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File: 1470702265853.jpg (106.32 KB, 431x575, swankiss.jpg)

No. 139317

Discuss favorite brands, styles, trends, etc. Also, what are your favorite sites to order j-fashion from? Otaku Mode has been sucking lately and I'm having a hard time finding many of my favorite brands without a shopping service.

No. 139318

any suggestions for those who are in Europe and need to pay a fortune in customs?

No. 139319

any suggestions for those who are in Europe and need to pay a fortune in customs?

No. 139320

I can't help you with actual Japanese brands but AliExpress is good (as long as you read the reviews) for some accessories and dresses. There's an AE thread on /cgl/.
If I don't need many things I just buy things off YesStyle but do know there's a hefty markup.

Also, some European brands have cute J-Fashion-able stuff, like Miss Patina (http://misspatina.com/). I personally really like this store so if anyone knows any similar ones, please tell me!

No. 139321

If you're in France/going to Paris or have access to a Parisian friend, Liz Lisa has an actual store there, which I loved when I was visiting because I could actually try the more weird/fast fashion styles to see if they actually fit me without having to buy and hope.

No. 139322

File: 1471993992544.jpg (25.28 KB, 600x300, Bj4EVrxCQAAtT0Z.jpg)

Does anyone here wear nanchatte seifuku? I've heard it's passable as normal-looking in the west and people just assume you go to a private school at most. Any experiences? I want to try wearing it because it's so cute but I'd feel kinda weeby even if it is a pretty casual look.

No. 139323

I wear a nanchatte seifuku inspired look sometimes. This is just my opinion but I prefer an "inspired look" outfit because the original one looks like you're cosplaying. The ribbon also gives me some weeb vibes but it depends on the color and size. I'd say you just have to be careful with your shoes (I avoid the school shoes) and bow.

No. 139324

I used to wear it a lot in senior highschool. I kinda cringe thinking about it tbh.
I know there's this thing around loose baggy cardigans/sweaters, but it looks the best if you actually find one that fits. A little bit bigger is alright I suppose, but not so large that it covers your skirt hem, or the hem is like 1/4 inches long.
I still like to wear seifuku inspired looks like anon above, but I don't know what to do with my loose socks now. They don't really go with anything else.

No. 139325

sage for samefagging

I don't mean hem, but like when the peeking out bit of skirt is like super tiny it looks dumb imo.

No. 139326

anyone have any good taobao or budget Japanese brand suggestions? can't afford swankiss or the like right now

No. 139327

Ahh thank you for the suggestion. Those clothes are so cute!

No. 139328

File: 1472064066283.png (1.59 MB, 727x1011, 0Vw971nQ36.png)

Oh no, I hope I don't cringe at myself if I decide to buy an outfit. I'll definitely figure out ways to make it look less like cosplay. Even thigh highs or knee socks might get me weird looks since they aren't worn at all in my area so I would wear shorter socks like pic related.

I was wondering, instead of wearing a ribbon, would the ties be okay? I've heard about some people skipping the neck accessory completely but I don't know if it would look incomplete or something. Thank you for the tips!

No. 139329

You can use the ribbon but be careful with the color and size of it, for example, I think I've never seen those those big sailor ribbons in western schools, that style would definitely look like a cosplay it's not really our thing, so a smaller one looks ok in the west. A scarf is ok too.

For the shoes.. I use small boots or flats, and I don't really worry much about the socks, the weather decides this part for me haha.

No. 139330

I'm thinking of getting into fairy kei, but I'm not sure about the prices. Are the clothes from Spank/Listen Flavor really worth $50? I'm a little hesitant to pay that much for a t-shirt. How is the quality?

No. 139331

File: 1472377330350.jpg (315.14 KB, 800x800, sizem.jpg)

Can't vouch for Spank but Listen Flavour is decent enough. Tshirts are solidly constructed and the prints don't fade, I always hand wash new items just in case but I've never had a colour bleed.
However there's no small size, so if you are small then prepare to always be stuck in that baggy-shirt-short-skirt rut which can bring skinnyfats into the chubbier category.

There's also western bands on storeenvy etc, Fairy Kei feels like its' dying as a fashion, but even Redbubble still has appropriate prints amongst the shit.

No. 139332

>>I've heard it's passable as normal-looking in the west and people just assume you go to a private school at most

Unless you live in a large city (or with multiple private schools), wouldn't most people be used to seeing larger numbers of kids wearing the same uniform?

To be honest, if I saw someone wearing one of these "cosplay" seifuku, I'd probably assume them to be doing cosplay, because I doubt many schools in the west wear similar uniforms.

There is nothing wrong with cosplay though.

No. 139333

Wear whatever you want but I've never seen a school with a bow instead of a regular tie and all the private schools I know have really ugly uniforms.
In Japan, private schools use cute uniforms to appeal to girls to increase attendance.

No. 139334

Can I ran on how expensive all of this shit is?

I can understand Lolita being super expensive because the dresses are fancy and require a lot of time and skill to make.

However, I'm looking into getting a few pieces of fairy kei or larme, and everything is $50-$100, not including shipping. Why? How do kids dress in this fashion all the time?

I really need to get a job, ugh.

No. 139335

If you want cheaper larme stuff try hitting up mbok and yahoo auctions. Larme brands don't have a high resale value, so as long as you don't mind not having the latest trends, auctions are a good deal.

No. 139336

File: 1480206448265.jpg (26.68 KB, 400x363, $_1-2.JPG)

I'm still into Gogo Girl (their older stuff) and Bobon21. I like some Candy Rain dresses, but most of them are just over the top. Same for Liz Lisa but that's too expensive for me to buy anyway…

Anyone know of any places to get clothes similar to pic besides taobao, eBay, and aliexpress? (as well as Japanese lingerie for larger busts)

No. 139337

How larger? When I was heavily involved with the online bra fitting community, I spent an insane amount of hours digging into Japanese brands, which was something no one else was doing. Rui Glamorous is one in particular I have wanted to buy from but never got around to it.
Check out: http://bustyresources.wikia.com/wiki/Online_retailer#Japan
It may be a little outdated, I haven't really done anything with it since 2014, but if you want to see if anything new has come up, search for "グラマーサイズ". intésucré also has cute brands: http://www.okadaya-shop.jp/5/

No. 139338

I don't know too much about any of this, but it might be worth checking out Rinkya

No. 139339

I know this is super old but that's not really that expensive… A lot of western stores have similar price points but for more basic stuff.

Well those are some of the main places. Why do you need to buy from somewhere else? Yesstyle also sells a lot of taobao stuff now if you really want to pay a markup.

No. 139340

Can you order from any of those stores without a SS?

No. 139341

can someone name all of the popular Japanese fashion trends? like kogal, lolita, gyaru, etc.?

No. 199346

File: 1500687046393.jpg (536.58 KB, 1280x960, 850d011e-ed14-4c71-98dd-4959ce…)

Bumping this thread because I need another place to talk about jfashion and cgl is hella slow.
Anyone else bothered by how no new original jfashions(and even other alt fashions) have emerged in the past few years and most current styles have either toned down or died out? I feel like the internet and globalisation have pushed too much of the same fashion trends so its hard for new fashions to emerge and forces niche brands to conform to global trends

No. 199349


Everything looks the same these days

No. 199350

File: 1500688581994.jpg (599.44 KB, 997x635, tumblr_opnviyyY4V1rczznzo1_128…)

i love gyaru shit so much but every gyaru thread i look at is pretty much 99% hime-gyaru and it gets old really fast i guess cutesy just isnt my thing

No. 199354

gyaru here, sadly i'm hime gyaru i do agejo too. i just like being a totally unrefined princess. plus second hand shit is super cheap since it's such a high maintenance look.

No. 199357

are there any discord or skype groups for jfashion other than lolita? It'd be really nice to have people to freely chat with this stuff about, especially discord since it could have channels related to each fashion

No. 199382

agejo is pretty nice tbh keep rockin that hime look tho anon i bet you look super cute

No. 199401

File: 1500737820886.jpg (101.93 KB, 500x651, 1447897443185.jpg)

I really love when people "prep" up nanchatte, with blazers and tights and whatnot. I think it kind of makes it more passable in the west and looks less like cosplay. It is actually very put-together. Pic related, deviates a bit from typical nanchatte seifuku but I think it's quite cute and just another idea.

No. 199439

this is too cute!

No. 199458

Me too, I love nanchatte but I'm 25 and work in an office so I put a fair amount of effort into toning it down and preventing it from looking like an actual school uniform rather than a preppy, uniform inspired outfit.

Generally it's the socks and pleated skirts that are at risk of looking too cosplay-ish, so I stick to opaque stockings and often replace the skirt with shorts or a skirt without pleats. I think it stops being actual nanchatte at a certain point, but I still wear penny loafers, ribbons/bows, vests, baggy cardigans etc with it.

No. 199495

To be honest, I don't understand the baggy sweater over the skirt look. It totally hides your waist and makes you look baggy and boxy, and I feel like it'd only look cute on one body type. Wouldn't it look nicer to have a blouse tucked into a skirt?

No. 199517

I really like J fashion but most of the tumblr tards I see who do it look absolutely awful. I wish I saw more western girls doing feminine/ojousan kei(Evelyn, Titty & co, Rojita) than the over the top swankiss clown stuff.

No. 199529

Anyone got any good shopping services/online stores that ship to Skandinavia? Ive gotten really good at finding some japanese re-sellers on ebay but I truly want to expand past just axis femme, LizLisa, Ma*Rs etc and get into other brands and styles without just buying rip offs on aliexpress,taobao etc
(Not that its a sin or anything!)
I just find alot of single pieces from different brands that i truly fall in love with and im very lost in how to go about getting them!
Thnx in advance, its also rather refreshing seeing Anons into Jfashion without it being the same over the top pink vomit circus or 2edgy4me visual kei goffs.

No. 199540

I'm in the US, but I've always had a great experience with Chibi Tenshi, and I'm pretty sure she ships worldwide.

No. 199543

You can use forwarding services such as Tenso, use Buyee if you want to shop on auction sites of rakuten. I also recommend Chibi Tenshi.

No. 199554

what's wrong with swankiss?

No. 199588

Try looking at Fanny Rosie for some more mature outfit inspiration on a western girl.

No. 199612

Any Aliexpress stores you farmers recommend?

No. 347500

File: 1546358815890.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 98FAA9EF-52B6-4420-9D00-653158…)

Can we talk about Toshi for a sec?

She’s some “idol” for all of these clowns in the kawaii community yet she supports Kensuke from Broken Doll and still continues to model for him after he was called out for cheating on his partner, forcefully kissing people when his band played overseas, and sexually harassing women in Japan.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 347562

Tokyofashion posts the same shit over and over. I dunno if they are running out of things to photograph or no one is dressing interesting anymore in Japan. A lot of japanese based fashion looks more korean now imo. It's boring

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