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No. 135993

What do you use for makeup/clothes/etc?

Taobao? Yesstyle? Ebay? Amazon? Alibaba? Something else?

Share your hauls, wishlists,tips, frustrations and tribulations here.

No. 135994

File: 1481037495053.png (6.26 KB, 500x270, 232268_ASOS.png)

ASOS: huge choice, decent quality and the prices are ok(you can get a lot of great stuff on sale period).
I made a big yesstyle haul 2 years ago and it's very hit and miss and never looks as good as on the promo pics, so I won't recommend shopping there.

No. 135995

These are my go to sites. I know a lot of anons here are having trouble finding smaller clothes since size S has become bigger so I want to say that Mango carries size XXS! It can be on the pricier side, but the designs and quality are wonderful. I recommend everyone to check it out. Brandy Melville is ok but great if you need some basic necessities.

I love ASOS! Very convenient and that's where I discovered my favorite pair of shoes of all time.

No. 135996

Forever21 and H&M for clothes, I once fell in love with Sheinside's shirts only to find out that apparently that site is a huge scam. Opinions on Taobao? Is it true that it only ships to China?

No. 135997

Do any Australians know where I can get AU size 4? I can't find them irl anywhere and I'm stuck with ancient size 8s that fall off and look terrible

No. 135998

Does anyone have any decently priced clothing shops that are kinda alt-ish for the UK. The closest I can get is H&M :/

No. 135999

What is wrong with ASOS?

No. 136000

find a shopping service. even with the fees it can be cheaper than American clothes

No. 136001

File: 1481069740981.jpg (98.43 KB, 554x546, 1480562474280.jpg)

Tall people above 5'10", where do you get your clothes? I dress kind of like pic related but slightly less street and more classy. I tend to like stuff on Asian sites but I'm always worried about both the quality and the fact that Asian clothes are usually made for midgets.

Does anyone have any experience with Sammydress? I like their clothes and discounts but customer images are usually a hit or miss because the girls are either short, overweight, or idiots (angled face selfies to show off a jacket).

No. 136002

Buying asian clothes while tall is a really bad idea actually. Also you have to be skinny.

No. 136003

I tend to like Asian sites for fashion too but my experience shows that a sweater will go to about my belly button at most and I'll be extremely lucky if skirts cover my crotch at all, forget about bending over whatsoever. So that doesn't work out lol

No. 136004

5'8" here so I understand your struggle to a lesser extent, I tend to modify skirts if they come and are too short. Buying solid colours means you can add a section of the same colour or lace around the bottom(or top) for pretty cheap, although this obviously makes the skirt look very different.

Supre and Ice Design both stock size 6, Cotton On and H&M apparently have a size 4 but I've never seen them in store only online.

No. 136005

>average heighted people/short people are now midgets
someone's insecure.

No. 136006

i know right? looks like someone is insecure that they cant fit into petite clothing…

No. 136007

I didn't even remotely intend that to be malicious…

No. 136008

Damn is it really only crap like supre and ice that sell them? I just want clothes that fit but supre and ice make the ugliest, tackiest, stripper looking shit. Thanks anyway though anon. Ur a peach.

No. 136009

>anon didn't even mention midgets
someone's projecting

No. 136010

They literally said Asian stores usually making clothes for midgets.

No. 136011

Maybe reread their post, tardo.

No. 136012

Yeah I have some sweater dresses from Amazon that are supposed to be about knee length and they're all butt length on me.

I've just been using tight dress-like clothes as shirts and wearing boots to compensate for the shortness of the legs. Skirts are still a pain but a couple times I've just trimmed down longer skirts.

Still find it amusing that runway models are tall and skinny, but most of the clothes found in stores aren't meant for tall and skinny people.

I made one little toungue-in-cheek statement that wasn't even the primary focus of my post. All of my shorter friends jokingly refer to themselves as midgets. I'm sorry if I offended people.

(And I'm not really insecure about my height, most of my shoes are heels, lol.)

No. 136013


it's okay anon, lolcow gets triggered over everything nowadays

No. 136014


Midgets detected

No. 136015

I'm taller than the OP. Fatass detected

No. 136016

Their clothing can be too trendy/revealing/instaho

No. 136017

calm down

No. 136018

I like lolita fashion, so I use bodyline for things like bloomers and blouses. Fanplusfriend, taobao re-sellers and secondhand for the rest. Waiting for packages from Asia is such a pain, especially since the tracking never works.

With buying secondhand online there's always the issue of trying to find good sells between all the scalpers, scammers and people who price their stuff way above the market value.

No. 136019

Asos's house brand is really nice. It's sometimes a little pricey compared to other high street shops, but if you're not one of the two or three smallest sizes then you can usually just wait until an item goes on sale. The smallest sizes sell out fast though so if you're tiny buy that shit fast.

The easiest way to buy from taobao is to use a shopping service. I know many here see cgl as a den of dumbass, but their taobao thread is a good place to go to get started.

There are also a few countries that allow you to forward items from taobao, saving you money on service fees. I'm in the us and I do this all the time. I only buy things that don't need any customization though. If you're worried about shopping from taobao use a shopping service. If you just want to get things as cheap as possible use the forwarding service.

No. 136020

Stupid question, but wouldn't it be cheaper to just google translate and buy from taobao directly? Or do they tend to not ship overseas?

No. 136021

I feel you anon, I'm small and an ausfag too and finding skirts that fit (and aren't in children sizes) is almost impossible. IRL I go op-shopping and buy vintage, savers might be good since everything is in sizes and I have found things smaller than a 6 before. I get the rest of my clothes online, from ebay or aliexpress and for thin/short people I really recommend it. Cute, cheap basics that are made to suit a smaller frame are a godsend, even though for almost everyone else they're ill-fitting.

No. 136022

did someone hurt ur feefees tardo :^(

No. 136023

That's exactly what I'm talking about. Buying "directly" from taobao goes through taobao's own forwarding service.

And yes, it is cheaper. Although some people run into problems (sellers not shopping things, etc) so many people still use an ss.

No. 136024

Are you really too stupid to think of any other words?

No. 136025

So does no one have any online store recommendations for tall people? I'm 6' and buying shit online always looks disproportionate on me.

No. 136026

File: 1481277060066.jpg (48.25 KB, 513x655, 7088917-1-black.jpg)

No. 136027

File: 1481306644507.jpg (104.27 KB, 640x640, 1468884567453.jpg)

I love threads like this! My personal tastes are pretty basic? I like simple, minimalist-y type stuff. I mostly buy from:
>Acne Studios
>Net-A-Porter, almost exlcusively for sales
>eBay, which is great for secondhand designer pieces
If anyone has any recommendations of clothing stores that kind of have the same general aesthetic as any of the ones I listed above, I would really, really appreciate it.

And here are a few blogs that I like:

No. 136028

I looooove uniqlo. Kudos on your fashion sense anon.

Hugo boss and all the other fancies are nice too but damn are they expensive. Uniqlo is very affordable

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