarrassing weebshit.

No. 144040

Yes absolutely! I'll make some collages

No. 144041

File: 1475603514470.jpg (103.58 KB, 940x450, 1.jpg)

Waiting on more Sephora stuff… I spent the rest of my points on the book bag even though it
's not a great deal, just so I can free myself from stalking the Tuesday/Thursday refresh frenzy hah, plus I can use it as a travel bag. Just a few things left in my wish list to grab and then maybe I can be free of my obsession.

No. 144042

I'm waiting for love message from my crush.
It never comes

No. 144043

File: 1475706472629.jpg (189.51 KB, 600x846, angel-exterminatus.jpg)

thats so cute anon! Im super jelly not going to lie. The most exciting thing I have coming in the mail is yet another warhammer 40k novel because Ill never have the money to get into the figurines. Im really excited to read some Iron Warriors lore!!

No. 144044

File: 1475710233619.jpg (445.97 KB, 2048x1365, Friends_Notebook_-_Flowers_6b4…)

I bought some really cute notebooks and a planner from jetoy. They were so cute I couldn't resist and now I'm waiting for them to arrive

No. 144045

Thanks anons! I actually just got it in the mail today and I love love love it! The mousse color is really nice, like a pale taupe and the indigo is nice and dark. It's also roomier than I imagined. Overall, super glad I got it! I'm on the hunt for a super cute wallet for it now…

No. 144046

Good choice anon. Also read the Eisenhorn Trilogy if you get a chance! Dan Abnett is my favourite from the Black Library!

No. 144047

Ahhh same! I love their BB cream. I will never ever waste my money on any other BB cream.

Their snail serum was quite nice too. If you can get over the fact it's snails :P

No. 144048

File: 1475752371751.png (267.01 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1288.PNG)

I'm waiting for these too I'm really happy about the romper , I've wanted one like that for a long time. There was a cheaper one on amazon I've been considering even though it would have been way too big so
I'm really glad I found this one!

No. 144050

is it not just roomwear?

No. 144051

File: 1475799227398.png (105.09 KB, 593x335, av_A6E8_254.png)

Waiting on aveda's inner light mineral tinted moisture broad spectrum spf 15 in aspen and DE's
lala retro cream.

No. 144052

Stop shilling Drunk Elephant already.

No. 144053

A shill because I'm posting what stuff I'm waiting on in the mail and half is DE? Besides I got the Lippe and am thinking of returning because it's drying. Chill out anon.

No. 144054

You've been mentioning it in a few other threads as well. It's annoying. Are you the same person who was obsessed with Glossier?

No. 144055

I've mentioned here because I ordered some others from their line I haven't tried yet, and in the skin care thread (which the last time anyone said anything about it was a week ago) because I like 2 products of theirs a lot, so a grand total two threads, and maybe 5 posts from me. You're overreacting like hell anon, relax.

No. 144056


You do know drunk elephant is a big brand with a lot of users right? I lover their vitamin c serum.

are people not allowed to mention a brand? lmao

No. 144057

Some Listen Flavor fairy kei stuff!! I love pastel clothes so much but I'm still a little ashamed to wear it outside my house since it looks 'childish'.

No. 144058

File: 1476037634645.jpg (369.79 KB, 1500x1500, 91XWS1RfJJL._UL1500_.jpg)

A Manhattan Portage backpack, sometimes they get awesome discounts on Amazon so this one was only $25.

I also bought a volume of Black Jack and the last volume of Saturn Apartments.

No. 144059

File: 1476041327588.jpeg (31.05 KB, 327x540, 0004849_cleansing-milk.jpeg)

That looks cute, anon! I'm a sucker for backpacks, I wish it were not weird for an woman not in school to use one instead of a purse haha.

As for me, I'm waiting on some DHC stuff to come, the cleansing oil and some cleansing milk. I love the design of the cleansing milk, i'm a sucker for cute packaging.

No. 144060

OH yeah, and the deep cleansing oil is only 14 bucks for a full size of it right now if anyone is interested as well: http://www.dhccare.com/welcome-dhc?SourceKey=DIRECT&utm_source=DIRECT&utm_medium=HPAGE&utm_campaign=WELCOMEDHC
It's super popular and I have heard so much about it, hope it works haha

No. 144061

File: 1476044448290.png (628.01 KB, 984x1312, fashionpack.png)

>>I wish it were not weird for an woman not in school to use one instead of a purse haha.

If you try less scholastic-looking backpacks, they work great with everyday wear. I started wearing backpacks more regularly after a chiropractor noted my spine was tilting toward the arm I usually carried my purse.

No. 144062

File: 1476205939182.jpg (61.35 KB, 1105x778, shop1.JPG)

I'm actually waiting on a few things so I'll post a few screen shots. This first one is some perfume I bought for Christmas for my family (Hermes for dad, lancome for mom, and large pink sugar for young sister)

I did buy myself the green tea one and the smaller pink sugar one. I love green tea or citrus scents. One of my favorite green tea scents was the L'Occitane Green Tea Eau De Toilette which was discontinued. I wanted to get another fresh and light green tea scent that was lower cost for running around.For day scent now I am using Chanel's Mademoiselle (and YSL Parisienne which is ok now that it's fall) which I don't want to use when I'm just wearing some shitty animu shirt or lazy af.

On a side note I want to get chanel's Cristalle Eau Verte and YSL babydoll.

Cristalle is lemony and floral and super fresh smelling. Perfect day or spring/summer scent. Baby doll is fruity and sweet, filled with pineapple, vanilla, grapefruit, and rose. Really playful and feminine

No. 144063

File: 1476208086385.png (210.43 KB, 502x487, trump pepe punch.png)

Well, nothing's coming in the mail, but I'm about to send out my absentee ballot, which is pretty exiting, considering this is the first time I've voted.

You other Femanons are typically Trump supporters too, right?
I'm actually pretty curious what other girlfags' political views are, if they even differ at all from the typical far-right hivemind that comes with anonymous imageboards.

No. 144064

Go to the polfag or trump thread in /b/.

No. 144065

File: 1476211161823.jpg (100.14 KB, 450x450, p385319-av-01-Lhero.jpg)

I looove citus scents too, anon. Have you tried NEST Indigo? It has a hint of bergamot that I just die for. I've got the rollerball in my cart atm.

No. 144066

File: 1476235414597.jpg (16.03 KB, 125x119, IMG_2403.JPG)

Not murican but I'm trying to get my lazy and apathetic internet murica friends to go out and vote for trump. Got a whole bunch to register at least just need to get them to go and actually vote kek.

No. 144067

File: 1476367991205.jpg (16.54 KB, 236x229, e4d18404d0bcdcfa3c74de97e52069…)

I haven't had the funds for online shopping recently, but I finally gave in and ordered some rainbow highlighter from Amazon along with a couple more practical items. I've been wanting to try it for months!

No. 144068

I've got a few books for Halloween reading on the way!

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, Dracula, and The Fall of the House of Usher. I've actually never read any of these before, so I'm excited.

No. 144069

ooooooh I've been wanting to read Frankenstein for Halloween as well.
I've heard it's really spoopy

No. 144070

Frankenstein is excellent, you'll enjoy it. It's rather short though, which is disappointing.

No. 144071

I've got a bodyline order coming in, and a necklace.

No. 144072

The new Overwatch update made me want to read it, tbh…

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