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File: 1467442607311.jpeg (35.3 KB, 474x310, image.jpeg)

No. 141221

Anyone tried anal bleaching? I'm considering it

No. 141222

I used to want to bleach my anus as well, but then I shaved it and I found out it actually had a very cute and sweet pink color.

No. 141223

I considered it back as a lurker on r9k at 15yo
now im older and happy with my slightly browish area around my butthole
i came to the realisation that nobody is going to see it except for my bf/husband and im sure it wouldnt be a deal breaker for them lol

No. 141224

If someone is going to be bothered by the colour of my fucking arsehole of all things then by all means they can fuck off

No. 141225

What's the point if you're not a porn star?

No. 141226


Exactly. Unless you're shoving dildos into your ass for porn or caming them i doubt no one gives a flying fuck

assholes aren't something you see everyday (lol literally)

No. 141227

No one except my boyfriend is going to see my butt hole. Women are expected to have hairless nethers, tiny labia minora, and smell nothing like vagina by using heavy perfumes that will disrupt our pH balance. Now we're expected to have pale buttholes? No thanks, I'll stick to the minimum trim. Men don't have to worry about this shit.

No. 141228


I don't even think I've looked at my anus since probably around 4 years ago or something

I mean… it's just… why bother? all the effort for nothing

No. 141229

I take ultimate care of my asshole because I choose to.
I like being pink as fuck. Doesn't mean I expect others to by any means.

No. 141230

How do you do it?

No. 141231


this stuff works but the bleaching ingredient, hydroquinone, is kind of controversial

No. 141232

But are they really?

I mean I know women have more stuff marketed at their junk but I've never on e heard a man or a woman say anything along the lines of 'she didnt smell like lilacs/she wasn't smooth as a baby/didn't have labia that looked fake so I had to break up with her'

I hear about how women are constantly bombarded with pressure to have a cooch that would look good on camera but I've never encountered it or met anybody else who has either.

No. 141233

>labia that looked fake
just because you have nasty beef curtains doesn't mean it's the norm

No. 141234

labia can be long and dark naturally. there's nothing wrong with that u less they're so long they're uncomfortable and it's just a natural variation of the female body

No. 141235

I started using XR Brands Anal Bleach. Natural Ingredients, lots of Vitamin C. Anyway, used it on the booty, vag, and some dark spots (just to see if it would work). Also works on underarms. Tingles a bit the first time, but it's not painful at all, and it's really just the first few applications.

2x a day for a week and I saw really noticeable results.

No. 141236

what products can you guys recommend me?I wanna try to lighten my pubic mound area and underarms as they are slightly darker than the rest of my skin.

No. 141237

Why? Just why even do it? Stop watching porn, anon. Stop being with men who watch too much porn and think all women are shaven 24/7 and pink and perfect. It's an asshole. If someone cares that much about a tiny brown hole on your backside, they need to check their life priorities.

No. 141238

>tfw getting it done by professionals at a salon with professional bleach costs $150 for the vulva + asshole


No. 141239

Do it and post the results ( ° ʖ °)

No. 141240

Lol all the salty anons on this thread are so annoying.

Anyway, has anyone tried Divine Derriere (inb4 lol the name)? Or Pink Cheeks?

How many shades did you go up?

No. 141241

I don't think bleaching it is taking care of it.

No. 141242

I don't bleach it, never said I do, stop being a wankstain.

No. 141243

How long does it last?

No. 141244

Having darkened skin between your legs has nothing to do with hygiene. It can happen easily from imbalance in hormones to thighs rubbing together a lot. The skin is very sensitive down there (and so is it under armpits). Most commonly, it's caused by increased pigmentation. Same as nipples. Most have brown, but some have pink. So please. Get over yourself.

No. 141245

i have a brown asshole but holy fuck you sound salty. that anon didnt say anything bad

No. 141246

Didn't mean to "sound salty", I just thought anon heavily implied we were all dirty and unhygienic

No. 141247

Oh my god, shut the fuck up. Do you hear yourself? Are you really that butt mad that some people go out of their way to keep the crack of their ass pink? You need to get over this little thing of yours.

No. 141248

No, I did not. Shut the fuck up.

No. 141249

It doesn't say on their website or even guarantee that it'll be super pink. It just says that it'll go up 1-7 shades like ???

I'm so tempted but I'm broke right now lol. Probably not the wisest purchase.

No. 141250

just stop being with men who watch porn, period
it causes them to have unrealistic expectations of women and more prone to sexual dysfunction and violence

No. 141251

Let these stupid bitches pour chemicals over their assholes. They deserve all the negative health concerns from it. It's your ass. Who cares if it's pink or brown. jfc, so glad I'm married (gay btw) and don't have to worry about such trash.

No. 141252

Who the fuck cares you guys holy shit. You can't say "who cares if your asshole is brown" without also accepting that you shouldn't care if someone wants to bleach their asshole.

No. 141253

I think there are mostly salty brown people in this thread.
Which, if you aren't white, you should know it's perfectly normal for your asshole to be brown.
However on a white person it just looks nasty. Also a vast majority of white people have pink genitalia, not brown, so there's that. Stop letting your offense show over stupid shit.(racebaiting)

No. 141254

Nice hot opinions.

No. 141255

wow this thread is so great and authentic and totally not robot.
hopefully us ladies can also have a v meaningful dialog abt blowjob techniques and how to better take it up the (bleached obvi!!!) ass

No. 141256

>tfw mixed white/latina
>pass for white
>labia/anus are very dark

No. 141257

File: 1467845303482.jpg (257.13 KB, 799x880, HTB1ecw_HVXXXXXWXVXXq6xXFXXX4.…)

At least 2 noticeable shades. I've been slacking on it recently.

Fuck no, buy the bottle I suggested above here >>141235 , spend literally nothing compared to a salon price, and maintain it yourself for a year on one bottle. Also, bleach your vag, your underarms, dark spots, wherever for free.

The "health concerns" of bleaching are literally the same as anything you do with your ass. It could hurt, you could tear some skin, and if you get it done in a Chinese massage parlor off route 1, you could get AIDS.

I'm very tickled by the girls in this thread getting so upset, like >>141255

You all just sound like really ugly girls, tbh. Let the hot ladies in healthy relationships have some fun. God knows you get the body positivity movement, and have turned all men into complete beta pussies just so they can have the chance to touch a vagina and not be called a rapist…You know, whenever you're not on your period or having a migraine, or on a bipolar rampage, or why ever it is you have to control and stop 2 people's sex lives.

You want to make assumptions about girls who lighten their asshole, we can make them right back.

No. 141258

Regular people who don't get paid to do porn spend serious money to lighten their assholes? Thank you lolcow for educating me on these important issues. I am so sheltered, it's not even funny.

No. 141259

Do you work in Japan as a prostitute by chance?

No. 141260

tfw I'm a lesbian and my butthole is pink and the salt in this thread is on the same tier as a bag of lays potato chips

No. 141261

Ok, slut. Have fun with your chemically treated ass.

No. 141262

Do you people seriously care this much about the colour of someone's asshole?

My arse is brown fwiw but I don't see how it's relevant to you or anyone else. Let the people discuss anal bleaching if they want to, their asshole their rules.

No. 141263

Lmao look at all of you

No. 141264

File: 1467860175476.jpg (39.1 KB, 492x388, 1464563418267 copy.jpg)

No. 141265

The salon is actually a really good one, but the only one in my city that does it.

Anyway I'm the girl that was considering it but I don't think it's healthy at all. I think it's a horrible thing that women are forced to do. My boyfriend's ass is the same colour as mine (even darker tbh) and so is his dick, but I doubt he'd EVER bleach it, or even consider it. I'm only considering it because I'm a broken and insecure person.

I mean I don't care what people do, but let's call a spade a spade. Shit isn't healthy.

No. 141266


I agree 100%. The area around my outer labia and ass is a darker color and I want to lighten it so desperately. I wish I could feel pretty with the color I have but I'm insecure and i would be so happy just being 1-2 shades lighter there. I'm sure it is not good for your skin though

No. 141267

Same. I have light features and really pale skin but with a yellpw undertone. My asshole is fucking dark af and its not flattering. I hate it //_;

No. 141268

You realise you giving in to feeling bad and doing something about it is what raises the bar and sets the standard too high for women to naturally achieve, right?

Like, you can say you think it's awful and terrible all you want but participating in it makes you as guilty as the men who perpetuate it. Actions>words.

Don't be complicit in something you hate.

No. 141269

I've got a pink ass but I'm also white.
I don't use bleach but I'll tell you the stuff that keeps my asshole and crack pink, but it obviously wouldn't make someone with melanin baby pink. It can however help lighten the area. And to the whole "it's brown from discoloration!!!111" bullshit: nah. It's hella dark most often because it's a dark deep crevice full of shit. If you aren't white, don't feel bad for not having pink parts: you aren't supposed to!

This is what I do, personally. I don't need any salty bitches whining about how it's pointless, this is for people who want to lighten the area, not for you. I don't care, shut up.

Always use baby wipes after you shit. Travel with them. Keep them in your purse. In your car. Everywhere. Baby wipes are your new best friend.

When you're at home and you take a shit, just squat in the bath tub afterwards and wash your ass under the faucet with soap. Yes, soap is safe on your asscrack. I don't need any know it alls replying with a paragraph about your pH because no, your taint and vagina are not the same thing. Your butthole will be fine.
This may appear tedious to the lazier of you but I fucking love it, feels so clean. Also takes like 30 seconds unless you're retarded.

I exfoliate as well but don't start exfoliating that area unless you're committed to keeping it extra clean, because then you'll make the discoloration even darker. You can find this out yourself by exfoliating your asscrack sith Italy towels and then never doing the extra work to keep shit outcha ass lol.

Hair can give the illusion that your crack is dirtier too btw! Hair removal can make it look "cleaner" if that's the look you're going for.

No. 141270

Oh lord shut up if someone wants to bleach their fucking asshole they're free to! Christ.

No. 141271

>clean your asshole

fucking revolutionary. so brown anuses are just stained from shit? lmao.

No. 141272

It doesn't have to be pink? it should just match the rest of your skin so whatever color or race you are, bleaching helps

No. 141273

Oh Christ here we go. Why is it that you have to spell things out word for word because someone is always going to add their own implications to every casual sentence?

As I said before, to expect to make your ass pink when you aren't white is pretty pointless because yours isn't supposed to be pink.
But yes, more often than not, the reason why your crack is mega dark compared to the rest of you is because of gasp shitstain!
How do I know this? All it took was keeping my ass mega clean to go from discolored to pink. And as I said before, this will lighten it, not a whole horrible lot, and no it will not transform it into a smooth naked mole rat.

Jesus you people. So touchy.

No. 141274

I said mine was pink, not that yours has to be. No shit.

No. 141275

lucky cunt
I will go as far as using asian products for pink butthole

No. 141276

Just use Hollywood Bleach.
Lots of people have used it for years. No it's not the cheapest but it isn't going to eat a hole through your butthole.
Salty girls in here are like
>muh chemicals
but dude it's just the outside of your butthole. If you use something mild you aren't going to suddenly lose touch to your sphincter.

No. 141277

But they just said that they don't want to or want to even think that they should. Can you not read or something?

No. 141278

The thing is, white people's asshole is also not supposed to be pink. Some white people have pigmented labia, nipples and yes, assholes. If you want to bleach your ass, go ahead, but don't imply everyone who is not black should be doing it. That's just bullshit porn ideals tbh

No. 141279

That wasn't even implied, assmuncher

No. 141280

Women are not "forced" to bleach their buttholes. Literally no one cares what color your butthole is. Bleaching sounds like a relatively recent trend, as this thread is the first time I've heard of it. Don't feel insecure about it. Very few people will ever even see your junk, let alone care about its color.

No. 141281

What I wanna know is how do yall even know you have brown holes etc
I can't see that far back

No. 141282

You've never spread your cheeks in front of a mirror anon? Check it out, you'll be amazed.

No. 141283

File: 1467948126829.jpeg (50.31 KB, 510x624, image.jpeg)

Okay, but if I refuse to bleach my asshole my boyfriend or any guy I date will just either dump me, cheat on me or secretly resent me. I don't want to be alone and it helps my self esteem. I know it's bad and I know by doing it and enabling toxic male behaviour I'm hurting other women, but honestly it's a dog-eat-dog world and they'd fuck me over if they could one way or another so why should I care?

No. 141284

Also nigger what kind of shits do you take that you have to scrub your ass out in the bathtub after pooping? Get some fibre in your diet you dumb bitch. If your ass is smeared in shit after you go to the bathroom that's indicative of a bigger problem.

99% of the time my poops are wireless wonders. Even the rectum itself is mostly clean. Why the fuck would it be brown if I don't ever have shit smeared over my ass in the first place? And why would my vulva also be brown? I definitely don't have shit going on there.

I feel like I just got trolled. No one can be this dumb. You're either a troll or an underaged girl whose genitals haven't gotten discoloured yet. Come back to me when you're 25+ and lmk if you still have a pink wink you cocky dumb cunt.

No. 141285

wipeless wonders*

Autocorrect is a cunt.

But those of you who still don't understand: if you take a shit and go to wipe and your paper isn't 99% clean, you're doing it wrong or you just weren't blessed with a genetically superior asshole like me.

No. 141286

That's not the point, good on your for your amazing butthealth but your asshole isn't going to change colour because you take a dump. Just clean your ass. That anon is a retard/troll.

No. 141287

is shit really what stains your butthole?
Because my butthole is pretty pink but the area above it is slightly darker as well as my butt crack. I thought this was odd since you would think the shit unleasher itself would be the darkest spot.

No. 141288

Anon…if you're serious…Ok then. It's possible you're wiping your shit up your crack, thus making the area above your arsehole seem darker. However, shit isn't going to stain your skin. Clean yourself thoroughly and then take a look. If it's still darker it may just be your pigment. My asshole is pink but but the area around it is darker. No shit there, it's just the pigment.

No. 141289

Fam If I follow your logic, foundation and body lotion make your skin discoloured too. And period blood dyes your pussy red permanently

No. 141290

was trolling efficiently

No. 141291

File: 1467984312627.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, 1373372.jpg)

No. 141292

My ass is clean, and I don't have to scrub it every time I take a shit because taking a shit doesn't make it dirty.

I can't imagine how bad the skid marks of farmers must be LOL.

No. 141293

Pretty sure anon was mocking how gullible everyone in this thread is.

No. 141294

Isn't butt skin the same as the skin everywhere else on your body? Or is it made of some fundamentally different substance? I don't see why you can't just use lightening serums of the regular sort, I'd think these bleaching creams are the same as regular scar and pimple lightening creams except with a large markup. The only notable difference would perhaps be a higher concentration of ingredients or gentler formulation but you could probably find facial products that fit the bill.

Look for niacinamide, licorice extract, arbutin, hydroquinone and Vitamin C esters.

No. 141295

hah I found out the other day that the skin on the asshole is the same type of skin as the lips on your face.

Certainly feels like it.

No. 141296

Can we get this thread going for a sec

Would anyone be willing to do before and afters, if they've done it already? Tbh I kinda want to cos this thread is literally just annoying opinions so it's still vague.

No. 141297

It's Not Vauge. If you're white, it works really well, If your darker, it depends.

It is is the same ingredients, but the bleach is pretty cheap ($12).

No. 141298

Second. Someone name an actual fucking Asian product so I can order it online and spread it all over my ass and vagina already.

No. 141299

Something on amazon please? I wanna try it.

No. 141300

Okay so I purchased one tub thing of Divine Derriere. Will buy Pink Cheeks later,but I'm gonna try Divine first. If I see results after a week, I'll post them but if not, I'll check back in a month yknow since 75% of this board was full of obnoxious cunts veering off topic from the question -_-

No. 141301



No. 141303

Most likely! As long as you don't do it the other way around. But I think stuff for non-gentalia is actually stronger.

No. 141304

So I'm this anon.

I'm really sorry for not keeping up with the thread, even if only like three people are gonna come back and check.

I was sorta lazy applying the stuff but don't worry, I'm back on track now. I can say that after like four days, I noticed a change in one area. It was weird because it was just in that area.

I'm starting to apply it regularly now. Will check back after three weeks, then come back.

No. 141305

oh my god this fucking thread you guys are fucking insane

No. 141306

Yeah, because people who don't bleach their asses must be salty fatties. God, you are delusional.

No. 141307

This was very clearly a troll, and you got completely assblasted over it. You're crazy.

No. 141308

Idk why I'm doing this but there's so little information about real progress using these products so I'm gonna talk about my experience thus far using Divine Derriere.

Just to preface this, I'm mixed - Hispanic and white but my skin color is extremely pale with a little bit of a yellow undertone. Unfortunately, my lower areas are darker than I'd like them to be and were plagued with some discoloration because I was chubby at one point (friction = darkness, as you all know). Also, I have a really fat ass so even after losing weight, the cheeks still rubbed together, creating a dark brown color.

I think I've used it religiously for about 5/6 days, twice a day, only on my butt. It's already gone from an unflattering brown to more of a fleshy brown; I'd say maybe a shade or two. Also, it looks pinker. I might link pictures or something in a month so people can see what I'm talking about. But in less than a week, I think it's done a pretty decent job.

There are a few things I've learned though. First of all, because friction = darkness, you can NOT wear thongs or cheeky underwear that sticks in your crack while/after using the product. Obviously maybe once a week isn't a big deal but you'll just make the darkness come back. Secondly, when applying the product, try to stay a few centimeters away from the anus because it'll burn if any of it leaks in there.

The thing that sucks is that to keep up with the color, I'll have to use it for the rest of my life lol. I'm sure I can skip a few days and it'll be fine but meh, still shitty. I'll be back in a month hopefully with pictures or more results.

No. 141309

Thank you for your input. Waiting for more info.

No. 141310

Tldr; how do I bleach my butthole?

It's pretty pink, but I want it to be barbie pink instead of the dull pink I have. Is there a bleaching kit that actually works, or do you just rub skin bleaching cream all over your anus?

No. 141311

File: 1478551821152.jpg (530.41 KB, 1600x1200, Barbie-Life-In-The-Dream-House…)

>barbie pink
Why do you want such an unnatural shade?

No. 180055

bleach anon come back and share your experience with us

No. 180094

>Okay, but if I refuse to bleach my asshole my boyfriend or any guy I date will just either dump me, cheat on me or secretly resent me.

This isn't even close to true. Speaking as a guy, if I can see your asshole in the first place I'm already pretty happy.

Hypothetically if there was a guy who cared about the shade of the your literal asshole (I'm not convinced he exists) then you should be running a mile, not trying to keep him.

No. 180095

I was thinking the same thing. Why want to keep a guy who is so fickle he'd cheat because your butt hole isn't the right shade of pink? Damn girl love yourself a bit more then that those aren't the guys you should want to keep around and the only guy i could imagine that would complain about such a thing is Lucas Werner

No. 184999

Be careful with your anus, I know someone who just had a hair who ingrown near her asshole and she needed an operation to get it out or it could had gone really bad.

Only use fda approved product.

No. 185305

Fuuuuuck that sounds SO painful. I shave all over down there and I've had maybe two bad ingrown hairs near my vag but I never even thought of getting one there. I'm scared man

No. 188312

Hi I came back~ I feel really bad not updating but life kinda got in the way so sorry ._. I stopped using the cream for a few months like a dumb ass but I started again :)

I ordered the 3 tub package thing from their website. They've thus far added new ingredients, keeping the hydroquinone but adding 6% Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid. Here are my thoughts:

* The color change isn't immediate but it's really close. The point is to "lift" the dark color.

* If you don't see any color change, you either 1) need to get a wax/shave down there (will talk about this later) and/or 2) you aren't exfoliating. You have to remove the dead skin cells that contain the darker pigment I guess in order to see the fresher skin below. Once I did that, I saw much better results.

* Irritation can become an issue. I realized it was better to apply a little in the morning and then at night, after a shower, apply a larger amount.

* Do NOT not NOT wear thongs. Seriously, don't. Friction + acidic cream near your asshole = lots of pain. Be ready to invest in no lines underwear ( I really like Calvin Klein's version).

* This leads me to absorption. Basically, the cream will never fully absorb and takes a few hours for some/the majority of it to really seep in. Wait 20 min after applying to put on clothing. I go a little overboard and at night take saran wrap, put it where my butt would be on my underwear, and tape it there so more of it absorbs (so it doesn't rub off on my underwear). Also during the day I wear a panty liner just in case any rubs off.

* Personally, from starting a little over a week ago with the new formula, my color has changed drastically. It actually sort of depresses me how dark it can get. I know this sounds pretty cringey and embarrassing but it's true. I know a lot of girls out there (especially pale girls like me who have a stark color contrast between that area and the rest of their skin) are insecure about it so hopefully this helps.

I'm hesitant to say it's really pink yet. It was seriously dark as /fuck/ before and now it's such a pretty soft shade. I make sure to exfoliate the area and also make sure there's no hair down there and right now, it really does look sorta pink but it's probably just from wearing the cream all the time. Even so, the shade difference is just :O

I'm planning on using it for about a month religiously and this time, I /will/ come back to update heheh. Before this thread I used to be extremely insecure about it but now I feel more confident so hopefully I can help some of you guys out :) Sorry if this was long! I'll answer any questions if you guys have any :)

No. 188317


>applying hydroquinone on your asshole

anon, what are you doing??

No. 188324

this, just put some lemon juice and baking soda on it :^)

No. 188333

Yeah, I know. I'm going to change my system to the med harbor spa version after this month. It's way better but I kind of just want to see what sort of result I can get from this (>inb4 cancer, anal tear, etc)

Also TECHNICALLY not on my asshole (;

I tried it doesn't work for me //-;

No. 192427

Man here, going to offer my uninvited opinion.

Bleach doesn't make your arsehole pinker. It makes it whiter. If you don't have a pink arsehole naturally, anal bleach will not give you one. In my experience, bleached arseholes look unnatural. I can't deny that a pink hole can be extremely cute, but so can brown ones. All girl arseholes of all shapes, sizes and colours are beautiful. Unnatural looking bleached arseholes are among the less attractive ones, for sure.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 192448

No1curr, pls go away.

No. 192449

The truth sometimes hurts.

No. 192453

The truth is that you can shove your male opinion in the place op is bleaching. Fuck off.

No. 192457

Take your tumblr man hating bullshit elsewhere you raging femi.

No. 192468

is it really that shocking to discover that people outside of tumblr hate men?

No. 192969

I still love my bleached asshole :3

No. 192974

Of all the dumb cancerous threads here this is probably the worst. Jfc, I just don't hide it and because the thought that people care so much about their literal assholes and that some women actually bleach them with hydroquinone(!) and tons of potentially dangerous chemicals is hilarious and sad.

No. 193849

Have you ever tried the alternative to anal bleaching? It's quite goodyocious, and it's a lot cheaper and a lot more efficient and easier.

1. You report your own asshole to Crashhelper's dad for an assbuck.

2. Crashhelper's dad shoots his elastic harder-than-diamond cock into you're ass and then proceeds to violate it to the fullest extent until he sprays his cummy cleaning solution into it, getting it all nice and cleaned from the inside and out.

3. After he's done the cabbage patch dolls are sucked up your ass to embalm themselves in cum (just like grandma! quite! quite!) but they get so horny that they start to bounce around, inflicting massive tickle upon your cheeks, turning your ass into a rumblehouse! My lord! Such a fucking thing!

No. 193850

Have you ever tried the alternative to anal bleaching? It's quite goodyocious, and it's a lot cheaper and a lot more efficient and easier.

1. You report your own asshole to Crashhelper's dad for an assbuck.

2. Crashhelper's dad shoots his elastic harder-than-diamond cock into you're ass and then proceeds to violate it to the fullest extent until he sprays his cummy cleaning solution into it, getting it all nice and cleaned from the inside and out.

3. After he's done the cabbage patch dolls are sucked up your ass to embalm themselves in cum (just like grandma! quite! quite!) but they get so horny that they start to bounce around, inflicting massive tickle upon your cheeks, turning your ass into a rumblehouse! My lord! Such a fucking thing!

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