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File: 1469482244077.jpg (78.94 KB, 640x428, driving-class.jpg)

No. 143756

Any older anons that still haven't learned how to drive here?
Had my first driving lessons today at the age of 22. I find it kind of nerve-wracking, I have issues with turning properly. I wish I had taken classes when I was 16.

Anyone else in the same situation?

No. 143757

I got my license and all that. But driving in a normal car and not in one where the instructor can stop/speed up makes me incredibly nervous. The last time I drove was almost 2 years ago. I'm thinking about starting again but there's no one in the family that could show me, besides my mother with who I don't get along with.
I don't get how people can drive without fear.

No. 143758

I'm 22 and still don't have a license. Cars are crazy expensive in my country and I see no reason to get one even if I could afford it.

I do want to get a license though, just in case I ever need to drive. When I have enough money to get a motorcycle I'll start my lessons too.

No. 143759

Make sure you at least get a helmet and start with something that doesn't have a peaky powerband.

No. 143760

File: 1469485799978.jpg (15.85 KB, 410x275, technique.jpg)

I didn't learn to drive until I was 22 either. It is normal to be nervous. Practice in rural areas when beginning then move to more populated places later on. Repetition is most important. One day, you will be driving and realize you aren't scared.

No. 143761

File: 1469486819261.png (53.33 KB, 1500x1000, frog mad.png)

I tried to learn when I was 26 years old. Everyone in the driving school, from students to teachers were absurdly bydlo and low class. I paid around 500$ for the theoretical and practical classes.

I failed in the pratical exam, I parked the car but then it failed two times, and this is automatic failure. It would be another 250$ only to take another exam and I couldn't give less shit nowdays.

I heard people who took the exam 10 times until they finally got their license, and this is typical of the third world shithole where I live. The exams are hard on purpose, they don't want more people driving.

No. 143762

In my state you can get your license without having to do any pro driving lessons once you're 18, as long as you pass the behind the wheel test and the written test you're good to go. Currently 19, my mom and dad are too uptight to teach me so one of my friends have been letting me practice in parking lots with her. Currently saving up to get my own car as well, once I have enough I'm going to get my license and then a car. I don't want to learn though, only reason is because I have plans to move a little out into the country here within the next year so no more public transport.

No. 143763

I don't need a car.
I've always lived in cities with good public transport and my hometown is so small you can go from one end to the other in an hour. One of the cities I lived in was so packed and densely populated you couldn't bike at all but you could get anywhere by bus, trolley or tram. Also uber is huge there now.
The perks of living in Europe I guess. I've even had an easy time as a tourist in fucking Moldova and Slovakia.

I honestly don't get why anyone would need a car in this day and age unless they live out in the sticks and the nearest store is 50km away.

No. 143764

I'm 26 and haven't gotten mine yet. It's almost funny at this point. Thing is i live in a city with a great public transport system, no parking spaces, shit roads and very expensive cars and licence fees so i just can't be bothered throwing (equalent) &4K on getting it before i move.

No. 143765

$4k. And that's just for the licence.

No. 143766

I'm 26 and still don't have my license, though I know how to drive.

I've been avoiding getting my license due to social anxiety about taking the driving test.

It's been a pain in the ass not to be able to get around, because I live in the suburbs where everything is too far away to walk to.

No. 143767

24, still don't have my license and I'm shit scared. I can handle the car, but traffic overwhelms me completely. I don't trust some retard not to kill me, or trust myself not to kill a family if I panicked on the highway.
Its inconvenient but at least nobody dies.

No. 143768

I fucking hate driving but I had to do it because the USA is not built for walking. Sigh.
Hoping by moving into a city I'll be walying more instead

No. 143769

I'm 20 in the U.S and one of the only people in my group of friends without a driver's license. I have hardcore anxiety and I hate hate hate driving. I know how to drive and everything, but I just hate it so much, I'm so scared.

No. 143770

I'm 27 with car anxiety. Probably will never happen, just being in cars makes me have panic attacks. I'm fine on trains though.

No. 143771

File: 1469526790003.png (415 KB, 654x702, 178273410.png)

I went to the DMV to renew my learner's and they accidentally gave me a full license. huhuhu

No. 143772

Turning 25 this year and no license. Probably never gonna get one.

No. 143773

As soon as I turned 18, people started bugging me about when I'm going to get a license and a car. In my country the main form of transportation is bike or train anyway, so I personally don't feel like it's necessary to get a license. Plus I'm absolutely terrified to drive.

No. 143774

>In my country the main form of transportation is bike or train anyway
Denmark or the Netherlands? :D

No. 143775

The Netherlands :D

No. 143776

No. 143777

>live out in the sticks
>nearest Aldi is 5km away
>everyone has their own well
>yank cousins visit
>but why don't we go by car why are we walking this far how are we gonna carry the waaadurrr I don't want to drink from the well it's duuurtyyy
>wah wah I need muh car to be a functional human being

This is why you're fat SJWs

No. 143778

I don't even understand what this post is trying to say.

No. 143779

Err…you tried I guess

No. 143780

I'm 25 and currently learning to drive. I hate it, but I've always hated the thought of driving. When I turned 17 I was offered lessons for my birthday, but had no interest. But once I was out of uni and job searching, I realised I really do require one to get to the more rural areas (I plan on working in a lab) early in the morning. I've had about 20 hours so far, test is in literally less than 2 weeks and I still hate driving.
I hate that the highway code book is filled with "you MUST NOT etc".
I hate that the instructor is so bothered that I'm going 23mph instead of 28mph in a 30 mph zone.
I hate that I can't just take my time and slow down at junctions and roundabouts. Like fuck, you want me to turn in a sharp circle, check my mirrors, switch gear AND maintain 30mph without losing control on one of those things? Fucking get real mate. And yelling at me to do something extra isn't going to magically improve my multitasking.
I hate that it's all about everyone else. Like I'm going kind of slow, but not stupidly slow, but I've to speed up because the car behind me is MAYBE getting impatient that I'm 5mph below the maximum limit. They can WAIT.

I think /rant, but I just hate driving.

No. 143781

It's illegal to drive slow as fuck because speed differentials are dangerous.

>I hate that it's all about everyone else. Like I'm going kind of slow

You remind me of people that go in the fast lane and drive the speed limit because fuck everyone else. So glad they started giving tickets out for that where I live.

No. 143782

Speed comes with practice anon. 25-30 mph feels like sensory overload because it is when you have 20 hours of driving experience and are just getting the hang of it.

Some people like going slower anyway and that's fine. But know the signs of aggressive drivers and when it might be time to speed up to ease the flow or pull over to let them pass. The reason why slow driving can be dangerous is because people can get cozy and start to not pay attention. The people behind can get irritated and start making really dumb moves like passing in a no-pass zone to get around the slow car, or tailgating so close they crash into the slow car or the slow car gets nervous and pulls a bad decision.

No. 143783

I'm so pissed off. So I bought a beginners driving course thing (an offer for driving lessons for completely new drivers) and two lessons in, my driving instructor says I have to pay the normal price if I want to continue because I "have clearly driven before and have experience with manual driving"

I was so fucking angry because I am a complete beginner. Not sure if they're trying to rip me off because I researched the instructor company extensively and they had excellent reviews.

No. 143784

I'm 25 and don't drive. Tried twice and just noped out of it. I'm just too dumb and easily distracted, the anxiety is horrible.
I'd be willing to try a realistic driving simulation they have in some places none of them nearby.

No. 143785

I can't even see the road when I sit in the passenger seat. I can't drive and I'm kinda embarrassed to learn cause I'll probably need phone books and pillows to sit on like my grandma does. It also looks really nerve wracking.

Is driving really as nerve wracking and scary as it seems or is it just when you first start learning that it's terrifying?

No. 143786

A great low stress place to practice driving is your local cemetery. Usually there isn't much traffic and you can take your time practicing your turns without worrying about other motorists.

My daddy taught me to drive in a cemetery and I taught one of my friends how to drive in a cemetery. Best part is: if you hit someone, they're already dead!

Driving really freaked me out when I was first learning. I actually got my license "late" at 17 since I put off getting my learner's until I was 16. I've been driving for a decade now. It's just a part of my everyday life, like putting on my shoes. Getting comfortable behind the wheel takes time. Having a patient teacher helps.

No. 143787

As a person who doesn't drive… it is just in our heads for the most part. Driving IS dangerous, but if your grandma can do it, and mine despite her health issues and general confusion… anyone can.

No. 143788

20 here op. I'm taking my theory test this friday after failing it by one point about a week ago. I'm super nervous to get in front of the wheel too but I'll do my best

No. 143789

This honestly. I know so many idiots that suck at driving, often do stuff wrong (eg. dont turn on their blinker) and yet, they drive.
Ironically, I can't get myself behind the wheel lol

No. 143790

22, I don't have a driver license or anything because it's super expensive to take lessons and attend the exam and shit where I live, and I'm poor. I don't need a car anyway because public transit is more than enough for me, but apparently it's enough for potential employers to not hire me for anything. So I have to get a driver license and a car someday.

No. 143791

Thankd God I'm not the only one who didn't understand any of it.

No. 143792

same, even the age :(
Idk if I should even try learning

No. 143793

That might be a pretty sensible reason to avoid driving a car, really. It's not like that's an irrational fear.

No. 143794

Hoge vijf, zuster ^^
Daar zit ik ook.

No. 143795

It's not an irrational fear, but being afraid of traffic and not being able to travel in motor vehicles is incredibly limiting. Idiots can cause accidents which kill others at any time. This is a fact of life.

No. 143796

Driving makes me want to throw up. It's mandatory in my state to have driving lessons in high school. My instructor used to forget where he was going and get mad when I would go slow and wait for him to tell me where to go in like a residential area with no other cars. Or if I turned somewhere he told me to go, he'd throw a fit saying I was going the wrong way. I chickened out on the last few lessons and just stopped going to class. I was still able to graduate though somehow.

My parents have a severe fear of teaching their kids how to drive as well, so now my sister is reteaching me at the age of 23. It's a godsend though because she is amazing at teaching and is patient. Though I need to get my license before the end of August because I'll no longer have a ride to work. I need to just suck it up I guess.

No. 143797

27, never had a learners permit. I moved to the city at 16 going on 17, and my small town had no buses or trains. Once I realized how transit works, I was all over it. I get tired and dizzy easily because of low blood pressure and low blood sugar, it can get almost blackout-bad within seconds. Plus last month I watched someone drive onto the sidewalk, strike, and killed a girl almost on impact. They did CPR for 10 minutes, but no luck

No. 143798

Meh. It's not a fact of YOUR life if you don't drive a car.
It's limiting, yeah. You'd have to use public transportation everywhere. But I guess it's a matter of personal priorities whether it's worth it…

No. 143799

I have a practical exam in two days and I'm so nervous. I know what to expect and have been practicing and all, but I have heard stories where examiners fail you for pointless things. Also I get really nervous when I'm being tested. Plus if I don't pass this one, I'll have to start the license process all over again.

No. 143800

mandatory driving lessons in high school? where do you live?

No. 143801

File: 1469685855506.png (156.03 KB, 283x362, 1432480741734.png)

Just commenting again to say that I'll probably be getting my license soon and I'm really nervous.

I'll be living on my own for the first time in a month or so and just absolutely have to learn to drive to get around.

There's a reputable driving school that offers courses for $400. It's a lot of money, but apparently you can get a break on your car insurance if you've taken courses, plus get a tax credit of like $150. Plus, they'll come pick you up and drop you off for free if you don't have a car.

The website looks like it's mostly aimed at high school kids. Even though the course is supposedly just 1-on-1 with an instructor, I'm scared they'll think I'm a retard for being 26 and not knowing how to drive yet.

Plus, I'm still worried about actually taking the test. Learning how to parallel park is a huge part of passing the test, and I could never get it right when I tried practicing. I always get turned around when instinctively knowing simple shit like which way to turn the wheel when backing up.

No. 143802

Where do you live?

No. 143803

I'm 22 and need to take my first driving lesson too. it's my parents' fault for over-sheltering me.. but whatever, damage done and gotta move forward. i have to do it and the sooner the better, i'm a little anxious about it, especially because I want to be able to drive in highways and everything soon, since I need it for my job.

No. 143804

I'm 30 and I still don't drive lol. I feel like the moment I get my license I'm gonna die in a crash.

No. 143805

They had that at my school district, in Illinois. There was even a fight with the school about making a blind kid('s parents) pay and attend the class

No. 143806

I have my driving license for a few years now.
A lot of anons ITT seem to be scared of driving, trust me, you'll get used to it after a few months tops. I barely even think now when I'm driving because everything goes on autopilot. It feels like riding a bike now. Just get your license it's great

No. 143807

File: 1469924113677.jpg (23.06 KB, 500x492, pepe.jpg)

I'm 26 and I hate telling people I don't have my license.

No. 143808

if you live in the us its not difficult in any way
if somewhere else then you just need a little practice in private with somebody willing to let you drive their car
you dont have to pay for lessons imo can just to get the license after you figure it out
/19 and no license but i drive everywhere and have never been pulled over bc my friends let me learn from them

No. 143809

Why don't you just get a license? It seems like a silly risk.

No. 143810

im working on it just dont have the money yet
it is a silly risk but ..its my silly risk

No. 143811

I'm 27 and I only got my license two years ago, I haven't driven since I passed the test because I'm still way too nervous. I live in London so I don't really need to drive and not that many people have cars, but still. If I ever get a car I think it's going to have to be automatic, even though most people here drive manual. Dicking about with the clutch is just one more thing to distract me from not killing myself and people around me.

I even occasionally dream about driving and it's always the same. I have no control over the car and I'm trying (and failing) to not smash into everything while I desperately look for somewhere to pull over. I randomly had one of these last night, which is why I decided to finally post in this thread.

No. 143812

I put off learning for as long as I could because my city has decent public transport. I had a lot of anxiety with driving, complete with nightmares about driving and having the brakes fail. It does get better the more you practice, anons! I suggest practicing in parking lots after hours or in very rural areas. I spent a very long time driving 10km/h in empty parking lots before moving on to roads. Now I drive every day.

No. 143813

I dont think driving is hard as long as you drive defensively. Just keep observing your surroundings, get lots of practice, and dont get intimidated by other drivers.

No. 143814

Does anyone have advice for driving in bad weather?
And how often do you really have to parallel park?

No. 143815

driving in bad weather?
simple: you just drive much slower than you normally would. people behind you will get mad, but they can deal with it because if you get in an accident it may cost someone's life. (I've had to drive through countless blizzards in open farmland at night uphills both ways since 17, i'm an expert :) ).
i have parallel parked all of once in the 5 years i've had my license. i avoid it at all costs.

No. 143816

Bumping this thread because I'll be getting my license hopefully before the end of the month.
Anons who drive, how do you deal with pressure with the driver(s) behind you? I know it's common sense to slow down before making a turn if you want to do it properly, but I feel like the drivers behind me will get impatient because now they have to slow down. Also I'm a good citizen and never drive over the speed limit and stay in the right lane because I know people can be in a hurry, but will people get frustrated for driving within the limit (even though they shouldn't)? I know how to drive and I'm ready, but it's the pressure that gets me.

No. 143817

Feeling pressure from thinking other drivers will get mad at you for driving the speed limit? The people who get mad for having to drive the speed limit are ALWAYS entitled jerks. They drive recklessly and put everyone else in danger. You'll just have to learn to ignore them. And you'll learn you don't always need to drive the speed limit exactly in all situations as you get more driving experience.

No. 143818

I think it's very important to be looking at who's behind you (and also to your sides) frequently while you're driving. If you notice someone is tailgating you and being generally reckless (texting, for example), then you should keep a large distance between yourself and whoever is ahead of you, and do NOT hit the brakes suddenly. If they keep tailgating you and acting stupid then I would also consider pulling over or switching lanes to let them pass.

Something unrelated to asshole drivers I find helpful is looking at the car in front of the car that is in front of you. I start braking when I see several cars ahead of me doing it, makes things less stressful in traffic.

Drive slowly, keep a distance, do not brake while making turns in the snow or you will lose control of your car. Parallel parking is mostly a thing if you are going to a city with street parking.

No. 143819

I got my license at 23…didn't need it before then, I could always get around wherever I was, but then I wanted to finish school and had to commute to campus…having a goal helped, like I told myself every day that if I wanted to finish school and get a good job and have a happy life, I needed to start with learning to drive and practicing every day. motivated me to do it…but it's been almost a year and I still get nightmares about it pretty much nightly which is sort of distressing but it's not that dramatic in real life…it's starting to feel more natural, I'm sure it'll only get easier

No. 143820

I'm 29 and I don't have my license. I can't really drive and I detest being in cars.

No. 143821

I can't drive but it looks like I'll have to learn. I live in a place that has a lot of public transport but it seems all the jobs that I'm qualified to do are in the middle of nowhere here. I'm stuck in this loop that I need a job for money but now I need money to get a licence to get a car to get a job…

No. 143822

I'm 24 and have no license. I can't see myself ever getting one. I have way too much anxiety about operating a car. I have a long history of mental illness and have been hospitalized quite a few times for it. I just don't trust myself to control such a dangerous object without someone ending up dead.

I also am too anxious to ride public transportation alone and my health is too shit to walk very far (not that there's there's much in walking distance from my apartment).

I'm going to be 100% fucked if I ever need to get a job.

No. 143823

File: 1476368391085.jpg (27.97 KB, 313x234, nervous-driver.jpg)

I've had my license for 2 years now and after driving scacho I never sat behind the wheel again. I'm currently trying to re-learn it but I have a few problems so I was wondering if any anons could give some tips?

The car we currently own is a Peugeot. But I have trouble with the pedals, they sort of push my foot back while releasing.
(I use to practice in a Golf 6 and it all went smooth so idk what's wrong with this)

I can't see the what's in front of the car but everyobe says it's important and easier if you do???

No. 143824

I feel you anon. I'm 26, no license, and it is hard to imagine myself ever getting one. Cars scare the living shit out of me, and the few times I have tried to drive were panic inducing. I live in a small town with barely any public transport, so my only hope is to try and get a job in a big town where I can at least feasibly walk or ride a bus.

I know a lot of my fear comes from the fact I had a family member in a fatal car accident that killed their passenger. They were a good driver and someone still died, and knowing how many people really do die in car wrecks, just makes me go nope nope nope nope.

No. 143825


I'm 25 with a pretty crippling fear of driving in traffic. I actually LOVE to drive out in the country, through neighborhoods, and so on, but driving on a busy highway or even a crowded street downtown scares the shit out of me. I have my learner's permit, but I haven't worked up the courage to take the driving test yet. I do kind of wish I'd taken lessons when I was younger, or that my mom had bothered teaching me. I don't think I'd have so much fear now. It sucks to see so many others in the same boat, but I feel a little better knowing I'm not the only one.

No. 143826

Same, I've always felt really isolated because I don't have a driver's license (so awkward when it comes up) and it makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one in this situation, like I'm not a complete screw up.

No. 143827

I'm 30 and can't drive.
Cars scare the shit out of me
I'm gonna try this year though…

No. 143828

I'm 22 and I took a few driving classes when i was 18, even took the book part, but then things came up, money was tight and no one could practice with me. Besides, my driver teacher was always talking on the phone when he was teaching me how to drive and it made me very stressed because I often didn't know where we were driving and he would just get angry when I'd take the wrong turn (even though he didn't say shit since he was too busy on the phone).

Just thinking about going back to him for driving classes stresses me out. Maybe I'll try again soon because I'd really like to be able to drive in the future, even though I can't afford a car atm.

No. 143829

Taking my exam tomorrow (hopefully). Any words of wisdom or last minute things? I'm confident with my parallel parking which is the only parking they require for this test.

No. 143830

Just take some deep breathes and take things slowly. You got this!

No. 143831

22/living in Southern America and don't have a license. Didn't learn in high school because my brother is only a couple years older than me and started driving right before he turned 16 so my moms focus was on teaching him to drive. I went to right before turning 18 lived with in an apartment with my brother that was literally 5 minutes away from campus. I dropped out of uni and lived with my parents for a few months, and was like "eh, fuck it I'll learn to drive" because i had a part time job and didn't like waiting for my mom to get off of work to come get my after my shift ended. Did all the tests online, passed, and even drove around a little bit to practice for the big test. Absolutely hated every minute of it. Being on the road behind the wheel freaks me the fuck out. I then moved abroad where the public transport is A+++++ and I never plan on driving again in my life.

Though everybody in my family nags me when I visit back home for a few months.

No. 143832

File: 1476747990036.jpg (46.71 KB, 589x378, 67678453.jpg)

I'm 27 and still can't drive. Some heavy shit happened recently, so I'm on my own now, living in a place without public transportation except Uber, and I really need to get my license.

I'm going to get my permit soon, but I'm scared to even try because I can't memorize or study for shit, thanks to my depression. I'm going to shell out the money to take a course with a driving school, but the thought of driving scares the shit out of me. My reaction time is horrible because of my depression, and the thought of having to think quickly while driving makes me want to puke.

The thing that drives me nuts is I have a lot of family friends who are constantly on my shit about getting my license. I'm fully aware of what responsibilities I have, especially living alone now, but their constant asking puts so much pressure on me, when I can barely get out of bed most days.

Don't even get me started on getting a job, because I've never had one of those either. Shit sucks having no life experience at this age.

No. 143833

Hey anon, have you looked into antidepressants? It would probably help (I'm on antidepressants so no judgment, they really work!).

No. 143834

Yeah, I've tried out more anti-depressants than I can count over the past 10+ years, plus exercise, healthy eating, etc. Nothing has really helped unfortunately.

No. 143835

Let your future driving instructor know how you feel, I'm sure they will understand and will start you out in a residential area with a slow speed limit. When I first started out, I would visibly shake from being so nervous, but it's really all about getting behind the wheel and putting the time in so you get used to it and get experience.

No. 143836

22 and live in the USA, failed drivers test 7 times so far.
I can drive really well normally but I have severe social anxiety, so the driving test fucks me over.
I don't think I'll ever get my license.

No. 143837

27. Have gotten multiple learner's permits, but have never taken the driver's test. I panic when I try to drive. I shut down completely. Hands off the steering wheel, foot off the pedal, staring off into space, totally oblivious to everything. I shouldn't be allowed to drive.

God I hate myself.

No. 143838

I'm 20 years old and I don't know how to drive, and have no intrest to learn.
In my defense, I live in Europe, in a large city with decent public transportation.

No. 143839

Anyone who gets pissed that you're going the speed limit in a city or residential area is an asshole. Hell I've done it myself: for instance, on the highway I use for my commute, the posted speed limit is 55 but people usually go about 65 and really only obey the speed limit when the roads are wet. There's no passing lane, so it can get annoying being stuck behind someone going precisely the speed limit, but I usually tell myself that the person I'm stuck behind is probably a new driver or new to highway driving.

No. 143840

I don't think I'll ever learn unless I get a nice car like a Tesla or something. I just don't like pollution and my bike is enough for now. As an added bonus it pisses off car drivers and I love it because they can't do shit about it.

No. 143841

I have my practical driving assessment tomorrow morning and I'm so fucking worried. It's taken me 4 years to get to this stage and I'm scared that if I fail I'll probably burst into tears and never go for another test.

No. 143842

19. Taking classes in the middle of the week. Practicing today, still nervous, this is the first official time with an actual permit, and I've only done this once before.

No. 143843

I've failed it twice. Trying again in November. It's my stupid anxiety.

No. 143844

Good luck, anon. Third time lucky!

No. 207134

File: 1507066121652.png (111.58 KB, 247x340, 32527835875.png)

I'm the OP of this original thread, and I'm just curious how everyone's doing. I'm able to drive in normal roads now, but I HATE driving on the highway. I went today during rush hour and I feel like I almost had multiple near-death experiences, while merging, trying to change lanes, exiting, etc.
When you're going that fast, it's so hard to make quick decisions because everything is happening so fast. Driving on the highway is easy when there's barely anyone on it - like on a Sunday evening, but obviously that can't be the case all the time. Any tips?

No. 207138

I'm a huge airhead, I even have problems with walking sometimes so driving is out of question for me.

No. 207141

No tips besides keep practicing. I felt the same way when I was learning how to drive.

Interestingly enough I now find highway driving more relaxing because there's no intersections or pedestrians to worry about.

No. 207144

I'm 25 and still can't drive. But I live next to a train station and feel no need to.

No. 207148

took classes at 15, got license at 17, got in 3 wrecks and were in periods when I couldn't use my car

I'm taking boating ed soon, to get my boating license, not that anyone cares lul

No. 207149

I felt the same way but I ended up being a pretty decent driver. Somehow I'm still shit at walking though lol, the other day I had to back a pickup into a narrow driveway and I did it in seconds with ease…and then I got out of the truck, tripped after walking a few feet, and then ran into something.

No. 207182

Oh my god. I'm 23 and don't even have my permit (finally have my shit relatively together and orking on that as well) I knew I wasn't literally the only one but I don't know anyone else in this situation so this thread…..
Why are there so many cows and cowlike people that have never worked a day in their life, don't have any hobbies, don't do any chores etc etc but they all can drive?

No. 207187

I'm 26 and don't have permit. I went driving a few times and it went so badly I never want to even try again, and that was 8 years ago.
I mean I had my learner's permit. I knew all the rules of the road. But when it came to actually having to learn how to turn the wheel, how much pressure to put on the gas or brake pedal, blabla… you can't really learn that in a textbook. And all cars are react differently, and I had terrible teachers at first and have no desire to try again at this point.
I wish I could though. I don't mind walking or biking but a car is great to transport things, or for emergencies. I just can't.

No. 207208

I wasn't allowed to learn how to drive at age 15-16 (abusive step father) so I didn't learn until I left home to live with my dad at 18. I always felt like garbage for 'learning late'. It's good to know that I'm not alone.

No. 207210

I have my license and can drive fine on residential roads but I have a mental breakdown any time I have to drive on a busy highway or road with tons of traffic.

I live in an area where accidents happen all the time because everyone is in such a fucking hurry. Stop signs mean "go" if you can't see anybody (somebody actually got killed near my house by doing this) and traffic lights only have two modes: green for go and red for also go if you get there first/can beat the other guy coming. I've been behind people that merge into their neighbors without bothering to signal or look around their own car. ffs I've been rear-ended twice at fucking stop signs because people always roll through and expect me to do the same. I've lost count of how many times I've been honked/gestured at for stopping to check for oncoming cars when I turn right on a red light.

The amount of GOTTA GO FAST or oblivious drivers terrifies me so much I honestly shake and cry the entire time I'm forced to be in traffic.

No. 207314


I just daydream too much, I almost get hit by cars thrice a days at least. I don't want to kill anyone because I was in my little fantasy world.

No. 207321

Also 26 and no license yet. The fact that I live on a very small place helps me get everywhere but it makes things shit for getting a job outside, since here there's almost nothing. And here the license costs a ton shit of money.

No. 207323

Fuck, same lol. I'm 23 as well.I think it's the same reason that men find driving so easy usually. They don't tend to overthink it or even worry about possibly getting in an accident. They just do it, you know? That's basically what my bf said. I'm insanely jealous of this mindset.

No. 207329

I agree but why bring biological sex into it? This thread is the most adults I've ever seen who can't drive. I still don't know a single woman in my real life who can't drive.

No. 207331

V true anon, I don't think gender has anything to do with it, it.. Most people I know who are over 21+ and don't have a license are male.

No. 207344

Gender has something to do with it. Men are known to be risk-takers compared to women. Don't underestimate the power of testosterone combined with the societal pressure to show everyone you're a tough man who isn't afraid of shit.

No. 207359

Anon that's how most people who regularly drive feel, it has nothing to do with gender. It's more of an individual thing, my older brother is a nervous wreck and it's hard being in the car when he drives because if you give him a simple direction he panics and overthinks it.

this is true though. Female drivers seem to "mess up" more (not going when the light is green, not parking well, etc) but I'll take that over men doing fucking U-turns on a busy street across three lanes of traffic and nearly side-swiping me.

No. 207406

ive had a learners for over 10 years

being poor is shit

No. 208426

31 years old and never had a license. I opted to not get mine because I was with a controlling guy who didn't want me to have any freedom, and since then I've gained a fear of driving.
But I regret it, seriously, everyone who can get it, go do it now! Nothing sucks more than being a full grown adult with no way to get around.

No. 208540

Come on, it's not too late now! I know some old lady who's living outside of town, who never got one and now she can't leave the house unless her daughter is driving her - you don't want that!

No. 208686

26 and same, but my parents were controlling and didn't want me to learn. I tell myself it's ok because I live in a city that has public transportation, and beyond that I walk places or if I'm really in a bind I can use rideshare like lyft/uber. But I do feel a little bit of shame every time I see people my age or younger driving their cars around. It makes finding work very hard. I feel really ashamed of it. But I am so scared of driving and have no motivation

No. 208690


I will. I am scared of driving big time, but I will eventually conquer that fear and learn to do it. I'm in the midst of a bettering myself phase and this is number one on my list, after getting healthier.


That's the worst part, it's hard to even work without a license and car. I know I need to practice what I preach, but go get that damn license!

No. 208880


If teenagers can do it with their poor observation skills, you can do it.

No. 208934

I’m 26 and still don’t have my license. I’m terrified of other drivers and even get panic attacks in cars when other people are driving. I’ve been in 2 accidents in cars, and hit by a car at a crosswalk once. None were life threatening but I’m an anxious person so it didn’t help.

I do have a learners permit, which I got 3 years ago. Around that time I was facing my fears and actually was learning how to drive. But then I just stopped because life was happening and I moved a bunch and away from my mom who was teaching me.

Since then the fear is back, and I’ve driven once like a year ago and it was terrifying. I live in a city with decent public transport and my boyfriend drives, who I live with, so I haven’t bothered trying again. Makes me feel like a baby tho. I want to be more independent but it’s so stressful and I haven’t been pushed so I don’t.

No. 208958

File: 1507942684154.jpg (138.17 KB, 1280x853, 1477529745001.jpg)

I got it a year after I was allowed to, but then moved to a city with decent public transport for 6 years and forgot everything. I fucking hate driving, I'm too anxious for it, but I still feel tremendously stupid for forgetting how to drive. Seriously, I went for a drive out in the sticks this summer to see if I still can drive and I had problems taking a neat turn. My father (it was his car) ordering me around probably didn't help.

No. 208964

Um, well. This is embarrassing, but here goes. I hope it makes you feel a little bit better about yourself, anon.

I'm 47, and I still don't. I'm not super happy about it, either. My mom was an engulfing, malignant narcissist and she controlled every aspect of my life until I left home (very much against her wishes) after high school ended. She dressed me, did my hair, everything. She never wanted me to learn and constantly undermined me. I was basically taught to be helpless, which only manifested as the clusterfuck it was as I got older; my family did not believe in therapy or even being mentally healthy so I just drank a ton for most of my twenties and thought I'd dealt with it but I'm tangenting hard–I went to NYC, which is a place where you're better off walking and taking the subway, so it wasn't super important to me.

At 30, I moved to LA with my then boyfriend, now husband. At this point, the idea of driving made me really anxious. I'm an agoraphobic with panic disorder (I would have been one regardless, but I don't think having my mother helped much) and while I've been on benzos since I was 27, I still didn't leave the house much. I worked from home doing freelance writing gigs for the studios, I had gone to film school and friends hooked me up.

I worked for a little while at The Greek theater, but that was close enough for me to walk to. I was really healthy then, also. I was there for two seasons and it was a lot of fun but my head eventually got bad again and…yeah.

The only time it was a problem was when we lived in Florida for five years, but we're back in SoCal now and the fact that things like Uber and Lyft exist make me feel okay about not driving.

I should correct this: I can drive. I just don't have my license and I don't do it often. I keep a learners permit, and in an emergency, I can get my dog to the vet, or whatever. But every single time I've tried to take the test I fail spectacularly because of my anxiety. I tried again when I was in Florida and I almost hit a pedestrian in the parking lot, no joke.

I've sort of given up on the idea. I am beyond ashamed. It limits me in so many ways. I'm really glad for friends who like to drive, my husband, and the aforementioned Uber/Lyft. But I would rather be able to drive and not be terrified about it.

Hang in there and keep trying.

No. 209003

People who move to my state and refuse to drive buuugs the hell out of me. This is socal! Get with it granny!

Like go to new york if you don't wanna drive lmfao

No. 209093

nearly cut myself on your edge there m8

No. 209149


You do realize you're going to age, right?

No. 209154

File: 1508193844549.jpg (52.52 KB, 640x468, anxiety.jpg)

19 here. My hometown is in the boondocks where (normally) everyone can't wait to get out and drive and go places so for 2 years I was really given a lot of shit from family and friends about not driving. I got my license the day before I turned 18 and I had such bad anxiety about it I almost pulled off the road to puke. I've been at university now and accidentally bumped into the back of someone's car trying to park in some really small spaces so I really gave up on driving for about 2 weeks (BTFO by anxiety) and now I like to park far away from my dorms because they're not on an incline and are much bigger spaces. I wish I lived in a big city so I can walk/subway/bus everywhere.
Also someone I follow retweeted a 5 minute video of horrible car crashes so. Anxious about driving farmers stay far away from that.

No. 209197

How do people in America get around without a car if they don't live in NYC or maybe Chicago?

I'm a super klutz who has ADHD so it's hard to imagine people who literally can't drive.

If I moved to a city like Boston or Atlanta, I'd probably be screwed. I could not drive there.

Not related to driving but I wish I could stay at home and have friends hook me up with jobs. Lucky.

I cannot imagine staying with someone who wouldn't let me drive for one day. Wtf?

No. 209252


Film school is basically 'paying for connections' school. Yes, you learn a ton but you're also networking constantly. Most of my friends from my year got jobs from the classes who came before them and we passed it down to the people who came after us. It's sort of the nature of the beast.

No. 209308

Anons I posted in a thread like this a year ago (it wasn't this specific thread I think) about how scared I was to drive and how I never thought it would happen especially since I live in NYC and always have the public transportation fallback… but yesterday I did it! I passed my road test!!

Good luck to everyone who is learning! It is an amazing, freeing feeling to finally get it! (I'm almost 22 btw)

No. 209312

File: 1508342966224.gif (1.28 MB, 500x281, 893598345.gif)

No. 209329

>>How do people in America get around without a car if they don't live in NYC or maybe Chicago?

Usually they carpool with family/friends, have a significant other drive them around, rely on shitty transport, bike, or live close enough to work/school/stores to walk it.

I didn't get my license until 25. I'm 27 now and live in England (from the U.S. bay area). The bus service is pretty unreliable here (often 20-30 minutes late etc) so ironically there are a lot of times I wish I had a car.

Meanwhile it took me until my mid-twenties to learn to drive because I was scared I'd kill someone.

All I can say is that it's important to have a good teacher. Just because they are paid doesn't make them good. My stepdad did a 100x better job teaching me to drive than any of the "professionals".

Driving can open up a whole new world, so I'd recommend it to any anons!


No. 209345

Oh god, I'm getting flash backs to when I first tried going to college without a car. I lived in the middle of nowhere, for perspective the drive there is 40 minutes each way. I carpooled with my aunt to there, but I had to use the bus to get to my parents place of work and then carpool home with them. I spent round 3 hours every day dealing with that bullshit, thank god I have a ride of my own at this point.

No. 209359

File: 1508400828982.png (279.41 KB, 757x564, 1508398521491.png)

19 years old here and I can only drive in a straight line. My learner's permit expired any I don't know anyone who can drive AND have a car.FML

No. 209446


Thank you so much!

Me neither; no one in my family has a car/drives, and only a few of my friends have cars (but no time to teach). What I basically ended up doing was saving up money and getting driving lessons from a driving school. (It was ~$350 for 7 lessons + them loaning you the car for the road test. Not too bad.) Maybe there are decently priced driving schools around you? Would not hurt to take a look!

No. 221450

I got my license almost a year ago (at 21) and I only use my car to go to work, school and Target (or other stores). My college classes are 15 minutes away this semester and I’m terrified of the highway so I’m taking the bus…

No. 221494

File: 1515461491969.jpg (196.47 KB, 1170x1072, Menhera-chan.full.2235906.jpg)

As a teenager I was eager to drive. Got my permit and everything.
A few years and a traumatic event later, I can hardly be in a car without panicking, nonetheless drive one.
I pretty much refuse to drive after that. It sucks, I don't even have friends to come pick me up. But I don't trust myself on the road, and I don't trust anyone else. I tried driving a few months ago and had a panic attack at the wheel and had to stop. It's just not happening, not for several more years at least.
When my boyfriend moves closer I'm just going to force him to drive me everywhere. For now I'm locked in my room because I hate driving with my parents, it ends in a huge argument. Sad life

No. 221499

>tfw father beat the shit out of me and kicked me out of the house for forgetting to signal during my first go on an actual road
i love my life i love my family

No. 221586

I'm 22 too and I still haven't set foot in a driving school.
I'm from Germany though and our driving lessons are HELLA expensive.
You normally pay around 1500 and that's considering you're good.

Anyways I don't have the money or time for it (student who has to travel a lot to get to uni).
Also I would not be able to afford a car. And I don't get very much support on this issue from my family.
Public transportation is pretty good here so that's a plus.
Still I hope someday I'll have the time and money to get it done.

No. 221592

I'm 25 & from Finland, and it's not rare here to choose to never get a license. I hope I never have to either, lessons are insanely expensive.

No. 221594

I do have a license and can second that. I was average, really not bad, but my parents still had to pay around 2000, so naturally there are quite a lot of people who simply can't afford that…

No. 221596

> and it's not rare here to choose to never get a license

That's good to hear. Maybe it sounds stupid but I care a lot about the environment so I take it as a huge plus if I can contribute to less gas emissions.

I'm from southern europe so here people look at you weird if you don't have a drivers license in your early to mid 20s. I work remotely so obviously I don't need it, but when I snoop around job ads a lot of them ask for drivers license even though the job itself is pretty sedentary.

I never had the urge to drive a car and my friends that own a car have more troubles with it from parking, to repairs.

No. 221767

28 here and I have extremely anxiety behind the wheel of a car. I doubt I'll ever end up getting my license.

No. 221812

I'm 24 and French, driving lessons aren't too expensive here actually. But I live in a relatively small city with great bus connections and can walk practically everywhere if I don't feel like taking the bus. I'm moving to Paris for an internship soon and there it's just better to not even bother unless you want to cry every day during your commute, there's tourists, beggars and refugees fucking everywhere and even the local pedestrians don't give a single damn and will kamikaze their way across a busy street if they're in a hurry. Lots of cyclists of the same kind too.

Honestly unless you live in some backwater village or a snowy Canadian tundra I see no reason to get a car, in cities it doesn't do anything a bike can't do better and cheaper.

No. 223347

Any other UK anons?

I’m now 24 and I passed April last year on my fourth attempt at the practical test, which was fairly embarrassing at the time considering almost everybody I know passed on their first or second attempts.

I also had to go through the change of driving instructors midway as I was his last student in the area before moving. It took me all in all, over 2 years to pass and the cost of all my lessons was most likely over £2000.

Despite that, the cost of having and running a cheap car pretty much equal the amount I was spending on lessons and public transport. I feel like everybody will have the anxieties that come with learning, you just really do have to power through it.

No. 224310

My written test is supposed to be tomorrow but I can't remember any of these fucking fines and probationary point numbers.

Also, I have really bad sleep deprivation issues. I really wish my parents weren't so insistent on getting me to drive because I'm such a potential liability on the road.

No. 224380

22 is "late" for getting a driver's license? i got mine when i was 29, because i couldn't afford a car before that and there's reasonably reliable public transportation in my country. i think it's an american thing to have your life revolve around driving so much.

No. 224428

Yeah, most of the US has shitty public transportation. I live in a city that's basically three cities together so anything interesting is at least 40 minutes away from the next interesting thing. Pretty tough to do anything without a personal vehicle.

>tfw the DMV system is down state-wide so you don't have to take your written test yet
I feel so lucky.

No. 224430

u in boston?

No. 225612

>failed the written test the first time, missing the threshold by one wrong mark
>took it again immediately after and passed
Thank god. Also my parents got me to drive two miles today as my first lesson. Even had to carefully drive past an elementary school right as the school day finished and kids were getting out.

I feel awfully anxious behind the wheel and found it really hard to distribute my attention across the mirrors, the actual road, and remembering to turn on the turn signals. Also something about reversing is fucking me up.

No. 225614

Not them, but I used to live there and I can agree that the t system is fucky. I live in Vancouver now and even up here its pretty normal to see people of all ages relying on the bus/train. Its just easier, man.

No. 225788

File: 1516830163649.gif (464.48 KB, 500x266, gKdkY.gif)

I got my license at 19 so a little late but, now at 22 I haven't driven in over a year because my bf just drives me everywhere and also because my sense of direction is awful and I'm living in a new state, scared of my driving skills in general, parking and getting gas gives me tons of anxiety.

When I did drive it would by for my baking job which was a 1 am to 8 am shift usually. It worked really well for me because no one was out when I would drive in and i didn't have to worry about parking. Getting gas still sucked and sometimes I wouldn't leave till 10am wich meant I had to deal with traffic(the area was a big family vacation spot). I have no clue how a manage to put up with that back then. It felt like a nightmare.

Idk why I'm like this. I did get car sick growing up but, it wasn't till later on in life my fear of driving would show up in my dreams. My parents(mostly my mom) ignored teaching me and when they did it would be awful(mom yelling at me). I'm just glad I have my bf to rely on. I work at home and I don't like going out on my own anyways.

It's nice to see I'm not alone in this as much as I originally thought. It certainly hits on my self esteem that I feel so incapable of something that most everyone else seems fine with.

No. 225791

I went through a similar thing though I did manage drive for my very short commute to school (no highways involved and I would go to the farthest and emptiest parking area). However any other road would cause me extreme anxiety. I've been getting a lot better though taking small steps by going to more local places with my boyfriend in the passenger seat for assurance and working more on getting out onto the highway even just a tiny bit with him there to give me pointers and let me know I'm being safe. This week I went to a crowded parking lot in a shopping center alone as well. It sucks to deal with fear over this but I know things can get better for both of us anon! Try not to beat yourself up too much and maybe try focusing on taking that first small step for now like driving somewhere 2 minutes from your house on slow roads with your bf.

No. 225805

File: 1516835615759.jpg (27.33 KB, 480x490, 1516387088773.jpg)

Does anybody else feel like they never will want to learn how to drive?? I'm way too scared to start, and it's not as if I have a reason to learn in the first place. My mum never learned how to drive, and she's in her 40's by this point, so I guess I'd survive without it

No. 225830

Thanks anon! It's nice you also have supportive boyfriend helping!

I do think eventually I'll reach the point where I need to at least do some alone driving that way it evens out driving related tasks in my relationship i.e. going grocery shopping. Plus it'll give me more independence.

My bf has helped when I was finishing up college classes, we would leave early so I could drive there and not feel tense. Since I went self employed at home for a year I kinda tried to forget that I could drive lol. We share a car as well and he usually has it for his work.

I should just try to drive at some point this year. I would rather wait till spring though since I'm up north and roads get bad.

I wish you luck and hope your short drives increase your confidence! You definitely motivated me.

No. 225874

Oh man, car driving nightmares are the worst.
Doesn't help with actually getting pulled over by a sheriff for no reason, she even lied on the reason saying that my license plate was expired (it wasn't) and then left me with a warning, so now I get nightmares of getting pulled over by cops.

I now always remind myself to be prepared to record on my phone/ipod in case I get pulled over for bullshit reasons

My sense of direction is also awful too and I get anxiety with getting gasoline too.
I also get the fear that should I make a small mistake, I'm gonna immediately be seen as the typical "awful female driver lol" and that gives me even more anxiety. This could be in the men hating thread, but I've seen just as many, if not more, awful men drivers but as soon as you're a female in an accident, they immediately resort to that judgement.

My parents were also pretty awful at teaching me too, with my mother making me feel shitty by treating me like an idiot if I didn't know something and my father not informing me what to do and he was the main reason I got my license late since he refused to let me get a license even after I requested it at the age of 18.

Anyways, let's hope that our car driving nightmares and fears/anxiety go away with more practice.

No. 225927

>my sense of direction is awful and I'm living in a new state

That's what google maps is for. Old people sometimes ask me about what route I came on and I'm just like, uhh, I don't know, I just turn when google tells me to turn.

No. 226127

File: 1516997358102.jpg (36.07 KB, 380x443, 1515781257214.jpg)

i'm 22 and don't even know how to start a car

No. 226137

I'm turning 21 and still haven't got my license. Funny thing is, I'm studying to be a paramedic so driving a car is kind of a must. Going to get my license this year though, hopefully.

No. 229595

File: 1518933859659.jpg (65.99 KB, 1024x576, iktf.jpg)

this fam. you can even dl offline maps of the entire state

No. 229600

I know how to drive, have driven for years with no issues, but I recently moved abroad where they drive on the left instead of the right. I've been here for nearly 5 months and still haven't mustered up the courage to drive. Im scared I'll mix up the directions and cause a huge accident.

No. 229639


Can you afford a few hours of driving lessons? You will feel more relaxed driving on the left if you start with an instructor next to you.

No. 230131

My boyfriend can't drive and I didn't mind at all for the first year or so after he moved in but it gets so exhausting to have to center my schedule around his, especially when he doesn't keep to his own schedule. Having to stay awake an extra three hours from an all-nighter to drive him to see his friends or being interrupted mid-work (I work from home) because he wants fast food from places I can't even eat from really takes a toll after a while. He even has a license and his parents bought him a car in high school; the only reason he doesn't want to drive is because he's scared of driving. I'm just hoping I can hang on one more year until we move to New York and I can make his ass take the subway.

No. 230132

>scared of driving
how can you respect him?

No. 230154

Just yesterday google maps took me down a "road" that either hadn't been maintained in years or was never more than a trail. About 2 km in the tracks just disappeared into a swamp with nowhere to turn around. Fun times.

No. 230181

Why the fuck do you cater to his ass like that? Just tell him to not eat fast food and make food at home if he's not even going to drive because he's scared, or he can just walk and get food. I understand if it's getting him t his own job or something though, that's different, or getting food for the both of you.

No. 230200

File: 1519160109287.webm (2.32 MB, 1920x1080, DSP does it.webm)

Get him a bike and tell the boy to start pedaling if he wants so Maccas.

If he says it takes too long, tell him to pedal a bit faster then.

No. 230206

fuck off anon, i'm scared of driving, there's many other reasons not to respect him.

tell him to walk or something ffs. how fucking ungrateful.

No. 230235

wtf. i can't drive and i feel bad when my bf just gives me a ride from work, same time every time. why would you cater to non-necessities like that?

No. 230323


Sack that lazy twat off. My ex would expect me to wait up until all hours of the morning to pick him up from his mate's house, and stupidly, I'd do it. I then realised how much of a push over I was being and putting all of his needs before mine - plus he wasn't giving me any petrol money - so I started being a hard as about it. I started saying no.

On our last Christmas day, he kept asking me to drive him and his brother back to their flat at the other side of the city, and I said no because I wanted to spend time with my family. His parents were at home but they wanted to drink, so I said tough shit and stood my ground. He then ignored me for the next day until I went over to check on him and then he dumped me!

So yeah. Stop giving him rides. If he can walk it, he can damn well do it himself if he's a grown ass man. Stop being so nice.

No. 230811

No license, no car, no interest in learning to drive or driving.
Can't stand sitting in a car as a passenger too, doesn't help that I get constant mild nausea (just the sickness annoyance feels not the about to throw up staap now) so phones band books are out. Also no attention span and is too big of a responsibility, (careful and mindful, incidents, parking, thiefs, spending etc bikes are easier lol)

No. 248516

I have my license just for the heck of it. I got it at 20 while my peers all had theirs by 17-18. (am 25 now)

ive only driven a few times under supervision of my boyfriend. but i dont have a car. gas+insurance+maintenance+cost of car is just too much. plus student parking for college costs. I just take the bus usually. whenever I've tried to drive, i'm really terrified of getting in an accident. people dont turn their turn signals on all the time when they make a sharp sudden lane change. people just rush by when I need to make a turn but have to wait for the passing cars to stop. Then the bitch ass behind me honks their horn because i ~take too long~. people on the road are really crazy and rude. and the main reason I dont drive is because i cant seem to get a feel of the car. i'm always told that i'm too close to the side of the road (where cars are parked), or that i'm not centered in the lane. the car is fucking huge, i dont get how people can know that they're so close to edge of the road. the mirrors certainly dont help. parking is also the most difficult thing. my license is basically there for ID purposes and hopefully i can learn to drive someday. I wish there were tiny cars that just fit for one person so I wouldnt feel worried about accidentally hitting someone from the side.

No. 248574

I'm in the process of getting my licenses. I failed my first test ;-;

No. 248577

Out of curiosity, anyone here who had the opportunity to learn to drive earlier in their life but didn't: why?
I didn't get my license until college but I also didn't have a car to practice with until college either so that's my reason

No. 248584

File: 1525889055231.jpg (511.29 KB, 1024x768, 536271438_4443ebed02_b.jpg)

I failed the written part (well, it was on the computer) 3 times in a row, shit happens, you'll get it right

I'm in the same boat as you right now. I still have to drive to work and eugh, I'd rather take the bus tbh.
I know being a car owner sucks, but have you thought about getting a smart? They're tiny, idk about the price but I think they're easier to drive than a normal car?

I also don't feel like driving is "liberating" like some people say. Guess it's because you'll have to remember where you parked and just keep it somehow constantly in mind

No. 248603

I didn't learn to drive until I was 22. I had a boyfriend that drove and I thought public transport was cheaper, but it's not where I live. My brother got gifted lessons he didn't want so I phoned the instructor to ask if I could use them and she said yeah. I didn't have my own car to practice in so after I used up my brother's block I bought another 5 lessons then took the test. I didn't get a car until a month later and that drive home from the dealership was terrifying haha.

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