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Hello all! I thought it would be great to have a thread where all of us artists can get together. Especially if you don't really like /ic/ (i know i don't) or w/e. We can talk about art blogging, our struggles as an artist, personal favorite artists, share drawing tips, and rant about things. Maybe even share your art if you're comfortable. Even if you aren't an artist, please feel free to join in.

So I guess I'll start by asking where exactly everyone is as an artist? Like do you do it as a hobby, or is it a primary source of income, how many years you've been drawing, etc? But feel free to start talking about other things too!

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cool thread!

i'm a fine artist, rather than an illustrator. my practice is small scale painting - oils on wood.
i've been exhibiting around the uk which has been an experience - i only graduated from my BA this july.

>where are you as an artist?

i recently won two prizes from the university for my painting, but only one with cash value and only around £100. i'd love to make my practice my job one day but it looks far off at the moment.
anyway at the moment i'm studying an art history MA in the north - i really miss painting but i'm hoping to come back to a practice-based phd if i make it out of this degree alive.

>how many years have you been drawing?

i don't remember a time when i haven't been drawing as douchey as that sounds. but i stopped focussing on drawing around seventeen - my lecturer said "you've mastered the skill and you still haven't produced anything of value" which stuck with me.
so i started fiddling with the conceptual side of drawing - started off with weeks of intense, repetitive drawings of the same pair of glasses - literally hundreds of drawings in different sizes and materials - and tried to deconstruct what drawing actually was. i ended up creating big drawings with nails hammered into a wall and string wrapped between them.
then i got bored and moved onto oil painting instead lol.

>personal favourite artists?

it's a guilty pleasure but i really like tracey emin because there's more to her than meets the eye. at the moment i'm interested in helen sayer's paintings for the sake of some research i'm doing!
also really like imran qureshi's work, i used to work with gold leaf in small scale because i admired how rich and intimate his little paintings were :)

What about you, OP?

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oops! forgot to add - this is not my work, this is one of helen sayer's paintings!

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Inspiration? Some artists I follow are…

Animal Sleep Stories (Daria Tessler)
Tara McPherson
Frank Frazetta
Simon Hanselmann (honest I don't know why lol)
Barbara Canepa
Alessandro Barbucci
Juanjo Guarnido

Among others…

As artists, who do you draw inspiration from?

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